5 Apps That Pay You For Practically Nothing

5 Apps That Pay You

for Practically Nothing


By Nicolette Emerson

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Many of us have dozens of apps on our smartphones, but how many of those go towards helping you with your phone bill? If you are like most people none, but there are many apps out there that can make you money simply by doing most of the things you naturally do on your phone already such as watching videos, posting to social media, playing games, and shopping. These apps allow you to kill two birds with one stone as you can kill some time while you are bored and earn money at the same time.

As many employers are cutting weekly hours  and the economy becomes more uncertain, everyone is looking for a little ways to make money on the side. If you want an easy way to make money you should check out some of these free apps that allow you to make money using your smartphone. Some of these apps allow you to save money every time you shop, while others allow you to make money by watching videos or taking surveys. Here is our list of the five top apps that allow you to make some easy money.

Whether you are a college student that can’t fit a regular job into your busy schedule, someone who is tired having to live on pennies until their next paycheck, or a retiree that is finding that Social Security isn’t helping you to cover all of the bills these apps can help you make more money and give you a little breathing room when it comes to your bills.  Even if you don’t necessarily fit into these categories and are able to live pretty comfortably, who doesn’t like to be able to get extra money? None of the apps are going to be able to necessarily make you a fortune, but they can definitely help ease some of the strain on your  finances. If you are interested in making money with your smartphone, check out a few of these five money earning apps.


How it Works:

If you are someone who has always wished that they could get their groceries cheaper, but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of couponing then Ibotta is for you. Ibotta is an app that allows you to look through offers from several different brands and retailers for rebates on items that you already buy. You can even get deals from restaurants in your area. In order to qualify for a rebate you must complete a short activity which usually involves reading a product description, watching a short advertisement, or completing a poll about the brand. The rebates can range from about a quarter to a couple of bucks depending on the price of the item you intend to purchase. After unlocking the rebate, you can head for the store and pick up the items that you have saved rebates for. In order to redeem your rebates all you have to do is scan the barcode of your item and then either take a picture of your receipt or scan the receipt’s barcode or QR code with your phone’s camera. It is that simple.

Ibotta gives you access to hundreds of different rebates. Rebates often  get overlooked by the majority of the public due to the fact that they have to mail in a proof of purchase and it can take weeks to see your money as the details are ironed out.  Many people just see this process as a hassle or they easily forget to mail in the rebate and end up paying more. With Ibotta claiming a rebate offer is greatly expedited, usually being confirmed within a few hours and the app prides itself on getting rebates approved generally within 48 hours allowing you to enjoy your money that much sooner.  Now you can get money back from companies for shopping and not have to bother with all the postage and proof of purchase you would have with traditional rebates. With Ibotta, claiming rebates is a breeze and you would be foolish not to do it.

Not only can you get rebates when you visit the grocery store, but you can get rebates on alcohol when you go to the bar for happy hour with your friends using Ibotta. For example, you go to restaurant and order a Bud Light,  redeem the rebate using the app, take a picture of your receipt after redeeming the offer under restaurants and get some of your money back.  You can also get cash back when you spend certain amounts at different clothing, specialty, and beauty merchandisers. You can even save money off of different apps such as those released by Groupon.com and Hotels.com.

Once you have accumulated $20 worth of rebates within the app, you can use that to redeem it for gift cards to retailers like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Starbucks. If you prefer to get actual money, you can link your Ibotta account with your PayPal to be able to deposit it into your PayPal account. Once the money is in your PayPal you can use it to pay some of your bills via PayPal or even deposit it into your bank account.

Why Ibotta is so great:

If you have ever done any couponing you know that there are those items that rarely have any deals on them such as produce, meat, and alcohol. Ibotta breaks that formula. Ibotta offers several rebates on everyday items that you need like produce, milk, bread, and other staples, changing the rebate item every few weeks so that you get some variety. If you enjoy alcohol Ibotta can save you a great deal of money on alcohol as it offers several different rebates on wines, beer, wine coolers, and liqueurs. If you are hosting a party, Ibotta usually offers package rebates where you can buy beverages and snacks together for a rebate, giving you a better deal. And unlike many other rebate apps, Ibotta allows you to redeem the same rebate multiple times in a shopping trip. For example, if there was a 25 cent rebate on a gallon of white milk and you decided to buy three, you would be getting 75 cents back. Ibotta also encourages you to redeem the rebates by giving you additional money for redeeming rebates from the same company or redeeming a certain amount of rebates in a month.

Ibotta offers rebates from grocery stores, pharmacies, mass merchandisers, convenience stores and even club stores. While the majority of the offers are the same as long as that store carries the brand, there are some specialty offers from different stores. For example, you may get a rebate for Scott toilet paper that you purchase at Rite Aid but you would not see that offer under Wal-Mart’s rebates. Keep that in mind as you are scrolling through offers so you don’t end up missing a good offer on the items that you would normally end up purchasing.

Another way that you can earn cash from Ibotta besides redeeming the rebates is by recommending the app to your friends. For every person that signs up for Ibotta under your unique link or code and redeems one of the rebates within two weeks, you will earn $5 that you can redeem for gift cards. You can send your friends texts, emails, or even share your code on social media so that you can earn more. I highly recommend using the fact that Ibotta offers rebates not just at grocery stores, but at clothing and beauty retailers and restaurants as a selling point to encourage more people to sign up. New rebates appear often in the Ibotta app so check back through the list often. Also note the expiration of each offer so you don’t end up buying something for the rebate and end up missing out on the offer.

The cool thing about Ibotta is that it takes very little effort to get money that you can then use again on gift cards or put right back into your bank account. If you do like to coupon, adding Ibotta to your savings regimen will mean that you get to keep even more of the money that you earn, as it will double your savings. I have never encountered an issue using a coupon and an Ibotta rebate on the same item. Ibotta is extremely easy to use and sign up for, so there is no need to worry if you aren’t the most tech savvy person around. Ibotta’s app is available in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store, you can sign up for your account at their website here. Unfortunately Ibotta is only available in the United States and Puerto Rico at the moment so you will not be able to use it internationally. A warning for those using Ibotta, make sure that you use the app regularly because after 12 months of inactivity the app will start deducting 3.99 from the cash you have earned for each month that your account remains inactive. I personally think this is an odd policy but one I thought was worth mentioning because it is never mentioned anywhere besides on the terms of use agreement.


How It Works:

For those who enjoy making money doing practically nothing, there is no better app than Swagbucks. Unlike other apps on this list, Swagbucks offers multiple ways to make some money including surveys, videos, app downloads, shopping and even gaming. Also unlike other apps, Swagbucks has its own fully functioning website to allow you more opportunities to earn. Swagbucks gives points to you for various completed activities and tasks which are known as Swagbucks or sbs. Every swagbuck is equivalent to 1 cent, so it would take 100 of them for you to earn a dollar. It may seem like a daunting task but once you master how to earn Swagbucks you will find that you will rack up some points fairly quickly.  Once you have earned enough Swagbucks you can redeem them for many different gift cards to retailers or enter into various drawings to win more Swagbucks, gift cards, and even electronics. If you rather have cash that you can use anywhere then Swagbucks allows you to redeem the currency that you have earned via PayPal once you have earned 2500 sbs worth or you can use it for a virtual Visa gift card which you can get with as little as 500 sbs.  

The Many Ways to Earn Swagbucks:

As stated earlier while most of these apps primarily offer only one way to earn cash and at most 3 or 4, Swagbucks is the exception. You can earn Swagbucks through six different categories and earn in multiple ways through each category.  I will breakdown the different ways that you can earn to give you an idea of how much money making potential there is through Swagbucks. In order to limit confusion, I will also list whether something is able to be used to earn Swagbucks on the app or whether you would have to access the feature through a computer.


Answering questions in different surveys is one of the fastest ways to earn some Swagbucks for free. The range of Swagbucks and the time required for each survey varies. You can always get at least one swagbuck a day earning the Daily Poll. Most of the surveys do ask you a few questions first to figure out if you fit the demographic they are looking for and then determine if you qualify for the survey. While it is disappointing to be kicked out of a survey if you don’t meet their criteria, Swagbucks does give you a swagbuck every time that you are unable to complete a survey so it isn’t a complete waste of your time. You can participate in some of the surveys on the app but you will be access many more if you are able to get ahold of a computer. This is because some of the surveys require a computer in order to show you new product designs or they haven’t created a mobile version of the survey.

Be sure to check for surveys several times a day if you didn’t qualify for one earlier because there are several surveys that need spots filled available throughout the day. Many of the surveys aren’t difficult and they ask for your opinion on new ads or product designs from different companies. Most of the surveys range in between 50 to 100 Swagbucks and they usually require between 10 and 30 minutes of your time.

Another activity that you can complete in the Answer section that will earn you some money is the Tasks tab which asks you to do some microtasks, which are short tasks that take a few moments of your time in exchange for a few cents. Most of these include things such as copying receipts or other minimal transcription work. While these offer small rewards they can quickly add up allowing you to redeem your points faster.


The Discover section of Swagbucks is full of a plethora of different offers from subscriptions to websites and magazines to taking quizzes about your health. In the Discover section Swagbucks partners with many different sites in order to offer you chances to earn Swagbucks. In this section the big ticket offers do require a credit card sign up, but many are for different trusted retailers such as Amazon, Netflix and Zulily, among others. Most of the offers take very little of your time and quickly help you to accumulate Swagbucks for activities such as downloading a free app, viewing a slideshow or taking a quiz. Many of the offers on the mobile app are trial offers or require you to download a free app and play.  For the full scope of the different activities available you will have to go onto the website. There are many Swagbucks to be earned in this section, especially if you are comfortable signing up for various offers with your credit card and can remember to cancel before they start charging you. One of my favorite free offers are printing off coupons from Coupons.com and listening to music on Radio Loyalty which allows you to earn 15 sbs per hour just by playing music on your computer. This section along with the watch section is a great way to earn some extra sbs while you are watching a show, cleaning the house, or you are just bored.


The play section offers you ways to earn Swagbucks through gaming with cash back. If you like online casino type games this is a particular section of interest to check out because Swagbucks offers you sbs for every dollar that you spend in a particular game like slots, bingo, and poker, usually ranging in between 12 and 15. If you don’t like the idea of spending money, Swagbucks has three of its own free games that it created which will allow you to earn 10 sbs from each of them per day. These free games offer a memory game, a Swagbuck collection game, and an obstacle racing game which are very easy to use and it is a simple way to earn swagbucks. The play section is unfortunately only available through the website and is not accessible through the mobile app.


If you are like me, you use the internet to search for the answer to something several times a day.  With Swagbucks, you can search using their search function powered by Yahoo and you will be rewarded Swagbucks every so often just for searching online. You can get Swagbucks for your searches up to three times a day. You can search within the app, as well as on your computer browser. Unfortunately as of yet I have not been able to necessarily predict a pattern on how much you are rewarded per search but I have had it range between 4 and 28 Swagbucks, so even if you get a small prize this method takes little effort. This method is a very easy way to make sbs so I would suggest that you try to use it in your spare time. Give a little time in between searches after you have been rewarded, like a few hours, or your account may end up getting flagged.


If you enjoy shopping, Swagbucks gives you plenty of ways to get cash back when you shop. Swagbucks partners with thousands of different retailers to earn you cash back and even give you coupon codes for online retailers. You earn your cash back in the form of Swagbucks from different online retailers like Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Ulta Beauty, TurboTax, Beachbody, Travelocity, and thousands more. If you need to shop online, I suggest browsing the partners at Swagbucks so you can benefit.  The rates of cash back depends on the retailer with some only giving 1% cash back and others giving as much as 25% cash back. Much like other cash back models such as Ebates, you will only earn the cash back if you click the link through Swagbucks or you have the Swagbucks extension downloaded. Another benefit of the shop category of Swagbucks is that you can earn Swagbucks from redeeming paper coupons that you print from their site. For every paper coupon that you print off from the Swagbucks website and redeem you will earn 10 sbs which is equivalent to 10 cents. Not only are you saving money by using the coupon but you are earning money back for each coupon that you use. Keep in mind that you may not see the money you have earned from redeeming the coupons in your account right away because it can take up to 60 days for them to be applied to your account.  There are many cash back offers that are available on the app, but for the full extent of offers and the print out coupons you will need to visit the website. Remember to visit back often to find great coupon codes available from your favorite retailers.


The Watch section of Swagbucks offers you a way to earn many sbs easily, without even having to pay much attention. I use this section to earn the majority of my swagbucks. The app allows you to earn up to 10 sbs per day watching trailers for new movies in the app. There are also 5 different Swagbuck TV companion apps which allow you to earn an additional 10 sbs per channel. On the website there are three main ways to earn, Sponsored Videos, Ncrave, and the Swagbucks Playlists. In the Sponsored Videos you can find a variety of different offers from a sponsored commercial that will earn you 2 sbs to a collection of ads that will earn you 3 sbs or so. In my experience utilizing the Sponsored Videos is one of the quickest free ways to rack up swagbucks once you have run out of surveys. The Ncrave section offers either a playlist of videos or a slideshow that you have to view in order to earn swagbucks. Many of the Ncrave video offers are on an automatic playlist so that you can pick one and have it running in the background while you are doing other tasks on your computer. Just a tip don’t run more than one Ncrave offer at once because it will not credit you for either, which can be frustrating as a new user, since you are still familiarizing yourself with the site.

The Swagbucks video playlists are playlists compiled on different subjects such as Celebrities, News, Pets, Hobbies, and Shopping. You can earn up to 500 sbs a day from watching the video playlists, but keep in mind that you only earn swagbucks once per day for each video playlist. The playlists vary in length and points awarded. Some of the playlists are very long, so this would a good thing to turn on while you are in the shower or cooking. This is an easy way to earn sbs while you are doing things around the house or watching your favorite show. I would suggest only watching one video playlist per device as if you open more than one the videos often lag and have a problem correctly crediting you for your swagbucks, but you can do a video playlist and a sponsored video or an NCrave offer without any trouble.

Bonus Ways to Earn:

You can earn more Swagbucks by taking advantage of some of their special offers such as getting points for using swagcodes or meeting the daily goal. A swagcode is a code that is worth a few swagbucks and changes daily. Each swagcode can only be redeemed for a limited amount of time. Different regions have different swagcodes, so be sure you use the right one. The daily goal is a set goal of swagbucks you need to earn in a day. Completing each daily goal earns you bonus points that you receive in the next month. You get more bonus points if you meet your goal every day for a week and up to a month.

Every so often Swagbucks holds different contests where you are randomly assigned a team and you earn swagbucks for your team as you simultaneously earn for yourself. The top three teams will earn a rebate when they use their swagbucks to redeem a gift card, with the rebate being greater for those that came in first place. When one of these contests is taking place you should be able to see it on Swagbucks home page.

For a chance to get more Swagbucks, you can always enter into a Swagbucks raffle. Swagbucks usually has a large prize raffle that can be in the hundreds of thousands of sbs and also has several small ones for a few hundred points that are in an auction format that you can bid on using your swagbucks. The auctions are nice for those times when you are just a few hundred points away from a gift card and you are a little impatient.

Another great way to earn Swagbucks is to recommend the website to your friends. After you have recommended swagbucks to a friend you will be able to receive 10% of the swagbucks that they earn for life. This can earn you Swagbucks fairly quickly if you get many people to sign up underneath you and you encourage them to get on and earn sbs regularly. As the holiday shopping season is getting closer this would make a great selling point, since they can get cash back from online purchases through the site.

More on Swagbucks:

Swagbucks can seem like a waste of time at first if you are new to the site as it can be frustrating to get your total up. Remember the different methods I have highlighted and you will see your total quickly grow. I encourage you to try to get a survey at least once every day because this quickly whittles down the amount that you need to earn towards your daily goal.

Unlike many of these apps which are only available in the United States, Swagbucks is also available for those in the U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, India and Germany. Each of these countries has their own specific Swagbucks home page. If you reside outside of these countries you can still visit the flagship website Swagbucks.com but not all offers may be available to you if you reside outside of the United States, such as different surveys or membership sign up incentives. As long as your country allows you access to PayPal you should still be able redeem the swagbucks that you earn without a problem.

Swagbucks is a great way to earn some extra cash in your free time and as you are doing your online shopping. If you are interested in getting the Swagbucks app, you will first need to sign up for an account on the website. Then you can access the app for your iPhone or Android in the Apple app store or Google Play


What is Ebates:

Ebates is a website that gives you cash back for online retailers, but unlike Swagbucks with the app you can use coupon offers and deals in store with your mobile phone. Ebates is one of the oldest cash back sites out there and has awarded over 300 million in cash back to its members. If you are looking to make some money in cash back then Ebates is your one stop shop. They offer deals from over 2,000 retailers, giving you many opportunities to get rewarded with up to 40 percent cash back on your purchases. Ebates pays out the cash back in the forms of a paper check or via PayPal. Unlike sites such as Swagbucks and Ibotta which will allow you to cash out the rewards you have earned at any time, Ebates works on a quarterly payment cycle. You also must have earned the minimum of $5.01 in order to cash out. Ebates will give you money for signing up though it only will be rewarded once you have made a purchase through their site or app of $25 or more.

How it works:

In order to use the app you will need to already have an account on the ebates website so you can link up your account on the mobile app. You can set up the mobile app to send you updates on deals from your favorite retailers such as coupons, promo codes, and double cash back so you are always in the know of when it is the best time to buy the products that you want. The majority of the retailers that you can access through the website are able to be accessed through the mobile app, but there are some notable exceptions such as Amazon. Another benefit of the app is that it allows you to search for a product or scan a product barcode to see which retailer offers you the most cash back or lowest price for that item.  

Earn more by signing up some friends for Ebates. Right now they are offering a promotion that if you recommend three friends who then makes a purchase of $25 or more, you will receive $60 for your account. This is a promotion that is available for a limited amount of time. After this promotion ends you will earn $5 for each person referred plus a bonus once you hit a certain number. For example after recommending 3 people, you will earn a $45 bonus in addition to the $15 you earned for the bonus. For more information on the bonus tier, you can find  a link to the table in the small print on the Refer and Earn page. There is no limit on how many people you can refer but the bonus tier ends after you have recommended 1000 people, after which you will earn $2000 after every 100. This can be a fast way to rack up some extra cash if you have friends that love to shop and want to save some money. You can find this app in the Google Play or the Apple App Store. You can use Ebates outside of the U.S. as long as the companies that you purchase from for a cash back offer are willing to ship internationally.

Inbox Dollars:

How it works:

If you have ever heard of the concept of paid email but been skeptical, look no further than InboxDollars. InboxDollars has a system that works much like Swagbucks, even though this site has been around longer. One thing that this app offers which is a unique earning opportunity is getting paid for opening up emails that are directed to your account’s inbox. These emails are usually special offers from trusted companies hoping to raise awareness of a new product or service in a more direct way of marketing. Most of these paid emails are for a select audience so you will have to see whether you qualify or not. Once you have accumulated $30 in your account you can request payment in the form of electronic gift cards, a paper check, or a Visa gift card.

Ways to Earn:

Like Swagbucks, this app offers many different ways for you to go and earn extra cash completing a variety of activities such as surveys, games, watching videos, and more.  There is some difference between the two so here is a basic overview of the site. InboxDollars offers some different opportunities than Swagbucks so it is worth considering.  


This section is very different from the Shop section at Swagbucks because it offers you 5 percent cash back for the money that you spend on every offer. Unlike Swagbucks and Ebates however it does not include a list of retailers in a traditional sense. It will offer you cash back deals for retailers and events in your  local area, as well as certain goods, getaways, and spa treatments. Each deal is for one item in particular and is not a percentage of the dollars spent on the website as a whole, differing from the Ebates and Swagbucks model. This is a still a section that I recommend checking out as you can get some money back for vacations and fun outings with the family or as a couple in your local area. This tab also offers Groupon and Coupon Deals. Like the coupons from Swagbucks, you can actually make money back by redeeming these coupons, though it usually takes up to 60 days to get credited for these.  From the app you can only access the Groupon portion of this category.

Easy Cash:

This is similar to the featured offers in the Discover section of Swagbucks, highlighting a few offers from trusted partners that simply involve sign up. It also shows you links to their other free ways to earn money such as their watch, surveys, and simple tasks. The simple tasks are like the microtasks that I mentioned are part of the Answer category over at Swagbucks, involving easy tasks that generally take very little of your time. According to the Simple Tasks portion of InboxDollars it includes things such as labeling products, sorting online content, and researching the web for answers. This category is only accessible through the website.


The games section is much like that of Swagbucks partnering with companies and giving you cash back for paying games that involving paying to play such as virtual slots and poker. The free games available through InboxDollars offer more variety but their system of rewarding you cash for playing the free games is much less predictable than what is offered by Swagbucks. If you would like to kill some time the games are fun but they don’t seem like they will earn you much. This portion is not accessible on the app.


Like the Discover section of Swagbucks this portion of the website shows you special offers from partners and awards you for signups and savings from different companies. You can view completely free offers and then there are other offers that will require a credit card to be put on file upon sign up. The benefit to this is that you are able to see exactly how much money you are earning from each offer if you don’t like having to calculate the actual dollar amount from your Swagbucks total. Many of the offers on InboxDollars site are identical to the ones available on Swagbucks, so you will have to have another card handy if you intend to sign up for the same offer at InboxDollars and Swagbucks, though I don’t recommend it.  The offers tab is available on the mobile app but it only has a limited amount of offers such as app downloads and a few sign ups.


Similar to the the Search function on swagbucks this is a search section that will reward you for searching. Unlike Swagbucks there is a set number of searches that must be performed each time before you get awarded, usually four. You will also be awarded up to 4 times daily. Unlike Swagbucks however, the reward is always one cent, which is significantly less than what you would earn over at Swagbucks. While at InboxDollars you may earn 4 cents for searching for the day, at Swagbucks you would probably earn at least 12 if you were to use all three searches. Still this takes minimum effort and if you are using both apps to earn you can use both to maximize earnings. You can access this area on the app.


You can get cash for your opinions on this app as well. You will be rewarded some points by the site itself, in order to find out more about you and be able to weed out the different surveys that are not applicable to you. Most of the surveys on InboxDollars range from .25 cents to .50 cents, though rarely you will seem some available for as high as $1.75. If the survey doesn’t require any special programs to run, you should be able to do the majority of them on your smartphone.

TV and Watch:

Much like Swagbucks, these are videos that you can watch to earn some cash. On InboxDollars this is broken up into two different tabs, known as TV and Watch. Both require you to watch videos to earn, but the Watch tab seems to pay per each individual video or short playlist while the TV tab is a short playlist set up by the site. On their site I can’t find a limit set for how much you can earn per day using their TV tab. The Watch tab runs like the sponsored videos in that there is a certain amount allotted per user per day.  This is a fun way to earn some spare cash. You can watch videos on your phone using the app.

Other ways to Earn:

The app encourages you to recommend their website to your friends and for every person that signs up under your account, you will receive 10% of their earnings. The app  also doles out little raffle tickets that you can enter into different contests for cash or a gift card. You get these tickets independent from the money that you earn, so you aren’t losing anything by deciding to enter one of these sweepstakes.


I personally think that InboxDollars is slightly harder to earn money on then Swagbucks, but if you just want to maximize the extra change in your pocket using this app in conjunction with the other apps on this list will make so that you can earn some extra money. That being said this site does offer you ways to earn money in a few ways that Swagbucks doesn’t such as giving you money back on local offers in your area. I do think that this app is worth the sign up and if you enjoy taking surveys you can double your chances to earn money by having both the Swagbucks and the InboxDollars app. InboxDollars is available outside of the U.S. but you will have to receive your payment via a paper check. You can find the InboxDollars App in the Google Play and the App Store.

APP Trailers:

How it Works:


App Trailers is a very basic app because it is only meant to allow you to perform one function. This app has you watch trailers for apps and movies, as well as viral videos that you can use to earn points. That is all you have to do, making this app the least complex on our list. Each video has a particular point value allotted to it, which you will earn upon completion of each video. You can also earn points for downloading the different apps and playing them, which is a great option for free apps or apps that really catch your eye.

 Once you have earned enough points you can redeem these for prizes, for example once you earn 500 points you can use it to redeem 50 cents from PayPal.  You can also redeem your points for gift cards, though in the app the options are limited. App Trailers is owned by Perks, Inc. who runs Perks TV and other apps, so you can transfer your App Trailer points into Perks Points to give you more options when it comes to purchasing gift cards.  In the Perks Points Shop they have options for Amazon, Overstock, Wal-Mart, Target, along with several different restaurants and retailers.

While the points needed to redeem prizes may seem very large, the points on this app rack up pretty quickly and you can just allow your phone to sit and play the apps for a while and you will be able to claim a prize in no time. Many of the videos seem to auto play on their own once you start up the app, leaving you to be able to do other things.  There seems to be no enforced limit on how many videos you can watch in a single day, increasing the amount of cash you can earn.

Another way for you to earn is by inviting your friends to join the App Trailers. For every person that you recommend and who joins you will earn 250 points. The App Trailers app makes this very easy because it allows you to send a text inviting your friends directly from your contact list. While this amount is less than the incentive to invite friends to the other apps, since this takes very little effort it is a reasonable pay out.

While you won’t get rich with this app, you can allow it to play on the auto play and rack up points that you can use to buy the things you want. If you want to profit from doing basically nothing App Trailers and its companion apps from Perk Rewards are probably some of the best apps out there for this specific purpose. If you love watching videos or want to get paid for no effort on your part, I would definitely suggest App Trailers. App Trailers is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store in the U.S. only currently.

Before You Go

I appreciate you taking the time and effort to read this book. If you found any of the information helpful and you would like to sign up at one of the different websites I mentioned, I would like to encourage you to sign up and if you enjoy the website to leave a review on this book. I have provided the links again to the flagship websites so that you can sign up and then all you have to do is download the app. Once you have completed this you are well on your way to getting paid for practically nothing. Thank you for downloading!

Link for Ibotta

Link for Swagbucks

Link for [+ Ebates+]

Link for InboxDollars

Link for App Trailers

5 Apps That Pay You For Practically Nothing

Everyone is looking for ways to put a little extra cash in their pocket. Instead of working up a sweat with a side job, why not get paid for doing practically nothing? This book contains 5 apps that will pay you for the things that you already do everyday like shopping, watching videos, opening your email, and playing games. Don't miss out on your opportunity to bring in extra income each month by using your phone. Start getting paid for the things that you are already doing today.

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5 Apps That Pay You For Practically Nothing 5 Apps That Pay You For Practically Nothing