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By Wayne Clarris

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Welcome to the 40 Days of Favor mini e-book. This book is an extension and a wrap up of the 40 Days of Favor TV series, produced by Faithxtrme Ministries. The series aired on Youtube on February 12, 2017, and finished March 24, 2017.

If you did not watch the TV series I strongly encourage you to commence it, which can be found at https://40daysoffavor.wixsite.com/favor. The series was set out in a particular format to:

• The establishment of a solid Biblical truth,

• To establish the existence of favor within Biblical text,

• To reveal a deeper revelation of the favor of God and

• The saturation in God’s word.

The body of Christ needs to hear what the forty days of favor series has to say. Many believers have never heard of such teachings. I pray that you gain a deeper revelation of the favor of God as you study this publication.

Wayne Clarris


Don’t get discouraged when a storm comes, because you know you’re favored of God”

(Savelle. J. 1997)

To understand favor we must first get a definition of what favor means. According to the Merriam-webster dictionary favor is defined as;

“Friendly regard shown toward another, attention, gracious, kindness; also: an act of kindness, a token of love, a special privilege or right granted”. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

The well-respected Oxford Dictionary defines favor as; “Liking, goodwill, approval and an act that is kindly or helpful beyond what is due or usual”. (Oxford Dictionary.1988, Pg 291)

The above definitions show that favor is goodwill, a token of love and a special privilege, but who give us favor? It is God who shows friendly regard to us. It is God who approves us and it is God who shows us His gracious kindness.

Favor is a free gift. It is completely up to you if you embrace it or not.

Like salvation, it too is a free gift given, but do not take it lightly as it cost Jesus His life. If you have never given your heart to Christ or you know your Christian walk is not right please go to the end of the text and locate “Prayer of Salvation”.

God gave us the greatest of all free gifts and that is free will. Will you choose to take favor or leave favor? Will you choose to be saved and give your life to Jesus Christ or not? The choice is yours alone. No one else can or will make it for you.

Further to the definitions given for favor, we must find Biblical evidence that favor actually exists within the word of God. Through copious amount of research and revelation, I have found many scriptures relating to the favor of God. I want you to please look them up, read them slowly and the read them again.

When we meditate on the word of God it brings insight, knowledge, prosperity, direction and revelation.

The scriptures are;

Psalm 5:12, Genesis 6:8, Exodus 33:12, Genesis 39:21, 1 Samuel 2:26, Proverbs 3:4,Proverbs 12:2, Luke 1:37, Luke 2:52 and Acts 7:46

(* Please note that grace is mentioned in some scriptures, grace can be interchanged with the word “favor”.)

From the scriptures given, I have established with you a solid evidence that favor exists in the Bible, both in the old and new testaments.

From this point on there should never be an element of ambiguity that arises that says “this favor stuff Wayne is teaching is erroneous”.

In conclusion, I have given you two definitions to favor. I have proven favor exists in the Bible by laying a solid scriptural foundation. The next point we will review is malnourished Christians.


“… the divine favor of God will quickly cause things to start moving for you instead of against you”.

John Avanzini (2001)

There is a deficiency in the Church world I call favor malnourished Christians. A favor malnourished Christian is a believer that simply does not know favor exists. Such believers are not being taught from the pulpits that favor is for them, and do not have working knowledge that favor has been given to them from God.

Why are church congregations not being taught about God’s goodness and favor? Why is there endless talk on poverty and scarcity from God?

I have witnessed ministers preaching poverty. One could assume by listening to such offal that God is out to cause poverty, sickness and all varieties of disasters upon us.

I will be blunt and ask you a question. Have you been taught at church about favor, prosperity or God’s goodness? I believe there would be a high proportion of those reading this that has never been educated on such topics.

This book is not out to belittle anyone, including preachers that preach anti-prosperity. Is it the case that some preachers were never taught about Gods blessings? Is it their assumption that prosperity is not Biblical? Is it a belief that ministers consider word of faith teaching, a doctrine of the heresy? Do they think me teaching you about favor a misguided doctrine?

I too was never taught about God’s favor until I was introduced to the ministry of Mr. Jerry Savelle (www.jerrysavelle.org/) and Mr. Kenneth Copeland (www.kcm.org). Once I learned the Biblical truth that God wanted to bless me abundantly (2 Corinthians 8:9) and God was for me and not against me (Psalm 56:9) I realised that I had been lied to for years.

I grew up in a very strict religious private school that taught us children that God was out to get us. The doctrine which was taught to us was poverty based. It instructed us, children, that to be humble before God you must be poor and show total submissiveness to the leadership.

I had no idea that God gave favor and abundant blessings, as we had never been taught. As stated I attended a Church school but never not once was taught the Bible, not as much as a memory verse. Reading the Bible was only a privilege for the priest, this now shows me how much control I was under.

I praise God that I have been freed from such lies and control. The lies, that God will zap you when you had in impure thought. Man alive I was constantly having impure thoughts then, I was a heathen. I loved to cuss and give rude gestures in Church until I was caught and felt six of the best on the rear end.

When I remember those years I can say I was always fearful of God. I did not know God then as I do now. I was taught never to ask questions but obey the Church. Looking back at those years it was total control with no spiritual growth; however, I am thankful in a way. I am thankful they introduced me to God in one way or another. I am thankful that most of the school staff taught me morals and I am thankful I was taught about Jesus.

I am proud to say that God has restored me from the past beliefs of Him. It was not His fault. The lack of trust in Him I held was created by many facets but ultimately based on the wrong teaching on God. We were taught to fear God but not a Holy reverential fear unto God. (Philippians 2:12)

I praise God for He has done in my life, and I praise God I get to talk about His goodness, prosperity and His favor with you.


Some of God’s promises about income seemed so clear to me that a Christian would almost need help to misunderstand them!

David Mallanee

Once educated about God’s favor I have experienced God’s favor for many years.

I believe there is a divine connection between the declarations of God’s favor to the manifestation of God’s Favor. You must declare favor, not just think it in your head! Why is this so?

When God made us in His image (Genesis 1:27) He gave us the ability to speak words which will produce manifestations in our lives.

Proverbs 18:21 states;

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit”.

When we speak we release power into the atmosphere. You have the ability to bless or curse someone with your words. You have the ability to build another up or tear them down simply by spoken words.

When we release words pertaining to God’s favor we are enforcing God’s spiritual law. According to Mr. Charles Capps, in His book, The Tongue A Creative Force states “God’s Word is Spiritual Law” (Capps, 1976, P3) and it is this Spiritual Law fixed with our faith sent forth that creates and establishes where it is sent.

During the filming of the 40 Days Television series, the Lord further instructed me on just how the favor of God works. I was actually shopping when the word of the Lord came to me. It stopped me in my tracks, He said: “Son when you declare favor it must return to you”.

I believe God was teaching me Isaiah 55:11 which states:

“So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it”.

As you will discover the entire forty days of favor TV series was mainly based on Isaiah 55:11. It says when God’s word goes out it will work wherever it is sent.

Another foundational scripture used was Psalm 5:12,

“For You, O LORD will bless the righteous; with favor, you will surround him as with a shield”.

This scripture describes who favor is for. The scripture says that favor surrounds the righteous. Who are the righteous?

According to Mr. Kenneth Copeland from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, “righteousness is the ability to stand in the presence of a Holy God without a sense of guilt or shame, we have the right and privilege to do that”. Copeland. K. 1989. Internet resource)

Mr. Copeland shows us that by having righteousness as a privilege we can, in fact, stand before God and accept gifts, blessings, and favor from Him. The favor of God is a free gift to you. Will you chose to accept it or not?

There is one vital piece of information that I want you to understand and that is, favor is a free gift, and favor is for you. Do not think lowly of yourself that how God could ever bless someone like you.

As a born again believer, you have been adopted into the richest, most glorious family that ever existed. It is within this family that you are rich, prosperous, healed, restored and highly favored. If you are born again you are adopted sons and daughters to God. (Eph 1:5)

You must think Kingdom minded. You must believe that God loves and wants to bless you. You must believe that you are royalty to God and that you are God’s most prized possession. (Savelle J. 1997)

You must get this revelation deep in your spirit that God wants the best for you. It does not matter what mistakes you have made in the past, God loves you and He wanted you blessed.

I was at a Ministers conference only today and a word of the Lord came from an audience member which I feel is correct. This lady said if we look at out figures each one of us has different fingerprints. There is no one like you, God made you unique, and you are special to Him.

Believe that you are special to God. Believe that God wants to show His favor and blessings on your life. Do not think how could God bless a lowly sinner like you?

Are you an old sinner saved by grace or are you the righteousness of God?


If bad things are happening to you and you want to know why listen to what is coming out of your mouth.

-Jerry Savelle – Adventures in Faith (Oct-Dec 2015)

Why must we declare the favor of God consistently? As stated in the previous chapter I believe there is a divine connection between declaring God’s favor and experiencing the manifestation of it.

We must declare favor. We must be thankful when we experience God’s favor. I do not care where you are and you experience God’s favor just right then and there say “that’s the favor of God”.

I say the following declarations twice a day without fail. I have experienced miraculous outpourings on favor from a dissolving of a pending lawsuit, an impending bankruptcy from getting car parks, vehicles, holidays and a lot more.

Please this in not the only declarations you can say. Search the word of God for yourself and see what favor has done for people and where God favored turned up.

My declarations are:

The favor of God is on me

The favor of God goes before me

This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it

I am blessed going in,

I am blessed going out

I am blessed in the country

I am blessed in the field

Whatever I do, I prosper

I cover myself in the blood of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I have taught this declaration to many people. Some have been faithful with their declarations and as a result, has witnessed many manifestations. Others started off strong with their daily declarations and then let them slip.

There is no condemnation if you let the declarations slip as there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:1)

Do not get hard on yourself if you let things slip. You can start the declarations anytime.


God’s unmerited favor is not a subject. It is a person, and His name is Jesus.

Joseph Prince

We as parents like to be thanked when we give our children something and they say “thank you daddy, or thank you, mummy”. I believe God is no different, He too likes to be remembered when He bestows favor onto us.

Without saying thank you to God for blessing us is being self-centered instead of God –centered.

For many years my wife and I taught our boys about God’s favor. There is no greater joy to see your children give thanks to God on their own effort, for what God does for them.

We as individuals and as a family hold to a belief that wherever we experience God’s favor we will just declare it right then and there “that’s the favor of God”. Do not worry if people think you’re weird, doesn’t the world think that born again believers to be peculiar people anyhow?

By giving thanks to God for His favor I believe you become more expectant of Gods favor and more tuned into it. Just this week I was faced with a small financial dilemma. I stopped and said, “God you said if I declare your favor, it will show up, I expect to see your favor in this thing today”.

Fifteen minutes later the problem was sorted out with a victory to God. “That’s the favor of God”.

Please remember to thank God for all He has done in your life. Make a wall of remembrance in your mind and thank Him for the times He helped you out of a crisis.

By making a wall of remembrance it will assist you when another crisis looms. You can stand in assurance and confidence that God will help you out of this problem just like the past ones. Keeping a journal to record your victories is another way to document what God has done for you.


As Christians, we have a source of financial abundance that knows no limits.

Marilyn Hickey

When challenged with circumstances we must have faith in God’s favor to turn up. How do we please God? Hebrews 11:6 says “without faith it is impossible to please God”.

If we reverse that scripture it says “with Faith we can please God”, do you see this? There may be circumstances surrounding you today where God is the only thing you have left to save you.

I have been at this place where I have had everything removed from me, no help was at hand except God. I was on my knees saying “God you’re the only thing I have left, please help me”.

God helped me through that time as He always has. It has been me that has let God down. I was the one that ran away when things got tough. It was me that did not believe God in certain situations (Please refer to chapter seven of this book).

Friends God will never leave you. It does not matter what the devil throws at you, God is on your side.

I love this psalm;

“A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand;

But it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you look,

And see the reward of the wicked. Because you have made the LORD, who is my refuge….” (Psalm 91:7-9a)

Do you see if you trust in God and make Him your refuge the enemy can not defeat you? You must have faith in God’s ability to bring you into the place of victory.


you can’t receive what you speak against”

(Jesse Duplantis)

Are you aware that if you speak against something is a sure sign that you will not receive that thing into your life? Christian Minister Mr. Jesse Duplantis says “you can’t receive what you speak against” (Duplantis, 2008) Do you believe God’s favor is for you? Do you believe that the favor of God goes before you each day? What have you been confessing towards God’s goodness and blessings?

If you say yes, I do believe then you must never talk contrary to what is happening to you. If you have said negative things towards God and His goodness it is not too late. If you identify with what I am saying we need to pause here and break all the curses spoken by you and against you.

What I need you to do is say this prayer with me, by speaking this prayer I fully believe you can stop all negative curses coming back in your life.

Let’s pray:

“Lord in the name of Jesus Christ, the name above all names, I break all curses spoken by me and aginst me, I break all negative words I have sown, I break all the negative words spoken aginst me. I break all curses spoken by me and against me in the name of Jesus. I break and dissolve all curses, assignments the enemy has planned against me, I know no weapon formed aginst me shall prosper. I cover myself in the blood of Jesus Christ. I ask all these things in the name of Jesus Christ from Nazareth, Amen” Remember what you speak against you will not receive. Speak blessings, not cursings. Speak prosperity, not poverty. Speak life, not death Amen”.


Kicking the Lawn Mower”

This chapter is adapted solely from Day 20 of the forty Days of Favor TV series. I am not embarrassed to say that I lost faith in God.

People might think “Wayne why do you want to humiliate yourself in front of those that look to you for guidance?” Well as far as I am concerned the last time I checked I was human, which means flesh and bones. Humans make mistakes, don’t they?

Jesus said in John 8:7;

“……He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.”

I am transparent enough with you to state; yes I lost faith in God and His favor. Yes, I Brother Wayne screwed up.

There was a time when my family and I were squeezed financially big time! Just because we are Christians does not mean that we will live hassle free. Look at the life of Jesus He did not have a hassle free life while on earth.

My wife Mandy and I send our boys to a private school which does cost a lot of money. It was that time of year to pay school fees and we did not have the money to do so. I was irritated at God as it was God that told us to send the boys to this particular school, and now we did not have the money to continue sending them there.

Crunch time had come, we soon had to pay the fees or face the dilemma that we may have to swap schools. I did not want to take the boys out of this school, time was running out.

One particular day I was outside mowing the lawn, as said I was angry at God as I could not see a way how we could pay the school fees there was just no way (in the natural).

While I was outside taking my frustrations out of the mower (yes I kicked it) my wife was in our office and the word of the Lord came to her. God told her to go to a particular file and look at a specific piece of paper. God then told her to call the listed phone number.

My wife asked me if I knew anything about this piece of paper and I angrily said: “No I did not”. Gentlemen I praise God for a godly wife. Do I hear an Amen!

Mandy called the phone number and soon found out a lot of money was owed to me and I did not know for ten years. Within a few days we had paid all the school fees and more was left over.

I told you that story for a few reasons. Firstly do not lose faith in God’s ability like I did. I am glad that happened over five years ago and I have been found faithful since this time.

The second point is God will never leave you nor forsake you. (Deut 31:6) It does not matter what the circumstances look like, God will help you.

I pray you have gained a deeper revelation of favor from this book. I pray you have learned the important of giving thanks to God for what He has done and will continue to do in your life. I pray that you gain a deep revelation that God is on your side and do not ever listen to the enemy. I pray you have gained knowledge in the power of your words. I pray you always remember to thank God for His favor. I pray you are consistent in your daily favor declarations. Amen.


If you have never made Jesus the Lord of your life, I would like to give you this opportunity. Friend when we die we will live forever as a spirit being. The decision where you will spend eternity is up to you. Romans 10:9 says” if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved”.

To make Jesus Christ your Lord and savior please say this prayer in faith:

“Lord Jesus come into my life, please forgive me of all my sins, I acknowledge you are the Christ the son of God and I need to be saved, I believe you died on the cross for my sins and I am now yours. Please wash me clean in your precious blood. Take my life and do something with it. I ask all these things in your name Jesus Amen”.


About the Author

Wayne Clarris is passionate about changing people’s lives using the word of God. Wayne is the co-founder of Faithxtrme Ministries and appears on Faithxtrme TV. Wayne lives with his family in Brisbane, Australia.











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