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3ma Children Story Book - 3b

3MA Children Story Book – 3B

A Compendium of Students’ Stories


by Moses Olanrewaju Bolarin



Copyright 2017 by Moses Olanrewaju Bolarin


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Table of Content




Fashion is a Passion

by Osamese Omotola OLORUNTOBI – 12 years, 2016

The Selfish Giant

by Chukwuebuka Awesome FELIX – 8 years, 2016

The Foolish Twins

by Chukwuebuka Awesome FELIX – 8 years, 2016

The Real Footballers

by Daniel ULAIKERE – 12 years, 2016

The Monkeys and the Villagers

by Fiyinfoluwa SAYO-DABIRI – 11 years, 2016

The Special Pot

by Madunwa SAYO-DABIRI – 9 years, 2016

The Bold Girl

by Anuoluwakiitan A. ADEDEJI – 8 years, 2016

How a Girl Lost Her Pet

by Seyi ADEYEMO – 9 years, 2016

The Woodcutter And The 3 Wishes

by Chidubem OKWUDIBONYE – 11 years, 2015

The Lazy Boy

by Chidubem OKWUDIBONYE – 11 years, 2015

Super Hero Ken – Part 1

by Imisiolwa A. Love BOLARIN – 8 years, 2015

Maria, Mario and Bunmi

by Imisiolwa A. Love BOLARIN – 8 years, 2015

Donald’s Cat

by Imisiolwa A. Love BOLARIN – 8 years, 2015

A Big Difference – Part 1

by Imisiolwa A. Love BOLARIN – 9 years, 2016

Lex Ray – Part 2

by Crispus JAMES – 11 years, 2015

Illustrations by Christbell JAMES – 19 years, 2015

The Fisherman and the Hunter

by Julius JOSHUA – 11 years, 2015

The Obedient Girl

by Julius JOSHUA – 11 years, 2015

The Jealous Wives

by Julius JOSHUA – 11 years

The Wicked Step-Mother

by Boluwatife AKINNOLA – 11 years, 2015

The Disobedient Child

by Boluwatife AKINNOLA – 11 years, 2015

The Flood of Lies

by Ayomide ADENOWO – 8 years, 2016

Timi’s Day

by Timilehin OGUNDIRAN – 6 years, 2016

Skull Crusher

by Abiodun OGUNDIRAN – 12 years, 2016

The Two Foolish Goats 1

by Sharon ODIBU – 7 years, 2016

Why Dogs Live With Man

by Blessing ODIBU – 5 years, 2016

The Forgetful Girl

by Tobechi OHAJUNWA – 7 years, 2016

The Brave Girl

by David OGUNKANMBI – 10 years, 2016

Jack the Best Boy

by Malik AWOTUNDE – 7 years, 2016

The Prince and the Princess in a Castle

by Kene Nwanne OSAJI ADRIEL – 6 years, 2016

The Boy with Super Powers

by Ebuka EHINOME OJEIFO – 7 years, 2016

The Snow Child and the Sun Child

by Akintunde OMORINOLA – 9 years, 2016

The Pretty Princess

by Tamilore OLORUNSOLA – 6 years, 2016

The Talking Glasses

by Oyinoluwa OLAKUNLE – 9 years, 2017

Amanda and the Three Ducks

by Enioluwa OLAKUNLE – 6 years, 2017

Invitation to the New Life

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To the Greatest Story-Maker of all times


to children and teenagers everywhere who desires to express the

various stories in the adventurous imaginations of their minds for the world to see.

[] Preface

This is the third in the 3niti Multimedia Academy (3MA) Children Projects Publications, this one being a compendium of stories by some of the 2015 Basic Digital Video, Summer Multimedia Training 2015, and Children Multimedia Club 2016/17 students.

Children between ages 4 and 19 were taught Multimedia Basics. It is so amazing to see children learn at such a quick pace and come up with their own stories, drawings, pictures, cartoon animations, audio, and video recordings within a short period of time.

I am glad to present this work to you and hope it will inspire creativity amongst our children everywhere in the world, equipping them better for the challenges of tomorrow.

Enjoy the stories.

Moses Olanrewaju Bolarin Chief Executive, 3MA

[] Projects

of 3niti Multimedia Academy Students:

Basic Digital Video(BDV)1 – April 2015

Summer Multimedia Training (SMT) – August 2015 & August 2016, and

Children Multimedia Club – 2016/17

[] Fashion is a Passion

Story and Picture Illustrations by Osamese Omotola OLORUNTOBI – 12 years, 2016

In a school named Western High, there was a girl named Taylor who had a mischievous brother named Tyson. Her dad was traveling. He always travels because he is a researcher and never forgets to take his camera, but this time, he was going on something more like a vacation.

Her mum does not live with her. Her parents were divorced through a matter her mom doesn’t know, and is not interested in knowing.

Taylor’s best friend is Kyla, a model and her boyfriend is Max. In Western High, models were the top chicks, and if you are not a model, you can never get into the Hall of Fame. Once you get into the Hall of Fame, you become popular. All the girls were dying to be a model, and so was Taylor.

Three top girls are models and their leader, obviously sassy Miranda always picked on Taylor, and the defense she had was always from Kyla her best friend. And that is not good enough because Kyla is not as good as Miranda too.

Tailor’s boyfriend, Max, did not support her modeling. He just liked her the way she was and tried to convince her to try everything else. However, she wanted to be the hottest girl in school. She battled with other models in school, snapped pictures of herself and pasted it online, but nobody wanted her. Meanwhile, when Miranda pasted one picture online, she had tons of people calling her and this made Taylor really sad.

One day in school, she got picked on by Miranda who showed her a picture that she took online that looked so old fashioned. Though Kyla stood up for her, she still felt so bad.

When she got home her mischievous brother made it worse by playing a prank on her with his partner, Cindy. He called her pretending to be the owner of a fashion line telling her he saw her pictures online and he liked them. She was so happy, only to hear some giggling behind the kitchen door. She opened it, saw her brother with his phone, he hid it behind his back, and raised his hand like he was doing nothing. His play friend, Cindy, put her hand behind her back. She felt like killing him but she could do nothing because he would tell her dad, and he would be angry at her.

One day in school there was a fashion competition. Anyone can compete, and if you get among the top 15, you would be taken to the finale where only 3 people will come out winner and the first will come out as Miss Western High. The fashion designer will also be rewarded, and Taylor decided to compete. Then her brother decided to play another prank on her. He put powder in her high heeled shoes. Cindy supplied the powder, and their mission was completed. So, off she went to the competition with her shoes in her bag. When it was her turn to wear her clothes, she couldn’t walk very well, and she fell down. She knew there was no way she could win, and she immediately knew it was her brother. She went home and shouted at him and banned Cindy from coming to their house. At school, she was the laughing stock, and obviously Miranda was at it again. It was so bad that she was the last in the competition, but she got her encouragement from Max and Kyla.


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3ma Children Story Book - 3b

  • ISBN: 9781370295371
  • Author: Moses Olanrewaju Bolarin
  • Published: 2017-06-08 23:05:19
  • Words: 11098
3ma Children Story Book - 3b 3ma Children Story Book - 3b