365 Daily Readings



365 Daily Readings



They may change your mind,

they may change your day,

they may change your path and perhaps, just perhaps,

they will change your life.




By Ron Rasmussen


Copyright 2016 Ron Rasmussen


Shakespir Edition


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Over a period of 15 to 20 years, I was a member of two chat-boards on the internet, before Facebook came to be. One board was focused on the writings of Wayne Dyer – [email protected] and the other was focused on the book ‘A Course in Miracles” – [email protected] The only active board now is the one on the Course. When Facebook became popular, the chat-boards became old-news. During that time I was honored to be Moderator for both boards. During those years, the members posted not only comments pertaining to the particular board they were on, but very often posted some ‘problems’ facing them and opened themselves to comments from the members as to how to ‘solve’ the problem. Needless to say, we were given many, many different problems from many, many people. And all these people were my teachers, and at times, my postings were their lessons to be learned. Of course one does ‘teach’ without also ‘learning.


What follows in this book, are excerpts from many postings over many years. Also included are some of my favorite quotations from a few of my favorite authors.


I wish to acknowledge some of the people who taught me so well while on those boards. They were teachers/pupils of the highest caliber and I thank each of them for being there for me for so many years.


Some of them are, and in no order: Manny, Ed, Bruce, Dan, Jeff, Phyllis, Juanita, Donna, Karen, Jaye, Mary, Tina, Charles, Michael, Diane, Debbie, Lyn, Neale, Shannon, Timor, Kim, Joe, Janet, Yolanda, and Diederik.


Thank you all for your guidance through those years. Thank you for being the greatest of teachers I could ever desire to meet. And thank you all for sharing your path with not only me but with each of us.




Namaste – Ron

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – January



Chapter 2 – February



Chapter 3 – March



Chapter 4 – April



Chapter 5 – May



Chapter 6 – June



[_Chapter 7 – July _]



Chapter 8 – August



Chapter 9 – September



Chapter 10 – October



Chapter 11 – November



Chapter 12 – December



January 1


Perhaps the time is now for me to discard all the labels placed upon me by myself and others, to release all thoughts of what I think I am in this world, and focus my attention on the truth of me. I will welcome my soul to sing its song. I will allow me to realize the real me, the image and likeness that is beyond description, the power too great to imagine with the mind of this world. I will leave my nets full of the past and proceed with the knowledge that is forever in me.


January 2


I prepare my inner temple for the arrival of God. And who is God but the One who knows me and understand me, the One who loves me just as I am and accepts me where I am at, and has no conditions nor time tables for me to follow.


The God I wait for is not outside of me; I need not look there. The God I wait for is already within, He has arrived and waits for me ever so patiently in the heart of my soul. And God tells me answers that I have not even thought of the question for. And God not only holds the door for me to pass through, but is at my side along my walk.


January 3


If I stay with a disappointment, I will stay with pain. If I choose to walk through my disappointment, my fear, I walk away from the pain, I leave it all behind me.


I can put disappointment behind me, but how I do it determines what step I will take – stepping in place or moving ahead. Only by going through the disappointment, by working through it, seeing it for what it is, can I move forward.


The thought of a little willingness on my part comes up again for me, it must be something I am to address. My little willingness, my little glimmer of hope within me, will grow into persistence and persistence will grow into commitment and commitment is my agreement with God to work through the disappointment. If I do this but once, I will remember that I can do it again when it is required. The disappointment may appear to be different, but the solution and the help remain the same.


Behind every disappointment is pain; ahead of every disappointment is achievement. With this knowledge, I can more easily move through the disappointments.


If I believe I am experiencing the pain of a disappointment now, then I also know I have not yet moved through it. I will look once again at it and seek another path through it. I will be persistent in my effort, committed to my results and know that God is ever present with me.


January 4


I am perfect, whole and complete as I am created, as I truly am. This is a fact of my truth. When I am not appearing to myself as my truth, I know that I must change something to remember the essence of my truth. I can change my words I use, I can change the thoughts I am having and I can appear to change as I appear.


The act of forgiveness produces a change in me as well. Through forgiveness I release all thoughts I hold of myself or of others that are not thoughts of love. Thoughts not of love have no value to me and I release them now. With the release of negative thoughts, comes the flood of love to take up the space occupied by those thoughts, and my being feels elated, light, lively and loved.


And I see how easy it is to forgive – I have but to change my thoughts – from negative to love and they are changed. The negative ones are no longer a part of me. By my release of all unloving thoughts, I have the knowing within me that once again I can see me as I am, perfect, whole and complete.


January 5


For me to know peace, to be peace, to teach peace and to see peace is but for me to be in my natural state of Love. In Love are all things possible. My being aware of Love’s presence makes it possible for me to choose peace over anything less than love I may see. I do choose peace over anything I see in my world.


January 6


Being seen as separate “shuts off my love supply” to me; like I believe this body needs oxygen, so my mind requires that love be known. Alone I am nothing but the empty idea I think I am. In Love I am forever alive and whole, One with God.


January 7


I never tire of hearing about the “inner glow,” the light within me, the brilliance of God that reflects to others. That thought alone warms my spirit and warms this body. Seeing myself as a “light”, a glowing spark or blazing flame, while on my spiritual path, I know that any darkness that may be seen will last but a fleeting moment for the light will show it to be gone. While I am seeing myself as a light, my thoughts are bright, clear and of love. And when I find myself in shadows or in the darkness, I become aware that I am failing to shine for me to see; I have only to choose again for the brightness to be shown. And in this knowing of my light is my beginning to my awakening.


January 8


Why not do what makes me happy? Why would I choose anything less? My happiness is guaranteed by God. Why don’t I accept that? Why must I continue to look outside for what cannot be found there? Why do I search for happiness when I have had it forever? If I am experiencing any anger, resentment, hatred, guilt or any other form of fear now or any time, I will but pause and remember that I can choose happiness instead.


January 9


Thanks God, for this reminder once again that I am what I think I see or hear from someone is perhaps not what they are truly saying. The angry man, the hateful man, the man who believes he is lost from all others, is only calling for love from me. And the love I can offer is without a price tag – it costs me nothing to give and yet means everything for me to offer. The man that cries because it hears that his body is ill or diseased, cries in fear. He has lost his connection with You and is lost without You. Outwardly he denies You, but inwardly He craves You.


I see in this soul, my own image and I feel great compassion for him. His fear is my fear, my love is his love and we are in truth, One. With him I will strengthen my own beliefs. With him I shall heal as he heals.


January 10


This is that this is not about a war or absence of peace within the world I see out there, but the message is telling me if I do not have peace within me, then a war is in process, a war caused by some fear I am failing to address, something I have made within my mind that I would rather deny than address. I can have peace instead of war, it is my choice.


January 11


It is amazing to read and comprehend that many doors that I once saw as locked were actually unlocked, I only tried to open them the wrong way. Now that I have that piece of information, I have found no doors that are locked; some perhaps fit tighter than others and have to be pulled or pushed a bit to open, but they do open. I know I am the one also on the other side of the door opposing the intrusion. As I travel room to room, experience to the next experience, I take with me knowledge that I remembered from each experience and leave all the rest behind. Knowledge has forever been a part of me and does not hinder me from the freedom I experience. Perhaps one of the doors will lead to that edge we have talked of where I will simply take the next step with God.


January 12


My commitment to God and to myself – our relationship – God’s to me and mine(mind) to God. God understands me perfectly, it is I that am seeing myself through a veil of ego so that who I am is not always clear. God never has to forgive me, nor I need to forgive God – but I require the act of forgiveness of myself by myself so that the veil can be lifted, even though it may be for the moment. It is enough for me to remember briefly who I am in truth, and once seen, pulls me back to that image. My conversations with God during this confusion would sound comical at best – for God is not preventing me from doing anything, He does not even see me as having a problem. He is simply waiting ever so patiently for me to accept myself for who I am, to affirm that I am indeed of God and He of me. To once and for all see my fear of God as but fear of myself. My commitment to God is my love for Him as His is for me. In my truth I can be no more, nor any less, just Love.


January 13


The word “honesty” comes to me with all the gusto of ego – it wants me to analyze my relationships with other people; have I been “honest” in my interaction with them, have I cheated them in any way or have I been cheated by them some how.


But the “honesty” that this line addresses for me is the “honesty” I have with me. My view of me and how I am to other people. Do I hide behind a mask or do I openly show my true self? Am I honest with my self-examination of me? Can I be forgiving of me for what I think I may have thought or even done? Can I be honest when I say to myself – “I love you just the way you are.” Can I be honest with others as I tell them the same also:

“I love you just where you are at – just how you are.” This is one of those words that I can sit with a while today and have a conversation with me about me.


January 14


For me, knocking on the door, means that I have only to show my little willingness to have the door open for me. I have to show my little willingness in order that I may receive that which I am asking for from my soul. I say I am willing, I affirm I am willing, but am I?


And then I receive the message for me to stop making excuses, stop pretending that no one heard me at the door when I only imagined I knocked but never really touched it. God has brought me to the threshold of the next part of my journey and is waiting patiently for me to show my willingness so that I may be led through the doorway. Could my willingness be my belief that I can’t do something, that I am not worthy of receiving that which I ask for, that it is fine for others to have this but not me, that perhaps it is not my turn! What nonsense my mind can bring forth when I allow it ramble. My ego is fearful that I will change it and become that which I am. I am that which I am already and my ego is with on this journey and so I will lovingly show it what I am – love – and it will feel comforted and remain quiet with me on the path.


Thanks God, for this message today – help me remember all that I have within me so that I may call upon those gifts to overcome the excuses I may already have not to accomplish that which is intended for me. No more “what ifs” or “yeah buts” today – Today I will go for the “finish line” and know that I have Love behind me at any time I may tire. Today I will listen to the song my soul sings and I will join with it in celebration.


January 15


I never feel it is a mistake to look to God, to call upon God for help. God does not see me in a problem, I do. If I would have remembered God to begin with, I would not be experiencing this problem. And I also see God as an “appendage” to me, God is always within me, it is just me that frequently forgets. My greatest power lies in forgiving myself that I make mistakes; and forgiving myself for forgetting that I am the light of the world, my world.


January 16


How would you feel if you were waiting on a message from God and you discovered you inbox was full?


January 17


I met God today and was I surprised by the appearance.


January 18


How would you feel if God were ringing your doorbell, but you and your ego were in such conflict, you didn’t hear the bell?


January 19


What would it take for you to listen to me? What would get your attention? What do I have to do to have faith in you?


January 20


What is holding me back but me?


January 21


Why do I have fears? To prevent me from knowing myself?


January 22


How do I know I will fail if I never try? Why try and fail? Why Not?


January 23


You are just as intelligent as they are – you just have to put your words down for others to read – do it now!


January 24


Please take this problem of jealousy I have made and show it to me in Your Light and Love so that I may see why I have done this to myself. I am finished with this experience. God, please remove it from me now. This is not the truth of who I am.


January 25


Please take this problem of envy I have made and show it to me in Your Light and Love so that I may see why I have done this to myself. I am finished with this experience. God, please remove it from me now. This is not the truth of who I am.


January 26


Please take this problem of anger I have made and show it to me in Your Light and Love so that I may see why I have done this to myself. I am finished with this experience. God, please remove it from me now. This is not the truth of who I am.


January 27


Please take this problem of unworthiness I have made and show it to me in Your Light and Love so that I may see why I have done this to myself. I am finished with this experience. God, please remove it from me now. This is not the truth of who I am.


January 28

God, please heal my mind so that my thoughts are Your Thoughts. Please show me how to experience the joy and happiness that is mine as given by You. I truly desire to live in the Truth of who I am. I am willing to release all thoughts I hold which are not seen in Love. I am willing to be cleansed of all the past I continue to carry with me.


January 29


The more you pursue your spiritual path, the more vulnerable you will feel. Why? Because the further you proceed on your path, the more ego will try to hold back in what you believe is your past. The more it will attempt to convince you that you are not all those things that you read about and have been told about – you are not a Spirit, but instead this body that will age and then die. This is your fate. But each time you are told or each time you read, or each time you think that you are not this body, that you are in fact Spirit, that you are as God created you and will forever be – each time you replace a bit of your thinking of ego with the “new thought” of your truth. Each time you affirm your truth, you erode an ego fear.


January 30


Being as God created you – in the image and likeness of God – you are invulnerable. Nothing can harm you. Nothing can hurt you. Nothing can change you. You are eternally as God is. It is not a question whether God can change or not – it is the simple truth that God Is and you are as God Is.


The next time you feel threatened in any way, pause and remember your truth. Can God be threatened? Neither can you.


January 31

Can anything be more than a thought? Is there anything other than thought?



February 1


When we go to that place of ‘no-thought’ in meditation, where are we?


Febraury 2


What you have been seeking is that which is doing the seeking. Is it any wonder that finding oneself appears so difficult?


February 3


You have All That Is just by being Who you are where you are.


Febraury 4


Like a piece of art hidden beneath the rough exterior of a slab of marble, so your truth is hidden beneath your many fears. As you chip away at these layers, you come upon the magnificence of your Truth – the greatness that lies within you, that which is within you.


February 5


Change your thoughts, change your life.


February 6


If you would accept others exactly where they are in their life, you would accept yourself exactly where you are in yours.


February 7


Have you ever tried to just have life be presented to you?


February 8


What if you knew that All That Is has been given you by All That Is? Would you then be more receptive to what you are doing, where you are doing it, and what might be presented for you as an alternative to it all?


February 9


Judgment is what we as humans – as egos – do best, and it is also all that we do.


February 10


If you would grasp truly who you are in the Truth that is within you, you would forever know that it is impossible for you to be alone – ever. You walk with God, and God is always there for you. How many times are you not there for God?


February 11


…failure is nothing really more than trying and not completing – so you always try again, and again, and again. You haven’t failed, you have only tried.


February 12


If you do not judge yourself as being a failure, then you would never be a failure. What would you be then? You would be someone that tried something new, and perhaps succeeded and perhaps not – but you tried, you went beyond where you had gone before.


February 13


Your thoughts give you your experience. Just think on that for a moment. Your thoughts present you with what you are thinking.


February 14


Guilt is that which you go to bed with but cannot sleep with.


February 15


The only person judging you is you – judging yourself and sentencing yourself to guilt for an indefinite time. Because you are the judge and jury, you are also the one – the only one – who can forgive yourself for what you believe you have done. Do you want release from the prison you made just for you? Forgive yourself.


February 16


What would happen to your beliefs if you discovered that the world you see yourself in, is all your own making? What if you discovered that God had nothing to do with your world? Who would you then fear, and who would you then hold responsible? Who else is there but you?


February 17


If you did not have time as your god, you would never get old. Would there be seasons if there were no time? And could you exist in the world you make of the fears you hold, if time did not appear real to you? Just think for one moment about this life would look without time. Would there be a life at all?


February 18


When you go to bed tonight and you finally sink into a sleep, what happens to time while you are sleeping? A clock will show you in the morning that you have slept for so many hours. Knowing this, you feel either rested or tired. And you say that time does not rule our lives?


February 19


Time is the biggest cause of your depression – the biggest. Worrying about whether there is a God or not is nothing compared to worrying about time.


February 20


Do you believe you are love – are lovable – are worthy of love? Do you believe in love? What is your belief about love? How do you define love and where did you get your information?


February 21


Do you believe in God – and why do you? Is this really your belief or one you picked along the path or one that was given to you, and you never questioned it before?


February 22


What if who you are is not who you really are? What if what you are is not really what you are? What if where you are is not really where you are? Then who, what and where are you?


February 23


What if you suddenly knew that who you thought you were, you were not? That this body, this gender, this nationality, this title or label you wear, is who and what you are?


February 24


If I am not who I think I am, not where I think I am, then who am I and where am I? What is the Truth I seek?


February 25


So what is the Truth you seek? This is definable! This is not describable! This is simply known within you at a deep level that is also not describable for you. You cannot describe your Truth; you cannot locate a place where your Truth is; and you cannot see your Truth out there, but yet you know it exists for you. One does not have to believe in a Higher Power or God to experience this. It has nothing to do with a belief you hold, but has everything to do with who you really are: God.


February 26


We live in a world of duality – for everything there is an opposite…Being in this duality we discover that God was created us in our ‘image and likeness,’ not the other way around.


February 27


We also discover that the world we see we choose to see – we have the power to change what we see. We need not ‘pray’ to another source for a change; there is no other source in our world. We created this world.


February 28


According to Buddhism, real silence is our true nature. To say, ‘I am silent’ is quite ridiculous. Look at the expression: it is not that you are silent, you are actually silence. The difference between bondage and freedom, heaven and hell.


February 29


The only way to enter into silence is on its own term. You can’t enter with something, only with nothing. You can’t enter being somebody; you can only enter being nobody.



March 1


Silence is the only teaching and the only teacher that is present all the time. Each and every moment that we believe we are awake, each and every moment we believe we are alive, each and every moment we believe we take a breath, silence is right there.


March 2


None of us – not one of us – is anymore unique than any other we believe we see. It is not even a matter of being equal, for that denotes a balance between different things. Each of us is the image and likeness of God. How many images and likenesses does God have? And does God have an image? And would we recognize the image if we saw it, and yet do we not see that image before us constantly?


March 3


What is beyond thought but an awareness of nothing and yet of everything; where we are nowhere and everywhere. We experience the essence we are in Truth. We enter into our own Being. We are not just one with everything, we are everything, and yet nothing. You see, nothing and everything are thoughts, as we are no longer even a thought here.


March 4


Do we believe we have to die before we stop this illusion? Do we believe that we were born and that we will die? If so, we believe in this illusion. We are still holding onto beliefs unconsciously.


March 5


‘I am not a body, I am free, for I am as God created me.’ Look at this and stay with it for a bit. What are you really saying when you affirm this? First, you say you are not a body – okay, if you are not a body, what are you? You might say you are an ego – you might say you are a thought – you might even say you are a human being – you might even say you are a spirit or you are Spirit. Now look at each of the options and note that each one is a thought as well. Are you a thought? If so, who is the ‘I’ that is thinking this?


March 6


And now for the ‘big’ statement: ‘I am as God created me.’ Who is the ‘I’ that states this? And what is a ‘God’? and again, who is the ‘me’ we say is created? And what does ‘create’ mean? If we believe that the word ‘God’ is trying to describe ‘All That Is’ and that It creates something – if God is ‘All That Is’ then must I also ‘create’ and what could It ‘create’ that is not already within ‘All That Is’?


March 7


The greatest teachers are those that you find it impossible to deal with. The greatest teachers are those that push those buttons you think you have hidden somewhere. The greatest teachers have the most to teach you and the hardest for you to pay attention to. And when you are aware of God’s presence, you can accept the teachings of those teachers without feeling attacked. Attack is always an indication of being in the presence of ego.


March 8


The Now – the Present – the Present Moment – is beyond description I believe. How could I possibly describe to you what it is for me to be in the Now, when ‘me’ isn’t there? If someone tells you what it feels like – what it means – to be in the now, they haven’t been there.


March 9


How long can one be in the Now? Careful how you answer that. If the Now is in Eternity – beyond this illusion, then can it be measured at all, especially in time? Being in the Now is not just meditating; it is however just simply Being.


March 10


In Truth we are always in the Now; in this illusion we are never in the Now.


March 11


A New Beginning is each and every moment of each and every moment – in other words, it is NOW! Now is the beginning of no ending. Now is the moment that simply IS – and we ARE – just BE.


March 12


So how did God create you? Again the answer is found in several sources; you are created in the image and likeness of God. And what does that mean? Simply that as God is, you are. And since there is no place that God is not, then there is no place that you are not also. God created you as a thought within the Mind of God. Thoughts never leave their source, so that is easy enough to understand that you are still within the Mind of God.


March 13


What your body is doing now is a reflection of what your mind is thinking.


March 14


Are you doing a ‘career’ instead of a ‘calling?’ Do you have trust in God to do your calling instead of your career? How do you know what you are doing, career or calling? If what you are doing creates a love within you, a happiness that brightens your being…not thinking of the material rewards for doing what you are doing, then you are doing your calling. All else is career.


March 15


Take a day from ego and spend it with God! What a thought! And how difficult it sounds. To just listen to the inner voice, separating them between God and ego, and only doing what God is telling you. Are you willing to give it a try?


March 16


What you really seek, what you are perpetually in search of, what it is that you think you need, is and always has been within you. You have but to go within and there find the Love you search for, the Peace you desire, the Happiness which is yours; the Happiness of the soul.


March 17


Forgiveness is one of those exercises that you do only on yourself. You never can forgive another person for something you think they did, because that is precisely the problem – something you think they did. No one can do anything to you that you have not somehow given your approval. Nothing happens to you that you have not thought of first.


March 18


Forgiveness of the past offer a new present.


March 19


This is forgiveness time. Forgiveness of the only person requiring forgiveness – YOU!


March 20


You believe in a tiny pill, that when taken will ease or cease your pain – or prevent you from becoming pregnant – or having you believe you can have sex all night – or even take you to places not otherwise accessible to you. Your belief in pills is fantastically strong in the society you live in.


March 21


Peace and Love are forever present with us. Are we always present in the present?


March 22


Where is it you believe you are going to where you once were? What is it that you believe you are moving towards that will be different from where you believe you have been? Where can you go that you have not already been?


March 23


In acceptance we let go of our need for understanding, and accept what is now, this moment, no strings attached. Accept life and move on.


March 24


What is being shown to you is not the Now, the Present Moment. Your mind cannot do that. You can and do experience the Now, the Present Moment, but without a mind.


March 25


Ego would enjoy having us place the responsibility of the world we see on God. But ‘God’ had and has nothing to do with the world we see. The world we see is a projection of the thoughts we hold. The images we believe we see are from the thoughts we hold. We ‘make’ them alone.


March 26


You are here in a world you make so you might as well make the best of your world. Change how you see it. Change thoughts of fear to thoughts of Love. Choose again and again and again – as long as it takes – until you not only see Love before you but you experience the Peace you seek.


March 27


Regardless of what you do this day, set a goal to see only Love. And you will see only Love by choice. Your world, your choice, your call.


March 28


I could not be a victim of the world I see unless someone else created my world – and that is not going to happen. This is my world, my dream, my vision – created by me from the thoughts I hold and give meaning to. How does it feel to accept responsibility for a world you see when you know you made it?


March 29


You are the Universe, the energy, the air – you are All That Is. What do you do with the knowledge presented to you? You simply accept it and continue being in your dream – but you will notice how much different your dream appears now with the knowledge.


March 30


And God is indeed ‘speaking’ to your 24/7 – are you available 24/7 for God?


March 31


You hear ego because it speaks to you in a language you have made – with meaning given words you know. ‘Hearing’ the Voice of God is different – impossible to describe or define accurately. God’s Voice simply gives you knowledge of everything and anything. Not necessarily words, but inner feelings of peace and love.



April 1


Does God forgive? What would God forgive and who would God forgive? Forgiveness is just for us egos. We forgive ourselves for believing we are separate from God. We forgive ourselves for believing we can judge others, when others are mere reflections of ourselves. We forgive ourselves for past mistakes knowing that a past never happened. Bottom line: we forgive ourselves for forgetting we are God.


April 2


And what is forgiveness actually? Is it not just that we choose again?


April 3


You are the Universe, the energy, the air – you are All That Is.


April 4


Now what do you do with the knowledge that has been shown to you? You simply accept it and continue being in your dream – but you will notice how much different your dream now appears with that knowledge.


April 5


…God is indeed speaking to you 24/7 – are you available 24/7 for God?


April 6


You can hear ego because it speaks to you in a language you have made – with meaning given the words you know. Hearing the Voice of God is different – impossible to describe or define accurately. God’s Voice simply gives you knowledge of everything and anything. Not necessarily words, but inner feelings of peace and love.


April 7


Does God forgive? What would God forgive and who would God forgive? Forgiveness is just for us egos. We forgive ourselves for believing we are separate beings. We forgive ourselves for believing we can judge others, when others are mere reflections of ourselves. We forgiven ourselves for past mistakes knowing that the past never happened. Bottom line: we forgive ourselves for forgetting we are God.


April 8


And what is forgiveness actually? Is it not just that we choose again?


April 9


You are constantly and continuously in a state of fear – just because you believe you are an ego. But by now, this far on a journey that goes nowhere, you also know that fear is not real – that fear does not exist. So why then are we constantly in fear?


April 10


You are never alone – you simply can’t be alone knowing who you are. Alone implies another, and there is no other. You are God, and God is All That Is.


April 11


A thought is not a sin – not even a mistake – only a thought. It is all just a thought.


April 12


Does God have laws? Why would God have laws? God has no laws and there is no reason for laws. God has a Will which is given us. The Will of God! How much more could be available to us?


April 13


A problem is an offering by ego of a situation where chaos is apparent and no solution is possible.


April 14


In seeing a problem in this way, you can also see that the solution is within the problem. Is there something you cannot accomplish knowing your Truth? Will a simple ‘miracle’ – another ‘choose again’ – show you the problem is a more favorable light? Is your ‘problem’ even visible in the light? Do you even have a problem?


April 15


There is no arrogance to affirm this statement: “I am God created me.”


April 16


“I am as God created me.” Keep this one tucked away for instant recall. It is the life-jacket of Love to keep you afloat in the timelessness of your dream.


April 17


Forgiveness is the key to doors we believed were locked to us. And the key opens every locked passage we come against. The act of forgiveness offers us everything we want – the Peace of God and the knowledge of who we are.


April 18


In the silence and stillness listen to what is being told you – told yet not spoken – said yet not heard by ears – known within but not in mind.


April 19


The only reason you want to defend yourself is that you believed you were being attacked. Do words really hurt you? Are words simply symbols with meanings removed many times? Are words more than a thought? Can a thought harm you? Only if you believe they can. It all comes down to what you believe – and what you believe can be changed by choosing again.


April 20


Do now look for others to show you the way you are to go – no one but you knows the way you are to go. Do not look to others to tell you how to walk your path – they don’t know. But you do – it is within you – go there and discover what has forever been there.


April 21


If time does not exist, then ego does not exist. This is why ego fights you so hard to keep you from being in the Now. In that space without space – that time without time – you are where you have always been. You realize you have never left.


April 22


Your pathway is a sure thing. It is not possible or even conceivable to change a course given you by God as you were created by God.


April 23


Now you have discovered or rediscovered who you are – not only are you as God created you, but you are that which Creates.


April 24


Simply stated, forgiveness is the ability you have to change your mind – to choose again.


April 25


Not forgiving yourself only causes you other problems, all of the mind but could be seen in the body as well. By not forgiving yourself, you carry resentments around in your baggage. Ever look at your resentments carefully? Just how old are they? Did you know that resentments carry a 24-hours expiration date? You can hold them for one day, but then it is time to release them – time to choose another thought in its place.


April 26


Unforgiving thoughts will be added to your caldron of fears you have been stirring all your life. And as this broth of fears boils over, sickness of the body is not only possible but is guaranteed.


April 27


The body is an illusionary form given to ego and then called many labels which are accumulated as it passes through this life.


April 28


Some of your believe in heredity – as your parents were, so you shall be – over-weight, alcoholic, addictive, depressed, poor, etc. For those of you in this group, pause for a moment and look once again at what is written here – all it says is that you are holding a thought that you must be as your family was. That is hogwash!


April 29


Creation is a word by ego to attempt to explain the unexplainable – this illusion. God does not create – does not need to create – because God IS – is what? IS All That IS. What could God create that doesn’t already exist?


April 30


Ego is word given to indicate who you think you are as the body you believe you have. Ego is nothing more than a thought in your mind. When asked where did ego come from, ignore the question. Ego asks ego constantly where it came from, and like anything else of ego origin, it never has an answer – theories, yes, but answers, no.



May 1


Simply stated, I am God. And what is God? That makes for a very good Zen koan.


May 2


Nothing received in silence is ever possible to write out – nothing. What I or you experience in the silence is just that – experience. And experience is held within the heart, not the mind.


May 3


This view, this moment of a thought in time – all of it is the Presence of God. Can there ever be no Presence of God? Impossible, even in this dreamwe are having, the Presence simply is. It can be seen, felt, experienced – but it cannot be defined.


May 4


When you did that ‘deed’ that no one but yourself knows about, you were in the Presence of God. When you held that unloving thought about another person, you were in the Presence of God. You are always and will always be in the Presence of God.


May 5


Do you think you would believe you have this body if you did not believe you ‘have’ an ego? You are in fact, the ego you blame for everything. Who else is there that decides your choices?


May 6


The ‘ego’ we think we are is just that – a thought we hold in a mind that cannot be found. It is not a body – a person – a label – a diploma, etc. It is always and will always be just a thought. How does that thought of you being just a thought sit with you? And how about realizing that everything in your life is likewise just a thought? What else could it be?


May 7


Everything is a thought – except the Presence of God.


May 8


We believe we live in a world of duality – everything has an opposite – good/bad – right/wrong – God/ego. As long as we believe in this we will not get to the core of who we are. And that core is mind and soul – not ego and God.

May 9


Soul is the essence of who we are – it is our ‘link’ to the Source that is nameless and without description. It has no limitations – has no substance to be seen – can be experienced but not with the mind. It speaks to us in a language the mind does not comprehend. It is comforting to us if we but ‘listen’ and it guides us if we allow it to show us the way.


May 10


The mind is also without a description – without a substance – but we cannot experience the mind, we can only ‘project’ thoughts held in the mind and believe that they are real. The mind created the ego so it could blame something for what we believe we see. Every thought – every idea – everything comes from the mind. We believe in this body which also came from the mind.


May 11


When we meditate – when we quiet the mind – when we are aware of no thought – we are no longer within the confines of the mind. And the mind has its limitations: we can only go so far in our thinking and then we stop. We cannot go beyond the confines of the mind.


May 12


We can go beyond the confines of the soul because there are no confines to the soul – it is beyond all thoughts we could imagine – beyond all dreams we could dream – beyond all thoughts we could ever think.


May 13


Tomorrows are for those people who are afraid of today.


May 14


What the ego is denying, the soul is surrendering.


May 15


Ever notice how the word ‘mistake’ cause much emotion in us. And yet, in the movie industry, mistakes in filming are simply called ‘Take 1’ or ‘Take 2’ or even ‘Take 3’. We have to remember that this life we are projecting and believing is simply a movie that is playing in our mind. Can we not also use ‘Take 1’ etc. and try again, and again, and perhaps even again. Simply choose again and again…


May 16


The secret of true prayer is to forget the things you think you need. To ask for the specific is much the same as to look on sin and then forgive it.


May 17


Prayer is a stepping aside; a letting go, a quiet time of listening and loving. It should not be confused with supplication of any kind, because it is a way of remembering your holiness.


May 18


Prayer has no beginning and no end. It is a part of life. But it does change in form, and it grows with learning until it reaches its formless state, and fuses into total communication with God.


May 19


“Don’t be attached to my philosophy and doctrine. Attachment to any religion is simply another form of mental illness.” Buddha


May 20


We have not yet surrendered that which we believe, including our belief in the existence of a ‘God’. How many times have we read and been told that we know nothing, and yet we continue as if we do?


May 21


There was a time when I tried to accept that God created me in ‘His image and likeness’, but I never could quite accept that. What is the ‘image and likeness” of God? God is a concept of the ego – the image and likeness I am – or you are – is neither describable nor defineable – it is neither visible or invisible – it simply is. Being that, I and you, are complete as complete can be.


May 22


Something that is unique to Buddhism is that most of the statues of Buddha depict a smiling face – happiness! Look at Christianity and see how many depictions of you find a smiling face and happiness. Christians dwell on death and suffering. Something is definitely wrong with this, right?


May 23


You can always look back, but you can never go back.


May 24


Is struggle necessary in our life? Isn’t struggle our simply holding onto what we must let go of? And letting go is simply to choose again.


May 25


Fear of being foolish! Another old drab shirt hanging in the closet of ego just waiting for us to put on.


May 26


You want for nothing, so when you come upon another person who appears to you to be ‘disadvantaged’ ask yourself: ‘What is it in this person that I see in myself? Why do I feel ‘disadvantaged?’


May 27


Fear of success is another ‘gift’ from ego you can do without. God’s will for you is perfect happiness and God’s Will will be done! And it can be done, if you allow it – if you get out of your way – if you let go of this fear of success. Does the word ‘success’ mean so much to you that you would choose it from ego instead of allowing God’s Will to be done?


May 28

This life is a life you are making moment by moment, thought by thought. If you were to say that God is creating your life, then you would also be able to say that God is responsible for your life. Is God? You are responsible for your life – just you.


May 29


Not to judge is one of the hardest lessons to learn in life. It is the cornerstone of the ego – it is what the ego constantly does. To not judge is shutting the ego down. Not to judge is to be in the moment, with the past and without the future, just the now. And when you do not judge, you see only peace, joy, and happiness. Can you spend one minute without judging – then work up to 5 minutes and then 15 minutes? Be aware of your thoughts to see if you at peace or you are judging.


May 30


Expectation is an extension of need. With expectation you have the need for others to behave as you prefer them to behave. Need is another drab shirt hanging in the dusty closet of ego. It is an illusion – and when you look at expectation, you will discover that you already have all that is and that you are all that is.


May 31


If what you see does not please you, choose again until you see differently, until you see in love. You are the way and the light. You always have been. You simply forgot for a moment.



June 1


Happiness for ego is somethng it constantly searches for and never finds. If you give of yourself, happiness is your paycheck. If you help others in making a better choice for living, you get happiness in return. If you listen to others as they unburden themselves of problems they think they have, you get happiness in return. You allow God to move you on your journey through this dream we call life, and happiness is your reward. Happiness is never found, never bought, and yet it is with you at all times.


June 2


Is yesterday so important to you to learn from it while ignoring today? Is there really a tomorrow? Is there only now?


June 3


If you believe yesterday never happened, what can you learn from it that is more important than what is happening right now? And if you believe tomorrow is but yesterday projected, why try to wait for something that will never be?


June 4


What is hope but a ploy offered by the ego that accomplishes nothing – no action.


June 5


Whenever we seek something, driven to something, desire something, etc., we are following the dictates of ego. None of them ever have a conclusion.


June 6


Laying down our questions, using our awareness, and learning to acceptance are the tasks before us now. Surrendering all that we think we know so that all we have within as ‘knowledge’ can become our awareness, our one and only task.


June 7


To remove a thought from my mind is my responsibility alone – my thoughts, my mind – my change of thoughts.


June 8


Ever have those moments when there was no thought present? Those single gaps between thoughts where nothing is. Could you possibly describe the experience? I believe not because no description of Truth is possible.


June 9


Each spiritual path is as different as we are different from each other. No two of us are exactly alike, it is all part of the illusion we call life – this dream. The many gifts discovered by us on this path have always been there for us, we just have failed to see them – busy with ego ‘must-do’s.’


June 10


If everything is all part of the illusion we call life, then is God also part of the illusion as well?


June 11


If I were to question my ‘Inner Answer’, would I not be questioning God? And in the constant questioning, where is the acceptance of what is that we speak so often about?


June 12


When I speak of surrendering, I do not mean I am giving up what I believe I have over to some identity. When I surrender, I am letting go of my beliefs and allowing that which I have within me to be known.


June 13


Others’ opinions, suggestions, perceptions or demands that I be this or that no longer hold for me. If I focus on ‘feeling worthy’ it is but my ego that seeking this. Why shoot for ‘magnificent’ when ‘complete’ will do. Complete is a word that ego does not comprehend. Ego is unable to complete anything.


June 14


Meditate on seeing yourself complete – forget worthy and esteem – just focus on seeing yourself complete. Is self-worth important to you if you are whole and complete? Is your ego happy with your thoughts of being complete? Most likely not.


June 15


I have read A Course in Miracles for over 20 years and one of my favorite suggestions for anyone else reading the Course is this: Open it to any page and see what the Course says to you – not what you read – but what it says to you. This takes a bit of practice for one has to let go of wanting to read – your ego is the reader remember.


June 16


Also from the Course, we learn that we know ‘nothing’ and that is a hard pill to swallow for most of us. It drove my ego crazy for a long time, until somewhere along the path, I simply accepted that fact: I know nothing. I ‘think’ I know something, but what is there to know that is Truth?


June 17


One of my ego’s favorites that it tosses to me all too often is the concept of ‘understanding’. What is there to understand? And yet ego constantly wants me to understand – my soul meanwhile simply nudges me to accept what is and then the knowing floods in.


June 18


What if you align with your Truth instead of aligning with ‘God’? What if you already possess all that you believe you want? What if you are open to knowing that you already have ‘All That Is’ and you are ‘All That Is?’


June 19


“What I love about our life’s path is that suffering, more and more clearly, becomes an unnecessary choice. Nothing changes, I just choose not to suffer.” Diederik


June 20


Suffering is nothing more than another ‘mental dis-ease’ – like others, it is simply a choice we make as ego to pacify ego. Suffering can be seen as a river flowing nowhere – a river that could just as easily dry up and appear to never have existed.


June 21


According to St. John and St. Teresa, we ‘are not talking about something a person has but who a person is: the essential spiritual nature of human being…For them, the soul is not a separate part or aspect of a person, but rather what you see when you look at a person with spiritual eyes.”


June 22


What does it mean to have an ‘open mind’ and an ‘open heart’? For me, I am open and receptive to all that comes to me, to all that is presented to me, and to all that I believe I see in my world. And being open means to simply observe without judgment; to see a world without a distorted view or opinion.


June 23


Many writers have written about how each day and each moment is a present from God, and we very often forget to open our present upon waking. How many presents have we failed to open because our mind was busy with yesterday or tomorrow, or even to this day which we believe we have planned. Remember the saying: ‘I plan and God laughs.’


June 24


Are we not the dreamers of this dream? And when we awake, where shall we be? If we are ‘dreaming’ then we must also be ‘sleeping’ and therefore we have not changed from what we were when we went to sleep. We are as we shall always be – nothing can change the changeless – nothing can alter the perfect – nothing can contain that which knows no boundaries.


June 25


When we experience the last experience of this dream – death – what about the story of us – what about all our possessions – what about all that learning we believe we have accumulated? None of it goes with upon death. The body simply ceases to be and all that we thought it was is no longer true. And all that we thought was of value is nothing to it now.


June 26


You have not come here to understand. I have not come to understand, because it is impossible to understand. I have come here to be aware and simply be in that awareness.


June 27


In spirit, who and what are you? Knowing the answer within you, could you possibly have more than what you already have? Poor is for ego, whole is for spirit. We are neither rich nor poor – we are whole and complete.


June 28


I have had several experiences that are not related to or connected to this illusion. My ego question ‘why’ but my spirit simply responds ‘why not’? In a guided meditation, I was led through a tunnel of light fearful of not returning…in a holotrophic breathing session I was being pulled – taken up to someplace – and I sobbed because I didn’t get there.


June 29


My mind is truly tired of the past – and because of that, I feel old – people tell me I am old – birthdays come and people say you’re another year older – all for what? Just to feel old and tired? Hoqwash! Letting go of the past is invigorating – I can feel energy pulsing through me – the body is not worn out, only the mind is overloaded. Freeing the mind of surplus junk makes more room for loving thoughts.


June 30

What is it I am to do with these experiences? Who else would truly understand them? I don’t. But that is only my ego that does not understand. My spirit – my soul – has taught me to accept them as simply gifts from God. I do not question them for meaning or purpose, I accept the miracles for what they are. I say ‘are’ because they are very present to me.



July 1


Forgiveness is just choosing again, choosing to look at whatever in a different light, a different way, a different view. A way that sees the other person as innocent instead of you unloading a truck load of guilt on them.


July 2


Judgments that you think you hold against others, are just judgments you have of yourself.


July 3


If what you see is the result of what you want to see, then you can change what you see by changing what you want.


July 4


Being a thought of God, we have never left the Mind of God. If we remember this whenever the feeling of loneliness comes over us, we will experience the presence of God and know we are One with God, but not alone.


July 5


What we think does manifest and that does include thoughts of ego, thoughts of fear. We have the remedy at our command when we become aware this situation. We simply choose to think again, and again if necessary, until we think in love.


July 6


And be gentle with yourself. Your ego is playing its normal insane game with

you. Time out! Choose another game and play this one with Spirit.


July 7


Labels as such are much like woundology which we attempt not to practice, but in making statements like "I am -----" is just like woundology. The wound or label will never change as long as we continue to affirm it each time we speak.


July 8


God could not love you more, for God loves you without condition. Do you

love yourself the same? Without conditions?


July 9


To continue to choose again means simply to continue to look at any

situation until you see it in love.


July 10


As Michelangelo saw only the finished sculpture within the block of marble,

I see only the child of God in you.


July 11


Through all your facades, you can never change who you are, you can deny, but you can

never change.


July 12


Many times when trying to let go of the past, it continues to linger, almost

in a haunting way. I feel that in those times that perhaps the lesson to be

learned was not, and therefore the thought of the past is still with us.


July 13


Another thought about the past lingering is that there is something of value

there that we continue to hold on to, either consciously or unconsciously.

Perhaps the value is some form of woundology or victim role. Lingering

thoughts of the past stay with us only as long as we give them focus,

importance or value. And the ego will be screaming at high pitch whenever we

let go of the past, for that is it’s manufacturing plant for our guilt. With

the past released, so goes the guilt.


July 14


No matter what you think you are now, in your body, in your country, you are

not that at all. What you are can never change, will always be – you are a

Son of God, a child of God, a thought of God created like God Himself, so

you are eternal and ever present.


July 15


Again and again we are told this fact: accept that we are totally

responsible for everything, all things, each and every one of them, that

occur in our lives. If this were a pill, we would have to take small bites

before we could get it all down. We were brought up hearing that so and so

was the cause of the this or that, or that such and such happen because so

did it, not me. We must change our thoughts! We must accept the fact that

only me is responsible for me.


July 16


Another way of looking at a rose bush would be to see it as life,

with each blossom a relationship. They start as a small bud (a meeting),

then slowly open for the experience, and then they last so long, are

beautiful, then they wither and disappear, only to have another bud

appearing and opening to another relationship. And the thorns do not bother

the bush but are just part of it, part of life.


July 17


I am drawn back to the basics of centering myself, going

within, listening in the silence to the silence and knowing that what I am

searching for is there and not on the outside of me. At times, the journey

does appear lonely but only because I am not always aware of who else is

also on the journey. They are not there to do it for me, nor me to do it for

them. Together we blend and go forward. Together we go and become One with



July 18


When we think of the wind, we often think about how strong it is,

how powerful it can be and yet at times, how calming it also appears. But in comparison to the wind, we are far greater than the wind. We are not confined to this dream, but we exceed this dream, we surpass all imagination. We are everywhere and now-here all at this instant, this eternity. The wind is but an illusion, a dream. We are but of God, His thought, real and true. Long after the winds cease to move, we shall be as we have always been. As God is, we are.


July 19


Not only does God not have a gender, but neither do we!


July 20


If you “ain’t it” what “is you?”


July 21


If you want peace in your life, rid yourself of your grievances. The way to shed these grievances is to let go of your own self-absorption and to practice forgiveness rather than revenge. Let go of everything you are thinking of the other person that is not thought in love, so that only loving thoughts remain. Forgive yourself only for the other person has done nothing to you that you have not allowed to occur. And step back from the relationship and look at it as an observer, rather than a participant.


July 22


From Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love, Chapter 1: “And there’s only one despair worse than “God, I blew it.” – and that’s “God, I blew it again.”


July 23


If you don’t keep walking you will never get where your going.


July 24


Don’t wait for someone to stop and carry you, you may weigh them down and you both could fall. Let go of your guilt and the weight is lifted, and no one can take the guilt from you. You must release it yourself.


July 25


When you think the walk is too steep, press on, for there is no mountain that can’t be climbed. Nothing is ever given us that we can’t do. Nothing is too steep or too high for us to pass through – it is all an illusion, a fear.


July 26


When you see someone fall along the way, lend your hand. If someone lends

you a hand, reach for it, to help you get back up again. As you extend yourself to others, you are extending yourself to yourself


July 27


Hand in hand, together- each one helping the other can make this journey as precious as the place that we are all striving for. Remember we don't go home alone. As you take the hand of your brother, remeber it is the minds that have joined together as one.


July 28


Remember that no matter what labels that are placed on people, in no way changes who they really are.

July 29


It is truly amazing how we have to be always reminded of what we should always practice, but forget too quickly.


July 30


And what we say of others is how we see ourselves. Many of us will deny this, but others already know the truth. If we cannot see our brother as love, then we cannot see ourselves as love. And if we criticize our brother, we criticize ourselves. Our brother is a reflection of us!


July 31


Who I think I am when I go into meditation, is not exactly who I am when I return. But each time I meditate, I am becoming closer to who I really am.



August 1


It doesn’t really matter how one meditates. What matters is that we allow our mind to quiet down, that we are able to go within, and reach that point of silence where we are alone with God.


August 2


Is death more than an extended meditation, a meditation where when we go into the silence and be with God, we chose to stay there? Just a thought…


August 3


The Mind is like a garden, thoughts are like the seeds.


August 4


Because God is infinite, He has a personal relationship with each of us; He is the beloved of each of us; and we, together, are the beloved to each other.


August 5


That no matter how hard we try, no matter how much power we give to our projection, the emotion we are trying to dump elsewhere is still with us. It is ours and ours alone.


August 6


Now is the time to see ourselves as for we really are. All it takes is a “change” of mind. No pain, no struggle, no effort, just think again.


August 7


Tears are an excellent way of washing away fears, so let them flow, knowing that where fears once were, love has moved in.


August 8


Why are you angry and what purpose does your anger serve you? Why are you so quick to judge others, when you have taken a look at you? And if you are so aware of this physical world, why do you think of yourself as stupid or why be concerned with what other people think of you?


August 9


How about something like this: Stop playing God and start being God!.


August 10


I see the fire I have burning wherein I continue to throw the past. Sometimes the flames almost touch me and the heat is intense, as if I were to hold onto that part of the past somewhat longer, but I know that the past is meant to serve me and then let it go. The flames leaping at me are the pain I experience in the letting go.


August 11


All in takes to see differently is a change of mind. A change of mind is nothing but a new thought, and we have new thoughts constantly, so our minds change constantly. There is no trick in changing our mind.


August 12


In the silence of your soul you communicate with God, it just happens once we have quieted the mind. Nothing to practice about talking with God. Too many people have put too much emphasis on posture, thoughts, words and even chants. Quiet the mind and God is speaking, in fact He is always speaking, it is only us who don’t always listen.


August 13


You are walking your path on which nothing is presented to you that you cannot accomplish

- would God give us something if we were not capable of doing it?


August 14


The teacher who pushes our bell the longest has the most to teach us and we may as well learn what it the lesson is now, for it will only return later.


August 15


Allow love to enter your mind, and the light of love shines in the darkness of the mind, the fears lay hidden there are seen for what they are – nothing!


August 16


“Just as a wave on the ocean is what the ocean is doing, you are what God is doing.”

Wayne Dyer


August 17


It helps to learn that our sole purpose here is to know forgiveness.


August 18


There is in us all, only the child, the child of God, the child we will always be. When we look upon our image in a mirror, do not see the adult face reflecting back, but look deep for the child face to appear. Perhaps the child we see staring back at us does not feel worthy, does not feel lovable or loved. Perhaps that child is frightened, even petrified. Feel yourself embrace that child, cradle that child in your arms, feel the warmth of love come over both of you. Hold the child as long as necessary, as long as it takes to become one with the child. Allow the innocence of the child within to look out in innocence and see only love wherever it looks.


August 19


The ego is our false self, for we are really created by God, in the image of God. We are a thought of God, never separated from Him and this makes all of us equal, which is something for a lot of people to accept.


August 20


We can live with ego, in fact, we must as long as we maintain this dream. But we can go through this journey being led by Spirit instead of ego. It is always our choice.

August 21


Many times some people believe they are only teaching, when all

along they are also learning. Is there a difference?


August 22


“The wake doesn’t drive the boat, it’s just what’s left behind!” Wayne Dyer


August 23


If something is troubling you, know that the time has come to accept the things you cannot change, especially if they are causing you confusion, pain, or sorrow. And while you may be unable to alter your present situation, what you can do is change your response to that situation. Herein lies your freedom, a freedom that will, in time, permit you to move on.


August 24


Here is a thought so simple that it might seem trivial, and yet it is the very life blood of acceptance: Where you are right now is exactly where you need to be, and you have a perfect right to be there. Forgive your imperfections and know that you can set a new course for your life, one degree at a time, one day at a time.


August 25

Each moment we experience is a moment of “growth” for us. Now Ihave heard the term “growth” many times and thought I knew what it meant and was accepting of it. Perhaps this acronym is already out there and perhaps it is not – doesn’t really matter – this is what has come to me about G.R.O.W.T.H – GOD’S RIGHT OF WAY TO HEAVEN.


August 26


The point of unconditional love has not anything to do with a body, it has everything to do with who we really are and who the other person really is.


August 27


I will cancel my policy for fear today as I no longer care to pay the premiums.


August 28


If I am separate and you are separate, then God is separate from us also, and that truly is a lonely feeling, one of isolation and despair.


August 29


I am not different from the brother I am thinking of criticizing, he is my reflection. I am not different from the brother calling for love, for he too, is my reflection.


August 30


Whenever we talk of goals and agenda’s, I always think of the phrase: “I plan and God laughs.” Daily agendas, to-do-lists, goals for the future are all creations of the ego to keep us in turmoil, chaos and anxiety.


August 31


Have I begun to realize that “pride is to character as attic is to the house—the highest part, and generally the most empty”? Love this one – but what about the pride we have knowing who we really are – perhaps time to clean out the attic and remodel a bit.



Septemeber 1


Today I pray: God, please tell me if I am banging my shins on my own pride.


September 2


“If I don’t set goals for things I want (or even need); then I may never achieve them.” For me this is a sign of fear, an indication that I believe I can control things and only obtain them by carefully planning.


September 3


Ever stop to think that this could mean our beginning? As God is,we are…


September 4


“The world changes when we change. The world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we choose to love the world.” Marianne Williamson


September 5


As God is seen as our “Father” and we His “children” – then we all know where we run to when we are experiencing fear in this dream – when this dream becomes a nightmare – we run to His open arms for the comfort and protection that only a Father can extend to His child.


September 6


Each passage we read, each discussion we hear, each interpretation we seek enlightens us about the pathway to the realm of peacefulness. We, too, canknow only peace. Are we ready?


September 7


The BIG question – ARE WE READY? Or perhaps better stated – ARE WE WILLING?


September 8


“Your peace is between you and God. Period.” Wayne Dyer


September 9


The message is that we don't need the forgiveness of someone else -just our own for ourselves - each forgiveness is but a lesson of a choice we made again.


September 10


“Hatred itself is the cancer that threatens the survival of the species. The only antidote is spiritual. The only medicine is love.” Marianne Williamson


September 11


“Remember, you become what you think about all day long. Every time you bemoan the horrors of the world, or listen to media reports on all that is evil, or read tabloids that exploit the unpleasant facts about other’s lives, you are continuing the conditioning that takes you away from becoming an instrument of thy peace.” Wayne Dyer


September 12


May I meet the person I really am and take comfort in the person I can become.


September 13


I AM is the most powerful comment we can make. When we say “become” we are inferring something other than what we are – yet another mask.


September 14


We heal through forgiveness of ourselves. An attack from us is just as easy as forgiveness, but we are so taught to attack more than forgive. Forgiveness does not mean we stuff our feelings; forgiveness means that we have chosen to see this differently, we have chosen to see this in love. The miracle, the change in our perception, is our acknowledging our mistakes, our errors, which can be corrected. Our prayer: “I am angry now, but I am willing not to be. I am choosing love now.


September 15


Love and acceptance – the key to our happiness. Feeling disconnected today? Plug back into God for a re-charge!


September 16


Constantly throughout the day we are to remember what we are – LOVE – unconditional love – the love of God – no strings, no options, no guarantees nor warranties – just unconditional love of God – we keep repeating this over and over until we just simply experience this love at all times.


September 17


Solitude, the quiet time, the time we take to go within is so necessary to our well being. It is the “pause” that we take where we let go of ego and latch onto Spirit; where we drop our pretenses and see our reality; where we toss away the mask and see the beauty and wonder of who we are.


September 18


Forgiveness is NOT, ever, for any reason, in any way, forgiving someone else for what he has done to you.” Brent Haskell


September 19


If forgiveness is not about forgiving someone else, who then do we forgive? Anybody we know?


September 20


A special relationship, is one where we note differences, where we vie for control. We see friend or partner as a separate mind and a separate body we should mold to ensure that our own wishes are fulfilled. Any deviation from our expectations is reason for conflict. Life, therefore, becomes perpetual conflict in the realm of specialness.


September 21


“No partner can save us, deliver us, or give meaning to our lives. The source of our salvation, deliverance, and meaning is within us.” Marianne Williamson


September 22


If we say it, we show it. If we show it, we teach it. If we teach it, others will show it and teach others. And love continues in its never ending flow.


September 23


“Is there any difference between blaming your brother for doing something to you, and blaming yourself for something YOU have done to you?” Brent Haskell


September 24


First I love me than I can love you; first I accept me, then I can accept you. Before I can see you, I must see me.


September 25


We are that which we are and will forever be. We cannot ever be anything less or more, for that is not possible. Forgiveness will take away all stops along our path to our awareness of who we are. Forgiveness is a process for us, by us and in us.


September 26


When we think of surrendering, we often think of defeat or failure. Surrendering has nothing to do with either ego emotion. Surrendering is about letting go of what we have finally realized we can do nothing about. We finally understand what “powerlessness” means.


September 27

We are reminded that it is in the present that matters, not in a past that never existed.


September 28

When we stop running with the ego and pause with Spirit, we suddenly see who and what we are and we are truly amazed. What we run from is what we are chasing after.


September 29


See your fear, acknowledge your fear, understand your fear and then take its value away and it is gone from you. You made it and only you can make it vanish. The doors of the heart presses upon fears and once the fears are gone, the doors open wide and love goes in and out.


September 30


Choose moment by moment, starting now, to see only love in your world, and settle for nothing less. Always take comfort that you are resting in the hand of God, and God only sees in love and peace. Why not see like God sees?



October 1


All that is before us is Divine Plan – there are no coincidences on our path.


October 2


Many of us are afraid of knowing ourselves. Why? Because the ego, our self, is fearful of what we will discover.


October 3


And here is a good definition of who we truly are – GOD. Many of us struggle with that thought; it immediately sends guilt through us, fear through us and we shudder to even think we could possibly think such a thought. But that thought comes from God, from the God that created us as His Thought and a thought that has never left the original mind. We are an expression of God; an expansion of God, and together with all others, we become the Oneness that only we can feel with God.


October 4


I am of God, never having left God. God and I are One. Wherever God is, I am, and wherever I am, God is. I rest in the comfort knowing I am with God, and God is with me.


October 5


“Every event is an opportunity for healing and forgiving. Today promises me experiences to practice forgiveness. Each time I do, I’ll heal a little bit more.” Karen Casey


October 6


Be aware today, moment by moment, of each experience and know that it is a chance for forgiveness, and with forgiveness is healing. Who do we forgive? Ourselves. Who heals? We do.


October 7


Think on this one a time or two - "the ego guarantees its survival by getting you to destroy yourself little by little" This has got to stop us in our tracks, as they say. I am destroying myself for the sake of an illusion, one that I made?? Talk about insanity!


October 8


We have no problems, we can’t. What a waste of our “time” we use for this illusion. In truth is the key here, in truth. If we live in truth, we can have no problems, we have no problems. If we do not live in truth, we have problems, one of them is not living in truth.


October 9


“Beyond our differences is a field. And I’ll meet you there.” Rumi I like this one – I will meet you in the “field of neutrality.” A spot away from the world, yet in the world; free in the world and not caught up in the world. A place where I can allow myself to be who and what I am while being in this world, but not being of this world. Being who I am, I have no expectations and therefore no results.


October 10


The past and all it held for me is gone and only this moment exists. I desire to spend this moment in peace and love..


October 11 “You¹re only fooling yourself if you think you got away with it.”

Glen Hopkins


October 12


My journey without distance is the journey I make within; the journey that I make that never began and will never end. The journey takes me to that place within where I just experience the stillness and the silence and the peace of the soul. It is a place where time ceases to be and the past never was; where the future is never thought of and desires and wants go unnoticed. It is, for me, the place within where I rest in the knowledge of who I am and what I am. It is the place where I know my attachment to God. It is the place where once visited, I never want to leave. It is a journey easily taken and it requires nothing of me, other than my willingness, my simple desire to travel within to be with God. Perhaps the journey is nothing more than being in the moment, the now, the present. Perhaps that is all I require to know for now, all I need know for now and I feel more will be revealed when I require more.


October 13


Can you picture love gliding above you as if it were an eagle, its wings spread out in splendor and merely hovering over you? Love is searching for us and is ready to quench our dry spots of negative thoughts we hold.


October 14


In our forgiveness we remember who we are, sinless thoughts of God, and realize that what we believe we must forgive is but illusions of this world that we made. Illusions are nothing and so we truly have nothing to forgive ourselves for. What we think we did is but a thought and we can change that thought at any time. When we focus, when we remember who and what we truly are, we see forgiveness as just another illusion.


October 15


We say to ourselves – “there must be a better way.” Could that better way be by throwing away our daily “planner” and consult our “moment to moment” planner. Try for a small amount of time as we know it, to allow Spirit to show you your day. How much time you feel you can be comfortable in giving to this experiment is up to you, but try it.


October 16


Again no one else is to blame for our experience; it is entirely our own. And if we want a different experience, we simply choose again. I use the word “simply” so that an understanding can be learn of how easy it is to change what we see and experience.


October 17


According to Dyer, the three truly difficult things to do in life are: (1) returning love for hate; (2) including the excluded; and (3) saying “I was wrong.”


October 18


“This simple shifting of responsibility for your negative feeling states from “others” to self is the beginning of healing and correction.” Paul Ferrini


October 19


By taking back what we think we gave to others, we begin our healing process. We will feel love from others once we feel love from ourselves. We will heal ourselves once we let go of the expectations of others.


October 20


Sickness is a result of our seeing ourselves as bodies instead of who we really are. This is the biggest struggle the ego presents to us – it wants us to be so busy in this life, so focused on the body, that we will have no time to remember who we are. But we know it requires only a moment for us to be still and listen and remember. Can we not pause long enough to take a deep breath and remember? What fear is preventing us for doing something so simple as this?


October 21


When we say we trust ourSelves, we are saying we are trusting that which we truly are. Myself (ego) is not trustworthy as it knows nothing and is capable of doing nothing which is not but another illusion. My true Self extends love to all I look upon and in that simple task, the world is seen as a better place, a place of peace and happiness. Of our self we can do nothing, but as our Self, there is nothing we cannot do.


October 22


Take this one vision and stay with it for a moment or two. Watch as Love hovers over us with its “wings outstretched” and ever seeking for any darkness within us. Once found, Love goes there and consumes the darkness and leaves in its place eternal light. This light kindled by Love, eternal as its Source, lights up our soul and we radiate Love to all others. The Light in us sees the Light in others, and together we will light us this world and darkness will cease to be. See Love flying around you, feel Love entering your being and feel love extending from you to all you look upon. It is what you are, it is what you do.


October 23


Of the many things we think of when trying to fall asleep, this one would have to produce “pleasant dreams.” We often talk about the “child within us” but have you ever thought of that “child” quite like this? We talk of the “wounded child” but do we consider the “Divine Child” within us? We are a perfect child of God, why not totally believe it? Affirm it, you are!


October 24


Which god are you focused on right now? The god you made or the God you are? Is it that you feel unworthy of receiving what God is offering you? God would not offer His Love to us if God thought we did not deserve His Love. God would tell us that we are a part of God, if that were not true. Today, now, take the Hand that is reaching to you and grasp It and simply say – Thank You, God.


October 25


With each step comes lessons and they are learned, they are cast aside so we do not have to carry them up to the next step. The steps are there to hold us, not our baggage. And notice we don’t just leave them on the steps for another to trip over, we “dsicard” them, toss them aside, get them out of our sight. Remember the “stairs “ will be used by others. We do not wish to “clutter” their path.


October 26


We often emphasize using the correct words, the proper phrases, the exact litany – instead of just being in the silence, knowing we are with God and God is with us. Remember our minds never left God, we only think they did. God knows what our thoughts are before we have them. Just be there in His presence, in Your presence, and allow the Love to flow through you. Know that God is always there in the silence waiting for you to drop in.


October 27


For those that search for the “Fountain of Youth” or believe that somewhere the “Tree of Knowledge” is still growing, they have but only to look within to find it. Take this thought into your meditation today. While being there within, go to the “Tree” and pick the fruit of your choice. As you bite into it, enjoy the peace and happiness flowing in its juices. Taste the luscious nectar of the love contained therein. As these flavor, these feelings, these pleasures flow through you, know that you are healed of anything which is not seen as love, not seen in your ever-glowing light. Feel yourself being wrapped in “the sweet mantle” of love. Pause there and just be.


October 28


The failure of the things in the material world to give me lasting satisfaction only makes look within for the peace I seek. Within me is all that I could ever “desire” – all that I could ever “need” – within me is all that is. How foolish it is for me to look outside for what I already have inside. I open myself to the knowledge within me – I open myself to God.


October 29


Instead of asking God for what we think we want, we simply thank God for what is already coming to us. Before we even think of what we believe we need, it is being given to us. God has given us all that is, we have but to awaken to it. We have but to lift the veil of the ego and see the glory of our existence, to see Heaven in the now. And all this is our just because of who we are! Accept and enjoy!


October 30


Who pushes your buttons? YOUR TEACHERS! It is often difficult to hear their message because our egos are making so much noise in attacking. Let us quiet the war and listen to the peace – hear the message these teachers are bringing us – then they will be gone as teachers and the lesson will have been learned.


Ocotober 31


Healing will never take place until we forgive not others, but only

ourselves for causing what we think we experienced.



November 1


Just for a moment assume that: I am as God created me – I am truly the Son of God – I am invulnerable – I am One with God – I am Spirit – no way that I can simply state these truths as an assumption – these are the truths and I so declare them – I am as God is – I AM.


November 2


What does it mean to say we live in God? Our real home is with God. We never actually left it.


November 3


My peace is between God and me. My peace is not between a group I may have recently left, or an “friend” I no longer see – it is just between God and me. If I am angry with another, I am angry with God. If I am disappointed with a group, I am disappointed with God. If I have less than loving thoughts towards a brother, I have those thoughts against God. Knowing this throughout my day, slows me down a bit so I can think – Is this how I want to treat God?


November 4


I often referred to people growing spiritually as becoming a butterfly emerging from their cocoon. The cocoon is our humanness from which we give birth to our spirituality, that which has always been a part of us and yet not always noticeable. Read the above words slowly and get the effect of the birth of our divinity – the struggle, the emotions, the process, the confusion, the shame, the difficulty, the denial, the control and the fear – and after all that our divinity is seen for what and who we really are, and we discover all the other words are meaningless for they were but illusions, simply veils hiding our identity. Just know that when you emerge from the cocoon you will be in complete love, unconditional love and you will experience the freedom given you by God.


November 5


When we think of the body for what it is – a collection of thoughts, an illusion of ideas, we can begin to withdraw our value from it and focus on what we have been ignoring – the real us.


November 6


Every evening we can just reflect on the day and see the lessons we learned, not necessarily the times we thought we fell down. If you think you have fallen down, see what it is you are to learn as long as you are down there.


November 7 This is probably my very favorite exercise from Dyer – Going beyond the physical me and contacting the spiritual me, where only truth is present. There is where I tell myself who and what I am, affirming each time I say it. Upon opening my eyes, ego is ever present again and I know it is going to try to keep me from experiencing the real me, but now I am in the rhythm of my affirmations and I will flow with Spirit, gliding over the ego at each encounter.


November 8


“When you engage in prejudicial thinking, you are literally making a judgment about yourself as a being who is superior to those being judged. The goal of your ego is to convince you that those others are inferior to you. This kind of thinking allows the ego to maintain its roles as controller.” Wayne Dyer


November 9


Each and everyone of us has addictions, and like all addiction, we must look at them. Addictions are detours from finding our spiritual self; they prevent us from going within and re-discovering who and what we are. They drive us at such great speeds that all we say is that we have no time for God, not now God, later. The addiction of the body is an example of how the ego has us entrenched with what it wants us to believe we are, thereby preventing us from finding our true self. External pleasures are nothing in comparison to internal bliss. External is temporary at best, internal is forever eternal.


November 9


Think of yourself as “sinking down through the level of emotional conflict to the place of acceptance” to the resting place within our heart, within our being and there lie knowing this is the peace of God, this is the peace we seek.


November 10


Wherever I go, there I am - help me to see love today in everyone- then I shall know I am also love.


November 11


If I am a victim, if I am playing that role, it is only because I chose to attract an abuser – verbal, physical, mental, etc. If I have no faith in myself (no love in myself) then I will only bring to me those who think like me. It is never the other person, it is always me – I am totally responsible for this life – the problem is mine and the solution is also with me.


November 12 We are not here to correct a brother – we are here to correct our errors, thereby showing a brother/sister what love looks like when they look upon us.


November 13 So much more is accomplished by “being” than “doing.” Try it today,

try it now.


November 14

Nothing will bring about an inner feeling of turmoil faster than allowing yourself to be seduced into fighting or arguing. You always have a choice. Always!


November 15


Four small steps out of fears: First, recognize your fear. Second, recognize that the solution the ego offers you is motivated by fear … Third, accept your fear. .Fourth, tell yourself “I don’t have to decide anything now. I can wait until my fear subsides and insight comes to make any decisions that need to be made.” Paul Ferinni


November 16


Remember, we’re here to teach and learn. We won’t always recognize one from the other. And please stop trying to figure out which role you are in – just know that you are teaching and learning at the same time in each and every relationship, in each and every moment.


November 17


For all of us who classify ourselves under the ego heading of “perfectionist,” – this one is for you. Stop and “smell the roses” while they are still in bloom.


November 18


“Nothing is ever missing from our lives but our awareness of God.”


November 19


When we are able to let go of our “teachers” we find that we are our own teacher, we have the knowledge we were searching for, we truly are the light of the world, the eternal flame. When we connect to the Oneness we find that spirituality we longed for. The darkness truly does vanish and in its place is nothing but the brilliance of the Christ Spirit. Our teachers are here to guide us, to offer us tools to use along the way and to offer us what they themselves are – love. But it is the realization of who we truly are that we discover ourselves. Have no fears for we are One and we are all truly the light of the world. Let the light shine brightly so that others may see.


November 20


Let’s not be ashamed of having an ego. We all have one. Jesus has one too. It’s the ease with which we relinquish our ego-driven responses that reveals how much more divine than human we are.


November 21


It’s never too late to take a road less traveled on our journey.


November 22


Many times we find ourselves in this very spot – analyzing a thing to its max and never even once seeing it for what it is – Perhaps we sit and dissect that last relationship and try and try to understand what went “wrong” in it, why the other party did what we think they did, etc. We fail to see the relationship as merely a teacher/pupil relationship where the lesson is over for all of us. It is time to move on to the next lesson, which is exactly where we already are – in analyzing the old. Ego does keep us chasing our tails more than we often realize.


November 23


The woulda, coulda, shoulda’s are all of the past – those expressions keep us there instead of the now, the present moment – and if you woulda bought that stock back then, what’s to say it would have gone anywhere – just another ploy of the ego to get you to feel bad – and if the stock would be as it is now, perhaps your health would not be as great – another ploy – leave the past and focus on the now – it is a lot more secure.


November 24


Everyone can make a mistake just as easy as a miracle, either one is but a new thought. We learn from the mistake, and we wonder at our miracle.


November 25


What are we doing when we are recognizing fear? We are recognizing ego and its “gifts.” We are seeing the fear is just an illusion and that we can move through it. And we move, never alone, but the Holy Spirit ever at our side, holding our hand, embracing us and helping us walk ahead. Recognizing ego is the beginning step of surrender of its concepts and the beginning of the acceptance of who we really are.


November 26


Truth, Love, God – all words that are without description. We know within when we experience any of them, we know and yet cannot tell another of our feelings. Our simple words cannot describe what is beyond words, beyond thoughts, beyond all imaginings. Do we need a description? Not really, only ego wants us to dwell there and feel frustrated. We know what we are, who we are and what we have – we know and God knows and there isn’t anybody else anyway.


November 27


If we cannot see the light in ourselves, it isn’t because it isn’t there; it is because we are preventing it from shining out.


November 28


The more we grasp who we “really, really, really” are, the more we will respond in love to others and ourselves. Let us focus on not who we think we are from what we see, but who we really are from what we know.


November 29


The closer we get to our awareness of who we are, the more we let go of the past, of the darkness. We see our past for what it appeared to us as lessons of love – and if not, we look again at the past until it is seen in that light of love that we are. With love we continue on our path. Withdarkness, we are stopped.


November 30


“We are told all we need to know.” Karen Casey



December 1


“Pain is a door you walk through when you are ready. Until then, you are the doorkeeper, the sentinel who stands guard and decides whom to exclude and whom to let in.” Paul Ferrini


December 2


The more we love ourselves – as God loves us – unconditionally – no strings – no expectations – the more we practice this, the more we see others in love and less in their faults which are but reflections of our own faults.


December 3


I approve of my image but I know it is not who and what I am. I know that what I am is not reflected back to me in any mirror for that would be one illusion looking at another. I do feel, if only for a moment by moment, free as a breeze moving through the space of love, knowing no limitations, no walls, no constraints – being everywhere and yet really no where – just being – and being One with God. I state I AM and I am.


December 4


God, I am your instrument to be used by You to experience peace, to teach peace and to receive peace. Through me shall your peace flow; through me shall your peace be known. I give peace for that it what I am. I receive peace for that is what I give.


December 5


Let’s all take some God-time today – a time when we close down this world and re-enter the world of God, our real world. There in the peace and stillness we experience the oneness with God, the union with God during this communion with God. Then it is back to what we made but we will see it all differently. How much God-time do we need today? God is always there when ever we need to be with Him.


December 6


After the God-time, the acceptance of our life is so easy and so clear – it is not what is outside that matters, but what is inside that is true.


December 7


I will embrace Life one idea at a time. Perhaps this is what many of us fail to understand and do – just take one idea from Life at a time – instead of trying to grab it all. One bite at a time and it is delicious, more than that and we will fail to taste the true flavor.


December 8


Beyond conflict and ambivalence is acceptance – we go beyond the fears, needs, desires and wants – to acceptance of who we are and where we are – and we will be shown what we truly want.


December 9


As I come forth from the pains of limitations I have given myself, I experience fear over what it is I am trying to accomplish. I have fear because I have been a sinner or so I have been told – I have fear because I am not worthy, or so I have been told – I have fear because there is pain and it seems real, or so I have been told. I am even told that I do not exist, that I am also an illusion in a world of illusion – many things I have been told, many things I have learned – many things I shall drop now so that my emerging from this limiting shell will be a moment of pure joy, pure love, pure peace. The pain of coming forth is truly an illusion – the more I stay in it, the less it becomes – and soon I am out from the shell and experience the freedom, the essence of my pure, natural, eternal being. My wings of peace are extended, my flight of love has begun – I am who I truly am.


December 10


The journey we take has no beginning and has no ending – for it is the journey of being with God. Knowing that we see no problems, no illnesses, no evils – only love. Do we have our head in the sand? No, we have our hearts in God’s. In the stillness and the silence of our soul we are One with God and we know who we are. Being with God we come to see there is no beginning or ending to a journey, there is no journey – there is only God and us – only God.


December 11


“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” -Anais Nin


December 12


This is, of itself, the miracle. We can change our mind; we can change our thinking; we can change our perception. It is that easy and yet we struggle to allow this to occur.


December 13


How can you ask for directions when you don’t know were you are



December 14


Even though you are reminded each day about the Garden of Your Mind, have you been tending to its planting and harvesting lately?



December 15


Each crossroad we face involves a choice that defines us now, not forever. We can choose again and take another branch and constantly change our thinking as we progress on the path. True we can not go back and start again, but the choice we make now is just for now. And that that which is behind is something we think we lived but only dreamed we did.


December 16


Have God show you Himself in those you look upon so that you may

also see your reflection.


December 17


In embracing our fear, we find we hold nothing. If we think we are experiencing fear, we also must be aware that we are not experiencing love, for the two do not co-exist. Acknowledging fear is the first step in its disappearance – the next step is our letting go of what is not there.


December 18


Love is something that does come from someone else. As we give love to another, it is already flowing back to us, and even when we do not offer love to another, it is still be poured into us. Love is an extension of God, the ever present essence of our being.


December 19


I have seen postings on reincarnation – a subject some of us believe in and others do not. I am one that does not and why I do not is simply that I see the whole subject as a diversion to have me focus on another illusion in this world instead of focusing on my true self.


December 20


I have seen postings on forgiveness – a great subject and one we all have trouble with because we are told that the only forgiveness is that of ourselves. Some of us still believe others have caused us some problem, have created some obstacle for us, have “done us wrong.” But when we hear that no one can do anything to us that we do not allow, we step back and refuse to cross that line. “They are wrong, and I am right” or “They did that to me and I will never forgive them.” Favorite lines we use much too often. What these say is that we will not accept responsibility for anything in our lives. The good times or the bad times are all the result of someone else.


December 21


I have seen postings on science and how great it is, etc. – This is fine for some people. I focus on what is within and not what appears on the outside. I am fascinated by science at times and bored to tears at others. I enjoy listening to someone talk in scientific terms and then end the talk with something to the effect that what this “thing” is all about, cannot be explained. I enjoy the statement from the Course: “I do not know.” This stops ego in its tracks. I do not have to know what anything means because anything has no meaning.

December 22


As you walk with another, holding their hand, think but for a moment that God is even closer than your friend’s hand you are holding. God is beyond being a friend as we know friends in this world. God is apart of and the whole of your being. There is no part, no place that God is not. God is Love, a Love with no conditons, no “buts” or “what ifs.” If what you see is not Love, then what you see is not God.


December 23


Be cautious of not going into denial – such as saying: “No, that is not me.” Rather affirm that who you are, truly are, is what will be seen. Please remember that the mind does not recognize “not.” Look again at what is said in denial and then understand why something has shown up in your life.


December 24


We often have mentioned, at least in meditation practices, that we breath in God and exhale all unloving thoughts. Could God be breath? When the body no longer has a purpose and we leave it, God - breath- is no longer needed?


December 25


That which we seem to be searching for is what we are. We are truly chasing our “tail” or should we say “tale.” The fable that we believe we are here on this earth. Like everything of which is true, no words can be used to describe the experience – they are but experiences. Freedom is such as state – we can talk about it for ever – but if we have not felt it, not experienced it – we have not even come close to knowing it.


December 26


We have all read about the effects of placebo medicine . Is it really what is in the pill you take each day that makes you healthier, or is it the thought in your mind that creates the healing?


December 27


It is so easy to focus on a teacher instead of focusing on the pupil, ourselves. Think back over your short life span and see who the greatest teachers you had in your life really were. Which person or persons open your heart to receive love? Which one opened your mind to receivve love? Which one open you to new thoughts, new ideas, new concepts? Which one open you to God?


December 28


Who is it that looks back at me in the mirror? It is at first glance, the body I think I am; the person other people say I am; that which this world has classified me as. But as I look deeper into the image in the mirror, I go beyond the face I see, beyond the image projected there. I go beyond that vision to a vision that reminds me of what I once knew and again recall as the truth. This body is not who I am, but that which I recall is. Am I peering into my soul? Am I going deep into my being and picturing something my mind is creating? Or am I but in the presence of my true Self? Am I looking upon God? And what I see cannot be said in the words I know, but only experienced deep within me, deep within my soul. And the feeling is satisfying, calming, peaceful and loving. And I am One with the feeling. When once again I look into the mirror, I see the body, but I also see the reflection of myself, my true self. Always present, always reminding me of who and what I am, and I am pleased.


December 29


Can we really refuse the “job” as a teacher of God? Can we really deny why we are here? Can we continue to deny the existence of God? Can we desire love and not desire God?


December 30

Once told, the story is over. Once told, the story is old news. Reading old news is not enlightening for us. Reading old news, telling old news is but living in the past. If I would continue telling my story, I would continue to acknowledge a wound that will not heal. The wound will heal when I move on from it, away from it. If I were to continue my story, I would not be telling about who I am now only who I thought I was then.


December 31


Have you ever identified yourself as being a student of “woundology”? I have. I remember how people would simply turn away from me when they saw me coming because they knew I would be “telling my story.” By continually “telling our story” we attempt to keep alive the memory of the sorrow, the pain, the hurt and/or the injustice we experienced. We are not through with that yet; we can still get more mileage from it. Of course, now I know differently. All I had to do was allow the wound to heal by itself, the scar will disappear and the story will be over. I let go of what I thought was important, what was of value to me, and continue on my path to experience greater things. It is such a great joy to live now instead of trying to continue to live then or worse, waiting to live later.




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