30 Ways To Live A Healthier Life

30 Ways to Live A Healthier Life


Zaje Brown-Richardson

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Do you sometimes feel like you can eat and live healthier, but you don’t know where to start?

Listen, it’s not as hard as you think and I can help you!

Just like saving $1,000,000, or starting a business, or traveling across the world – everything starts with simple steps towards reaching a larger, often thought inaccessible, goal. Use this book to begin the journey to living your healthier life!

Table of Contents


Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Eating

Chapter 2. Moving

Chapter 3. Thinking and Doing

About The Author


This eBook contains information that is intended to help the readers be better informed consumers of health and wellness. It is presented as general advice on health and wellness. Before beginning any new exercise or dietary program it is recommended that you seek medical advice from your personal physician. This book is not intended to be a substitute for the medical advice of a licensed physician. The reader should consult with their doctor in any matters relating to his/her health.

Chapter 1. Eating

How to implement change in your eating habits

h2<>{color:#000;}. Drink Wellism’s Ultimate Green Power Infusion!

The first thing you want to do to live a healthier life is eat healthier. It may be the easiest idea but the hardest to start. With all the snacks, fast food, and different sugary drinks out there, it’s difficult to decipher what is healthy and good for you versus what is being marketed as healthy but isn’t really good for you.

I’m a believer in drinking your vegetables to begin healthy dietary changes. One way is to get yourself a good blender (I have a Ninja) and buy frozen fruits and vegetables. Frozen means the food was picked at its prime and then flash frozen for sale in markets and food stores near you.

We can help you get Wellism’s raw, certified Kosher, Vegan, and non-GMO synergistic blend of 15 of the most potent superfoods on the planet. You won’t find a more powerful mix of superfood powders. Acai, Maca Root, Spirulina, Alfalfa Leaf, Papaya and more. Where else will you find a blend like that? You can incorporate just a teaspoon a day (more if you’d like) and feel the difference in days.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar could be one of the most disgusting tastes in the world to me. However, it’s also one of the most powerful substances as well.

Just one teaspoon a day can help with digestion, blood pressure, kidney and urinary tract health, and will help carry toxins out of your body.

One teaspoon three times daily provides the ultimate benefits. You can also use ACV on your skin, but be careful: too much ACV ingested or applying ACV neat (meaning without diluting it) will have adverse side effects.

Keep it to one teaspoon three times daily, followed by 10 oz of water, and mix your ACV 1 part to 1 part water to see the best results.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Before you Eat What You Want,…

Eat something you need. Before that cake or pie, eat some sautéed asparagus and almonds with fresh fish and apple slices. Eat an orange before you eat chips. Make a green salad with baby spinach, kale, cranberries, and strawberries before you eat a burger.

Just by making a healthier choice before an unhealthy choice will do a number of things:

p<>{color:#000;}. Retrain your mind to eat healthy above other choices of food

p<>{color:#000;}. Retrain your taste buds to enjoy the taste of fresh, nutritious food over heavy foods that sit in your body and harbor disease

p<>{color:#000;}. Fill you up before you eat the unhealthy foods, which allows you to eat less of the unhealthy food (if any).

h2<>{color:#000;}. Dairy Foods Should Be Eliminated

I’m not going to go into the “drinking another animal’s milk is bad” jargon. Goat’s milk isn’t bad, and it most resembles human milk. Cow’s milk isn’t good for you because the milk is genetically composed to promote growth in consumption. You probably aren’t looking to physically grow that much, so you don’t need the genetic components of cow’s milk. Not to mention the hormones due to the cow’s being kept pregnant constantly to produce milk constantly.

Easier said than done, right? Cheese, ice cream, yogurt – all of these products have become a staple in our daily lives.

So how about you take an assessment of your daily eating habits. How often do you eat cheese? Ice cream? Drink milk? Try to limit your consumption by not eating any dairy on a certain day of the week, and then gradually increasing the days of the week, until you only eat dairy for a treat or at family functions, and then maybe one day not at all.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Acidic Diets

“Acidic” means foods low in pH that you should consume sparingly, or even better, never. Foods that have an acidic pH cause side effects like depression, headaches, acne, and poor digestion. It allows bacteria and viruses to thrive inside your body. In a constant acidic state, your body pulls minerals available to help balance its pH levels. The first place is your bones – calcium is the most important mineral your body uses to neutralize acid. If you don’t eat foods with calcium to help your body do what it does best, and your body continues to pull from your bones, osteoporosis and other similar conditions can develop. This process is the same for all minerals needed – your body will pull from places it has available to it until there is no more.

You want to aim for an alkalized diet. This is will allow your body to use the minerals and nutrients you are feeding it to keep you healthy instead of constantly working to make you healthy (due to a poor diet). Raw vegetables, olive oil, raw fruits, almonds, avocados, raw milk – these are all good for the body. Eggs, fish, soy and goat’s milk, cooked spinach, rice, oats, and yogurt are all mildly acidic and shouldn’t be consumed on a daily basis.

Beans, sugar, chicken, turkey, and salted butter are lower pH. Most bottled water and sports drinks, along with white bread, popcorn, peanuts and tomato sauces are even lower. Lamb, shellfish, tobacco smoke, pork, stress, microwaved and processed foods – all almost at the BOTTOM of the pH chart with SODA being at the absolute bottom. Don’t eat these, and if you currently do, start eliminating them now.

h2<>{color:#000;}. The pH of Water

Did you know that the pH of water can help or hinder your health?

The optimum pH for human blood is 7.365.

Tap water is treated by municipalities to be around 7.0 – neutral pH. Most bottled water is not that high – independent tests show pH’s around 3.0 – 6.0, and a very select few come higher than that. Even bottles that state pH near 9.0 or 10.0 have been shown to be falsely marketed.

Some bottled water with pH numbers between 7.0 and 10.0 that you should make the switch to are Evian, Essentia, and Fiji which is naturally neutral.

Dasani, Deer Park, Poland Spring, even Voss and Smart Water should be avoided – pH levels are too often below 7.0 and are detrimental to your body’s overall alkalinity.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Cutting Sugar

Well duh, cutting sugar is a no-brainer.

But how do you start?

Look at your diet. Do you eat muffins or sugary cereals or breakfast bars for your first meal? Stop. Start eating almonds and a banana or other fruit with a green smoothie.

Does lunch include a candy bar or cookies or cakes? Substitute an organic bar or cookie. Still satisfying your craving, but with natural ingredients.

Do you need sugar before bed? How about eliminating dessert one night a week, and then another night and keep going. Maybe you switch milk chocolate for dark chocolate.

Make a change and stick with it. Don’t deprive yourself or you’ll just end up bingeing one day on sugar and it won’t be pretty.

And moderation is key. Get to a point where you are eating sugar as sparingly as possible. Treat, but don’t overeat!

h2<>{color:#000;}. Cheap Eats On The Go

Fast food is not good for any of us at all, but as a mom with 3 boys, sometimes it’s just convenient to be able to pick up dinner and not have to worry about it and just relax for the evening.

Here are some good places and options for those lazy meal nights:

Chic Fil A – Grilled nuggets and superfood salad.

Pizza Hut – Pizza with extra peppers, onions, and spinach

Saladworks – this one is easy. Pick or build a salad with fresh spinach, lettuce, almonds, cucumbers, corn, avocado, strawberries, mushrooms, and olives in there.

McDonalds – Southwest Salad with grilled chicken (skip the Dasani!)

Pick one of these or something similar the next time you go through the drive thru!

h2<>{color:#000;}. Learning To Love Veggies

Some people didn’t eat vegetable everyday as a child and don’t have a taste for them as an adult. Maybe it’s not easy for you to incorporate them into your diet because you can’t find anything you like.

The trick is to make yourself get used to the taste over time. Our taste buds have been conditioned to enjoy the ma-made flavors of today – we have to retrain our taste buds and reactions to tastes of nature.

Try one vegetable – let’s say kale. It is a dense leaf and not tasty to most. Put it on your chicken sandwich, mix it with your alfredo, and make healthy wraps with it in place of tortilla. Keep at it, and one day, it will be normal for you and you can move on to your next healthy choice.

h2<>{color:#000;}. How Much Water To Drink

A lot of people say to drink a gallon of water daily and that’s the magic amount.

That may be true for some, but is it true for a toddler? Why not?

Because too much water is also bad for your health.

The magic number is half your weight.

If you’re 100 lbs, 50 oz of water is your target amount. 200 lbs, 100 oz. 185 lbs, let’s round to 95 oz.

A gallon is not the wrong goal! Just know that if you reached half your weight in oz, then you’ve still done well for the day.

h2<>{color:#000;}. When To Drink Water

You can try to drink a gallon water each day, but at some point, you fall off and then you quit. Actually, if you divide your weight into 2, that’s how many ounces of water you need daily (180 lbs / 2 = 90 oz water daily).

Keep trying to drink a gallon or whatever amount you set daily because persistence is key. But what you should also do is drink 8 – 20 oz when you wake up and before bed. This will take care of 16 – 40 oz of your daily intake alone!

Drinking the water at night will keep your water table high, even though you may use the bathroom at night. This just means the water is flushing toxins and hydrating you, even as you sleep.

Drinking the water in the morning will restore your water table, and will help cleanse your body of toxins. It will also hydrate you and allow you to begin your day on the right track!

Chapter 2. Moving

h2<>{color:#000;}. Get Moving!

The first step to getting in shape is moving in the first place!

Get up right now and do 10 jumping jacks.

Done? Didn’t that feel good?

Ok, now tonight, do 10 push-ups. They don’t need to be perfect, just get down in front of your bed and throw in a bit of exercise.

Tomorrow, before your shower, run in place for 60 seconds. At lunch, run up and down the steps a couple times.

Every day, just move more and more. Find a way to do anything for just a little while and you’ve started moving in the right direction – towards health!

h2<>{color:#000;}. Sitting? Stand!

Do you work in an office? Home or otherwise?

Do you go to Starbucks or another coffee shop with counter-height tables?

Wherever you go, stand while you’re doing what you’re doing.

Stand while typing. Stand while sipping. Stand while snacking. Stand while talking on the phone. Stand on your break.

Take a 5-minute break from sitting to allow for increased circulation and stretch a little while you’re at it!

h2<>{color:#000;}. Park In The Back

Are you one of those people fighting for a parking spot near the entrance to your favorite store? Go on and admit it – you are!

Do you have a child to get out of a car seat and into a stroller, so you park close for convenience?

Try something different – park further back. Park further back at work, while shopping, and even at home sometimes if you can stand it.

You are now forcing yourself to get a shortbwalk in everyday! The further back you park, the more exercise you get because not only do you have to walk away from your vehicle – you have to walk back to it too.

Add a little jog to increase your mini-workout!

h2<>{color:#000;}. Bounce

The human body needs movement. The lymph system covers every cell, and carries nutrients to cells and waste products away. It depends on physical exercise to operate. Without adequate movement, the lymph system cannot work, and cells starve for nutrients while they sit in their own waste.

This is where the bouncing comes in. Not literal bouncing, but the bouncing motion that comes with running and jumping. This will help reduce your body fat, it’s highly beneficial for diabetics and people suffering from other diseases, it’s good for your heart, and gives you energy.

Try running in place, or doing high knees at various times throughout your day.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Stretching

Stretching is often underestimated. Just take a look at your posture right at this moment. You’re probably hunched or bent over a desk or your phone, right? This is causing undue stress on your entire body.

Stretching can improve your joint range of motion, your athletic performance (even if it is just running on the treadmill at the gym), and decrease your risk of injury when exercising or engaging in physical activities.

Stretching also increases blood flow to the muscle. When you’ve been sitting for long periods of time, stretching is necessary.

Try rotating your neck, stretching your chin to your chest, and then backwards with your nose to the sky.

Stretch your arms over your head and towards the opposite shoulder, one by one.

Flex your foot towards the sky and back down to the ground.

Twist your torso left to right, as far as you can go.

Repeat as many times as you’d like, and your stretching is complete! You can always learn new stretching exercises along the way, but these should get you started.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Yoga Works!

Yoga develops your inner awareness, breathing, and strength of the mental and physical body. Studios don’t have mirrors because yoga isn’t about your appearance or how you’re posing. People who practice yoga are more aware of their bodies, more satisfied and less critical of their bodies, and helps promote a positive body image and high self-esteem.

Yoga also increases mindfulness, and this can lead to mindful eating. Being mindful of when you are full and not eating past that point. Mindful of how food looks; mindful of when you are sad or stressed and eating through it. You become more in tune with your body.

Yoga has many other benefits and practicing is very beneficial to your overall health. Before starting a new exercise program, always be sure to check with your doctor before starting a new regimen. When you get the okay, check out some yoga studios or free yoga in the park.

You could also try some free videos on good old Youtube. Try to do some yoga once a week starting out, and increase the days as your schedule permits.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Switch It Up

One thing that we all know happens is redundancy turns into stopping all processes. You want to make sure you stick to something, and the best way to do so is to switch things up.

You won’t completely miss out on moving towards health and wellness by focusing on another body system to keep your motivation steady. And you can also stay consistent in one area while you make a change in another. For instance, keep drinking your green smoothies daily while you start yoga, and keep the green smoothies when you switch to cardio and strength training. This will keep the idea of living healthy in your mind while trying new things, but still feeling like you’re on a progressive yet consistent track by keeping elements of your healthy life the same.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Youtube It

I mentioned Youtube for yoga, but youtube is great for anything new you want to try.

Look to Youtube for new recipes and cook while you watch.

Youtube meditation and find your zen while the video plays.

Youtube a new work out craze and try it before you make a leap into a new regimen.

Youtube a new hairstyle and change your look for a refresher to your self-image.

Watch a Youtube video for someone going through the same thing you are going through today to show you it’s going to be alright.

Basically, for a boost in your mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual systems, Youtube is a great place to go to devote some time to learn self-care on your own for free.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Working Out on A Budget

Gyms are expensive.

Personal trainers are expensive.

Buying your own equipment and putting everything in your home gym and training yourself is still expensive!

What if I told you stores like Dollar Tree, Five Below, and thrift stores should be the only places you go for your equipment?

Dollar Tree has your accessories like water bottles, and calendars for your wellness schedule – all $1.

Five Below has work out apparel, wearable and hand-held weights, yoga mats, wearable step counters, exercise balls – you name it, they have it!

Thrift stores will be a tricky voyage, but if you shop around you can find some great stuff. Treadmills and stationary bikes, actual bikes, DVDs, name brand work out apparel and footwear – all types of stuff. You want to go to affluent neighborhoods where people will give away quality items, and early when they open so you can be the first one in line for the merchandise.

Chapter 3. Thinking and Doing

h2<>{color:#000;}. Think You Can And You Will

Have you ever watched the documentary “The Secret”? The premise it that whatever you think about will manifest itself in your physical life.

A great example is waking up in a bad mood. You’re ready to call it quits on the day ahead already. And then you’re getting ready for work and the coffee maker isn’t working. You feel more in the dumps. Then traffic. You feel yourself getting more angry now. You’re feeling like your day is only going to get worse. You’re late for work. Your boss is having a bad day and you’re absorbing those vibes. The day just continues to go downhill.

What if I said that you have the power to change all of that?

Your mental process right now may be negative, but since it’s your normal mental state, you don’t even realize the impact you are having on your own frustrations and unhappiness!

YOU have the ultimate control over how you’re going to feel in different situations. YOU have the control over your reaction to people and experiences. YOU can choose to feel angry in the morning and keep that feeling throughout the day, or YOU can choose to say “No, I will not choose to sit in frustration. I choose to get over this and get on with my day.”

It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to feel like the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever done – telling yourself to do something and then actually listening to that instruction and making the decision to change isn’t going to feel normal until it suddenly does. But it’s up to you to do it and stay consistent.

Choose to be who you want to be. Choose to feel how you want to feel. Choose to live how you want to live.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Make A Schedule

In order to succeed with anything, you need to schedule at least part of your day. This is along the lines of writing things down to make sure you are keeping up with everything in an orderly fashion.

The most successful people on the planet run according to schedule. Early jog; check emails over breakfast; meetings; phone conferences; lunch and dinner could also be on the schedule to make sure they are making time.

Your success is just as valuable and attainable as anyone else’s. If you think and move like the CEO of your life, you will create so many possibilities for yourself. Create a schedule that can be an outline for your day, and leave space for things that pop up. This will keep you even-paced and curb feelings of overwhelm or failure.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Vision Boards

One of my favorite things to remind myself of what I’m aiming for in life is a vision board. You can have an actual board, a poster, a desktop wallpaper, or even a cell phone background be a vision board.

For your desktop or cell phone, just save pictures of things you want. Flat stomach, Range Rover, beautiful house, business store front – whatever you want. Add them to Paint (on your desktop) and move the photos where you want them. On your phone, you can use an app to do the same thing.

You can also just write down your aspirations. Make a list of things you are aiming for and frame it. Or at least put it in a conspicuous place where you’ll walk past it daily.

Make a point to periodically take your vision board in and make sure you are on the right path. If not, reassess your choices or maybe your goals are in need of an upgrade. Keep doing this until you’re successful in one area and can move on or add another.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Join A Meetup or Make One

What’s one thing you want to do, but seem to have plateaued? Meditation, yoga, eating healthy, exercising – these all have meetups near you!

If you don’t see a meetup for something you want to do, start one! Advertise on Facebook groups filled with people that are interested in that sort of thing to see if they’re in your area, or with people that are in your area to see if they’re interested. Or do both!

This is an easy way to gain a network of people in your area of interest that teaches you new things and keeps you consistent with what you’re doing. This can also introduce you to experts in the subjects you’re building your level of expertise in – this pushes you forward in your credibility with others! You’ll stay energized and excited about your new change of pace by participating.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Accountability Partners

Being consistent is key in making a healthy change in your life. Along with participating in meetups, you can also get an accountability partner.

This can be anyone in your life that shares the same goals as you. If you are looking to eat healthier, for instance, find someone doing the same and check in with each other on a set schedule (every 3 days, weekly, biweekly – the more often the better!) to make sure you both are staying the course.

This creates a system in your life where you know you need to answer to someone else about what you’re doing, so it creates a sense of responsibility to hold up your end of the obligation.

If you don’t know anyone looking to make changes in their life similar to what you’re doing, try and persuade a friend to join you, or find someone in your meetup that’s willing to create a friendship with healthy changes in common!

h2<>{color:#000;}. Reaching Your Goals

The biggest reason why people quit new regimens is because they can’t see their success right away. With everything being so instantaneous nowadays, it’s hard to feel okay with things that take time and go through a process.

One way to combat this is to set a huge goal, and then break it down into smaller ones. This can help you see that the goal is attainable, as well as allow you to have successes along the way to keep you motivated.

If you want to ultimately lose 100 pounds, for instance, take the time to celebrate every 5 pounds. 5 pounds is a big deal! Don’t sell yourself short.

Giving yourself something to look forward to is what will keep you from giving up when the times get tough.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Reward Yourself!

Speaking of celebration – make sure to actually celebrate and reward yourself for a job well done!

Sometimes you need to give a little to gain a lot. Lose 5 pounds and reward yourself with your favorite healthy snack. Lose 10 pounds and have a glass of wine, if you’ve been abstaining from alcohol. Plan a huge party or a spa day to celebrate and display your weight loss when you hit your end goal.

The point is to celebrate big because reaching goals is a huge accomplishment. No matter the size! You are more than worthy of a celebration! And don’t look to others for their progress or their affirmation of your accomplishments. Stay focused on what you want!

h2<>{color:#000;}. Keep At It

Keep going. Stay focused. When you think of giving up, take a break to let loose a little.

Keep in touch with people who know what you’re doing and who actually want to see you succeed. People who won’t listen to you say you’re quitting and will keep you motivated.

Write a journal when you start feeling like you won’t make it so you can get those feelings out. The rip, shred, or even burn that feeling to let those negative thoughts go and make room for positivity.

No matter what – keep going.

h2<>{color:#000;}. The Time Is Now

How many people succeeded by simply thinking of success?

How many people succeeded by simply talking about success?

How many people succeeded by simply searching for success?


Every single successful person DOES what needs to be done.

Put forth the effort. Step away from whatever you are currently doing internally, and physically make a move to change your life. Not tomorrow. Not after the kids go to school or camp. Not when the spouse goes to work. Not when you feel better about your day or yourself.


If something happens to you in the next hour, you would want to have made the change in your life when you thought about doing it.

Go now and make the You from yesterday proud of the You today.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Be Motivated and Help Motivate

So, you’ve gotten to where you want to be and now have new goals and aspirations. Congratulations!

What good will you be to your community if you don’t spread that knowledge and engage others?

They say the best way to learn is by teaching others. So be the teacher you would’ve wished you had and be healthier by helping others move forward with you!

Help cement your goals in your psyche by spreading the word. Tell yourself “You can do it!” by telling others the same. Be an inspiration to yourself by inspiring others.

You have opened the door. Let everyone else in and stay committed to your success!!

About The Author

Zaje’ Brown-Richardson is a writer and Wellness and Life Coach. She has written for The Good Men Project, and is currently working on multiple writing projects on beauty, health, and wellness. Her website shows more of what she provides as a coach, including credit restoration for financial wellness, and videos with her husband where they speak on various topics. She is excited to network and build relationships within the wellness community. Find out more about Zaje’ on Twitter and Instagram @mrszaje or on her website,  wellism.org.

30 Ways To Live A Healthier Life

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30 Ways To Live A Healthier Life 30 Ways To Live A Healthier Life