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2017, 2018, You can save Lawrence Yudowitz's life from this real hit team!

Our group is asking this big question, why is nothing being done about the death of a baby girl and the attempts on Lawrence Yudowit’z life, and if laws were followed then the tragedies would not have happened. We can see a conspiracy to commit murder and an involuntary manslaughter.[
**]Lawrence’s family has lied and obstructed any help to the baby girl and attempts on Lawrence ‘s life. An MRI, MRA shows Lawrence’s healthy brain; an echocardiogram shows his healthy heart, and a psychological examination shows his clear mind. We as a group feels it is necessary to boycott the Cornell Hillel Yudowitz Center for Jewish Living, the Glasgow Medical School Yudowitz Lecture Hall, and the Mclean Hospital Yudowitz Law Institute to get to the truth, and to hold those responsible for the attempts on his life and the death of a child. The Yudowitz family , and the US consulate in Manila, should be questioned.[
**]We are an international pro life, anti child abuse organization.

Timeline (Dates are approximate)

1971 -1979
Lawrence was molested on a dozen different occasions. His father later said to Lawrence that these molestations were simply teasing, but one example of the molestation which was interrupted by his brother entered the room, Lawrence calculated that from the time he heard his brother’s bedroom door closing to the time it would take his brother to come downstairs and see the molestation would be 100 steps or about 30 seconds which was no teasing but a careful examination of his testicles. Broken from Lawrence’s trance looking away towards the ceiling while he was molested, Lawrence remembers that time like others, his brother would just leave him there, or no one would ever stop it. Lawrence was entered into his first grade class; during the entrance test he was told to throw a ball testing for coordination and the tester had not specified which hand to throw with so he used his unnatural left hand, and it flopped. His mother often made reference from that as to how Lawrence threw like a girl, Lawrence nevertheless grew on to be skillful at hardball pitches. His mother grew his long and curly and dressed him in girly clothes. Visiting his classmates homes Lawrence would immediately behave like his dogs by going under the tables to play, his only social life at home. Lawrence asked his family to send him to foster care several times, but they laughed.
The Park School in Brookline, Massachusetts saw Lawrence as a student engaging in sexual contact with girls, and drawing his penis on the chalkboard and they recommended that the whole family be tested for sexual abuse otherwise Lawrence would not be able attend school there. His parents decided to simply change his schools, but Lawrence did go to be tested. The cover letter to the report stated there was an incestuous relationship with his mother. Lawrence vividly remembers that on bathing nights, while sitting in the bathtub, telling himself that if his mother did something particular again, that he would refuse further bathing out of rebellion. He did stop bathing, and his older brothers teased him that his body and hair smelled on occasions. Lawrence from that period onward dressed fully covered in long panted, long sleeved clothing fully buttoned shirts, and with a hat drawn over his head. Swimming at camp was a struggle to be seen in the flesh, and any comments on how handsome he was , he took as an insult. These feelings continued until the current day and was a great shame, not a paranoia. Lawrence was tested to enter the Dexter School for boys in Brookline, his entrance scores were high. Lawrence remembers himself as a high achiever in Park School often trying to catch up with the top student in an academic race.
While with a girl he invited from Park School he and she get undressed and about to have sex when Jan the Yudowitz’s English nanny rushes in the room to intervene.
Lawrence had been skipping school pretending to be sick and so his father scolded his mother for letting this happen. Lawrence tried to skip school again and his mother took him to the hospital to see the digital thermometer there, she intended to prove that her thermometer was wrong. The hospital confirmed that Lawrence’s real temperature was 104.
Then Lawrence skipped school his last time, and took away from the medicine cabinet’s shelf all the thermometers, but his mother for the second time was determined to prove him wrong, so she used an anal thermometer on her bed. Lawrence vividly remembers being told to lie down on her bed while she inserted it.
Lawrence mother scolded him for walking like a girl so she takes him to a orthopedist who makes him arch supports. She later said they are too expensive so she stops buying that later. Two Christmases holidays Lawrence was sent to his room and his mother opened his gifts to play with the others.
Lawrence’s father goes to his best friend’s house and tells their family that Lawrence can not be their friend because Lawrence traded one of his father’s baseball cards in a baseball card game. Lawrence is taken out of school for the second time. His mother says this is to avoid the long drives to friends houses. Lawrence is unable to visit friends from his previous two schools.
Lawrence is transferred to public schools near his house, though he is two years above their level and he pays no attention in class, but he is placed on the honor roll nevertheless. His father takes him to have EEG or EKG testing because of a complaint that he is not paying attention in class. This is one of the first of tests initiated by his father which were not necessary. Lawrence writes a postal letter to a boy in camp that had offered to do anything for him, that same boy Nathan Y Gross asked Lawrence to do a sick favor for him while reading a Playboy magazine at camp but Lawrence refused; Lawrence wrote that he wanted Nathan to have his father killed because nothing could stop his fathers abuse. Lawrence said that his father scolded him for smiling, and that acting happy was not allowed. Lawrence was introduced to a neighbor several houses nearby who was his father’s supervisor at work to help their relationship. On his birthday, Lawrence and camp mate Jonathan Rosman are driven to a gaming place on the highway and after warning his mother of a car 1/2 mile up the road she continues until she hits the car, she was in some trance. Lawrence noticed his mom becoming more of a wreck since Lawrence was the only sibling left at home and his father was extremely threatening.
Lawrence entered Brookline High School and kept a 3.5 grade point average, focusing primarily on darkroom photography and collecting records. Lawrence’s siblings call him from college to hide their alcohol stash and Lawrence already smoked his sisters stash and when Lawrence is caught, so his siblings take revenge by holding an intervention for Lawrence, they accused him in front of the parents of having a problem smoking drugs, the same drugs they sent to him.
Lawrence never told Popper about his recent drug experimentation, and Popper said that his parents had not told him either. Lawrence began feeling little down and his mother put a giant anti marijuana poster on the refrigerator. His father sat in a meeting with Lawrence and his supervisor to recommend seeing Dr. Popper. His supervisor said that Lawrence should not go see Popper until he stops smoking marijuana but his father said “Lawrence is a good boy and doesn’t smoke marijuana”. Lawrence made it clear that his father was extremely abusive but his father increasingly began to try covering that abuse over with excuses that it could not possibly be him causing an unhappy home. Popper was to test combinations of psychopharmacological drugs as an experiment for his journal that he was chief editor for, and Lawrence became perturbed that Popper did not intervene in the home abuses; Later Lawrence found out that Popper was acting as a friend to his father and not following ethical guidelines. Soon after these meeting began, Dr. Yudowitz in one of many violent rages beat sleeping Lawrence’s head after kicking in a locked door. That was when Popper prescribed the doctor Lithium to calm his moods, though Lawrence and his brother urged for antipsychotics. Dr. Yudowitz accused his family of trying to make him look bad, and for example placing things so that if he neared them, they would fall. His father also had a court case about a teen who murdered by a boy with a bat and seemed to imagine his court cases at home, and he thought Lawrence was thinking of using a bat, but Lawrence did keep a bat near his bedside in case he was beaten again while sleeping. While driving with is classmate Nugyen Weeks Lawrence’s dad rammed his Coupe De Ville into his drivers door out of rage because he thought Lawrence was trying to hide from him on the road.
As a minor Lawrence did whatever he was told, a good reason why as an adult now he wishes to do something more with new discoveries.
Lawrence graduated Brookline High School. His photography teacher and Spanish teacher gave good recommendations for him entering Bradford College.
Lawrence took a leave of absence from Bradford after initiating help for drinking and eating his prescription Valium. Lawrence entered himself into a salvation army work program where he sued to serve thanksgiving turkey, but his father was telephoning the director checking up on him so he left to get away. Lawrence was adamant about separating from his family for good, then his father cried on his knees inform of his brother begging Lawrence to accept monthly payments, he said he feared that Lawrence would end up as a statistic on the street. The early 1990‘s there was a major recession in America, Lawrence got a job delivering Pizza and dropping off strip messengers after work. Lawrence’s father’s best friend Paul Mcsweeney and his surveillance team followed Lawrence and kept watch his bank account, so Lawrence complained to his parents but they denied it; nevertheless his mother’s sister Ruth confronted his mother and relayed that indeed it was Paul McSweeney. Paul Mcsweeney met with Lawrence and admitted that.
Shortly before Lawrence’s mentor, his father’s supervisor died, Lawrence was invited by him to attend brunches at the Ritz Carlton hotel to be introduced to new people, but he did not go. While opening mail at the main hall in Lawrence’s house, his father said out loud “I’m gonna miss Whitey, He sure could fix a problem.”
Lawrence moved to Oregon and worked as a caregiver for a quadriplegic and also as a volunteer for American Diabetes. Lawrence’s apartment mate named Rose who owned a pasta business in Portland’s square opened his mail from his father and discovered Prozac pills. Lawrence remains adamant that the only person in the world who ever said bad things about his health were his father, and Lawrence may be a character but nevertheless a normal person.
Lawrence was urged to enter a plea agreement for a felony he knew nothing about, when a housemate was charged with possession of mushrooms, and so he stayed in Oregon dealing with that trouble and some other relating to poor relations with several other housemates.
Lawrence’s mother arranged a meeting with a Dr. Jocelyn Bonner in Eugene, Oregon to ask forgiveness from Lawrence for locking him in his room for two years. Lawrence only remembered being so bored there that three times he stuck his finger into his bedrooms electrical wall sockets.
Lawrence went to China for work as an English teacher. Upon working in China the school insisted that his photo needed to look better so he went to make a replacement, then soon after there was a house fire and the passport left inside was never returned. A year after that Lawrence rented a new apartment and someone took the passport from a drawer which he immediately reported like the others. In a Hong Kong bar while being hugged by a hostess another passport was stolen. So there was a small string of lost passports which Lawrence felt bad about because it was an honest mistake on his part. Lawrence has nothing to say about his stay in China, it was normal.
Lawrence finally discovers after years of search the original report from 1979 which cover letter states the incestuous relationship, also says that Lawrence is a perfectionist, and passive aggressive. Lawrence calls his mother’s psychiatrist who looks into his notes, then says that his mother stated that everything was “fine” at home. Lawrence says he has a letter handwritten sent by his mother to him while in Oregon that “things were so bad at home” as “the reason why” the family was never in therapy as was recommended by the schools.
Lawrence was refused a passport by the Seattle office. On a Thursday at 11:30 while leaving the Brooklyn Seafood’s Restaurant across the street from the Jackson Federal building a heavy glass bottle landed exactly where he stood form the secure third story rooftop. Lawrence took one step to better wait his taxi coming which he called from inside ten minutes earlier; Afterward, he hired an armed bodyguard with secret service training, and this bodyguard confirmed with his contact inside that restaurant that indeed the bottle fell there that time. Lawrence was followed and approached consistently from that time period on wards for several years, sometimes he stopped the men, one such man when asked what does he do claimed that he kills people. Other men came up to Lawrence and said simply that Lawrence was a criminal and would die. Lawrence had gone to the police station in Seattle to report the attempted murder but the policeman on duty said it would have been an accident.
Lawrence says that either soon before or soon after in Hong Kong two men approached his table at a recto bar and simply said they were going to kill him, and they asked if he was a Jew. It seemed serious so Lawrence told them there was no reason to kill him. He called his father and his father said the exact words Lawrence had said which was “Did you tell them there was no reason?”
Lawrence’s father said he wanted to give him an early inheritance of a house and so Lawrence chose a condo in West Vancouver but his father said it better to live inside an income property, so Lawrence well managed this property in East Vancouver until taxes were needing to be paid so he took out a mortgage because he had no income that time.
It was then that Lawrence began noticing a woman in a green truck following him in Canada, and upon visiting his nephew at a Bar Mitzvah ceremony a blue sports car followed him from the airport upon arrival, both drivers when caught waved their hands in from of the faces in exactly the same manner as if from training frantically and sped off, the funny thing about the green pickup trying to escape was behind his taxi inside a one way alleyway giving time for Lawrence to write down the plate number.
Lawrence asked for a meeting with his parents and also one with Paul and his father. In the meeting with his parents Lawrence asked them if his father was trying to kill him and his mother said that his father would never kill his own son. In the meeting with Paul at his father’s office, Lawrence said he endured more of the hit man stories from his father about when he was a child in New York. Paul turned to Lawrence when confronted with the surveillance which he there denied, and said he owed Lawrence’s father his life.
Upon returning to Seattle later on a visit from Vancouver right across the border, two bald men followed him, the shorter bald man was also near him in Hong Kong, asking a man on his phone if he should shoot him. These two bald men sat down in a Seattle resto bar where Lawrence and an undercover police lady he befriended sat down for a drink, the two bald men sat right next to them without ordering and Lawrence told the lady about the two men and the threats against his life, to which she asked if he wanted her to do something about it, and Lawrence said no. Lawrence did make a joke and say to her aloud that “we have a file on these guys” to which the bigger bald one said to his counterpart “is that true”? and the shorter one replied, “No”.
Lawrences mother sent emails that a man named benny was leaving messages on the phone or on her caller id, and there were some numbers calling the house from Shenzhen or Hong Kong, but Lawrence said he didn’t recognize the numbers.
There was a time during the 2008 Olympics that a black and a white man asked about his lost passports but he did not stay in contact, but it was odd that Lawrence did call that man before finally losing contact and Lawrence was told by him that he didn’t know him, and it was within a week that the first threat against his life happened.
Lawrence visited a girl in the Philippines from an online dating site and afterwards he stayed to date more girls. At a hotel in Manila just after arriving from China to visit one of the ex girlfriends he was invited to a dinner in another city. As a precaution Lawrence asked the ABC hotel van driver/ security guard to accompany him, and both were surprised that strangers other than the date showed up and directed them to drive under a bridge, and when Lawrence and the driver made it clear they would not, they both heard clearly the strangers on their phone stating that “The hit was canceled”.
Lawrence intended to continue his college education in the Philippines in Criminology so his mother sent his requirements to a certain Tonros hotel in Cebu City. Soon after the high school transcripts arrived from his mother, several men took house at a hotel Kucoos Nest across the street. Lawrence had noticed a man on the lookout at a nearby corner and so on a hunch he approached the men. The men asked him if he had ever been to the Cayman Islands and that something was like a game of chess, upon leaving the place they exclaimed that Lawrence would need guns. Lawrence began to think that someone might be trying to set him up. A different foreign man inside there who had also sat down with him had been seen near Lawrence’s hotel room when a certain fax letter had disappeared from his folders. Lawrence kept well organized and this particular paper resembled a copy of a financial record from the Cayman Islands Lawrence took from his father just after the Seattle bottle dropped, as part of an investigation into why the purchase of the house coincided with the attempt on his life. The name card given to Lawrence by these men Lawrence scanned and sent to his parents computer. Later when Lawrence asked for the card again, to follow up on a boat for sale offer, his parents refused to give up the card. Lawrence will not say anything more about strangers he met, he simply does not know anything more and does not want to get in another persons business as a rule.
Different men showed up at the Kukus nest across the street from the Tonros hotel, and one named David stayed a while, he said he had a purple heart. David ran up to Lawrence waiving his phone in front of Lawrence one night while approaching the street. Lawrence asked him why his phone was on with it’s light while he spoke to Lawrence and David replied that he needed the light on to cross the street. It was odd to Lawrence so he said to David that he might likely investigate him to which David said if he did, then he would tie Lawrence’s feet to cement and drop him into the ocean. David had strange visitors at his hotel where Lawrence frequently ate his meals. Two Muslim girls were there and one of them asked the other “ Are they really gonna shoot shoot him?”
Lawrence asked their names and they stumbled on their words, as if they were first learning their own names they both had similar names, one said her name was Shenma, and the other said She nna, Lawrence had studied Hebrew and so he asked them the meaning of their names and they didn’t know.
Lawrence, while planning his schooling in Davao, Philippines also rent a space to open a coffee shop to pay his bills while attending classes for four years. A man named Jerry came there and called Lawrence out loud a member of the Illuminati which embarrasses Lawrence who knows nothing about such a topic but Jerry goes on to quote something from a story Larry wrote years earlier which his father said he could edit for him; he’d sent it to Secretary Kerry for reading as part its gorilla marketing. Jerry’s comment scared off a potential coffee space collaborator who appeared at the entranceway the same time. Lawrence then later meets up with Jerry for a few coffees, the neighborhood is saying that they are now friends, but after Jerry invites him to a drug house. Inside Lawrence’s apartment he tells Jerry clearly that they cannot be friends anymore, and Jerry points to a photo of his father saying that he would dare not cross that man also shows Lawrence a Quezon city policeman’s I.D. with his photo on it.. Lawrence told jerry as a joke that he would give his photo to a friend at the airport for facial recognition and Jerry freaked out, even calling Lawrence the next day to see if Lawrence was kidding or not. Jerry was arrested for selling fake cigarettes he heard and Lawrence called his mobile and delivered a sandwich to his jail. Lawrence’s paperwork disappeared from his desk and the restaurant equipment inside his rented space was removed against his contract so he left Davao to Cebu where he was invited by Lesyl Medalla his new girlfriend. Lesyl had visited him in Davao twice, long distance.
Lawrence applied for a repatriation loan from the U.S. Consulate. The consulate send him emails introducing a woman as a liaison. She introduced herself as from Arlington Massachusetts where Lawrence’s father has an office. Says she will ask Lawrence’s family for 2500 to cover the expense for exit visa and airplane ticket. Lawrence tells her his plans to go to D.C. where he already scheduled to meet a relocation specialist at that airport who will help him get settled and look for a job. Lawrence’s family only sends 1500 which is not enough to leave, and Lawrence questions who he was applying for the repatriation loan from if it did not allow him to leave the country. Lawrence asks her if his father said he was crazy, and she laughed, then she said “yes”.
Lawrence’s girlfriend had unveiled herself as a habitual liar. She was a prostitute and gangbanging men brought to her home with her brothers ice cream truck, and he mom also invited men from the street everyday while they made me wait outside her room. Lawrence was already had loving feelings for her, while he dated her in Davao.
He had dated her a few times before he left Cebu for Davao. Lawrence notes that so0mething strange brewed after Lesyl called another girl that Lawrence dated ugly. That girl she called ugly made up some story about Lawrence and it seemed that someone may have been arrested and an entire club closed because of a story she made up. While Lesyl and Lawrence were inside the Tonros hotel, a girl knocked on Lawrence’s door and asked for help, to let her in, but Lawrence said no. It was later found out that the girl called ugly was spreading a rumor that Lawrence invited the girl to his house, but he did not.
Then, during the repatriation loan, a Caucasian man with died black hair walked by the doorway while Lawrence sat outside. The next week a different Caucasian man stood outside the house pretending to inflate his tire at the vulcanizing store next door, he brought with him two policemen. Lawrence noticed the men and so went outside to greet them. (Lawrence had previously met the girl who spread that false rumor at a Mango Square entertainment area and lightly joked that he was from France even though she knew he wasn’t.)
Lawrence approached the men outside his girlfriend’s home at 26 c Imus highway and asked if he was American. That man snarled back and said no that he was from France. The two policemen with cowered heads looked down at the ground when Lawrence looked at them near his side. He asked how Lawrence made his money so Lawrence told him about 20,000 owed by his brother for losing his house’s things, and E trade which Lawrence traded on. Lawrence also told him that he did not like to be bothered. Lawrence called his father to speak about the men outside his room that day and his father said ‘That’s what happens when you write that letter.”
The men left and Lawrence went back inside.
The very next day another Caucasian man approached Lawrence on the street and asked for money. Lawrence recognized him from a year earlier at the Cebu asking him for money. “Aren’t you the same guy from last year’? Lawrence asked him. “Yes I am” , he said.
“Aren’t you from France?”, he asked.
Lawrence was not given the repatriation loan he applied for, and was afraid of the men outside his house threatening him by what they said and what they might be planning, Lawrence did not know, and he asked Lesyl to accompany him to other cities to run from them, better he was with her than alone he thought. The memories of the man with the two cowering policemen still frightened him so he wrote as letter to the St. Nino church director and went to deliver it in person at the office inside that church. Lawrence claims that something very strange occurred inside that office as if the air was water. That weekend Lesyl became pregnant with Lawrence’s child.
In her second month of pregnancy they came back to her neighborhood’s barangay(community station) named Lorega and Lawrence asked the captain for help to stop Lesyl from killing the baby through her alcohol and drug dependency, Lawrence found out about it when he found tin foil in her pocket book.
The captain called a gray SUV to take them to the family services department and there was nothing done to plan for her pregnancy.
In the city of Dumaguete Lawrence and Lesyl moved to a hotel after that where they walked on the beach and boardwalk everyday. A man knocked on their hotel room door and said aloud his name and disappeared. The hotel management did not do that. This reminded Lawrence of the same thing that happened on a trip to Portland Oregon a few years earlier. A different neighbor there invited Lawrence to have a drink, and when Lawrence arrived that man excused himself to leave, leaving Lawrence to defend himself against four attackers, and Lawrence quickly went away.
Then, Lawrence and Lesyl moved to Mactan, near Cebu.
In Mactan three men sat downstairs from their room in the small store below, and Lawrence shook their hands when he went downstairs with Lesyl. a man name Jun on the left said “I’‘m not going to shoot him”. Lawrence then asked them “Are you here from the state department?”
to which a Caucasian with bald head and arm tattoos said “Why?, Do you wanna die?”. Lawrence said to that “No. I want more evidence” (pertaining to a continued harassment). The man in the middle of the three had a huge birthmark around one eye, and he said “We are Philippine army.”
Lesyl and Lawrence changed hotels and while at the lobby again Lawrence began a new very strong hallucinogenic experience and so he check his body all over and found a swollen puffy mark and a small hole in the muscle behind and below his right knee.
Lawrence called the US consulate night duty officer and begged for some assistance, that he was a good person and that someone was trying to kill him. The duty officer had spoken to Lawrence other times and said “There is a warrant on your life” to which Lawrence asked who and the officer said something cryptic “Whitey”
Then the officer told Lawrence to call back in the daytime.
Lawrence did call back and the day officer immediately asked Lawrence if he had spoken to someone the night before. Lawrence called his mother and asked for financial help to hire a guard, and she said “she would think about it.”
Lawrence was having a difficult time with his relationship to Lesyl, caring for her lovingly while she often went out and gave men blowjobs. On one occasion Lawrence went out for a walk and was yelled to from a bar named Gecko, the owner said to come over so he did.
He invited Lawrence to sit down and told him that someone wanted to shoot him, and that “It isn’t a white man”. Another Caucasian man inside the resto bar (it was just them three) shouted “Just shoot him”.
Lawrence and the owner huddled in conversation, Lawrence said he had no idea what this was about and the owner mentioned something asked him if he was going to testify in court, or if there were any court documents and Lawrence knew nothing about any court proceeding, and he was not involved in anything to do with court.
When the baby was about 5 and 6 months old Lawrence and Lesyl jumped to a few different apartments to collect deposit money in order to eat because his parents had been sending money ever since the repatriation loan stranded him there. Lawrence had taken out a loan periodically from a loan services company named Loan First in Mactan and upon paying in full they would extend another loan, but this time they did not. It was very important since it was the end of Lesyl’s pregnancy. In her second month of pregnancy. The Australian husband and his wife the owner told Lawrence they would not give another loan, and they said this as soon as Lawrence paid nealry all their money for the month in full, they only had to pay a small percentage but Lawrence was very responsible.
The husband said that Lawrence had a trust account so that it would be crazy to ask for a loan. Lawrence gave Lesyl his electronics to help sell to neighbors for cash or food, but instead she went to a drug dealer and gave blowjobs. Lawrence tried to keep her at home but she would disappear for hours just after stepping out the front door. Lawrence wanted her either locked a home or hospitalized until the baby was born but he had no parental right. In desperation he called the U.S. state department from the Lapu Lapu police station nearby, there women’s services division and called to ask they ask my family to send money. Lawrence also asked either in email or calls to his family but no one sent anything. Lesyl began trying to squeeze the baby to death.
The baby was now about 7 1/2 months prenatal. Lesyl sometimes went out to use drugs so he would feel her pulse when she returned home to test for a strong or week drug, fortunately the drugs she used were very low potency, people seemed to be making meth from their garages without the correct processing. Lawrence believed he could try his best to limit her going out and take long walks with her.
Lesyl seemed at one point thinking about having Lawrence killed and ransoming the baby after birth. There was one night when some people tried to break into their new apartment through the air conditioner, this was near Deca 3 or 5 where Jun lived. Lawrence called the local police station and 911 but with no answer and so he blocked the front door and all the bottles on top fell off from their attempts. They waited until morning arrived, Lesyl had yelled to the air conditioner at one point when Lawrence dialed 911, “Not tonight!”. In the morning Lawrence called his father about the break in and his father said to go to the hospital, and never mentioned the police. His father said “ I guess you did a public service” before ending the call.
The night the baby was killed, Lesyl had went into the bathroom and asked for help to get off the toilet twenty minutes later. Lawrence suspected others involved outside but could not prove it. The drug house he found out hat she went to, Lawrence went there and asked about Lesyl, they called her a monster and for Lawrence to be careful of men with guns outside, their house is behind police station two in Mactan. Rocky was the boy there, I think she gave him blowjobs when she was supposed to find neighbors to by our electronics.
Lawrence’s family was scheduled to come for the birth’s ceremony but they did not come. They sent several email stating they were sorry to hear there was a miscarriage, but I had already sent them emails that the baby was healthy according to the sonogram and nurses appointment, that the baby was murdered, and Lesyl did feel bad so she made a signed confession with two different lawyers that she smothered the baby to death. I had asked to do to that because there had to be some justice for what happened. Lawrence believes that Lesyl suffers from some mental illness, and says she portrays herself as both a psychopathic criminal and sometimes contrary to that. Lesyl calls herself a criminal and a black sheep.
After she killed the baby girl, she carried the baby inside her for two more months waiting for the baby to come out. They went to Cebu again Lawrence and Lesyl stayed at the Escario hotel and there were four special agents who identified themselves similar to America’s I.C.E. parked outside his hotel. Lawrence went to see their four identical sports cars. Their Captain was a pot bellied man with earrings in both ears, who stared at Lawrence while his agents showed their identification cards. That night while Lawrence ordered food and after eating it he felt his body become faster and faster as the hour went on so he became afraid what might be causing it. He called an ambulance and when the ambulance arrived Lawrence spoke to them to take his vitals and they did not, but instead just waited parked, so Lawrence asked a taxi to take him to the hospital. When he arrived, he waited in the emergency room and a doctor who was just standing against the wall was near Lawrence and offered him a pill that he said might help, so Lawrence ate in, then after one minute, Lawrence says that it felt like a tidal wave pulling him under, like he was dying, and he asked that doctor to take his vital signs but he refused so Lawrence drank some water from the faucet nearby and went outside to throw it up, and then left the hospital grounds. That night Lawrence says he stayed in a taxi too afraid to return to the hotel because he was hallucinating similar to a Santana concert he went to a dozen years earlier. Lawrence went to a different hotel by himself for over a day to drink gallons of water in attempt to flush out the hallucinogen.
Lawrence came back to the hotel where Lesyl stayed and they went to stay at a hotel near the Cebu airport early in the morning before 6 AM. First they moved into a room on the ground floor but they switched rooms to the upper floors after Lawrence discovered a man outside at their window. Their new room was above the empty parking lot and Lawrence noticed the loud conversation of some men outside in the parking lot talking about shooting the two of them so he went downstairs to talk to the security. At the front entrance of the Holiday Inn hotel Lawrence observed a gray SUV at the very end of the long driveway and stationed off the highway adjacent to the driveway, and there were some men walking back toward it including a man in a yellow shirt. Lawrence asked the security manager “Who is that guy in the yellow shirt who was with the man in the backpack just now by the guards booth, and the security manager replied “Which man? I don’t; see anyone in a yellow shirt.”
So at that moment Lawrence called the US. Consulate again at 6:30 am to seek advice what to do. Lawrence said he only wanted to make a record of it in case something happened. The duty officer then or later said that they at the consulate had a contact at one of the Lapu Lapu police stations, either #7 or another number Lawrence cannot remember. Once going out to find Lesyl a Lorega captain from the barangay across from Lesyl’s barangay and stopped Lawrence with a group of his men, Lawrence said it appeared he had been called to stop him on the street, and Jack was perplexed why he had stopped Lawrence.
Lawrence began to get ready for his exit visa and a few days after one of the times he was poisoned he went to the exit visa issuance department and a heavy set Caucasian women came up to him and said “aren’t you confused” in surprise. Lawrence had done a good job flushing out the hallucinogen. Lawrence and Lesyl went to Bohol because Lesyl said that she wanted to say something to Lawrence but was too afraid to do so in Cebu, so they went to Bohol. In Bohol Lesyl write down what she wanted to say, and she notarized it with a lawyer, the statement went on about the gray SUV that people came from it to talk to her as soon as Lawrence left the Holiday Inn Hotel to go to the Lapu Lapu police station, and that these people talked to her about a poison. Lawrence had never told her about his talk with security at 6:30 that previous stay at the Holiday Inn hotel.
At the Tagbilaran hospital in Bohol the baby is finally delivered after much waiting an applying prime rose oil to the womb. The baby is given all the proper Catholic ritual or rites and given a proper burial, but the hospital put unknown cause of death on the death certificate and the ultrasound showed a crushed skull Lawrence sent his lawyer in Oregon who expunged his past record the originals for safekeeping.(Lawrence told Lesyl that he would not urge the justice department to press charges against her for the death of the child if she tried to be a good person and get her first job or go to school, and she has not, but to this day sits at home servicing men with her family in Lorega.) Continuing to stay in Tagblilaran at their first room together, their neighbors who operated a baker vanished for one night and three men outside of the complex were heard saying “We have to kill him.” Lawrence went to the red cross and asked for help to stay at a safe place, and the red cross workers who helped him said that there was an order of “death by execution”, but Lawrence did not ask about it. Lawrence search for the contact telephone of a certain Nathan Y. Gross who was a narco informant in Brighton, Massachusetts now living in Israel, that man had asked Lawrence for sexual favors which Lawrence refused, when they met at summer camp as children. Lawrence felt that Nathan owed him a favor so he made a notarization allowing Nathan to retrieve a copy of his trust account; Lawrence knew that in history money was a big motive for murder in families. The very first thing Nathan said after twenty years of no contact was that Lawrence’s parents sent him a letter that said there was a chemically induced psychosis, and Lawrence guessed that his family intended to poison him to make him psychotic in order to gain the control of the trust.
Lawrence and Lesyl both went to Bagiuo City so that Lawrence could apply to the criminology program at the Cordova University there and to pay for Lesyl to attend art classes and earn her GED. Lawrence emailed the Hillel Yudowitz Center at Cornell in New York in confidentiality that he wished to Boycott them and also the Yudowitz Medical lecture hall in Scotland and the Institue at Mclean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts because he could not in goods conscience see his own family name on any medical, religious or law building, it wouldn’t be kosher.
Lawrence scheduled a health exam at the local hospital on top of session Road near the local artists community, and in public the weekend before the appointment Lawrence said aloud that he would prove first his heart in good condition before those men tried to give him a heart attack.
The following Week arriving at his 8:30 am appointment the doctors and nurses were switched and Lawrence waited an hour with the male nurse reading his heart sonogram on the monitor, all was normal and usual. The nurse there explained about the running machine test that came later and if Lawrence felt faint then to hit the red button. She left the room.
About an hour later the doctor and a new nurse walked in together, she wore a mask and she explained to Lawrence that if he felt faint NOT to press the red button BUT to tell her instead, and she then guided Lawrence to the running machine. The monitor was to Lawrence’s left between the doctor and himself. Lawrence walked at barely above normal walking pace when he saw that his heart rate was 120 to 130 beats per minute, BUT he only just walked normally so he asked the doctor about it and the doctor snapped at him that how should Lawrence know anything. Lawrence asked him again because he knew it was very unusual, and the doctor snapped back again saying that he was busy with “procedure”.
At that moment staring at the monitor while Lawrence barely walked his heart rate jumped from 160 to 190 on the monitor during which he felt the strong sense of some chemical entering his bloodstream. He took the electrodes off and wiped off any contact areas, and he said as calmly as he could while experiencing a heart attack that he was “late for an appointment”. He grabbed more than enough money to pay for this appointment from his pockets and politely proceeded to leave . The doctor got out his cell phone and called someone just like the past investigators had, and while he reached for a nearby nun in the hallway while Lawrence stumbled out as nonchalantly as he could. Four guards came to stop him outside the entrance even though he already paid in full. Lawrence explained to them that he was leaving, and late to an appointment. They blocked his way with the intention to bring him back, so he ran as fast as I could up the hospitals private road to the main street, when a big lady stepped out from the streets entrance and so did his girlfriend from another angle. That lady told him to go back. He said there was no reason to stop him that he had already paid, and he said that several times. The lady said she was a police lady so I said to please call more police but she didn’t comment. His girlfriend said “I though you were going to give me a heart attack.” Lawrence offered the guards 10,000 pesos each to let him pass. The lady whom I gave my payment at the desk near the examining room ran up he road and waived the receipt, she saved him. Finally, Lawrence yelled his name loudly and that they had “poisoned me”, at which point they let him walk away.(Lesyl later made a witness affidavit and had it notarized after Lawrence escaped from the country.)That doctor gave Lawrence the pill from his pocket in Cebu’s Soccer hospital, it was the same doctor positively.
The doctor is described as 5‘8‘’ barrel chested 215 pounds with mustache and goatee, a dark tanned man about 45 to 55 years old. The Baguio hospital was at top of Session road near a famous art café. The book cover is a portrait of the impostor doctor.
Lawrence and Lesyl immediately went to manila to apply the exiting visa. Lawrence called his parents for help to pay the exit visa, that it was life and death, but his father threatened his mother to close her personal bank account if she sent him money. Lawrence was terrified and after staying at the White Knight Hotel in Manila signed a legal international will and testament with three hotel staff as witnesses making Presidential candidate at the time Donald Trump and Officer Steven F. Seagal as his beneficiaries in case something happened to him.
The White Knight Hotel was next to the immigration where Lawrence applied for his exit clearance e to leave the country, and the application had to go through two full times, for no valid reason During the time he applied while standing in line he was poisoned, somehow. This time the poison nearly killed him. Lawrence had jumped in a taxi as soon as he realized that someone had poisoned him while standing in line. Lawrence had been introduced to a black foreigner behind the fingerprinting booth. Lawrence thought it was strange to be introduced and since the foreigner was standing behind the booth next to the attendant, and the attendant seemed very scared and red faced, shaking. Lawrence felt the poison beginning while inside the NBI and went to the American consulate; there he went twice within about two hours time as the poison got worse, and to show the puffy mark in front of the camera system, and to the woman at the window where he went into a room booth, he told her that a law enforcement officer had said he could come in that week to talk about the attempt on his life, and that it might be from their investigators. She said that the officer was not available. Lawrence told her that someone was trying to kill him outside, and so he waited and asked a second time to telephone the federal law enforcement officer, but finally she told Lawrence he had to leave the consulate. Someone behind the window was saying aloud something about hypnosis.
In the taxi the symptoms resembled meningitis and severe blurry vision and unable to stand up, Lawrence stopped the taxi once on the highway to stop at his ex girlfriend’s house but there was the red truck from the 9 waves resort he stayed. After five hours in the taxi and returned to the hotel he crawled up the stairs. Lawrence attempted to flush out his system with water. Lawrence called the U.S. consulate and then an ambulance appeared outside his bedroom and parked. The next morning Lawrence asked the management to check the camera system and a black foreigner was using their office computer when the camera system stopped, the security manager said some bastard had sabotaged the cameras.
Lawrence then called an emergency contact in case of emergency , but it happened to be the same contact that was listed on his fax paper which was stolen from his hotel room in Cebu a few years earlier. The contact was an ex Israeli Defense commander and he didn’t seem to believe Lawrence and his men who came to get him from the hotel to switch hotels made the comment in front of Lawrence that there was nowhere to run.
Finally the NBI did clear Lawrence and the letter said that there were humanitarian reasons to help approve the exit clearance.
Lawrence waited in his room until his mother sent enough money to leave the country.
After escaping the country Lawrence’s oldest brother called him on Skype, hotel.score and texted him this message:
Mike:” There is money send email. Confirming that you want me to be trustee and not *** sulman
tell me now if you do nto want me involved. I am doing this to help you. It is not something I
want to do”
Lawrence: “I dont want you involved m***
honestly I dont trust you”
Mike: “then shulman will do it’
i will call dad now
all family contact crom now on eill be though shulman
I will block u now bye”.
After escaping the Philippines and entering the next country Lawrence’s ATM card was taken inside the ATM machine and so he called his brother Martin. Martin answered the phone and yells “Lawrence you need help!’, to Lawrence it seemed staged as if Martin was talking in front of his wife.
Lawrence told Martin that it sounded odd and that he was quite healthy. Martin said he would help with a hotel payment until the new Atm arrived but that Lawrence had to tell him which address he would stay at. Lawrence told him the address and two men showed up outside on their phone. Lawrence called Martin from inside the lobby and gave the manager the phone to talk to Martin, but Martin refused to pay the deposit, and then Lawrence took over the call and Martin asked if there was a problem with Lawrence’s appearance. Martin asked what Lawrence’s appearance was like and if that was the reason the hotel asked for a deposit. Lawrence verified that the deposit is normal policy. Lawrence says he knows his family well enough to guess that Martin was involved with the surveillance and may have thought that Lawrence had still some affect of the poison, and that only by surveillance could he have known that he wore a disguise. In retrospect there were times that his mother also knew of the surveillance when he called from the Philippines. Lawrence suspects that his father and mother led the family and some of the investigators who then tried to kill Lawrence. Lawrence had called martin when the men threatened to shoot him but Martin advised to ignore them and that Dad had said Lawrence was “ill” which he was not and his father told people this while Lawrence saught help with the killers. Martin had said in a recent phone conversation “Never tell a murderer that he’s wrong.”


Lawrence swears to G-d that he never gave anyone any passport illegally nor any pages from one. He also states that he did not do anything wrong to his family.



2017, 2018, You can save Lawrence Yudowitz's life from this real hit team!

The author from Brookline,Masachusetts, who has changed his name, asks the reader for help to stop a real hit team. Either his family or some rogue mercenaries are trying to assainate him.

  • ISBN: 9781370566341
  • Author: Larry Margulies
  • Published: 2016-12-13 16:05:11
  • Words: 8591
2017, 2018, You can save Lawrence Yudowitz's life from this real hit team! 2017, 2018, You can save Lawrence Yudowitz's life from this real hit team!