2016 to 2028 - The Hope Years - Preparing for Cosmic Changes!

2016 to 2028

The Hope Years

Preparing for Cosmic Changes!


The Abbotts

A Beacon of Light Book


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Table of Contents



Chapter 1 – Why 2016 to 2028

Chapter 2 – Males and Females

The Females, The Males, Career Path Exercise

Chapter 3 – The Family

Forgiveness Meditation, Emotional Chord Removal, I Want For My Future Family?

Chapter 4 – Health

The Four Aspects of Life, Physical Activities, Your Current Physical Activities, Emotional Activities, Your Current Emotional Activities, Mental Activities, Your Current Mental Activities, Spiritual Activities, Your Current Spiritual Activities, Physical Aspects, Emotional Aspects, Mental Aspects, Spiritual Aspects

Chapter 5 – Travel and Finances


Chapter 6 – The Environment

Meeting Gaia

Chapter 7 – Mass Communication

Chapter 8 – Psychic Powers

Unity Exercise

Chapter 9 – Politics, Weapons & Peace

Chapter 10 – 2029 Onwards

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There is great interest at this time, about the coming decades and the unique years of 2016 to 2028 AD and many people have begun to feel an awakening to spiritual knowledge and a desire to do more to make these years safe, progressive and full of harmony. That is why we have named this special age – The Hope Years!

We have had many clients come to us, worried at what the coming years will bring. Some people are worried about wars and terrorism and fear the future, while others believe that we are going into a time of new inventions, tolerance and food aplenty. Some believe it is the coming Armageddon and others believe it is time for alien contact!

What then, is all the fear and worry about? You may well ask. Is the world coming to an end or are we going into a Golden Age? And what can I do about it? We hope that this book, inspired by Spirit with wonderful new channelled messages, will reassure you about the years ahead and help you prepare for your place as a psychically aware, innovative person!

Tony and I are professional spiritual channellers who place ourselves in a gentle, relaxed state of meditation and allow Higher Beings such as the Ascended Masters to speak directly through us. We have been doing this for many years and love the experience. It is wonderful to feel the Higher Being’s loving energy, smell their distinctive flowery scents, hear their compassionate voices and see the beautiful forms that they take on, to visit us.

Their Divine words are always loving, encouraging and helpful. They speak about higher values, philosophies and ideas, but also of everyday issues that all men and women face and give practical advice on how to tackle these common problems. They instruct and guide us, but never demand or command us to follow their wise advice. They always reassure us that we have ‘freewill.’

Any references to clients, please note that their names, ages and occupations have been changed for privacy.

The Abbotts,

Tony Abbott & Robyn Abbott


[]Chapter One

Why 2016 to 2028

These thirteen years herald a new aspect of human growth, as we travel into the fourth dimension. These are formative years when we leave the third dimension behind and open our arms and hearts wide to accept a new, higher way of living.

You may have already noticed changes in yourself. Some are as subtle as a change in food, different social or sporting activities, a desire for more meaningful relationships with others or an increased interest in spiritual and psychic phenomena.

Attitudes and community thoughts are changing. Fifty years ago, the Baby Boomers born after World War II could never have conceived of the introduction of recreational drugs, single parent families, homosexual rights, bi-sexual relationships, women’s liberation, racial assimilation and modern technology such as the Internet or personal cell/mobile phones. Their third dimensional world is disappearing around them and the younger generations Generation’s X, Y and Z are bringing new, fresh ideas (some positive, others negative) with them to the planet!

Most earlier generations of men and women have incarnated countless times to Earth and have seen the pyramids built and the Twin Towers in New York, demolished. They liked the old third dimensional ways of living where everything was solid and predictable. Despite wars, famines and plagues that decimated humanity, they liked a conservative society, where everyone knew their place, worked hard and accepted death as commonplace.

Generations X, Y & Z are usually considered as being – Generation Z (1995-2016), Generation Y (1977-1994) or Generation X (1966-1976).

As generations X, Y and Z have grown up, many of the old values and conservative ideas concerning work, life, relationships and the future have changed dramatically. These new generations, many of whom have never incarnated to Earth before, come straight from highly advanced civilizations on the fifth and sixth dimensions and they are trying to raise our current lower fourth dimension to a higher vibration!

We will however, for ease of communication, just call these generations – Starseeds rather than referring to your specific alien race or generation, for many of you share the same common characteristics.

These include a feeling of isolation; a deep desire for unity with others; confusion about Earth’s social structure; disappointment with society’s values and ideas; an intense feeling of subconsciously knowing there is more to life; a need to express your artistic talents; a desire to end regimentation and be free; a wish to help others to live a better lifestyle and end hunger and pain; a strong environmental urge to help the planet and it’s animals; a belief in an afterlife; a knowing that aliens do exist and that we are not alone in the Universe and a feeling of confusion and sadness about where you fit into this modern world. Quite a list!

They are therefore poised to invent new gadgets that make our lives safer, healthier and easier and develop new medical breakthroughs that will extend our lives even further! Our minds are taking on new concepts and we are eager for positive change and creating a brighter future for all!

These thirteen years will also have negative aspects to overcome and resolve and we will also investigate these, as we will the positive future possibilities. However, we do believe that if we all work together in Unity, we can overcome these last remnants of the third dimension and leave them behind us forever.

We hope this book will give you a glimpse of the future and exam how; you can contribute your personal ideas, actions and spirit to making our Earth and its spirit Gaia more healthy, loving and strong!

Here is a channelled message from Lady Kwan Yin that we received in 2015.

“Dear sisters and brothers, you have come to Earth to raise the Light. Light is both an energy that is spiritual and a beacon of knowledge. This higher knowledge is encoded within your DNA and is set to rise to your consciousness when you reach a certain level of spiritual and psychic awareness.

You may have felt it stirring within you – the need for more, the need for stronger unity with others and a deep desire to know and do more! If so, you are nearing your point of development and divine knowledge! Do not deny this urge, fill it with knowledge and unconditional love; become greater than you are and then, go out and teach others!”

As a Spiritual Warrior, are you ready for this fourth dimensional challenge? If so, let’s go…

[]Chapter Two

Males and Females

[]The Females

You may have noticed a great change taking place in the behavior and characteristics of young males and females on Earth. The women are becoming stronger and more independent and the males are becoming more sensitive and caring.

Kwan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Compassion has told us -

“The traditional roles of yang and yin, male and female will change, as you become more balanced people. There will be few exclusive male roles or female roles, all will be equal!”

This can be wonderfully liberating for many women who want to be the equal of men and work in fields traditionally reserved for males. During the earlier part of the 20th century, female university students were few and actively bullied by their male fellow students and teachers from following their chosen career paths. In the 21st century, this has changed and women are now welcome in many formerly male-dominated careers.

They can drive super trucks, build dams and work as scientists and doctors without discrimination in most advanced countries. In some Second and Third World Countries, discrimination still exists against emancipated women, but even these old ignorant regimes are slowly changing. Women are no longer content just to be housewives and mothers; they have more to contribute and mean to do it!

In the East, there is the fable of the yin and yang. A circle divided into male and female aspects, once united, complementary and powerful. When the circle was divided, the yin and yang lost compatibility with one another and divided their power into less than half.

There is also the beautiful story of the first twin flames creation, where the yin and yang were united in one ball of light, then willfully separated and have since spent centuries on a special love quest, trying to find their unique other half, as they are now so lonely and unfulfilled.

Females have been suppressed for thousands of years. Even the female pharaohs of Egypt wore false beards to appear masculine! Yet women have been artists, settlers, queens, nurses and leaders, yet have mainly been subservient to males. Many could not own property or arrange their own financial affairs. But now the tide has turned and women can finally stand alone and make their mark on society!

The Egyptian Goddess, Isis has told us -

“You are unique, you are special, you are females! You have divine qualities within you of unconditional love, empathy, compassion, healing abilities, kindness and caring. Many of you can see the future; can create wondrous works of art and music. You act instinctively with divine qualities of gentleness and tolerance. You are the peacemakers, the life bringers and the future of humanity. Revel in your feminine power and always use it wisely from both the heart and the head!”

We often think of the Spartan ‘thigh flashers’ of two thousand years ago, who had equality with the men of Sparta. They danced exuberantly, loved who they wished and raised the children, often independently of their warrior men. They would enjoy living in the 21st century!

The suffragettes of the 19th and 20th centuries are to be praised for their often personally dangerous efforts to enable young women to enjoy the benefits of a more open, tolerant society that exists currently. They stood up to overwhelming opposition, to their cries for female rights and many were imprisoned, abused and sometimes died, for their just cause.

The women liberationists of the 1970’s are also to be blessed for their contributions to women’s rights and equality at this time. They had to often prove publicly, their resolution and stand up to ridicule and bias, to ensure higher wages and better working conditions for all women. Many of these forgotten suffragettes and liberationists were young and uneducated, but full of youthful vigour and energy for their very important life missions.

Now we find that the Starseeds generations X, Y & Z, the young women, (born since 1971) are ready to take up the spiritual and psychic causes of the female power in the 21st century.

We foresee great strides forward for all females in the years from 2016 to 2028. Women will find that men will begin to welcome them into formerly male-dominated careers. Horse racing was recently shocked when a woman, Michelle Payne recently won the 2015 Melbourne Cup!

Women are joining the armed forces, police forces, scientific research, finance and medicine, oil exploration and mining, all with increased male cooperation. As women prove that, they can work as efficiently and as well as men, the former male domains fall, one by one!

Female leadership of countries will become the norm and we will cease to be amazed when a woman is prime minister or president. We are growing up! All signs of a fourth dimensional shift where gender becomes less of an issue.

On the negative side, there is increasing juvenile, sexist behaviour in movies, songs and books towards women where their only worth is assessed at being a sexual plaything for men. Women need to guard against adding to this gender bias by never denigrating other women at work, at play or in sports. Making fun of your own gender and demeaning your female sexuality is a slap in the face of all those hundreds of thousands of women who have fought for your female rights, in the past.

Always vote on issues when you have a chance to; remember those suffragettes who died so brutally, so that you could have the vote!

We truly believe that all young women should be encouraged by their parents, friends, boyfriends and teachers to reach their full potential in this lifetime. If all loving parents encouraged their daughters from when they were very small, to ‘reach for the stars’, we would find many more fulfilled young women in our society.

Instead, many parents consciously and subconsciously send out messages, “that all a young woman can expect from life is marriage, kids and a dead end job!” They still view education as primarily for young men and that their daughters should use their looks, rather than their brains. This is an extremely archaic and biased outlook.

If these are the messages that you are receiving from your family and friends, we urge you to look further afield. We encourage you to look at your skills and talents and decide for yourself, where they will lead you. Everyone should be creating the life style – they want, not just following a pattern set by previous generations.

Remember that you have approximately eighty years to live your life, why damage your potential by acting willfully and negatively in your youth. Stop, think, plan and act towards achieving your true Life Goals.

A special message from Luna the Goddess of the Moon, explains why spirits incarnates as females.

“Each time before incarnating to Earth, you must decide which sex you will take on as an outer covering, male or female? Sometimes you choose one and the next time, the other, female or male. It can be an exciting decision!

For in each time period one gender normally has certain opportunities open to it for lessons and events to occur. For instance, if you decide to incarnate as a male in the fifteenth century in Europe, you could become a sailor and explore the world with Columbus, explore scientific principles with Leonardo De Vinci, be a Lord with much money and power or a peasant with a family and a meager living to earn from the soil. A male may choose to learn lessons of adventure, power, lust, love, responsibility and wise administration.

Being born a female in that century however, you will have fewer options, usually marriage or to enter a nunnery. Not so much scope, but still valuable lessons to be learnt and limited experiences to add to your soul’s collection! A female may choose to learn lessons of patience, tolerance, submission, compassion, love and kindness.

How fortunate you are all now, to have incarnated into the 21st century on Earth where so many females have the opportunity to experience out lives, so very similar to men. To choose marriage, love, professions, hobbies, power and education. To also have the religious tolerance in many countries to follow the faith of your choice, not what others demand of you!

But do remember dear friends that it is a game, an illusion you are playing out. You are on one level a 21st century female, but on a higher dimensional level, you are an angel, a divine spark of the godhead playing at being a human female. Never fully forget who you truly are, for you are the Divine in human form!”

Inspiring words aren’t they, from wonderful female role models.

[]The Males

We have entered a new era of the male on planet Earth. Men can finally express the softer, more sensitive aspects of their personality without being branded as effeminate or prissy. Even the derisory S.N.A.G. title (Sensitive New Age Guy) is dead! The Starseeds have managed in their short time of forty years or so, on the planet, to change the attitudes of many people towards men who are willing to admit that they are creative, psychic, spiritual, caring, compassionate and sensitive. Viva la revolution!

So many intelligent caring men have in the past, had to conceal their softer yin (feminine) side to live up to the peculiar masculine standards of the day. In the 1950’s many men would not be seen carrying a bunch of flowers, pushing a pram or helping with the housework. The derision of other males was a frightening deterrent to many men of that era.

They were following the pattern of males for over 10,000 years who had believed that women were inferior, negative and unclean and therefore to show any feminine traits, such as compassion or sensitivity of nature was to be similar to the subordinate female. Men were admired for being brutal, uncompassionate, hard and insensitive. Warriors were praised and sensitive artists and priests, only tolerated by society.

Now the modern male is expected to be an equal with his wife and share household chores and child raising. Like women have always done, he is expected to go to work and then come home and do more! This may be a culture shock for some spoilt males, but others realize that it is a fair share of adult responsibilities.

Many older people are perplexed at the attitude and life styles of the young Starseeds, as they do not conform to society’s expectations. They have a relaxed and unstructured role in society and do not often strive for material success or advocate war and intolerance. These young Starseeds however, have incarnated for a completely different reason than their parents and grandparents. Material success and power is not their goal, but Unity and unconditional love is!

Many will take on a ‘mothering’ role with their children and happily stay at home, while their wife or girlfriend goes off to work. Or they may follow interests of music, art or writing and work part-time rather than a full week. They like jobs that are fun and informative with friendly work colleagues rather than high-pressure jobs of a conservative nature. They don’t want to be the head CEO but rather enjoy their work and hopefully, contribute something to the betterment of society!

Young Starseed men want peace, equality, tolerance and love in their lives. This is what they have experienced on their off world planets such as Alanna, in the Pleiades. This is what they are used to and this is the gift they bring to the Earth culture. New Age male power and growth of the inner spirit, can assure that these goals are met.

Each young Starseed male before incarnating to Earth, chooses voluntarily his gender, status in society (rich or poor), creative talents, psychic gifts, mother, father, sisters, brothers, friends etc all part of his soul group. He chooses the experiences that he will have in this lifetime, the adventures, the loves, the disappointments, the lessons and the pain. Note we emphasize that he picks his life highlights (good and bad), not someone else, no avenging God, no nasty spirits, just him!

He may choose to repay karma in this lifetime, to those who have helped or harmed him, in the past. Karma can be described as a reaction to an action. You hit someone; they hit you back, if not in this lifetime – in the next! Similarly, if you have helped someone in a past life, they may have the opportunity to help you in this current lifetime.

You will also choose a Life Plan and a World Plan for this incarnation. You all have two plans that you incarnate with, firmly implanted within you. One is to use the things that you are most talented to do, for your own life’s work. This is called your Life Plan. You may wish to be a teacher, a doctor, a carer, an astronaut, an artist, a musician or any other vocation that fulfills and inspires you.

The other, is your World Plan and this involves your contribution to help humanity. It may be the same or an offshoot of your Life Plan, such as a professional musician who gives free concerts for charities. Or it may be that your professional work is as a plumber, but you also love to sing, so you entertain the elderly for free, at the weekends.

Or you may be a committed environmentalist who wants to make the Earth healthier and renewed, again. Or you may want to heal people or animals. As you begin to do what you are truly meant to do, other opportunities will be presented to you, to expand your gifts and talents.

To find out your true inner talents that will lead you to a fulfilling career and life style follow this simple exercise. Have paper and pen ready.

[]Career Path Exercise

Sit down and meditate for ten minutes. If you have trouble relaxing just imagine a red rose in your mind. Relax all parts of your body; but don’t lie down or you may fall asleep!

Now begin to think objectively of who you are, your talents, natural gifts etc. What makes you special? Write down five things about you that are unique.

1. .…………………………………………………………

2. .…………………………………………………………

3. .…………………………………………………………

4. .…………………………………………………………

5. .…………………………………………………………

Now write down up to three jobs that would benefit from your special talents. Jobs that would make you gladly get out of bed in the morning and tackle with enthusiasm.

1. .…………………………………………………………

2. .…………………………………………………………

3. .…………………………………………………………

Choose the one that most appeals to you and say aloud -

“Please Universe send to me now, opportunities to work at this job!”

Imagine yourself succeeding, in that vocation.

Now, don’t just sit there, but also explore ways of trying out this new vocation, either as a volunteer, part time or amateur. If credentials are needed, enroll in a course. If you don’t end up finding the perfect vocation for you, then try something similar.

Look for how Spirit has already attempted to nudge you. Look for the divine coincidences or synchronicities that try to lead you gently, along a certain pathway in life. Look at the opportunities offered to you. Take chances that irresistibly call to you, to fulfill your life’s dream. Deep in your heart, you know what makes you happy and fulfilled – find ways now, to achieve that in your life!

Both males and females often baulk at the thought of giving up a well-paid but boring job, to strive to achieve their own special dream job. They would rather live fifty years in complete drudgery with little personal satisfaction than study for a few years and have fifty years, in a profession that ignites and inspires them. How shortsighted is that?

We have over our years as counsellors, encouraged many young men and women to seek their perfect jobs and begin doing them. These have been as diverse as sugar cane farmer, horticulturist, healer and artist!

Those that decide to try, often find the Universe works hand-in-hand with them to achieve their goals. Unexpected help may come from surprising quarters with offers of bursaries, relatives’ financial gifts or offer of accommodation and pure serendipity! Once you start on the right path for you, the Universe wants to see you achieve it!

While those who have disregarded our advice, still dream of doing something ‘one day’ and are unhappy and unfulfilled in their jobs. Which would you rather be?

Often young men are willful and defiant. They want to ride motorcycles at high speed, jump off cliffs and drink-drive. They take drugs for a quick high and suffer for the consequences. Scientists now believe that the male brain does not mature until the late twenties, so a twenty year old is actually reacting like a thirteen year old! Would you let a child drink, drug or drive?

Remember that you have approximately eighty years to live your life, why damage your potential by acting willfully and negatively in your youth. Stop, think, plan and act towards achieving your true Life Goals. Behaving illegally and willfully can ruin your future, so be aware of this life trap!

We have met so many young men who have destroyed so much life potential by getting their young girlfriend pregnant early or marrying or living with a female who is not on the same wave-length as them and stops their dreams abruptly. Or the cases of females allowing themselves to fall pregnant ‘to have something to do, instead of going out to work!’ That’s very sad!

We realize that there is a strong biological and societal urge for young men and women to fall in love, marry and have children early in life, but if you are truly to use your angelic skills to help others and attain spiritual growth in your life, you need to take control and create a viable, exciting life for yourself now. You can always have children when you are older, with hopefully, your ideal Twin Flame partner.

Young male and female Starseeds unconsciously know that they incarnated for a higher reason and that life must have purpose, but they often don’t know how to find this and so just follow the leader and submit to everyday fads, fashions and trendy pursuits. Now is the time to think about who you truly are and where you are going. Don’t waste this lifetime with trivial things; make this life count, you are important!

[]Chapter Three

The Family

Spirit has told us in numerous channelled messages that “Families are the best resource and easiest way to learn about life, love, hate, jealousy, resentment and death! You have to live in one to survive and you learn to make compromises and learn diplomacy with others. And remember always, you chose your family before you incarnated!”

Families today come in all shapes and sizes from the traditional mother, father and children – to single parent families, same sex couples, extended families and more! Each kind of family can teach you valuable lessons in life!

In the future, it is predicted that families will become smaller with a single parent having only one or two children; divorce will be so common that most men and women will expect several marriages in their lifetime. They will marry their first partner in their early twenties, then divorce and remarry in their late thirties or forties, later divorcing and remarrying for the third time, in their fifties or sixties.

Marriage contracts will be legal and homosexual couples will be able to marry and have all the usual marriage rights, in most countries. Many more men and women will be attracted to both males and females displaying bisexual and metra-sexual behavior. The men will like fashion and female interests while the women will mend cars and enjoy formerly masculine activities. As one lesbian woman told us, “I fall in love with people not genders!”

It is hoped that as the number of children in the world declines, so people will treasure them more highly than they do today. Having a child will become a social privilege and his or her raising a community responsibility.

In the future, no child will go hungry or live in poverty. Our world responsibility to provide food, fresh water, medical facilities and education will become a major issue. We will become appalled at our earlier disregard for the children of the developing world dying at 21,000 per day!

With humanity’s entry into the lower fourth dimension will come a greater conscience about the welfare of others. We can no longer hide behind our rich, Western standards and dismiss the welfare of others as ‘none of our business!’ The fourth dimension makes us realize we are One with everyone from the starving child in Africa to the rich old man, next door!

Many of us will begin to volunteer for organizations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) or support children through World Vision or other charities. We can’t just sit back and ignore those in poverty and dire straits. You incarnated to make the world a better place, so start now by helping someone else!

As for now, you can either learn to resolve any problems with your own family with the help of mediators or release them from your life and go forward without their influence.

You may wonder, “Why would I choose these particular people to live with?” The answer is – to learn certain lessons that you haven’t experienced before in previous incarnations.

For instance, John came to see us very upset at his family. They had rarely ever supported or encouraged him and often thwarted his plans to succeed. “Why would I have chosen such awful people as parents and siblings?” he asked us.

His parents were a typical down-to-earth, drunken couple with little education or money. His brothers and sisters often fought with him and tried to sabotage his future plans. John learnt to hate their lifestyle and wanted to get out of the house, as soon as possible.

Under hypnosis, it was revealed that John had met all these individuals before. He had incarnated to Earth a dozen times and each time, one of his parents or siblings was a rival or foe. Before getting on with his life path, he had decided to end his karmic ties with them, forever. He didn’t want them negatively influencing him, ever again!

We always encourage men and women to write a list of what lessons their family has taught them. Your immediate response may be – ‘None!’ But when you think about it, they may have taught you – good diet, hygiene, certain sports, how to dress well, language skills, handyman tips, mechanical skills, homemaker skills, diplomacy, good manners, sharing resources, faith and much, much more! No family is completely bad or good, just a group of people!

We all create emotional chords, which tie us to our family members. John was taught how to release these emotional strings, forgive his family and move on with his life! He felt much freer after performing this exercise several times.

[]Forgiveness Meditation

1. Sit quietly and think of one sad or fearful episode in your life. Try to be objective and see yourself as both an observer and participant. Mentally, ask your angelic guides to help you to forgive, release, forget and trust.

2. Now open your heart with a pink light and send forgiveness to the person involved, (or your negative experience or fear) and yourself.

3. Feel a darkness and burden being lifted from your heart. Mentally, send it to the sun to be destroyed forever.

4. Mentally, tell yourself that you release this burden now and forever.

5. Now, decide to forget about this fear and learn to trust Spirit to help you through this experience.

6. Whenever you think of this fear or the person involved in the future, mentally say -

“I forgive, I release, I forget, I trust!”

We are sure that this exercise will help you to forgiveness. Practice it often.

[]Emotional Chord Removal

1. Imagine surrounding yourself inside a golden/white ball of light with you in the centre. This is your aura of protection. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths and relax.

2. Then -

Begin to slowly relax your head.

If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further and then relax it.

Begin to slowly relax your neck.

Begin to slowly relax your shoulders.

Begin to slowly relax your chest.

Breathe slower and lighter.

Begin to slowly relax your back.

If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further and then relax it.

Begin to slowly relax your upper arms.

Begin to slowly relax your elbows.

Begin to slowly relax your hands and fingers.

Begin to slowly relax your stomach and lower back.

If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further and then relax it.

Begin to slowly relax your thighs and pelvis.

Begin to slowly relax your upper legs.

Begin to slowly relax your knees and lower legs.

Begin to slowly relax your feet and toes.

3. Now allow all the stored energy in your body to drain out from your fingers and toes into space. Visualize it as a green energized light and continue to relax and still your mind.

4. Now, imagine that you are standing before a large special mirror, which displays to you any heart chords, which may be dangling from your heart region. See several damaged heart chords.

Pick-up a pair of imaginary gold scissors and ‘cut’ one of the damaged heart chords. Return the severed chord end to your own Heart Chakra in the centre of your chest and flood it with golden white light. This will help you to alleviate emotional stress and pain.

5. Try to imagine the person that you have been previously linked to. Send them Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. You feel the pain of the separation diminishing. You feel positive and loving to everyone!

6. Then -

Begin to slowly tighten your head.

Begin to slowly tighten your neck.

Begin to slowly tighten your shoulders.

Begin to slowly tighten your chest.

Begin to slowly tighten your back.

Begin to slowly tighten your upper arms.

Begin to slowly tighten your elbows.

Begin to slowly tighten your hands and fingers.

Begin to slowly tighten your stomach and lower back.

Begin to slowly tighten your thighs and pelvis.

Begin to slowly tighten your upper legs.

Begin to tighten your knees and lower legs.

Begin to tighten your feet and toes.

7. Take three deep breaths and open your eyes.

Do not get up quickly or you may feel dizzy!

Practice this exercise until you gradually release and heal all of your old heart chords.

You will feel so much better for doing so.

Say the following affirmation several times, each day

“I release my old family hurts on all levels!”

Begin to see your parent, brother or sister, as a separate individual. Regard him or her with affection, but nothing more. As the chords are released, you will find that you will think of your painful past, less often.

When you do find yourself thinking of them, mentally wave them goodbye and think of something else that is pleasant, such as success in a new job etc.

When you have decided what particular good and negative lessons your family members have taught you, forgiven and released them, then look at how you will treat your future family, when you are the mother or father. Will you be similar to your own parents? Will you raise your children in a very different way? Will you learn from your family’s mistakes?

The extended family is no longer as relevant today, as young couples want their space and to be able to live their own way without scrutiny from older relatives. However, as many couples choose to both work, the importance of grandparents, as responsible and loving care-minders will grow. It is hoped that the Starseeds will also learn to value their wisdom and learn from their experiences!

Preschools will increase in large numbers to cater for two working parents and to aid single mothers return to work. The once humble job of babysitting will take on a new status in society and be better paid.

The future will be full of new inventions, better health services, better educational facilities and more free time to spend with your family members. What will you do with these amazing resources? Make a list of ideas for your future family life and hopefully live them!

[] I Want For My Future Family?

1. .…………………………………………………………

2. .…………………………………………………………

3. .…………………………………………………………

4. .…………………………………………………………

5. .…………………………………………………………

6. .…………………………………………………………

7. .…………………………………………………………

And I will make it happen!

It is said by many sociologists that the division between the poor and the rich is growing dramatically, in both the Western and developing countries. Astrologers have also indicated that in this 21st century that the separation between the have and have-nots is increasing and will eventually result in a few hundred thousand rich people ruling the lives of billions of poor people. Equality will be a forgotten quality and servants and underlings more common.

This is not a future most of us would want to create – a future with limited resources and opportunities for the poor and only privileges, clean fresh water etc, for the very rich. Even the rich will have to live in a dusty, hot world with little vegetation, water or natural beauty.

We must ensure that we do not let the current natural gifts of clean water; fresh air and abundance disappear, for we will all be the losers.

Economists believe that a mere $7, spent on family planning methods worldwide, will result in a saving of one tonne of carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. Less people, less CO2! This is particularly valuable in countries such as U.S.A., China, India and Russia.

Combined with new ideas to help poorer farmers cope with climate change, such as new crops and fertilizers, this should result in better living standards for all people in the future. There are approximately 7.3 billion on Earth and with care, we can possibly sustain 10 billion. However populations higher than that will result in chaos. The Earth’s population is currently growing by 75 million per year. How long can we put our heads in the sand?

In Japan, the birth rate is only 1.4 per woman, but in many developing countries, the population birth rates are exploding with most couples having at least five children, with approximately 850 million people on Earth, they do not have enough to eat!

We need to implement workable incentives for people to limit their number of children in the future, while providing them with adequate resources. The Grameen bank offers credit to poor people especially women, for business opportunities, in Pakistan. Incentives, education and good birth control are the answers to limiting our population growth, while providing everyone with a good standard of living.

In the 14th century, the Black Death killed 30% of Europe’s population, over 75 million people! Let us not allow the same number of people to die through malnutrition and disease due to our lack of compassion and apathy!

Spirit has said -

“You began as beings in a garden, do not end as beings in a wasteland!”

[]Chapter Four


Everyone wants to live a full healthy life and the coming thirteen years will be bursting with new medical breakthroughs, cures and methods of maintaining good health.

Life spans are growing longer for both men and women in the West as good food, healthy living conditions and medicines improve our lives. In the 1950’s men were expected to live to 60 years of age and women to 70 years. Now men and women born in the 2000’s are expected to live to 78 (men) and 82 (women) and many will live to over a century!

As the gender divisions in jobs become less, many men are working at less physical jobs and this is increasing their life spans, due to better health. Women on the other hand, are taking on many formerly masculine jobs in management and suffering stress-related illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes due to high blood pressure!

Breakthroughs in cancer cures and the use of medical organ transplants mean that many men and women will live beyond 100 years to 120 or even longer. Better sanitation and hygiene in developing countries, mean that many more babies and small children, will survive early childhood. But there is still a great discrepancy between the Developing World and the First World mortality rates with a person generally living 10 to 20 years longer, under First World conditions. Where do people live the longest? In Japan and Switzerland!

In the next thirteen years, medical breakthroughs will make life spans longer, health conditions better and provide on-going medical services to underserviced nations. Diseases such as AIDS and Bird Flu and other infectious outbreaks will be treated quickly and humanely. Organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and active groups such as Medecins Sans Frontieres will take the latest medicines and medical techniques into areas of poverty and war.

How can we help? By supporting charities and causes that help in developing countries and sponsoring children who will have a better life, because of your one dollar a day! We support World Vision, but there are numerous other charities that can benefit from your support. By helping a child somewhere, you are making your existence on Earth count!

There are also now available package tours to these countries where volunteers work by helping the locals by teaching, building and sharing experiences. Now that’s a novel holiday!

The International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA) volunteerinternational.org provides you with extensive information to help you decide on a volunteer organization and program that will ensure your volunteer experience is positive and worthwhile. Some unscrupulous people arrange visits to areas, where ‘genuine orphans and poverty’ is staged, so make sure that your visit truly counts by checking first that the charity that you are helping is fully registered in that country. Do good wisely!

Here are some amazing medical breakthroughs that are currently being worked upon and will be available soon to all. Doctors will soon be able to easily read your genetic profile for a few hundred dollars, while our mobile phones will be able to monitor our health.

Specially made tracksuits can now monitor a pregnant woman and her babies health with inbuilt sensors. Invented at the Cornell University, heart rate and blood pressure can be monitored and an added smart phone app can signal help, if unusual symptoms occur. Keep fit gadgets that monitor our vital signs and activities are currently available and this will extend into tracksuits and body monitors that can alert authorities, if we grow suddenly ill.

Micro-machines invented at Berkley, California have already journeyed through a mouse stomach and delivered gold particles to a specific region. In the future, it is hoped that by using these microscopic machines, doctors can deliver drugs safely and accurately to specific areas and organs in the body.

Overweight? Scientists have developed an obesity device, which can be implanted in the body, to block hunger signals via the vagus nerve to the stomach with a 9% decrease in weight.

Australian scientists have successfully preserved and transplanted hearts from cadavers that have died in the last twenty minutes. Formerly this was a live person-to-person operation. This will reassure many relatives of donors that the donor was given full medical care, up until their deaths.

It has been discovered that organs in our body can smell odors and this can help speed-up healing. The best scent for healing is apparently sandalwood, long used by Indians for healing and spiritual protection!

A woman who had cancer was recently given a measles vaccine overdose and it sent the cancer into remission. Scientists have known for a long time that they can give a virus intravenously and destroy metastic cancer in mice. Breakthroughs such as these, may lead to new cures for this formerly deadly disease in humans.

Using the latest technology, surgeons working on a skull deformity made a perfect plastic copy of the needed skull part by using a 3 D printer. The patient, who had lost her vision and felt increased pressure on the brain, now has returned to good health and is back at work!

Four girls who suffered from a rare genetic disease were fitted eight years ago with artificial, lab grown vaginas made from their own muscle tissue that are now functioning well. This is a marvelous breakthrough in lab-grown organs that will free children, men and women to live more normal and healthy lives!

In the USA, a new prosthetic arm allows electrical signals from the patient’s muscles to translate and move the arm to perform intricate movements. The DEKA arm allows people to move and stack items and shake hands. More importantly, it allows the patient to feed him or herself and gives them a greater sense of independence.

The bionic eye, known as the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System is the world’s first implanted device to treat people with retinitis pigmentosa, one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. The new bionic eye consists of a device implanted into the eye, a video camera in a pair of glasses and a video processing unit carried by the patient. It is expected as research continues, that the bionic eye will be improved, as each decade passes, leading to sight breakthroughs for many currently blind patients.

All these new breakthroughs and inventions have made leaps and bounds in the cure and aid, to ill or disfigured patients. It is expected by 2028 that even more miraculous treatments and inventions will be available to us all.

One problem that does continue to alarm experts is the overuse of antibiotics that now allow superbugs to flourish that are resistant to all forms of penicillin. Golden Staph infections in hospitals make many sick people even sicker and are resilient to many new drugs.

Many livestock such as pigs and cows also have antibiotics added to their daily feed, which can be transmitted to the consumer. Hormones added to chickens for instance, have been found to grow breasts in small boys! It is essential that the food we consume is healthy and medicine free!

In the nineteen-fifties, most men were thin and well toned naturally, through hard physical work, walking to work and mowing the lawn with an unpowered hand-mower, at the weekend. Everyone ate relatively unprocessed food and while it was your standard ‘meat and three veg’, most people were full and healthy.

Over time, society’s food habits have changed and now include many ethnic based dishes, which is great for variety, but if you can’t enjoy them because you worry endlessly about the ‘carbs’ and ‘calories’, what is the point?

Vegetarianism has become more popular and there are new varieties of soy, quinoa and vegetable-based food coming on to the supermarket shelves each week. We can now enjoy a good tasty sausage or fillet without feeling guilty about depriving an animal of its life. Most higher-dimensional races do not eat meat. They respect all life and find the vibrations of meat disagreeable. We shall examine the impact of eating the humble burger in our chapter on the environment.

Finding balance in your life is an important issue that should concern us all, but so often men and women live totally unbalanced lives. Some people give too much time to physical activities and rarely exercise their brains, while others drown in emotional situations and rarely exercise their bodies or their brains. While most people completely forget to exercise their souls! Let’s examine these four aspects of ourselves.

[]The Four Aspects of Life

Firstly, you are not an animal and you have not been born randomly, with any other purpose except survival. You are a magnificent angelic creature who has come to Earth in human disguise, to learn lessons not easily available on the Higher Spiritual realms. However, like many people, your life is probably terribly unbalanced! What do we mean by this? Well, Spirit has told us that our lives should be made up of four equal parts. They are -

1. The Physical Body

2. An Emotional Process

3. A Mental Process

4. Spiritual Beliefs

In most people, these four aspects are not in balance. Most of their time and energy is given to the physical, then the emotional, then the mental and finally a little time to the spiritual. As a spiritually motivated person, you need to be balanced in these four aspects. You also need to become balanced, for better health.

We encourage you to divide your time into four equal parts, giving less time to the physical pursuits of life – eating, sleeping, exercising, working etc and more time to mental, emotional and spiritual activities.

Emotional activities should be positive not negative. Dwelling on past hurts and pains are not to be encouraged. Positive plans and affirmations for the future and the immediate NOW should be emphasized. When people dwell unnecessarily on emotional pain, they create sicknesses within their body e.g. stomach ulcers and skin rashes.

Mental activities should also be based on positive thoughts. The mind affects the physical body. Dwelling on negative, gloomy thoughts encourages the body to manifest diseases and accidents. We encourage you to read positive uplifting books, watch motivating films, engage your thoughts on contented images and mental activities.

Spiritual activities should inspire you. Mundane spiritual worship or activities should be discarded. We encourage you, no matter what religion, to discover a communication to Spirit, which inspires you and uplifts you. Spiritual connection should be interactive not passive.

Most religions encourage prayer and meditation. Use positive prayer in an unusual setting. Speak to Spirit in a more direct, loving way and listen for an answer! Meditate with an open mind. Let Spirit reach you through whatever method they wish. Be aware of their communication, whether it is through a friend’s spoken word, something you read or hear on television.

Join with others of a similar mind for discussion and development. Live your religion, spirituality and philosophy. Balance all four aspects, for better health!

Most people use the physical aspect, the emotional aspect and the mental aspects often. But how often do you use your spiritual aspect and if so, how often in a week?

A recent survey, we conducted showed that many Spiritual or New Age people, who considered themselves very spiritual or religious, devoted only 2 hours of their week to their spiritual activities. Others gave only a few minutes here and there and some people, none at all! Even those who attended church services admitted that their thoughts were more often on their next meal or emotional problems, rather than the service, prayer or meditation!

Here is what your daily chart of Balance should look like -

[]Physical Activities

1. Walking

2. Sitting

3. Sleeping

4. Working

[] Your Current Physical Activities

1. ………………………………………………………

2. ………………………………………………………

3. ………………………………………………………

4. ………………………………………………………

Future Goal is 25%

[]Emotional Activities

1. Loving

2. Happy

3. Bored

4. Desiring

[] Your Current Emotional Activities

1. ………………………………………………………

2. ………………………………………………………

3. ………………………………………………………

4. ………………………………………………………

Future Goal is 25%

[]Mental Activities

1. Thinking

2. Studying

3. Learning

4. Planning

[] Your Current Mental Activities

1. ………………………………………………………

2. ………………………………………………………

3. ………………………………………………………

4. ………………………………………………………

Future Goal is 25%

[]Spiritual Activities

1. Meditate

2. Prayer

3. ESP

4. Spirit Contact

[] Your Current Spiritual Activities

1. ………………………………………………………

2. ………………………………………………………

3. ………………………………………………………

4. ………………………………………………………

Future Goal is 25%

Now, how can you balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life for better health? We recommend -

[]Physical Aspects

1. Walking instead of driving

2. Exercising to music

3. Dancing

4. Bike riding with friends

5. Hiking

6. Gardening

7. Mowing

8. Washing windows

9. Doing housework

[]Emotional Aspects

Develop a range of emotions each day. Don’t wallow in sadness or disillusionment; instead experience joy, hope, faith, compassion and unconditional love. How?

1. By helping others

2. Joining charities and causes

3. Meeting with happy people

4. Playing with pets

5. Watching uplifting movies

6. Reading your favourite books

7. Listening to positive uplifting music

[]Mental Aspects

1. Read

2. Write

3. Examine

4. Explore

5. Study

6. Plan

[]Spiritual Aspects

1. Join a Spiritual development class

2. Read spiritual books

3. Watch spiritual/fantasy movies

4. Discuss spiritual subjects with like-minded friends

5. Connect with nature

6. Meditate daily

7. Record your dreams

You can learn to be well balanced and live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle where you are happy, helpful to others, intelligent, caring and physically healthy. There is nothing wrong with a well-toned, strong body but it should be accompanied by a healthy mind, spirit and emotions! Don’t you agree?

Advances in the understanding of the human body and genes will allow us more medical breakthroughs that will end many former deadly diseases and allow children to thrive to adulthood. Our lives will become longer and healthier. It is essential then that we are also mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit to meet the coming demands of the 21st century, if the human race is to continue to progress.

Spirit has told us -

“Value your health and keep a happy, open mind. Act with unconditional love for others and maintain a pure mind and loving heart and you will live successfully on Earth!”

[]Chapter Five

Travel and Finances

Travel is the new opiate of the masses. Everyone wants to go to Bali, Hawaii or visit Paris and London. Once a preserve of the rich, even ordinary workers can visit exotic locations and immerse themselves in unusual cultures.

Planes carry millions of people each year to their destinations and cruise ships are being built to handle the increase in passengers who want a luxury cruise. Large airbuses are being scaled down to smaller airplanes that are more fuel and cost effective to operate.

In the next thirteen years, pilots hope to be flying planes, which rise high enough to catch the powerful jet stream currents that encircle the Earth from west to east and make record speed-breaking journeys to major international airports.

On the other hand, a new plane hailed as the Sky Whale has three decks, ‘self-healing wings’ and would be bigger than the Airbus A380. The 755-seat aircraft would have a wingspan of 88 metres and is designed to break into pieces during a crash landing, to reduce loss of life.

What will be even more dramatic; will be passengers on their first flight into space. Entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson have already sold seats on the first Virgin Galactic space shuttle. While earlier models have shown major flaws and are not currently safe, by 2028, space travel may be quite ordinary and no longer a preserve of the rich. This may be followed by moon vacations and space trips, to see asteroids and comets pass by.

Huge luxury sea liners are the latest trend in sea travel. Some are over 200,000 tonnes and have as many as 16 decks with shops, pools and multiple gyms, restaurants and amusement centres, that keep the traveller occupied and entertained as they sail from port to port. They can carry over 6,000 passengers at a time.

What does international travel provide for the average traveller? We believe that travel offers experiences beyond men and women’s usual day-to-day existence. Meeting people from other cultures allows us a glimpse into how others live. Even seeing great poverty can make us feel satisfied with our own lives and hopefully inspire us to help others less fortunate.

Westerners who speak only English are often surprised at their own reactions to hearing voices and seeing instructions that are spoken and written in a completely foreign language. We realise somewhat painfully, that our homelands are not the centre of the universe! And we often see fellow travellers acting in a brash and ugly manner towards locals and realise that tolerance and good manners should be taken abroad with their visas and passports!

Some former beauty spots such as Bali, have become unfortunately, a haven for drunken and drugged teenagers to behave badly. Their excessive and outrageous behaviour is tolerated by the locals as they need the income but others reject this permissive behaviour as destroying their culture and seducing their own young people.

We believe that as responsible and spiritual travellers we should leave a kind, good mannered impression wherever we travel and act as unofficial ambassadors for our own country. Enjoy the new sights and culture, but don’t trash it!

Passports and visas may soon change from physical paper and cardboard to information kept in the ‘cloud’ on the World Wide Web. This will allow officials in each country ready access to personal information about each traveller and will cut down on costly paperwork in applying for passports and it can’t be lost or stolen!

Airport searches will become more sophisticated to stop illegal drug importation and terrorist activities. X-ray machines and drug and bomb detection scanners will become more common to stop these nefarious activities. We all want a safe flight!


The way in which men and women handle their finances is very different to earlier generations. The Starseeds want everything NOW! Credit cards allow them to purchase possessions, travel and pay for entertainment or study in a way that their grandparents never imaged.

Formerly debt was seen as bad and most people resisted purchasing things that they could not easily repay quickly. Homes and cars were perhaps the exception. Most couples started their young married life in a cheap apartment or rooms and gradually through hard saving, put a deposit on a small home. Their furniture was usually second-hand and they drove an old car.

In the 21st century, much of this mentality has changed. Now young couples both have new cars and modern smart apartments full of new furniture and the latest gadgets all bought on credit. Yearly holidays are also put on credit cards and the minimum payments made each month. It is estimated that the average American has credit card debts of at least $8000 and growing.

However credit card spending is increasing, at a time when the average wage is not increasing and credit card interest is growing rather than decreasing. Many people never pay off their original debts and the interest accruing does not allow them, to ever pay off their credit card completely! How has this come about and is it good for our society?

Remember we told you about most young people since 1969 have incarnated from higher dimensional planets where there is no war, no crime and everyone helps one another? Well, on those planets everyone has food, shelter, medicines and simple goods all for free. Everyone helps one another come to his or her full potential and the older citizens are happy to see the young ones play for a hundred years or so.

But with that, the young ones are not greedy or demanding. They have no need for money and travel is free. Kind-hearted people will always accommodate you for free in their homes. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?

Well, the Starseeds incarnate to Earth, still subconsciously remembering these paradises and how free and open everything and everyone was to them and they expect the same here, on Earth!

Unfortunately, Earth is no way as advanced or kindly, as the sixth dimensional planets. Here you are expected to pay your way with hard cash and gullible people are often ‘scammed’ by criminals. That is why the Starseeds are accumulating large debts to sate their current desires, not fully realising that one day, they will have to repay them!

Many are choosing to go legally bankrupt to end the financial strain, but this presents its own problems. After bankruptcy, most businesses won’t give them credit for at least five years and they will have a permanent mark against their credit record.

We have been often asked, “What is the morality of going bankrupt; is it okay or wrong?” from all we have been told in channelled messages from higher beings the attitude seems to be – “You make a debt, financial or personal – it must be repaid!”

The karmic debt of not repaying a debt will follow you through this life and into future lives, if it is not repaid! You are better to pay a debt off slowly, over many years than try to circumvent the payment by going bankrupt or as some Starseeds do – make their parents pay it off for them!

Can you become financially successful in a higher, moral way or does money taint everything and lower your spiritual vibration? Here are excerpts from our book ‘High Finance.’

Money is only Energy! Energy is everywhere and everything is made of energy. Yes, everything!

Whether you are attempting to manifest more money, overcome your financial blocks or have a little money saved, it is now time to look at how as a spiritual person you want to invest and use this money. You want to balance your spirituality and desire to help others and the planet with increasing or maintaining your finances.

Have you ever thought about where you save and invest your money rather than just the profits that you will make? Many banks, credit unions and investment services do not worry about where their particular profits are made, but you should!

As a spiritual person, do you want your hard-earned money invested in armaments, exploitation of underpaid workers or to aid the destruction of our ozone layer? We hope not! But unfortunately most bankers and accountants don’t care where the profits come from, just that they do come!

A number of smaller investment groups and credit unions etc. are realizing that many people want ethical banking practices and are now offering these services. It is well worth investigating this type of bank in your local region.

You can still make profits from your savings and investments but not at the cost of others lives or the planet being decimated! Many local credit unions and banks also help the local community with grants for groups and charity aid, so that is another avenue to investigate. Make your money work for you and others!

It is important in all financial deals that you act ethically and from a spiritual perspective. Many people hide behind what they regard as ‘legal’ actions and act unfairly to others. Spirit doesn’t care about the ‘legal aspects’ but the moral or higher aspects. Is your action loving and considerate to others?

If you can’t work out if a deal is fair or unfair, think of it the other way around. What would you feel if someone did the same financial action towards you? Would you be resentful and angry or happy at the compromise? Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and feel compassion and objectivity about your decision!

We have had over the years, a number of clients who are in the centre of legal challenges for inheritances or business matters. They often go on for decades, as each combatant believes that they are being stubborn for ‘the principle’ of the matter. We have seen these people manifest heart attacks, strokes and ulcers over their battles for more money.

At some point, you must ask yourself – is money worth your sanity and health? In most cases, a smaller amount accepted in the beginning would have left these men and women free to spend what they were given and remain healthy and mentally strong while maintaining good relationships with their family or business colleagues! Karma and the Universe will sort out the rest!

How can you help others to find financial security? Well you can help other women gain independence and support themselves and their families by investing in schemes such as a micro business loans, in Africa and India. A small amount of money, often only one hundred dollars or so, can change the life of a whole family. It’s not charity but a loan to buy materials or equipment to start a small business that will support them for years to come. Interested? Try https://donate.worldvision.org/small-business-loan-for-a-woman

Many men and women think that as a single person they can’t do anything. We heard a wonderful quote recently – “If you think something small can’t make an impression, you have never been in a darkened room at night with a mosquito!” Be that mosquito and make a difference!

We can use our money to travel the Earth and come to understand other cultures and create Unity and understanding with them or we can wallow in luxury and self-indulgence.

We can invest in ethical money creation schemes and donate to charity with an open heart, or we can hoard our money or accrue great debts; the choices are our own. But we must always realize that money and travel are both tools used to teach us lessons and hone our spirits hopefully, to something higher and more loving.

Make sure that in your financial tests that you make higher choices and pass the tests with flying colours!

[]Chapter Six

The Environment

Many people are completely oblivious to the major predicament that our Earth is currently experiencing. Never has the planet been so abused and neglected, yet many people deny climate change worries and believe that their lifestyle and future is indestructible. Unfortunately, Spirit has a completely different outlook and we would do well to take attention of their dire warnings!

The Greeks regarded Gaia, as the Earth Goddess ensuring the fertility of the soil and helping crops grow. She was also known as the mother of all the Greek deities. She later had a union with Pontus and the sea gods were born. Her Roman equivalent was the goddess Terra. She was a golden being of great beauty and fertility. She is still regarded as the spirit of Earth.

The knowledge of Gaia, her abilities and concerns has been revived by our interest in the ecological systems of Earth and humanity’s problems with conservation of the waterways, soil problems, air pollution and diminishing ice caps.

We can align ourselves with her caring spirit and help en masse to make changes on Earth that on a macro and micro level will reverse our pollution and degradation of the air, soil and waters. What could be a nobler cause?

We often take our daily habits for granted never realizing that each action can have an accumulative negative impact on the planets well being. It can be as simple as letting a tap drip and lose litres of water each day or using unnecessary petrol to drive a distance that we could easily walk for exercise.

Such an example is the destruction of the magnificent Amazon forests in South America for cattle production to create the humble hamburger. We have recently heard of plans for the Ecuadorian government to drill for oil on 4 million virgin hectares in the Amazon basin, displacing the native tribes and decimate the vegetation. We have protested through Avaaz.org at https://www.avaaz.org/en a wonderful online organization for Earth and human rights. You too, can make your voice felt!

It may interest you to know that your one cup pre-work latte coffee takes 200 litres of water to produce (growing, harvesting, transport etc). And a six a day black coffee habit contributes 175 kilograms of CO2 to the environment each year, equivalent to a flight from London to Rome!

It’s time that we all worked on finding ways of producing simple food essentials that don’t add additional destructive carbon to the ozone layer.

On a further astonishing note, sociologists have found that in the U.S. households throw away 30% of their uneaten food per week, worth over $8 billion per year. While 15 million tonnes of CO2 is produced each year by waste food in the U.K. alone, this is thrown out as rubbish!

We have all become so used to having excess in the Western nations that we don’t use 1/3rd of the food we buy. Yet we complain bitterly about the cost of it! Let us all begin to use less and be thoughtful about its disposal. Millions of children die each year from hunger in developing countries, yet the West goes on its merry way over consuming to the point of madness, while inventing new ways to kill others!

What can we do?

Watch our own personal and family consumption of food and beverages. Are they carbon friendly? Are they grown locally and don’t need heavy transport.

Don’t waste food. Use it all up or freeze meals for another day.

Use food scraps such as peelings, for compost in our gardens.

Grow our own fruit and vegetables that are so much tastier than supermarket produce!

Join a group that buys in bulk and cuts the cost of groceries.

Buy food products without wrappings and use paper or cotton bags not disposable plastic carry bags.

Buy organic fruit and vegetables not massed-produced, waxed or genetically modified

Join groups such as World Vision at https://www.worldvision.org/ or Save the Children at https://www.savethechildren.net/ to help hungry children and families in developing countries.

You may also like to look at how your home is powered and your energy and water consumption. What we do on a micro level effects the macro workings of the planet.

Todmorden, a small town in West Yorkshire in the U.K. has embarked on a project to make every available free space into food producing gardens, including even the cemetery and the town square. They hope to be fully food self-sufficient by 2018!

Here are some more easy tips to help Gaia -

Become vegetarian! A vegetarian diet uses half an acre less than a meat diet to produce.

Don’t trade in your old television set for a larger one! Wide screen televisions can issue more than one tonne of CO2 per year each.

Don’t use artificial air fresheners. Six plug-in air-fresheners give out 28 kilogram of CO2 per year. Use natural oils such as lavender, rose or orange.

Choose your toilet paper carefully! Toilet rolls from non-sustainable forests are depleting the world’s older forests.

Don’t use that patio heater! Patio heaters used for 4 hours, give out 10 kilograms of CO2 and most of their heat is wasted!

Think before throwing out old garments! Most garments are used only 1/3rd of their lifespan before being discarded. The garment industry in a country like the U.K. produces over 3 million tonnes of CO2 per year. We suggest that you recycle them by giving them to charity shops.

Don’t wash clothes so often! The average household in the West uses half a tonne of CO2 emissions on washing five loads of laundry per week, over a year.

Change to green energy for electricity. If possible make your own free energy using solar panels.

Use less water. Don’t flush every toilet and don’t leave water running when it’s not necessary. Water is becoming the world’s most valuable resource!

We can all make a difference by thinking globally and acting locally!

Many modern homes can be built ‘green’ by using more natural and less carbon-producing materials. They can be faced towards cool breezes eliminating the need for air-conditioning or made of materials that store heat in colder climates. If you are thinking of building a new home, why not think ‘green and Gaia friendly’ and save money and help the planet!

Gaia says -

“Let your homes be a testament of your desire for a green, wholesome planet, strong and healthy. Revolution starts with one person and can influence many in the long run, so begin your mini ecological revolution now!”

It is time that we, in the 21st century re-establish a strong connection with Gaia and her love of nature, before we irreversibly destroy millenniums of careful conservation and natural harmony. Are you prepared to welcome her back into your life and begin to live a more consciously harmonious existence with Gaia?

Here is an exercise to meet Gaia in meditation and hopefully open your heart to helping the Earth prosper.

[]Meeting Gaia

1. Imagine surrounding yourself in a golden/white light shaped like a large egg with you in the centre. This is your aura of protection and safety.

2. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths and relax

3. Then -

Begin to slowly relax your head.

If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further and then relax it.

Begin to slowly relax your neck.

Begin to slowly relax your shoulders.

Begin to slowly relax your chest.

Breathe slower and lighter.

Begin to slowly relax your back.

If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further and then relax it.

Begin to slowly relax your upper arms.

Begin to slowly relax your elbows.

Begin to slowly relax your hands and fingers.

Begin to slowly relax your stomach and lower back.

If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further and then relax it.

Begin to slowly relax your thighs and pelvis.

Begin to slowly relax your upper legs.

Begin to slowly relax your knees and lower legs.

Begin to slowly relax your feet and toes.

4. Now allow all the stored energy in your body to run out from your fingers and toes into space. Imagine it as a green light and continue to relax and still your mind.

5. Imagine that you are standing in front of a large pool of crystal-clear water in a beautiful garden of colourful flowers and tall trees. It is a warm, summer’s day. You ask to meet Gaia, the Guardian of Earth.

6. A beautiful glowing Angel comes and stands beside you. She glows with a silvery light and smells nice!

7. You tell this special friend that you are trying to understand and work with creating a harmonious balance with nature and ask for her help in this task. The angel nods and points to the pool of water. Now look deeply into the pool and watch your reflection change to that of a powerful, loving nature-loving person!

8. Now ask Gaia to help you over the next few months to discover more about your spiritual self, your psychic powers and your connection with the Earth. The angelic guide agrees with a smile. Gaia may tell you about herself and her heavenly duties or touch you with an angelic touch.

9. Now relax and remain calm for five minutes.

10. Then -

Begin to slowly tighten your head.

Begin to slowly tighten your neck.

Begin to slowly tighten your shoulders.

Begin to slowly tighten your chest.

Begin to slowly tighten your back.

Begin to slowly tighten your upper arms.

Begin to slowly tighten your elbows.

Begin to slowly tighten your hands and fingers.

Begin to slowly tighten your stomach and lower back.

Begin to slowly tighten your thighs and pelvis.

Begin to slowly tighten your upper legs.

Begin to tighten your knees and lower legs.

Begin to tighten your feet and toes.

11. Take three deep breaths and open your eyes.

Do not get up quickly or you may feel dizzy!

Protecting Mother Earth is perhaps the most important challenge that we can take on in our lives. We should all become spiritual warriors for Gaia, before it is too late!

[]Chapter Seven

Mass Communication

What is the mission that all Starseeds have come to Earth, at this time to fulfill? Unity on all levels! That means a constant mental union with all other like-minded Starseeds. Without it, they soon feel abandoned and lost.

On the higher dimensional planets relationships with others is a prime concern. Everyone is taught from childhood to respect everyone else and to care for strangers, as you would your immediate family members. This helps create Unity.

If you were to travel throughout a higher dimensional planet, even as a stranger, you would be offered shelter, food and companionship by the other inhabitants. There is almost no crime on these planets, so theft, verbal abuse and physical violence etc. do not exist. Everyone can live freely and safely and have the support of others in all their endeavours.

Therefore when ex-higher dimensional beings incarnate to Earth, they are often shocked and confused by Earth situations. They were not expecting people to try to take advantage of them, abuse them physically or mentally and not support them in their ventures. Many sensitive Starseeds find Earth – a very frightening and lonely place!

This is why many of them having found some security and comfort at home with their parents and siblings and are now reluctant to leave home and live alone. They are used to the stress-free, loving lifestyle, where their family is willing to support them in their lifestyle and ventures indefinitely.

In many ways, a forty year old Starseed currently on Earth is equal in age, to a twenty-year-old from earlier eras, such as the 1950’s and 60’s. So expecting them to behave like a ‘grown-up’ is unrealistic, as they still want to play and have a leisurely life. It is wise if they marry later and raise children in their late thirties or forties, when they become more responsible.

These children often find our schools and children’s groups (scouts and sports) difficult to endure. They are not used to being confined from 5 years onwards, in a brick building with 30 other children and taught lessons, in a manner that does not capture their interest or attention.

On the higher planets, they are taught by gentle scholars in small groups. Their attendance is voluntary and lessons are light-hearted and interactive. They often have one or two close friends.

You may have noticed that in some Western cultures, schools are changing from their traditional methods of teaching to more interactive and stimulating lessons with students electing what they will or will not learn and using new technologies to get their points across. Some no longer rely on pens and paper but rather, interactive computers and tablets. This is a result of ex-higher dimensional beings using their minds and attitudes to change the education system!

In Eastern cultures where scholastic brilliance is revered, however, these confused youths often try to ‘buck the system’ by dropping out of school, at an early age or reacting in a drastic way. The Hikikomori or ‘Shut-ins’ are Japanese teenagers who refuse to leave their rooms (many for years at a time) and only engage with their computers.

Their parents see their refusal to go to school or work as a ‘disgrace’ and so reluctantly, feed, nourish and endure the fact that their wayward son or daughter won’t conform!

These confused children and adults want Unity with others at any cost. This is why they are constantly communicating electronically with other Starseeds. In this current era, they keep in contact through twitter, social web pages, smart watches, mobile phones and the Internet. On planets such as the Pleiades, this contact is done telepathically through mental messages. Electronic devices are not needed!

Even young children often have access to electronic iPads and tablets and they are very attracted to using the computer. While they may use these electronic objects to read books or watch movies, they love the feeling of being in touch with other like-minded children, best of all.

At many schools, frustrated teachers have had to ban the use of mobiles and such gadgets, during school hours as it is estimated that a teenager will check his or her electronic messages every five minutes! Perhaps, the poor teachers would do better twittering their lessons to the students!

Creating Unity is helping to end racism, sexism and other feelings of difference. Many young children love having a page on one of the social media websites such as Facebook. It is another way of creating Unity with others.

However, pedophiles have often used these children’s sites to ‘groom’ the vulnerable children for sexual meetings. It is important that parents monitor these pages regularly for improper use. Terrorists also use the internet to ‘groom’ and influence young impressionable youths to commit deadly acts. Be aware at all times, that even a force for good can be perverted!

Unfortunately, many of these sensitive children may be bullied, in person or by cyber-bullies. There are an increasing number of sensitive children committing suicide through the constant barrage of negative and cruel comments sent to them by young bullies. They are also more unlikely to fear death, as they believe it is just a change from one conscious state to another.

How can you deal with such ugly behaviour by others? By encouraging from an early age, communication between yourself and your sensitive Starseed child, so that if bullying or other problems occur, the child knows that you will react calmly to their worries and not make the problem worse!

There is currently a phenomenon known as FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out! Starseeds constantly photograph themselves at concerts, restaurants and with other people and use their mobile phones to send these ‘selfie’ images to others or post them up on social network sites. It is a way of them validating their existence and proving that they are part of a larger group of people. Those that can’t attend significant events feel depressed and no longer part of the bubble of Unity.

Spirit has told us that in time, brain implants will allow people to mentally contact others and watch newscasts and movies. That way all Starseeds can be in constant Unity with each other. These mental tags would also be useful in finding lost children or missing adults. Some people fear that this would be in fact, the mysterious ‘666 – symbol of the beast’, mentioned in the Bible that each human would be made to wear. What do you think? Tag or no tag?

This desire for Unity at all costs, will in hopefully in time, encourage the use of natural mental telepathy without gadgetry. This is a psychic skill that we all can practice. Stop during your busy day and attempt to pick up thoughts from the people around you. When a telephone rings, try to guess who it is. You may be surprised at how accurate you are!

The future will certainly be interesting! We can all create unity with kindness, openness and tolerance and start this new venture with positive intent!

[]Chapter Eight

Psychic Powers

Following on from our discussion of Unity, we can also reveal that many of the Starseeds have inherent psychic powers that they have not yet awakened! We encourage everyone to find their own special psychic skills, but to always use them for good and positive results!

To gain control of your mind and increase your psychic powers, you need to understand that you are not just made up of blood and sinew. You are much more than a body with a brain. We believe from all that we have observed, felt and been told by Advanced Masters that you are a multidimensional being of great power and spirituality.

We stress spirituality, as well as psychic ability, for we believe that they are intertwined. Yes, you can be purely psychic without being spiritual, but then your powers will be limited to the levels of psychic awareness – the third and fourth dimensions.

By spirituality, we do not mean belonging to an organization, religion or going to church. Instead, we mean that you believe in a higher power that connects all beings as One; that you are part of that power and that you want Good for all beings. This is being spiritual!

As we journey into the fourth dimension, many psychic powers will awaken. People are generally becoming more aware of psychic powers. Look at all the movies and television series about super beings and time travel, currently intriguing us all. We want these special powers and some people are already claiming them, as their own!

We do not believe that you have to be the seventh son of a seventh son to have these abilities, instead like everything worthwhile, you need to study them and learn gradually how to use and handle them. Just as you would learn to cook new dishes or become proficient at driving a car, you need to practice, practice and practice!

But there are aids to help you such as gem power! Gemstones can accentuate your powers and help stimulate chakric or psychic energy centres within yourself that help activate psychic powers.

The clear quartz crystal is the most widely used gemstone in healing and spiritual and psychic work. It is so powerful that it can often be substituted for other gemstones. It is aligned to the crown chakra at the top of your head.

Many people have only one gemstone to heal all the chakra areas of the body and the quartz crystal fits the bill!

However, as any healing session requires that you regularly cleanse your gemstones, we have found that you will actually need several.

The quartz crystal magnifies the energies being used. It can also work in unison with other gems to increase their healing or psychic abilities!

However, make sure that it is increasing positive energies, not increasing negative ones. Also cleanse your gemstone after each healing session, to avoid cross contamination of energies. Cleanse in pure sea-salt (table salt) or in the moonlight on an inside windowsill. (Put them outside and birds may steal them!)

The quartz crystal is also beneficial for the connection between the physical world and the mind and with it, you can communicate with all living things – animals, plants, minerals and spiritual forces. It enhances meditations and spiritual experiences.

If you wear this crystal in jewellery (it is very pretty and looks like diamond) make sure that once again, you often cleanse your jewellery. Many people forget this and walk around with accumulated negativity hanging around their neck or fingers!

What psychic powers can you activate at this time? There are abilities such as telepathy, astral travelling, manifestation of objects, psychometry (reading objects), crystal ball gazing, scryeing, alien contact, time travel, distance and hands-on-healing to name just a few. If you would like to know more about any of these psychic abilities please check out our website at http://www.divinepublishingaustralia.com/

As we mentioned earlier, the Starseeds love Unity and developing a special feeling of Oneness with all living things. Here is a special exercise for creating Oneness and once you have connected with others and accumulated some psychic energies, why not send it out into the world to do good?

[]Unity Exercise

1. Sit in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths and relax.

2. Then -

Begin to slowly relax your head.

Begin to slowly relax your neck.

Begin to slowly relax your shoulders.

Begin to slowly relax your chest.

Breathe slower and lighter.

Begin to slowly relax your back.

If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further and then relax it.

Begin to slowly relax your upper arms.

Begin to slowly relax your elbows.

Begin to slowly relax your hands and fingers.

Begin to slowly relax your stomach and lower back.

If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further and then relax it.

Begin to slowly relax your thighs and pelvis.

Begin to slowly relax your upper legs.

Begin to slowly relax your knees and lower legs.

Begin to slowly relax your feet and toes.

3. Now allow all the stored energy in your body to drain out from your fingers and toes into space. Visualise it as a green energized light. Continue to relax and still your mind.

4. Now imagine that you are sitting inside a large circle of men and women from many different cultures and races, representing all the peoples of the Earth, black, brown, red, yellow and white people. You have come together in a great council to unite as One. As the American Native Indians say – All my relations!

5. Now say aloud to the Universe -

“I wish to create Unity and friendship with everyone here!”

6. Continue to relax and maintain the calmness for ten minutes.

7. Now, imagine each person stepping forward and grasping your hands in welcome and friendship. Then imagine the peace pipe being shared around the circle. From above you would see a ring of white light developing and touching each person’s heart creating Unity and understanding.

8. Now, it is time to leave this meeting circle.

Begin to slowly tighten your head.

Begin to slowly tighten your neck.

Begin to slowly tighten your shoulders.

Begin to slowly tighten your chest.

Begin to slowly tighten your back.

Begin to slowly tighten your upper arms.

Begin to slowly tighten your elbows.

Begin to slowly tighten your hands and fingers.

Begin to slowly tighten your stomach and lower back.

Begin to slowly tighten your thighs and pelvis.

Begin to slowly tighten your upper legs.

Begin to tighten your knees and lower legs.

Begin to tighten your feet and toes.

9. Take three deep breaths and open your eyes.

Do not get up quickly or you may feel dizzy!

Practice this exercise once a month to create Unity in your world! You may like to perform this exercise to help you feel One with everything and experience this unique agape love!

And as you develop your Oneness abilities, you will find that you will a have stronger feeling of Wholeness within your life. You will begin to feel a stronger union with your partner, children, parents, friends, strangers and planet Earth, Gaia. Also by using your psychic abilities to create Unity, you will be raising your spiritual vibration and helping yourself to develop more of your innate spiritual and psychic powers!

[]Chapter Nine

Politics, Weapons & Peace

Most of us would like to live in a peaceful world with no wars or conflicts, no need for weapons of any kind and a place where everyone worked politically for the betterment of all humankind. But with over 20,000 years in the third dimension, this has still not happened, why?

Humans desire power, wealth and their own will on many issues. Many men have blazing yellow willpower chakras at their navels and are willing to go to war in order to achieve their own base desires. They may hide their personal ego-driven desires behind jingoistic calls for ‘home and hearth’, national protection and foreign threats, but really, they are just saying – ‘follow me and fulfill my desires for power, money and fame!’

We do not care what political party you favour; you can be right wing, left wing, conservative or green, but we do ask you, particularly women – to use your vote wisely! Think about the issues that concern you – peace, human and personal rights, taxes, welfare, health facilities, education/schooling etc and vote with your head and heart!

Be willing to change political parties if they don’t support your stance and vote in the opposing party, if they do. We must always remember that politicians are our elected representatives doing our work, not us blindly following them!

The increase in the number of women in politics over the last thirty years has changed the dynamics of many governments. Now women can have a say about their most pressing issues and they can sway the vote from a macho misogynist to a representative who understands and works for both men and women!

In Australia, we do not revere politicians, senators or even the country’s leader, as many other nations do and instead are happy to lampoon them and criticize them to their faces. Perhaps this comes from our convict heritage or the fact that Australians like to ‘cut down tall poppies’ and dislike pretentious people! We don’t see these people or their political positions as special and will happily complain, if they don’t do their jobs properly!

Try to look past the glitz and glamour of a political campaign and make sure the line that they are selling you, is truly, what will benefit you and society!

Spirit has told us -

“Let your leaders work with you to attain your goals and achieve fairness for all. Don’t just leave all decisions to them for then you are unwittingly allowing others to impose their will on you. Be always aware and question everything and then civil liberties can’t be lost!”

There was a time when only police officers and soldiers carried guns, but today it is estimated that approximately 33 percent of Americans own a gun. Add to this the rifles used for sport and hunting and the caches of 100,000 shotguns and machine guns collected by groups, we reach a massive number of 310,000,000 armaments held by citizens in one nation alone and the craze is rapidly spreading, to other countries across the world.

Over 30,000 men, children and women have been killed by privately owned guns in the USA this year alone! What are we so afraid of in our lives that we need guns as the solution?

Most gun lobbyists would argue that they need the guns to defend themselves from ‘others’. But if the ‘others’ didn’t have guns, the confrontations are unlikely to occur in the first place. They also cite ‘terrorists’ as a reason for having guns as a civilian, which is just ridiculous. In the few terrorist attacks in the USA or other Western countries, no one has thwarted an attack by having a gun! Think about it!

But the number of accidental deaths particularly of children who shoot other children is rapidly increasing. Over 861 accidental deaths were caused by guns in the USA last year. And the deaths of thousands of men and women were attributed to emotional, criminal and revenge shootings of innocent people. It’s time to stop this madness!

One negative effect of humanity slowly travelling into the fourth dimension is that many young people will experience more psychotic incidents. We have all seen the results of this in the mass killings of young students around the world – all by guns!

How can you, as a Spiritual Warrior on the side of Good, address this Evil?

By lobbying your politicians to support gun control and bring in very restrictive laws as to their ownership and use. You can do this by email or letter; after all, they are supposed to be there to serve as our representatives! A gun amnesty where guns could be surrendered would be an excellent idea, as would be very heavy fines and gaol for people keeping illegal guns and military implements, such fully automatic weapons, hand grenades and armour piecing bullets etc. Let the army do its work, not civilians.

Never ever, give a gun as a gift or encourage young adults or children to ‘glamorize’ guns. This also includes computer games in which the aim is to ‘kill’ opponents, as this quickly desensitizes the child to real life killing!

Teach your children to verbally spar with others and come to a healthy compromise, instead of seeking revenge or ending the argument in gunplay! Remember the old saying ‘The pen is mightier than the sword!’

Many men see having a gun as a ‘macho’ thing. It is time to educate your sons that this is a sign of an ineffectual male not a self-confident and mentally strong man. Refuse to have a gun in the house and let other people hear your ideas about a peaceful solution to problems.

By purchasing a gun, you’re helping to put billions of dollars into the arms manufacturers’ pockets. In this harsh economic climate, can’t you think of better things to spend your money on like food, shelter, utilities, education or charity?

Meditate and pray for the elimination of all guns and hostile situations in your country and the world. If enough people do this, synergy is formed and the number of people praying is multiplied by its own number. Eight people praying give out a ‘prayer energy’ of sixty-four and prayer does work! Form gun-free groups and make our cities, countryside and lives safer!

War is never honourable or right. It is a savage reaction to our will being provoked and again, puts billions of dollars into arms manufacturer’s pockets.

Many older Light workers will have lived through the Cuban Crisis of the 1960’s, when nuclear war seemed imminent. Everyone lived in fear and we collectively held their breaths, waiting for the first nuclear rockets to be seen overhead. Many people built fall-out shelters and imagined what they would do, if they had to shut out their neighbours, through a lack of space. Some people bought guns to make sure that they could survive!

We do not want to see this fear of annihilation hanging over our grandchildren and future generations, ever again. Wars divide people and Unity cannot occur, when you have an aggressor and a victim. Wars cause intolerance, pain and suffering and create huge amounts of negative karma that must be eventually repaid.

Karma works in its own mysterious way to frequently affect us, in our daily lives. No one can hide from karma, for it is simply the Universe’s relentless method of creating retribution or reward for our personal actions.

Karma can follow us through many lifetimes, as it is not limited by time or space.

Most surprisingly, we agree on a higher level to this unique manner of balancing the cosmic scales. Hurt someone in a past lifetime and you will have to repay it then or in the next life. In the fourth dimension, karma is speeding up and much will have to be repaid in this current lifetime, before we can all progress. It may surprise you to know that countries also hold karmic debts!

You may ask why some countries are rich and others poor and what you personally can do about this inequality? Here is what Spirit has told us -

“Many nations have created karma for themselves. Groups of people, who may have abused others, with their money in the past, may choose to incarnate to poorer developing countries in this life, to gain a perspective around poverty. In the U.S.A., many poor African Americans were white, wealthy slave dealers in their past lives. They are willingly experiencing, the opposite side of the coin.

If you visit an amusement park, all the rides are not the same, you need diversity. Earth is like that. It has wealthy countries and poor countries, poor neighbourhoods and rich neighbourhoods. Some people exchange poverty for riches, others don’t. Some people want to experience living close to nature in primitive societies, others want to live lives of comparative ease. All teach lessons.

If you are an aware person, you can use your personal power to move out of poverty, into at least a comfortable existence. This can be done by education or hard work. As always, you have choice.

Be aware, that you are in a specific country to learn a special lesson. Find out what that lesson is! Then once it is understood, you can choose to immigrate to another country, if you do not wish to be there. Use your heart and your head to improve your life!”

Wars are usually caused by religious intolerance, political differences, financial gain or ancient hostilities. The Starseeds and many Baby Boomer Light workers have worked on and overcome many of these deep-seated prejudices that lead us to war.

We are much more likely to judge a person’s worth by their kind actions and not by the colour of their skin. We have become more tolerant of other religious philosophies and customs. More adults travel overseas and see distant corners of the world and embrace new experiences, art, music and food of different societies. We are all becoming more cosmopolitan!

However, pockets of bigotry and intolerance remain in many towns and cities that can harm this growing Unity. Angry, disillusioned youths join organizations of hate such as neo-Nazi groups or fall into violent street gangs who prey on the vulnerable.

Yes, Spirit has told us that minor wars and conflicts will continue into the 21st century and many people will sacrifice their lives in order to make change, but it can be done with disarmament talks, sensible discussions and tolerance. Let us choose this peaceful and higher method of peace making over war and suffering!

This debased and evil Unity by terrorists and gun lobbyists, is an unfortunate side effect of their mission to create Unity amongst the people of Earth. These unaware urban terrorists are creating a very warped state of Unity that is not on the side of the Angels!

Many of us may still hold racist views or bigoted opinions about other races and religions that are no longer relevant to our society in the 21st century. Our parents, peers or teachers may have unconsciously influenced us to think negatively of others.

How can we overcome these instilled prejudices? By opening our hearts and minds to all men and women and asking forgiveness for our intolerant thoughts or actions. Forgiveness lightens your load! Remember “To err is human, to forgive is Divine!”

Practicing what we preach is essential in our daily lives. Stop and think before you make a racist or judgmental remark about a person or group of people. Find out the background to people protesting or acting badly. Are they frightened or angry? How would we react if we were dispossessed of our homes, land and family? Try to create Unity and peace and allow negative war-like feelings to dissipate. You are a dove not an eagle, let it go!

[]Chapter Ten

2029 Onwards

You may be asking by now, “Why are we mentioning the years from 2016 to 2028? Is there some significant event about to happen at the end of this thirteen year period?”

Yes! In 2029 after thirteen years of Hope, we will all have travelled fully into the fourth dimension and when an amazing astronomical event happens, humankind can make a great leap forward!

In 2029 AD and again, in 2036 AD, we will witness the passing of an asteroid called Apophis around the Earth. Apophis is approximately 325 metres in diameter. It will become quite close, in astronomical terms and while it will not strike the Earth or the moon nor create widespread damage, as the doomsday prophets fear, but it will herald in a new attitude to life for the Starseeds who will inhabit the Earth, at this future time.

Apophis is the name of the Egyptian god that fought Ra, the sun god each day. It is commonly seen as dangerous and confronting, but we believe that it will serve as a physical ‘wake-up sign’ for the billions of fourth dimensional Starseed men and women on Earth at that time. The time for fun, play and experimentation will be over and it will now be time, to go into action!

Generation X will be in their late 60’s; Gen Y will be reaching their 50’s; Gen Z will be in their thirties and forties and Gen A will be around 25 years of age. The Starseeds will be half way through their cycle into the fourth dimension and hopefully, heading for the fifth dimension. But if they are not, then Apophis will startle them into thought and action about their futures!

What can we expect from this new exciting era?

In our channelled messages from advanced spirits known as the Ascended Masters, we have been told -

“Almost every ten thousand years, again humanity begins the Ascension process. Sometimes failing, sometimes lifting, but always on the increase, to the Light. People falling into stages of darkness, but again mankind sees the Light and eventually works towards it.

You are of course, attempting to Ascend or raise your being higher and to eventually, on the twelfth dimension, re-unite with the Godforce. Yes, it is a long way from the third dimension to the twelfth dimension, but you can do it! Perhaps, not just in one lifetime, but over many incarnations on Earth. That is why we ask you to make the most of this rising into the fourth dimension and open both your mind and your heart, like an angel would!

In the fourth, you will see angels, hear angels sing, interact with your deceased loved ones, if you wish; gain psychic powers and use them to heal others, create equality for all and develop a loving closeness to everyone, family, friends and even strangers!

The Earth is on the threshold of becoming an awakened ‘golden age’ of love, respect and joy for all. Are you ready for this marvellous experience? Yes!”

Most of us will welcome the fourth dimension with open arms for it is a kinder, gentler, hopeful way of living, but some people will resent our pull away from materialism, wars and avarice.

Big business and powerful, male leaders will try to convince us that the third dimension is better than the fourth and try to stop the Ascension process. Each time, you resist the need for unnecessary consumerism and instead help another person or meditate instead of running out to buy a heavily advertised product; you are choosing the fourth dimension over the third!

When you care about the planet and climate change, you are choosing the fourth. When you sponsor a starving child in a Developing country, you are choosing the fourth. And when you speak with kind, loving words instead of angry ones, you are also adding to the Ascension process.

When you activate your higher dimensional psychic abilities such as your empathetic skills, you are displaying a fourth dimensional trait!

New healing techniques, new ways of growing crops to feed the hungry and new ways of thinking about other people’s are emerging.

We have been separated from each other for millenniums, now it is time to re-unite and create Unity, in the fourth dimension and remember our greatness, once more!

So dear friends, you now know why we are here on Earth – to Unify ourselves and to move forward on our Ascension process to a higher way of living and loving, once more. And this is why your psychic skills are being activated.

Look forward with eagerness not fear and be ready for these powerful years by acting in the next thirteen years, named ‘The Hope Years’ with tolerance, unconditional love and higher action. And then you will be truly ready for what comes next!”

We have been asked by many people, “Will we make more alien contact in the next thirteen years?” From all that Spirit has told us, our contact will increase but not as dramatic as a flying saucer landing on the White House lawn!

Have you noticed a subtle increase in official information about water being found on Mars and other asteroids and that next lichens etc could be found? And further news that Mars once had an atmosphere similar to Earth. These are all gentle ways of allowing ordinary people to assimilate the knowledge that there is life out there!

Why don’t they contact us now? Because as a wise man once said “The default setting for humankind is violence!” While we would still greet friendly alien visitors with guns and bombs, we are not ready for contact in a formal, open sense. They will not impose themselves on us, until we can interact with them as equals! But the time is growing closer and the coming of Apophis may be the beginning for this cosmic meeting!

Are you ready? We hope our ideas and Spirit’s wise channellings in this book have whetted your appetite and that you are now keen to develop your own psychic and spiritual powers, help others and live in an environmentally conscious manner. If so you will be ready for step number two – when Apophis arrives!

Love, Light and Hope

The Abbotts

Tony Abbott and Robyn Abbott

Copyright 2015

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Tony Abbott has been a professional clairvoyant, hypnotherapist, healer and self-development teacher. He is now a writer and the Managing Director of Divine Publishing Australia an independent electronic publisher & promoter of paranormal & New Age material.

[]Robyn Abbott

Robyn Abbott is a former spiritualist minister, clairvoyant and social welfare worker who now devotes her time to writing and publishing spiritual, psychic and self-help books.

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2016 to 2028 - The Hope Years - Preparing for Cosmic Changes!

  • Author: The Abbotts
  • Published: 2017-06-15 05:35:25
  • Words: 18810
2016 to 2028 - The Hope Years - Preparing for Cosmic Changes! 2016 to 2028 - The Hope Years - Preparing for Cosmic Changes!