20 Examples That You're Living Under a Soft Tyranny, by Don Gumball : edited



20 Examples You’re Living Under a Soft Tyranny


by Don Gumball

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1/ In spite of checks and balances like the Constitution and the Legislative branch of government, in the last 10 years the White House has issued over 38,000 regulations on its own (11,327 pages of Federal regulations under Obama by 2012).



2/ With all the coal plants shut down, fracking challenged in courts, XL pipeline from Canada squashed, energy rates (as Senator Obama predicted years ago under his proposed plans) have risen dramatically.

And they’re about to do it again.

In case you’re not following, that’s called Redistribution of Wealth (a pointless and detrimental practice of the Left)..


3/ Auto manufacturing, schools, health care, even bake sales and children’s lemonade stands are now under the heavy thumb of Federal control (thanks, President Obama). You can’t send your kids to school on their birthday with cupcakes and your son can’t ask for a second package of ketchup (too fattening under Michelle’s lunch programs), but the White House has a 24 hour pastry chef.


4/ The U.S military is at its lowest levels of function since before World War II. According to Senior Army leaders, readiness is at ‘historically low levels’ (Army Time, 3-12-25). With weak leadership at the top – and our enemies on the rise – America is not in a good position.


5/ Your neighborhood is under construction: specifically (at the direction of Pres. Obama) HUD is re-engineering neighborhood population based on economics and skin color. Lower income in richer neighborhoods, etc.

President Obama, in his seemingly infinite knowledge, thinks neighborhoods are not inclusive enough (Washington Post, June 15,2015). Of course, his own neighborhoods will remain untouched.



6/ President Obama (and First Lady) think Americans have prejudice in their DNA. He hopes to counter this tendency by unlawfully swelling the country with unvetted illegals and refugees. The so-called “browning” of America (a perverse attempt to make whites the minority by 2050) is cheered by his Vice President, et al.

Conversely (and with no sense of irony) , to prove that American nature is not at all prejudiced (!), he announces that turning away refugees embedded with terrorists is ‘not who we are’ and not in the American character.

Allowing a preponderance of Muslims – and an anemic number of Christians – into the country is apparently (at least according to the genius’ in charge) who we are.

As of 11/17/15, 2098 Sunni Muslims were admitted into the country (versus 53 Christians). (Breitbart.com)



7/ President Obama thinks the internet should be under Federal control. To that end, the FCC voted to regulate the internet service providers and introduce ‘net neutrality’ by a 3-2 vote (three Democrat liberals v. 2 Republicans, for those scoring at home). (2-28-15)

Obama has mentioned that he’d like to see an outside agency, perhaps the UN, police the world’s internet.



8/ Despite most of the country wishing to secure America’s porous borders, and in the face of Isis-embedded refugees that American’s clearly do NOT want, President Obama is shipping them over anyway.

America’s safety and a growing enemy threat pales in light of pure (simplistic) ideology.

The President feels he can ignore court orders and other legal maneuvers because he has no serious push back from the Republicans.


9/ Light bulbs, washing machines and dish washers, tires, gas , fuel, food, clothes, pillows, house construction, just about anything you can name is now under the crush of your government’s weighty thumb.

Banks have always been heavily regulated (but a convenient scapegoat when Congress screws up like introducing Dodd-Frank). There is even talk of “smart boxes” to regulate the heat or cold in your home and your water usage (and another smart box to monitor your car’s fuel intake as well as the places you drive to).

Need one more sobering statistic? In Maryland, there’s a tax on the rainfall on your roof (no, we’re not kidding).


10/ Free Speech (our precious First Amendment) is imperiled on our college campuses.

Like the marching in various towns over (so-called) police brutality to minorities, these are funded events paid and scriped by billionaire’s (like the execrable George Soros), who have a vested interest in America’s instability and unnatural decline. As the world burns, they make money.

President Obama --on several occasions -- has decried the surplus of radio and cable product with conservative messages (imploring his audiences to stop listening).

A dumbed down electorate is a pliant citizenry.



11/ Benghazi deaths, IRS scandal, VA administration debacle, the list goes on and on.

President Obama has promised to get to the bottom of each scandal, before dismissing them weeks later as non-issues.

Hillary Clinton signs a contract to protect confidential National Security material, and then runs it through a server in her barn.

When you shred the Constitution or lie about matters of National Security, and there’s really no opposition party, why bother with little things like moral character or integrity?

Today’s politicians for the most part have very little integrity.


12/ The Democratic Party began with slavery, worked its way through the KKK, Jim Crow laws, and significant opposition to both Civil Rights acts.

Ted Kennedy (the “lion of the Senate”) left a girl to drown in the backseat of his car while he went home to sleep it off. Bill Clinton was charged with rape (among other things).

But Republicans? Yeah, they’re racist and have a ‘war on women’.

Communist writer George Bernard Shaw once wrote that ‘if you robbed Peter to pay Paul, Paul will always be your friend.’

Sanctuary cities and open borders guarantee future welfare occupants eager to vote in whoever facilitates his slothful existence.



13/ No matter where you fall on the matter, every time gay marriage was put to a popular vote in state after state, it was defeated.

The Supreme Court (so called ) passed it.

The American public ( by a huge majaority) did not want their healthcare overturned by an ill – considered or thought out plan that was more concerned with wealth distribution and less concerned with health or even promoting long life.

The Supreme Court passes it anyway.

Think you live in a representational government? Where your voice counts?

Think again.

Building a border fence to keep out drugs and msyhem to keep out drugs and human trafficking is a law already on the books. President Obama chooses what laws he decides to follow and enforce, and which ones he dismisses out of hand.

That my friends is soft tyranny.




14/ Lois Lerner and the IRS (certainly not on their own volition) targeted Conservative groups to deny them 501C status and to distract and harass them with other unscrupulous methods. President Obama promised, as he usually does, to ‘get to the bottom of it’ and then weeks later dismissed it as a non-story (as he always does).

Neither Lerner nor the IRS were charged with breaking any laws (assuming that not breaking laws calls for the 5th amendment to be invoked over and over).


15/ This week ((December 2015), Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that she would prosecute anyone guilty of uttering an anti-Muslim remark (flying in the face of our First Amendment), as well as investigating the police department who brought in the kid who brought his doctored clock innards to school.

In addition, President Obama – speaking at a climate summit (so called) in Paris – said that taxing carbon (the origin of all life, absurdly labeled now a pollutant) would help drive the economy and spur business.

The fact that ridiculous statements like these go unnoticed by the media while they mock Presidential candidate Donald Trump for 5 days for (correctly) pointing out that some Muslims in NJ celebrated the murders and carnage of 9-11 shows you how far the media has sunk and how much they are in the tank for one party over the safety and security of their countrymen.


16/ Our military is now scaled back to pre World War 2 standards; marines wishing to deploy have to grab a ride on a passing foreign battleship; astronauts wishing to deploy above earth’s lower atmosphere would need to hitch a ride on a Russian rocket (a situation that caused Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan – first and last men on the moon – to draft an angry letter that Obama’s plan to close the moon program was ‘devastating’.

Nasa administrator Charles Bolden said that then newly-elected President Obama had suggested that Nasa reach out to Muslim nations to help them ‘feel good about their contributions to science, math and engineering.’

From space innovation to international public relations shill, in one petulant fell swoop.



17/ Obamacare. Created behind closed doors, voted on under spurious circumstance -- completely by one party. Voted on without even reading any of its 2000 + pages, by Congressmen and –women who are not subject to any of its regulations.

Representative government? Don’t make me laugh.


18/ Over a trillion dollars (!) to bail out banks and other sundry projects (Solyndra anyone?). Begun by George Bush, kicked into hyper-drive by Barack Obama. Veep Joe Biden promised that he would watch over the money and hold the government strictly accountable for every penny. When it was discovered that nearly 20 billion dollars had gone missing, he forgot this rather rash promise.


19/ Despite a preponderance of Americans totally against it, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry decided to give 150 billion dollars and the chance to build up their nuclear arsenal with no assurance whatsoever that they would stop terrorizing Israel or America. In fact, after the agreement (so-called) the nutjobs in charge stepped up their Big Satan/ Little Satan rhetoric.

Bill Clinton allowed North Korea nuclear weapons so the Democrat party is in good stead.


20/ Vladimir Putin continues to buzz America (and others) with jet bombers (40 miles off the California coast), as well as other countries. In addition to flexing his muscle and taking over other countries he believes should be Russia’s, he is building military installations at the North Pole, which he clearly has no right to,

China continues to build their military and push out into seas and trade routes that are not owned by China: nevertheless demanding permission of foreign ships to cross, and soon tariffs.

Third world countries continue to push across the Mexican border, along with guns and drugs and a desire to take over land (like California) that they feel are rightly theirs. There is little to no resistance. In fact, many kook governors invite the foreigners to their states (NY) or bend over backwards to get the interlopers driver’s license. It is estimated that 60 % of illegals (Mexicans and others) are now on welfare (Center for Immigration Studies, 2015),





21/ in typical lib double-speak, the “Arab Spring” is a misnomer to make the world feel happy about the bloodshed, rape and other violence going on in the Middle East.

This of course happened on Hillary and Obama’s “watch”.

“What about Bush getting us into Iraq?”

215 Republicans voted to get into the war – intelligence having us believe that Saddam Hussein had and was not afraid to use weapons of mass destruction. 82 Democrats did likewise..

For those counting at home:

Since 2003, over 500 munitions were discovered throughout Iraq. These were discovered to contain chemical agents like mustard and Sarin gas. These were produced in the 1980’s and thought to be un-usable. Some experts believe there were WMD but that they were secreted perhaps to Syria (the new home of Isis) as America’s heroic soldiers arrived ..




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20 Examples That You're Living Under a Soft Tyranny, by Don Gumball : edited

Government is charged with keeping your country safe from harm and secure from foreign invaders.And if they can't (or refuse) to perform even that menial act, what good are they? Do they exist simply to redistribute your hard earned money to third world countries? Who needs them? (And if a government shut down releases only 17 % of non-essential personell, the question begs -- why do we keep non-essential people on the payroll at all?)

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20 Examples That You're Living Under a Soft Tyranny,  by Don Gumball : edited 20 Examples That You're Living Under a Soft Tyranny,  by Don Gumball : edited