15 Ways to be a Happier Introvert


15 Ways to be a Happier Introvert

Aseda Dankwa

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I know you are already happy. However, as an introvert in a highly extroverted world, sometimes happiness can seem tricky, especially when you feel misunderstood by even your loved ones. It is good to know how to take care of yourself though when it seems no one else can. After all, you are the only one in charge of your own happiness. Here is a list of a few ways to boost the introvert in you:

1. Rest as much as you can. Sleep for at least six hours every day. I know, you enjoy those moments when everyone is asleep. But being cranky in the morning doesn’t help. You can sleep earlier and enjoy solitude at dawn.

2. Don’t worry what people think about you. For example, you are on a trip and everybody seems to be pairing off, well everybody but you. Sitting by yourself in that restaurant? Don’t worry, relax. Use your phone to read, maybe Quora, or something on Shakespir, Kindle, or Wattpad. Crank up that music, listen to the radio… There are so many fruitful things to do to help you endure being in that open but crowded space.

3. Smile. Smiling tends to make the whole world seem brighter, even if it’s for just one second. Also, who knows, it may make someone make the first move towards becoming friends, because face it, most of your friends are people who made the first contact and doggedly stayed in your life.

4. Write. Yeah, those crazy things you imagine in your world that makes you look crazy because people don’t know why you are laughing? Write it down. Publish it in your local newspaper, Kindle anywhere. The world needs more stories like that.

5. Write. Okay I know I already said that. But this time I mean write it in say, a journal, a blog, an online diary, whatever, just write. Those funky days when you feel everybody is an idiot and wondering what the point of life is? You read over what you’ve written and remind yourself of the good times you have had.

6. Use your earphones. Come on, you know your head is not a vacuum. Do you want people to ask you why are smiling while walking? How do you explain to them that you are in a different world in your head?

7. Look for that place. You know, that place where you can go when you want to be alone? Please do yourself a favor. Get that place. Sometimes life is noisy and you need that place to be able to hear yourself think!

8. It’s okay not to cling. You know that extrovert friend of yours who likes attention? Let them go and socialize with others. It’s okay, don’t worry, they will be back.

9. Set that timer. You know yourself. You know you start to get tired after being around people. It’s okay to set a time you will want to excuse yourself from the party. If the people matter, they won’t mind. If they mind, they don’t matter.

10. Go out. Yeah you heard me right. You can go to that coffee shop which doesn’t sack people after a while. Or go the library. Liking solitude does not necessarily mean always been in the house.

11. Stay in. Yeah, I’m contradicting myself. Go out, stay in, which is it? It’s your choice. You don’t wanna go out? Just stay in. Your mother complaining that you stay indoor too much. Honor her, but you don’t have to go out if you don’t have any reason to, or you just don’t want to go.

12. Enjoy the time with that friend. You know, the friend that every introvert has? That one friend who doesn’t make you feel like you are weird just because you are not an extrovert? Appreciate them. They’re one of a kind.

13. Raise your hand. When you have a question, ask. Introversion is not shyness. The fact that people are not used to you talking a lot doesn’t mean you don’t talk when you want to.

14. Do something different every once in a while. That beach party? Don’t let the ‘p’ word scare you. Go.

15. Do it by yourself. Nobody want to the movies? Go alone. Those things that they say you look pathetic when they do it alone? Do it. You came to this world alone and you will leave this world alone (morbid but true). Why should living in it be any different?


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15 Ways to be a Happier Introvert

It's not easy to be an introvert in a world that seems dominated by extroverts. In this book I give a list of 15 ways to be a happier you.

  • ISBN: 9781370072811
  • Author: Aseda Dankwa
  • Published: 2017-04-18 19:20:08
  • Words: 780
15 Ways to be a Happier Introvert 15 Ways to be a Happier Introvert