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I Promised



Tell me love,

Do you remember it all?

Do you remember your life?

Do you remember me?

Tell me love,

When you close your eyes,

Do you think it’s a dream?


God reserved a certain smile only for you

His favourite angel-

Of course, He didn’t tell me this,

But in my eyes, you were His favourite

And that’s why you became mine

My favourite pair of wings,

That chimed like those bells below our feet

The bells that ring, as they walked to the beat

My favourite glistening halo,

That shone the brightest of all,

God caught the greatest stars, as they would fall

My favourite set of eyes,

A heaven onto themselves

A heaven made for ourselves

What eyes you had,

The very same eyes that have stayed with you in all your lives


I never imagined you would save some of your love for me

I never imagined you would even see me as I sat by His feet

I never imagined you would imagine being with me


But there we found ourselves,

Two angels in heaven,

Gold-tipped wings, touching halos

And a love we kept between everything else


I would write about the world below,

As He watched with me,

Sometimes smiling

And other times crying,

I would write and he would read


You would adventure, all through heaven

No secrets were left thanks to you

Those caves of birthing stars

Or those volcanoes rocked to sleep

By the oceans made from Time


You would bring back trinkets and I would give you rhymes

We would sit and talk there all night at times

Right there, warm in His shadow

Till one day, he asked us, if we would go

Down to the world below

Strip off our wings, along with halo

And truly know

What it was like to live and grow


You wont be angels until I bring you both back home

Go below, and together roam

Live life upon life

Come back writer with beauty rife

Live life deep and true

Come back adventurer anew



You are a rose

I am the wind

The dew glistens on your skin

Nothing feels quite as right

As your thorns plight

The whole worlds in my embrace

But this rose is such a peculiar case

For I try with all my might

To move you

To carry you off with me

To show you the world

And all it can be

Yet there you are


Only swaying ever so slight to my touch

Tell me, am I enough?

I carry the greatest waters to you

Just to be blessed with your sweet perfume

And in autumn I made all the leaves dance

The physical of our trance

For I know the world

As do you

Nothing matches your beauty

Nothing can move you

Quite like I do

So sweet rose, enough is enough

Don’t you see that you and I are love?

The young ones pick you

And test your petals in them, they trust

The young ones pick you

And gift you to their loves

The young ones make wishes

And send them through me

The young ones make kisses

And send them through me


What would they do without us?

A world where they know not if he loves or loves them not

A world where a dozen is what

A world where wishes hang from lips

A world where kisses sink


How she would smile,

That little girl

As we would put the magic in her eyes

She would hold us so carefully

In her young and delicate embrace

And so effortlessly, she would give our world a shake

That’s when you and I would twirl and collide

The glitter and the water that made up the sky



In one lifetime especially

We played a great game

Jumping around from lover to lover

It was so much fun, I’m sure you remember

We raced around the world

From Birmingham’s darkness

To Paris’ passions

On to the North’s coldest winds

When lips met we would begin

I was the spark

That ran from the back of their mind

Straight down their spine

I would run and race

You were my birthplace

They called you many things

Simply put, you were pure bliss

That came in the form of Kiss


Every man wants to rule the world

But we actually did once

We were two but truly one

The world couldn’t tell us apart

But looked on us and believed

We were art

There was absolutely nothing

We couldn’t achieve

You held me close

And I clung to your edges

Our love was black

You weren’t so cautious

You let go and began to sink

My heart, I was Ink

This now, that was then

When you were my everything

My beautiful golden brown pen



Elevated on a bedside table in the middle of Paris

At the height of summer

The king and queen of decadence

In a world all of our own

Of pure emerald green

That dispersed and exploded

As the sunlight crept through the window

Of that hotel room

Left opened for the night’s heat to roam

We would hold each other

Feel the tremble

And release

You and I, two light bubbles

The stars in champagne

Dancing on the wet tongues of love

When the ‘I love yous’ weren’t enough

Where words just slipped away

Arching backs with strayed bed sheets

Where they lay

Seeping through the language of love

Became easier to do

And feel

Nails etching reasons onto skin

To stay a moment longer would mean everything

Bruises buried deep

Scattered secretly

Hold with the teeth and it becomes a bite

They always tremble so feebly



Your perfect body was golden

Held by the sun for so long

The brown that it became

Radiated a heat of its own

It kept us warm

And made all the others

Fear no harm

You were the beauty behind

Everyone’s mind

You were the glint of gold

Buried in their hearts

And I was the dark

I was the coldness

I was the shard

Your perfection reflected

My imperfections

And that made us

They called you Promise

And they called me the Break

We went together forever and ever

On a boat made for two

On tears that made a lake



Two robins on the old bushel tree

Looked on at you and me

Years ago lost to it all

When we built the most incredible celestial wall

You would push and pull, controlling my tide

My beautiful glowing cosmic bride

I had the world but you had the rest

God sent us here, its undeniable that we are blessed

The queen of the night

The greatest thing within mortal eyesight

Though we were miles apart your touch was always soon

Your will was my command, my beautiful,

Beautiful Moon



Not so many have loved the Night

As much as the wolf with the blackened eyes

During the day, he would hide

Patiently waiting for the time,

The time when the Night would arrive and hold him tight

She would come with the stars,

The moon, the planets tangled in her hair

And whisper so softly in the wolf’s ears

So softly that not a single other thing could hear

Just how much she loved her dear


The wolf and the Night made a beautiful pair

She would take him all around the world

There was nowhere they would not dare

To venture, for together they were so much more

She would hide him and take him where his prey lay

He would sing to her and make her stars glow in vast array


Not so many have loved the Night

As much as the wolf with the blackened eyes

But even fewer have loved the wolf

But the Night, she made him rise

Kissed his wounds and gifted him pride

Though he was flawed

Like all others, in him was God



Do you remember when I was London

And you were the Rain?

What a beautiful team we made

I, holding the people

You, washing away their pain


They would look up

The lost Londoners

And say London is crying

Because you and I were one

To them

London and the Rain

Forever and always

But little did they know

What we were before

What we were now

And all the places we would go

But I knew and so did you

So when I saw those darkened silver clouds

I would smile, smile enough for all the crowds

Because you spent some time away

Thinking of everything you could say

Coming back to me

Listening was key

Because you and I spoke differently

And each drop of your rain would contain

All the different reasons for you loving me

Those silly Londoners

They’ll never know just how glorious the Rain can be



Once they called me Madness

Once they called you Art

We made love like embers

Starving to be ablaze

We would burn down cities

And men alike

To us there were no boundaries

Only ever new worlds to explore

We were a frenzy of pure energy

Sometimes your love

Would feel like you hate me

And my love consumed you entirely

Drowning or writhing

No matter, it was always meant to be

We transcended everything

Are made landmarks of our love

Most looked on in envy

While others tried to contain

Art I do love you and forever will

Art and Madness the ultimate thrill



You were right

I was left

The greatest moments of the day

When your warmth invaded our embrace

In those moments everything was safe

In the darkness of deaths day

And the brightness of the sun’s rays

You were right

I was left

We listened in the still

Those secret whispers

Falling onto us as we came together

Like rain

Holding each other in perfect harmony

You with me and me with you

You were always Right

I, Left

Always coming together with love and care

Two young hands in prayer



All of these lives inside and out of time

You and I

Who knows what will happen next lifetime

Where or when

We’ll meet again

But for right now here I am

And there you are

Two very separate beings from one very single soul

I’ll carry this lack; it’s my weight to bear

And you’ll carry all the love its what you deserve

The suns going down and stars will begin to fall

And I will and pray

Like every other day

That you may know why it is I’m here


Stuck in this material world, here I am in this lifetime

Not knowing what to do

Saying words in hopes of finding you

Smoking cigarettes on and on

To remind myself

Just how your lips tasted

From a time that haunts like a dream

And to slowly burn through my lungs

I don’t need them now you’re gone


I want to go home now and see your face

See you smiling, telling me “its okay

We had fun and yes we made mistakes

But it was all for something

I have many reasons I love you

And this is the ring

In each lifetime I took a sliver of the night sky

When I thought of what it was

In you that made me smile

I sewed the slivers together

This is the ring

My heart, my soul, my king”

But home is far and I have forgotten the way

It is troublesome now

My heart is so heavy; it is hard to get up every day

But still I do

And I crawl when I cannot walk

My hands have bled

More than you will ever know

Its fine, I will carry on though

For one reason and one reason alone


My Love


About the Author

His heart is so heavy at this point that it’s starting to sink into his soul; but he still smiles. What an affliction to have? A heavy heart coupled with a soul slowly cracking. But this is the foundation of the ‘author’- he loves and loves and loves. At first he tried to deny it, tried to hide it and stop it altogether, when the ones he sent his love to didn’t understand it and avoided it, and in turn, avoided him. But in time he learned that this was who he was- a heart so naïve and foolish it will try to love anything and always (always!) find hope. When the post arrives, his heart says ‘maybe that letter has finally come’, it hasn’t; when there’s a knock at his door, his heart says ‘maybe the one knocking wants me’, they don’t; when he dreams, dreams a very sweet dream, his heart says ‘maybe we shared the very same dream’, this will never be the case. But to live with this heart, though it can be tiresome and frustrating, he, the ‘author’ has come to love it, just as his heart loves him. Because he will always try to make someone smile and feel loved, wanted and important, now if the person doesn’t understand and get the message, that isn’t much of his fault, and if thousand and thousands of people never get the message, it isn’t much of his fault. His heart, and therefore, himself, would be quite satisfied should just one person smile, and feel loved, and feel wanted, and feel important. That’s all he’s ever wanted. Love is so hard for the heavy hearted, but they wont ever let you see, they just hope you’re not like me.


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