12 Promising Online Money-making Ideas

12 Promising Money-making Ideas

Tic toc, time is passing, always moving, always ignoring, and not caring if you are left eating dust on the side of the road. If it seems like, every single day, you’re breaking your back trying to make an honest living to put food in the hungry mouths of your family (and really, who isn’t), then this is for you!

Yes, I know this sounds like an ad, but this writer really is trying to help you. He trudges through the same crap that the world throws at most everyone (multi-millionaires seem to get off rather easy for some reason. Hmm, wonder why). Anyway, in this little book, the writer is going to give some (hopefully) helpful information that, if applied properly, and with a little luck, will help you rake in some extra crispy greens.

Now down to business. If you don’t already know, though we expect that most of you do, the internet of things is a fantastic way to make some (always desired) extra dough. Below here, this writer (who, for some reason, is writing in 3rd person) has researched and compiled a list of 12 promising online money-making ideas. Here they are:

Internet’s Biggest Secret: CPA Ultimate

Yes, this is a book, but a very good one (the writer did his homework). Published on August 31, 2015, this book has since then received ecstatic reviews by multiple entities. Also, it even comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, so give it a look through, and you will surely not be disappointed.

“Youtube Business In a Box” Monster PLR

There are Youtubers out there who supplement, and sometimes even live off of, the income they get from making videos. How they do that is personally a mystery to this writer, as he specializes in, well… writing, but he does know what a well-made video looks like, as do all, and that those who make such awesome videos always seem to have constant, not to mention substantial, amounts of viewers, which for those who use said videos to make money, is a must, so if you are thinking about trying this avenue, or are just simply want to improve your skills at it, then this will be a great thing for you to try.

If you don’t believe this writer, then see for yourself that he is not lying, for he himself is also a skeptic, wanting only the best for his money.

“Pinterest Business In a Box” Monster PLR

Much like the previous idea detailed above, this will drive viewers to your page/profile. Personally, the writer has never really understood the “point” of the site (and yes, he knows that’s a “tearable” pun), but that could be because no one has yet managed to draw him in, which this tool is supposed to do very effectively. Those who frequently use Pinterest will surely find this to be of use, so if you are one, then give this successful tool a try.

Twitter Business In a Box Monster PLR

The writer is sure that having read the previous two ideas, you should easily understand what this is. #hashtag (Yes, that really does exist.)

Easy Marketing Newsletters

For those who already have an online business of some sort, but simply want to squeeze a little more (or a lot), then this is for you. Created in 2008, this service constantly creates custom newsletters for its customers, crafting them just right, making sure that it will produce great results. This service has been so successful that there are still members from when it was founded, and not only that, new slots had to be created, all the others having been filled for several months. This is a thriving, not to mention an effective way, to boost one’s profit. You will not be disappointed.

60 Minute Reseller

This is a video series that teaches you how to do exactly what the writer is doing: write eye-catching articles and eBooks that interests the reader, add a few informative links, and if the reader clicks on the link, and buys the product on the other end, he can make a commission anywhere from 10% all the way up to 100%. Seriously, he’s not joking. This is a real money maker. There are people who easily make 100’s or even thousands of $ every month with this tried-and-true angle. This is cash in your pocket, digitally speaking. Come, give it a try. What have you got to lose?

How To Turn Sites Into Money – Building Money Making Websites Blueprint

JP Schoeffel is going to show you EXACTLY how to create websites that AUTOMATICALLY make you money…

-without your own products or mailing lists…

-without begging marketers to do JV’s with you…

-without customer service nightmares…

-without turning your life upside down… and

-without spending a lot of money.

Cheap? Easy? Who could possibly want more!?

[+ The Secret to Making Money by Writing Free Ebooks+]

This free guide gives a rough breakdown on how to make money by giving away eBooks. It is absolutely genius, and the writer is saying this from experience, so you can bet your money that this money-making strategy works, and works well. Put in a little time, and you will soon start seeing the money roll in.

EZ Share Generator (Social Media Traffic Getting Software)

As the name says, this cheap software will get you a sizable jump in pageviews, something that every hardcore Twitter, Facebook, and Google user will desire, and if you’re one of those who use those sites to make money, then this software is lifesaving, especially if your main source of income is at stake. Try it out. The writer assures you that it works fantastic.

Instant Blog Empire

This software has everything needed to launch your own Wordpress Blog Empire the easy way, so get ready to bank instant payments of $247 or MORE like clockwork!

No need for prior experience or technical skills, making this program easy learn and use, a must for every time-savvy man or woman out there in this vast world we call home. You won’t be sorry, the writer assures you that.

Social Lead Chief 2.0 – Unlimited License

Can you imagine what would happen if you were to combine a powerful psychological trigger- like the micro commitments in those survey, poll and quiz landing pages – and put them in an EXTREME Social environment like Facebook?

If you can, and would love to see such traffic on your Facebook page, whether it be to increase sales or not, then this is for you. The writer knows how difficult it is to try to bring people to a Page, having tried himself a couple of times, and watching some of his friends try and fail doing the same. Without the proper structure, a page simply will not survive, something the writer is sure that many of you can relate to.

Easy Auction Income – Making Profits on eBay

This is not another one of those push-button-get-rich-quick schemes. This is the real deal. It’s a simple business, requiring a little effort on your part, but once it’s set up, it becomes easy to replicate and scale up, and who does not like something easy?

Now the writer knows that you are probably skeptical of this, and the guy who came up with this idea thought so too, so he made sure he had solid proof that it worked. He guarantees that ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the world, will make a profit when using this strategy. Don’t believe me? Go and see for yourself why this guy made $500 in his first month of doing this.

The writer hopes that these ideas help you (he knows for a fact that some would), but he knows that every person is different, same with how they prefer to make money, so these ideas, though good, may not be the best for you. There are many reputable ideas out there, so if these aren’t for you, then keep looking. Happy money-questing!

12 Promising Online Money-making Ideas

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12 Promising Online Money-making Ideas 12 Promising Online Money-making Ideas