11 Essential Life Enhancement Secrets


Published at Shakespir by James Malone, copyright 2016, all rights reserved. Be advised that the information in this report is for self-improvement purposes and is not intended to replace qualified medical or psychological advice.


I’d like to start this report with a tale known as “The Three Gods.” In this story there were three Gods discussing where they should hide a secret they felt mankind wasn’t mature enough to be trusted with yet.

The first God suggested, “why don’t we hide it on the highest mountain top?”

But after a brief discussion they agreed that eventually someone would figure out a way to scale that mountain peak.

The next idea introduced was, “why don’t we conceal it at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean?”

However, after some further consideration though they came to realize that man might very well invent a machine that would allow them to journey to the deepest depths of the sea.

Finally, one of the Gods said, “why don’t we hide this secret inside of man, he would never think of looking there!”

And all agreed this would indeed be the perfect hiding place.

In my work as a professional hypnotist I like to think of my role as helping people connect with the resources they have that are hidden in plain sight. All of us are connected to an amazing universal source of creativity and strength if we just know where to look.

In this report you are going to learn some highly effective yet little known secrets of making a healthy change in your life. Maybe you would like to:

-Release an unwanted and unhealthy habit such as smoking or overeating.

-Reduce toxic stress in your life.

-Increase your self-confidence.

I have been a professional hypnotist since 1995 helping people like yourself make healthy and lasting changes.

The 11 secrets in this report are derived from both professional experience as well as some of the latest research on how people successfully change. These ideas really can work if you have an open mind and a genuine desire to succeed.

If you ever have any questions, a free, confidential phone consultation is available. My contact info can be found at http://www.njhypno.com Happy reading!


[* Secret 1- Giving up vs. letting go: *] the way we phrase something colors the way we

perceive it. Its for this reason I coach my habit control clients to state that it was time for them to “let go” of the unhealthy habit (smoking, overeating, etc) rather than “giving it up.” People as a rule do not like to give up anything, as it implies caving in or admitting failure. But its a whole lot more palatable to recognize a habit pattern has outlived its usefulness and that it was time to let it go.

[* Secret 2- Chances are there is nothing wrong with you and you already have what it takes to succeed: *] Quite often when we are discouraged and frustrated there is a tendency to say something like, “there must be something wrong with me.” This is not to say that psychological disorders do not exist, however for most people the real “problem” is that a faulty belief system prevents them from fully developing and expressing their unique strengths and talents to the fullest. Ever been to a stage hypnosis show? You might see the hypnotist suggest to a volunteer, “on the count of 3 you will find it is as if you were glued to the chair, the harder you try to stand up, the more stuck you become.” Next thing you know the volunteer appears to frozen to his seat. Now was there anything wrong with his legs or nervous system? No, all that happened was a temporary and entertaining change in his belief system. Now how are you keeping yourself stuck with an unwanted habit or a lack of success? Is it time to start following a different set of suggestions? Self-hypnosis training can show you how to do that!

[* Secret 3- What you focus on, expands: *] I frequently ask my clients to tell me something about themselves that they feel proud about-and you might be surprised at how some folks struggle with that question. Yet these same individuals can often explain their shortcomings at great length rather easily. This quite possibly could be the result of the idea that states you have to understand what’s wrong with you before you can get better. But what if you focused on what was right about you instead? Its been said that what you focus on expands and attracts more of the same. How about we shine a light on your strong, creative side and see what happens then?

[* Secret 4- Visualization needs to follow a specific sequence: *] there have been some popular programs that maintain that all you need to do in order to manifest success is to imagine yourself as already successful. While being clear about what you want to attract and accomplish is very important, current research suggests that this an incomplete process and it may actually slow your progress. Why? If you picture your success as an accomplished fact, you may not feel motivated to put forth the necessary effort. What has been found to work is a technique called mental contrasting. This is where you focus on an image of yourself having achieved your goal (being slimmer, smoke-free, career success, etc) and then following it with a mental rehearsal of the action steps you will take to bring it about. Interestingly enough, reversing this order greatly decreases its effectiveness, the success picture needs to come first, then the action steps.

[* Secret 5- Relaxation makes everything easier: *] future historians may look back at this time period as the Age of Anxiety. The pace of change in society and culture is going faster than many people are comfortable with. Although most of stress we encounter is psychological, it still provokes the adrenaline based fight or flight response, which was designed to cope with physical threats. Pretty much all of us are walking around with a heightened stress response whether we are consciously aware of it or not. This is why some form of intentional relaxation training and practice is vitally important, whether it be with mindfulness meditation or self-hypnosis. A calm mind tends to make better decisions and a relaxed body will have higher level of health and energy. The good news is that these techniques do not have to be complicated and are a pleasant experience.

[* Secret 6- Be mindful of who you spend the most time with: *] experience has shown that we tend to take on the characteristics of the people we associate with most frequently. This can be a good thing or bad thing depending on who these people are! This is why you may wish to cultivate some new friends and acquaintances who are already where you want to be if your current social circle is dysfunctional or non-supportive-or at least be mindful to block out their negative input. This applies too to your social media and television habits. Be wary of consuming the negativity of others in the digital format as well. Facebook hint: you can “unfollow” someone’s posts so they don’t show up in your newsfeed without the potential drama of “unfriending” them. I do this from time to time with folks who feel it is their sacred duty to inform the world why their political views are the correct ones. Hey we do have freedom of speech in America but we also have to the freedom not to listen as well.

Secret 7-The thought, feeling and action triad. Over the years I have encountered many individuals who can’t seem to break free of the habit of procrastination. For some it involves not being able to get started with a healthy exercise program. Still others can’t get their home or work environment organized and they are hampered by all the clutter that surrounds them. Whatever the situation, there is a common factor, that being the person is saying something like, “I know I should get started, but I just don’t feel like it right now.” This is where an understanding of the thought, feeling and action triad comes in handy. At the risk of oversimplification, the human experience comes down to our thoughts, feelings and actions. Now we do have some control over the thoughts and images we dwell upon. We have almost complete control over the actions we take. Yet we have little direct control over our feelings. So if you are waiting for the moment where all of a sudden you feel like exercising, organizing or writing your novel, be warned you may be waiting indefinitely as the human mind gets very skilled at making excuses to continue the procrastination habit. There always seems to be a reason/excuse not to get started. Yet if you start to take action, even if it is small baby steps, your feelings will make a positive transformation. In other words, change what you do and the feelings will follow. So it may be that you set a goal like exercising for 2 minutes, cleaning one desk drawer or writing a minimum of two sentences of your book per day. You know what will happen? Chances are you will do more and at the very least you are getting into the habit of GETTING STARTED which can be a real game changer.

[* Secret 8- You are not starting at zero *]: I wish I had an extra $20 for every person who told me, “I have absolutely no willpower.” or “I have zero self-confidence.” Yet how could a person function in life even minimally with no self-control? Do you steal every item you see in a store that tickles your fancy when you can’t afford it? Have you given up completely on bathing and brushing your teeth? If self-confidence was completely absent from your psyche you couldn’t carry even the most basic tasks of daily life. Chances are what you really want is more willpower, self-control or confidence in a specific area, not creating a foreign substance out of thin air. Once again: focus on what’s right with you already and expand upon that.

[* Secret 9- Peel off your negative labels: *] “My stress is through the roof, I am just a naturally anxious person.” What is potentially damaging about the following statement? Well let’s start with “my stress.” This implies you own it like when you say, “my arm” or “my car.” Who would want to own a negative sensation such as pain, stress or fear? How about, “ I am experiencing some stressful feelings right now,” instead. It suggests the negative sensations you are encountering are something that will pass in time rather than being part of you. Then there is the, “I am a just a naturally anxious person,” part of the sentence. This is giving you an identity that you don’t want have to live up to. Any statement the subconscious mind hears often enough will begin to be accepted as true and acted upon automatically. So a person who has been programmed to consider themselves to be an anxious person will respond to life’s challenges in a way that is consistent with that negative belief by becoming nervous. This is where affirmations and self-hypnosis can really come in handy. Altering your self-identity statements will over time change your automatic responses. Mindfulness meditation is another helpful tool in this regard and something I regularly teach in my practice. It teaches you how to be more fully and the moment and to start recognizing that thoughts, feelings and sensations are experiences that will pass rather than being a permanent part of you.

[* Secret 10- If you don't like the answer, change the question: *] we can divide all communication into two broad categories, statements and questions. In fact the two work together hand in glove. If you hear the question, “what’s the best way to get to Springfield?” you will reflexively scan your mental database to see if you know the answer. If someone says, “Route 28 is the best way to get to Springfield from here,” you will also do a reflexive search to see if you agree with that statement based upon what you already know. Where this comes into play in personal development is that we can really limit ourselves by asking the wrong set of questions. If you ask yourself, “why am I such a loser?” or “why can’t I stop smoking?” the assumption has to be made that you are indeed a loser or someone who can’t stop smoking or you wouldn’t be asking the question. Your inner mind will then begin that reflexive search to support the assumption you have made. Can you see where this can cause some problems? Watch out for these kinds of questions and practice switching them to more affirmative ones. “How can increase my success at work?” causes you to assume that your success level can improve (a good thing!) and you are asking your subconscious mind to come up with solutions. Even if you don’t know the answer right now, the inner mind will work on a challenge tirelessly without your conscious awareness.

Secret 11-The subconscious mind runs habit patterns whether they are good, bad or neutral: hypnosis is a way of directly influencing the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is considered to be the source of all automatic responses. These patterns are the result of all of your previous experience and conditioning, negative, neutral or positive.

Its been my observation that sometimes life throws too much at a person all at once and the ability to cope and adapt can take a hit.

The good news is that due to what is known as neuro-plasticity, you can actually overwrite previous mental programming with something more affirmative. The brain can literally rewire new connections and response patterns. Hypnosis is probably the most efficient and direct way of doing that.

ow some people are thrown by the idea of hypnosis because of what they may have seen in the movies or a comedy show. The primary fear being that somehow you are giving up control of yourself to another person.

After over two decades of professional experience, I subscribe to the idea that hypnosis does not involve someone like myself implanting ideas in another person’s mind. Rather I see my role as helping people reconnect with their own inner resources of healing, creativity and resilience. Sort of how in the story we started with where the Three Gods hid the big secret inside of you, figuring you would never bother to look there.

I hope you enjoyed reading this report and would welcome your comments and questions, you can connect through my website at http://www.njhypno.com

Best wishes,

James Malone

Life Enhancement Hypnotist

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11 Essential Life Enhancement Secrets

11 Essential Life Enhancement Secrets reveals effective strategies for overcoming negative states of thought, feeling and action. Derived from the author's 20+ years as a professional hypnotist along with current research on how to make positive transformation happen, this report is suitable for both the general public as well as other helping professionals. Includes tips on building self-confidence, overcoming procrastination and developing proper focus.

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11 Essential Life Enhancement Secrets 11 Essential Life Enhancement Secrets