11 Day Mantra Challenge: Mantras for Happiness Everyone Should Try













11 Day Mantra Challenge


Mantras for Happiness Everyone Should Try




Positive affirmations and mantras for happiness to use in meditation or daily repetition to help you create a happier, more peaceful and fulfilling life


By Rachael Yahne

Inspired by the blog, HerAfter.com


I know why you’re here…


You’re here because you know you deserve more out of your own life. You know that you want to be more mindful, happier, and feel better about the way you spend your time and energy. You’ve come looking for a way to connect deeply to the experience of your own life, and you’re willing to do the work to get to a state of peace. You’ve come to the right place; no, not this ebook. To yourself! That place of peace, wellness and happiness is already deep within you, waiting for you to tap into it. These mantras are designed to help you get there.


My name is Rachael, and I’m the author of HerAfter, a lifestyle website for women who want to live beautiful, conscious lives after their greatest personal struggles. For me, that was fighting cancer at 17. I went on to travel the world, teach yoga, study meditation, work in fashion and PR, and eventually become a full-time writer.

If you’ve read HerAfter before, you know what we’re about: helping women create beautiful, conscious lives by unleashing the best parts of themselves. It’s founded on the knowledge that all humans are whole, complete, beautiful, and perfect in every way. It’s only when we stop acting from places of fear, or from the idea that we aren’t good enough that we can truly express ourselves.

This mantra challenge was first released on HerAfter to our readers exclusively. It was then featured throughout the web on sites like Yahoo!, Huffington Post, YourTango, and many more. Fans of the series grew and grew, and it is still one of our most popular articles to date. This goes to show that you are not alone, and that our culture is waking up! Mindfulness and a desire to be happier and fulfilled is on the rise, and that’s a beautiful thing.


You’ll find that some of these mantras hit emotional sore spots, sometimes in uncomfortable ways. You might even find that some of them are hard to say to yourself at first. Don’t fret; it means that you’re confronting a part of yourself that you’ve been avoiding or denying. Only when you face that part of yourself, and break it down so you can break through it will you finally be liberated from the limitations you’ve been placing on yourself. Some of these mantras will do the opposite; they’ll give you feelings of positive energy right away. Either way, enjoy the journey. Know that the more you put into it, the more you get out of it!


On HerAfter, we have an article about easy ways to learn to meditate, be sure to check this out if you’re new to meditating. Meditating isn’t necessary to use the mantras, but it can definitely deep and expand the experience. Mantras for happiness can be a simple, profound (and totally free) way to change your meditation practice and your life. These mantras are designed to help you tap into the potential of your true spirit, to make your sense of self and happiness more abundant and easy to access.



There are many myths behind mantras and chanting, but it is widely agreed is that the more you chant and repeat a phrase, the more it becomes a part of you. Repeating a mantra can redefine your inner monologue, which is why they are used for more severe mental conditions such as anxiety. The more you repeat (chant) the mantra, the more you reframe your thinking to abide by it, replacing the old negative message which used to repeat in your head with the new more positive one.


These mantras are especially powerful in the aim to live your best life. Repeat them internally or out loud for 5-20 minutes a day in meditation, or while sitting quietly with your eyes closed. If you can’t do a full five minutes, start with two minutes, and finish with 2-3 more minutes later the same day. If you can’t do a full two minutes (but really, who doesn’t have two minutes!?), simply face yourself in the mirror, and repeat them 3-5 times to yourself. I like to put them on post-it notes and display them on my bathroom mirror, in my office, or on the coffee maker – wherever I’ll see them! In whatever way works for you, after you practice them in meditation, make sure they are visible to you throughout the day so you can be reminded of them as a goal for the day.

On HerAfter, we also have photographs to accompany with the mantras. You can see them [+ here+], if you find that visual aids help your learning process. From there, keep the positivity going: Pin them, tack them up around your desk, or make them your iPhone background so when you check the time, you see these as a sweet little love letter to yourself…Get creative! The possibilities are endless.

Ok, let’s get started!


Day 1



I have everything I need.



I have the power to love, to heal, and to grow. I need nothing else. I am not driven by worldly possessions or the affections of others. I exist to give rather than to take. My love is infinite, so I give it out freely without need for reimbursement. The less that I own, the freer I am.



It goes with the age-old saying: start where you are, with what you have. You are alive, you are breathing, you are a sentient being, all of which are wonderful gifts from the universe. You don’t need anything to make you happier. You have all the resources right within your own mind and heart to heal, forgive, grow, evolve, and thrive. Your mere existence, and the fact that you are able to experience this life, is all you truly need to be happy and move forward.


Personally, I first learned this lesson while fighting advanced stage cancer as a teenager. Laying in a hospital bed, bald at 17, tubes connected to my arms, I had many reasons to pity myself. But instead, I couldn’t feel anything but gratitude and pure bliss for the fact that I was given the opportunity to fight for my life. I was so simply and abundantly happy to be alive another day, and for even the possibility of surviving. It was then I realized you don’t need anything to be happy, to feel at peace, or to experience the bliss of living. You simply need to give the love from deep in your heart to your own existence, and realize how incredibly fortunate you are to be here.

Love is a magical thing; we never run out, we never lose it. Even when we give our love away and someone breaks our heart, we don’t have less to give than before. Fear can make us feel as if we have less love, as if we’re damaged or scarred. But we aren’t. We can never be. Love is an infinite spring within us, it keeps replenishing and is available at all times. We must simply allow it to flow through us. When we start to give out that love freely, it starts to come back to us even greater.


To realize that you have everything you need right now to be happy does not mean that you can’t aspire for more. In fact, it means the opposite. Getting in touch with right now and all that you have around you is the only way to move forward, because it gives you a starting point. Because today is day 1, be sure to use this mantra in any challenge that comes your way today, and realize you already have everything you need to be content at this moment, and everything you need to take the next step forward toward your goals.




Day 2


I choose to be happy.


I do not wait for happiness to find me. I cultivate happiness and love, and express it outwardly, even in the face of fear. I have the power within me to let my happiness and joy shine outward, unblocked by uncertainty.



You can learn more about how to choose happiness in even your darkest times [+ in this article+].


Can you even imagine the joy and thrill of living your life unblocked by uncertainty? If you didn’t allow your uncertainty, your fear, to keep you from making decisions and experiencing the moment? It doesn’t mean you solve uncertainty, or prevent it. It means you simply don’t let it rule you! Can you even imagine the kind of creativity, happiness, and fullness your life would have if only you stopped letting your uncertainty control your life? If you decided to be the creator of happiness and love, rather than waiting for it to come to you? You can have that! You just need to choose to let it go.

It truly is a choice, this life, this happiness, this peace. Things will never go ‘your way’ unless you make them do so. Unless you make the choice to create the reality you want, you will suffer at the hands of discontentment, and disconnection, writing in your own unhappiness and pretending the author was someone or something else.

This world is a very giving place; it gives us what we want most. If we want unhappiness, we get unhappiness. If we want peace, we’ll get peace. If we want excuses, we’ll get excuses. It comes down to what you’re willing to admit you want most, and what you’re willing to work for. If you’re not willing to admit what you really want, you can’t expect to get it. In admitting to what we want, we become responsible for it. We become responsible for doing the work to get it. Admitting is what holds us accountable.

Whether you want to finish a marathon, or to be an engineer, or to run for state office or fight racism or fly to space: You will get what you want most. What you want most will come to you. Conversely if you want to be the victim of your life, if you want to be a one-person-pity party for yourself, you’ll surely get it. Through your actions and through your every thought, in the words that you speak to others and to yourself. In what you believe you are worthy of. In the way you hold yourself and the way that you treasure your dreams. You will get what you want. If you want more to live in fear, you will do so. But if you want most to live your dream, you will do so. In admitting to what you want, you gain the power and responsibility to do the work for it. As the author Paulo Coehlo says, the universe conspires to help us in our endeavors, whatever they may be, positive or negative.

And if you want to be happy, if you want to have peace, choose it. Live it, breathe it, never blame anyone else for your not having it. Create it, keep it, treasure it, and never stop choosing it. Don’t let it be based on the feelings of someone else or their actions. Let it be based on your choice. Then when you have it, you’ll know you alone earned the right to it.



Day 3


I am a voice for peace.


In all my actions and words, I speak for peace. I am an ambassador of peace and acceptance and compassion to myself and toward others. In everything I do, I take responsibility for my duty to create peace on this earth, and to share it and teach it to others. I practice peace deep within myself.



How would this world would look if we all took responsibility for our power to create peace? Personal peace within each and every individual is the only way to create world peace, and it’s the mission of our work at HerAfter.com.


Practicing peace goes much deeper than simply saying the words of this mantra for a few minutes a day. Practicing peace starts first with how you treat yourself, and of course how you treat others. From the moment you wake up in the morning, to the way you look at yourself in the mirror, to the inner monologue you say to yourself all day long. Are you being kind to yourself, or are you being critical and mean? Are you complimenting yourself, and encouraging yourself throughout the day? Or are you being judgmental and harsh in how you speak to yourself? If you took a long hard look at the things you say to yourself, you’d be shocked what you’ll allow to be said within your own mind. Here’s an example:


At 22, four years after finishing chemo, I traveled alone to India to study yoga and meditation. One morning, long before the sun rose, in an ashram high in the mountains of southern India, I sat with the other residents in morning meditation as we did every day. It was a challenging meditation; my mind felt as if filled with a thick, dense cloud of smoke. I could hear whispers in the background of my head, and I couldn’t concentrate. The whispers got louder, louder, and louder until finally they became audible. From the dark, thick smoke the voices started chanting so loudly they began yelling at me. I could hear them so clearly, it sounded like a crowd made of my own voice multiplied to the hundreds, all screaming directly at me. I took a pen, and frantically wrote down everything I could hear:

“You are not good enough”

“You are not pretty enough”

“You have done this all wrong”

“You are damaged”

“You hurt people you love”

“You do not deserve love”

“You do not deserve this life”

I wept what felt like rivers while the words came out, struggling to keep the pen’s pace with them all. And then, after a few pages, the voices ran out. The words stopped; there were no more messages. I had heard them all out, and finally. And suddenly, like a door slamming, my head was totally quiet. Totally still.

The things I had been telling myself so deep in the back of my head, all the beliefs I had that made me feel insecure and unworthy, they were all out. They were cleaned out of my attics, on to the paper, and I was finally free of them. And once I saw them there in plain words, simple little letters, they lost all their power, and just looked so silly. I don’t know how long I’d been hiding these messages deep in the back of my head, but the moment I saw them on paper, I realized I’d been acting them out because I believed them. In confronting them on the paper, I took back my power to speak peacefully about myself, to myself.


Words can be the most powerful of weapons. Thankfully, you are a living, cognizant human. You have the power to control your words, and you have the duty to use your voice for peace. You have the utmost responsibility to be peaceful in the way you treat yourself, and in the way you treat others. In doing so, you will help show other people their responsibility to be peaceful inwardly and outwardly. No more so than today, this world absolutely needs you to use your voice for peace.


Day 4


I am in control of my actions and emotions.


Though I cannot control what happens to me, I can control my reactions. I am in control of how I treat and speak to others, and whether I take their comments and opinions personally. I am in control of what I share and give outwardly, and I choose to share love even during conflicts.



There are many things that will happen in life of which we have no control. Even more so, there will be terrible things that happen, and we simply won’t get answers as to why. We can’t always know why now, why us, why it turned out a certain way. Eleven years after diagnosis, I still don’t know what caused my cancer. And while I couldn’t control the fact that I had it, I could control my reaction, and how I was going to emotionally handle the situation.


The story of my diagnosis is a special one, one that I think perfectly prefaces today’s mantra:

I was lucky enough to have my parents tell me the news of my diagnosis. I wasn’t in a doctors office, or told by a man I hardly know. I was in their kitchen. I was sitting down with them. And they were crying, understandably, because there is no easy way to tell your youngest child and only daughter that, at age 17 while the world still waited ahead of her, her life was in severe danger, and there was nothing they could do about it. It was a first for us all; me in having the opportunity and agency to take my life into my own hands, and them in having to admit for the first time that they could not control my life or my safety.

They said it clearly: “you have cancer” but the words were lost on me. I had no idea what cancer looked like, what was next, what was happening to me. I did understand, though, that the fight to survive was upon me. And that they were scared. Being that I respected and admired them both so much, I knew immediately that it was my time to utilize all that they had taught me.

“Well, ok” I said to them. “We’re gonna do this. We’re going to fight it. But we’re not going to do it with fear or in the dark. We’re not going to be scared or avoid talking about the elephant in the room. We’re not going to cry or be mad. We’re going to go in, we’re going to do the treatment, we’re going to do whatever we have to do, and we’re going to stay happy and hopeful and together. We’re just going to get it done and make it as good of an experience as we can.”

It came down to the fact that not only did I not want to see my parents, my heroes this way, but I didn’t want my fight against cancer to look like that conversation. It wasn’t how I wanted to feel during treatment and it wasn’t how I wanted people to talk to me about it. Thus, we set off together, my family and I, with a commitment to meet the darkness with light, the uncertainty with hope, and the fear with love and acceptance. There were nights when cancer and circumstance tested my resolve. There was physical pain. There was good news and bad news. There were breakdowns and breakthroughs. There were hours spent with my head in the toilet, my mother by my side. There was always light to be found in the darkness, if only we would look for it, wait for it, and believe in it to find us eventually.

Today, acknowledge and respect your power to control your emotions. The reaction you choose will decide your every experience. Choose positivity!


Day 5


I am open.


I am open to pain and to joy. I am open to the truth that I don’t have all the answers, nor do I need to have them. I am open to the universe revealing itself everywhere, all the time, even in unexpected places. I am open to possibility, to miracles, to the great surprises that life has to offer.



Admit it: you don’t have all the answers. Does that make you uncomfortable to admit? It shouldn’t! It means you’re open to learning new things, to life having something new to show or teach you! Not knowing what’s next is part of the thrill of living. Not having the answers shouldn’t make you feel shameful or irresponsible; it should make you feel alive and excited.


Too much of the time, we have a false sense of control, an unfounded belief that we know exactly how every day will go, how everything will unfold. We mistake life as something predictable. For better or worse, life is anything but. And when we allow it to surprise us, we also see all the facets and elements of our deepest self we’d otherwise have overlooked.


You might find this true in your love life; if your idea of the perfect mate is too strict, you’ll never be open to finding someone wonderful who might have taught you life-changing lessons about romance and companionship.

You might find this true in your job; if you consider yourself a master of your profession, lose your curiosity for your occupation, and turn the entire experience into a mundane daily routine.

You might find this true in your diet; certain that you know what you like, what you don’t like, and never open yourself up to new flavors and dishes. Believing that you have any grasp on life is the quickest way to close yourself off to it.


Not having all the answers and not knowing what’s next is not a bad thing. It’s honest, and it’s freeing. It allows life to be full of possibility. It keeps your heart open to all the different aspects of life. A full life is not one of singular emotions, it’s one filled with the entire gamut of emotion, from love to sorrow, happiness to sadness, fear to bliss. A full life has it all!

Allow life to surprise you. Keep in mind that at any given moment, in one little corner of your view might be something new, someone new. Remain a student of life rather than a false master of it. Remain curious, remain humble. You never know what’s just around the corner…


Day 6


I will feed my soul, and allow it to bloom.


I vow to feed my creativity, to fuel my curiosity. I vow to travel, to eat sweet treats and drink good coffee in the company of my fellow women. I vow to listen to inspiring music, to learn new skills and lessons and languages. I vow to dress up, to honor my body, to be sensual and loving. I vow to have fun dancing all night, and get rest taking glorious naps in the afternoon sun. I vow to drink more champagne and make more toasts with it. I vow to cook delicious meals for my family, to take my vitamins, to practice yoga whenever I feel like it. To speak kind words to myself. To indulge in new passions. And through it all, I vow to allow my soul to speak outwardly with excitement and abundant bliss. Because life is so short, and every day should be celebrated.




This one goes out especially to all the readers who’ve been waiting for permission to be happy. This goes out to all the people who’ve been silently, patiently waiting for a sign to start going after what they want. This one goes out to all the hearts and souls who’ve been sitting on the sidelines, believing that all the beauty of life goes to everyone else except them. This one goes out to YOU.


After working years in fashion, one of the most expressive industries of our day, I came to realize that far too many consumers aren’t out buying clothes to express a part of their individuality. They’re simply trying to fit in, to look like other people they admire, go with the trend and the flow of the fad. Only a select few of braves souls out there were willing to use fashion as a sort of walking art. They weren’t afraid to be loud, different, and studied. They couldn’t help themselves; they needed to wear what felt right for them, in order to bring their best selves into society. If you know anyone like this, someone unabashedly individual, you realize what an eye-opening experience it is to interact with someone who’s truly self-expressed and indulges in what they believe is beautiful.


Please take this advice as deeply into your heart and mind as you possibly can: I can tell you, as someone who’s survived the odds, life is so short and so brief. When the end of your life comes upon you, you will not look back at all the time you worried about money or jobs or petty fights. You’ll look back on all the times you fed your soul with wonder. You’ll look back on all the times you laughed and loved. You’ll wish you’d spend more time doing exactly what you wanted, rather than what you thought you should be doing. You’ll wish you’d worn your favorite dress more often, took more bubble baths, ate more chocolate.

Whatever your heart is called to do – travel, eat, dance, pray, sing, cry – give yourself permission to do exactly that. Your heart has led you through life thus far, it won't steer you wrong. Honor it's call, answer it's asking, and allow yourself the happiness of a fulfilling life! To answer the call of your own heart, is their any more important work in life?? The only permission you need is your own. The only approval you need is your own. You hold the key to your own capabilities and limits.


Of course, your life goals should have lofty ambitions of making a positive impact, helping others, supporting your family, and all the rest. But your life goals should also include enjoying yourself, and expressing yourself! Through your clothes, your art, your words, your letters to friends, in your conversations – let out what is within you. You’re the only one who can release your vision with the world. Be proud to be that vision’s sole owner and caretaker. Express yourself. The world desperately needs you to come alive in all you do!


Day 7


Life is good to me.


I do not count or keep track of the bad days or the bad things that happen. I believe that the universe loves me, and I love it back. I believe it is good to me, and that even difficulty is a gift of love growth from the universe. I believe good things will come to me, and so I attract good things and good people. In return, I offer good things and a good person to others.




After months in the hospital chemo ward, you get to know other patients who share your schedule. One particular patient has always stuck with me: a man in full knowledge that he would not survive his cancer, and yet was happy beyond belief, and peaceful in his every action. He was stuck in a hospital knowing that he would very soon pass away, and I never even saw a friend or family member visit him, and yet he was totally happy, laughed with everything he said, and seemed to be the most peaceful, content man I’d ever met in my entire life. It was through the most simple and brief interactions with this man that I learned the power of perspective.


They say that life is either a comedy or a tragedy, but I think it can be both, and every other type of story as well. A romance, a drama, a slapstick. It will certainly be full of blessings and challenges, but both are gifts because both allow you to grow and learn. Life is not spiteful or cruel, it is only bluntly honest in it’s teaching methods. While we want to keep a tally of what’s fair, what we give and what we get, life doesn’t work in this simple terms. For the experience of being alive and for the power to create a life you love, we are forever in debt to life. But if we pretend that circumstance keeps us down and we deny our part in creating the life we’re leading, we give away all our power. We become victims. We trap ourselves in our misconception.


The law of attraction, the power of positive thinking, all these methods rely on the same principle: changing our beliefs to be from a place of gratitude and joy makes all the difference. Life has already been good to you, despite what’s going on around you. You’re here, you’re alive, and you’re doing the work to make your life even better. You’re already doing wonderful things for yourself! Life has allowed you to make it to day 7! You are a very lucky being!


In relationships with people and with life, you are infinitely easier to love when you aren’t pitying yourself. You will receive more when you act from a place of gratitude, from an attitude of expecting good things. Deep down you know you deserve it, it’s time you start acting like it.


Day 8


I am worthy.


I am worthy of my dreams and ambitions. I am worthy because I live with integrity and honesty. I am worthy because I am whole and complete. I am worthy because I am not a victim of my hardships. I do not pity myself and so I grow through life’s challenges and prove my worth for a full, happy, and content life. I step up to life with an open mind and heart. I am worthy of all the fullness life has to offer because in return I offer a willing and enthusiastic disciple of the universe.




The truth about tapping into your greatest potential is that no one must believe in you more than you believe in yourself. You must be your greatest advocate, your loudest cheerleader, your strongest ally, your biggest source of strength and reassuring beliefs. No one else can prove your beauty to you but you. No one else can explain your worth to you but you. And in fact the more insecure you are, the more you doubt yourself, the more others will doubt you too. Because no one can know you better than you do, and if you go out into the world with the belief that “I’m not worthy of great things”, everyone else will surely believe you.

Do not wait for someone to tell you you are beautiful; tell yourself. Do not wait for someone else’s validation to make you feel better; validate yourself. Do not rely on the opinions of others; opinionate yourself. Do not believe that negative little voice in your head who’s only goal is to sabotage you; believe in yourself. Be your own muse, see your own strengths, live up to your bloodline, and believe in yourself.

In the article “Habits of Happy, Self-Loving Women” we shared on HerAfter, we listed being your own best advocate as one of the top habits. Why? Because no one knows you better than you do, so no one can be an advocate for you better than you can. No one can or should set boundaries for you, say what you can and can’t do are, can decide what you are worth, or make decisions for you. You must be your own advocate in everything from your personal health to your choices and paths, and even who you give your love to. Once you learn to be an advocate for yourself, you’ll gain the strength to be the greatest advocate for your dreams too, and that’s how best lives are built!
Another habit was making yourself a priority. Your wants and needs are just as worthy as anyone else’s, in fact more so. Your boss, your kids, your partner, your friends; you’ll always have a million people and reasons to push aside your own needs and wants. But happy, self-loving women know that they must make themselves a priority too. They make time for their passion projects a priority, time to care for themselves (like sleeping well, relaxing, working out). They set aside some of their own time for just themselves. Just like love, you have to give your time and energy to you first before you can offer any to other people. Otherwise, you just find yourself burnt out and unhappy.


You are worthy of not only the things you need – food, sleep, love – but the things you want. You must only realize you are responsible for giving your wants to yourself as well.


Day 9


There is no tomorrow, and no yesterday. Only now.


I do not dwell on the past or worry about the future. When attachment to either arrises, I gently let it go, and embrace the moment. I live in the here and now, connected through my prana, my life breath. I am this moment, and it encompasses all that I am. Through this moment which I honor, I am infinite.




What an argumentative conversation with time we’ve created; it’s more of a war than a romance. Always feeling there’s not enough time in the day. Always searching for the ‘right time: The right time to have kids. The right time to switch careers. Actually, today is the most empowering day of your life. As you read this, you are in your chance to make a difference.

We are both obsessed with and controlled by our fascination with fast-moving instant results. Because of it, we no longer work in sync with the actual pace of time. A minute to receive an email feels like an eternity. A delivery of a few days is just too long to wait. We complain when our downloads, our uploads, our texts and calls and connections don’t move quickly enough. We’re frustrated and angry when any of our efforts don’t produce rewards instantaneously. We’ve completely forgotten the value of a journey in favor of an end.

In truth, we cannot control the pace to which things naturally move, be they our bodily constitution or our mind’s functioning; in fact demanding any part of life to move to the beat of childish impatience is only an act of disrespect toward life itself. We tell it “hurry up!” “I can’t wait!” when in fact nature is begging of us “slow down, you will see I have a system in place. Every step must be taken in turn.” A bird does not traverse the sky in a single flap of wings. Cancer survivors were given a crash course in ‘time’, not only because the amount we had left on earth was threatened, but also because you wouldn’t believe the extent to which an IV’s drip pace can seem aggravatingly and pompously slow. Drip, you jerk…

I don’t believe in time in the conventional sense of clocks and calenders. I don’t believe in the linear aspect of it because from everything I’ve learned in books and yoga and meditation and every author I respect, there IS no time, not in the counting sense. There is only now.

Every today is the result of every other day. In other words, everything you do today is a culmination of every day that has proceeded this one. And every single thing you do today influences all future days. If you do nothing today, nothing happens tomorrow. If you do today what you did yesterday, including all the bad habits of every day of every year of your life up until this moment, you will be the same tomorrow. TODAY is habitual equation of every single other day forward and backward and past and future and up and down and in and out.

This shouldn’t be terrifying; it should be liberating. It doesn’t mean that we are trapped in a cycle. It means we are free of the cycle, because of the cycle. Today is our liberation, not our cage. We are free to change our existence every single day in every single moment. We are given that beautiful and perfect opportunity every single day! Because everything we do affects everything we did before (our relationship with the past) and everything we will do (the impact of today’s action on tomorrow) we are free to redefine and redesign and rediscover our lives in every single step of our lives.


Day 10


I am grateful.


I am grateful for the dark and the light. I am grateful for my ability to hope through bad times. I am grateful for my blessings, the love of those around me, my ability to love, and my individual talents and passions. I am grateful for the earth, the sky, and the depths of the universe. I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned, and the opportunity to learn more. I am grateful and respectful of the light within me.




Every day, in every possible way, we are practicing. It doesn’t always feel like it, because we’ve finished the work week or because our real world problems feel like anything but amateur – but the truth is, every moment is still practice.

The myth is that ‘practice’ means the before period, as we learn and hone a skill. The truth is, ‘practice’ is just a regular, ongoing execution of the skill. It can be likened to one’s ‘work’; the activity that a person continually does on a regular basis. That said, a life of happiness requires practice. And a life of practice requires attentiveness.

On my worst days, it takes a lot of determination to remember to be grateful to be alive. In fact, sometimes it’s such a struggle that at the end of a truly trying day, I never did get to gratitude. And that’s ok. It’s a practice. If I were a doctor, my practice would be “Gratitude and Associates”. I go to work every day, and sometimes it is work, but it’s rewarding, and it is my work.

In many of my conversations with people today (at work, speaking events, networking, etc), it feels like we’re all doing a lot of practice without a lot of thought. We complain about our boyfriends’ shortcomings, our waistline, and how sick we are of our jobs. In doing so – even in conversation – we are practicing discontentment. The more we talk about it, the more the discontent flourishes. In the magical land of today’s society, we somehow made up the idea that ‘just getting it out’ and venting the problem helps, but venting does not, and has never solved the problem. It just dissipates it, making it feel like the responsibility is now shared. It’s not, it’s just more gossiped about.

In yoga, there is a saying to ‘do your practice’. It means to come to the mat, regardless of the stresses weighing heavy on the heart and shoulders, and do what is essential to honor your body, your mind, and your soul. The practice evolves each day, it feels differently on a Monday than a Wednesday, it has different rewards and sweet spots in your 20’s than in your 40’s, but it is ongoing, and takes determination. It is not a matter of an end goal, it is a matter of continuation. It is one’s work, one’s personal practice. And in every posture and at every interval, it takes awareness to understand what’s going on, and why.

Every single day, in every single moment, we are practicing something. Today, make gratitude your practice, and let it resonate throughout all you say and do.



Day 11


I am drop dead gorgeous.


No one has my looks but me. No one has my individual assets, my killer curves and my irresistible personality. No one has these scars but me because no one else earned them. No one else has this hair, this shape, these fingers and toes. No one knows all the secrets I keep, and no one defines themselves the same way I do. There is no other me but me, and I respect and live up to that responsibility by being fully, openly, fiercely myself.




There is an epidemic poisoning the idea of body image today – especially when it comes to fitness – and it’s one that puts our minds, our bodies, and most importantly our intention at risk.

That we should be at war with our own bodies.

Since when did we divorce our mind from our bodies, making the two enemies? Since when did we begin believing we have to force our bodies into those workouts, burn and push and lift till it hurts, and don’t you dare think about giving in to what your body says in the process? (like: “ouch” or “I hate this”). As a result, the most natural of conditions have become sinful: women’s bodies are no longer allowed to have curvaceous hips that help bear children, breasts are no longer allowed to change form (well, droop actually) from age 20 on. In that sense, the new credo behind ‘being fit’ seems to go against evolution. Telling our bodies not to age or how or where to hold on to weight is about as sensical as telling the earth not to be round anymore because square is so much sexier. It begs the question: if ‘being fit’ is so important, then why aren’t we asking what we’re being fit for anymore?

The truth is, in good and bad times, sickness and health, this is the only body you will ever have. It’s doing the best it can based on what you give it and feed it and use it for. You cannot wish this body away. It’s beautiful and unlike any other body. It’s yours and yours alone, a gift from the universe so that you could travel through the journey that is your life. You’re in charge of it.


Be grateful for your body. Take care of it. Don’t shame it for being unlike anyone else’s, celebrate it for exactly that. Allow your will of spirit to take it into another realm of consciousness. Allow your love to heal it and forgive it for any shortcomings. Allow your gratitude to overwhelm it for all that it offers you and does for you every single second of every single day. And with that, you will unlock your greatest feelings of Self. Of the life energy that YOU ARE within your physical body. You will no longer be Your Name and Personality trapped in a cage. You will be a limitless mind with the freedom to move and change the world inside a beautiful, hard-working vehicle.


And why do you deserve to feel happy instead of like a rat on a never-ending treadmill? Because you are gorgeous. Because your body is gorgeous. Because you are sexy, and beautiful, and fierce and more than enough exactly as you are right now. Because you don’t need to be perfect, because you are better than perfect, you are one-of-a-kind, unique, and drop dead irresistible. Because that body you’re in, the one that has let you laugh, run, swim, sleep, have sex, weep, release, that body deserves to be enjoyed. Yes, you deserve that!


Thank you!


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11 Day Mantra Challenge: Mantras for Happiness Everyone Should Try

Positive affirmations and mantras for happiness to use in meditation or daily repetition to help you create a happier, more peaceful and fulfilling life. Whether you have a regular meditation practice, or just want some inspiring, motivational mantras to repeat throughout your day, this series of mantras is designed to help you create a mindset of peace, happiness, and contentment. This series will help you tap into your individual power for mindfulness, and transform your life into an awakened, enriched experience. Including stories, detailed descriptions, and directions to use each mantra throughout your day, this series will absolutely change your life. This series of mantras was first released to readers of the site HerAfter.com exclusively. It was then featured throughout the web on sites like Yahoo!, Huffington Post, YourTango, and many more. Fans of the series grew and grew, and it is still the author's most popular article to date.

  • Author: Rachael Yahne
  • Published: 2016-01-06 20:05:10
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11 Day Mantra Challenge: Mantras for Happiness Everyone Should Try 11 Day Mantra Challenge: Mantras for Happiness Everyone Should Try