100 things to do in this life


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100 things to do in this life

Life is short and we must live it most clearly.

I wish that every day there is something to remember. The world around us is huge and diverse. There are so many things that make the choice very difficult. Where to go when there are so many interesting countries ?! What to cook for breakfast, because the store is so much delicious ?!

Here is the list, which is what is done in their bright and memorable life. Make and act!

TOP – 100

1. Draw a picture.

2. Write your book (the story of his life, or other).

3. Save someone’s life, (hand over the blood sacrifice for the operation).

4. Donate some of their belongings to the poor.

5. Plant a tree.

6. Be the master of your loving dog or cat.

7. Learn a foreign language.

8. Create your blog and write to your thoughts and ideas.

9. collect and spend time with friends, family.

10. Help the person who asks for help.

11. Be positive, and to give people a positive, making the world a brighter place.

12. Participate in the flash mob.

13. Find an old photo with your friends, put them back in the same place and do the same picture where you are adults.

14. Make a family tree.

15. Become a mentor for someone to share my experience and wisdom.

16. Create a board of his inspiration.

17. Make a gift with their own hands, and to give, dear and loved one.

18. Arrange a holiday surprise for you dear people.

19. Always giving flowers to his mom, especially on holidays, birthday, March 8, Mother’s Day.

20. Appreciate your friends and help them.

21. Tell everyone who you love and appreciate, that you love them and appreciate.

22. Make your personal time capsule, and put their message to the future.

23. Learn how to overcome your fears.

24. Fall asleep under the stars.

25. Swim with the dolphins.

26. Dive diving and see another beautiful world.

27. standing under a waterfall.

28. Watch a solar and lunar eclipse.

29. The parachute jump.

30. See live seven wonders of the world: Machu Picchu (Peru), the Colosseum (Rome), Petra (Jordan), Christ the Redeemer, the Great Wall of China, Chichen Itza (Mexico), Taj Mahal (India).

31. Go on a sea voyage.

32. To run a marathon.

33. To travel on horseback, camel, elephant.

34. The hot air balloon rides.

35. A stay at the carnival in Brazil.

36. Climb the slope, some mountains.

37. Relax in the forest with tents.

38. swim naked at night.

39. Participate on tasting (wine, chocolate, cheese, tea, etc.).

40. Ride a convertible.

41. Make a portrait of the artist.

42. Learn how to play any instrument.

43. Admire the aurora.

44. Experience weightlessness.

45. Participate in any competition.

46. Take a ride with a professional in a sports car.

47. Fly on a professional fighter.

48. Go to a concert of your favorite band.

49. Make your body so what do you want.

50. Visit the seven continents.

51. Cross your country on a bicycle.

52. Take a ride on the bullet train.

53. Look at Africa from a light aircraft.

54. Take a trip around the earth.

55. If possible, your journey into space to see the spectacular, unforgettable views of the planets and stars.

56. Visit the ancient sites on earth.

57. Rent a speedboat.

58. Play golf, tennis, paintball, etc.

59. Play team sports, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, cricket, etc.

60. Go on a fishing trip.

61. bowling, billiards, ping pong, air hockey.

62. Karaoke.

63. Take dancing lessons, (rumba, tango, merengue, waltz, hip-hop, sambo and others on your taste).

64. paragliding.

65. Try Zorbing, BASE Jumping is another extreme.

66. Take a ride on bugs in the desert.

67. Ride the most prominent attractions in the world.

68. To see a live rocket launch.

69. To see the demolition of a skyscraper.

70. Visit the Grand Canyon (Arizona)

71. Visit Victoria Falls, and other large waterfalls in the world.

72. To see the pyramids in Egypt, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Big Ben and other sights in the world.

73. To visit the best museums of the world.

74. To visit the best aquariums in the world.

75. A stay on the beautiful island such as (Bora Bora, Hawaii, Maldives, Caribbean, Fiji, etc.).

76. Visit the palaces, castles of the world.

77. Visit a variety of festivals, carnivals in different countries.

78. To visit the famous caves of the world.

79. Try pottery.

80. Try sculptural art.

81. Make models of cars, ships and airplanes.

82. Try to cook delicious meals.

83. Grow Bonsai tree.

84. Do unforgettable pictures.

85. Try the art of origami.

86. Attend workshops, seminars, trainings, those areas of activity that you like.

87. Experience all the charm of the different types of massage.

88. Try some delicious all over the world, drinks and desserts.

89. Become a Millionaire (create enough passive income that will allow you not to work and enjoy life).

90. Hire for luxury sports cars, such as the (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley and other according to your taste).

91. Find your inner peace.

92. inventing anything.

93. See his favorite sporting event live.

94. To visit the places where the facts have ghosts.

95. A stay at the masquerade.

96. A stay on the set.

97. Visit the planetarium.

98. Play in the play.

99. Take acting lessons.

100. Find the love of your life, grow up happy and healthy children, become an example for them.

It captures the spirit of submission of all possible experiences and impressions of the list!

100 things to do in this life

Life is short and you need to live it the most vivid and interesting. Here are the best and the brightest impressions that you want to try in your life. The impressions are so varied, exciting and vivid that it is impossible to resist. Features 1. The top 100 best impressions. 2. Exciting and interesting ways to make life brighter. 3. The moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. 4. Bright emotions and sensations. 5. Life is one. Get the most out of it.

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100 things to do in this life 100 things to do in this life