Ìwà: A Phoenix’s Appearing


Ìwà: A Phoenix’s Appearing is a short folk story written by Tito O’tobi. The story follows a sequence of events that brings Oòduwà in contact with a princess while he is running away from his destiny as predicted by the oracle at Òyó.

This short story is an excerpt from the popular trilogy, The Hunchback of Langbodo.

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In the heat of his anger, Oòduwà stormed out of the village of Òyó and only after seven days did he realize that he had been walking in a totally different direction than he had come with the procession of priestesses and Àgbonìrègún. It was one of the things that made Òyó village unconquerable by external forces. The priestesses had nestled their abode between seven mountains and several hills that closed the village in a circle and almost all routes along the valley floor was identical. Most visitors could not easily pick out which route by which they had come in. It was not uncommon to see invaders and spies lose all sense of direction as soon as they found their way into the village. They were often captured by the priestesses and made examples of. Visitors sometimes came in and had to be accompanied on their way out. In Oòduwà’s case he had come in through a North-west valley route and left through a direct east valley route.


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Ìwà: A Phoenix’s Appearing

  • ISBN: 9781370387076
  • Author: Tito O'tobi
  • Published: 2017-03-30 09:05:12
  • Words: 1917
Ìwà: A Phoenix’s Appearing Ìwà: A Phoenix’s Appearing