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‘’You ever mess around with Ouija boards?’’ Carl Sanders asked, his eyes focused on his gin.

‘’Ouija Boards? Christ no. That shit’s for kids,’’ Vic Garbo bellowed, slightly slurring his words.

Some Lynyrd Skynyrd rang through the house, shaking the walls.

‘’My niece has been messing around with one. I don’t like it,’’ Carl admitted.

‘’She’s a teenager,’’ Vic said, a laugh caught in his throat. ‘’Didn’t you ever break out the Ouija Board on a Friday night, trying to contact some relative that has passed on?’’

‘’Nope. The supernatural terrifies me. Always has,’’ Carl said, his voice faltering a bit.

Vic glanced over at his friend. ‘’Has your niece seen or heard any weird shit?’’

Carl looked up. ‘’No, just a couple of times, the spirit claimed to be my mother a couple times..’’

Vic remains silent. The song playing melted into the next one. It was a CD. ‘’Ouija Boards are just the subconscious’ way of telling us shit we all want to hear. Everybody knows that.’’ He took a drink.

‘’What if Ouija Boards were really portals to other worlds?’’ Carl pressed, leaning in, speaking in a frightened whisper.

Vic shot his buddy a skeptical look. ‘’You’ve always been the superstitious type,’’ Vic scolded Carl.

‘’Maybe, but did you know my mother was a witch?’’ Carl asked.

‘’Sure did,’’ Vic nodded.

‘’How?’’ Carl asked, indignation rising in his voice.

‘’I caught her trying to summon a demon back in the day,’’ Vic said, matter of factually.

‘’When was this?’’ Carl demanded, his eye twitching a bit. It did that when he got mad sometimes.

‘’You remember that day you dared me to try and unsnap Betty Lou Johansen’s bra, in study hall?’’ Vic asked.

Carl nodded.

‘’You remember I was waiting for you after you got home from your football practice that day?’’ Vic asked.

‘’I think so,’’ stammered Carl.

‘’I grabbed your dad’s ladder from the garage and climbed up to your bedroom, you know, to wait for you,’’ Vic stated.

‘’Like you usually did,’’ Carl added.

‘’Exactly. And that was when I saw your mom, in your room performing black mass. She was wearing a hood and muttering some weird chant and had candles all over the room.’’

Carl sat in open mouth disgust. ‘’W-why didn’t you ever tell me?’’

Vic shrugged. ‘’She paid me twenty bucks not to say anything. You know me, for twenty bucks, I’d have helped her hide a body.’’


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  • ISBN: 9781311835451
  • Author: Doug Robbins
  • Published: 2016-03-13 02:50:06
  • Words: 2196
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