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Zombie Kid Creepy Crawlies


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It was a dreary and grey afternoon, a perfect day for playing outside! Zombie Kid was hunting for creepy crawlies in the backyard while his sister, Sissy, played with her undead dolls.

Zombie Kid had an amazing collection of horned beetles, toxic worms, and prickly crickets of all sizes and colors.

When Zombie Mom had finished making her slug-bug soup, she called her children in to eat. Zombie Kid and Sissy slurped the slimy soup right down. It was a perfect day until Zombie Mom asked Zombie Kid to play with his little sister. Zombie Kid was not happy. Sissy wasn’t good at catching slithery creatures, and he certainly didn’t want to play any of her games.

hen it was time to go back outside, Zombie Kid slowly scuffled out the door. Sissy was a little monster, and Zombie Kid was a big monster. He couldn’t play with Sissy because she didn’t know how to play the games that he liked. Then, Zombie Kid had the best idea! “Hey, Sissy, instead of playing together, I will just come catch bugs over here, next to you. You can keep playing with your dolls.”]

issy frowned at Zombie Kid. She shook her head and said, “No!” Sissy picked up the jar full of Zombie Kid’s collection and moaned, “I want to help.” Zombie Kid cringed. That was not what he wanted to hear. He took the jar from Sissy, and agreed to let her help. His baby sister wanted him to teach her how to catch the bugs, but Zombie Kid didn’t have time for that. He wanted to get back to having fun.]

After assigning Sissy half of the backyard, Zombie Kid went back to searching for little crawlies. He rolled his eyes when he saw his sister rolling around in the grass. She would never catch anything like that!

Zombie Kid was stalking the perfect purple beetle when his sister yelled, “AHH!!” He looked up to see his little sister running around the yard trying to catch the biggest speckled cricket of the day!

It was frustrating for Zombie Kid to watch his sister run around like a banshee trying to catch the rare cricket. She didn’t stop until the huge cricket scurried over the fence post.

Sissy turned to him with big round eyes and started to cry. Zombie Kid quickly comforted his sister. He didn’t like to see her upset. He gave her a big hug and dried her eyes. “Don’t worry, Sissy,” he said. “I will teach you how to get all of the bugs you want.”

For the rest of the afternoon, Zombie Kid showed his sister how to be an expert creepy crawly grabber. He taught her how to find one-eyed beetles and wrinkled worms…

…how to grab sticky centipedes without her hand falling off…

…where to squeeze a squealing slug, and how tightly to hold the withering worms.

He even taught Sissy to stay away from average bugs and to go for the poisonous ones!

Zombie Kid even showed her how to do the most important part: carefully putting their spectacular finds into a jar for safekeeping.

It made Zombie Kid proud when his sister caught her first polka-dotted dung beetle all on her own. He still had to help her put it in the jar, but she did the rest by herself!

He was glad that he could play with his sister, and proud that she was so good at catching critters. From now on, he would take the time to help her learn new things. It was much more fun to be patient and teach someone the right way than it was to watch them lose big speckled crickets!

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Zombie Kid Creepy Crawlies

  • ISBN: 9781311138507
  • Author: CL Cook
  • Published: 2016-03-28 02:50:10
  • Words: 706
Zombie Kid Creepy Crawlies Zombie Kid Creepy Crawlies