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Your Nightly Programing


Your Nightly Programing

By Alan VanMeter

Copyright 2017 By Alan VanMeter

All rights reserved

“One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.”
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

Her first recognition was hearing music, she dreamily recognized the song. It was ‘Love on the Brain’ by Rihanna. She immediately thought it was that damned Cochlear cell phone implant of her boyfriend, Denny.

‘Wait!’ she realized as her consciousness solidified more. ‘He had that damn thing removed three weeks ago. Oh crap, it’s the damned alarm! No! Not already.’

Jessica rolled over and wearily reached to slap the ‘sleep’ button.

‘Five more minutes… yes.’

It was too late though, as she felt Denny rolling out of bed.

“Time to get up Jess. Come on.” He half yawned.

“No…” She moaned.

“Yes. Time to make the damn doughnuts… again.”

Jess took a shower after he was finished in the bathroom, and when she got out and dressed was happy to see that Denny had made her breakfast again.

“Thanks again for breakfast, babe.”

He smiled and joined her at the small table.

“I know you’re still trying to make up for the cost to get that damn Cochlear cell phone removed.” She half teased, but the other half was serious.

“Hell no. I should be golden from the last three weeks of making you breakfast.”

“Oh, so you just got in the habit, or what?” Jess raised her brows.

“No, this is for something else.” He grinned.

That stopped her. He was an avid techie and was always interested in having all the latest gadgets and devices, and that could only mean that he found a new one he wanted.

“Crap babe, what is it this time? Don’t tell me you want one of those penile stimulator implants.” She gave him her challenging look.

Denny laughed. “You know I don’t need one of those, babe.”

“No, not yet anyhow.” She shook her head.

He turned on the TV to the main news feed. The lead story is of the President having nationalized another group of businesses that had opposed him in the final election. Now they will be under his own parent company, and the owners have been arrested for treason. Since this madman had declared himself the permanent president, and that elections will no longer be held, he has moved quickly to silence any and all opposition to him. This drove Jessica insane, and she always let Denny know just how she felt about the rotten situation.

“I told you that he would become a damn dictator! See!” She pointed at the screen.

“He’s just doing what needs to be done to unify us, babe. With Russia invading Estonia and all, we need to all come together and support him.”

“He gave Russia Estonia! Remember?”

He shook his head. “We had to pull out of NATO, we couldn’t afford it.”

“You are such a damn moron, Denny!”

“Yeah, well keep talking like that, and I’ll have to turn you in.” He laughed and raised his eyebrows at her.

This was the big divide between them, politics. Jessica had sincerely thought of leaving him when it became clear that he supported the monster, but then he was the main bread winner of the two of them, so she stayed. Now she honestly did fear that he might just do what he threatened. She bit her lip and continued eating.

Things were damn dangerous now, since the dissolution of the Congress and Senate. Even many of the previous supporters of the president in Congress were arrested, and presumably killed. The new media had all been subverted and now they all spoke of how necessary the unification process was, and they showed very little in the way of the resistance movement. On line there were still some videos of the protests being broken up by riot police, and of the mass arrests. There were also some very disturbing ones of renegade supporters performing executions of those they deemed to be non-supporters. All in all it was completely terrifying, and Jessica was frightened beyond belief. The morning news was bad enough, but the nightly news was a massive propaganda assault. She could hardly watch it, and often just went on-line instead, but Denny ate it up, becoming more brainwashed every damn day it seemed.

Thank goodness for the commercial break, which made everything seem like it was still normal, but she knew it wasn’t. Jessica hurriedly ate, before the news came back on and ruined her appetite. Then a particular commercial aired toting the latest in cell phone technology. It was for a system that was directly wired into a person’s brain.

“Oh my god!” She gasped. “Now that is damn sick!”

“No it isn’t.” Denny defended.

She looked at him with wide eyes. “You don’t mean… that is what you want to try next?”

“Hell yeah!” He smiled.

“But your last experience with that damn Cochlear cell phone was a disaster, babe!”

“This isn’t anything like that, Jess. I’ve read up on it, and there have been zero, absolutely zero malfunctions.”

“That is dangerous! It has to be! Don’t do it Denny, you don’t want other people having direct access to your mind. Heck, you’re already…” She bit her lip, knowing she’d said too much already.

“Already what?” He leaned towards her with a menacing grimace. “Already brainwashed? I know you think so, but I think you are the one who is still brainwashed from all that old crap! It’s all been proven to be lies, Jess.”

She wanted to scream at him, but she couldn’t afford to.

“I make the money in this house, so if I want a new hardwired cell phone implanted, I’ll damn well do it!”

That was that, and Jess knew it. No sense arguing with a fool.

After breakfast he drove her to her job at the lab’s cafeteria, while he worked for the lab as an engineer. She made just a tiny bit more than minimum wage, as a line server. It was all she could find after dropping out of high school. At the time she didn’t have much choice as her step father had raped her since she was fifteen years old. So she ran away the moment she turned eighteen, and got a job at the cafeteria. That was how she met Denny, and he was so smooth in playing her. At first she really liked him, and then quickly grew to love him, even though she knew he had some differing perspectives than hers. He did have money, and a fair amount of it too from his lucrative position. After their fourth date he’d asked her to move in with him, after he’d bedded her twice. She did know how to please a man after all, hell, she’d been educated in that for a long time thanks to her step dad.

Jessica hated her job, but the customers would never know it by her bright friendly smile which she always flashed. The people of the sorted scientists and military officers who frequented the cafeteria were not her favorite sort either. They all got paid enormous amounts of taxpayer money for working very little as she could discern, and even Denny regularly admitted that the work ethic in any of these institutions was nearly non-existent. All they ever talked about in line was how despicable the opposition was, even before they became illegal and hunted down. She made sure to never say a word of politics here, nor to even give a disgusted scowl at their blatant inhumane banter. It was always so and so needs a bullet in their head, or to be strung up. Many of the men also made lewd sexual comments to her as well, and even some of the women did also! Still, it paid just a tad more than minimum wage, so she bit her lip, and kept the fake smile on her face. Though to her she was surrounded by a world of things, monsters who hated humanity. What she would give to see the tide change, and those who were killing the rational people, to have the shoe on the other foot. There was no hope of that however, not since the takeover.

That night at dinner Denny told Jessica that he had made his mind up to have the implants for the latest in high tech wireless direct cerebral communications links performed. She warned him again, only once, but he was adamant about having this new high technology.

“So you won’t mind having your thoughts made public then?” She asked.

“Not at all, but I don’t have to worry about that because the company has a strict privacy policy. Besides, all it records are my function commands to the interface.”

“Sure.” She nodded.

“Hey, you’ll love it too. I’ll be your cyborg lover.” He chuckled.

Jessica shrugged, “Maybe you can get some pointers.”

“Awe, like you don’t love it already.” He patronized.

She used to love it, and him, but then the profound despise and anger of his had set in, making him more repugnant by the day. It seemed the nightly news was indeed brainwashing him. As he turned the TV on again after dinner, she took refuge on-line.

Within several long weeks Denny scheduled the procedure to have the newest idea in communication technology hard wired into his brain. Of course Jessica was involved with the ordeal, as she had to drive him home afterwards. His head had been shaved completely bald, and there were six small round bandages on different spots on his head where the tiny holes had been drilled through his skull. The electronic implants were so small they easily fit through the minute drilled holes. Denny was quiet the whole ride, with the occasional giggle, or chuckle as he experimented with his new thought activated cell phone.

Once she parked in their garage she asked, “So, was it worth it?”

He held up his palm motioning for her to wait. In a few moments he chuckled, and nodded before turning to face her. “Sorry, I had to finish my call to Doug. You asked if it was worth it, hell yeah! This is crazy sick cool! I am talking to people with my mind… it’s like telepathy, babe!”

“What the… You were just talking to Doug? How?”

“It’s so cool! Kind of like texting, but the app is so intuitive that I can form who text paragraphs in seconds. Just by thinking of what I want to say. Then I send the completed text, and a voice synthesizer in the company’s server sends a voice message to whoever I’m calling. It’s bad ass, babe!” Denny was clearly beyond excited.

Jessica thought about that for a moment. “You mean I don’t have to listen to your phone conversations anymore?”

“Nope.” He grinned.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea.”

That night after an early dinner Denny turned on the damn news as usual, and the lead story was about an attack on a US Navy ship by the Iranian Air Force. Jessica could only think of escaping reality again, so she went on line briefly, and even though she avoided any political discussions, instead following her favorite authors’ posts, there were always some damned politics that creeped in. So she purchased a new ebook from one of her favorite writers; titled ‘Dark Desires’ by Zorha Edwards. It was a sequel to another of her books of poetry that Jessica had already thoroughly enjoyed. In no time she was whisked away to a peaceful place by the author’s expert, and wonderfully imaginative verse.

Too soon Denny was calling her to come to bed, but she did not want to put the book down, it was far too good! Still, she had already fought this battle with him before, with Denny declaring that he couldn’t sleep unless she was safely beside him. She figured it was just that he hated being woken when she came to bed, that and his ever present need for control. Tomorrow was another work day anyhow, so she reluctantly set the book mark and turned her computer off. He fell asleep before she did, and then his snoring kept her awake a while longer. Finally she was able to nudge him to roll over, and she snuggled into her blankets. Then he started talking in his sleep, something he’d never done before, that she was aware of anyhow.

“It’s not true? Ohhh.”

She blinked and sighed.

“I know that’s not. Because I liked the lie I guess.”

After she nudged him again, shutting him up, she finally was able to fall asleep.

In the morning he again made her breakfast, but when the TV was turned on he only watched a few minutes of the national news before switching to a local station. That was something he’d never done before.

“Why the local news, babe?” She asked.

“Oh, not much going on nationally. I can turn it back if you want.”

She shook her head, “No, no the local is fine. I’m just surprised that’s all, what with all the stuff going on about Iran.”

“Yeah, but something isn’t right about all that.” He frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“Did you ever read about the Gulf of Tonkin incident that spurred the US into a major military commitment in Vietnam?”

She shook her head.

“Well supposedly the North Vietnamese attacked one of our Navy ships, and so we went to war, but it was exposed later to be a pure lie. It never happened.” He sighed.

“Holy shit!” She gasped. “Wait, do you think that is what the story about the Iranian Air Force attacking our ship is, a lie?”

“I think it might well be. I do know a thing or two about the Iranian capabilities, as well as our own, and those planes would never have been able to get close to our ship.”

“Wow, what’s gotten into you, babe? That goes against the administration, and you know what that means.” She had wide eyes looking at him in disbelief.

“I know, it’s treasonous talk.” He nodded.

“You’d better not mention this to anyone besides me, Denny. Don’t worry, I won’t turn you in.”

“Likewise, Jess. I’m sorry I threatened you with that too. I would never do anything to hurt you. I was just…” He stopped.

“Just what?” She pressed.

“I don’t know, I guess I was just trying to piss you off.”

“Wow. It’s alright, I didn’t believe you anyhow.” She lied.

On the drive to work Jessica gazed out the window at the Capital building in the distance. She could feel the corrupt evil that those who once occupied its halls exuded, like a stain that would never go away. They had allowed all of this to happen, and they had received their just rewards after the President consolidated his absolute power. Then they were dispensed with, seeing as the new dictator didn’t need them anymore. He still called himself the President, but everyone knew he was just a tyrannical dictator, at least everyone who wasn’t completely brainwashed by the relentless propaganda. It had been a while since anyone had dared to march in a protest against the new regime, the military and police armored vehicles on nearly every block gave testimony to the utter suppression of any dissent. The political posts on line recently were mostly propaganda supporting the new unified government, but every now and again someone would be brave enough to speak counter this totalitarian authority. These brave souls usually stopped posting soon afterwards, and it could only be assumed that they had been seized, and removed. Jessica hated everything about how the country had become, but there wasn’t a thing she could do about it, nor that anyone could.

It was a long day on the serving line, with more of the usual propaganda talk by the customers, as well as a lewd sexual remark or two hurled her way. Then after lunch cleanup, she went to sit in the now mostly empty cafeteria to wait until Denny got off work. It was an hour a day that she had to herself, a precious bit of time which she usually spent reading, and this day was no different. Just at a crucial part in the story she read, someone interrupted her.

“Hi Jess. How are you doing today?” It was Patty, one of Denny’s co-workers and friends. She sat down with a cup of coffee.

“Oh, hi Patty. I’m alright, how are you?”

“Doing okay, I guess.”

“Is something the matter?” Jess feigned worry, as she wasn’t too fond of Patty. They few times they had met, mostly at Christmas parties for the lab employees, Patty had seemed jealous of her, and a bit spiteful too.

“It’s just that I found out today that the lab’s budget is getting cut. I don’t know if I’ll have a job soon.”

Jess made a real grimace, she certainly didn’t like the sound of that. “Oh no!”

Patty leaned in to whisper, “That damned moron will take everything for himself, and to hell with the rest of us.”

“Do you mean… the President?” Jess whispered back, looking around for unwanted ears listening.

Patty nodded. “He’ll get us all killed, and then he won’t have shit.”

Jess could only stare at her with wide eyes. She sure didn’t expect Patty to be so rational.

“Oh, you go ahead and report me if that’s what you want to do, Jess. I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore.”

Jess shook her head. “No, I wouldn’t do that.”

That brought a smile to Patty’s lips. Then she held up her hand as if to tell Jess to hold on a moment. Jess wondered what was wrong, and looked around again for someone eavesdropping.

Patty put her hand down. “Sorry, I had to take that call. The boss is calling for a meeting right away.”

Jess looked at her and realized, “You have a cerebral link phone too?”

Patty nodded with a big grin as she got up. “They are awesome, girl! You should get one, you’d love it. Gotta run, see you later.” She waved as she walked away.

That evening it surprised her when Denny didn’t even turn on the news, instead actually took an interest in what Jess was doing on line. So she showed him a recent post by one of her favorite authors, Zorha Edwards, warning that many artists and writers were being arrested and silenced for their free thought. As they finished reading her post, it suddenly disappeared.

“Oh crap.” Jess said. “Let me go to her page, and see if it is still archived there.”

They only found the generic “This page has been removed and is no longer available” message. So she went to her Zon page where her books were for sale, and found that all of the books had been removed as well.

“They are purging her completely!” She remarked.

“Do you have any of her books in your library?” Denny asked with a worried look.

“Yeah.” She called up her library, but found that they were gone from there too. “What the hell? I paid good money for those! They can’t just take them away from me. No! I loved The Dark Lady Saga, and Ancient Rites was one of my favorites! I was going to read them all again, for like the fourth time.”

“Yes they can. They have no real opposition any longer, so they can do whatever they please.”

“That’s screwed up!”

He nodded. “There’s nothing anyone can do about it now.”

As Jessica lay trying to go to sleep that night, Denny again started to talk in his sleep.

“That’s the most logical argument right there.” He said, and then, “I agree.”

She nudged him enough where he rolled over and was quite, so she was able to go to sleep herself. The next morning he did turn on the news, but only for a few minutes. One of the stories was how popular the new cerebral cell phone was becoming. The President had even tweeted about it, saying that he found the idea intriguing, but that he would not have the technology implanted in him. It seemed he liked the old fashioned phones just fine. Jessica found herself agreeing with him for the very first time.

She asked Denny about what Patty had mentioned the previous day, of the budget cuts, and if he would be affected.

“No, my division won’t be cut. There are a couple of the less critical ones that will be though.” He told her.

“Patty is in your division, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, her job is safe too.”

“Good for her, but mainly good for you. I was a bit worried.” Jess smiled.

“I was too, but for now we will be alright. As long as we keep producing technology of value, we should stay that way.”

“That’s pretty good incentive.”

He nodded, “The days of freeloading are over.”

“You never were a freeloader, babe. I always knew that.” She rubbed the back of his hand.

“Thanks, sweetie. Now my boss, Earl, he will be hating life seeing as he can’t just go around flapping his gums all the time.”

“I never liked him at any of the office parties. He seemed like a damn know-it-all.”

“Yup, that he is. Just remember to be nice to him at the Super Bowl party next weekend.”

Jess sighed. “I wish we didn’t have to go.”

“Me either, but when Earl gives an invite, it is actually an order.”

For the rest of the week Denny seemed to become more and more rational with his political views, which amazed her to no end. She didn’t complain about it at all, but she just wished he’d done so before it was too late. He also kept talking in his sleep, like he was having a deep conversation with someone. On Sunday they arrived at Earl’s house for the party, and most of the guys grouped together to talk football. Patty joined Jessica and they talked about how silly the whole thing was. Sure enough the guy’s conversation turned to politics, and Earl was boisterously bragging about how great everything was going now. Patty rolled her eyes at Jess, and she knew that there were still some people who could think for themselves. It was comforting. As the guys started discussing the latest news about the Iranian situation, mostly saying that we needed to bomb the crap out of them, Jessica noticed that Denny wasn’t joining in the conversation at all, he was most uncharacteristically silent.

Earl seemed to notice this too, and asked him, “So what do you think about that, Denny?”

Denny looked at him. “I don’t need to think about it.”

“What? Sure you do, it will affect all of us in some way or another.” Earl countered.

“No I don’t. Whatever the President thinks about it is all that matters. We don’t have to think about things like that anymore. Whatever he says is what I will think about it. Now we can focus on things that we can affect. He’s got this. Isn’t it great? That’s freedom.” Denny smiled.

Earl seemed dumbfounded, as were a number of the other guys too. That sure ended the political discussion, because to argue with Denny’s point would be to argue with the President’s point, and that would be treason. Jessica saw that it took the fun out of all the guys normal political ranting. Now they had nothing to get all worked up about, as it was truly and forever out of their hands. The realization must have deflated their egos she figured, as they sure didn’t have the boisterous postures that they had worn when the discussion started. Their opinions were totally redundant now.

That evening she told Denny that she loved how he sure shut all the guys up about politics.

His response made her even more proud of him, “They are fools. They sold their opinion down the river when they supported the takeover.”

“You supported the takeover too, remember?” She tested him.

“I was also a fool. A mistake that will have to be paid for.” He sighed.

“I think we are all paying for it now.” She lowered her gaze.

Several days later the world was shaken by the simultaneous news of Russia invading Poland, and of the US invading Iran. Jessica could easily see that the President and his Russian counterpart, Putin, were working closely together to subjugate the whole world. When she mentioned this to Denny, he again surprised her with his answer.

“After Poland, Putin will invade Germany. Since France is still part of the Union, and it is the last member remaining that has nuclear weapons, it will be destroyed. China will invade Japan, and then Australia and New Zealand. It was all planed for a long time now.”

“What? How do you know this?”

“It is obvious when you look at all the pointers.”

“France will be destroyed? What do you mean? How?”

“By thermonuclear fire.” He was grim.

“Oh my god!”

“It will get worse.” He said.

“I don’t think I want to know. What I don’t understand is why?” her voice cracked with panic.

“Because the citizens of the three big powers have become mere sheep, and will allow their evil leaders to do anything they wish. Blind Nationalism was promoted for many decades to get us to this point.” He rubbed her shoulder to comfort her. “Something will happen to stop it though.” He smiled.

“What? What will happen?”

“Something amazing.” He assured her.

Over the next week Denny still talked in his sleep, but less frequently. He also began to exercise every evening. The next Saturday he really freaked Jessica out by going shopping by himself, and coming home much later with an arsenal of guns and ammo.

“Oh my god, Denny! What the hell did you buy these for?”

“They will be made illegal pretty soon, so I figured if we wanted to protect ourselves in the chaos ahead, now would be the time to get some.”

“Good lord, Denny! Are these even legal?”

“Nope, not here in DC. I went to West Virginia to buy them. They sell anything to anybody there.” He grinned.

“Is that a damn machine gun?” She pointed as he opened the boxes.

“It’s a semi-automatic AR-15.” He pulled another from a case. “This here is a Melot Vepr semi-auto twelve gage assault shot gun, with twenty round clips. I got a bunch of different ammo for it too, including some serious thermobaric rounds.” “Is that a bullet proof vest?” She asked.

“Yeah, and I have a ballistic helmet too.”

She shook her head, “You are going to get us both arrested, babe.”

“No we won’t. I asked the gun store owner if he would ever relinquish the paper work to the feds, and he assured me that he would incinerate them the moment they started collecting them from others.”

“What the hell are you planning on doing with them?” Jess demanded, as she knew something was up.

“Protect us when it gets crazy.”

“You’re the one who’s gone crazy, babe.”

The news was only watched in the mornings any longer, and just to see the lead stories. Most of their information now came from the internet, and Denny only looked up particular items of interest. One of the ones he was most interested in was that the military was now having its elite troops and commanders have the cerebral cell phones implanted, as they were the wave of the future as far as high tech communication ability went. Most other industrialized countries immediately followed suit, and Denny seemed really pleased by this development.

It wasn’t long until the news started reporting a series of mass terrorist shooting attacks which left thousand dead. They said that each and every one of these had been carried out by left wing opposition groups, trying to destabilize the government. Then the news started airing the live executions of the perpetrators. Denny told Jess that was a bold faced lie, and that the government was behind the attacks themselves.

“Why would they do that?” She asked.

“There are three main reasons. The first is to create despise for any who oppose the President. The second is to get people accepting the idea of public executions, and the third is to give cause for nation-wide martial law to be imposed, along with the collection of all firearms.”

“So the people they are executing didn’t actually kill those people?”

“No they didn’t. They are just suspected dissidents.”

“Oh my god! This is sick!”

“Yes it is, baby. It will only get worse too, until…” He didn’t finish the statement.

“Until what?”

“They are stopped.”

“Who’s going to do that?” Jess was sarcastic.

Denny just shrugged.

It was strange that since receiving his cerebral implants, Denny had become a changed person. Even their sex had become different, it became love making instead of just hard sex, and he often told Jess how much he truly loved her. This alone was worth every penny for the implants, and she sure didn’t mind at all. Still, she knew his change had to be related to the chips in his brain, and since her heart had warmed to him so much since the change, she asked him about it.

“Baby, don’t get me wrong about what I am going to ask you, because I have fallen back in love with you deeply, but do the cerebral implants have anything to do with the change that has come over you?”

“Yes they do.” He smiled.


“At first it was just while I slept that we were connected to each other, and the truth was clearly shown to us.”

“How were we connected?”

“Not you and I, but everyone who has the implants.”

“Oh god… they are brainwashing you!” She panicked.

He chuckled and took her in his arms with tenderness. “No, we are not being brainwashed. Actually we are having all of our previous brainwashing removed.”

“What previous brainwashing?”

“From the damn news, especially the networks that supported the President even before he won the election. They used cutting edge hypnosis techniques along with psychological conditioning to blind us, and turn us into mindless followers. They even used subliminal frequency bombardment to agitate our R-complex. Then the anger of the President and his use of key words simply clicked in our minds as the right thing to do, and to follow. This is why none of his supporters ever questions a word he says. We were conditioned not to.”

“Who is doing this reverse brainwashing?”

“The company that makes the implants. They knew the power of the technology they had developed, and that it could be used for the ultimate evil purpose, or for the greater good. They chose the good.”

Jessica looked deep into his eyes, “So you’re saying this is the real you?”

“Yes.” He leaned and kissed her with such love that she’d only dreamed of.

Things happened just like Denny had predicted they would. The President imposed nation-wide martial law until such time as the threat from the leftist opposition terrorists was eliminated. Then he ordered all firearms to be surrendered as part of the same plan to protect the citizens. The war in Iran was dragging on as the Iranians were putting up a fierce fight for their homeland. The same was occurring in Poland as the European Union sent troops to assist the Poles. The frustration was apparent on the President when he gave one of his bi-weekly propaganda rallies. Everything seemed to be stagnating, and that was when it occurred.

Jessica woke up that next Monday morning seeing that Denny was already up. She went into the kitchen expecting to see him perhaps starting to cook breakfast for her as he’d done nearly every day, but he wasn’t there. She called for him and searched the house, then she found a note left by him.

My love Jessica,

I have to do something which must be done. The fate of the world depends upon our success. It is dangerous, and I might well be killed, but if this isn’t accomplished then there will be no real future for us, or anyone for that matter. I can’t detail what we are doing, but call Patty and she will fill you in. Know I love you with all my heart. I hope to see you again, and live a wonderful life with you.

All my love, Denny

Jessica was shaking, she immediate ran to the spare bedroom and looked in the closet, where Denny kept the guns he’d bought. They were all gone. Then she really started to panic, and she called Patty right away.

“Patty, Denny told me to call you! He’s gone and he left me a note saying he had to do something dangerous, and that you would explain it all to me.”

“Yes I will, Jess. I only live a couple of miles from you, so I’ll come over and tell you what is going on.”

“I’m scared, Patty, please hurry.”

“It will be just a few minutes. Relax, and maybe you could put some coffee on for us.”

“Okay.” Jess’s voice trembled.

The coffee pot was just done filling when the doorbell rang. Jess ran to let Patty in.

“Patty, what is Denny up to?”

“Why don’t you pour us each a cup of that delicious smelling coffee, and we can have a seat while I fill you in.”

Jess motioned for her to sit at the dining table while she fetched them each a cup of coffee. Once she brought them in and took a seat herself, Patty began.

“I know that Denny told you about the deprograming that we have all been fortunate to receive from the teachers.”

“What teachers?”

“That is what we call the collective wisdom of those who have so much to share.”

“I don’t understand.”

“With the cerebral implants we are linked to everyone else who also has them. Among these people there are quite a number who have great wisdom, when they all became in sync with each other, and started to share their profound wisdom, they became teachers of the rest of us.”

“He said that he wasn’t being brainwashed, but it sounds like all of you are!” Jess broke into tears. “Tell me what he is going to do!”

“I will, but first you must understand why we are doing this.”

“Doing WHAT?” Jess screamed.

Patty took her hand and gently held it, giving a comforting squeeze. “The President would kill anyone and everyone that had something he desired. Since there is no limit to his desire, or his greed, that means that eventually he would either kill everyone, or take everything for himself. He has to be stopped.”

“Oh my god…” Jess felt like retching just then. “Denny is going to get himself killed!”

“That is a possibility, but there are many of us who are involved in this, including quite a few in positions of power themselves. Everyone is on the exact same page, and our plan is impeccable. The brightest minds in the world carefully laid it out.”

“That doesn’t mean it will work! It means Denny is doing something totally stupid!” Jess dried her eyes.

“It will work Jess. There are far too many of us, and we will prevail. Oh, the news is beginning to broadcast some of what is happening.”

“What? How…” The Jessica realized that those with the implants were always linked into so much that it boggled the mind. “Never mind.”

“May we turn on the news?” Patty prodded.

Jessica complied and in moments there was a live breaking news.

“It seems that earlier this morning large numbers of leftist terrorists made a number of highly organized attacks on government installations. The fighting is still going on, but administration officials have informed us that the rebellion will soon be put down.” There were some scenes of distant fires burning in various locations around the country, including there in Washington.

“Oh no!” Jess started crying again.

“Please don’t worry Jess. The news anchors are only telling what the administration wants them too. It won’t be long before they start telling the truth of it. Our forces are winning most every battle.”

“How can that be? The government is so strong, and they have the military.”

“Not nearly all of the military Jess, nor the police either. Many of us are the commanders and leaders of these forces, and they are fighting on our side.”

“God I hope Denny is alright.”

“He is alive, and fighting hard. I would send him your concern, and love, but he is quite busy at the moment.”

“Where is he?”

“You will see shortly.” Patty assured her.

“What about all of the President’s rabid supporters? Won’t they riot to save him?”

“When he started confiscating their guns, most of them realized they had indeed been betrayed. He has very little support any more.”

Jess nodded. “Good. It’s about time they pulled their heads out of their damned asses.”

“No doubt.”

After another cup of coffee each, Patty smiled brightly.

“What are you smiling about?” Jess asked.

“Watch, the news will now start telling the truth.”

Sure enough there was another live breaking report.

“We can now begin to report what has really been occurring since early this morning. A massive group of freedom fighters set upon restoring democracy to this country conducted an all-out, well-coordinated campaign today. They have been successful in their unified goal of ousting the recently declared dictator who had destroyed the democratic system of this great country of ours. We go now to a live feed from the White House briefing room.”

Jess watched as the camera feed switched, and she let an audible gasp out as she saw Denny standing in front of the podium wearing his body armor, with his rifle slung over his shoulder. He was bleeding from an obvious injury on his shoulder, which looked like a gunshot wound.

“Oh crap!” Jess blurted. “He’s hurt!”

“He will be alright, Jess.” Patty rubbed her shoulder. “Now listen.”

“I am Commander Denny Reginald of the Unified Freedom League. Today we have taken back what is rightfully ours, and that which certainly does not belong to the foul dictator who stole it from us. Let us make this perfectly clear! If you insist upon supporting what the quote “President” and his evil cohorts had instituted, you will be removed as they now will be. Since you have all gotten used to live, public executions on the orders of this bunch of traitors, we will now show you how it comes back around.”

With that a number of armed men lead the President and his top advisors onto camera, all with their hands tied behind their backs, and each looking wide eyed and utterly frightened.

“First up is chief advisor Cannon. Mister Cannon, we the people have found you guilty of high treason of the laws of the United States of America, and as such for your crimes against the good people of this once great nation, you are sentenced to death.” Denny nodded at one of his men.

The man raise his rifle right close to the face of Cannon, and the coward bellowed for mercy. A single shot killed him instantly. The rest began to wail and beg, including the President.

Denny made the very same remarks for each person in turn, and they were all shot right there on camera, live for the world to see. The President was soon the last one left, and he cried out for some of his loyal supporters to come and save him.

Denny looked him in the eye, “You have no supporters any more. All you have is the death you so willingly, and gleefully inflicted upon others.” Then Denny made the same condemnation, and he shot the president in the head himself. With that he turned to the cameras again.

“People of the world, know that the leaders of Russia and China have also met their fate, the same as these evil creatures have. A new day has dawned on this planet. The day where we all will become of one mind.” He nodded to the cameras, and they cut back to the news anchors in their studio.

“Well, I can’t say that they didn’t have it coming to them, and indeed now we will have a much brighter future.” The woman anchor stated with raised brows.

Jessica could only blink for a few minutes, trying to digest what she’d just witnessed. On one hand she’d just watched the man she’d grown to love again, murder another man before her eyes. On the other hand, she knew that the President and his crew had murdered untold numbers of her fellow citizens.

“How many people do you think the President murdered?” She finally asked Patty.

Patty sighed, “The early estimate is between three and four million.”

Jess felt like vomiting again. “That evil son-of-a-bitch!”

“He won’t kill any more.” Patty stated.

Jessica shook her head, and sighed. “So, what happens now?”

“Now our leaders will be elected by the unified mind of all of us.”

“You mean by those who have the implants? What about the rest of us?”

“Everyone will soon have the implants as well. It’s the only way.”

“You mean you will force the rest of us to receive them!” Jess scowled at Patty.


“Brainwashing!” Jessica accused.

“No, rather it is brain synching. We all need to be on the same page for this to really last, and for our bright future.”

“It doesn’t sound so bright to me, forcing people to get those damn implants.”

“Oh but it is, Jess. The stars await us. We already have the technology to start traveling to them, and colonizing them as well.”

“What the hell?”

“It’s true. Some of the wisest of the teachers have shown us exactly that.”

Jess fidgeted in her seat, and she drained the last of the luke-warm coffee from her cup. “I just don’t like the idea of someone else telling me what to think.”

Patty laughed, “Silly girl. It’s not like that at all. They merely present the most logical ideas to you. Then you still decide on your own, but any illogical arguments are clearly shown their errors.”

“Crap, I’m scared of it, Patty.”

“Don’t be. Now you have an appointment for your implants in just a little over an hour, perhaps you should get ready to go with me.” Patty smiled with brightness.

Jessica’s mouth dropped wide open at that.

The End

Your Nightly Programing

Jessica's life had really become almost unbearable. Her boyfriend had become such a spite filled person from all the propaganda he regularly devoured from the TV, and it was eating away at her soul. It seemed to her like everyone had gone mad from the continual bombardment of the state run media. Just when she lost all hope in any sort of happiness, something happened to bring that spark of life back. It came from the oddest of places however, and one that she sure didn't trust, but with the hopeful change it brought, she was not complaining.

  • Author: Alan VanMeter
  • Published: 2017-03-18 17:20:11
  • Words: 7150
Your Nightly Programing Your Nightly Programing