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Young Panda New Tricks

Young Panda New Tricks

Copyright © 2016 by Mixy Boothroyd

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Mixy Boothroyd

The very instant the steel framed door of the 6669 house swung open by

an unforeseen hand, I was almost immediately engulfed in a raging sea

of hugs, smiles, and cries from a various array of friendly and familiar

faces along with quite a few new ones; in which I was quickly

introduced to and almost just as rapidly warmed up and accustomed to.

Emma was the very first of all the still wildly ecstatic residents in the

living room to pipe up and pop the main inquiry present in her brain;

which I already knew was damn well coming more than a mile away.

“So goddamn good to see you, my panda homegirl!” She mused,

throwing her massive wolf arms around me in one more decent sized

bear hug before letting us both come up once again for air. “Where the

holy Set hell have you been for nearly all this time?” I chuckled lightly.

“What, have you been living under a rock?” I quipped. “I’d already told

you. My grandmama has been pretty gravely ill for a good long while

and I just needed to silently take the time to head on up to Mercy and

pay a visit to her.” I then felt a deep pang of sadness pierce my heart like

a dagger and sighed, beginning to stare solemnly at my feet. “Even

sadder still, I just recently got word that this so called “bacterial hernia”

they claimed was making her sick… turned out to be a form of cancer.”

There was a sudden chorus of gasps all around the rest of the room and

Wendy slowly began to step slowly up the little three stairs leading into

the living room area, her snake eyebrow scales raised wide in utter

disbelief and surprise. “Wait, I don’t at all think my earholes heard right.

Did you just say Misses Gladys now has cancer? The one panda who

used to be scared as the devil of me first, but then over time used to

always make me shed my third skin with all those wisecracks she used

to constantly shoot off about that asshole, Harambe Trump’s campaign

tactics and so on and so forth?” “Yep. Unfortunately, that’s the one.” I

sighed. “They just took her out of surgery a little while or so ago after

my train got in and after that’s when I got the text with the news.”

“Damn!” Wendy growled, stamping her foot furiously down on the

hardwood floor in heavily frustrated anger. “I knew good fucking well

those prissy so called ‘doctors’ and all down at that clinic on Harpers

Choice were no good, lowdown and dirty from the start the way their

stupid asses kept her waiting with her condition that long. I say we take

a little deluxe cruise down there and show them just all of what it feels

to have a little ‘medical malpractice’.” “A damn fine idea, my reptilian

friend.” Emma replied, readying up with her trademark Chicago Cubs

style “Bruiser” Maplewood slugger bat. “Let’s get right down to the


Young Panda New Tricks

  • ISBN: 9781370903450
  • Author: Mixy Boothroyd
  • Published: 2016-07-27 21:05:06
  • Words: 582
Young Panda New Tricks Young Panda New Tricks