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Young and Foolish

When the Haggertys' marriage falls apart, Angie Johnson, their babysitter, sides with Jimmy whose rugged good looks, sense of humor, and way with words captivate her. After Etta, his wife, takes the kids and moves out, he seeks solace in Angie, who despite her ambivalence, convinces herself that because Etta is distant, sullen, and uncaring, she is, therefore, unworthy of him. When he tries to make love to Angie, with great difficulty she manages to reign in her passion for him and remind him that he is still married to Etta. Meanwhile she has put more distance between herself and Dave Sheehan, a college student, whom she likes and respects, for, she considers Jimmy more outgoing and exciting than him. After his divorce, their dating becomes hot and heavy--so much so she accepts his marriage proposal. Following a confrontation with Etta in a supermarket, she decides to seek the truth about some of the accusations that the latter made about Jimmy. To her surprise, she learns that he lied about trying desperately to save his marriage by going for counseling. And not only was he abusive to Etta but while married to her he was seeing other women and even had a child by one of them. Too, he drained Etta's trust fund and stole money from his mother's savings account and certificates of deposit. Unwilling to be a paycheck and a sex toy, she breaks up with him. Reconnecting with Dave, she comes to realize that often your happiness lies right under your eyes and that the simple things in life bring you the most fun and pleasure.

  • Author: T. J. Robertson
  • Published: 2018-11-04 20:45:07
  • Words: 0
Young and Foolish Young and Foolish