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You Can Travel Cheap! Lie: Travel is Expensive, Truth: You Can Afford to See the

"Travel is only for the rich; I can't afford to travel". This eBook will shatter these commonly spoken myths. You can afford to see the world. At 23 I felt trapped and took my first flight. At 24 I decided to go see the world. Like many, I thought that international travel was only for the wealthy, but I quickly discovered just how possible it was with some bravery, sacrifice and planning. Now, at age 27 I have been to 18 countries and spent eight months traveling last year. I have learned A LOT along the way and here I spill in detail all that I have learned. You will feel inspired to get out of your hometown and mundane daily routine. This 18 part eBook will have you feeling like a seasoned travel professional in no time. The information will make it easier for you to travel safely, comfortably, and affordably whether it be a short overseas vacation or a long-term eye-opening adventure. Inside you'll find a huge variety of money-saving tips and tricks. YOU can travel cheap! Inside are answers to many of the questions commonly asked by first-time budget travelers like: "What is a hostel?" "How do I find the cheapest flight?" "How can I avoid getting ripped off?" "What forms do I need to get my passport?" "How do I get around without internet?" "How can I get the country's currency?" "Can I work while traveling?" "What can I do to help me with the language barrier?" "What are the ways to find free accommodation or meals?" "Which travel apps are actually worth having?" So, put your mind at ease and get ready to feel prepared and inspired to start your own adventure (learning all of the things which you can only learn when traveling). 18 Parts to Feeling Like a Travel Pro 1: Choosing a location, timeframe and asking other key questions 2: Choosing a flight 3: Workaway, WOOFing and TEFL 4: Hostels and Airbnb 5: Couchsurfing 6: Getting your passport and checking for visa requirements 7: Getting around short and long distances 8: SIM cards, internet and WhatsApp 9: Packing basics 10: Saving on food and staying hydrated 11: Currency 12: Finding free or cheap things to do 13: Overcoming the language barrier 14: Budgeting and other income sources 15: Tipping, bartering prices down and other cultural differences 16: Don’t get ripped off: hiding your money, avoiding pickpockets, dodging scams, taxi rides and more 17: Other 18: Example Trip Costs

  • Author: Alicia Baldelli
  • Published: 2018-06-17 04:35:06
  • Words: 12066
You Can Travel Cheap! Lie: Travel is Expensive, Truth: You Can Afford to See the You Can Travel Cheap! Lie: Travel is Expensive, Truth: You Can Afford to See the