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Yoga Affirmations

Everyone wants to live a life full of meaning, purpose, and success. Yet, you clutter your mind with limiting thoughts of can't do this, can't do that, it's too high, too far, too greater to achieve. Divided into two sections, Subliminal Affirmations and Laws of Attraction guide, this ebook will show that your subconscious is the most powerful tool to help alter your life in a positive manner. Negative thoughts are like weeds that grow all the time without any nurturing, since it's in human nature to think of negative consequences. On the other hand, positive thinking about health, love, wealth, and success are hard to come by, and like everything worth fighting in this life, they require a lot of nurture and care. This ebook plans to give you exactly what you need: the means to stay positive through constant affirmations designed to help improve oneself, change a bad behavior, or channel the universe to attract good things in your life. Call it meditation or even self-hypnosis, but the principles stated in the ebook actually work. It is proven that repetitive constructive affirmations attract positive energies in your life, and that desire is the first step towards achievements. Packed with subliminal affirmations, the ebook shows that in order to attract opportunities that will improve your health, love life, or even wealth, all you need are few minutes a day to shift your mind through positive affirmations. You can choose to repeat them loud and proud, or they can be repeated in your mind during idle times - such as commuting or even taking a shower. Think positive, be confident, and change your life now by taking action and downloading this ebook. Don't be a pessimist and navigate away. You can't achieve any success if your mindset is constantly plagued by negativity. Download this ebook and improve your life!

  • Author: Stephens Hyang
  • Published: 2017-11-27 11:20:06
  • Words: 3047
Yoga Affirmations Yoga Affirmations