X Marks the Spot


Marks the Spot


X Marks the Spot

C.R. Walker


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Table of Contents



Table of Contents

The Scavenge

Three Stones in the Ground

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The Scavenge

The cars been there for as long as I remember. Abandoned on the side of the road, I stare at it when I should be doing homework. It’s an old car. It probably has no seat belts.

The rain stops, and my dog prods my hand for a walk. He drops his leash by my feet. The moon shines through the now clear sky. I listen for my parents below.


I pick the leash off the floor. My dog, Henry, wags his tail and jumps about, excited for the walk. “Calm down.” I hold him still as I clip the leash on his collar.

I grab my key from my desk and lead Henry out of my room.

The car has always been parked on the corner of my house. It’s a nuisance to drive around.

Henry tugs on the leash. I drop it and let him wander the yard.

I approach the car.

I cup my hands around the window, peering inside. There’s a folded piece of paper on the driver’s seat.

And the doors are unlocked. Did old cars have alarms?

I pull the handle.

The door pops open.

I look over my shoulder at Henry. His nose is deep in the wet grass. I watch for neighbors as I reach inside the car and pull out the paper.

I shut the door with a click and turn to Henry. “C’mere.”

Henry picks up his head and trots towards me. I pick up his leash and lead him back to the house. I open the paper as we walk:

This is where we had our first kiss.


November 21, 1920

I fold the paper and see something at the bottom.

Go to the park next.

I stop.

Henry tugs his leash and looks back at me. I pat my pocket where my key is and then check for my phone in my back pocket.

“C’mon, Henry.” I tug him toward the park.

The park has a single swing with a wet seat. There’s also a slide, along with a see-saw and merry-go-round. All wet.

I search everywhere for a second letter or piece of paper. But there’s nothing, and with the rain we just had, it’s probably a soggy mess. Unreadable too.

I unfold the paper. I reread the message again. Go to the park next.

“I’m at the park,” I say. Henry comes to me. He sniffs the paper, looks at me and runs.


I run after him, but he doesn’t run for long. He stops at a rotten picnic table and shoves his nose under the bench.

I scoff and clutch my hip. I am never running again.

Henry whines. There’s a corner of a piece of paper sticking out of the dirt. I pull it out and wave the dirt off.

The paper is yellow and hard. Old. I unfold it carefully. The writing had ben smudged from rain. The whole thing had been weathered. But it’s still readable.

This is where he told me he loved me.


February 13, 1921

And I look at the bottom of the page:

Go to 1802 Cork St.

“Henry.” I pick up his leash.

My phone leads us to 1802 Cork St.

I find the paper taped underneath the mailbox.

This is where he died.


July 25, 1925

And I read the bottom.

My name is Anita Montgomery.

The man that I speak of in these notes was killed right here.

His name was Reece Davis.

It should’ve been me.

Three Stones in the Ground

The floorboard creaks. I cover my mouth. The hum of the AC is the only thing covering my rapid breathing. This is it. I almost want to laugh.

“Hello?” she asks.

Hi, I want to reply.

My hand numbs from holding the gun so tight. But I don’t shake in fear. I’m stilled with anticipation.

All goes silent when the AC turns off. She breathes nearby. She’s close.

I pat the ground for my phone and unlock it when I find it. I check the house cameras for her location. She stands just outside of the room I shut myself in. I stand, sliding my back up against the wall.

“The cops are on their way.”


The door handle to the room twists and the door creeks on its hinges.

“Jade, where are you?” she whispers.

I point my gun at the door.

“Ruby,” I say. I slide down the wall.

“Jade!” She rushes to the floor. “Are you okay?”

“I’m so glad it’s you.” I close my eyes. “Are Mom and Dad okay?” I open my eyes after a lapse of silence. “Ruby…”

She stares at the gun on the floor. “I don’t know—Mom, she, uh… I couldn’t find her.” She bites her lip.

“And Dad?”

Ruby’s eyes gloss over. “I—he’s in the kitchen.” A tear falls, followed by several others.

“No.” I shake my head. “No no no no.” I blink back tears.

“Do you know where they went, Jade?”

“No. They can’t be too far though. I doubt they’d leave us.”

Ruby nods. “We need to get out while we can. The cops are on their way. I called and they’ll be bringing an ambulance.”

“We have to find Mom,” I say.

“The cops can get her.”

I gape. “You’d leave our mother in here while there are intruders! They’ve already killed Dad!”

More tears fall and she wipes her nose on her arm. “I’m sorry, Jade, but if I can get both of us out, I’d rather do that than become the only Stone left.”

“You just want the money, don’t you?”

“Jade, I can’t believe you. Dad’s dead and Mom is missing and all you can talk about is the money. Let’s get out of the house before they come back.”

“You did it, didn’t you?” I ask. I grab the gun and push myself to my feet.

“Jade.” Ruby stands. “I don’t want to be an orphan, or an only child.” She raises her hands, defensively.

“You did this whole thing, just admit it.”

I grip the gun in my hand. “Could you put the gun down? I didn’t do it.”

“How could you?” I raise my gun and fire a shot into her chest. Her eyes go wide for a split second before losing all life they ever held. She hits the floor like a sack of potatoes.

I drop the gun and fall to my knees. I grab Ruby’s lifeless body and hold it to me.

The sirens get loud. I wipe my nose on my sleeve and run into the hall. I jog down the stairs as the front door opens.

A cop lowers his weapon upon seeing me. “She did it. My sister did it. I had to kill her.” The cop grabs my arm and pushes me off to the next cop. They drag me outside and to the awaiting ambulance.

They regard me with sympathy and empathy as they check my vitals. Someone says something about survivors, but there are none. I made sure of that.

I killed Mom long before Dad came home. And I got him as he was preparing a meal. I didn’t have time to hide his body with Mom’s before Ruby got home. She nearly ruined my plan.

A police officer walks up to me. He has a pen and pad. Another detective stands beside him. “Agent Stone, can you tell us what happened here?” I nod.

“I came home and Ruby was in the kitchen. She had a knife and Dad was on the floor. There was a pool of blood. I ran upstairs for my gun.” I shake my head. “It was all so fast. I called the cops as she found me. We struggled. I disarmed her and then shot her.” I wipe a tear from my cheek. “I killed her.”

It’s the only murder I’ll admit too.



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About the Author

C.R. Walker has always been interested in writing novels. She was 17 when she successfully completed her first novel, “HYBRID KILLERS”. She’s currently studying in Orlando, Florida. She’s been published by Dali’s LoveChild. She’s a certified SCUBA diver and shark enthusiast. And she was born in the United Kingdom where she hopes to visit again one day.


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X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot is just two short stories that I wrote. It consists of The Scavenge which is where a girl finds old letters around her neighborhood and goes on a scavenger hunt. The second one would be Three Stones in the Ground and that would be about a girl trying to survive an attack on her family.

  • Author: C.R. Walker
  • Published: 2016-04-23 06:50:12
  • Words: 1573
X Marks the Spot X Marks the Spot