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An American poet and tourist takes a nine-day trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Fueled by coffee, beer and sugar-laden desserts, he obsessively crisscrosses this mini-mega-city by bus; and, as he goes to every district he can cover in the time allotted, he takes copious photographs of everything he sees, but not for the purpose of publishing photographs, but rather poems. After he arrives home, he sorts through thousands of photographs and winnows the collection down to a little over a hundred pictures. He goes over these pictures and writes poems about his experience, based on his foggy memory and the manic ideas triggered by the photographs themselves. Given his preexisting penchant for philosophy, theology and economic issues, he allows his poems to either coincide with, or go greatly afield from the original subject matter. The photographs themselves will remain a mystery in this Smashwords manuscript.

  • ISBN: 9780463615959
  • Author: Mel C. Thompson
  • Published: 2018-09-17 07:25:06
  • Words: 4357
Winnipeg Winnipeg