Wilbur the Woolly



Wilbur the Woolly


Written and illustrated by Nikki Rogers

Shakespir Edition


Copyright 2016 Nikki Rogers

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There once was a shepherd with one hundred sheep.

Whether on mountains high or in valleys deep

the good shepherd watched and took care of them all.

He’d be there to help if any should fall.



Each sheep was different, yes each one unique,

some played guitar, others played ‘Hide n’ Seek’.



Some sheep were quiet while others were loud,

some would do art, others danced for a crowd.

All those hundred sheep, though none were the same

the good shepherd loved and knew each one by name.



There would come a time at least once a year

that the shepherd would come and be ready to shear.


He would shear the wool off each sheep one by one

and then let them go, eat and play in the sun.



Some sheep were confused about their woolly loss.

Did the shepherd just want to show them who was boss?


The wise sheep knew that despite the unrest,

the good shepherd loved them and knew what was best.


Wilbur the sheep loved his coat soft and warm,

he would run and hide so he wouldn’t be shorn.


The shepherd would call Wilbur day after day

but Wilbur would just keep on running away.



The sheep that were shorn enjoyed feeling light

and trusted the shepherd to do what was right.



But as Wilbur’s wool grew, things weren’t going too well,

his coat got so dirty and started to smell.


Wilbur’s wool got heavy and his knees started shaking,

it was such a weight that his back began aching.


He thought he would rest so he lay himself down

but had so much trouble getting up from the ground.


The good shepherd saw the sheep struggling there

so he lovingly lifted up Wilbur with care.


He kindly asked Wilbur, “Can I shear you now?”

but Wilbur refused and gave him a scowl.



The wool grew so thick it soon covered his eyes.

It looked like he was wearing some strange disguise!


Wilbur’s thick wool just kept growing and growing

and soon he couldn’t see where he was going.


He wandered aimlessly away from the flock

and before too long received quite a shock.


He was scared of heights and found himself stiff

for there Wilbur stood on the edge of a cliff!



As Wilbur looked down at the rocks at his feet

he slumped down in sadness and started to bleat,


“I wanted to keep my wool all to myself

but this weight is too heavy and bad for my health!

I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m all on my own

I’m feeling so lost and I want to go home!”




Back in the field the good shepherd frowned

for Wilbur the wooly was nowhere around.

Then from up on the cliff he heard Wilbur call

and ran to the lost sheep so he wouldn’t fall.


The shepherd then led Wilbur down the right track,

“My friend please let me take this load off your back.

Can I shear you now Wilbur?” The good shepherd said.

The poor worn out Wilbur just nodded his head.


As wool was removed the whole world seemed much brighter,

with each stroke of the shears his load became lighter.

The shepherd clipped Wilbur stroke after stroke,

he patted him gently and lovingly spoke,

“Your beautiful wool is a blessing, it’s true

but if you let it take over it weighs you down too!

I’m here to protect you and help you stay clean,

I do things to love you and not to be mean.

Your lovely warm wool can bless others you see,

and that is why you can grow more than you need.”


Then off with a skip feeling so light and free

he thought to himself “Shepherd really loves me!”


So from that day on when it came shearing time

Wilbur the Woolly was the first one in line.





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Wilbur the Woolly

  • Author: Nikki Rogers
  • Published: 2016-03-08 01:20:13
  • Words: 773
Wilbur the Woolly Wilbur the Woolly