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Why Positivity Is Bad For You

Why Positivity Is Bad For You


By Tyler’s Friend



Table Of Contents


Section 1: The Illusion of “Stay Positive!”


Section 2: “Positivity” Leads To Insanity


Section 3: The Spiritual Battle “Positivity” Causes


Section 4: “Positive” People Get Angry More Often Than Negative People Do


Section 5: One Is Vain The Other Is Vanity


























































Dedicated to all questioners of the status quo

























Section 1: The Illusion of “Stay Positive!”


We’ve all heard it. “Stay positive!”, “Make sure to keep a positive attitude!” and “Keep a smile stuck on that face!” All of this is gibberish. I may be labelled as a pessimist. But this is more of a realistic approach to things. Positivity is for maniacs. It’s for the clinically insane. There is no such thing as positivity, but only the absence of negativity. In the absence of negativity, we are able to smile, laugh, love and enjoy our time. Whenever you feel happy, it’s not because you’re “positive”. It’s only that there is no negativity inside of you. I doubt that any of the Holy Books even mention the word “positivity”.


Books like The Secret tend to put people in a delusional state of mind. It encourages delusional positivity. This is because it encourages you to always remain positive, and to continually remain hyper-vigilant of negativity. When someone tells you to “remain positive”, what they’re really telling you is, “Don’t you dare be negative”. Books like The Secret make you continually block out negativity and engage in a process of thought suppression. This eventually leads to a subtle form of insanity which may then lead to full insanity.


Alex Jones always said, “There is a war on for your mind.” Well, I’m not going to label this as a conspiracy. But there is something wrong with the status quo. I’m only writing this because I’m trying to break this stigma of positivity that is actually poisoning society.


Was there such a thing as “positivity” in the ancient times? Well, we won’t know for sure because we can’t depend on our current textbooks/ history books for any true source of knowledge. But if we did find credible sources, we wouldn’t find this manic “positivity” that everyone is raving about. In the old times, people would burn incenses and read mantras in order to get rid of evil, demonic spirits. Sometimes they’d prescribe herbal medicines to alleviate the body of haunting spirits which are torturing their bodies. But this word, “positivity”, where did it come from? The modern times.


Now, everywhere you go, everyone is telling everyone else, “Be positive. Put a smile on that face, and keep that smile on until your face becomes stuck like that. Ignore all negativity and focus on the positivity.” This is mass thought suppression, and thus mass delusion. When you continually block out negativity in order to pursue positivity, you’re only driving yourself insane. Thought suppression is actually dangerous.


Think about your life from its beginning to now. Wasn’t it all just full of hardship? I’m sure it was. It was full of hardship. There are times when you were happy, but that’s just because you were lacking negativity for a while. If you really think about it, if you were actually “positive”, you would be jumping up in down in joy. In other words, in mania. Positivity is for those who want to sky dive without parachutes. Positivity is for those who stand on top of a mountain, calling to God, believing he will answer. Positivity is a new term which really has no place in the ancient, older times, and has no place in the actuality of the human condition.


In this world, people can make pacts with the devil, and never with angels. In this world, you can’t reach God but you can easily reach the devil. In this world, people will do whatever it takes to protect their own self interest and the interest of their families, and don’t give a good god damn about people starving in other countries. That not only proves the illusion of positivity, but it also proves how deeply negativity can go.


Now of course, you may be disillusioned with what I’m saying. “How am I ever going to be happy if I can’t be positive?” This is my point: There is no such thing as positivity, and the only thing you can do is fully accept your negativity, and find ways to reduce it. Once you do that, you will feel a general sense of happiness. Happiness comes from the absence of negativity, and not from positivity. Positivity is a modern term which has placed an aura of delusion amongst societies.


It may very well be that much of the mental illness experienced today is caused by this deception of “positivity”. When people become so in tuned with the pursuit for positivity, they eventually go insane, because they simply can’t find it. Even though they do, it arouses from a state of mental mania fuelled by a delusion that you can reach the skies with your efforts. “They sky is the limit”. No, actually, it’s not. You can’t reach the skies with your “positive” thinking or “positive” mental attitude. You can only reach the skies if you devote hard work every day of your life. Thomas Edison reached his success not by maintaining a “positive” attitude. He reached that status because he slept only three to four hours a night and worked his butt off to make things possible.


Haven’t you noticed that when you truly are in a “positive” attitude, things just aren’t right? You completely cease from being down to earth, and your head is always floating in the skies. “Remain positive and you will reach your dreams.” No. A big fat no. Reaching your dreams can only come from hard work. I hate to break it to you that way. But it really is true.


Positivity also puts people under pressure. It makes them feel that if they don’t reach positivity even though they spend most of their time pursuing it, they’re a failure and can never achieve anything in life. They feel that positivity is the only way to success. Positivity is mania, not success. Positivity is the kind of thing you hold on to when you run the streets naked promoting your own version of liberty. Once you remove this false stigma of positivity from your brain, you’ll begin to feel that you’ve been brought down to Earth, where you belong. With positivity your head is always in the sky, and you can’t even focus on the things that you actually need to do.


Positivity also prevents you from facing reality. The only way you can actually face reality is when you fully accept the negativity that is currently inside of you. Once you do that, not only will your negativity go into less destructive forms, but you will finally be able to focus! The world, on a level of electromagnetism and electric fields, runs on negativity, not positivity. Where the Hell do you find this positivity? Your protons? Your protons are stuck in the nucleus. The electrons are the ones proudly and magnificently orbiting around the nucleus, calling to a higher state of being. Positivity keeps you trapped in a cycle of frustration, the feeling of failure, and not knowing what to do next.















Section 2 “Positivity” Leads To Insanity


Haven’t you noticed that the more you try to be positive, the less you can focus? The delusional power of positivity keeps your brain heavily inflated, that when you’re doing something important, the brain continually interrupts you from the task at hand. You’re caught between the delusional imagination of the skies, the universe, your future, your past, your dreams, your aspirations, your goals, and the simple task at hand. This is because the power of positivity can put your mind into a hundred different places, and you simply can’t focus on one thing.


Now you may say, “It’s important to have your mind in a hundred different places. It promotes divergent thinking.” This isn’t divergent thinking. This is insane thinking. When you consistently think positive for a long period of time, you become too focused on the end result, the ultimate prize, the dream, and you simply just can’t do the work necessary to reach it. This is mainly because due to your pursuit of positivity, you are indirectly blocking out negativity (the only real force), causing thought suppression and thus subtle insanity. You need to step back from this delusion to actually see the force at work.


Mental illness is caused by many things. Firstly, the psychiatric drugs that people take actually make their condition worse. You can Google “Psychiatry kills” and you’ll get results telling you that psychiatric drugs kill more people than heroine. Taking psychiatric drugs, according to a study, makes you 6 times more likely to commit suicide. But besides psychiatric drugs, the problem of positivity comes into play.


The problem is that positivity, due to its inherent nature to make you block negativity and cause thought suppression, causes you to breach insanity. Reality no longer becomes the place you live in. You begin to think about to many unnecessary things which can be labelled as “garbage”. It puts into your head the ideas of fantasy, of fairies in the garden, of becoming some sort of superhero to mankind, and all sorts of things that don’t actually exist. What fuels this pursuit for positivity is the fiction we see in movies and television shows. They lead to forms of mental illness. This is because reality becomes something which usually isn’t on your mind. You drift off into other dimensions of being which have no place in reality.


The pursuit for positivity also increases negativity! That may seem counter intuitive at first, but let me explain. First, if you reach positivity, then you’ve achieved a state of mania. Second, your pursuit for positivity which doesn’t actually succeed (and thank God it doesn’t), can increase your negativity and intensify it. It causes you to think of all the failures and shortcomings of your life, even though such things shouldn’t really bother you at all! When you work to accept your current negativity and fully embrace it, then you will see this negativity turn into less destructive forms. And when you work on ways to effectively reduce this negativity, then you will achieve a state of happiness.


It may seem highly wanted that positivity is an answer to spiritual deprivation. That when you feel horrible and awful, positivity will shine the light that will brighten the way. But the fact is, spiritual deprivation is always there, and can only be reduced, and not transformed into another fictitious state of being. When Jesus said, “We are all born sinners.” When the Koran says, “Man was created weak.” Holy figures and books are telling us that we are already in spiritual deprivation when we are born. And we think that this modern fictitious word “positivity” can change the inherent nature within us all? We are born sinners and weak, and that’s what we’ll always be. The only thing we can do is find ways to lessen the suffering by using coping strategies. When Buddha said “Existence is suffering”, he really meant it. That was the first thing he taught his students. So this bright, shining, delusional, modern word “positivity” has the power to remove all of this suffering inherent within us? No. A big fat no. In actuality, it only makes the suffering worse, and I have already explained this.


Life was meant to be hard and viscous, as a test from God. If you’re an atheist, think of it this way. Suffering is there to make you spiritually grow. Negativity is the only driving force in the human spirit, and only in its absence, not with “positivity”, can we be in a state of being happy and content. The lies and deception of the world have us all sleepless at night. It causes us to question the wrong things. We normally don’t question the things that appear to be helping us the most. Of course we don’t! They’re helping us, right? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.


The best way to spot the deceptions of the world is to question the things that are said to be helping you the most. When society, the media, books and the television tell you that this thing is helping you, that’s a warning sign. You have to go to Google and search, “Negative side effects/ consequences/ manifestations of X.” Once you question the things that appear to be helping you the most, and realize their dangerous consequences, then you will be on the road to enlightenment and happiness. This is because the things that appear to be helping you are actually stabbing you in the back. And questioning the right things can be very, very hard to do.

































Section 3 The Spiritual Battle “Positivity” Causes


Positivity can have you chase things. It can have you chasing things your whole life with the wrong mindset, and then none of those things will come true. Success only comes from hard work, and has nothing to do with the mindset in and of itself. If the mindset helps you perform that hard work, then good. But positivity in and of itself, as a mindset, won’t do anything.


Even if it does do something, it’s only due to confirmation bias, and consistently only seeking out positive things. Good things happen because positive things are the only things you actually look for! And whenever a negative thing comes your end, you completely deny it, and at a point can’t believe that it actually came your way. “Negative?! Never!”


Negativity will be something that will remain within you whether you like it or not. It’s a constant within the human mind and intellect. You can run away from it all you want, but it will chase you down wherever you go. Accepting its existence and not running from it will lead to its demise, not pursuing the unicorn of positivity far ahead of you. It’s like you’re running down a road, while the shadow of negativity is always chasing you, and you’re chasing the mirage of positivity that’s ahead of you. Why don’t you just stand where you are, let the shadow come in, and stop chasing a mirage that will always be infinitely far away from you? When you accept negativity, it doesn’t make you evil or a monster. Not at all. It makes you understanding and accepting of your true human design. It lets you accept that there is no running from your past, and this will bring great relief on the long run.


It may appear to you that positivity is bringing results to you. However, this is only short-term. In the short-term, things appear positive and happy because “positive” things are the only things that you are looking for. However, in the long-term, you’ll slowly start to become hyper-vigilant, almost allergic, to anything negative. This means that you will end up avoiding life and its hardships. You’ll stop going out where you’d want to be. You may even make excuses not to go to work. You won’t even get out of bed, because you’re entirely afraid of anything that’s negative. In other words, positivity makes you afraid of life!


Life is full of negativity. It’s everywhere. Whether we are in the old times or in these times. It’s prevalent and it gets realer everyday. So a subconscious obsession with positivity won’t do you any good. It will only hide you from reality. Reality is negativity. Fantasies are positivity.


When you learn to accept the negative in your life, you’ll begin to forgive yourself for all the failures and screw-ups in the past. You won’t even be thinking of all the things that intensely bother you. You will be free. Positivity sounds great in the beginning, without the inquisitive process. Without questioning what it really is and what it really does, it sounds absolutely great! But the devil is in the details.


I don’t think that in heaven God will allow you to think “positive”. Even there it is unrealistic. God doesn’t want you to be insane in Heaven. Even if there will be absolutely no negativity in Heaven, that will be it. You’ll reach a complete zero. You’ll be free of the false and deceptive nature of hope. You’ll be neutral and balanced. You’ll be free.


The pursuit for positivity inhibits your ability to critically think. How can you develop a case without proposing the worst possible scenario? How can you develop a cure for a disease unless you accept that there are going to be hundreds of failed trials? It makes you severely vulnerable to the idea of failure, so that once you’ll fall, you won’t be able to get back up. It puts in your head the idea of perfection, which inevitably leads to your downfall, because perfection doesn’t exist. This may very well be the cause for OCD, because those with this disorder are constantly obsessed with perfection. Could it be, that despite all general consensus, that positivity is the cause of OCD, due to its provocation of the idea of perfection?


Books like The Secret don’t make you positive so much as they put you on the road to the pursuit of positivity. Once you reach positivity, that’s it, you’re insane. But on the way, you may or may not notice that you’re perpetually running away from your shadow and towards a mirage. You’re caught in between! You’re not in acceptance with who you are. Why don’t you want to talk to your shadow if it has known you your whole life? Why are you chasing a mirage if you can never reach it, and that even if you do, you would have gone insane? This positivity that everyone is preaching is causing an inner spiritual battle that in reality, no one should be fighting. It is as unnecessary as it is painful.


The problem with positivity is mainly that you’re simultaneously fighting negativity in its pursuit. That’s why there’s a tug and war going on within you. Maybe there would be no “spiritual battle” if people would simply accept their negativity. The spiritual battle will only exist in this way: How bad is your negativity? Are you accepting it? What will you do to lessen it?


































Section 4 “Positive” People Get Angry More Often Than Negative People


Positivity is an unseen, delusional force that destroys your mental construct. It has no basis in reality, and disconnects you from it. Books like The Secret have only brainwashed millions into a disabled form of thinking. The book has a way of sticking with you, and not in a good way. It is only far ahead in time that you learn of its deception.


The reason why positivity is delusional is because negativity is far, far realer than positivity. The electrons dance all around the world while the protons are stuck in their cage. Positivity is a breeder of fantasies, which may even lead to hallucinations. Your obsession with fantasy will lead to disaster. Can anyone tell me where in long past history did “positivity” exist?


This may even explain the symptoms of schizophrenic behaviour. Of course, psychiatric drugs are making their condition much worse than it already is. But the general consensus in society that the unicorn of positivity is the most valuable thing to be chased almost sickens me. It’s like they’re saying, “Reality isn’t good enough! Escape it! Come to positivity!”


Life is a dynamic scenario. It has its ups and downs. When you’re in your ups, everything is fine. But when you’re in your downs, positivity and its pursuit will make you absolutely not believe that you’re down there! Whenever you’re down there, you can’t stand the fact that your dream of positivity is fading. It’s life draining and it’s utterly pointless.


Positivity may very well be a stigma to keep social order, and to have everyone beat down by their own psychology. When everyone is living a fairytale, then no one will even be involved in politics. No one will have a say in anything if they’re caught in a delusion. I will go as far to say that it’s evil, providing much more harm than it does good. It completely eliminates emotional agility, and makes you fear almost anything that comes close to negative or that’s scary.


Positivity ruins your inner resistance. When you’re caught in fantasies, reality becomes too hard to take. You no longer become resistant to the BS that life throws your way. When reality doesn’t match the fantasies, the hardships increase, and the insanity slowly builds. This is what I call Satanic.


Positivity is merely a figment of imagination. Never in the long past has anyone ever told anyone else to remain positive. This is because in the older days things were real, raw and realistic. People back then fully knew the degree to which reality can be harsh and negative. They knew that positivity was only the bed time stories you tell yourself so you can go to sleep, so that the next morning you throw positivity in the garbage. And even then, I don’t think they even had a name for it. I’m talking about the really old days, in ancient times. And on a note, I still doubt that they used “positivity”, or whatever it was called back then (if it had a name), to fall asleep. You know why? They had to remain aware and fully conscious even while they were asleep.


Once you denounce the idea of positivity and fully accept the current negativity within you, you’ll be able to sleep better, work better, function better, study better, and most importantly, be comfortable within your own home! People who long for positivity are always chasing something, so they don’t even feel comfortable in their own homes. They’re always on the run, not knowing where they’re going, yet still chasing something.


Positivity is something that fuels the American Dream. The American Dream is one of the fantasies which is led by positivity. You’re running away from the negative shadow, towards the unicorn of positivity, and if you actually reach it and push even further, you’ll achieve the American Dream. This not only leads to the downfall of minds, but also to the loss of souls.


Positivity also tends to make you evil. “Positive” people are also encouraged to stay away from negative people because they’re “toxic” or they’re “depressing”. It makes you less of a human being. Usually, what a human would do, is sit down with this negative person and actually try and talking him out of his misery. It would be decent to help your fellow man who is suffering rather than shoving him off into a corner. What these positive people don’t know is that this negative person is probably more human than they are. Yet the status quo is forever against those who are good in heart.


Positivity also makes your mind narrow. It makes you too self-indulgent and too self-obsessed. You’re too consumed with your own self-interest, and really don’t care if others are suffering. It strips you of your humanity. It makes you a mechanical being only interested in the light at the end of the tunnel. You become so narcissistic, and you stand in front of a mirror for fifteen minutes just to make sure everything is perfect. Negative people are the ones who actually care about others. They are the ones who suffer when others suffer. They have a wise outlook on life, and look deep into things.


“Positive” people actually get angry and start tantrums much more often than negative people, believe it or not. It’s because when the huge ego of the positive person is hurt, they lose their minds. “How can this happen to me? I’m perfect!” Their huge egos not only cause them to be angry, but it also causes them to be condescending to others. Condescending phrases, whether said directly or indirectly, such as “I’m better than you”, or “I’m richer than you”, are said. Negative people, on the other hand, rarely get angry. When your ego isn’t massive like those who are “positive”, you have nothing to be angry about. You simply let things slide.
























Section 5 One Is Vain, The Other Is Vanity


Positivity is mainly about ego, per se. The more “positive” you are, the bigger of an ego you have. This is evidently true, judging by how positive people boast about their achievements, and continually hide their failures. It leads to self-indulgence and self-importance. Positive people actually hurt other people more often than what people may assume. They take pride in standing on their high horses and belittling other people. Sure, they are “happy” (or at least they appear to be due to delusional positivity), but they actually bring harm to society due to their state of narcissism.


People may try and defend positivity. That’s fine. I really won’t blame them. How can the greatest value of life, positivity, ever be belittled? It is the essence of happiness! But that’s just wrong. Positivity is an abstract, unreal force which attempts to hide people from negativity, and make them severely vulnerable to this negativity. It makes you weak and fragile. It removes from you perseverance and strength. Do you think Jesus was smiling and “looking at the bright side” in order to get through the suffering of The Atonement?


Now, I’m sure you may be “buzz-killed” by what I’m saying. Surely, there will be disappointment if one starts believing that positivity is a lie and a deception. People may start wondering where could they get their happiness if there is no positivity in the equation? But as I said before, only in the absence of negativity may you be happy and in contentment. Firstly, accept your negativity to turn it into less destructive forms, then, find ways to generally reduce this negativity.


One of the only ways to actually reduce this negativity is this: Religion. If you’re a Christian, be a good Christian. If you’re a Jew, be a good Jew. If you’re a Muslim, be a good Muslim. If you’re anything, even an atheist, be good at that. Don’t let this world and its corporatism strip of your beliefs. Don’t convert to another religion because the world told you it’s a good idea. Stick to your roots. Tupac Shakur always said: “Protect your essence.” Always, always protect your essence. Don’t let this world change your religion or strip you of your religion. Don’t let this world or its stigmas change anything about you. Always stick to the innocence that you felt when you were a child.


The main reason I warn of a society that tends to make you change your religion or strip you of your religion is the long lasting effects of globalism. Globalism tends to mix societies too much, blending people into a soulless society ruled by the elite bankers. Humans were never meant to live this way.


Another way to reduce this negativity is to keep busy with your work and/ or your studies. Always keep focused on what you have to do during the day. Don’t get sidetracked by tomorrow or yesterday. The present moment is all you have. Make the most out of everyday. Live life to the fullest. Remember, don’t “shoot for the sky” as positivity would generally teach. Stay down to Earth. Live life to the fullest means you enjoy times on this Earth, in the absence of negativity, while keeping focused on what you have to do on Earth! Not in the sky! You have nothing to do with the sky! Bring back your focus to the Earth!


Positivity, as I said, is a word that has been brought up by the modern times. It is a way to keep social control, because when everyone is narcissistic, then nobody cares about important things such as politics, religion, and the events going on in the outside world. It blinds you to the truth behind these things. It keeps you unaware of the knowledge you need in order to challenge the world the same way it is challenging you.


My point in this book is not to say that negativity in and of itself is good. No. My point is to say that accepting negativity rather than denying it through positivity is good. Stop hiding from the person you already are. Be in tuned with all of your emotions. Don’t run from them. Stop engaging in thought suppression. Stop running away from your shadow.


Accepting your negativity makes you see behind the veil. It makes you see through the lies and deception of the world. This is because since you’re not running away from your self, you’re within yourself so you can actually see through the deception. It makes you aware of your surroundings. It makes you emotionally agile and able to withstand pressure.


Personally, I really wish that positivity was as valid as it seemed. At this point though, it appears only as denial. It’s only an attempt to deny all the bad things that have happened to you in the past. It’s like you’re trying to block out a stream of demons and dark energy from your mind, and the more you do that, the more it backfires on you. It makes you non-resilient and shakeable by anything.


Positivity has nothing to do with happiness. Positivity happens only in fantasy. Happiness happens in reality. Positivity makes you too consumed with your own self. Happiness has to do with putting a smile on another person’s face. Positivity has to do with running from your past towards a bright, delusional future which probably will never happen. Happiness has to do with being in tuned with your past, present and future, and accepting who you are, fully, at this moment.


Positivity goes like this: “I am happy”, “I will keep a smile on my face”, “I will look forward to a bright future”, “I will make sure I don’t think of anything negative today”, “I will be sure to not hang out with negative people”, and “I will be sure to avoid anything that bothers me”. All of this is vain, full of self-interest, and disturbingly mechanical.


Accepting negativity goes like this: “I will be in tuned with myself”, “I will be aware of the darkness in the world”, “The negativity I feel will urge me to help those who are in need or are let down”, “Due to my awareness, I will help spread awareness to others around me”, “I will make the best out of my life, not in the sky, but on Earth”, and “I will no longer run from a darkness that will forever be dawning upon me.”


One is vanity, the other is wisdom. It’s that simple.


Positivity promotes greed. In other words, it promotes sin. Due to the narcissism it brings, it makes you hungrier for more. It makes you unhealthily ambitious. People who are “positive” consistently fantasize of being on television or being famous. They are constantly obsessed with “being on the big screen”, being known by everyone, and being the highlight of the world. It’s always about the self, and never about others. It places you under the spell of unbelievably insane fantasies, which not only never come true, but slowly turn you insane. I’m not telling you your dream will never come true. What I’m trying to tell you is: Don’t let positivity constantly put you in fantasies of fame and massive success. Accept your negativity, and thus your limits, in order to work hard with what you have, and who knows, maybe one day, you’ll be up there on the big screen. But when you’re in a state of accepting negativity, you actually won’t care (at all) about being on the big screen. Why? Because you’re already content with yourself.


Flatly, positivity is stupid. It really is. There is no knowledge and wisdom within a positive person which proves his or her intelligence. When you become too obsessed with yourself, not only do you not care about others, you stop caring about the beauty in the world. Your day becomes consisting only of your struggle for personal gain. It consists only of the fight for a grandiose future. You don’t see between the lines, and can’t connect the dots. You’re too concerned with whether you’ll bump into anything or anyone negative, and too tight up with your own affairs. You won’t be able to solve anything or any real problem. You’ll become a suck up to the status quo, and will never take the road less taken.


But most of all, positivity is insane. It breeds fantasies with are completely unrealistic and which damage your psyche. Your head is always in the sky, and you just don’t know when the Hell it’s going to come down. It’s only up there because you’re keeping it up there with your insane thinking! The kinds of things positive people think about these days would be deemed as nothing but completely insane in much older times. It’s almost like a dangerous drug which makes you subtly hallucinate about all the things you were “meant” to be, or all the things you “deserve” to be (again, narcissistic), or all the things you “need” to be (which means without it, you may commit suicide, which is dangerous).


Accept your negativity, because it’s not going anywhere at all. Be in tuned with yourself. Be a master of yourself. Stop hiding from your shadow. It is the only thing that will guide you. After accepting your negativity, find ways to reduce it (Religion, working hard), and you will reach a general state of happiness.








Why Positivity Is Bad For You

It may seem counter-intuitive at first, but the reality is: Positivity Is Bad For You. In pursuing positivity you are simultaneously blocking out negativity, leading to thought suppression. This is dangerous. It is understandable to think that "positivity" is the "light at the end of the tunnel", but it really isn't. Positivity leads to the conjuring of insane fantasies which eventually disconnect you from reality and then lead to insanity. There's something wrong with the status quo, yet it's hard to know where and how it's killing you. Positivity leads to much more harm than good, due to being perpetually in denial of the reality of negativity. Reality is negativity. Fantasy is positivity. Accepting negativity, then finding ways to reduce this negativity is the only way to true happiness. Happiness happens only in the absence of negativity, and never in positivity.

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  • Author: Tyler's Friend
  • Published: 2016-09-14 01:05:09
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Why Positivity Is Bad For You Why Positivity Is Bad For You