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Why Did I Write This?



Why Did I Write This?

Michael Blood

© 2016 Michael Blood

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Table of Contents

Title Page


Table of Contents

Mountain Trip

The Fortune


Author Biography

Mountain Trip

Jack and Lucy have always wanted to go on an exotic mountain trip in Brazil. They had always thought it would be quite dangerous to go to Brazil as there have been many rumors recently about people mysteriously vanishing from the mountains. Some believe an ancient tribe could be lurking around up there. Or it could even be an individual out for blood instead. This didn’t frighten the couple in any way, they wanted to take a stab at it.

A few hours after arriving in Brazil, the couple took no time at all when it came to visiting the mountains. They took a cab down a dirt path the start of a mountain. The cab driver gave them a worried look and made a beeline back down the road once he was paid. Jack and Lucy gave each other a shrugged look and didn’t think much of the driver. The entrance to the mountain had a sign painted in bright red letters reading “Come for an adventure of a lifetime, if you dare.” They thought of this as a threat but of course, they thought little of it.

Before entering the mountains, they had to go through a little forest. The trees were full and you could hear animals in all directions. Jack and Lucy were in awe as they took in the sights of the gorgeous forest. As time passed by, Jack had to take a quick bathroom break over by a thick bush. Lucy wanted to wait but she got intrigued by a flashing light in the distance inside of a tree. Mesmerized by it, she followed it off in the distance, out of sight. A few minutes later, Jack had finished only to find that Lucy had disappeared. Getting worried, Jack shouted her name at the top of his lungs, desperate to find his wife. Then, out of the blue, Jack saw the same shining light that Lucy spotted earlier in a tree. Jack wandered over to the light and noticed a trap was set up by it. Alerted, he tried to make a beeline for the path’s entrance but was stopped by a sleep dark that slung right into his back. Jack’s body laid on the ground a few moments before dark figures swooped him up and took him into the thick of the forest.

After several hours, it was night and both Jack and Lucy had awoken next to each other with dozens of other people in a cave. The cave had strange writing on the wall in dark red just like the sign and the entrance was blocked by many wooden sticks. All the people were puzzled why they were still alive. Most of them had been there for days and weeks with no answer as to why they were captured. Then, two dark figure removed the barricades and a shorter dark figure approached the cave entrance with its hand out. The figure pointed at Jack and Anne and told them, “You two are free, you do not belong here. Never return or tell anyone of this place, or I will find you both.” Jack and Anne darted out of the cave while the rest of the people inside remained puzzled.

The Fortune

It was a hot, sunny day in the middle of Times Square in New York City. All day long I felt the scorching hot sun and wanting to go grab something to eat. New York City is very different from where I currently reside in, Florida. It amazed me how much heat was blazing down there at the time. The time was noon and the final week of July. The reason I was in New York was for a business meeting about my new product idea. Let’s just say that the meeting didn’t go so well and I had to go back to the drawing board the following day. So why not spend the rest of my time in New York checking out the sights and millions of people of course. I also came here with my wife Amy because she never had the chance to come to New York in her life. While walking around for a while, I had decided to go into some Chinese restaurant because I loved Chinese food so much.

“Here is your meal sir, would you like anything else?” Said the waitress after handing my barrage of Chinese food.

“That will be all for now miss, thank you.”

As I was about to eat my food, I always thought about eating the fortune cookie first before everything else. It was something that I always saved for last because I thought it was useless. So I decide for the heck of it and opened up the fortune cookie. After I cracked the sucker open, the fortune floating on down ever so slowly onto the wooden table, like a feather. I was a little hesitant and peculiar at the moment but then I cleared my head and picked it up. When I turned it over, it said The end of time is near, nearer than you think.

After seeing that cheese, I chuckled a bit because it sounded so cliché and something that a wise person would say to me. All these claims that the world was going to end for years just floated over my head like a balloon. I then proceeded to take a sip of my tee and then I felt a vibration on the table. Then again, and again every five seconds. I look around the room and it was happening to other people as well. In panic people were thinking and earthquake was going to happen. Looking down at the fortune cookie, the message had disappeared like it was never there. My eyes open as wide as watermelons and I quickly ran outside to see what was truly happening. Walking outside, everything seemed fine… until rich, dark clouds conglomerated and filled the sky making it a jet black. Then rain started to pour down making it hard to see around. Winds spinning up over fifty miles per hour with faster gusts causing cars to flip up in the air. Of course while all this is happening, people are freaking out and running around because this doesn’t happen in New York City. Matter a fact, this kind of a weather change doesn’t happen anywhere within a blink of an eye.

The National Weather Service appeared on all the screens in the city. They had to max out their volume in order for everyone to hear.

“Attention all residents of New York City,” said the Mayor in the National Weather Service station. “We are in great danger, and evil force is upon us and they have brought devastating storms along with them. Please evacuate the city while you can…”

The picture cut off and there was nothing but snowy static on the screen. It had puzzled me that the Mayor had said there was an evil force. Once he said that, I knew I had to get back to the hotel where my wife was at and get the heck out of here before shit goes down. The apartment was only a few blocks away so I had to book it. Out of nowhere, black spheres fell from the sky and landed on the streets, crushing cars making craters. I stopped running and looked at one of these meteors. The more I studied them, the more I knew they weren’t meteors, they were bombs from something above, but what. Wanting to know what these things were, I knew I had to get to my wife.

Entering the hotel, I dashed to my room and made it inside and saw my wife looking at the TV with shock in her eyes.

“Hey honey, is everything alright?” Asking her in a mild tone.

“Hey babe, what the heck is going on? This just came out of nowhere. Who know what happened to the mayor? What if this spreads around the country? What if this is the…”

“Stop!” Cutting her off before she said the final word. “I have a slight suspicion of what might be going on here.”

“And what is that?” Amy saying with deep concern.

“Ah, well… the meeting didn’t go so well and ah…”

“What does that have to do with what’s going on right now?” Cutting me off. “How is this relevant to this…”

“Amy, please let me finish.” Raising my voice. “As I was saying, after the meeting, I went out and ate some Chinese food really quick. Well, unfortunately, I got a strange fortune in one of my fortune cookies. I always thought these things were bull and full of crap but I think we’re in great danger. We need to leave now!”

Without another word, Amy and I left the apartment outside. Chaos had erupted as those bombs were starting to get bigger and bigger. Out of nowhere a helicopter picked us up and my boss was inside.

“Michael, we may need to reconsider on your product ASAP.” My boss said in great concern as we flew off away from the city.


The Earth, spread apart by four different nations to protect it from the good and evil of the world. Never, in their intentions did they ever want to hurt or harm another tribe. This all changed when the Blaze nation wanted to take land that they thought was rightfully theirs. It was the land of the Cloud nation. The Cloud nation was the very first nation on Earth that provided the clouds to form in order for there to be rain. The Aqua tribe came from the rain, the Rock tribe came from the ground, and the Blaze tribe came out of nowhere, from the sun. After thousands of years, the Blaze tribe took and stand and slaughter the entire Cloud tribe in surprise except for Smang. His parents told him he was the destined one and that he needed to escape in order to save the world. He agreed and through his powers, he became a magnificent wind ball and plunged into the depths of the Antarctic ocean to become frozen for many years.

Over a thousand years later, the Blaze nation continued to control the land owned previously by the Cloud nation. Ever since Smang became frozen, the remaining two nations fought the Blaze tribe off just enough to stay relevant in the world. Through the power of summoning ice dragons, and the power of rock guardians, the Aqua and Rock tribes have been able to keep the small remains of the world safe out of the hands of the Blaze tribe. The two groups have evolved enough to the point where they are nearly unstoppable if they attack together in numbers. They are almost positive that the entire Cloud tribe has been wiped out. The guardians of Earth from above have indeed been obliterated completely except for the young boy Smang.

A young boy from the Rock nation, Jon, and a young girl from the Aqua nation, Alyssa, were best of friends. They would spend hours and hours every day together near the border of Antarctica; the land that was once owned by the Cloud nation. They see the Blaze tribe off in the distance continuing to plan chaos for the rest of the world. The young kids know they are not allowed to step foot into that territory ever since the Blaze nation took it over many years ago. Out in the distance, the young girl noticed a rather large bulge underneath the ice. It was nothing she had ever seen before and she wanted to take a quick look at it. Jon insisted that she shouldn’t do it but she took off on him. When Alyssa approached the bulge, she summoned two sharp ice blades and they took many stabs at the ace. After a hour of pecking at the ice, she was able to pierce through it. She noticed that the object revealed from underneath was in an odd shape but it looked slightly familiar. Jon told her that this is what the destined was would do if he was in danger and needed to escape. Her eyes grew twice the size and she was in delight to here this; for she knew that if the destined one was inside, that he could save the world from the Blaze tribe.

After countless hours of picked at the sphere in the water, Alyssa knew she was getting close to cracking it. That was until then some imperial Blaze guards came storming out from the distance and attacked the two children. They were eventually caught and were being taken away until the sphere shattered into a million pieces and Smang came flying out. He absorbed some of the wind from the sky and created a large ball of wind and hurled it at the guards and was able to free Jon and Alyssa. The blast knocked the guards off their feet. Then, Smang swirled his hands in circles and created a strong current that send the guard flying back to their base camp way off in the distance. Jon and Alyssa were shocked from what happened and approached Smang. They asked him if he was Smang, the destined one. He agreed and said that he wants to seek revenge of the Blaze tribe and to wipe them off the face of the Earth once and for all. Jon and Alyssa were in delight and told Smang that he could come back to their nations so that they could plan an attack on them. This, this is the story of Smang.

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Michael Blood

About the Author

Michael Blood is a writer that is passionate about creating fun and interesting characters. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys reading fantasy and science fiction genres of writing. Ever since he started writing in school, he couldn’t stop writing story after story. Going on and on with essays, he would run out of room to write. Having a drive for tons of detail is what makes his stories packed. He is currently earning his BFA in Creative Writing to prove himself in the industry.

Why Did I Write This?

WHY DID I WRITE THIS is a collection of three short stories about mystery, time, and fantasy. The first story is MOUNTAIN TRIP and it brings Jack and Lucy to an exotic mountain in Brazil where they find out that it isn't an ordinary mountain. They learn that they aren't the only ones who thought so. Following up is THE FORTUNE, a day in the ordinary life of Michael turns catastrophic from the news brought from his fortune cookie. That fortune would change the outcome of that day and days to come for him and his wife. Rounding up is SMANG, the story of a world being spread apart into nations for thousands of years thanks to the Blaze tribe, until two kids find a young boy. The young boy is the key to bringing back the peace on Earth and taking down the Blaze tribe once and for all.

  • ISBN: 9781370904785
  • Author: Michael Blood
  • Published: 2016-10-23 21:20:08
  • Words: 2563
Why Did I Write This? Why Did I Write This?