Who is on the Throne?


Who is on The Throne?

by Rose Newman


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This book is dedicated to

all those who wish to find

who is on the throne of their lives.


Table of Contents



The Princess becomes a Bride

Seat of Authority

“King of the Castle”

Revealing Hindsight

Would this Really Work for Me?

The Perfect Plan

Such Peace of Mind!


It is my understanding that we are all born with certain goals in life and one of them is to be in control of how they turn out. Even as children, learning what is expected of us can be quite a challenge. We have to totally rely on our parents for even the necessities of life yet even then we are prone to disobey them to do things our own way.

Sometimes it’s a matter of childlike trust that they know what is best for us but that rarely lasts for very long. I’ve heard it said that if children were left to take care of themselves they would likely turn out to be little savages. We have such a strong urge to be in control of our actions and decisions; to be always “on the throne” of our lives.

Sadly, every decision we make is followed by its consequences and when we are too young to have gained any wisdom, those circumstances can become a disaster in our lives.

With every form of control in our lives comes a great responsibility that we are not always ready to accept. Just when we think that doing it “my way” is the perfect solution, it can backfire into a terrible consequence of regret.

I am now realizing that age, wisdom and humility can sometimes be the only answer to these situations and that trust plays a huge part in the solution.

Chapter 1 – The Princess Becomes a Bride

I was still in my very early teens when I saw the wedding photos of a beautiful English Princess in a magazine. It was so wonderful to see a real live princess dressed in such a beautiful wedding gown with a huge long train of lace and satin stretching out many feet behind her. A stunning diamond tiara sitting on her head just topped off the beauty of this sweet young princess. It surely was a picture of a very happy, beautiful bride in all the splendour of royalty.

It wasn’t too long after this however, that this young bride was called home from a trip overseas to a very sad occasion. She was now grieving the death of her father. This was to change the rest of her life. The journey home on that plane carried a great significant event. She stepped down from the plane in London, and put her foot on British soil, and was instantly acknowledged as the new reigning monarch: Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. It was such a great load to carry for a young, beautiful princess and at such a time of sorrow due to the loss of her dear father. Such great turmoil! She needed so much strength, courage and wisdom for the hours and days that lay ahead. I can only imagine what life was like for her. She had instantly become a queen, with no warning, and the whole country joined her as they mourned the loss of a beloved King.

Later, when all the massive amount of planning was completed, it was time for her coronation. For most people, preparing for this event would probably be a “once in a lifetime” memory. Indeed, even for those watching it on TV, on film and in magazines and such, it would likely be the event of the century.

If I thought she was beautiful at her wedding, you can imagine what she looked like at her coronation. I know, because along with millions of others, I actually saw it “live” on TV that day. I knew she was the same beautiful princess I had seen earlier but the young lady I saw now looked so very different. The seriousness of her new role was very evident in the way she looked and carried herself. So young and still very beautiful but the lovely smile was gone. There was a very somber, seriousness to the way she carried herself now. Perfectly! Without a flaw! All the way through many hours of “pomp and ceremony” she performed admirably, despite the obvious nervousness she must have been feeling, she never let it show.

She was now the Queen of England and had to fulfil all that was expected of her concerning the great responsibility to her country and its subjects. Her life as she knew it before was totally changed now. It would be a difficult time ahead for her yet she was expected to handle it the best way she could. That day, seeing her sitting on the throne, she was every inch a Queen. It was quite evident that even her own young husband was now subject to Her Majesty.

Chapter 2 – Seat of Authority

So, when we think of a throne, we think of a special “seat” made for a king or a queen. Years ago, it also held an impression of allegiance, respect, and even a sense of adoration sometimes. However, when no-one is sitting on it, it’s just a beautiful ornate chair. I think if I had an opportunity to actually sit on a throne, I would hesitate to do so, feeling unworthy and yet there would be a sense of wondering what kind of sensation would it produce?

In my mind’s eye, I can imagine that if the opportunity arose, sitting on it would give a feeling of dignity, authority, power and with even a sense of pride somehow. I think I would sit very erect with my head high, looking straight ahead and perhaps even reveal a gentle smile of achievement on my face. All I would need would be a beautiful gown, a cape of ermine and a crown on my head to complete the façade. Of course, there is so much more required to actually having the right to sit on that throne. I know that being an actual symbol of great authority; it was actually only ever used for very special occasions.

I have come to realize that being a king or queen often requires much discipline, responsibility and sometimes can even demand personal sacrifices of one kind or another. A so called “normal” life is out of the question for a person who is destined for royalty. As a result, there are very few people who would actually choose to take their place on that throne.

Years ago, especially for kings, they were given great authority over people and countries. They had huge responsibilities and great power. They could pretty much do as they wished. They answered to no-one and were feared and revered by all those they ruled over. Their advisors fearfully bowed down to the king’s every wish. Doing otherwise could bring their demise or even death.

These days, however, most kings and queens are just figureheads. They have very little real power to do much of anything by their own will or desire. They have to abide by the laws of the land, constitutions and the approval of those chosen or elected to advise them before any personal idea or request is even considered.

Chapter 3 – “King of the Castle”

For many folks, it’s an impossible dream to ever think of running your own life totally free to do what you want when you want. Life just doesn’t work that way does it and being a king or queen often gives no personal options at all. Tied down to rules and situations you just can’t get out of or change.

Moving to today’s levels, concerning us “common folks”, it’s nice to be “king or queen” in a place of employment or business that we may own, but how many of us would really want the responsibility of actually running a real kingdom.

In our homes, however, if we are parents we have great responsibilities to raise our children. Babies are so helpless on their own. They would never survive without a parent to provide the necessities of life. We love our children and caring for them comes naturally. It often requires a sacrifice of our time and energy, as such, but we are willing to do that, they depend upon us for everything. We are personally responsible for the livelihood of the child. When a man/woman becomes a parent, our lives are completely changed. We no longer have the full freedom to live our lives as before. This can be very similar in many ways to becoming king or queen of our homes along with full responsibilities of our family.

Like a little child; carefree and happy with every detail taken care of by someone very wise and responsible. But even a child soon becomes an adult and decides it’s time for a change; time to take over and “do it my way” now. It seems like we are changing all the time. Then again, we really don’t like to be told what we can and cannot do… even though we have to take the responsibility and consequences for our own decisions and actions. We do what we feel is right at the time. It seems to be just a part of human nature, and it is.

Most teenagers can’t wait to be old enough to be “out on their own”. Some feel it’s the only way to be “free”. No-one running their lives or telling them what to do. “I am the king of my castle.” “I can do it my way” etc.

They soon become young adults, often committed to no lasting relationship with anyone. Now they are finally free to do what they want when they want. Great! Freedom at last! But soon they realize that they alone are responsible to keep the shelter over their heads, food on the table, bills to pay. There is no-one to help them when they are sick, or when they lose a job and find themselves struggling to survive, alone. Living at home with family can often seem like a better place to be with someone else to be responsible for our needs.

Many of us dream of achieving this reality of being our “own boss” in our workplace or in our own business endeavors. We feel surely this will bring us the happiness and success we long for. Being totally free and living on the throne of our own lives will be the answer, especially as we get more mature and experienced with life. This can often become a reality course. There are many very successful business people and many who rise to the top of the company finally get to be the head of it all. However, this too can be a very stressful reality when things don’t go as planned and areas of assumed certainty begin to collapse. Some even lose everything they spent the best years of their lives trying to build. Even if it does bring us that feeling of success and freedom for a while it seldom lasts as long as we had hoped.

So do we really want to be completely in charge of the way we live our lives? Wouldn’t you sometimes really like to hand over at least most of the responsibility to someone else? No responsibilities of employees and inventory or contracts to acquire. How about working for someone else for just so many set hours a day, have the rest of the time to do as you wish and then even get a pay cheque at the end of the week to spend any way you wish? Isn’t that true freedom to do what you want when you want? Do you really want be “the king of your own castle”?

Also of course, as you get older, you could find yourself living alone again and due to health problems, you may end up having to hand everything over, which may not be so bad if it was to someone you trusted completely to take care of everything for you, and not really knowing what is best for us.

Sometimes we have very little choice of who is on the throne of our lives. A time could come when it’s impossible for us to survive without help. We have come full circle in our lives and now, and as once a little child, we need to be in the care of a loving guardian again. Seemingly our days of being “our own boss” have come and gone due to many years having passed by us. But when we are tired of the struggling to be doing it our own way, it can often be a relief to hand it all over and be really free of the strife and stress. Wisdom of all those years will help us to be humble enough to accept the help we need and we can actually be happy to surrender the throne.

Chapter 4 – Revealing Hindsight

Like so many others, I too chose to be on the throne of my own life for years. I took the good with the bad that came along and accepted the responsibility of my own decisions. Some days were great, but of course, life is never a bed of roses for any of us. There were many times when I wished I could turn back the clock and do things differently next time. Experience of past results becomes “hindsight” which is always one hundred percent.

To be totally in charge of my own life was sometimes scary for me. I found myself wishing I could get help from the wisdom of someone who knew all the answers for the problems I faced daily. In desperation, I figured perhaps God was actually there, somewhere, and being all knowing and in control of everything, He would hopefully be there should I need His help in an emergency. However, when one of those emergencies did come my way, I wasn’t sure if He even heard me, or knew who I was when I called out to Him for help. It was only after the help actually came that I realized He must have heard my plea.

It took many tough spots in my life before I found myself seeking Him with intentions of at least saying thank you. I was beginning to realize that often when I was struggling through circumstances, not always of my own fault, I found I was starting to pray about stuff. This happened mostly at a time when I was in a desperate situation, not knowing where to turn. Somehow it helped me just to think that someone else was sharing my predicament; someone who just may be able to help me.

Time went by, and I realized that if a similar problem came up again, “hindsight” of the result of my praying earlier, gave me confidence to pray again. I figured perhaps I should get to know God a little better and “talk” to Him more often.

Looking back, I remember that when I was a child, I had often prayed for help with little things like when I was afraid or maybe struggling with something I couldn’t do. In the back of my mind at that time, I was pretty sure He was there, and because of the song, “Jesus loves Me”, I thought perhaps He actually knew me and loved me.

I was remembering the little stories I had learned as a child. One of the vivid ones was about the first man and woman who lived in that lovely garden. They were happy for a while but then disobeyed God and acted like they didn’t care what He told them. They decided to make their own decisions not realizing what the outcome would be. They were deceived into thinking they could do it “their way”, and decided to be in charge of their own lives.

It seemed they soon found out this was a very bad mistake and they had to suffer the consequences. God had given them this beautiful home to live in where He would be taking care of everything they could possibly need, just like a loving father. Every day He walked with them and talked with them, surely, they were happy there. He was their God, the King of the Garden, so He was on the throne and they were His subjects, and He loved them so much. All they had to do was to listen to His voice and love Him enough to trust Him for their needs; a perfect kind of King. If only I could have God on the throne of my life and take care of me that way. Was that possible? For Him it is. He is God. He can do anything and everything.

Sometimes we don’t have good things in our lives simply because we don’t ask. I was thinking perhaps that wasn’t such a bad idea to have the perfect king on the throne of my life. If He loved me as much as He loved those two first people, then He would take excellent care of my every need. It seemed too good to be true and did I really want to let Him be the ruler of my life? This wasn’t just a straight forward decision. I knew that there would be so many changes needing to be made. Ones I wasn’t sure I wanted to make.

I wondered how many kings and queens of the past had actually really loved or even cared for their subjects that way. Many kings expected their men to fight for them and for their country, even to the point of giving up their lives. Often, they gave out the orders and expected their people to carry them out regardless of the risks. This didn’t sound much like the king I would want to be on my throne.

However, it seemed that God was not that sort of king when He was on the throne of the first man and woman. He really loved them and cared for them, but they just didn’t return the love and respect He deserved. He only asked that they trust Him and do what He said for their own good. It’s easy to look back on other people’s mistakes and see the consequences they had to face, but I wondered if I would probably have done the exact same thing as they did. Would I have allowed Satan to sweet talk me into doing something he already knew would get me into trouble?

I soon realized that this was, and still is, actually putting Satan on the throne of my life. This was his plan to keep me away from God and so relinquishing any chance of living in Heaven with God forever. He does this even today with lies and deceit. Making us think we don’t need God in our lives. He is so cunning and sly in the way that he convinces us of this lie.

Oh dear, what would I do without God. The very breath I need to exist, for every moment of my life comes from Him. I realized that He actually asks so little of us. Just to love Him, try to please Him, and put Him back on the throne where He belongs. He is God after all.


Chapter 5 – Would This Really Work for Me?

I had lived many years with the assumption that if I lived a good life, as most people try to do, and kept myself “clean” from any willful wrong doing, then when I died, my good would outweigh any bad that may have crept in. I felt I was a “good” person and I would be accepted into Heaven on this merit. Perhaps that would count towards having Him on my throne.

I had gone to church for many years as “the thing to do” for any “good-living” person. It made me feel good on a Sunday morning. I had done my duty. Of course, during the rest of the day and indeed for the rest of the week, I carried on the same as anyone else, doing my own thing just as I pleased. I was on my own throne like most people are. However, in the course of trying to thank Him for helping me, I soon learned that there was so much more to getting to know Him and finding out if He actually knew me; my name, who I was.

I don’t really know how it happened, but while I was seeking Him out, I realized that I could be as close to God as I wanted to be. It was my choice. I found out that He was actually there all the time, just waiting for me to reach out to Him. Those little “Bible stories” I had read and learned as a child became so real to me now. Even though I knew He was the God of the Universe, some how I learned that He really loved me very much. In fact, He loved us all so much that He had actually already provided the way for us, and given us the choice of our spirit living with Him, or without Him … forever.

I kept pondering over all this and decided what did I have to lose? It would be sort of nice to have someone who knew everything about me and only ever wanted what was best for me. Someone who I could trust completely and would always be there for me at a moment’s notice…just a prayer away; as close as the mention of His name. Never really alone ever again! He would even “carry me” when things were difficult and comfort me in my tears, and oh so very much more than I could ever imagine and He would have the power to do all that too.

I decided to give up my pride of needing to be personally in control of everything, put aside my fear of putting it all in God’s hands and give it a try. So, in a sincere prayer of faith that day, I asked Him to forgive me for even thinking that I could continue to go through my life ignoring Him and doing it all my own way. He only wanted me to love Him in a wonderful relationship with me; and one day when my life on earth is over, and my body will be finished, my spirit will be with Him forever. In the Bible Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6 (NIV)

So now I know, since I asked God to come into my life and make me His child that His spirit came to live in me already. I know it. I can sense it. It’s so very unexplainable but I know He’s there. The peace and comfort He gives me is something that can only be experienced not described. Deep down in my soul there is such inner love for God, He is as close as I want Him to be. He gives me strength, courage and wisdom for every problem that Satan tries to throw my way.

I know that God says in the Bible, “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” 1John 4:4 (KJV)

God is with me to fight all my battles against sin, and He always knows what’s best for me even when I don’t always see it at the time. I have learned that even on the days when I don’t see His hand, I can always trust His heart. Then later, I realize He knew the outcome of the situation all the time.

Many a day, I find that it’s just like with those first two people in the garden. The words of that old lovely song, “And He walks with me, and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own; and the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known” by Charles A. Miles (1913).

Actually, in my opinion, that’s what I would call real freedom. Imagine having that kind of relationship with the God of the Universe as a loving Heavenly Father who has only your best interest at heart constantly. How wonderful it would be to have someone who always knows what you need, when, and where you need it, and how to help you! Someone who has all the strength and ability to do what we would often deem impossible!

Chapter 6 – The Perfect Plan

I am so glad I gave it a try. I would never have known the joy of having Him as the King on my throne. I may never have found out what a wonderful plan He had for my life all along.

Just to show us how much we are loved, this plan was decided upon from the beginning. It was that God himself would take on the form of a baby and come to live with us as the person we call Jesus. Because He was God in the flesh, He was perfect in every way. He was to be born, live and die so that we would be redeemed from the clutches of Satan.


The Bible tells us that His name was chosen even from before His conception, when the angel told Mary she would have a son. In the culture that Jesus was born into, names were very unique. They were often chosen to convey a character trait or some special meaning for that particular child alone. No-one knew the gender of an unborn child in those days, so no-one could ever give a definite name before the baby was born. This special birth was so unique; conceived by the Holy Spirit of God Himself. Mary was told to call Him Jesus because He would save His people from their sins. He was to be the King of Kings! No other baby has ever been born a king. Kings are born as princes, the son of a king who becomes a king later. Even as a tiny baby, Jesus was fully God and fully man. The Son of God!

Living on earth as a man, He was raised as a poor carpenter’s son. He experienced and felt the results of problems and pain just like we do. He knew everything we go through on a daily basis, but he never did anything wrong. Sin was just not in His nature. He never allowed Satan to deceive Him. As God, He knew how to fight him and win every time. Jesus was so much more powerful than he was, and Satan knew it.


Growing up as a child, Jesus knew God was His Father. He knew the whole plan from beginning to the end. Jesus talked to Him every day, constantly keeping in touch. He already knew that He would have to die on a cruel cross, in extreme pain and agony, to accomplish our redemption yet even so, He was still willing to obediently carry out what He knew just had to be done.

This was a time in history when the Roman death penalty for criminals was carried out by crucifixion. When found guilty, the criminal was nailed to a wooden cross through his feet and hands. The cross was then dropped into a hole in the ground dug out on a special hill called Golgotha, just outside of the city of Jerusalem.

Although He was innocent of any crime He was accused of committing, angry mobs were stirred up against Him through lies of many witnesses. He was accused of blasphemy against God and sentenced to die according to the Jewish law. He was flogged and ridiculed. His back was bleeding from the iron edged whip during forty lashes. Then He was forced to carry His own wooden cross through the streets towards the hill. When He got there, those huge nails were hammered into His hands and feet. They put a crown made of thorns on His head, pushing it down, making Him bleed. People jeered at Him saying He should come down from the cross and save Himself if He really was the Son of God.

They knew it would take several hours before He would actually die. It makes me so very sad to even think of how He must have suffered. He was crucified between two thieves that day. Such a barbaric, extremely painful, cruel way to die, for even the worst of criminals!

During His trial, He never once got angry, or insisted that He was innocent. He knew this was what He had been born to do. Just as the meaning of His special name, He came to die, to save His people from their sin. When His blood was shed on that cross, Jesus became the final sacrificial lamb, once and for all for all those who would accept him as their Saviour and Redeemer.

For many years previously, the blood of a spotless lamb was used to atone for the sins of man, and because this was practised at a specific time every year for all Jewish people, it was repeated over and over. Of course, the blood of those lambs could never really forgive people’s sin. Only God can forgive sin because the offence is against Him alone. The only way to really have our sins forgiven is when we personally repent and receive that pardon from God Himself.

Jesus lived a spotless life. He never sinned. He was God in the flesh. The perfect sacrificial Lamb! In the Bible it says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the Gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23 (KJV)

He bore all the sin of the whole world in His body that day. He spiritually died in our place, the penalty we deserve for disobedience to God just like the first man and woman did when they listened to Satan instead of God. Now God Himself was paying the death penalty we all deserved for the sin of removing Him from the throne of our lives and putting ourselves on it instead.

He willingly suffered this because of His great love for us. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, so that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have Everlasting Life.” John3:16

So now, because of that “Special Lamb” who died for us, and who victoriously arose from the dead on that first Easter Sunday, He made the way for all those who believe in Him, and because of what He did for us, we can repent and be personally pardoned by God. No matter how awful we think our lives have been, or what we may have done in the past, in His eyes, that precious blood of Jesus can wash any, and all of us, as white as snow. We only have to sincerely ask His forgiveness for our sin, accept His love, and put Him back on the throne of our lives where He belongs.

One of the thieves on the cross beside Jesus that day did exactly that before he died. He acknowledged who Jesus really was, by calling Him Lord, and then realizing Jesus was the King of Heaven, asked Him to be remembered when Jesus came into His Kingdom. Jesus, in His love and compassion, told the thief hanging beside Him that he would be in Paradise with Him that very day. That man had openly admitted who Jesus really was. He realized his need to be forgiven before it was too late, and so chose to put King Jesus on His rightful throne.



When I took that leap of faith and decided to do that too, I very quickly sensed such peace in my heart. There was a peace of mind I had never thought possible before. I knew that He had made my spirit one with His. I could sense He was with me all the time. I know that He will never leave me. Being a child of God is a wonderful gift of grace and mercy that none of us deserves or can ever attain by our own merit.

I have experienced that He is a wonderful Heavenly Father. He just wants a loving relationship with us, just like that first couple in the Garden. I really believe that Heaven will be just like that first garden. God’s original plan for mankind! I cannot explain how this can be so, but I know it’s true because I feel it in my heart and soul. I know so many people, who also, sense this wonderful peace that only Christ can give.

So, when I die, even though my body will get too old and sick to stay here, my spirit will automatically join Him in Heaven forever. The Bible clearly implies that when our spirits leave our bodies at the time of death, due to God’s “time” being eternal, being a thousand years is as one day, in our concept of time it will be as fast as a twinkling of an eye, and the next conscious moment we experience, will be in His presence. (2 Corinthians 5:8 NIV)

It’s so good to really not be afraid of what will happen to me when it’s time to leave this old decaying body of mine. I know, because I know, because I know, that Heaven is my eternal home, already. He is ready and waiting for me.

My God and my King! He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords! His reign will have no end. The Throne is His, forever and forever. That fact is so very clearly stated in this old hymn, written years ago but recently set out in this new arrangement by singer Chris Tomin.

Crown Him (Majesty)

Original words written by Matthew Bridges (1852)


Crown Him with many crowns

The Lamb upon His throne

Hark! How the heavenly anthem drowns

All music but its own.


Awake my soul and sing

Of Him who died for me

And hail Him as thy matchless King

Through all eternity.


Majesty, Lord of all

Let every throne before Him fall

The King of kings, O come adore

Our God who reigns, forever more!

Who is on the Throne?

I’ve heard it said that if children were left to take care of themselves they would likely turn out to be little savages. We have such a strong urge to be in control of our actions and decisions; to be always “on the throne” of our lives. Sadly, every decision we make is followed by its consequences and when we are too young to have gained any wisdom, those circumstances can become a disaster in our lives. With every form of control comes a great responsibility that we are not always ready to accept. Just when we think that doing it “my way” is the perfect solution, it can backfire into a terrible consequence of regret. I am now realizing that age, wisdom and humility can sometimes be the only answer to these situations and that trust plays a huge part in the solution.

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Who is on the Throne? Who is on the Throne?