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Who are they?


Who are they?

A Short Essay by Gaurav Rao


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I meet many people every day and often become an audience to some weird stories and dreams of my patients. The only good thing about this is that I get paid to listen patiently to their hallucinations.


Hello everyone,


I am Shantanu and I am a doctor by profession and to be very specific a practicing Psychiatrist based out of Mumbai. I have been practicing for more than five years and have heard many people narrating their hallucinating experience. I empathize with them during the session but always try to detach myself after making notes of the conversation from the session. But once in a while, there comes a story which is too intriguing for me to forget it completely. For an instance, once a lady patient named Maya narrated her experience of seeing strange things while going home from office at night. The details of her narration were very realistic and the place she spoke about was also a part of the route I would take every day from my clinic to my home. This entire narration also spooked me for few days and made me very conscious when I passed through that place. Deep down I knew that her visions was not real but a work of fiction created by her mind and hence both Maya and I managed to get rid of her spooky visions.

But this time, it was different from the rest, though it was weird like others but had a scientific angle attached to it. This intriguing story was narrated to me by a new patient named Manoj Rautela who works as a security guard with a nationalized bank. He came to me after his colleagues suggested him to visit a doctor after he excitedly started sharing what appeared to be a sci-fi story. I asked him to speak about what he saw in detail and by the time he finished his narration, I was completely intrigued and couldn’t resist asking him to narrate it again. To ensure Manoj doesn’t take me to be stupid, I told him that I would audio record it this time so that I can do more study on his case and plan a treatment for it. I was almost sure that this was not a case of hallucination for Manoj was fit and had no medical history or any symptoms pointing towards it. Also, Manoj saw this vision only once and had never in the past or even after that fateful day experience any type of hallucination or chimera. Still to make certain, I asked Manoj to get EEG (Electroencephalogram) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans done and also prescribed some medicines. I asked him to bring the scan reports during his next session.

I couldn’t resist writing about this on my blog and hence here I am writing this post and sharing details of the intriguing incidents through the word-to-word transcript of the audio recording with every word as described by Manoj himself.


Doctor Sahib,

I am Manoj Rautela, aged 55 years and I work as a security guard at the ATM kiosk of Hindustan Nationalized Bank. I have been working with this bank for three years and have been doing night duty since last week. On Monday night at around 1:00 AM, I was doing my duty at the entrance of ATM kiosk and was listening to my favourite old song on the mp3 player which my son gifted me on my last birthday. This mp3 player would keep me awake during the notoriously calm phase of the night. I was almost lost in the song when I heard a person speaking very loudly. I removed my earplugs to listen and make sense of what that man was trying to say. I failed to understand his obscure sound while I could still faintly hear the song being played on my mp3 from the earplugs I had placed on my lap. As the person approached near, I realised that the young man was heavily drunk and was muttering obscure sentences loudly as if abusing some person or a situation. This young man was tall, thin and appeared to be in his late twenties. He was nicely dressed and seemed to belong from a decent family. I wanted to help him but knew well that people under alcohol act difficult and he might not like my assistance also I became alert as this could be a strategy of some gang of robbers to create distraction before making the final kill. So, I decided to stay where I was and closely monitor his movements. He was walking with wobbly legs and was swaying with every step but continuously ranting. I thought how funny it was that – ‘Drinking sharpens your tongue but blunts all other senses of your body’. Fortunately, there weren’t many vehicles on the road during this hour of night in spite of this place being so near to discotheques. While I was watching him move forward and come almost perpendicular to where I was sitting on my chair, my eyes fell on the particular spot below the street light on the other side of road. I could see some type of weird moment and all of a sudden from nowhere two men emerged on the very same spot. The moment they appeared, they looked momentarily shaken but they quickly recovered and started running towards the drunken man shouting his name. I think they said ‘Move Aside, Rohan’; for me nothing made sense right from where did these two men suddenly appear from, for there was no one below the light a split second ago and why were they asking this man to move aside and was this drunken man’s name ‘Rohan’ and how did they know him. This Rohan guy had moved to the foot path (pavement) just few moments ago and for any sane person, walking on foot path was definitely safer than walking on the road and risking getting hit by a passing vehicle. By the time, these strangers came near Rohan who was standing near a bus stand pole, He unzipped his pants and was about to pee or maybe he started peeing; these guys just pushed him and dragged his drunken body few metres away from his pee site. They stopped dragging him and stood under a tree when all of a sudden a pair of light balls coming from headlights of a speedy vehicle lost control and smashed the car to the bus stand pole; the exact place where Rohan stood few seconds ago. I ran towards the car which looked badly damaged after collision, to check on people inside the vehicle. Few people sleeping roadside also came rushing towards the crashed vehicle after hearing the loud impact of the collision. I was happy to see the driver alive and safe though shaken by the crash. There were no other passengers in the car. The driver was a young girl who lost control of her speeding car and ended up crashing it to the bus stand pole. Fortunately she was saved by the Airbag, which popped out immediately after the crash. I quickly turned back to see two men still standing with Rohan and trying to explain something to him. Rohan though appeared shocked, he was still ranting loudly. I was happy to see him alive and thought of thanking these strangers for saving him from danger; though I had my set of questions about how did they come here and how did they know about the threat to Rohan’s life for standing near bus stop but I decided to ask it after breaking the ice with them. As I walked towards them, their eyes fell on me and I heard the weird looking taller man urging his partner to disappear from this place as they succeeded in their mission. The other stranger looked normal, just like us but the tall guy looked different and even sounded different. The smaller stranger urged Rohan to book a cab instead of walking towards home. They then made a dash to the other end of the road, I ran behind them to find answers to my questions. They increased their pace after few blocks and as I was about to sprint towards them, I heard a loud THUD! Coming from where Rohan stood before I took off for the pursuit.

What I saw completely broke me and I could only mutter, ‘When you are destined to die, all your efforts of survival fails. It’s like the whole universe conspires against you to make death your ultimate reality’.

There he was, the young drunken man ‘Rohan’ lying in the pool of blood under the weight of thick branch of the tree. I felt very bad for him as he couldn’t even enjoy his victory over death. What was hard to believe was his mode of death. Earlier in the evening, people from municipal department were trimming branches of all the trees off this road. When they were trimming this tree, they cropped most of the branches but could not break this particular branch. After working on this branch for long with no success, municipal people decided to leave it as it is and try again tomorrow at the start of dawn. This had to be the worst coincidence and could have saved his life only if they had finished their job earlier in the day but again if he was destines to die, something else would have killed him. While I was lost in my thoughts, I heard a man crying inconsolably behind me. I turned around to find both the strangers standing behind me. The shorter stranger was crying and became almost hysterical and was trying to go towards Rohan but the taller man was holding him back. Sadness was visible even on taller man’s face but he appeared calmer than his partner. I saw few people running towards us from the car crash site to check and help. At that moment, I heard taller man saying something weird to the smaller stranger.

Doctor Shantanu: What weird thing?

He said, ‘Look, we tried our best and even managed to save him from the accident which killed him but I guess, even Time travel cannot challenge what’s in the destiny? His death was inevitable, we saved him from an accident which actually killed him, we even altered the past to save him, but death found the other way of taking Rohan with him. We can’t stand here and be found like this; we will have to move back to your time. I am sorry; I tried but we still couldn’t save your best friend. Now, let’s go back. ’

I couldn’t understand what they were saying, so when I turned to confront. They ran towards the other side of the road and by the time they crossed the street light, they disappeared just like that.

It seemed like no one else saw them because when I asked about them to people around me, they all replied in negative. This incident happened five days ago, and the news of Rohan’s death and car crash was all in the newspaper. I spoke about these strangers to my colleagues but they don’t believe me and instead feel that I am imagining them. They say, I am stressed and should take some rest and if not then visit a psychiatrist. So, here I am in front of you for treatment but I don’t think I have any illness as I have not seen them even once after that fateful day.

After hearing Manoj’s story, I could not take the time travel angle out of my mind. I did feel bad for Rohan but my curiosity about these two strangers was too much for me to stay calm after this session. The moment Manoj left from my clinic, I started searching about Time travel incidents in Google and YouTube. Most of the articles and videos looked fake or doctored but somehow I did not believe this incident to be the creation of Manoj’s brain. For the first time, I was scared that Manoj might get over this hallucination but I would remain hooked to this mystery and die without finding the answer.

I thought I will write this as a blog post just in case it trends and goes viral and catches the attention of the two travellers and they take pity on me and contact me to satiate my curious mind with their answers.

Before you jump into conclusion and doubt my professionalism for publicly posting this confidential discussion with my patient, let me tell you that all the names used in this post other than myself are fictional though the transcript is authentic.

I really hope that you two – Yes you two unnamed mysterious Time travellers also read this and wish we get to meet one day.

Till then, my question remains: Who are they?




Who are they?

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Who are they? Who are they?