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Whispers Beyond the Rainbow: Awakening Your Spiritual Self


Whispers Beyond the Rainbow

Awakening Your Spiritual Self

© 2017 by Renee Amberson

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher, except for brief quotations used in a review.

Previously published by Mystical Mindscapes.

Light Library

This book is dedicated to your higher self—the one who softly whispers to you in your dreams somewhere beyond the rainbow.

Your soul is a divine spark of light, waiting until you are ready to awaken and become fully aware of your true spiritual nature.

Listen to the whispers and look beyond the rainbow to enter a multidimensional realm of knowledge and remembrance.



One. Raindrops

Two. Circles and Parallel Perceptions

Three. A Violet Sphere of Light

Book Preview…

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: A Soul’s Journey Home

A visionary novel—part fact, part fiction—about the reality of reincarnation and spiritual awakening that offers a lighthearted look into the ups and downs of being spiritual in a physical world.

About the Author


The last thing Amanda ever wanted to do was to experience another lifetime on earth.

She can’t remember who she is—or even who she was before—and a shadowy image of an old bearded man keeps wavering through her thoughts.

Maybe it isn’t real. Maybe it’s just a dream. Maybe she doesn’t have to reincarnate this time.

Then she hears a whisper—a voice that is strangely familiar, echoing through the winds of time—telling her to follow her dream.

Whispers shares the beginning of my rainbow journey and is the prequel to my novel, Somewhere Over the Rainbow: A Soul’s Journey Home.




“Follow your dream,” the rainbow said.

Amanda heard the rain tapping softly on the window as if it were inviting her for a walk. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she dressed in blue jeans and an oversized sweatshirt, then opened the door and stepped barefoot into the rain.

Walking through the rain, she pondered the questions and thoughts that had prompted her dream. What is life all about? Who am I? Why am I here and why do I feel so lost? She shivered, feeling as if she was a ghost walking through a foggy mist. Sometimes it seems as if I’m not real, as if my life is just a dream.

The raindrops were like warm splashes of misty memories drifting through time. Looking into the images, she saw herself as a child running free and happy through the rain, loving the feel of gentle raindrops on her face and the soft, wet earth beneath her feet. Rainbows had been her most special treasures. She smiled, remembering her feelings whenever she’d seen a rainbow shimmering in the misty sunlight.

When she was fourteen, her science teacher told her that rainbows were composed of the seven natural colors of the energy spectrum. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Rainbows were an optical illusion—prisms of color reflecting sunlight, air, and moisture from the rain. But she’d known rainbows were really much more than that; there was a magical essence about them. She remembered telling her teacher that you couldn’t define a rainbow in scientific terms. Somewhere inside your soul, you had to believe rainbows were real.

Looking up at the sky, she searched for a rainbow but clouds covered the sun. Listening quietly to her thoughts, she heard the rearranged words of her favorite song play in her mind.

Somewhere, over the rainbow, clouds are clear.

There’s a place that I dreamed of, once in a time now here.

Someday I’ll wish upon my star and wake up with a rainbow all around me.

Where clouds are clear and light is bright, that’s where I’ll find me.

“I wonder if there really is a place somewhere over the rainbow where I can find myself?” she whispered.

The clouds began to clear—becoming iridescent, then luminous, then transparent—and a rainbow appeared in the sunshine, showing her a path inside its colors. Stepping into the rainbow, she saw a golden key in the sunlight and heard herself say that she wanted to understand her true spiritual nature.

A buzzing noise interrupted her dream, scattering the images into fragments. The color at the top of the rainbow, she thought drowsily. The color is violet and a door was opening into a sphere of light. “This time I’ll remember who I am,” she promised. Half-awake, she scribbled a few words in her dream journal, then drifted back to sleep, falling into a blur of misty images in a timeless and almost-forgotten world.

A loud clap of thunder rolled through the clouds as lightning flashed across the universe. “Follow your dream,” Rainbow said. The words sounded like a whisper, echoing through the winds of time.

Listening to the raindrops tap softly on the window, she wasn’t sure if she was dreaming or if she was awake. Looking at the digital clock, she saw that time had disappeared. The thunderstorm must have blown out the electricity and the clock stopped sometime during the night, she thought. More than anything else, she wanted to follow her dream—to go walking through the rain and find herself somewhere inside the magical world of a rainbow.

Kicking off the covers, she wondered what was real. Walking in the rain and traveling through the colors of the rainbow looking for herself had seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. She smiled as she saw an image of herself standing at the top of a rainbow. If the dream was real, she thought, I’d fall through the colors and plummet to earth.

Getting out of bed, she mumbled, “This is real life and I have to go to work today. If I’m late one more time, I’ll get fired.” But the dream held a promise she wanted to discover. She sighed and stretched. The dream will have to wait, she thought, until I can find the time to explore it.


Circles and Parallel Perceptions

“She did it again,” Violet said to Rainbow. “She remembered, then forgot as soon as she knew. When is she going to wake up and listen to me?”

“You have to make sure she’s paying attention to you and focusing her awareness into your energy vibrations,” Rainbow said. “She thinks you’re a ghost and she sees me as a misty dream image and a childhood memory.”

“She said she wanted to understand her true spiritual nature. She felt it was important to find out what her life is all about. She was on the verge of knowing what’s real and remembering her promise.”

“Maybe you could look inside her dream, Violet, instead of only observing it from one point of view,” Rainbow suggested.

“Maybe her dream is how she’ll remember who she is. Then she won’t feel so lost and she’ll be able to find her way home,” Violet said. “Maybe she isn’t ready to see the light within herself and that’s why she can’t clearly see you or me, or find the time to understand herself.”

“Maybe Amanda is a little lost in earth energies,” Rainbow replied, leafing through the pages of an open book. “Lately I’ve noticed she’s been going around in circles.” She looked at Violet. “I think she needs your help to remember the reasons for her reincarnation.”

“Isn’t the purpose of life, and the whole earth experience, to come full circle so you can completely understand yourself on every level of awareness and evolve your soul into a higher vibration?” Violet responded. Her voice dwindled to a whisper and she barely heard a parallel thought about expressing your true nature.

“Maybe you’ve forgotten the real purpose of Amanda’s existence in this lifetime,” Rainbow said.

“I tried to remind her of her purpose in this life by opening the book for her, but she got lost in one of the pages,” Violet replied. “I think she got stuck somewhere in the real world and now I have to read the book to find her.” She sighed, remembering it wasn’t the only time she’d lost her. “Keeping track of your parallel self is very challenging at times,” she muttered quietly.

A memory tumbled into her mind. “There was the time that I, umm, sort of tripped her, but it was an accident.” She looked at the image in her thoughts. “Umm, to be perfectly honest, it wasn’t an accident. I did it on purpose. It was either her or me, so I tripped her and watched her fall.” She paused, seeing it happen all over again in her mind. “I feel so guilty about it,” she added, remembering that confession was good for the soul.

“I know all about that,” Rainbow said. “She lost her balance for a moment but she survived the fall. The only thing that got hurt was her pride, and her sense of harmony is still a little out of sync. She forgave you a long time ago and was actually grateful for the push.”

Violet lightened up immediately. It was such a relief to let that burden of guilt go. She smiled at Rainbow. “In Amanda’s dream, I noticed you showed her how to find the way home.”

“It’s no secret,” Rainbow replied, shimmering in the misty sunlight.

An image of a golden key illuminated by a ray of light appeared in Violet’s thoughts. She turned the key over in her mind, wondering what it opened. Someone—a philosopher or a writer, she thought—had said that realms of enlightenment were worth reaching for.

“Sometimes the earth experience is only a test to help you remember who you really are,” Rainbow said. Appearing to change the subject, she continued, “I think you might be letting your perceptions get in the way of Amanda’s thoughts. Maybe you’re the one who is going around in circles.”

Rainbow’s comment about circles made Violet’s thoughts spin. “Wait a minute,” she said. “Your perceptions seem to be influencing my thoughts.”

“Why wait?” Rainbow asked. “You have all the time in the world but Amanda believes in linear time and thinks the world is exactly what it appears to be. Since a major part of your homework assignment in the Reality Awareness class is to help her remember who she really is so she can see what her life is all about, it might be a good idea for you to begin at the beginning and explain circles to her. While you’re doing that, try not to get her any more confused than she already is.”

“Okay, but I’d like to do one thing at a time,” Violet replied. “Helping her find herself so she can remember who she is might prove to be a bit difficult. Every time I say hi to her, she gets confused.” That’s because gravity pulls down her thoughts, she reminded herself, thinking about the time she’d tried to raise Amanda’s thoughts above that lowly energy when she’d wanted to know what everything is relative to by explaining that thoughts are lighter than air and energy is always in motion. She grimaced at the image of Newton-Einstein, sitting beside her in the Energy and Matter class.

That’s neither here, there, nor anywhere right now, she thought, remembering where she was and seeing she’d jumped into the middle of things again. She didn’t want to misplace her awareness by letting herself get sidetracked away from the current conversation.

In the first place, she didn’t want to miss anything. In the second place, it didn’t look good for appearances if you faded off into space or floated in and out of the picture when someone was talking to you. She tried to straighten her thoughts as she focused her attention on Rainbow’s words.

“As you’re explaining simultaneous spaces and circular time to Amanda, don’t linger too long with linear thought perspectives and logical image perceptions,” Rainbow said.

“They can be very limiting and tend to tie up your thoughts and cloud your images. You know what happened the last time you misunderstood time-space energies. You fell through your dimension and got stuck in the vibrations of matter.”

“Yeah, I know,” Violet replied. “It was awful. Being lost and living on earth without my real knowledge was a terrible experience. I forgot I was truly a spiritual being and wasn’t able to really accomplish anything, anywhere, no matter where I turned. I kept going around in circles and it seemed to take forever to remember my knowledge and find myself again.”

She shuddered at the memory, not realizing she was seeing future images that presented themselves in a past frame of time. “I’ll be careful to keep my thoughts clear.”

“By the way, Violet, thanks for dedicating your book to me, but are you sure I’m your teacher? What if I can learn a lot of things from you?” Rainbow asked. “What would you think if I told you that you’re more than Amanda’s parallel self? And have you ever considered the possibility we’re all much more than we appear to be?”

“The thought has crossed my mind once or twice,” Violet replied.

“Maybe you’re not seeing the whole picture all at once. What if I’m the future, you’re the past, and Amanda is the present?” Rainbow asked. “Or what if we’re all one and the same? While we’re on the subject of synchronization, why do you think Amanda feels out of tune with herself?”

There she goes again, Violet thought, wondering what she meant and half-thinking she was either out of her mind or dreaming. Some of the things Rainbow says every now and then have double meanings and can be confusing from time to time. She’s probably playing mind games with linear time and logical thought perspectives to see if I can keep all the vibrations of energy in my here and now perceptions of reality.

But when she says present, does she mean a gift or is she talking about time? Rainbow knows very well that she’s my present. And what does we’re all much more than we appear to be mean? Maybe we don’t see all of ourselves at the same time. It’s obvious Amanda feels out of tune with herself because she doesn’t remember who she really is.

Rainbow smiled at Violet’s thoughts. “Intellectualizing thoughts is quite different from intuitively knowing those same thoughts are true,” she said. “There’s a world of difference between the two.”

A light flashed through Violet’s mind. “I know what she’s trying to do. She’s testing me to see if I’ll trip on my thought perspectives. I’m not going to fall for that again,” she said to herself, gathering her energies around her. Surrounding herself with boundaries made her feel safe, like a caterpillar in a cocoon.

Despite her seemingly clear thoughts, she felt a little dizzy and disoriented as if she was wandering through a foggy cloud somewhere in her mind. Thoughts of nearly-remembered knowledge began to slowly weave through her mind as misty images painted words with colors of light that splashed through her awareness.

She sensed her energies were beginning to vibrate in a circular motion as thoughts, misplaced in time and space, now spun to the surface. Images of the sunrise seminar she’d attended with Amanda spiraled into her thoughts as she watched her manuscript rearrange itself again. Paraphrased words and revisions ran like illusions of reality through the pages, playing a game of hide ‘n seek between the lines, jumping in and out of paragraphs, and dancing with images of energy and matter through the chapters.

As the words whirled through her mind, she watched her images start to scatter and saw that her thoughts were coming apart at the seams. She tried to line up her thoughts with their images but before she could catch them all, her thought-images fragmented into multicolored prisms of light and showers of knowledge.

She looked at the myriad motions of matter and sighed. “Sometimes life is much easier to understand if you don’t try to look at everything all at once,” she said. The thought-images began to slow down and pieces of the picture began to fall into separate spaces.

That sounds like something Amanda would say, she thought. It sounds limiting and linear. Plus, the whole idea of one thing at a time is too far out of the realm of logical possibilities because I know from past experience that more than one thing is always happening at the same time, even if I’m not aware of all of it or can’t keep everything centered in my mind.

I have a feeling Rainbow would tell me the only way to see things clearly is to look for myself, she thought. She didn’t miss the implication of looking for herself; she chose to ignore it. It was too much to handle all at once.

I hope she doesn’t remind me I’m a mirror image of myself or that parallel perceptions are really the same thing, viewed from separate lines of thought that vibrate to similar levels of energy and awareness in the same space, she thought to herself. “The earth and the universe vibrate in harmony with one another.” Rainbow’s words echoed in her mind.

“The only thing which distinguishes all your thought-images for you is that you see them happening in different dimensions and you’re placing those dimensions into parallel places in your mind. You’re looking at separate frames of time-space energies and motions of matter, but it’s all the same reality. When you view yourself from clear thought perspectives, you see your image perceptions about yourself change.”

“Are you enjoying this conversation with yourself?” Rainbow asked.

Violet reflected on the thoughts and images in her mind, realizing she’d been talking to herself again. “Yes, I am,” she replied. “And I think I’m learning a lot.”

“The roundabout way you have of looking at things is making me dizzy,” Rainbow said, smiling at her. “Watching you go through your motions is very entertaining and at times, it’s quite enlightening.”

Violet emerged into the sunshine, sparkling into vibrant prisms of color. “I really love being a free spirit,” she said, smiling and stretching her arms open wide. “I imagine Amanda enjoys being a butterfly as much as you enjoy being a rainbow. The illusion is fun, don’t you think?”

Rainbow burst out laughing, just for the joy of knowing.

“I’d like to get Amanda straightened out on circles so I think I’ll begin at the beginning,” Violet said, becoming very serious about her spiritual studies.

“If there really is a beginning, and if there ever was a beginning to begin with,” Rainbow replied, “it would probably be a good place to start.”

“If there really is and ever was a beginning to begin with,” Violet repeated slowly, looking into the words to see what they said, “it would probably be a here and now parallel perception of its own past-present-future image.”

How do you know which image is real if they’re reflections of one another? she wondered. If time is simultaneous, and all experiences are occurring in the same dimension of space at similar vibrations of energy, and reality is happening on every level of awareness concurrently, how in the world would you know where to begin to look for yourself?

“This could be confusing,” she said, trying to synchronize her thoughts and center her awareness at the same time. She wondered if Amanda would think the beginning was the end or if the end was really the beginning, hoping she wouldn’t get stuck somewhere in the middle.



A Violet Sphere of Light

Before the dream; before it all began this time

Violet stretched and shimmered in her sphere of light, watching highlights of her earthly experiences flash through her thoughts. “It was only a dream,” she said. “It wasn’t real.”

Floating through time and space within the multidimensional realms of her experiences, she focused her thoughts into her spiritual evolvement. Visions of wisdom not yet acquired, and experiences not yet understood and balanced, were reflected in karmic destinies to be explored. She woke with a shock, realizing she’d have to return to earth. It was an awful thought. Of all the places she could go, earth was the last place she wanted to be.

She sighed with despair. It seemed like only yesterday she’d left there and now today, it looked like tomorrow she’d be right back where she started. Opening the images of almost-forgotten memories, she saw that the pictures of her two previous lifetimes were shrouded in a cloudy mist. Africa drew muddy images and Egypt inspired shadowy shapes of fear. She didn’t know what she was afraid of, but the thought of experiencing another incarnation on earth made her shiver deep inside her soul.

Dreary thoughts began to crowd her mind. Earth is too limiting; it seems there’s never enough time to do everything. Gravity drags you down, energy vibrates too slowly, and there’s not enough space to move around in. Things—real, tangible things—get in the way and matter up your thoughts. You have to abide by the rules of illusion and the question of what’s real keeps coming up. Worst of all, you’re stuck in a physical body; you’re not a free spirit anymore.

An image of a butterfly soaring somewhere over a rainbow into the universe fluttered into her thoughts. She wanted to be that butterfly, free in spirit and form, flying through the clouds into the sunlight.

Despite her reluctance to reincarnate, thoughts of exploring new vistas and expanding her horizons flowed into her mind. She wavered ambivalently. Although living on earth—actually being there in person—wasn’t something she was looking forward to, she remembered that some of her experiences had been wonderfully exciting and illuminating. Wondering what to do with her life and what experiences to create, she saw part of a page from a book appear in her mind.

A soul can choose to experience the earth environment in a spiritual vibration to gain knowledge; that same soul can choose to be inside the physical energies of his/her experiences to acquire understanding. To evolve into enlightenment, a soul must harmonize spiritual knowledge with physical understanding.

Earth is like a school where you learn how to master the energies of all your experiences. If you do it right, you advance into higher vibrations of knowledge. If you do it wrong, part of your essence and the energies of your experiences are left hanging in the balance; you must return to see the truth within yourself and to put your experiences in their proper places.

If a soul views all his/her experiences in a clear and positive way, life can be enjoyed as a wonderful adventure and a magical, mystical journey into awareness and light. Life on earth can be freeing and empowering, as well as fun and rewarding.

Yeah, like hell, she thought darkly. Life can be disastrous if a soul applies negative energy into her thoughts or misunderstands the meanings within her experiences. Too many souls get lost in earth energies because they don’t remember who they really are.

Wavering images of her soon-to-be life on earth began to focus blurrily in her mind. The scenes fluctuated and fragmented in an ever-changing flow of energy. Trying to look at all the expressions of her possible experiences, she couldn’t clearly see what they were or what they might become. Not that it mattered right now, though she did want to know how the images would probably take shape and form in her life.

Not knowing what to expect, she began to worry. What if the spiritual signposts that showed the way to wisdom and enlightenment, or the inner images that would guide her on her journey home, were hidden or safeguarded in the light of the universe and she couldn’t remember how to read the images or recognize the signs?

The more she tried to see through the cloudy images in her mind, the more she became aware that—for some unknown reason—she couldn’t tune into the images properly.

Shifting her focus, she watched abstract idea-pictures float through her mind. Earth could be a masterpiece of colors drawn on your thoughts or a mosaic of fragmented images. It could be a magical world of imagination or a mystifying land of illusion. It could be a golden sunrise or a majestic sunset. The colors could be clear or clouded. It was always your choice, as a creator, of how you wanted to paint and color the images of your life. You decided how to focus your feelings and how to shape and sculpt your thoughts and their forms into expressions of energy.

When you imbued your images with your essence, they came to life. When you were in the energy of your experiences, you could change their vibrations to create new images and expressions. You could put finishing touches on interrelated situations and scenes you’d created in other time-spaces. You could enhance and enrich all your experiences with flairs of previously-acquired learning and talents, and add flourishes of universal light and sparkles of spiritual insights.

You could introduce a touch of drama or humor to the events and experiences you’d envisioned if you got bored with the way the picture was playing out or if you wanted to create more excitement and variety in your life. It was as easy as changing your mind and as quick as rearranging the energy of your thoughts and their images.

You always had free will to do anything you chose to do with your creations and circumstances, but you had to accept the consequences for your attitudes and actions in all your experiences. On earth, it was known as Creating Your Own Reality. In spiritual realms, it was referred to as Balancing Your Karma. Some souls misunderstood the concept, not recognizing they were working with universal power.

Violet laughed in spite of her dilemma about how she wanted to shape and color her earth experiences. In a previous lifetime as a teacher she’d learned from one of her students that creating your own reality was, in real life, playing with the images of your illusions.

Floating on a cloud between the earth and the universe, and centering her energies into the present, she saw a misty image of a rainbow holding an open book. Looking at the blank pages, she began to pencil in phrases and magical metaphors as she watched sketchy shapes of future events and shadowy images of past experiences loom in her mind.

Looking into a nearly-forgotten lifetime where she knew she’d acquired a vast amount of spiritual enlightenment and mystical knowledge, she saw that she’d either lost or misplaced those experiences. The missing memories have to be somewhere; they couldn’t vanish into nowhere, she thought to herself.

Two things were clear: She wouldn’t be able to bring her spiritual knowledge with her into this lifetime because she simply couldn’t remember it, and if she wanted to find her knowledge, she’d have to look into the shadowy images that moved silently through her thoughts.

Bravely focusing her awareness into the shadowy images, her throat began to hurt. You’re not supposed to feel pain unless you’re physical, she thought, wondering how that had happened. An image of an old, bearded man holding something in his hand emerged from the shadows and she heard an echo of a voice that was strangely familiar. “To be a free spirit on earth—really free—you have to remember who you are.”

“It’s so difficult to remember who you are when you’re there,” she said. “Once you’re burdened with a body, you’re subject to earthly laws of energy. You tend to forget you’re truly a spiritual being and life turns into a game of illusion because you think you’re only a physical being.”

The image began to fade and float away. It seemed he had nothing more to say. The dark, menacing shadows began to surround her and she felt an almost-overwhelming sense of fear.

Quickly she brushed the shadowy thought-images and feelings aside, replacing them with the energy of universal light. She felt better immediately and saw that she was now traveling through a bright, warm ray of sunshine. Everything was clear and shimmery, luminous and transparent all at once and she knew her soul was vibrating in harmony with the light.

“Words can’t describe the light; to really see and understand the light, it has to be experienced,” she whispered, wishing everyone could experience the joy of knowing and feeling and being in the light. If you knew that universal light was a reflection of the light within yourself, you could recognize your soul.

A thought sparkled into her mind. It would be a novel idea to create a magical world of images drawn from words. Looking into the thought, she saw an image of a scroll and read the opening words. From the pictures in your mind come words… She heard an echo of a silent voice say, “Share the secrets of spiritual knowledge with words.” Her throat began to hurt again.

A cloud obscured the light, drifting into her thoughts and weaving through her images. Sinking into the clouds and bouncing through turbulent air in the earth’s atmosphere, she sensed she’d lost touch with herself and was now out of sync with her spiritual energies.

She noticed the sky was changing; she realized she was beginning to wander through her thoughts about living on earth as images of experiences began to take shape and form into vibrations of solid matter. This is getting real, she thought.

A rainbow shimmered in a misty ray of sunlight. “I want to remember my spiritual knowledge and harmonize the energy vibrations of my soul with universal light,” she said, feeling as if she was in two separate worlds at the same time. Trying to rise above the ethereal mist over the rainbow, she saw she’d been falling through time and space, and was now entering the energies of earth.

“It must be later than I thought,” she said to herself. “This is not a good way to begin a new incarnation,” she added. Entering a physical life without clearly knowing what she was going to do or how she was going to do it, and with only a glimpse of why, she felt like crying.

“Are you ready to be born?” Rainbow asked.

“No, not yet,” Violet replied. “I have some serious doubts and second thoughts about my upcoming earth experiences,” she said, feeling very frightened by the shadows that surrounded her.

“I’d feel more spiritual if I could bring my knowledge with me,” she whispered. An image of a golden key flashed through her mind. “This time, I’ll remember who I am,” she promised herself, wishing with all her heart she knew who she’d been before.

Book Preview…

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

A visionary novel—part fact, part fiction—about the reality of reincarnation and spiritual awakening.

The story takes you on a universal quest for knowledge and presents an entertaining adventure through this earth experience we call life as it offers a lighthearted look into the ups and downs of being spiritual in a physical world.

Based on a past life, the book invites you to remember who you really are and offers you an avenue to rediscover your true spiritual nature as it shows you the path that all souls must travel to find the way home.

Light Library; 344 pages


In every sense of the word, I’m a free spirit. I’m also a real person, learning how to synchronize my energy vibrations into all my experiences. Being physical and spiritual at the same time, and in the same dimension, is an exciting and challenging adventure. Sometimes I wonder what life is all about and what’s real. I wonder who I really am and if I’ll ever know all there is to know about the true nature of my soul.

The idea for this book was born inside a rainbow that whispered to me in my dreams. As a little girl, I loved walking barefoot through the rain and looking for rainbows. (I still do.) I thought rainbows were magical because they only appeared in the sky when the clouds cleared and the sun began to shine after it rained.

Whenever I’d see a rainbow, I’d feel an incomparable sense of awe and joy within myself. It was like opening a wonderful gift and discovering a beautiful treasure.

Somewhere inside me, I knew rainbows were real and magical at the same time and I shared a special secret with the rainbow. I knew the rainbow had really been there all the time, just waiting for the sun so it could magically appear.

When I grew up, I left my rainbows and sunshine in the sky and lived in what everyone told me was the real world for a while before I saw how unreal it was. I felt lost in a world I thought belonged to other people, not to me. Deep inside, I knew something special and important was missing, and that I wasn’t being true to my real nature.

Then one morning I woke to the sound of raindrops tapping softly on my window. As I listened to the rain, I remembered that the rainbow was centered between both worlds as it blended into the earth and the universe. I returned to the world of my imagination and dreams, and began a journey into myself to look for my soul.

As I walked through the rain and traveled within the quietness of my mind, I found my rainbow again and knew what was real. Mystical knowledge can always be found hidden in the light, waiting to magically appear to anyone who knows the secret. The key is to look for the light within yourself.

This book is based on a past life memory—a parallel life. In a world where tangible things seem to matter, this book is termed fiction—a fantasy created in my imagination and in my dreams, but I know it’s really much more than that.

It’s a down-to-earth, mystical search for truth—a quest for knowledge—that every soul, at one time and in one form or another, will experience as they embark on a journey to see what life is really all about and to understand who they truly are.

Because I feel spiritual knowledge is to be taken seriously, I thought the best way to write this book would be in a lighthearted manner. Appearances aren’t always what they seem to be, and in this way I sincerely hope you’ll see how special the characters and their experiences really are because they bring the joy of knowing and the treasure of truth into your awareness through the magical avenues of your imagination and dreams.

At first glance, it may appear that Rainbow, Violet, Amanda, and the other characters in the book are imaginary—especially the ones you’ll find running through the pages and hiding in the paragraphs—but they tend to become real when you see them in your mind.

If you read between the lines and look below the surface, you may feel their thoughts and see their experiences vibrate with energy. You might recognize parts of yourself in their personalities or see familiar pieces of their experiences in your life.

Many of the situations and scenes portrayed in this book are symbolic of spiritual reawakening and represent the mystical knowledge I’ve acquired through many lifetimes. But some of the stuff is merely my interpretation of what I’ve found to be true for me.

There’s more to truth than meets the eye. To see it clearly, you have to see it for yourself. That’s the joy of knowing. If you look within the mirror of your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and dreams, you’ll see the reflection of your spiritual knowledge and rediscover the essence of your soul.

As I hope you’ll also discover in the magical world of your inner knowledge, Rainbow is more than she appears to be—just as in your world, you’re more than you appear to be.

As you open yourself up to seeing who you really are, and you begin to travel a mystical journey into your soul, keep in mind that the book only appears to be a reality and the characters only seem to be an illusion.

The truth of the matter is: The words are an illusion, but the world they’ve created is real.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

“Violet, what are you going to name yourself this time?”

“I’ll call myself Amanda. I like the energy vibration of the name.” Looking at the misty images in her mind, she saw that Amanda’s parents, Beth and Jim Millenum, were anxiously awaiting her arrival but she kept procrastinating, trying to find a good excuse not to be born. Time was running out and she knew she’d have to make her entrance soon.

“On second thought, do I really have to experience the reality of reincarnation on earth again?” she asked. Rephrasing her words, she said, “I’d rather go to school in the universe. There are a few more things I’d like to know about my true spiritual nature.”

“You chose another lifetime on earth to evolve your soul and you’ve agreed to be born now,” Rainbow said. “Besides, you’ve just opened up a separate space for a parallel vibration of energy and you have to put it somewhere. Amanda will need your help as she learns how to apply her spiritual knowledge in the physical world.” Rainbow shimmered in the sunlight. “Then there are the experiences in Egypt you said you’d take care of.”

A foreboding sense of fear began to slowly surround Violet as shadowy images loomed in her thoughts and wove silently through her mind. “I thought Egypt was scheduled for another lifetime,” she whispered, hoping to postpone it.

“It’s scheduled for right now but you think it’s later. When you’re done with your doubts about remembering Egypt and your second thoughts about experiencing life as Amanda, I’ll meet you over at the school. You can register for classes as soon as Amanda decides to be born,” Rainbow said. “And you don’t have much more time to play around with,” she added pointedly.

Time… ?” Violet repeated suspiciously, stretching the word and watching it bounce into what seemed like a never-ending vibration of energy as she listened to it echo through the space of all eternity. “You’re not going to try to teach me how to synchronize time and space again, are you?”

Rainbow smiled. “You’ll learn about time and space for yourself in your earth experiences and through your nearly-remembered knowledge. When you clear up your thought perspectives, and see the light within yourself, you’ll see the truth about your spiritual nature. Then you’ll know who you really are and you’ll be able to find the way home.” With those words, she disappeared into a misty cloud somewhere above herself.

Watching the ethereal mist in the universe circle around Rainbow, Violet knew she hadn’t really disappeared. It only looked that way. But even though she knew that, she felt a sinking sensation in her soul and thought she’d somehow lost touch with her.

How do I get myself into these predicaments? she wondered, feeling as if she was falling through time and space somewhere between the universe and the earth. She began to think Amanda’s earth experiences weren’t going to be any fun at all. Understanding your true spiritual nature sounded serious.


Down to Earth

Violet watched Amanda fall backwards through the rainbow. Swirling, spiraling forms of energy spun all around her as she catapulted without rhythm and harmony through colors of light, doomed to crash into whatever awaited her. Misty memories and shadowy images rushed past her awareness as she plummeted toward earth.

Violet breathed a deep sigh of despair. Looking into her energies, she saw that her thoughts were cloudy, her images were scattered, and everything seemed to be out of sync.

Lightning flashed somewhere in the universe, illuminating a rainbow and Violet floated above herself.

Amanda felt totally disconnected. It must be an accident, she thought. I must have fallen. A misty image of a violet sphere of light floated through her mind. She sensed that someone had tripped her at the top of a rainbow.

Who? she wondered. And more importantly, why? Feeling lost, she looked around trying to see where she was; everything was foggy and seemed unreal. Thunder rolled through the clouds as lightning flashed across the universe.

With a shock that reverberated through her soul, she realized she was stuck in the energy vibration of a physical body. “Let me out of here,” she screamed.

Someone else must be masterminding my fate, she thought. I wouldn’t do this to myself. I vowed I’d never reincarnate again, not after what happened in Egypt. The memory flashed through her awareness, then disappeared into darkness as if she’d turned off a light somewhere in her soul.

She shivered with a foreboding sense of fear, somehow managing to free herself from the restrictive energies of a physical form. How on earth did I get myself into this predicament? she wondered.

“Perspectives,” Rainbow said. “You tripped on your thought perspectives.”

What am I doing here? she wondered, oblivious to the rainbow energies vibrating all around her. And why am I here? Earth is the last place I ever wanted to be. Is this a test or am I here to learn something?

Calming herself so she could think clearly, she looked into her thoughts and saw double images. The fall must have blurred my vision, she thought. “Is there a higher reason or purpose for being here?” she quietly asked herself. There didn’t seem to be anyone else to talk to.

Feeling a dense cloud surround her, she realized she was about to be born. Being this close to what appeared to be her inevitable birth, with no memory of why she was here or what she was going to do with her life, or even of choosing this incarnation for herself, she became frantic.

“Now wait just a minute here,” she said. “I have some serious doubts and second thoughts about this.” Time was running out and she knew she’d have to find some answers soon if she was going to save herself from experiencing another lifetime on earth. It was an awful thought.

She felt as if she was precariously balanced between knowing and unknowing. One wrong move now and she was sure she’d be sentenced here for a long time, doomed to an unknown destiny.

Feeling quite shaky, she tried to hold on to her thoughts, but couldn’t tune into a clear picture. She sensed her frame of mind was a little out of sync, maybe even warped a bit by the turn of events, but couldn’t seem to collect her energies and get centered. Images were wavering in and out of her mind, her thoughts were spinning, and she felt dizzy and disoriented.

She knew the answers she was looking for were just out of reach, just beyond the grasp of her understanding. Focus, she told herself. Focus clearly into one thought at a time.

A shadowy image of an old, bearded man floated into her mind, but the image wouldn’t stay in place; it kept fading away.

As the image disappeared, she watched herself enter a parallel place somewhere between the earth and the universe—a duplicate dimension that was strangely familiar—and she heard an echo whisper her name in a sudden gust of wind that blew through her soul.

She knew she’d been here before—experienced this place before—but couldn’t remember where or when. The déjà vu feeling seemed unreal, as if she’d seen and felt the images in a dream or read them in a book. The place was filled with shadowy spaces and shapes of past events and images of future experiences looming silently through her thoughts; the feelings and images were interwoven with fear in a timeless frame of energy.

She’d always thought herself to be a brave soul, fearless enough to find the truth in all her experiences. Concentrating her attention and summoning every bit of her courage, she looked into the shadows and knew she’d chosen to find her spiritual knowledge from the past and place it in the present, but fear shrouded the rest of the memory in darkness.

As the recognition flowed through her awareness, Amanda sighed, practicing her breathing. I did it again, she thought. I slipped out of the vibration of my true spiritual nature for a split second in time.

“It was those damn earth energies,” she muttered, wondering if there was any possible way out of the incarnation she’d created for herself, even though it looked like it was probably too late to do anything about it right now. Maybe the opportunity will present itself later, she thought.

Resignedly accepting her imminent birth, she hovered on the ceiling and watched the activities. Her new mother seemed to be in a lot of pain and was concerned because it was taking so long. Amanda debated whether to tell her she was late because she’d had second thoughts about reincarnating, but decided to keep it to herself.

This was the first time she was meeting her mother in person and wanted to begin their relationship on a friendly note. Her mother didn’t seem to be listening anyway. She was concentrating all her attention on giving birth and was breathing strangely.

Amanda looked at her father and smiled at him. He didn’t look at all like the archaeologist she’d known in Africa. He was standing behind her mother, whispering words in her ear. “Pant, honey. Short, shallow breaths. That’s it. Now blow. You’re doing great. One more deep breath,” he breathed with her, “and now PUSH.”

Amanda was embarrassed at her entrance. Advanced souls were supposed to waft gently into their bodies, on currents of light and energy, with their awareness completely clear. She had landed very ungracefully on her derriere into her new lifetime on earth. She burst into tears.

“It’s a girl,” the doctor said, holding her upside down and slapping her. Waving her arms in every direction, she tried to slap him back. Maybe he knew I said a swear word, she thought.

Feeling uncoordinated and out of balance, she took stock of the situation, noticing only her pride was hurt and her sense of harmony was a little out of sync. She began to hiccup. Trying to regain her composure, she took a few deep breaths.

The doctor placed Amanda in her mother’s arms. She snuggled into the warmth, feeling safe and secure. Her father put his arms around them both, kissing them, laughing and crying at the same time.

“It’s so cute the way she was waving her arms and putting her hands into fists,” he said to the doctor. “It looked as if she was trying to punch you.”

Amanda heard Rainbow laughing and wondered how she could be so happy about her birth. It’s humiliating to be stuck in a physical body, she thought, wondering who else knew about her entrance into earth energies.

Red-faced and more embarrassed than before, she decided there were a few announcements she just had to make about birth to her mother and the doctor, and to anyone else who might be listening.

Looking into the thoughts and images in her mind for words to clearly express herself, she began to talk. “On earth, you have a silly idea that birth is a celebration. Birth is really a supremely complicated exercise in mental maneuvering and energy revibration.”

The words seemed clear enough to Amanda but sounded like gurgles when she spoke them. “It’s an intricate process of mind over matter. The real miracle of birth is that a soul has somehow managed to synchronize an innumerable number of circumstances, energies, and opportunities into the appropriate vibrations. When a soul gets everything in the right place at the right time, that’s something to celebrate.”

Getting caught up in the feelings of joy around her, she smiled, realizing she’d accomplished something very magical. It was kind of awesome, she thought, and even though her birth was far from perfect, it was still something to be proud of.

Then she remembered where she was. “The concept that birth is a new beginning of life is silly, too! Who would ever believe a thing like that?”

She looked at her mother. “No matter how many times you’re born, it’s very shocking to transform spiritual energies into physical energies. Even though you went through labor, I did all the work.”

Her mother smiled at her with pure happiness. It was the nicest smile Amanda had ever seen and she loved her immediately. “She’s so beautiful,” Beth said to Jim. “Look at her big blue eyes and blond hair. She looks like a bright ray of sunshine.”

“She does have a special glow about her,” Jim agreed, smiling at Amanda. She reached for his finger and held it tightly in her hand. We’re forming a daddy-daughter bond, he thought, feeling a powerful surge of energy and emotion flow between them. There’s more to it than that, he sensed, wondering what it was. “Her eyes sparkle with light, as if she knows a secret she’d share with us if she could talk.”

The nurse agreed with both of them as she gently took Amanda from Beth. “Look at this,” she said. “She has a little bump on her right arm. It looks like a mosquito bite.”

Amanda shivered instinctively, without knowing why.

“Maybe she’s cold,” the nurse said, wrapping her securely in a soft blanket. “I’m going to give you a nice, warm bath,” she crooned to Amanda, “then let you rest for a while. Birth is hard on babies, too,” she said, smiling at Beth and the doctor.

Amanda felt trapped in her new body; it was too small and confining. Worst of all, it appeared to be solid. Trying to rise through the dense layer of physical energy which surrounded her, she fell back into her body, landing with a soft thud.

Then she remembered the gravity of the situation she was in. After several attempts at synchronizing her thoughts with her projected images, she began to move upward, slowly at first, then more rapidly as the energy vibrations became finer.

Thank goodness, she thought. It isn’t as solid as it appears to be. She practiced rising through the levels of rainbow-colored energies until her flights were smooth and rhythmic, and she could flow through the vibrations easily.

Floating above her newly-acquired physical body, she watched the nurse put a diaper on her. How disgusting, she thought. There are some stinky things you never get used to.

The nurse began humming a song as she dressed her in a little pink gown. Amanda floated gently into her body as the nurse picked her up and softly rubbed her back.

That feels nice, she thought, listening to the melody as the loving touch of the nurse soothed her soul. After all the commotion of birth, it’s good to have a hug from an old friend, she thought, recognizing her from a lifetime in Atlantis where they’d studied practical applications of universal energies. The nurse laid her gently in a bassinet and smiled into her eyes, as if she remembered her.

Amanda smiled back, then closed her eyes and drifted into sleep, watching sketchy shapes of her new incarnation show themselves in the mindscape of her dream images.

Looking at the misty scenes, she didn’t know how the images would form into experiences. The way they kept weaving in and out, and around and through her thoughts gave her the feeling she’d have to put the pieces into their proper places.

Rainbow appeared and smiled brilliantly in shimmering waves of light. “Welcome to the world, Amanda. You made a wonderful entrance, with such a promising beginning.” She laughed.

“I couldn’t tell which way you were going to land the way you kept fluttering around and changing your mind. It was so much like you.” She smiled. “Now that you’re in a physical body, you have to abide by physical laws.”

Amanda slowly opened her eyes and looked through a window at Rainbow. I’ve only been here twenty minutes, she thought. Birth was bad enough and now she has to remind me about the rules. She reverberated unhappily in her energies.

“You’re too young to swear; you’re not even supposed to be able to think or talk. People will treat you like a baby and you’ll have to get used to it. It’s part of the illusion.

“And please don’t play energy games with your mother. She doesn’t have any idea you’re an advanced soul. When you learn how to walk, you’ll forget you can fly. You have to use words to communicate instead of images. Matter is slower than thoughts.”

Amanda threw up. “Anything else I have to deal with here?”

“You seem to be a little cranky and irritable,” Rainbow said gently.

Who wouldn’t be, Amanda thought, if they tripped through the light and saw they’d been reincarnated. Feeling the slow vibrations of earth energy close in around you was enough to make even the most highly-evolved soul cranky and irritable.

She took a deep, shuddering breath, not feeling at all like herself. “It’s just that I feel so… physical,” she said, searching for the right word.

“I know exactly how you feel,” Rainbow said reassuringly. “Before you completely adjust to earth energies, remember that one of the reasons for your reincarnation is to understand your true spiritual nature by applying your knowledge into all your experiences.”

I’ve read this somewhere before, Amanda thought, trying to envision where she’d seen the words. She felt so energy-depleted from birth that all she wanted to do was go to sleep and dream.

“It would be helpful if I knew where my knowledge was and I could find it when I wake up,” she managed to say. An image of a golden key flashed through her mind.

“Remember your promise to Violet,” Rainbow said.

Amanda’s thoughts and images began to fade. Before the pictures in her mind disappeared into misty dream images and cloudy thoughts, she knew she had to put the golden key in a safe place.

Looking for somewhere to keep the key that would open her spiritual knowledge, she saw a rainbow shining through a misty ray of shimmering sunlight. There’s supposed to be a treasure at the end of the rainbow, she thought. A rainbow will keep it safe.


The School of Spirituality

The school campus was surrounded with a softly-curving arc of light reflecting a majestic sunset of oranges and purples pulsating into the universe. The buildings and trees were bathed in subdued rays of light and hues of color vibrating a magical aura of knowledge. It was a spectacular arrangement of energy.

“Oh, how super,” breathed Violet, in awe. “It’s so beautiful. It looks like a replica of an earth university, except it has more…” She paused, trying to find the right word to describe the feeling of the campus. “Ambiance.” The school radiated a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, almost sacred. It was a picture-perfect combination of earth elements blended with universal energy.

“I’m glad you like it,” Rainbow said. “You created it from an image in your mind.”

It’s a perfect place to study spirituality, Violet thought proudly. “Really knowing how to use the power of my mind, expressing my thoughts and feelings, and transforming my ideas into energy, then watching their images shape into forms of matter and motions of experiences is one of the most fulfilling rewards of having knowledge,” she said happily.

“You still have a lot to learn,” Rainbow said. “The concept of creating your own reality is where most souls begin to limit the expression of their power. You’ll be choosing most of your classes based on what you feel you need to learn and the things you’d like to know more about, but there are a few required courses you have to take in order to graduate.”

“Do I have to take them now?” Violet asked. Maybe I could take them some other time, she thought to herself. “I mean, are these classes absolutely necessary? I thought in this dimension my free will was more expansive.” Fringes of illusion crept into her half-formed picture of reality. The corners of her ambient image of school began to curl up around the edges.

“You agreed to take these courses when you said you wanted to study spirituality,” Rainbow replied. “Acquiring knowledge calls for a dedicated effort. Understanding knowledge is what allows you to learn. By learning, you begin to evolve.” Rainbow paused for a moment, looking at Violet.

“Applying knowledge in your experiences is what really sets you free to master energy and attain enlightenment. However, you can always change your mind. That’s what free will is all about.” Rainbow looked at her with more than a little concern.

“What are the required courses?” Violet asked, knowing she wasn’t going to like the answer.

Rainbow smiled at her. “I think you’ll like the classes. They’re Reality Awareness, Time and Space, and Energy and Matter.”

Violet knew why she’d been procrastinating; she’d flunked those classes in varying degrees in several of her earthly lifetimes. She wondered how Amanda was doing in her new physical body and how she was adjusting to earth energies.

She breathed a sigh of relief, knowing she’d almost been caught in that vibration. If she hadn’t realized at the last possible moment that she was paralleling herself, she would have been stuck in that little body, too, for an entire lifetime. She shuddered at the thought.

The required courses aren’t so bad if you look at them from this perspective, she reasoned. It’s better than reincarnating on earth again. Even though I have to repeat the classes until I get them right, at least I’ll be studying them in a spiritual vibration of energy instead of in a physical vibration. It didn’t occur to her Amanda had signed up for the same classes by choosing to experience another life on earth and Rainbow didn’t have the heart to tell her; she’d find out for herself soon enough.

“There’s no time like the present to begin my studies,” she said brightly, smiling at Rainbow. “See ya later.” She wasn’t looking forward to the Time and Space class but knew she’d chosen to learn more about synchronicity.

Walking into the ivy-covered building through the triple-arched entryway, she carefully chose the center arch, thinking it represented the present. She knew from past experience that Rainbow liked to give surprise tests when you weren’t in class and especially when you weren’t expecting them.

At first glance, the Time and Space classroom looked like any other classroom in every world she’d ever been in before. There was nothing distinguishing about this one, except for the doodles drawn on the chalkboard.

Taking a closer look, she saw that the doodles weren’t really what they first appeared to be. The drawing was actually a detailed diagram showing circles and spirals revolving around and rippling through one another in an ever-changing pattern, highlighted with sparkles of energy that were superimposed on and within the intricate design.

The diagram appeared to be moving, continuously changing shape and flowing with energy, though there were a few empty spaces where the energy was still and silent. In several other places, there were open areas which vibrated into thin air and yet the air was filled with something almost tangible she couldn’t quite see or touch. She sensed the energy was special; there was a magical quality about it. Studying it for a moment, she saw that the energy shimmered with an ethereal light, as if it was awaiting form and expression.

Picking up a piece of chalk and adding her own unique touches to the diagram, she sketched images of words in the open areas. Then she drew parallel lines through some of the circles and spirals, connecting a few sparkles in the empty spaces, not realizing the pattern reflected her future experiences and past life memories.

Looking at the diagram, she saw that the parallel lines she’d drawn weren’t perfectly straight; they merged into points which vibrated together. I wonder what that means, she thought.

Deciding not to give it a second thought right now, she looked around the room carefully, trying to notice everything. It was almost completely empty. There wasn’t even a clock on the wall. That’s probably because time is simultaneous, she thought, and where would the hands of the clock point to if time is happening at the same time in every dimension and vibration of energy?

A closed book sitting silently on a shelf drew her attention. Next to the shelf was a window that was shut and there was dust on the windowsill. She opened the window, trying to clear the air that seemed suspended in motion. The dust scattered in the sudden breeze.

She knew her thoughts were wandering, but was trying to kill time until the rest of the students appeared. I can’t possibly be the only soul in the entire universe who ever misunderstood time vibrations or misplaced dimensions of space, she thought to herself.

Sitting down at the desk, she opened the top. Looking inside, she saw the energy-form of her pencil. She touched it lovingly, feeling its familiar shape. Her pencil was a treasured reminder of the joy she’d found in writing in several of her earth incarnations. “Where the heck are the rest of the students?” she wondered aloud. The words sent echoing reverberations throughout the room.

Beginning to feel a little out of place, she wondered, this time silently, if she was in the right place. The sign on the door had said Time and Space.

Maybe I’ve got the timing wrong and I’m too early, she thought. But there’s always the possibility I’m too late, she added as an afterthought slowly drifted into her mind. Or even worse—maybe I’m in the wrong space at the right time or the right space at the wrong time.

Rainbow walked in and looked at her hopelessly. “Your perceptions form your reality,” she said. “You’re in the wrong space at the wrong time. You’ve warped the placement of your energies with your linear thought perspectives and your vibrations are out of sync.

“You completely missed Orientation and the welcoming talk on Energy Revibration. While you were deciding which path to take to begin your studies, the sessions were held in the next building where there are no arches that might represent past, present, and future.”

Violet responded with the hiccups. Time and space, and getting them synchronized, could throw you for a loop.

Rainbow smiled at her. “It’s becoming obvious you’re planning to make this difficult for yourself. You create your own reality here and it’s just as real as it is on earth, even though it appears to be an illusion. Your experiences here are subject to the same universal rules and vibrations of energy. As you think it to be, so you create it. Or so it seems,” she added.

“In other words, you have to think of something before it can exist for you,” Rainbow reminded her. “Consider all the possibilities. At the very least, ponder the probabilities.”

Back to the basics, Violet thought. It really does appear I’m the only student in this class.

“If you center your awareness without clarity while you simultaneously focus your energies and attention into only one direction at a time, you’ll see your thoughts express themselves in what appears to be limiting images,” Rainbow said, responding to Violet’s unspoken thought.

At the same time returning to her misplacement of time-space energies, she continued, “Because you thought it was impossible to be in two places at once, that’s exactly what you experienced.”

“I forgot that for a moment.”

“Violet, it’s important for you in your spiritual studies to understand how time and space really work,” Rainbow said. Time and Space, in relation to all aspects of Reality Awareness and Energy and Matter, are the cornerstone concepts that build the foundation for acquiring and applying knowledge. Images and experiences, formed from thoughts and shaped by feelings, are the essence of energy in motion, manifesting in mirrored realms of matter and awareness.”

I know all that, Violet thought, embarrassed about the review and wondering at the same time why Rainbow was telling her this; she should be telling Amanda. Before every incarnation, a soul was given a refresher course in energy vibrations. One of the most important skills you learned, very early in your evolvement, was how to rearrange and change the motions of energy into matter, and how to center your awareness into all the vibrations and expressions of your experiences simultaneously. It was fundamental in finding your direction and in maneuvering through earth energies if you ever wanted to see the light again.

“If there’s no time like the present, where have you put your past and your future?” Rainbow’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

“They’re all the same,” she replied absent-mindedly, wondering why some of her experiences seemed to disappear into nothingness at times.

“Then why did you say ‘there’s no time like the present?’”

Rainbow can certainly be picky, Violet thought. “Because,” she answered, “this time, this space, this dimension, this vibration, is what I choose to be aware of now. This is where I’ve placed my awareness and my attention—where I’ve focused my energy and directed my thoughts.”

“The present ‘now’ is timeless. Doesn’t it incorporate the past and the future within itself?”

“Yes,” Violet responded. “But there’s no time like the present because it’s all really an illusion, isn’t it? You’ve said so yourself.”

“If there’s no time, then where is the present?” Rainbow asked, persistent in her efforts to help Violet see things clearly. “Aren’t you completely obliterating several spaces of energy and more than one vibration of time from your awareness with that thought?

“And what about the limits you’re placing on the vibrations and expressions of your experiences? Isn’t reality happening everywhere at once?”

Focusing her attention into the lecture, Violet began to see what she thought Rainbow was saying. Trying to answer all the questions in one sentence, she responded, “The present seems to be happening separately here and now, even though it’s perpetually created and simultaneously influencing my past and future, just as those vibrations of time are constantly causing and creating the effects of what I experience by my present perceptions of feelings and my current perspectives of thoughts.”

Just like the ripples and sparkles of energy, she thought, remembering the diagram of circles and spirals on the chalkboard.

She knew she was slipping on the explanation; it didn’t sound complete. There was something about probable realities she was missing and something else about duplicate dimensions and parallel places. And there were alternate avenues of expression and other movements of energy she wasn’t including.

It’ll have to do for now, she thought, wishing she could fully open up her awareness and see everything all at once.

Looking at the closed book on the shelf, she wondered what the words inside said. A thought that words were parallels of their own pictures which reflected mirror images danced into her mind as an idea-image leaped into her thoughts. For some unknown reason, seemingly from out of a clear, blue sky, she began to formulate and translate her thought vibrations into words.

“This is just an idea,” she said, opening her thought and looking into the image. “I’d like to expand my imagination and acquire knowledge by exploring how words create a world within a book.”

She could see she was stumbling on her words; they seemed to be separating from their energies in two dimensions, becoming parallels simultaneously, each word-thought becoming a transparent image-expression of itself.

She felt around in the desk for her pencil. “I’d like to enhance my awareness of word-thoughts and image-expressions by drawing pictures of pages—creating words from the images in my mind. I want to completely understand the energy vibrations of words so I can see how word-energies vibrate and expand to create experiences as they open inner knowledge from thought-images.”

As she began to flow into her words, she felt her pencil begin to vibrate in her hand. “It’s so interesting that words—in an earthly dimension and vibration of energy—are used to communicate when thoughts and their images show a universal understanding and say so much more.”

She smiled at an image that sparkled in her mind. “Thoughts are like rays of sunshine that whisper images and feelings into motion. Images are a mystical blend of magic and mystery that bring meaning and understanding together with imagination and knowledge. Words weave in and out of thoughts and feelings as they inspire and create images in the process of forming ever-changing and intricate expressions of energy.”

Barely pausing for a breath, she continued. “Words are like lyrics of a song played in tune with thought-images which create a symphony of sound vibrations.

“Thoughts are like musical notes that dance on a page in rhythm and harmony with their images, ever so gently reaching and softly stretching into a brilliant crescendo of awareness as they form sparkling lights and expressions of energy above and between, and in and through the melody of the words themselves.”

Sunlight streamed in through the open window, forming magical and myriad patterns in the dust particles floating through the air. The words, it seemed, had taken on a life of their own—their vibrations moving through matter in time and space, their images springing into action—coming alive with energy in the light of awareness.

She looked out the window, gathering her thoughts. She’d become so enchanted in her own special world created by words that she’d dropped her pencil in the flow of images. She sorted through the images looking for her pencil, at the same time trying to keep the energies of words combined with their thoughts as she picked up her pencil and held it tightly in her hand.

Still and silent words echoed in her mind as she looked at the closed book again, sitting on the dusty shelf next to the window.

You have to set words free to express themselves, she remembered, knowing that words, as they were being formed from thoughts, were really secret symbols of knowledge interwoven with universal light energies swirling in a magical, mystical mindscape of motion before their images shaped themselves into the energy expression of a book.

A thought began to whisper itself into her awareness. Writing a book would be a magical way to share knowledge.

The thought sounded like a gentle waterfall of words, flowing softly and harmoniously into images. As the thought began to take shape, forming itself into a portrait of pages in her mind, she felt a surge of energy soar through her soul.

“I’m going to open up and explore and expand the earthly energy vibrations of words,” Violet said, smiling at Rainbow. “It’s a matter of illumination, of knowing what your thought-images and experiences are really saying and showing you about your true spiritual nature.”

Rainbow returned her smile. “Keep in mind that universal knowledge which is shaped into a solid vibration of matter on earth sometimes settles like dust into silent words, and thought-images sometimes show themselves without motion and form. Words that are misunderstood, and thought-images that aren’t recognized in the magical world of imagination, tend to become suspended in space and their power seems to become inactive in time.”

“Words are like treasures, buried under layers of dust,” Violet mused. “When you blow off the dust and open a book and read the words inside, the thoughts again become myriad and magical images of motion, awaiting only form and expression to turn into experiences that reveal truth and knowledge.”

Imaging thoughts of dusty words was enough to make her nose start twitching. Her sneeze scattered the dust, clearing the air for fresh words and thoughts, allowing new images to form and take shape—to be molded into matter and sculpted into symbols that showed the mystery of knowledge and the mastery of truth, all mirrored within the reflection of the words.

“There’s a wonderful library on campus, Violet, that you’ll really like,” Rainbow said thoughtfully. “It’s the Light Library. It’s filled with books that emanate energy in rays of light; the vibrations of words show images of knowledge as they draw pictures in your mind.”

Moving to the open window, sunlight shimmered through her colors. “The energy is always in motion, so there’s no dust for you to sneeze at.”

If I created this campus, I also created the Light Library and how does Rainbow know about it before I realized it? Violet wondered. Maybe my center of awareness and focus of attention isn’t as clear as it could be. Maybe I need to look more deeply into my thoughts—to expand my outlook and open my insights.

A sparkle of light danced in Rainbow’s eyes. “Now that you’ve decided to be a writer, would you like to have a computer?” she asked. “It might be very helpful with your writing and you wouldn’t have to talk with a pencil in your hand to express your thought-images. You could create and form a world of words directly into the computer from the pictures in your mind.”

Violet clutched her pencil close to her heart. “I love my pencil,” she said. “I’ve always been able to make my points with it. Besides, my pencil sharpener is special; it’s shaped like a light bulb.” She wasn’t about to give up her pencil, not even for a cosmic computer.

“You don’t really need a pencil here,” Rainbow said. “You’ve advanced into a new age. You gave up your chisel and stone when pens and paintbrushes were invented. Why are you refusing to give up your pencil now?”

“My pencil is how I express myself and I like the eraser,” Violet replied. “It saves me a lot of time and trouble, and I can erase my words if I don’t like the shape they’re taking.

“Pens are like promises; they’re too permanent and always leave long-lasting effects. Paintbrushes have their drawbacks; they aren’t definitive enough and only create traces and sketchy images. But brushes are good for bringing feelings up to the surface,” she added softly. “And the colors can do wonders for your vibrations.”

Wandering out of the present, with a far-away look in her eyes, she continued. “In the early days of expressing the pictures in my mind, when I was learning about the concept of communication and beginning to understand the essence of written images, the chisel and stone were the only tools available to me.”

She felt as if she was in first grade again and thought Rainbow might assign a composition entitled What I Did in My Past Lives.

I wonder why they’re called past lives when all vibrations of time are simultaneous, she thought to herself.

“They’re called past lives because the energy seems to be vibrating in slow motion, out of rhythm and sync with present time,” Rainbow said, waiting while Violet adjusted her energies so she could hear the simultaneous sentence. “At the same time, future lives appear to vibrate at a faster rate of energy.”

In a smooth and synchronized movement, returning to the present time and the pencil-eraser image, Rainbow said, “With a computer, you can push a button to erase your errors, just by highlighting them. You can supersede any kind of mistakes and they disappear, just like magic.”

I don’t believe that for a minute, Violet thought. I wasn’t born yesterday. “They disappear just like magic sounds like a fairy tale,” she said. “Are you sure?”

Rainbow smiled. “It’s really a matter of awareness. Your mistakes have to be corrected first through understanding and action. Then they do more than disappear; they reappear in a new form as self-knowledge. It’s as magical as pushing a button and as easy as rearranging energy.”

Or sharpening your pencil, Violet thought, looking at Rainbow. “Okay, I’ll use the computer to transform my thought- images into words, but I’ll keep my pencil, too,” she said, wrapping her fingers around it. “By the way, what are the requirements for graduation?”

“You have to unearth the mysteries of the universe, and you have to learn…”

I’d better rearrange the school structure, Violet thought quickly as she changed the picture in her mind. This is more than a place to study. This is an entire dimension in which to learn.

“… how to apply your knowledge in every vibration of energy and awareness,” Rainbow said, as other students began to walk into the classroom that was reshaping itself into images of experiences.

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Whispers Beyond the Rainbow: Awakening Your Spiritual Self

The last thing Amanda ever wanted to do was to experience another lifetime on earth. She can’t remember who she is—or even who she was before—and a shadowy image of an old bearded man keeps wavering through her thoughts. Maybe it isn’t real. Maybe it’s just a dream. Maybe she doesn’t have to reincarnate this time. Then she hears a whisper—a voice that is strangely familiar, echoing through the winds of time—inviting her to follow her dream. Whispers Beyond the Rainbow is the prequel to Somewhere Over the Rainbow: A Soul’s Journey Home.

  • ISBN: 9781370399635
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Whispers Beyond the Rainbow: Awakening Your Spiritual Self Whispers Beyond the Rainbow: Awakening Your Spiritual Self