When You Dance on My Dreams


When You Dance

on My Dreams

Ashraf Imam

When You Dance on My Dreams

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When you dance on my dreams

An Ectopic Dream

When senility begins to appear on the face of memories; when words get lost, and the leaves of love fall from the tree of the age; when we get lost between the dream and the reality; when the most beautiful in our soul gets broken; when colors fade and sink in memories; when we need for a life buoy, and we find no one to rescue us.

Here, there is no meaning for life! When we look for a way to escape from sadness, and we find all doors closed by suspicious silence, by more and more means, and when we find a glimmer of hope, it discovered to be a mirage, and then the bates of despair began to spread in our broken spirit.

We are looking for the blooms of our life, which were once dancing around us, we find them faded, lost their prosperity, and dried out, the longing thorns appeared and tingled our heart and soul, what a harsh of our destiny! Why do you tear and scatter us like this? Why do you bring me with her in a dreamy winter and made my heart adore her, till she became as the pulse of my veins, and suddenly grabbed her out of my ribs, even with no anesthetic, and when she became away in such a hideous way, why did you bring us again together?

Could I blame for the one who I loved from my heart, and who wronged me by her doubts and illusions, or should I blame for you, as you are the one who decided our meeting, and you are the one who decided separation for us.

I built sandy palaces on sands, waiting for a sad dream, hoping it may relieve the grief that besiege me from all directions, but you combine with sorrow and leave us between death and life, so take happiness out of our veins. We resist and refuse to surrender, and days laugh at our blood and wounds. We escape to yesterday memories and hold on the remnants of failure which we will never forget.

We are looking for a straw to hold on among the life’s troubles. So, troubles take us, and memories get lost in the bottom of sorrow, but still the bitterness, we refuse to give up, and we freely leave our right to dream. We hold on to the strings of illusions, build the palaces and get lost inside the corridors of despair. We choose to imprison ourselves, so throw the key, and lost the hope of survival.

Only faith will be able to save us and help us from life troubles.

For you, whom I called with all my letters, and express my suffering with a pale ink, like the exhausted separation, and send it to you through a faded dream, the dream which avoids meeting and refuses to live and grow in the womb of days.

Deceiver Dreams

Because the dreams became deaf and couldn`t hear our screams … and fate couldn`t smile because our dream destination has changed and broken, the road twisted under our feet, and hopes were destroyed.

Because she deceived, yes deceived our hearts in public, behind the curtain of the night, the hearts wore mourning dress, and the whole story hung on the shelf of sadness, silence became a song which we sing perfectly with every prayer in which we leave a dream to its stay, playing a sad tone on the strings of remote hope, we whisper in sadness and pride that we had a dream mixed with the signing of your lips.

My lady, let`s put the talks and excuses away, and take the story from the beginning, I will tell you a gummy and sterile secret as a never-ending memory, the story is that there is no story, there are no details worth mentioning in this night. My lady, the lie is permitted when we are forced to give a clear answer.

Let us leave the story grow in our hearts, and spread among the pimps as they want, because the dream time has passed, and the time of killing lovers is over.

Now they are committing suicide and jumping from the edge of despair to give the way for another bloody story, for which hats are raised, and hands waves with the last farewell tune.


My Lady,

You are not invited tonight to read my words, those words, as well as feelings had disclaimed from you, the feelings which were combined in one feeling I could not name, but it made me cry, yes it made me cry like a child who got lost in darkness, and the morning is still away, as I`m away from you now, It made me cry like the child who is starving for his mother`s breast, but how could we get the promises of humans, and where could we find those who speak honestly, not just words, and when could promises take off the robe of lying.

I have more memories tonight; all of them are about my shock in hearts, the hearts which deceived me with a false hope, like my dreams.

You have awakened the child in my soul tonight, awaken a revolution I had never witnessed before. Tonight, you killed a fetus who waited along for the moment of birth. Stop playing the role of the loving princess, Stop pains. I will never allow my heart to be killed by a failed doctor.


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When You Dance on My Dreams

My Lady, I never knew that we would become naked and homeless, naked of feelings and without affection, drawing in sorrow and separation, after we were waiting for moments to meet each other. It is very wonderful to get your freedom after an autocratic love, which demolished all the beautiful dreams, and the most wonderful are to feel that you suffer and die a thousand times in the night, not for hatred or hostility, but to feel bitter of separation.

  • ISBN: 9781370933570
  • Author: Ashraf Imam
  • Published: 2017-07-10 16:35:08
  • Words: 7999
When You Dance on My Dreams When You Dance on My Dreams