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What's in the Box and Other Miscellaneous Tales

In "Hitchhiking to a New Life", a young woman by the name of Darla is stuck on the side of the road in the desert, hoping someone will pick her up so she can continue her journey, even though she's not sure of her journey yet. "What's in the Box?" is a fantasy tale about a woman that receives a mysterious package on her doorstep during a quiet day at home. Charlotte is intrigued by the package and its mysterious contents quickly turn a boring day into an exciting one. "Small Heart Spaces" is about a boy named Ari, who is trying to get away from his annoying brother, Lucas, while trying to mend his broken teenage heart. "Art: Lost and Found" is a story about a husband and wife team that purchase a storage locker during an auction. John and Celeste find more than what they bargained for amongst the old, dusty contents of the locker. Lynette and Darren have a chance meeting at a bar in "Easy Money" and Lynette comes away with more than just Darren's heart. In "Lead Me On", Lorelei and Vic have a secret rendezvous in an old airport hotel room. Will they or won't they weighs heavy on both their minds.

  • ISBN: 9780463270073
  • Author: Cherie Dysard
  • Published: 2018-10-21 20:35:08
  • Words: 4881
What's in the Box and Other Miscellaneous Tales What's in the Box and Other Miscellaneous Tales