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What's in a Name

What’s in a Name?

Edenia Series

Copyright Shakespir 2017


The Guardian of Life and Death watching a scene via Traveler’s Gate, felt boredom hitting him felt annoyance take hold when the Goddess of Life, Egypt fluttered into scene screaming her familiar wording to his annoyance.

The Guardian wound up speaking “Go flutter elsewhere now, Egypt!”

Egypt to his disgust wound up still fluttering into his eyesight still shrieking her comment “Life!”

The Guardian wound up rolling his eyes in response to that comment found a soul in front of him hence Egypt’s fluttering shriek into his face to his annoyance.

The Guardian wound up saying his familiar lines “I am the Guardian of Life and Death.”

He judged the soul in front of him discovering the soul was a male dubbed Mordecai to his annoyance.

The Guardian in response wound up speaking further “How many times must I do this guardian job onto this soul in response? It’s annoying!”

The scene via Traveler’s Gate shifted to show a familiar male he figured was named Tom who sat on the bed in one of the High Council’s caved quarters, relaying a story to Recorder while another male was seated nearby on the floor appearing to be asleep, but listening. There was a female clad in medical scrubs was seen was seated next to Tom giving him playful swats onto his shoulder he kept ignoring her while relaying his story.

“You gang are wanted in the High Council’s throne room now!” as blared overheard by a Meritanian unsure of the name.

A female Meritanian was heard snickering in response despite she hardly talks much while it’s the male Meritanian who does the talking of those two. The Guaridan watched as Recorder and gang went to the High Council’s throne room via foot. Two of the gang went to stand with disgust seen on their faces, Tom kneeling as usual in his familiar pose and Recorder went to sit down in crossed legged position to record conversations in the room.

“Says you, Mindbender will strip your clothes and bare your back now!” as spoken by Souler speaker.

Guardian saw Recorder glanced up to notice Mindbender, obeying despite the medic an ambassadorial representative of Edenia, appearing to be scrutinizing the male via narrowed golden eyes. Guardian eyed Mindbender, during glancing up, to type to see, he had markings of Highlander’s language.

Language script “This is the one.” onto his back including no tattletale mark of a clone.

He’s original to the curiosity of the Guardian despite face appearing to look twin to Nikolas the Hayu’s Leader. That scene despite a male, a look a like to Jinks Montreal or otherwise known as Tam-Mykola MacLeod, looking annoyed and angry via he rubbing his head and looking like he’s about to throw a tantrum.

“What an idiot!” Thought Guardian who added “Can’t this Tam-Mykola MacLeod acknowledged that he’s the perfect servant of the High Council used as a chess piece always doing anything that dratted group wants? Ugh-“

He was interrupted by Egypt shrieking “Life!”

The Guardian wound up resuming the Traveler’s Gate program.

Guardian heard from speaker “Says Mindbender is to resume clothes now!”

Recorder was seen glanced up to see Mindbender, obey followed, by he doing his familiar kneeling pose to the disgust of Edenia’s Ambassador forming that expression on her face. Tam, as assumed the male looking like Tam-Mykola MacLeod looks like he’s about to throw a hissy fit from his growling noises heard.

Recorder wound up saying “Ahem Triton! It’s no place for screaming in here!”

“Says transport Triton out now!” Guardian heard from speaker to find Triton disappearing into a light show.

Guardian overheard Recorder’s thought like she’s broadcasting herself for him to hear via telepathically saying “I might as well ask Pave when’s he’s calmer to tell me what’s his problem that got him angry.”

Snickering like laughter hit at the moment she thought that thought to type this down as speaker heard speaking “Says dismissed medical doctor, Mindbender and Recorder.”

Recorder obeyed to leave which Recorder wound up with Mindbender and ambassador in medical bay both, ignoring her while they were doing some kiss faced ritual onto each other, seemed like they missed each other or something from kisses. Ugh Guardian managed to figure out why’s they were kissing.

The Guardian snarled annoyed as Egypt fluttered again saying her life comment “Drat that Nikolas and his obsession with Georgina Visser!”

. Guardian felt annoyance take hold seeing that kissed faced ritual as Recorder was overheard mentally spoke in response “What caused Pave to throw a hissy fit anyway?”

Guardian heard nothing in response to her question but figured she’ll say “I’ll ask Pave when I see him later.”

Guardian figured Recorder got an answer to Pave’s angry fit of him saying when he’s calmer “I was throwing an angry fit in King Winter’s kingdom in response to realizing who Tom or Mindbender, mentioned that name of Jinks Montreal to me. I realized I’m a clone or altered clone of Jinks Montreal, himself, created via piece of Paul Palin to raise and take over the Emperor throne when the Oceanans insisted on a male to take the throne. They haven’t insisted on that yet, but their accepting of Anastia, my older sister, the oldest of us, appears to be born with some manipulation done onto her while her Mother, Raisa, carried her. Ugh. Also I threw a hissing fit into King Winter’s ear when he caught me unwilling to play games with Ramia by hissing at her. Poor Ramia! She whined to King Winter. He caught me in response to yell into my head of how rude I was. Bloody to King Winter! Oh well.”

Recorder wound up asking Pave “How’s Ramia after King Winter yelled at you?”

“Ramia is fine.” said by Pave sounding sleepy who in response passed out unconscious in front of Recorder while lying on one of the doctor’s beds.

Guardian found snickering laughter sounded in Recorder’s mind along with hearing “Nighty night Smarty!”

Guardian sensed Recorder felt herself put down asleep by the Meritanians despite noticing Nikolas as he should be called and Georgina Visser, Edenia’s Ambassador are into some kissing faced ritual at the moment. Ugh to the disgust of Guardian who found the Traveler’s Gate ended images followed by showing a soul in front of him via glowing ball of light. The Guardian judged the soul then found to his disgust life was chosen for it so he blew with both hands in front of his mouth for the soul to take off flying into the air. Guardian wound up sitting via chair till eyeing the Traveler’s Gate till it flashed an image of Nikolas clad in his Hayu’s geared clothes that walked through to stand facing him. He straightened up seeing Nikolas from his stone throne chair and frowned as Nikolas jabbed a clawed finger aimed at him and gave him a familiar look on his face that made him grimace involving one’s confess your crime look.

The Guardian heard from Egypt in response instead of her familiar life comment but a loud “Humph!”

The Guardian frowned while eyeing Nikolas who spoke “Judging your own soul out of boredom of living here?”

He found what Nikolas meant to judging his own soul despite Egypt giving him a narrowed black eyed glare of accusation with her eyes as she sat claws onto his throne chair looking at him.

The Guardian spoke in response “What do you expect me to do to find out various information related to me and my body’s memories? Hence I was doing this ridiculous soul judging as a result.”

Nikolas, he eyed, gave him a glare and flared golden eyes of a Builder shifting form from Nikolas to Barry in his Jinks Montreal’s form giving him a familiar confess your crime look.

The Guardian spoke in response “Did the High Council sent you to find out where Edenia is now hence this ridiculous interrogation?”

Barry Jinks spoke in response “Just quit it your anger towards the High Council and admit something to me.”

Guardian folded his arms while leaning back in the chair and gestured with a hand for Barry Jinks to speak which the male spoke “Then why did you accept that brain organ of one High Council servant, called Barry, to take over Edenia’s programming and functions, onto Luna and went with him willingly to Luna?”

The Guardian in response hearing that question got up and paced back and forth while throwing fists out snarling “Argh! Argh! Argh!”

The Guardian found Barry Jinks adding “You know I’m right on this talk, Mordecai.”

The Guardian hearing his name spoken from Barry Jinks spoke “How did you know my name? I never gave you a name of Mordecai.”

He gave Barry Jinks a glare who spoke “What one clone knows all clones of that copy know. Hence I knowing what Barry is learning when’s he’s running Luna or Edenia’s functions as the Master and mind organ.”

Mordecai as he’s named, gave Barry Jinks a glare and spoke with sarcasm “Get yourself out of my sight before I judge your soul.”

Barry Jinks spoke “You know I’m right with my thinking, Mordecai, what one cloned copy of a person knows they all know.”

Mordecai in response gave Barry Jinks a glare and found the male walking through a Travelers’ Gate and disappearing through it via flash of light.

He heard Egypt shriek “You’re the mind not Barry the boneless!”

“What’s with Barry the boneless?” Mordecai spoke asking Egypt who shrieked “Mind over matter!”

Groaning he resumed sitting into his seat and forced the Traveler’s Gate to flash images despite some suspicion of knowing what Egypt was really talking about to his annoyance.


End File of Recorder or Tamyara Palina as dubbed by the High Council.

What's in a Name

  • ISBN: 9781370980802
  • Author: Beth Hoyer
  • Published: 2017-05-01 00:05:08
  • Words: 1678
What's in a Name What's in a Name