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What you like

by Volker Schunck

Published by Volker Schunck at Shakespir

1st Edition 2016

Copyright 2016 Volker Schunck



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especially to all my friends

who are reading my blogs

over years

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

About me


Poems you liked

About me

I live in Dresden, Germany. I was a merchant and then I studied theology – without degree. Through my engagement with Zen I became aware of the Christian mysticism. Meanwhile I go my own way. Believe is not a thinking but a being. It is important to me, not to live lost in thought, but to live aware and intensely.


My Christian faith and my experiences in meditation influence my everyday life, in which I try to be attentive. My books arise from this spirit too.


Table of Contents


Maybe I am blogging since 15 years. I changed the name of my blog several times, because for me the old blog titles didn’t fit anymore or I was keen of something new. With every change I always was afraid to lose my “old” readers. But what a surprise, a handful of my readers stayed faithful and I also could gain new readers.

I dedicate this book especially to my longtime readers, in which you can find the poems which got “Likes”. I hope you enjoy my selection as the readers of my blog do.


Thanks a lot – God bless you!


Yours Volker


Table of Contents

Poems you liked


in Jesus we see what happens

when a human opens his heart to love

God takes shape in him


a human is a human who loves



every form is a soap bubble of time


I am a hopeless case


I am addicted

to the wings

of morning light

the silver restart


that is

pastel green

and blue


oh God

the hope


Real love

real love

must hurt

but only

real love

can tolerate

the pain

as well


Wrong idols

“You have the wrong idols: Mahatma Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau, Francis of Assisi, Jesus, Buddha, Socrates, Epictetus, Diogenes, Marguerite Porete, Mother Theresa, Meister Eckhart, Angelus Silesius!”




“To have success in this society!”


Mystic heart

we are children of the eternal

incarnated in time



a thought

stumbling block

decisions are falling

in open doors

dilates itself

the narrow alley

the road

draws me




Peak experience

I feel the cold air

my view goes to infinity

steep the way to here

I left everyone behind

finally I can breeze freely


that was the price

leaving everything behind


Thousand helping hands

thousand helping hands

don’t carry weight

compared to

the one step

you have to do yourself


I want to gift myself this day

I don’t want to think ahead any longer

I still want to gift myself this day

everything that’s called itself tomorrow week or month

is anyway your element

therefore God

I want no longer lose heart

I know you are going to carry me into tomorrow

please only give me

a strong trust

because at times

it’s very difficult

to build only on

the “I will”



a last time

I want

to dance

in fire delirium

to be born again

on springwinds

and than

hopelessly be drunken

by my own fantasy

burn up


at the border

of the universe


Not only my body

don’t love only my body

I am a living soul


God in language

to say “God”

language is always only

the second best option


Don’t wake up the she-wolf

don’t wake up the she-wolf

don’t pick the green apple

don’t wake up the she-wolf

don’t tread the tender snow

the lime green sprout

let it grow

wants to carry

own fruits

to give itself away

in due course




cold draws

an eagle

hoarfrosted fields


quiet there


a circle

in the air


a smile itself

is stealing

in his eyes


a being


to itself



a mystic is

like a soap bubble full of love

which God lets burst

at the cliffs of life


Dark night of the soul

each word is a search

when I speak me out

and say nothing

your being is not to grasp

you are obvious

like the light

I think of the darknesses

when your name breaks to me

in emptiness

remains comforting

only a dark silence

which is brighter

than every earthly light



my child

every image and every name of me

which they stamped into you

are crutches and connected with fear

they burnt finished answers in your head

but your heart starves for my plenty

for I am only a grain of sand

stranded at the sea of religions

feel your pain

in it I am nearer to you than in every thought

with whom you rack your brains

forget me in your joy

for I am life itself


heal ease and comfort

those who have wounded hearts

I will be with you


What’s next?

Behold, I will do a new thing. It springs out now. Don’t you know it? (Isaiah 43:19a)


you think your way

despair because of the possibilities

it is not my

it is your way

look into the world

you call my name

I am not different from

what you call life

don’t pretend

to ask me for advice

when you only rack your brains

I am your next step


To a poet


sadly I receive your words

thousand times

as if the heart

breaks wordless there

with masks of past days

ruminates helplessly

what no language

more can force


My longing

my longing

goes to the place

in the unknown

where light shines dark

dark shines bright

where silence is loud

and noise is complete silence

where loneliness

eases non-pictorial and dreamless

where I was

before asunder and tear


I sense

this place

united with all

hides itself

silently in me


Mirror image

my outer world

is a mirror image

of my inner world



the truck

the stuff

door opened

door closed



I hate farewells


Being myself

I’m rather alone with myself

than with people

with whom I can’t be myself


Behind the facade

could we still learn

to look through

through the laughing

through faces

through eyes

yes then

could we


see a wounded soul

yes then

could we


see ourselves


God does not exist

God is of his own kind

he is not he or she or it

he is not before or after

the old God

is always new

even when the axis of the universe breaks

and God dies on the cross

so even in death

he is the new beginning

God is not a being

not a nothing

not an everything

and God also does not exist

what exists decays

what lives that dies

we could speak more daring

of you God

you stayed mysterious to us

a child knows you

and a human in agony

who knows you

to whom fails every word


God isn’t a formality!

you lie dusty

between envelope folders

you ran yourself tired

in endless administrative acts

you were talked to death in board meetings


go to the children

that they paint your nose red

and you with them paintings in the sand

they laugh you into the world

more beautiful than or images

are you



Don’t be afraid!

God who is strong like a lion

and tender like a feather

keeps us safe


God who loves us madly

shelters us

so that nobody can harm our souls


God who is like no one else

spreads his hands like the wings of an eagle

above us



there is nothing

what we have to fear


Like water

for all that what is worth and important

I haven’t worked hard for

like for a possessions


the meaningful

that flows like water through the desert

is not for sale

and is given away

from heart to heart


Thank you!


let us be healers

of wounded souls

let us go over troubled waters

let us be strong enough

to admit our weaknesses


in the end

all what we



and live to see

is a generous gift

of your heart


Eternity is God’s garment

your identity is

love goodness freedom justice

and love again

eternity is your garment

your realm is visible through your children

for those

who have eyes to see

and a longing soul

to break the ice

to melt the stone


wake up

close your planner

here and today

now and forever

God’s Presence

come and see


The One

can you love one

you can love everyone

and this one

is you


God’s name

God doesn’t fit in his little name



the seas have arisen from tears


My longing for life is still nothing else


open your heart wide


your longing


is not an above

but an inside

bears itself majestic

fulfills itself

what never was empty

an always now



maybe Jesus has more in common

with an Indian guru

as with us

and our white collared sunday piety


Fire heart

don’t worry

if God dies in you

it’s just only your

imaginations pictures

and feelings

of him

the nameless


the living of the third day

is alive

and wants to rise with you

as fire

in your heart



we have to love

that other people

get acquainted

with heaven


Knocking on heaven’s door

love opens heaven



praying is a being

a being yourself

in being

in front of God

in silence



body and identity

are related to each other


time and eternity


Training day

every loss is a training for death


On the way you become yourself

go in his tracks

carry your cross

on the way

God will transform you

into his son

you will become as you are meant

from the beginning

becoming enfolded to your self

to the oneness with God

that is your fulfillment

your destination



mindfulness is love


Love your next

God is my next

and you


Time and eternity

time is form

eternity is love



your deeds follow you


Heaven on earth

heaven is love in action



every ending indwells magic

(based on a line in Hermann Hesse’s poem “steps”)


Home sweet home

death is coming home


Freedom of the heart

the freedom of the heart

comes from

the heart of silence


Cast off!

and then I pack

sally out

move along

forgive me


where my heart

can rest

I’m sick of

my aerial roots

and however

cast off

and however

I’m longing for

root ground

I’m almost tore

between there and here


Among people

I sat long on hard rock

lonely I came back

to you people

I have seen deeply

and I have fallen deeply

and look

I saw men

who gloated over power

and didn’t think about their ending

they played careless with trumpery

they didn’t see what is standing

behind everything

and has value

I look for women

they had less time than men

they were tougher

and err back and forth

for themselves

but they had lost themselves

I ate something in a snack-bar

and asked an old woman

to look after my meal

because I had to left for a moment

her look was friendly

she nodded to me and opened her

toothless mouth

her benignant eyes were broken

and knew life

she gave me

what women and men

which I met before her

couldn’t give me

and she didn’t know it



you have my face


Change the world

love changes everything



the little

that the weak achieves

can be bigger

than the big

that the strong achieves


Personal Jesus

God will be for me possibly always 30

having a sunburnt face

smelling as wood stable and sea

with nail marks in the callous worker hands

at all times approachable


Heal me

Love is the healer

(insp. by John Lee Hooker)


You are mysterious

looking for you is finding you

finding you is losing you


Made of love

the universe is made of love


Love your next

Hatred is another word for angst



the higher you come

the deeper you must bow


a misunderstanding

because we are ashamed

you were crucified


by your humanity

we reach for the last mean

the death we bring to you

means ourselves

because we are blind and bitter

we see but don’t understand

your love and freedom

we do to you

what we want for ourselves

facing the one human


heartbeat of faith

the size of your prayers

depend on

the size of your heart


Table of Contents

What you like

Maybe I am blogging since 15 years. I changed the name of my blog several times, because for me the old blog titles didn’t fit anymore or I was keen of something new. With every change I always was afraid to lose my “old” readers. But what a surprise, a handful of my readers stayed faithful and I also could gain new readers. I dedicate this book especially to my longtime readers, in which you can find the poems which got “Likes”. I hope you enjoy my selection as the readers of my blog do.

  • ISBN: 9781370549191
  • Author: Volker Schunck
  • Published: 2016-12-04 23:50:11
  • Words: 2172
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