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You must be thinking, who the fu*k is Dave Conion! Never heard of him before. Okay, So I am Dave, I’m an entrepreneur, fitness model, martial arts professional and basically born to be awesome and why would I say something so cocky. That is because I believe so and that is what matters. I think the biggest mistake we can ever make is to think small in a world that is full of infinite possibilities. But I have to say this wasn’t the case ever since, I too had a tough time, depressed days, goalless years until the point I decided to question my existence in this world. Since that day, I began a journey to leave the so-called Average life behind and unleash my true potential. I made a decision that I am not going to settle for anything but the best and help others along the way to discover their inner superhero that is waiting to be unleashed.



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About the Author


The Poor Mindset

Chapter 1

Pretending To Be Rich

Do I Impress or Invest?

Chapter 2

Poor Believe In Climbing the Corporate Ladder

5 Step Rat-Race Killer

Chapter 3

Poor live from Pay check to Pay check

7 ways to escape living from pay check

Chapter 4

Poor Work for Money

Make your money work for You

Chapter 5

Poor Never Have Written Goals

6 Amazing Reasons you shouldn’t miss

Chapter 6

Poor Never Invest In Themselves

Are you Investing in Yourself?

Chapter 7

Poor Are Never Willing To Make Sacrifices

8 Sacrifices you’ll have to make


The Poor Mindset Ends Here!


[] The Poor Mindset



Do you know what differentiates the rich from the poor?

If you’re under the impression that it’s their bank balance, assets and materialistic and luxury belongings, you’re wrong. What truly differentiate the two classes of people are their mindsets.

Their mental attitudes, behavioural traits and outlook on life bring about the vast disparities between the two. Are you amongst the lot of people who are constantly struggling? Do you find yourself breaking your back on a monthly basis trying to make ends meet? Do you feel like you never have enough funds to do the things you dream of?

Well, then you’re stuck with the mindset of the poor.


You need to understand that it isn’t pure dumb luck that makes the rich wealthy. If you wish to be wealthy, successful and rich you need to change your mindset. Typically the mindsets of the poor involve a lot of doubts, fears, sense of entitlements, grudges, blames, anger, jealousies, judgements, egos, and criticisms.

On the other hand, the behavioural traits of the rich involve gratitude, happiness for others, maintaining journals, discussing ideas, ready to learn attitudes, maintaining to-do lists, daily reading for self-improvement and setting and following goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re poor and unable to make ends meet if you want to shift your energies you need to change your mindset. You need to start exhibiting the behavioural traits of the rich and lose the old set of beliefs that you clung to so dearly. Attempt this for just three months and witness the miraculous changes in your life. Now we will discuss the in-depth behavioural traits of the poor and how to change them.


[] Chapter 1

[] Pretending To Be Rich



A wise man once said, “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” This is exactly the pattern that the poor are famous for following. Have you ever noticed how people who can barely make ends meet will go out of their way to purchase luxury items that are ridiculously expensive and absolutely unnecessary. They will max out their credit cards buying expensive watches, smartphones and branded fashion wear and find themselves in a quicksand of debt. Most people who are poor follow this nonsensical pattern repeatedly only to fool the world into believing that they are wealthy. They live a pretentious and fake life to impress the people around them and prove to society that they are financially very sound. Another reason why they do this is to boost their self-confidence and ego when they are amongst large crowds. The lack of funds and finances makes them so insecure about themselves that the temporary and fake sense of security that they find in pretending makes them happy.


Another costly mistake that the poor make is that they invest in depreciating assets such as expensive cars and end up in a financial position worse than they were in before. They try to live a life that is far above their means and just end up finding themselves in a financial mess that’s nearly impossible to get out of. Living above their means increases the number of bills they have to pay every month; it makes it a big struggle for them to make ends meet. This pattern leads to diminished or zero savings, increased debts and not to forget constant stress and anxiety.


[] Do I Impress or Invest?



Now let’s discuss the behavioural traits of the rich. First and foremost the rich don’t pretend and they don’t need to pretend because they just are. Contrary to popular belief that the rich live extravagant lifestyles and purchase luxury and unnecessary items, they don’t. One excellent behavioural trait of the rich is that they live within their means. They buy what they can afford and don’t go out of their way to prove their wealthiness. They buy the things that they need and not those that they want.


Another behavioural trait of the rich is that they invest their hard earned money wisely. You won’t find the rich making nonsensical and impractical investment decisions and you will certainly not find them investing in depreciating assets like cars. The rich invest their money in appreciating assets such as land or gold. Investing in appreciating assets gradually increases their net worth and thereby increases their wealth. People who are rich are so extremely satisfied with themselves and their lives that they have no need whatsoever to spend money on unnecessary items. People who are constantly spending money on unnecessary items with the intention of flaunting them to the world only do so because somewhere deep down inside they are deeply dissatisfied with themselves and their lives.


Now that we have understood the basic difference between the behavioural traits of the rich and the poor, let’s discuss certain changes you need to bring about in your mindset and your life in order to break out of that repeated pattern of poverty and constant struggling. Incorporating these changes in your life will help you shift your financial energies from negative to positive. Here’s the list of changes you need to incorporate into your daily life:


p<>{color:#000;}. First and foremost you need to have gratitude. It doesn’t matter if you have no money in your bank account or you haven’t accomplished even half your goals. Have gratitude for every little and big thing in your life. Every time you get your monthly pay check be grateful, be grateful for your family and friends, be grateful for the food you eat and just be grateful for everything that is going positive in your in your life.

p<>{color:#000;}. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The weak can never forgive; forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” You need to learn how to forgive. In order to live the kind of lifestyle that the rich live, it is absolutely essential for you to forgive and let go. The rich don’t hold on to anger and hurt and pain, they let it go. Holding onto any sort of negativity will only lead to negative circumstances in your life. So learn to forgive if you wish to grow in all aspects of your life.

p<>{color:#000;}. Learn to respect and congratulate others when they are victorious. Don’t hold on to grudges and jealousy.

p<>{color:#000;}. In life, you’re not always going to win. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Learn to accept defeat with humility and take responsibility for your failures

p<>{color:#000;}. Learn to compliment people on their achievements and successes. You won’t become any lesser of a person if you shell out a few compliments every now and then

p<>{color:#000;}. Make it a point to read a little bit every single day. By reading we don’t mean romance novels and comic books. By reading, we mean that you should read self-improvement books, read about various cultures, read material that will help you grow as a human being

p<>{color:#000;}. Keeping a journal is another very important thing to do if you want to become rich. A large number of rich and successful people have been known to maintain journals. Not only do journal entries help you heal but they also boost your confidence and help you assist you in achieving your goals.

p<>{color:#000;}. Don’t be afraid to openly discuss ideas that cross your mind. Discussing your ideas with others will quickly and efficiently help you improvise on them and incorporate them faster

p<>{color:#000;}. Ensure that you maintain a daily to-do list. Not only do you need to maintain the list but ensure that you get all the work done on time. Rich people always keep and follow their to-do lists

p<>{color:#000;}. The only thing in life that’s certain is change. So don’t be afraid to embrace change. Let it happen. Change is essential for you to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. The rich are open and welcoming to change


Bringing about these changes in your life and changing your mindset will sincerely help you in making the transition from poor to rich. So stop pretending to be something you’re not, stop wasting money on unnecessary products and stop trying to impress people who don’t even matter. Work on changing your behavioural traits and start incorporating the habits of the rich.



[] Chapter 2

[] Poor Believe In Climbing the Corporate Ladder



Most people who are struggling to make ends meet or are constantly in a financial soup are the people who have jobs. They are working night and day just to climb higher up on the corporate ladder. They are part of the rat race that just ends up leaving them exhausted and dissatisfied with their lives. The rich on the other hand are the ones who own the businesses. The rich are on top of the corporate ladder that the poor are desperately trying to ascend. Are you completely and utterly fed up and exhausted with being part of the rat race? If your answer is yes, then you need to start incorporating some changes in your daily routine. We will now discuss what it is you can do to break out of the rat race.


5 Step Rat-Race Killer


Step 1 – Make A Firm Decision That You Want Out: The first step to breaking out of the rat race is deciding that you want to. You need to understand that you may slog all through your life but still not be able to pay off your debts or even save money for the future. It doesn’t matter how many hours you put in, it doesn’t matter if you break your back working, there are certain benefits that your own business can give you that a job never will. As Dhirubhai Ambani once said, “If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to to help them build theirs.” You don’t need to stay back at a job that you absolutely despise. There are millions of people out there just like you who stick on with jobs they hate and keep putting away their dreams for tomorrow. By the time they are ready to focus on accomplishing their desires it’s too late. So decide now whether or not you want to break out of the rat race. Once you have made a concrete decision, the steps that follow are simple and easy.


Step 2 – Breaking Out Of The Rat Race: Once you have decided that you wish to break out of the rat race, the next step is to set up your very own business. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a business that involves large investments; it can be a small time online business or a business that you commence from your home. Do keep in mind that when you’re setting up your very own business, a large number of people including family and friends will try to talk you out of doing so. They will highlight the negative points of setting up the business and may try to break your confidence. At this point, if you break and chicken out, you’re going to be stuck playing the role of an employee for the rest of your life. We aren’t saying that there aren’t risks in setting up your own business. You may excel or you may fail. But the point here is that you need to try. Like a wise man once said, “In order to succeed you must first be willing to experience failure.” It doesn’t matter if you fail a few times before success finds you, just don’t forget to overcome your fear of failure if you truly wish to move forward and break out of the awful rat race.


Step 3 – Start Off As A Part Time Entrepreneur: Now when we say that set up your own business that does not mean you instantly quit your job and simply focus on starting up your business. You need to handle this step practically and in a way that will be beneficial for you and not detrimental. Now you’re probably thinking that you won’t have the time to continue your job and set up your own business simultaneously. Well, don’t say you don’t have time, you have the exact number of hours a day Albert Einstein had. You don’t need to spend 40 hours a week trying to set up your own business. Initially, while starting off you can invest about 10 to 15 hours a week. That is around 1.5 to 2 hours a day and you can definitely find that minimal amount of time in your daily schedule. Turn off from all distractions and sincerely focus on the set up of your business, this is sure shot bet for you to be able to break out from the rat race.


Step 4 – Limit Your Expenditure: Setting up your own business will require you to limit your expenditure and keep unnecessary costs at bay. With advancing technology, the need for you to maintain and pay the rent of a warehouse to store goods is diminishing; this ends up resulting in a significant amount of savings. Besides this, you need to also limit your personal expenditure. You need not spend money on unnecessary luxury items, clothes, shoes and other products. If you’re used to visiting a pub every night for a drink or two, cut down on that as well. You probably don’t realise that reducing certain personal and unnecessary monthly costs result in a large amount of savings. All the money you save can be redirected into the business expenses.


Step 5 – Stay Focused: You may initially find it very hard to stay focused on setting up your business. You may not be able to manage your time in an appropriate manner and you will struggle with juggling multiple things at once. But whatever you do, don’t lose focus. Stay dedicated to your cause and keep on reminding yourself that it is only the beginning stages of this change that will keep you stressed out. Once you get used to the routine and your mind and body get attuned to the changes, things will be a lot smoother.


These steps will gradually help you break out of the rat race that you’re stuck in and help you move forward in life. Another thing that you need to understand if you wish to become rich and successful is the power of passive income. The rich understand the power of passive income and how important a role it plays in financial progress. Let’s not understand what passive income really means. In lay man’s terms, a passive income is nothing but a regular income that is generated without any efforts. Some examples of passive income include various types of property incomes, royalties, interest from your bank account and so on. Find a way to earn passive income yourself. It can be through leasing out an extra apartment that you have or through royalties for a book or song you wrote. Earning passive income will keep you stress-free and give you a source of additional income. So just like the rich, understand the power and necessity of a passive income if you truly wish to shift your financial energies.


All in all, you need to stop focusing all your energy on trying to ascend the corporate ladder. On the other hand, redirect your focus to breaking out of the rat race and setting up your very own business.


[] Chapter 3

[] Poor live from Pay check to Pay check


Have you ever noticed how the poor pretty much live pay check to pay check month after month? They have no other source of income besides their salary check. Every month the income that comes through the salary check is spent on making ends meet, basic necessities, bills, and other expenses and eventually they are left with virtually no savings whatsoever. Although they are well aware of this pattern, they still hold on to it with their dear lives. Let’s now discuss what it is that prevent the poor from breaking out of this pattern.


Most people are so terrified of breaking out of their comfort zone that they prefer to live in an environment that’s safe and secure rather than one that involves taking risks. Their jobs and monthly pay checks give them a sense of security and comfort. Having a fixed job doesn’t involve any kind of risk that will result in loss of money. So they rather live pay check to pay check, even if that means barely making ends meet on a monthly basis. The rich on the other hand are not afraid to take calculated risks. They have the courage to break out of their comfort zones and don’t depend on a fixed monthly source of income. The rich also understand that failure is the stepping stone to success and are not afraid of failing a few times before success finds them. So if you really want to live the kind of lifestyle that the rich live, the first thing you need to do is break out of your comfort zone and start taking risks in your life.


[] 7 ways to escape living from pay check


Save Money: The first step to breaking out of the pay check to pay check living pattern is to start saving money. You may be thinking that it’s not possible for you to save any money because all the money you receive in your monthly pay check goes towards paying your bills and other expenses. But the point here is that you don’t need to save half of pay check every month. If you can keep aside 5 to 10 percent of your pay check on a monthly basis, which is good enough. Repeatedly saving like this every month will gradually help you have enough savings for a rainy day or for your retirement period.


Stop Wasting Money On Unnecessary Items: You probably don’t realise it but there may be at least a dozen things that you purchase on a daily or monthly basis that are absolutely unnecessary and a complete waste of money. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cup of coffee, chewing gum or even bottled water, it’s time you started thinking twice before spending money on unnecessary items. To make it easier for you to understand the kind of money you spend on unnecessary items start keeping a little notebook on all the money you have spent for a couple of weeks. This exercise will truly throw some light on your spending patterns. Reducing such expenditures will definitely give you some additional savings at the end of the month.


Work As Much As You Can: Well as we all know it, the global economy is in a catastrophic state and personal financial matters are going to be troublesome until the world economy doesn’t stabilise. If the company you are working for offers paid overtime, it’s time you start making the most of it. Besides this, another way of making some additional income is by taking up a second job or a part-time job that pays well. Although initially it may seem like a tough job to handle two jobs simultaneously, push yourself as much as you can to juggle both. You won’t realise it immediately but that additional money can really help you in the long run and often proves to be extremely handy. Following this step will also gradually help you break out of the pattern of living pay check to pay check and reduce your struggle of making ends meet.


Stick to Your Budget: If you really wish to break out of the pay check to pay check living pattern, draw up a budget for yourself and stick to it. Sticking to your budget on a monthly basis will result in you saving lots of money and can gradually help you break out of the pattern of struggling to make ends meet every month.


Get Rid Of That Credit Card: A wise man once said, “Use your credit card for convenience and not for credit.” A lot of people end up maxing out their credit cards purchasing items that are absolutely unnecessary. If you’re living a life that is completely dependent on your monthly pay check, then owning a credit card is a miserable idea. Constant and repeated use of a credit card will only increase your debt and worsen your financial situation. Get rid of all those credit cards as soon as you can and any pending debts that are owed by you to the credit card company must be paid off in a systematic manner at the earliest.


Stop Buying Things You Don’t Need: Each and every one of us tends to waste money every now and then on things we don’t need. If you really want to break out of your pay check to pay check living pattern it’s about time that you start purchasing the things you need and not the things you want. Look around your home, you are guaranteed to find a ton of things that you purchased that are absolutely unnecessary and a complete waste of money. It’s time you stopped spending money on junk and start saving that money for a rainy day.


Don’t Take Loans Or Borrow Money: Taking a loan for personal expense is the worst thing you can ever do. It will gradually worsen your financial situation and paying the ridiculous interest amounts will cut you in half. Even borrowing money from friends or from family is a bad idea. Even if they aren’t charging you interest, it only increases your debt and increases the chances of ruining your relationship with the person giving the loan. So under no circumstances should you be taking a loan of any sort of you wish to break out of the pattern of living pay check to pay check.


If you really go to see, the rich aren’t dependent on their pay checks. They have made so many wise investment decisions and also receive remuneration from various sources of passive income. They aren’t concentrating on making ends meet every month, on the contrary, they have enough money to spend and saved as well. If you really want to live the kind of life the rich live it’s time for you to start taking risks and chances. You need to be willing to lose a little in order to gain a lot. You need to break out of your comfort zone and stop depending on the security and stability of your underpaid job. What you don’t realise is that there is only so much a person can grow when working for someone, on the other hand if you are running your own business and taking certain calculated risks, your financial growth will also become unlimited.



[] Chapter 4

[] Poor Work for Money



You need to stop working for money and start making the money work for you instead. The poor are famous for exchanging their precious time and sincere efforts for money. They work hard all day, everyday to earn money that will pay their monthly bills and expenses. The first thing the poor need to understand is that in order to become rich, they need to work smart, not hard. You don’t see the rich spending each waking hour of the day working to make money. You need to be practical about making money and ensure that the money you make is utilised in a way to attract more money. Now let’s discuss how we can make money work for you and not the other way around.



Make your money work for You

Get Yourself A Savings Account With A High Yield: The first and most important way to make your money work for you is by investing a decent chunk of it in a savings bank account that offers a high rate of interest. You need to keep aside at least 6 months worth of your monthly earnings in this account for best results. Investing your funds in a financial institution that offers an excellent rate of interest will help in generating additional value to your funds while they sit around in your account. If you’re uncertain about what banking or financial institution can provide you such services, speak to your financial advisor and get proper guidance from him.


Put Your Funds Away In Your Retirement Account: If you start putting a certain amount of your monthly earnings into a retirement account, it will really make your money work for you. Retirement accounts are taxed at a much lower rate and regular savings in your retirement account can really help you in the future.


Invest In The Stock Market: Now by investing we don’t mean risky trading but we mean long-term investing. Save a chunk of your money and invest it in the stock market. Ensure that you stay invested in the stocks you purchase for at least over a year, this way you can avoid paying capital gains tax and can maximise the return on your investment.


Buy Gold: Gold is an ever-appreciating asset that proves to be an excellent investment. Take a chunk of your savings and invest it in physical gold that you can store away in the bank vault. Another great advantage of investing in gold is that you will get immediate cash if you ever wish to sell it in the future due to unforeseen circumstances. So keep accumulating gold every chance you get if you really want to make your money work for you.


Invest In Real Estate: Just like gold even real estate is an ever-appreciating asset. Like Mark Twain once said, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” Investing in real estate can be doubly beneficial to you. For one, it will give you excellent returns and secondly you can always lease out the apartment or plot that you buy and get an additional source of income through the rent. Investment in real estate is a wonderful way of getting your money to work for you.


The rich exactly follow the above mentioned pattern. They invest in appreciating assets that increase their overall net worth. You won’t find the rich working for money; they do whatever it takes to make their money work for them. The beauty of the investments that the rich make is that their investments make them earn money even while they are sleeping. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you too could earn money while you were sleeping? Wouldn’t it be an excellent feeling if you didn’t have to work everyday, all day to make money? It is now possible for you also to live the lifestyle of the rich. But in order to do so, you first need to break out of your comfort zone. Let’s now discuss how to break out of the security of your comfort zone so that you can stop working for money and start making money work for you:


p<>{color:#000;}. Do something different everyday. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a huge change that will take your life by storm. It can be something very basic and small like taking a different route to the gym or eating breakfast for dinner. Following this step will help you in recalibrating your sense of reality and thus gradually help you break out of the dependency that you have on your job and break the false sense of security that you get from your job.

p<>{color:#000;}. Slow down a little bit when making decisions. Most of us live such fast paced and hectic lives that we don’t really think we just do. You’re so consumed with the fact that you need to work hard and focus all of your energy on work that you actually forget to give yourself a little bit of time to think before making personal or other important decisions. So slow down, think before you act, give yourself the time to understand what is going on around you and react and make decisions in a way that’s in your best interest.

p<>{color:#000;}. It is absolutely essential for you to be impulsive every once in a way. Most of the time you’re so conditioned and comfortable with your work routine, that you base your decisions in accordance to work. When was the last time you just took off for a small vacation or took a day off from work to spend it with your family and loved ones? It’s ok to be impulsive and not let your entire life revolve around your work.

p<>{color:#000;}. Now we aren’t saying that you need to make drastic and dramatic changes in your life overnight. It is understandable that for someone whose entire life revolves around working for money, making changes can be extremely difficult. So you don’t need to directly take the plunge all at once. You can take baby steps to make changes in your life that will gradually break you out of your comfort zone and help you stop working for money and start making your money work for you.


So if you really wish to live the kind of life the rich live, start behaving like the rich. Invest in appreciating assets, stop letting your life revolve around your work, let your wise investments make the money for you and most importantly stop working for money.



[] Chapter 5

[] Poor Never Have Written Goals



Have goal so big, you get uncomfortable telling them to small minded people”


Another very important behavioural trait of the rich is that they always write down their goals. The poor on the other hand never ever write down their goals and objectives. The poor are so terrified of setting big goals that they never ever really come around to writing them down. They lack the self-confidence that is required in order to achieve goals. They always undermine and undervalue their capabilities and talents and go about living a life that is nothing more than mediocre. They are under the false impression that life cannot be controlled and it is life that controls you. The poor are victims of circumstances and never take on the responsibility of changing their life around. The rich on the other hand have such big goals and ambitions that they actually put in efforts to change their lives around. We will now discuss the advantages of writing down your goals and how it will help you prosper.


[] 6 Amazing Reasons you shouldn’t miss


It Will Give You Some Sort Of Clarity On What You Should Do Next: One of the most important advantages of goal writing is that it will give you clarity on what your next step in life and business should be. People who have no written goals tend to go about life like aimless wanderers. If you don’t know what your final destination is, how will you know what road to take? Thus writing down your goals is absolutely essential. They are the perfect way for you to stay focused and move forward in life with purpose. So start writing down your goals and more importantly stick to them if you wish to be successful and rich.


Gives You A Reason To Wake Up In The Morning: If you don’t have goals in life, what is it that you wake up for in the morning? Writing down your goals will give you a reason to wake up every morning and start your day with enthusiasm and excitement. You’re not a robot, you’re human. You need motivation, you need a purpose, and you need something that gives you an adrenaline rush. Writing down your goals does exactly that. It gives you something to look forward to, it gives you things to work towards and most importantly it gives you a reason to get out of bed every morning.


Keeps You Focused And On Track: Imagine if you had to go visit a friend who lived in a small village around 100 miles away from your home, but you didn’t have your friend’s address. You weren’t just going to start your car and drive around aimlessly for 100 miles in hopes that you may stumble upon your friend’s home. Not having your goals written down is like not having your friends address and hoping that some wonderful stroke of luck will just get you to your destination. Writing down your goals keeps you on track, tells you exactly what road you need to take in order to reach your destination. Writing your goals down allows you to keep your focus on the right road and gets you there on time and smoothly.


Becomes Easier For You To Keep Track Of Your Progress: If you don’t know where you have to reach, how will you know how far along you are? Writing down your goals helps you to keep track of your progress. It makes you realise how well you’re performing and how quickly you’re moving closer to achieving the things that you want. It is essential to keep track of your progress. It helps you to understand when you’re slacking and that you need to buck up in order to achieve your goals faster.


Gives You A Push: Written down goals motivate you to work harder and more sincerely. They serve as a constant reminder that you need to be performing your best in order to achieve your goals. So write down your goals and read them daily, they will give you that push you constantly require to remain motivated.


The Chances Of Achieving Your Written Goals Are Much Higher: Writing down your goals increase your chances of achieving them. Typically you will have three types of goals, your long term goals, your medium term goals and your short term goals. Writing down these goals will help you begin with your short term goals and gradually place yourself in a way that you work towards achieving your long term goals.


Understand that writing down your goals will help you become richer faster. It will efficiently shift your financial energies from negative to positive. Don’t be afraid to dream big or to have goals that are of an intimidating size. It is your fear of dreaming big to prevent you from achieving the things you really desire. The rich on the other hand are fearless when it comes to dreaming big. They make plans and set targets that seem nearly impossible to achieve to most people. As Bo Jackson once said, “Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there.” This is exactly what the rich do. They keep themselves focused and avoid taking their eyes off the goal. They move forward meandering around the obstacles that they encounter on the way with the ultimate intention of reaching their final destination. Follow these patterns of the rich, you have the exact same blood running through your veins as they do and it is equally possible for you to achieve your goals and break out of your financial negativity.


There maybe a feeling or a thought inside of you that constantly tells you that you will never be able to achieve exceptionally large goals in life. These thoughts probably occur in your mind because all through your life your parents, teachers, peers, friends and family members have always told you to be practical and avoid dreaming too big as it will only lead to disappointments. What if we told you that all these people were wrong? Find it hard to believe? Think about the quality of life these people who have discouraged you from dreaming big live.

Are they rich and successful and do they live a fulfilling life or are they living mediocre and ordinary lives? It is most likely that they live miserably mediocre lives that provide them a false sense of security. Don’t blame them for guiding you the wrong way all their lives. This is exactly what they were taught to do and that’s all that they know. Their minds have been conditioned in that way and they encourage you to believe the same. But it’s now finally time for you to break out of those chains. It’s time for you to start thinking, writing and achieving your goals. A major shift in your financial energies are along the way, just live and think like the rich and break out of those old patterns that you are used to following.


[] Chapter 6

[] Poor Never Invest In Themselves



It’s a very sad and bitter truth but the only investments that the poor make involve investments in materialistic products and unnecessary things like television and social media websites. You don’t ever find the poor investing in themselves. The rich, on the other hand, ensure that they invest time in themselves. The rich focus on mental, spiritual and emotional improvement. They set aside a few hours a day in their schedule to focus on themselves. If you really wish to live the life of the rich and successful you need to stop wasting your time on trivial and unnecessary things and start paying more attention to yourself. Now we will discuss what you need to do in order to invest time in yourself.


[] Are you Investing in Yourself?


Live Within Your Means: The first and most important habit you need to focus on is living within your means. Now you may be the kind of person who goes out of your way to purchase luxury goods and products just to flaunt them to the world. Well here’s a little reality check for you; you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. It doesn’t matter what car you drive or what brands you sport or how big your house is, what really matters is whether or not you’re living a life that makes you happy and gives you a sense of fulfilment. Stop maxing out credit cards to buy things you don’t need, instead focusing on self improvisation and always remember that in the end everyone’s outcome is the same and the only things that you will ever have are the memories and the stories to tell. So live within your means and live a life that’s beautiful, fulfilling and emotionally and spiritually satisfying.


Read on a Daily Basis: Reading is essential for self improvement. Now by reading, we don’t mean you need to read comic books and mystery novels. You need to read self improvement books, books about the human mind, psychology and different cultures. Read articles on statistics, self improvement, general knowledge, spiritual articles and so on. Such material will help you grow on a spiritual, mental and emotional level. It will teach you to handle situations and circumstances in life much better. Like a wise man once said, “Reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are.” Reading will increase your imaginative powers, it will give you ideas that you can incorporate into your daily life and most importantly it will increase your knowledge. Thus, if you truly want to spend some time on yourself, inculcate the habit of reading. For those of you who aren’t comfortable reading, you can also listen to audiobooks for similar effects. Audio books are a great option as well.


Meditate Daily: In order to be successful one must meditate. The fast paced lives we lives leave our minds confused and scattered. Our concentration powers are slowly diminishing and our dependency on electronic gadgets and other equipments are increasing. Meditation has a way of bringing you back to peace. It calms your mind and allows your confused mind to focus. Meditation pulls you back together. Find time every morning to meditate for at least ten minutes. Switch off your phone, get rid of all distractions and simply focus on your breath. Every time you find your mind wandering away, bring your focus back to your breath. As St. Francis De Sales once said, “When there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt.”


Exercise: No matter who you are or how busy you are, find time in the day to exercise. Exercise has a magical way of revitalising the mind, body and soul. An hour long cardio session will not only energise you but it will give you the motivation you need to accomplish your goals of the day. The rich find the time in the day to exercise and if you wish to be like them so should you.


Eat Healthy: You must have heard the famous saying, “You are what you eat.” In order to be successful and rich, you need to eat healthy. It may seem like the two have no connection but in reality, they do. Eating healthy keeps your mind and body well nourished. A well nourished mind gets better ideas and can work more effectively and maximise productivity. A well nourished body does not tire or get exhausted easily and will allow you to work long hours without aches and pains. So do yourself a favour and get rid of those cookie boxes from your kitchen counter and replace your unhealthy and junk snacks with fruits, nuts, and berries.


Dedicate Yourself To A Good Cause: You will always find the rich participating and engaging themselves in charity and other welfare causes. Get out and help at an animal shelter or read to the aged in an old age home. The sense of fulfilment that you get by helping others is like none other. So find time even if it’s just once a week, but contribute your own little part in making the world a better place.


Get Out In Nature: It may seem odd but nature is one of the best therapists. Being out in nature has wonderful effects on your physical and mental well being. We live in a world that’s slowly tipping over the robotic and that’s just harmful and detrimental for our overall well being. It has been scientifically proven that spending time in nature can boost your immunity levels, increase the Vitamin A and D levels in your body, ground you, improve your psychological health and recalibrate your biological clock. So find some time in your daily schedule to go out for a walk on the beach or spend some time in the park or even just go for a stroll in the woods.


So find some time in your day and invest that time wisely in yourself. This is the surest and fastest way to overall growth. No matter how busy the wealthy may be, they find time for themselves and make the most of it. If you wish to shift your financial energies from negative to positive, you too should invest some time in yourself.



[] Chapter 7

[] Poor Are Never Willing To Make Sacrifices



In order to gain something, you have to be willing to lose something as well. If you’re stuck making ends meet, you’re probably not willingly taking any risks either. You’re stuck in your comfort zone and refuse to break out of it. You’re so used to your routine that disrupting your routine sounds ridiculous and seems impossible. Making sacrifices is just something that the poor don’t know or comprehend. The rich on the other hand are ready to make sacrifices and they are ready to break out of their comfort zone. The rich are ready to tolerate certain discomforts in order to achieve their goals. Now we will discuss certain sacrifices that you need to make in order to live the kind of life that the rich live.


[] 8 Sacrifices you’ll have to make


Time: Don’t say you don’t have time, you have the exact number of hours a day Albert Einstein had. One of the things you need to sacrifice in order to achieve your goals is your time. You need to give time to things that are more important and things that bring you closer to your final destination and give up things that are simply a waste of time. For instance, if you enjoy partying every other night, you need to gradually reduce the number of times a week you get out to party and indulge in socialising and spend that time wisely towards increasing the work load you take up or completing certain tasks that you have pending and so on. Partying and indulging in alcohol is not really going to get you closer to achieving your goals. Investing your time wisely in sensible and productive activities will help you in the long run.


Stability: Often in order to become rich, the one thing you need to sacrifice is a stable life. A stable life comprises of a fixed job, fixed source of monthly income and the living a pay check to pay check lifestyle. Sometimes following your goals and dreams require you to sacrifice the stability in your life and embrace a certain amount of unpredictability. Although it may sound strange but if you truly wish to grow as a person and break out of your comfort zone, you need to be willing to take certain risks in your life.


Your Personal Life: Following your dreams and achieving your goals often requires you to sacrifice a certain amount of your personal life. Often you may not be able to show up at a family function, or take your kids out for a movie because you need to complete certain pending tasks. It’s ok to sacrifice your personal life to a certain extent. You need to make your family understand that whatever it is you’re doing, you’re doing in the best interest of yourself as well as your family members. Keep remind yourself that you’re making these sacrifices now so that the future can be beautiful and smooth.


Sleep: Now we aren’t saying that you sleep only 2 or 3 hours a night but you will definitely need to sacrifice on a certain amount of your sleep to start accomplishing your goals. There maybe nights you need to stay up till really late in order to complete pending tasks. It’s ok to sleep a little less every now and then to complete your work. But whatever you do ensure that you get at least 5-6 hours of sleep every night irrespective of how busy you are.


Health: During the initial stages of achieving your dreams and goals and breaking out of the rut of poverty, you may end up sacrificing a little bit of your health. Your long work hours may result in a poor diet and limited exercise. This may cause you a little bit of discomfort and inconvenience. In the long run, however once things are a little settled ensure that you bring your health back to normal and start your exercises again.


Peace and Quiet: Trying to make your dreams materialise and attempting to accomplish your goals often means sacrificing peace and quiet. Your day becomes so packed with activities and pending tasks that you’re constantly on the run. You may not get that time to just sit idle in the evening or catch your breath. Remind yourself that this is only a temporary discomfort and eventually things will come back to normal.


Sanity: Yes, accomplishing your goals can often make you temporarily insane. You’re so stressed out and anxious to finish pending work and tasks that sometimes you may feel like you’re losing your mind. You may find yourself questioning whether or not what you’re doing is actually worth it. It is. Keep going. You will find a light at the end of the tunnel, just don’t end up stopping and motivate yourself to keep going forward until you have accomplished your goals.


Desires: There are days when you will feel like you just don’t feel like working and would rather indulge in a day of retail therapy or just take the day off and go to a spa. It’s times like this that you need to remind yourself that sacrificing such desires right now and focusing on accomplishing your goals instead will make you the rich man or woman you have always wanted to be. So make these basic and temporary sacrifices and continue on the road that leads you to your final destination.


The rich are constantly making such sacrifices in order to get closer to their final goals and accomplish their dreams. They are ready to make certain changes in their lifestyles and you too should start doing the same. As Eric Thomas once said, “To be able at any moment sacrifice what you are for what you will become.”



[] Conclusion:

[] The Poor Mindset Ends Here!



Now that you know that it is possible for you to shift your financial energies from negative to positive, it’s time you shifted your mindset too. You need to start thinking and behaving like the rich and lose that poor mindset. You need to keep reminding yourself that before anything else, you need to maintain a rich mindset in order for things to work in a positive manner. So now let’s briefly go over what it is you need to do in order maintain a rich mindset.


p<>{color:#000;}. Have gratitude for all the positive things in your life no matter how big or small they maybe

p<>{color:#000;}. Start forgiving people and letting go. There’s no need for you to hold on to any kind of negative emotions

p<>{color:#000;}. Congratulate people when they are victorious

p<>{color:#000;}. Accept your failures with humility

p<>{color:#000;}. Give people genuine compliments regularly

p<>{color:#000;}. Make sure you read on a daily basis

p<>{color:#000;}. Maintain a journal or a diary

p<>{color:#000;}. Discuss your ideas openly with those around you

p<>{color:#000;}. Maintain a to-do list

p<>{color:#000;}. Be open to change

p<>{color:#000;}. Set goals and follow them


Once you have decided to change your mindset from the poor to the rich mindset, your next step is to stop pretending. The poor are always pretending like they are rich and purchasing items they don’t need just to flaunt them to the world. Stop this pretentious act as soon as possible. You don’t need to max out your credit card buying products that you can’t afford just to impress society. You also need to stop investing all your money in depreciating assets like cars if you really want to break out of your financial mess. If you really wish to live like the rich the first thing you need to do is stop spending money on things you want and only invest in things you need. Instead of purchasing depreciating assets, invest your funds in appreciating assets like land or gold. Investments in appreciating assets will gradually build your net worth and make you richer.


Your next step to becoming rich is to break out of the rat race. Most people who are struggling with their financial positions have jobs. They barely make ends meet every month and never have enough money left for savings. Their ultimate goal is to keep ascending the corporate ladder and get a bigger job position at their workplace. What they don’t realise is that if they need to stop focusing on other people’s businesses and consider setting up their very own business. This doesn’t mean that they need to quit their job all at once to set up their own business. They can gradually start an online business or a business that they do from their homes in their spare time. They can gradually break out of the rat race and start taking calculated risks. Another thing that the poor don’t understand is the power of passive income. The rich on the other hand take passive income very seriously. Passive income is an income that is received regularly with minimal efforts or hard work. Some examples of passive income include rent from the property, royalties, and dividend from stocks etc. So break out of the rat race and also understand the power of passive income and find a way to bring home your passive income.


The next thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to stop living pay check to pay check if you wish to become rich. If you continue with this pattern, you will never ever become rich. Most of your monthly income will be used up for paying bills and expenses. The chances of you making any savings are slim. If you really want to become rich you need to be willing to break out of your comfort zone and start taking chances. You need to have the courage to take financial risks that are calculated. You need to lose your fear of failure. Failure is the stepping stone to success. The rich are not afraid to fail, on the contrary, they are more afraid to not try. So go ahead and take a few calculated risks if you really want to move forward in life and switch your financial energies from negative to positive.


Another thing you need to keep in mind if you wish to become rich is that you need to stop working for money and start making money work for you. Most people work hard with the intention of making money. Even if you worked 24 hours a day, you would still never make enough money to live the kind of life you dream of. If you really want to live like the rich, start getting your money to work for you. Invest your funds in appreciating assets that make you money, even while you sleep. You can invest your funds in the stock market, in high yielding savings accounts, in real estate, gold, and other such assets. These assets appreciate even while you’re sleeping and can really increase your net worth over a period of time. So stop wasting all your time working and slogging making money, instead make money work for you.


Another way to get rich is to start writing down your goals and ensuring that you follow them through. The rich make it a point to write their goals down and do whatever it takes to accomplish those goals. You need to categorise your goals into small term goals, medium term goals, and long term goals. Writing down your goals makes it easier to accomplish them. They act as a reminder to you, they help you stay on track and focused, they give you some sort of direction in life and thus are very important. If you are going to go about life without any goals and wander around aimlessly, you will never ever be able to become rich and successful. Another thing the rich people do is that they set their goals high. They are not afraid to dream big. Even if people laugh at their goals and objectives the rich don’t get demotivated. They continue on the path that they feel is best for them and gradually go about accomplishing their dreams. So you too shouldn’t be afraid to dream big. It doesn’t matter if family members and friends laugh at your plans, dreams, and objectives. Don’t get demotivated with the opinions of others. Continue about on your path without a worry and things will work out for you too and before you know it you will be living like the rich.


One absolutely essential behavioural trait that you need in order to become rich is that you need to invest a decent amount of time in yourself. The rich always make it a point to take out sometime during the course of the day and invest it in themselves. It doesn’t matter how busy you are or what your job position is, you have exactly 24 hours a day just like everyone else does and if the rich and successful can find time during the course of the day to invest in themselves, so can you. In this time you need to focus on meditating, exercising, getting out in nature, volunteering to good causes, eating healthy and doing other things that help in self improvisation. It is essential that you bring about certain changes in your life and health if you really wish to become rich and successful. So compulsorily put aside a few hours of your day and take that time and invest it only in yourself and towards the betterment of your life.


If you want to gain something, you need to be willing to lose something as well. No one said becoming rich was easy, but if that’s what you want, the sacrifices you will make will be worth it. In the initial stages when you’re trying to break out of your comfort zone and the false sense of security that is blinding you, you may feel extreme discomfort. You may find it very hard to deal with these changes and might crave for the security of your comfort zone. Don’t succumb to old patterns and familiar territory; if you wish to shift the financial energy in your life from negative to positive, you need to make some sacrifices. These sacrifices include time, stability, sanity, sleep, health, personal time and other relevant sacrifices. Every time you wish to just give up remind yourself that these sacrifices you’re making are simply temporary and it is not a permanent situation that you’re stuck in. Every time you get demotivated or want to succumb to personal desires, remind yourself of the long term goal. If you really wish to live the kind of life the rich live, sacrifices are absolutely essential to get you where you wish to be.


So it doesn’t matter what mindset you grew up with. It doesn’t make a difference what your parents or family members told you. You just like anyone else have it within you to become rich. Don’t blame your family members for having instilled these wrong ideas in your mind that you can’t dream big or become rich. They themselves were raised that way and that’s all they know. Their mind has been conditioned to believe that it is not possible to become rich. So instead of listening to them, start thinking differently and make them also realise that they are wrong. Help them become rich too once you have succeeded. One of the best ways to move forward in life successfully is to take people along with you.


Don’t be terrified of setting high goals just like the rich, dream as big as you want; change your mindset from the poor mindset to the rich one. Stop wasting money on things you want and spend money only on things you need. Invest wisely in assets that appreciate and not depreciate. Keep yourself happy internally and externally. Exercise regularly, eat healthy, spend time in nature, meditate, work smartly and stop working for money. Make money work for you, increase your net worth in a gradual way, and build your assets. Get rid of your credit cards and if you must only have credit cards use them only for convenience and not for credit. If you have any pending debts that you need to pay off, set up a systematic plan that will help you gradually pay off all the debts. In order to shift your financial energy from poor to rich, you need to begin with clearing all your old debts.


You only live once, but if you do it right then once is all you need. So let go of all that you were taught about the disparity between the rich and poor. This disparity need not be there if you change your mindset. You can be living the exact dream life that you want, just as much as anyone else. Remember, that being rich is not only about being financially well off. You need to be rich from within. You need to spiritually, emotionally and mentally rich. You cannot have a conservative mind and narrow point of view. You need to stop being judgemental and be more open towards other people’s points of view. Life is short and everyone has their very own perspective on life. If you don’t agree with somebody perspective, that’s ok, but that does not make their perspective wrong. We are all here to play a different and unique role. Your role won’t be the same as your husband’s, wife’s or child’s role. Just as you require motivation and encouragement learn to be motivating and encouraging to others too. Life is meant to be lived and lived fully. So live a full and a fulfilling life. Think rich, be rich. Don’t ever forget that besides financial and materialistic gains keep reminding yourself that, “You’re never rich until you have something that money can’t buy.”




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