What do I do now

What Do I Do Now?


Robin Roberts

Copyright © 2016


Special Thanks to Ilka and Sharon without whom these words would be still sitting unread. A big thank you to Maranda Hale for designing my beautiful cover. And to Seth and Noah who inspire me to leave a footprint on this earth I love you to infinity and beyond.

Table of Contents

The Life Breath

In the midst of it all comes the thought “what do I do now?”

What do I do when everything seems overwhelming?

What do I do when my world becomes unbalanced?

What do I do to create a life of abundance?

Many questions waiting to be answered. The first thing to do is to take a breath. Recognize the beauty and wonder of the breath as it comes into your lungs to fill you with the life force of creation. Then allow the fear, doubts and worry to be exhaled into the air to drift away. Breathe in the life force energy, breathe out the doubts and fears. It’s a simple exercise where you learn to appreciate the breath.

Think about it! Every human being walking past you right now started their journey in the beginning by taking one life energy breath.

You may be thinking “oh when does she get to the part where I change the world, accumulate the abundance and get showered in accolades.” You may thinking “tell me something I don’t know.” Well the truth is if you knew the importance of the next breath moment all of the above would pale into insignificance.

The importance of the life energy breath is felt most acutely when you take your last breath and are reunited with the source of all life.

Breathe in the divine light of existence, let it fill your lungs with the hope of new beginnings. Feel yourself relax as you hand the job of life over to the one who created it in the first place. Breathe as you did in the moment you came into the world. Without care, without worry, without the need to be anything or do anything. Breathe as you did in the first moment. As a divine creation making your way into a world filled with possibilities yet to be discovered, a world in which there were no limitations on what you could or could not do.

Breathe as a child of a God who knew exactly why you were coming into the world and exactly what your purpose would be ……breathe.

While I speak of ‘God’ ….God can be many things to different people do not get hung up on titles or religious rhetoric, think of God only as the life force energy which holds together all of existence.


To begin you must go back to the start… the first life breath moment. You inhaled, cried to announce your arrival to the world, opened your eyes in wonder and beheld the future which was to become yours. This was an important moment, an unconditional bonding moment between you and God. And while the life force energy of others would soon impact the pathways you would travel in this first moment you were all.

You were the perfect I am. I am creation I am all. We never lose the life energy we were born with. It becomes mixed up with the energy of other life forces at times, it gets hidden behind the wall of ego’s or overshadowed by the doubts and fears which mortal beings buy into but the essence of the soul does not go away.

What do I do now? You breathe…

In then out. The perfect breath of life energy and the divine white light of creation. As you breathe you allow the gray of doubts and fears to be exhaled. Do you feel the lightness of releasing your worries as a breath which disappears into the air? Are you not a child of God beholden in the splendor of unconditional love and grace?

You may feel this is too much spiritual input and close the book. This is okay for I do not wish to force an opinion on you nor do I wish to keep you merely entertained. I write of that which has been written since the beginning of time I write of life. And while the outside world may have changed the dynamics of the inside world has not. So I ask you do nothing more than sit with me and with each breath will come an understanding, a knowing, which will bring you back to the first breath moment.


There is a peace to be found in the silence of a moment in which there is no expectation.

What do you do now? You take a breath of life energy. How often do you hear the harassed mother exclaim “If only I could catch my breath!” Or how many times do you speak these words “Just breathe it will be okay just breathe”. The importance of the life breath cannot be underestimated.

Try it now inhale hold for a few seconds then let a deep relaxing breath out. Do it again three more times. Notice how the muscles say “okay we can let go now” as if the life energy inhaled released the toxins held within and brought you back to the moment of the first breath.

A lot of people, without knowing it, are holding their breath. Then at the end of the day when they drop into the couch they let the breath go. You are not designed to hold things in the mechanics of the life breath are such that you inhale and the next step is exhale. There should be an awareness of each breath during the day. Moments when you stop what you are doing and do those four breaths, in out, in out, in out, in out.

Not only do you need to ‘do’ the breath you must also feel it. Feel the life force energy expand your lungs giving you another moment of existence. Feel the doubts, fears and anxiety leave your body. The ‘habit’ of breathing only comes when we make a conscious effort to be aware of our breathing. Like all things the next breath is not to be taken for granted.

So what do you do now?

You are practicing mindfulness when it comes to the life breath becoming aware of when you are holding it in and developing a knowing of when to release it. Before you were born your mother’s life energy sustained you but when the first breath was taken you developed your own connection to the divine source of all life energy. This is the connection we seek to bring you back to.

As you breathe listen

What do I do now? Listen. As you breathe listen…

Can you hear the life energy of others around you?

Can you hear the sigh of aging bones as the elderly push themselves into another day?

Can you hear the excitement of youth as children seek to map their own pathway in the world?

Can you hear the weariness of the homeless man on the street corner or the anxiety of the executive waiting for a call?

If you don’t this isn’t surprising as technology has created a white noise wall behind which the soul voice cries out to be heard. How much noise is in your world?

Does your cellphone constantly chime in to announce another important piece of information? Is there a constant hum of traffic, the buzz of flashing lights or the babble of throngs of people each immersed in their own technology bubble?

When was the last time you truly ‘heard’ what was being said to you, the energy of the words not just the sound of letters coming together.

What do you do now? Listen, as you breathe listen…

What do you hear?

Is your ego voice trying to distract you with thoughts of daily chores?

Is your cell phone reminding you of how many people require your attention?

Is the ability to sit and listen and connect to the life energy around you one you have lost over time?

Listen, as you breathe listen…

Why is listening important? Because it connects us to the life force. It connects us to the deeper part of who we are. The soul voice.

The soul voice is the voice of the first cry.

The moment when we entered the world and knew we were connected to something other than our mother’s life energy. The soul voice is the ring tone of the universe and you can download it anytime you want.

Listen, as you breathe listen…

No one can connect you to your soul voice because no one can hear it but you. God gave it a frequency only you can hear. You can hear the life energy of others around you because God wanted each of us to be a supporting thread in the web of life. We are meant to feel so that we may understand and empower those around us in their journeys. But the soul voice this is for us alone.

Can you hear your soul voice of what does it speak?

Of dreams, of hopes, of wisdom where does it wish to take you?

Do not be discouraged if at first the white noise of technology and the outside noise of the world overcomes you. And attempts to connect to your soul voice appear in vain. Shedding years of conditioning and habits is not something which will happen overnight. There are no guru’s only mere mortals who awaken to their birth moment. At the right time, in the right moment, the life energy and soul voice will connect in such a way all will become clear.

What do you do now? Breathe and as you breathe listen…

Do not seek to put judgment or expectation upon what comes to you. Listen without the need to ‘know’ but simply with the desire to hear.

I cannot tell you what your soul voice will sound like nor can I bring you to a place where you will hear it. Only you can do this. But you will know when it speaks because it will be unlike any words you have ever heard or felt before. It will arise within fill your heart, open your eyes and bring you fully awake into the present moment.

Soul voices begin as a whisper “do you hear me?” We often shrug them off as one would a homeless man begging for food. We ignore them because we are listening to our ego voices instead. Keep moving, don’t think, things to do, things to buy, people to impress, bills to pay. No time we say as we disappear like a white rabbit down a dark hole.

Your soul voice won’t rise above the noise. It won’t seek to dominate or over shadow or cut through. It remains as it was when you were being formed quiet, nonintrusive yet powerful beyond measure. You have to really listen to hear it. Listen not only with your ears but with your heart.

Breathe and as you breathe listen

You do not have to act upon what you hear. Free will allows us to have choice and choice allows us to determine our own fate. And we will all eventually end up on the same road home. However why would you not want to be a vehicle of change and creation? Why would you not want each breath to be filled with beauty, joy and happiness?

Listen…. awake….become aware of the divine purpose of your journey here on earth. No one is born without a soul, no one is born without the ability to tap into their soul voice and no one is born without a divine purpose. No one.

There are those who choose to hear and those who don’t. But everyone has the ability to hear the voice of God within them. You can blame the Universe or God whoever and whatever you believe this to be for your situation, you can tell yourself stories of poor me instead of listening to your soul voice. Or you can start to inhale, exhale, breath then listen really listen. You may not understand at first or see where everything fits but as Yoda would say “trust you must” if you are to fulfill your purpose.

Breathe then trust

So what now?

Breathe and as you breathe listen then trust….

Trust the Universe trust yourself. You may have in the past been hurt by others in whom you trusted, you may have in the past made mistakes, errors of judgement and these things may have taken your breath away so that you stopped listening to your soul voice. It is understandable you would then build walls to protect yourself and make promises with your ego self. Promises ‘like I will never trust again’ or ‘no one will hurt me again’ or ‘I won’t make the same mistake twice’.

Withdrawing trust is like building a brick wall in front of you. It might stop you from being hurt however it will also keep you where you are.

Breathe and as you breathe listen. Then allow yourself to trust what you hear and feel.

If we do not trust ourselves we do not explore all the aspects of who we are. Trust involves believing. Often people would rather trust what others are telling them they should do because in essence this allows them to escape from taking responsibility for the choices they have made. There is a tendency to want to walk the pathways others have taken by following their footsteps, as this allows you to reach the finish line without having actually run the race.

Trust. Trust your ability to make God decisions.

God decisions are the ones we make after we are taken back to our first breath moment where our soul voice whispers to us “this is what you were put here to do”.

God decisions bring us peace of mind not a busy mind.

God decisions come to us we do not need to search for them. In the quiet stillness of the breath they come upon the wings of Angels falling upon our ears awakening us.

God decisions may not always bring you what you want but they will always bring you closer to what you need.


It is hard to trust when things aren’t going as planned, when people are not behaving as we had hoped. This is a world on steroids we want it now right now, we do not have time to wait. Yet at times wait we must, for the stars to align, for pieces to fall into place, for there to be the right moment at the right time.

Trust is a letting go. And letting go is not easy.

We hold onto many things our opinions, beliefs, faith and relationships. The thought of letting go brings fear to our hearts. Fear tells us not to trust not to believe. If I let go of this what will I hold onto if I start to fall or fail as the case may be.

If there is no trust there is no way forward because you will always be held back by the ‘what if’s’. What if this should happen what if they did this? What if? What if? It’s an endless trail of self-doubt. Our ego mind is conditioned to search for the worst case scenario.

Breathe and as you breathe listen then trust in yourself and the voice of your soul

There is one thing you can trust with absolute certainty… your body will not lie. Ever been approached by someone and had a gut feeling something was not right. This was your soul voice using your body to say “hey you need to listen to me”. Have you ever done something and it felt like coming home or felt ‘right’. Again this was your soul voice using your body to say “Listen to me this is what you need to be doing”.

We ignore what we feel through our bodies. We dismiss feelings as simply feelings. The ego voice convinces us to stay in our heads and out of our hearts. How many people do you hear say “I wish I had gone with that feeling” or “If only I had trusted my gut”? More than one I am sure.

Breathe….and as you breathe listen then trust

How do we trust?

One the exercises commonly done to build trust is to get someone to stand behind another person and for the person in front to fall backwards and trust they will be caught. Could you do it?

So the question becomes does God have your back does the creator stand behind you ready to catch you should you fall?

I would answer yes. Does it always feel like this is the case the answer would be ‘no’. But God may be the hand on your back which gives you the little bit of extra strength needed to get over the next hurdle. God may be the person who steps up to share the burden when things get tough. God may be the encouraging word whispered in your ear which helps you believe you can. God has your back even if you cannot see it at the time. Trust is not something I can give you. It will only come if you believe God will be there if you fall.

So you trust God but don’t trust yourself what then?

Then you take a breath….and listen. The more you listen you more you will start to believe in the soul voice you hear. The soul voice is your voice, the God given voice not the ego voice you developed as you grew. As you begin to trust what you hear you begin to build a trust with your ‘self’ the ‘I am’ part of who you are.

Trust is not a lifetime guarantee of happiness and abundance. The Universe will provide, will have your back and what is needed will come to you. There will be times where your faith will be tested as you cannot live a life devoid of experience and change.

So why am I asking you to trust? Because without trust you have fear and with fear there will be limitations and with limitations comes a life never fully lived. And as you only have one life to live, one chance to fill it up as much as you can, why would you not want to let go and trust.

You can play it safe, you can hold onto as much as you can to keep the feeling of being in control but the more you hold onto the less room you have for something bigger better to enter.

Breathe…..and as you breathe listen then let go and trust

So what now? You are starting the journey home with each breath you get closer. This is the circle of life. Now is the time to begin the journey.

Breathe…..listen to your soul voice as it whispers “it is time!”

But what if you want to start but you don’t know where to begin. It’s a big jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces in a pile in front of you. Do you begin by putting the corners in place first or start with the pieces which look the same or do you grab one piece and hope it fits with another. And you may have the pieces but have no idea what the bigger picture is meant to look like.

What then?….Synchronicity is when all the pieces fall into place. You know when you are on the right pathway when this occurs.

Let the pieces fall into place as they should. At the right time the right thing will happen or the right person will appear. Trust. Will you need to have patience absolutely! How do you cultivate patience? Trust.

Just because you do not see the seed beneath the ground does not mean it is not growing.

Does this mean you do not take the appropriate steps to ensure its growth….of course not. But you have to believe without seeing, trust without knowing. Never easy.

Let’s Talk Patience

Patience is the absence of fear, the absence of doubt, the absence of ‘having’ to know.

How do you cultivate patience? By letting go. You may be seeing a theme emerge here!

Patience is the ability to stay in the moment without wanting to rush onto the next one. How often do you hear people say “I don’t have time to wait for this to happen” or “I wish things would hurry up and fall into place!” The Creator doesn’t go by human time, there are no hours, seconds or minutes, no days months or years. Things fall into place as they are meant to according to the laws of the Universe. You can’t put a timeline in place and go “God you have two years to make this happen.” It doesn’t work like that. Think Nelson Mandela.

Patience how do you cultivate it? By letting go. Let go of the need to know everything right now this minute. Let go of the need to be anywhere but where you are right now. Let go of what you think you need and let the Universe bring into your life what you need.

So is the expectation for you to sit back, grab a beer, turn on the tube and wait for the Angels to come knocking on your door with the message “the time is now?” While this may sound appealing to many God doesn’t do room service. You have to keep walking towards the dream. There is still work to be done and breaths to be taken.

Patience is not about doing nothing it is the ability to wait for something. Children are chastised all the time for not wanting to wait for what they want yet adults have the expectation the Universe should keep up with the program and deliver the goods. God isn’t a U.P.S service.

So what do you do now…..breathe then listen, trust, let go, have patience.

Having patience does not mean you disregard the moment you are in. Each life breath is precious and needs to be lived to its fullest. In fact having patience is the ability to be fully in the moment without expectation or need. It is asking yourself “what piece of the puzzle does this moment offer me?” “Is there more for me to know?” “What joy, happiness, and knowledge can I squeeze out of this moment?”

Patience is not standing still waiting. This is a misrepresentation of the power of patience.

Patience is ‘knowing’ ‘trusting’ but continuing on with the journey.

The value of patience is in its ability to quieten the ego mind and balance the ‘within’. To be patient is to speak to the ego mind “It’s okay don’t panic all in good time” or “Let it go focus on what needs to be done now.” Without patience you have chaos. The mind races towards an imaginary finish line taking you along with it. You will always be seeking for the answer before you have understood the question.

Breathe….then listen, let go, trust, have patience

If the door hasn’t opened what’s behind it isn’t ready yet. If the pieces aren’t falling into place there might be more for you to find. If the right person hasn’t walked into your life maybe something in their life has to change first. We are not isolated beings we are social beings. Our lives are entwined in more ways than we can ever imagine. There are invisible threads connecting the souls together. Be patient.

Trust what is needed will arrive when it is meant to be there.

You can rush ahead if you want too. You can grab whatever looks half right along the way. You can stop listening to your soul voice and let your ego voice push you faster and faster. However at some stage you will forget to breathe. You will forget to listen to your soul voice. You will begin to hold onto as much as you can to feel in control of your world.

Patience is a virtue.

To be patient is to understand there are things you don’t yet understand.


When you plant a seed you do not sit beside it waiting for it to emerge from the ground. No you water the ground, pull out weeds, add some fertilizer then do it all again the next day. Dreams are no different you have to do the work each moment requires. Patience requires you to wait to see the blossom but in the mean time you are taking the steps necessary to keep the dream alive.

Build the foundation

Breathe….then as you breathe, listen, then trust have patience, begin….begin to build the foundation.

A spider spins a web one thread at a time, weaving a perfect pattern of interconnectedness. Each thread by itself is fragile and easily broken but when woven with another then another the strength of the whole is increased. And so it should be with the threads of your life.

A strong foundation will withstand the storms the ups and downs, the challenges, the disappointments.

Rather than go aimlessly forward grabbing bits and pieces to fill your life up and give it a meaning, stop, take a breath listen.

What are the cornerstones of your world? What will bring you closer to your life purpose, sustain your life energy, give you the strength to face a door which closes or a person who walks away?

A spider does not pull a thread from one branch to another without thought for the thread which will come next. An architect does not draw a house without a knowing of the support structure. And so you must become the builder, the spider, the one who understands why each piece is in your life.

Breathe then listen…what is your soul voice saying?

Are there pieces in your life which do not belong?

People who do not support the structure as a whole?

Are there activities which do not align with where your soul voice is calling you to be?


We have a tendency as humans to bring people and things into our lives simply to fill up space. Lonely people do it, scared people do it, unfulfilled people do it and greedy people do it. In fact most of us at some stage of our lives have done it!

We weaken the structure of our lives by cluttering it with pieces which do not belong, do not fit, and do not align with our life purpose. It is important to recognize the threads of our lives which are not attached to a higher purpose, greater meaning or are there to strengthen an existing thread.

If your soul whispers “yours is a life of travelling and sharing your stories with others.” Why would you keep buying things you don’t need or cannot afford? Things which keep you trapped in a cycle of debt? How will this help you manifest anything but regret?

If your soul whispers “you are to be a healer yours is a life of giving and helping.” Why would you continue to spread gossip and not have empathy for those around you with stories which need telling? How will this help you manifest anything but a disconnection from those around you?

If your soul voice whispers “you are to write.” Would you not want to clear your mind to allow the thoughts and stories to enter? Why would you continue adding more and more things into your life which have no meaning but take up most of your time? How will this help you manifest anything but tiredness which robs you of the desire to do anything?

And do no forget the people who surround you. How does a person who listens to your tales of woe and encourages you to stay a victim strengthen the threads of your life?

How does the person who speaks ill of others and encourages you to do the same strengthen the threads of your life?

How does the person who consistently tells you how unworthy you are or how unlovable you are or how incapable you are, strengthen the threads of your life?

The life energy of others attaches to you which we will discuss further on but for now let us ask why we would dirty our life force energy with such negativity? If the threads in your life do not connect, do not gain strength from each other perhaps it is time to go back and…

Breathe and as you breathe listen.

People who are living their life’s purpose can look back and see how the pieces of their life have fitted together to bring them to where they are. Can you?

Are you the spider bringing together the threads of your life? You have to know what is in your life, who is in your life and what each brings to the table.

You must look for the thing which connects each to the source of all.

At this stage it is important to point out there should be no judgment in regards to the message your soul voice gives you. As each thread in your life is connected so are the threads of human existence. The garbage man who takes away the rubbish may be the only person who talks to an elderly woman without family, the elderly woman may become a surrogate grandparent to a foster child. The foster child may grow up to be a teacher whose student becomes a doctor. Never discount your journey as being unimportant every soul has a purpose equally as important to the web of life as the next soul’s purpose.

For now your only concern is whether the threads of your own life are strong enough and connected enough to support the journey you are to undertake.

Here is a side note: A friend who does not have the same goals as you may not seem to fit in your life. But if they are the person who has your back, encourages you to follow your path and believes in who you are, their presence is indeed something which will help you move forward.

What are the threads of your life?

How are they connected?

Do they support the dream or do they take away from it?


What do I do now…breathe then as you breathe listen.

To look at your life threads is a process which may take you back to where your first breath moment occurred. Where the first connections began. You may have become tangled in the threads of your parents journey, woven your life into theirs. You may have listened to the outside voices become caught up in other people’s opinions of who you should be. As you grew into adulthood you may have brought into societies expectations of who you should be.

The past is important because often we have strings which bind us to events and moments which have since disappeared. These invisible threads of emotions and feelings prevent us from weaving a life of promise and a creating a future bathed in happiness.

So what now…

What or who in the past are you attached to?

Are you attached to your parent’s dreams for you? Are you attached to a love which never blossomed into what you believed it should be? Are you attached to an event which caused you great pain or pushed you away from your dreams?

These are important questions to answer. For only through understanding the threads already in place can we begin the process of deciding which ones will need to be cut and which ones will remain. And decide we must or risk becoming tangled, unable to break free.

The past may have shaped the person you have become this is true for all of us. But it the voice of the soul which will bring you to the person you were born to be. It is not necessary to bring your past into your future it serves no purpose at all. By all means store the lessons you have learnt but let the experiences go. You had the experience because it gave you a piece of the puzzle it did not occur so you could have a souvenir to put in your pocket.

The day you lost your mother taught you the value of never leaving unsaid words in a room. However you were not meant to carry those regrets into the next day. The day you got fired from your job may have caused you to feel unimportant and undervalued. However you weren’t meant to walk every step from that moment on believing your dreams could never come true. The day you were raped may have taken from you a feeling of being safe. But you were not meant to go into every future relationship believing you didn’t deserve to be respected and loved.

What do you do now…cut the threads…release yourself from your past.

It is time….breathe…..and when you breathe listen then trust

I speak of the past only as a reference point from which you can begin to unravel your own life story. Experiences are not being dismissed as unimportant. Important they were in the moment they occurred. However the moment has ceased to exist it is but a memory stored away to be brought forth as a reminder or note to self.

Are the threads of the past pulling you back every time you step forward?

Are you still attached to beliefs, words, deeds, people which do not belong in the present moment?

If so why?

There is some comfort to be found in holding onto the familiar. We hold onto people who treated us badly because we ‘know’ what our relationship with them is. To let go would be to maybe discover we were unlovable after all. The future is the unknown. Much better to hide in the past. The soul voice is however the voice of your future, it ‘knows’ what you were put here to do.

Ever held a garage sale and as you were preparing to let go of your belongings a barrage of thoughts entered your head. “I can’t get rid of this vase Aunty brought it for us and she might visit one day” “You never know I might lose 20lbs and fit back into these jeans again” “I loved reading this book I shouldn’t get rid of it just in case I want to read it again” and on it goes.

The threads of the past are the things in the garage sale you have held onto for reasons which have nothing to do with what you were put on this earth to accomplish.

You don’t need your parent’s approval anymore you can let it go. You are not the struggling single mother anymore you can let it go. You are not the child in the schoolyard being bullied you can let it go.

You are not the person who took the easy way out any more let it go.

Breathe….and when you breathe trust and let go. It is time to begin.

It is time to untangle yourself from the past and build new connections with the future. No one is saying it will be easy. No one is giving you an ultimatum or a timeline to be adhered to. No one is going to push you faster than you can walk. No one is telling you which threads to cut and which you should keep. Again only you can hear the voice of your soul and what it whispers to you. I give only contemplations things to ponder gentle nudges of understanding.

So what now? Breathe…..then as you breathe listen.

Are you beginning to understand life is a spiritual journey. God connects you with your future in each breath moment. The breath you took 5 years ago has been exhaled and belongs to the wind. It took with it every moment you had experienced up until then. With each breath comes another moment which will also pass.

Moments are not meant to be held onto they are meant to be experienced and released. When you are asked to let go of the past you are not being asked to let go of who you are because who you are is not an ‘experience’ but a life breath taken at birth. The soul moment. Who you are is what you do now. How you speak, how you act, how you react, what you think, how you give, how you receive it is this moment right now.

So there is no need to hold onto the things of the past. Breathe then let go. Cut the threads holding you back. There are new ones to be built.

“I can’t” “it’s too hard” “you don’t understand” You are right it may be hard maybe you won’t be able to and yes I can empathize but I didn’t walk in your shoes so I probably do not understand what it was like for you.

But aren’t you worth the attempt? Wouldn’t you like to try?

This is all God is asking of you right now. Breathe….then as you breathe listen.

Bring your ‘self’ into the present moment. Don’t drag the regrets of things which didn’t work out into the moment. Don’t pull the opinions of all those who thought you couldn’t into the moment. Don’t hide behind bad experiences or allow the moments which have gone before to determine this moment.

Ironically it’s not the experience which is hard to let go, it ceased to exist a long time ago. It is the feelings and emotions attached to the experience which we struggle to release ourselves from. Anger, sadness, bitterness, regret, envy, happiness and so forth.

Are you being asked to let go of all of your memories of course not there are times when we need to recall a moment of bravery where we took a leap of faith or a moment of happiness where the world stopped still and we experienced pure joy.

God gave you a heart to store these moments in.

What God wants is for you to cut the threads of the past which keep you there. Your soul voice brings you into the present moment so you may create a future moment. Remember you came into a world in which there is only one moment this one right now.

Relationship Threads

So what do I do now? Stop pat yourself on the back for having come this far!

For this is not about creating guru’s God knows the world has enough of those already. This is about you going back and claiming the first breath moment. God wants you to understand why you were created, wants you to know you are here for a reason. It’s a process one which we will go through together step by step. But remember to keep breathing keep listening

The things which hold your life together are relationships, self and faith.

Let’s talk about relationships. We were born to be social beings who interact in ways which bring meaning to each other’s lives. The greatest most meaningful memories you will ever have are moments shared with another soul. Your birth was such a moment for someone.

The strongest threads you will ever weave into your life will be your relationships with family, friends and lovers. This is why letting go of the past can be so hard and cutting ties even harder. It is not about how many relationships you have or whether you have 5000 Facebook likes or receive 100 texts a day. It’s about how strong those relationships are and what meaning they give to your life good or bad.

It is also important to look at whether the relationships nurture your soul sustain your spirit and keep growing as you change. Look around you who is standing there and what is their role in your life?

Are these people you create memories with or simply drama? Are these people who walk beside you or walk all over you? Do these people allow you to play victim or do they encourage you to chase your dreams? Can these people listen without judgement or do they want to fix, rescue or change you?

Strong healthy relationships allow people to be vulnerable and gives them permission to look at themselves with honesty and kindness. Strong healthy relationships allow people to feel safe and feeling safe allows you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. These are the threads which hold you steady through the storms, keep you balanced during the ups and downs and keep you grounded in what’s real and important.

If you do not have a sense of family, community or friendship you will often struggle to feel fulfilled or like you matter or count.

What’s the first thing you want to do when you get exciting news? Share it of course! What’s the first thing you want to do when someone upsets you? Talk about it of course!

We are social beings who need to be validated as human beings.

But there is a down side to this. When we are lonely sometimes we seek others to fill our dark places with happiness. When we doubt ourselves sometimes we want others to take responsibility for our decisions “what do you think?” we may ask. When we feel unlovable we seek those who treat us with disrespect. The list is endless.

These threads or bonds chain us to behaviour which does not serve our highest good. Instead of supporting us they weaken the web and break when tested.

So I ask “can you hear your soul voice within these relationships?”

Are you breathing? Are you listening? Are you trusting yourself? Do you have balance?

Family Friends and Lovers

Let’s talk family, which may or may not be biological. Are you able to be yourself to reach for your dreams or are you shackled by expectations of what you ‘should be doing’?” What’s your role in your family are you the emotional care giver, the black sheep, the strong one, the practical one, the baby, what role have you been designated?

You have to understand the dynamics and patterns inherent within your family. You have to understand things like why the women always marry men who are dominated by their mothers or why no one gets emotional in your family or why no one likes confrontation or talks honestly about things. I don’t know your family I don’t know how you interact with them. The only thing I do know is YOU have to delve deeper than the surface and figure these things out. Ask the hard questions. Be prepared to go “okay this happens when that happens now I need to know why”.

We all have patterns of behaviour inherited from our families. Some we are aware of other we aren’t. Some behaviours are healthy others are not. Sometimes we don’t know the behaviours we have picked up from our family are unhealthy. For us growing up they might have been considered ‘normal’. This is not about picking to bits your family but getting to know the threads the connections which hold it together. No family is perfect we aren’t looking to make comparisons just to gain understanding.

Your family is the blueprint of your life the foundation. You are a reflection of this environment and the experiences which came with it. So you must begin here by making a conscious effort to discover the common threads between you all. The roles which are designated.

It is a matter of taking a breath, in every interaction and being fully conscious in the moment. It’s about learning to look around at the people who surround you and connecting the dots. Your ‘I am’ originates from those first relationships with family negative and positive.

Small words whispered in a child’s ear become part of who they are.

Why can’t you be like your sister?” “You are stupid!” “No one will ever want you!” “Don’t try you will only fail.”

Your soul voice often becomes overshadowed by these ‘other’ voices. The good news is you never lose your soul voice but you can replace the voices of your past. We are the ones who give words power over our lives.

Your mother may have said you no one would love you but you are the one who keeps repeating the words. Your father may have told you that you would never amount to anything but you are the one quitting jobs and sitting on the couch feeling sorry for yourself. Those words whispered in your ear years ago don’t apply to you they never did.

You are not the sum of others people’s opinions of you.

Your soul voice never stopped whispering you are a child of god a divine creation of love, beauty and endless possibilities.

It’s time to cut those threads. They are the things which anchor you in the past. They are not the things which will support the dream you are now walking towards. You do not want to hold onto negativity and old ways of thinking about who you are. It’s time to listen to what your soul voice has to say about who you are.

Breathe….and as you breathe listen

You were born a divine child of the Universe full of life force energy born to manifest a life of abundance.”

Your birth was planned there was a place in the family of God awaiting you.”

These are the first soul whispers a child hears.

Again ‘God’ has taken on many forms for religions and faiths all over the world. But there is still only one life force energy we are all connected to what or who we call it is irrelevant.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have strong family ties which nourish and support you then you must do the work to keep them strong.

Perhaps you do not have any ties or perhaps your family of origin chose not to see the ‘awesomeness’ which is you.

Ties to beliefs about who you are which do not nourish the seed of greatness planted within you should be cut to allow new threads of the web of life to be weaved.

Breathe….and as you breathe listen

Outside of family our next closest relationships are with friends and community. Whereas we do not choose our biological families we can decide who will become our friends.

Friendship is a double edge sword for often what we seek from others we ourselves are unwilling to give. We may expect total loyalty from someone yet gossip about them behind their back. We may want support and encouragement yet be unavailable to a friend in their time of need.

So before you cut the ties ask yourself this question: “Am I the type of friend I want others to be?”

If you can honestly answer yes then you take a breath and move on.

The threads of friendship are strongest when both parties are committed to each other’s success and happiness. We respond with “I am happy for you” and mean it.

There are boundaries which are respected and honoured. We do not ‘need’ each other in so much as we support each other. There is no need to rescue and fix the other person for we do not believe that person to be broken. These are the traits of strong bonds.

Then there are the other ‘people’ in our lives who cloak themselves in the word ‘friend’ however the thread of friendship is so weak it breaks during the mildest of storms. These are the people who encourage you to play the victim often organizing the pity party. These are the people who cross the boundaries and do not think twice about doing it. These are the people who are jealous of your success and try and bring you down with back handed compliments.

You need to be surrounded by people whose voices echo your soul voice.

You can do it I believe in you”

I’ve got your back go for it”

I know you are feeling down but tomorrow is another day”


All men are bastards or all women bleed you dry”

Better to quit and cut your losses”

Don’t go for the job you will only be disappointed”

Who surrounds you?

Breathe and as you breathe listen then trust….

Who lies beside you each night? Who do you awake too? The most intimate relationship you will ever have is with your spouse or partner. This is the person you need to able to trust above all others to have your back.

When we connect with another soul we begin to weave our lives around theirs. Our friends become their friends, our family becomes their family, it’s not my money anymore it’s our money. We eat, sleep, travel, cry, laugh and create memories with these people.

How strong are the threads which connect you to your partner?

Is there trust?

Is there intimacy?

Is there communication?

Are you each other’s cheer squad in each other’s corner encouraging and supporting?

As with any relationship the bond is only as strong as the work you are willing to do. And work you must if your relationship is to succeed and flourish.

Strong relationships are characterized by how supported each person feels within the relationship. So ask yourself these questions:

Does your partner encourage you to chase your dreams or put them aside?

Does your partner encourage you to speak your truth or hold your tongue?

Does your partner encourage you to be true to yourself or want you to fit ‘in’?

Do you feel safe communicating your needs or do you push them aside?

Do you feel heard or do you feel like you don’t have a voice in the relationship?

Do you feel passion towards your partner or resentment?

And lastly is this a “near enough is good enough’ relationship are you settling for second best simply because you do not feel you deserve any better?

Breathe and as you breathe….listen

Every relationship will have ups and downs and times when it is tested. And as I said earlier there will always be work to be done. So this isn’t a message advocating throwing your relationship out the window in the hopes of finding a more improved version. There may come a time when you will walk away but this should only be done after looking at what you haven’t been doing or what you could be doing to make the relationship stronger.

So what do you do now? Breathe and as you breathe listen….

What is your soul voice saying?

What whispers are you not hearing?

Are the relationships you have formed so far in your life ones which will sustain you for the rest of your life? Everyone needs someone it’s a God given Universal fact. People not things give meaning to our lives. So when you ask “what do I do now?” your soul might whisper:

Do the work to build relationships which are healthy supporting and strong.”

Do the work to build relationships which will withstand the storms and last a lifetime.”

Do the work so you become the partner you wish your spouse would be.”

Do the work to build the bridges which will connect your family and bring them together.”

Do the work, do the weeding out of negative self-sabotaging beliefs, practice loving kindness, be your friend’s cheer squad, learn grow and then do it all again!”

It is easy to sit back and complain about what other people aren’t doing. It is much easier to shift blame rather than accept it. But at some stage we have to look in the mirror and ask “what am I doing to keep this relationship bond strong?”

Pick up a cord or rope cut it in half I imagine it wasn’t so difficult. Now pick up several threads and weave them together so no matter how much weight is put on them they will not fray and break. This is a lot harder to do. So it is with relationships in your life. Which is why it is important to recognize it’s not about how many friends you have or whether you are single, married or adopted or part of a big family. It’s how strong those connections are which counts.

But not every person you meet is meant to stay in your life. Some relationships will fray no matter how much work you do. People will continue to cross boundaries, engage in unhealthy behaviours or push your buttons. The more you change the more they will try and push you back into old patterns to maintain the status quo.

So what do I do now….breathe…..and as you breathe listen.

Acceptance. In the case of your family it’s not so easy to cut ties and walk away. Sometimes you have to decide if you can reach a place of acceptance.

Is the fact you only see Aunty Mary once a year enough for you to accept her lack of social skills?

Can you push past the fact your 50 year old brother likes to wear clothes more suitable for a 20 year old?

Is grandma telling dirty jokes around the dinner table as awful as you first thought?

Maybe Aunty Mary didn’t have an upbringing which allowed her to gain the social skills she needed. Maybe your 50 year old brother feels threatened by your success and maybe at 90 grandma is entitled to do as she wants! It’s all about what behaviour you can accept or are willing to accept and how that behaviour impacts you.

If Uncle John gets rip roaring drunk and starts punching holes in the wall this is not acceptable behaviour.

If your sister starts arguing with everyone and screaming at the top of her lungs. This is not acceptable behaviour. If your spouse puts you down in front of your friends this is not acceptable behaviour.

In these instances you might put into place boundaries and ask they be respected. No alcohol at family events where there are children. All issues to be raised in a private setting between the people it involves. You may decide to limit how many family functions you attend or only attend ones in public settings such as picnics or parks. Or you may decide in order to stay spiritually healthy you must cut ties altogether.

But before you do this breathe…..and as you breathe listen.

Listen not only to your soul voice but to the voices of your family, friends and lovers. Are there things of which you are unaware of? Everyone has a story do you know theirs? Is there a piece of the puzzle you are missing? Have you looked at what you may be contributing to the situation? Ask the questions listen to the answers.

At the end of the day only you can determine the role your family, friends and partner will play in your life. Only you will know if the ties are strong enough to support each person spiritually, emotionally and at times physically

Your Own BFF

So what do I do now…..breathe and as you breathe listen to your soul voice.

Perhaps the most important relationship you will ever build is the one you will have with your ‘self’. This is also the one relationship we tend to take for granted.

If you can’t be your own best friend you cannot be someone else’s best friend. If you can’t love yourself you cannot love another.

You are the one.

How do you see your own self?

Do you know your own ‘self’?

How strong is your relationship with your own ‘self’?

We tend to neglect our ‘selves’ believing it is only those relationships we have with others which are important. This is incorrect how you treat others, your expectations of others, what you share with others all these things are a reflection of the relationship you have with your own self.

Breathe….and as you breathe go deeper. What kind of relationship do you have with your own ‘self’?

Do you trust yourself?

Are you able to try new things take on extra responsibilities branch out in different directions?

Do you trust your ability to cope with change, to get the job done, to adapt, to love someone else, how much trust do you have in yourself?

Trust or belief in self comes when we have a knowing and this knowing comes from our soul voice which whispers “you can do it, you have done it before or you’ve got this covered.” If you do not trust yourself it makes for a very difficult life journey.

How can you climb the mountain if you are always second guessing where to put your feet? How can you get the job done if you are always questioning whether you are the right woman/man for the job? How can you make your own way if you are always asking others which way you should go?

Breathe….and as you breathe trust

Learning to trust your self is a process of doing one thing at a time then giving yourself a ‘well done me’ pat on the back. The more baby steps you accomplish the easier it is to believe you can climb the mountain.

Think about what it takes to trust another person. We trust because we believe they will always do the right thing by us. So ask “do I always do what is in my highest good”? For example do I have clear boundaries or am I able to say no? Do I step back when I need to or step up when I need to?

Trust is about knowing the other person has our back. So do you stand up for your ‘self’? Do you speak your truth when you need to? Do you fight for what you believe in?

Trust is mutual respect for each other. Again do you respect yourself enough to make sure you are not treated or spoken to poorly? Do you respect your abilities, skills or intellect? Do you respect the person you are, your character or moral base?

These are the questions you need to ask and answer honestly. They will give you a clear understanding of the trust you have for your own self.

Having people around who you trust is a blessing but being able to trust your own ‘self’ this will propel you up the highest mountain faster than you could ever have imagined!

Trust is built slowly no matter who you are in a relationship with. Believing in yourself is no different. To learn to trust yourself will take time but the first step will always be….

Breathe….and as you breathe listen to your soul voice whisper.

Learn to trust this voice the voice which comes from within. Trust your judgement trust your knowing. Will you have the odd error of judgement yes we all do. Will you have moments of doubt yes we all do. But you cannot let this stop you from listening and trusting. Trust in your ‘self’ is an important thread in the story which will become your life.

What do I now….

You start taking on new things. Things you would never have dared to try. I am not talking about paragliding or bull riding but small projects with doable timelines and achievable tasks. And when you commit to a project follow it through get it done make sure you give yourself a “well done me”. This is how you build trust in your abilities.

You make decisions which maybe you have been wavering on. You sit and connect with your soul voice and take responsibility for choices. They don’t have to be life changing decisions simply small daily ones. This is how you build trust in your judgement.

You learn to trust yourself by first knowing who this ‘self’ is. You wouldn’t hand over your life to a stranger would you?

Who is this person you are putting your trust in?

Do you really know them?

Do you know their favourite foods, colours or the things they like to do?

How well do you know your ‘self’?

It’s hard to trust someone you don’t know.

Who are you at the core of your being? I don’t mean the superficial you who wears a different mask depending on the situation or person. I don’t mean the ‘you’ who drags themselves through each day hoping to get to the end of week. I mean the ‘you’ which took the first life energy breath and emerged to take on the world.

Most people don’t ‘know’ their ‘self’. It’s true we lose touch with who we are as the adult seriousness takes over our lives.

Answer me this what makes you happy what makes you sad what makes you laugh, cry and what makes you angry? These are important questions to which you must have an answer. Aren’t you more likely to trust someone who knows who they are?

So what do I do now…?

You breathe….and as you breathe you listen and learn to trust the voice which whispers within you. Who are you what are your dreams, hopes and fears? Have you ever written them down? Have you ever shared them with someone else?

What are you afraid of? That you will not measure up guess what it’s not a competition! That if you say them out loud you will be laughed at? What other people think doesn’t matter they have their own issues to deal with and you should never live your life for other people. Or are you afraid you will see something bad or disgusting or you won’t see anything at all?

You have to acknowledge who you are warts and all in order to have peace. Peace comes from acceptance not from hiding from our truths. You were born a divine miracle of creation given a ‘God’ breath as you came into the world this is the source from which all your truths should originate.

I am” not “I am not”

I am someone who gets grumpy when I don’t get coffee in the morning

I am someone who likes horror movies

I am at my happiest when I am around family

What are your “I am’s”?

Breathe….and as you breathe listen then trust

Your relationship with self not only involves trust but love. You must love your ‘self’. We all have moments when we don’t like ourselves very much, after a bad decision or a poor choice, however we should never stop loving ourselves. We should always be the one in our own corner.

Love can be a careless word but it can also be a powerful one.

Name one thing off the top of your head which you love about yourself? For many this will require a great deal of thought others will rattle off a list instantly. What do you admire about yourself? What do you consider your strengths?

This is not an exercise in ego we do not want to compare ourselves with others rather celebrate the greatness which is ours. The things which make ‘us’ special. Do you love how you smile when you catch a glimpse of your children sleeping? Do you love how you can turn a negative into a positive? Do you love your knees, ears, toes, hair or your dimples?

Stand in front of the mirror and look at the person who should be your best friend. What would you tell her/him?

Great job on the proposal you rocked it!” Love.

The way you handled the annoying man on the bus without losing your temper awesome!” Love.

Changing jobs took a lot of courage pat yourself on the back!” Love.

I admire the way you are sticking to the diet good for you!” Love.

Learning to love your self is also about acceptance.

I am not a good singer but that’s okay my pathway isn’t ‘The Voice’.”

I am not the faster runner but that’s okay because I like walking better anyway.”

I am not very good at maths but that’s okay it why we have accountants.”

Accept who you are and who you are not. There is no good or bad. If all the pieces in God’s puzzle were the same colour there would be no bigger picture and you are very much an important part of God’s bigger picture.

Breathe….and as you breathe listen, trust, love, accept you are a divine child of God you may not know your purpose yet but you do have one.

You are beginning to listen to your soul voice, trust your ‘self’, love the person you see in the mirror each morning, what now?

Believe and it shall become….after trust and love there comes belief.

I trust you I love you I believe in you. The three cornerstones of any relationship.

Do you believe in yourself? Believe you are capable of great things? Believe you can make dreams come true? Do you believe there is no obstacle you cannot overcome?

Once we know our strengths and weaknesses, once we know who we are then we can start believing ‘hell yeah I can do this!”

The problem is we let minor setbacks, roadblocks and closing doors take our belief from us. Just because it didn’t happen the way you thought it should doesn’t mean you throw the dream out the window. Just because you didn’t have all the bases covered doesn’t mean you have to stop believing in your ability to make things happen. People who believe in themselves know how to access the resources they need. They know how to look for the people who have the skills they don’t. They know how to adapt to changing circumstances. People who believe in themselves can rearrange the pieces of the puzzle and never lose sight of the bigger picture.

Do you believe because if you believe you will never stop trying, never give up, give in or run away!

If you want a life of happiness you need to believe you are capable of creating it.

If you want a life of joy you need to believe you are capable of creating it.

If you want peace in your life you have to believe you are capable of creating it.

God may have created the world but then the job was handed over to you and you are fully equipped since birth to meet the challenge!

The relationship you have with your ‘self’ will be the most important one you will ever enter into. The threads of hope, trust, belief and love will support you through the toughest times and the darkest hours.

Why is this relationship so important because there may come a time when you are completely alone, when there is no one else to turn too and no one in your corner! And when this moment comes you will need to, at the deepest level trust you can get through it, believe you can do it and be able to love yourself enough to want to do it.

God Conversations

Breathe….and as you breathe listen to your soul voice this is the voice of God.

Prayer is us starting a conversation with our God or Creator (whoever/whatever you believe this to be). And starting a conversation is how any relationship begins. How you pray is up to you it doesn’t have to be in a church, it doesn’t have to be in a group, it can be at the bus stop or the corner store or the bank or in the bath. If you don’t like the word ‘pray’ then don’t use it. Simply have a conversation.

Hey God I just wanted to ask for a little bit of extra strength to get through the next few weeks.”

Goddess the sunset the other night I have to tell you it totally rocked!”

Dude I need to talk to you because it’s tough going right now.”

Allah so grateful I am for the blessings you have given me.”

Start the conversation begin the relationship strengthen your faith. For it will be the thread which enables you to hold on in the darkest of hours. Because faith is such a personal and private thing I will not go into great detail about the how or why. You will find your path as the relationship progresses. You may not even have any idea who you are talking to at the beginning and that’s okay. All you need to know is you are connecting to the ‘one’ who gave you the first life energy breath.

An invisible thread of hope, love and compassion is woven through all faith, spiritual and religious practice. It matters not what pathway you go down it matters more you have a connection to the life force energy which gave you your first breath.

Start the conversation it doesn’t matter what you talk about, it doesn’t matter how long the conversation is or where it takes place. It private its personal and your God whoever this is will be listening. Faith is not about being more there is no contest in which one practice is better than another. There is no judgement. Start the conversation.

Connecting to the life force energy enables you to recharge. It enables you to slow down take a breath and be reunited with all the dreams you may have tucked away. And God whoever you believe this to be will answer all you have to do is….

Breathe….and as you breathe listen to your soul voice….

So what now? You have learnt the importance of the breath, the importance of the threads which hold your life together. You have begun a conversation with God (whoever/whatever you perceive this to be). Well done it takes a lot of courage to create change in your life it’s a lot harder than the self-help experts would have you believe but here you are walking your talk again well done you. Never underestimate the power of a little self-belief.

Change is scary

So let’s talk change even the word seems scary!

Ironically everything changes whether we want it to or not. Children grow up move away, love ones die, relationships break up, jobs and friendships end. Health issues force us to adapt new ways of living. You might be surprised how much change you have already walked through without knowing it. Having change forced upon us is a completely different from creating change ourselves.

Creating change requires us to step out of our comfort zones.

The familiar is a much safer place to stay because we know. We know our partner is going to get drunk on Friday night and not remember it Saturday morning. We know our jobs backwards, how our co-workers will relate to us and what our boss’s expectations are. We know the kids have soccer practice Tuesday and dance on Wednesday. We know the neighbours go away every winter and your mother will fight with your father at thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter whether the results are good or bad just as long as they are consistent.

Change is scary it’s the unknown. What if you confront your partner about their drinking and they get angry or worst yet want a divorce? What if you change jobs and end up not liking your new boss? What if you get a part time job and your family have to fend for themselves once a week? What if they burn the house down? And what if you tell your mother you aren’t coming to thanksgiving anymore unless there’s no fighting and your sister stops talking to you? What then?

It’s quite possible those things may happen. So you have to decide are you willing to take a chance or do you want to play it safe? There are no guarantees even if you play it safe change won’t come anyway. Your partner could have an affair, your parents may divorce and your sister might stop talking to you. There are a lot of things to consider however when you take the last breath (it could be today next week or 40 years from now) do you really want to have a pocketful of if onlys?

Breathe…..and as you breathe trust.

Change is scary for all of us but it can be exhilarating and wonderful at the same time.

There is a misconception change has to be big dramatic and fast. Not true change can be slow paced and small. Baby steps will get you where you want to be just as effectively as big leaps of faith. Yes leaps of faith are impressive but you aren’t creating change to impress anyone. You are changing things up to make a life of abundance and happiness and the only person who has to like what you are doing is you!

I am not here to tell you what changes you should be making I can’t hear your soul voice. I do not know what dreams lie in your heart. I can’t even tell you if you should even be changing your life up right now.

So what can I tell you?

Change can be hard why because when you begin to change you force others to look at themselves. And if someone doesn’t want to do this they will push back even harder to get things back to the way they were. This is why so many people give up early on in the change process.

Change can be painful, things may not go the way you planned. Change can bring up things about yourself you were unaware of. There are going to be challenges. But change has its benefits too. You could learn you are more versatile, talented, adaptable and creative than you believed you were. You could end living your dreams. You could end up with a life overflowing with abundance happiness and joy.

So let’s say you are willing to start creating changes in your life what now?

Choice and Change

Choices these are the things which create your future.

In every moment of every day you will be faced with choices. Some big some small but each one will influence which direction your life will take. Free will is a gift which enables you become creator of your own life. The power is in your hands.

Do you wake up and choose to be grumpy not grateful?

Do you take a step towards your dreams or do you play victim?

Or do you choose to do nothing as this is also a choice.

Start by paying attention to the choices you make in a day.

Am I choosing to be kind to my partner or mean?

Am I choosing to ignore my children or engage them?

Am I choosing to grow and learn or hide and ignore?

In this moment right now what am I choosing?

It all begins with self-awareness.

Breathe and as you breathe listen

Creating change involves making choices. Some big some small. It will involve leaving the safety of your comfort zone and venturing into unknown territory. It will at times be scary and challenging, rewarding and wonderful, and you will learn and grow with each choice you make.

What is the first choice you will make?

You will have to choose to believe in yourself.

You will have to believe you can you will.

Believing in ourselves involves all which we have spoken about.

Once you connect with your soul voice you are able to believe “yes I have got this”.

Once you start trusting your soul voice you will have less doubts about what you are capable of. Once you start the conversation with God you will know the Universe has your back. And lastly once you start strengthening the threads of your life you will feel safe in the knowledge no matter what happens things won’t fall apart.

The next choice is to become aware of the choices you are already making. Sounds weird but you must awaken to the moment gain an awareness of the choices you may be subconsciously making on a daily basis without thinking. It’s like getting into a car and putting your seatbelt on, this is a habit we do it without thinking.

Do you choose to be positive or negative? Do you wake up already pissed at the world or grateful for getting another day? Do you think about your choices reflect upon the possible outcomes? Or do you rush right in regardless of the consequences? What process do you go through when making decisions?

The way you make choices may need to change. You may need to take more time, step back, write it all down, and seek some advice from a trusted friend, all these are things which you will need to reflect upon.

Breathe…..and as you breathe listen then trust and believe anything is possible.

Happiness is a choice. Believing in yourself is a choice. Taking a chance is a choice. Buying this book and reading it is a choice you have made. We tend to underestimate the choices we make in any given moment. Which is why it is important to gain an awareness of the moment.

What are you choosing to believe right now, what are you choosing to do, what are you choosing to say? All of these things tie back into the threads of faith relationships and self.

We choose who we connect to and how we interact within our relationships. We can choose to be compassionate, supportive and we can choose to listen and be flexible. On the flipside we can choose to be mean spirited, ignorant and self-centred. We can choose to work on our relationships strengthen them or we can choose to blame someone else when they fall apart.

We can choose how we see ourselves. We can choose to believe we are powerful capable and totally awesome. On the flip side we can choose to believe we do not deserve abundance love and beauty in our lives. We can choose to work on ourselves or we can choose to blame someone else for the things we haven’t done or aren’t going to do.

We can choose to have faith and start the God conversation. We can choose to listen to our soul voice connect to the life force energy and expand our consciousness. We can choose to believe every living soul is connected and it is through these connections our lives gain meaning or we can choose to live solely for our own self interests. The only one who can decide these things is you.

You are and always will be master of your own destiny.

My job is simply to get you thinking about how important your choices are not to choose for you.

Never underestimate a choice. No matter how small or big. For all choices have consequences not only for yourself but for others. Choose wisely.

How do you know if it’s the right choice you ask? You don’t know. You can only make sure you have done the work. Thought things through, listened to your soul voice, looked for short and long term consequences, reflected on how it will impact those who surround you and so forth.

Because a good choice has a little bit of God in it. Ask yourself can I be at peace with this decision no matter what the outcome that is the sign of good choice. Now breathe….and as you breathe listen then trust and believe all things are possible!

So what do I do now…?

Start making choices which reflect what you want to change in your life or what you want to bring into it. It is no point creating change if you do not have a clear idea of where you want to be and what you want.

You have to define what you want.

If you want to be successful define what success means to you. Is it money, recognition or being happy?

If you want a loving relationship define what love means to you. Is it support, kindness or being in someone’s corner?

If you want happiness define what happiness means to you. Is it family, good friends or money?

If you want a peaceful life define what peace means to you. Is it a balanced life, less stress or is it inner peace?

Start by figuring out what you want.

Often we make a choice and then realize it wasn’t what we wanted at all. We change jobs then discover the new job isn’t a good fit for us. We start new relationships only to discover we really don’t gel with this new person like we thought we would. We take on projects, start classes, charge ahead into new directions only to discover pole dancing isn’t our thing or learning French seemed like a good idea at the time or running a marathon requires a level of fitness you don’t have. So buyer beware!

You can create negative change just as easily as you can create positive change.

How many of us has made an impulse buy only to get home and discover we really didn’t need or want what we had brought. Creating change and making choices fits into this category you have to have a clearly defined idea of what you want and where you want to be. And in order to do this you really have to know yourself really know yourself.

Breathe….and as you breathe go deeper….

What do I want?

What do I want?

Sometimes there is a deeper need than the one which sits on the surface. We may want to be successful but the deeper need may be the need to be validated. We may want a relationship but not wanting to be alone anymore could be the deeper need. You may want to quit your job and live in the forest but the deeper need may be the need to find balance and peace.

Break it down to its simplest form. I want to be happy, loved and to feel safe. I want peace, balance and less stress. I want more time to be with family. Start with these building blocks and add to them.

For example: If you need a more peaceful life with less stress start making choices which will manifest this for you. Declutter your life of toxic people. Focus on a few things which are important to you and lose the ones which take up your time but do not align with where you want to be.

If you have a need to be happy figure out what happy means to you. If its family start strengthening the relationship threads of your life by making healthier relationship choices. If being happy means not having to worry about money, update your resume, go back to school or downsize your spending habits.

If you need a sense of not being alone reach out to your community, join groups, walk into a church or even go for a walk in a park where you know other people will be. Volunteer at nursing homes or be a big brother or sister to child who might be feeling the same way.

Find out what you want and make sure your choices align with the dream. This is what manifestation means to make choices which fit where you want to be and what you want to have. It is not about pinning a whole heap of photos on the board and waiting for a divine moment. You have to make the choices and do the work.

What do you want? Let’s go even deeper still. Breathe….and as you breathe listen trust believe begin….

What you want will be tied into the type of person you are, what your beliefs are, what you stand for, what you like don’t like, what things interest you and what things bore you. Everybody is different we all have different passions, dreams, hopes and a different view in regards to what we would like our world to look like.

Before you begin….first you must ask “Who am I?” I am….

Don’t over intellectualize this isn’t a quiz you won’t fail. Would you believe it if I told you most people know more about their friends than they do about themselves?

What’s your favourite food or colour?

What kind of television shows do you like watching?

Are you an animal person, are you are baby person, are you an adventurous person?

Who am I? Say it out loud.

If you can create a list of what you like or don’t like such as foods, people, activities, places and so on. Now you are well on your way to rediscovering who you are. Keep it simple because it is actually simple. I like eggplant but I don’t like carrots. I like quiet people but I don’t like arrogant people. I like walking in the hills but I don’t like climbing mountains. I like the color blue but I do not like the color green. I like staying in my PJ’s on my days off but I don’t like dressing up formally. Knowing what you like or don’t like eases you into to discovering what you want or don’t want.

For example if you do not like crowds you won’t want to be working in retail. If you do not like noise you won’t want to live in the city. Conversely if you like laughing a lot you may want to join up with people who are fun to be around. If you like running you may want to sign up for a marathon and start training. These are subtle clues which help you manifest the life which fits you best.

How can you possibly know what you want if you do not know who you are?

Breathe….and as you breathe start remembering the person you were born to be. You are and always will be a divine child of unconditional love. Listen to your soul voice take the time to sit with your ‘self’ and find out who you are on a deeper level.

We never really know people until we sit with them and listen to their stories allow them to talk about their experiences, the things which have shaped what they like dislike. Take/make the time to get to know yourself.

Then breathe…..

Now the work begins

So what now?

You know who you are what you want and you are ready to make the changes needed to manifest the life you deserve.


Pat yourself on the back for coming this far. Well done you! It takes a lot of courage to face ourselves in the mirror and accept who we are warts and all. You are starting to recognize you are worth the effort that’s huge, that’s big, each step is bringing you closer to the first energy breath again well done you!

Now the work begins!

As previously mentioned you don’t need to be taking great leaps of faith you can begin with baby steps. Remember it’s your journey!

A lot of people get into trouble because they go into change with an all or nothing attitude. Change can be gradual you can have a plan A B or C. Change can be set up in stages or time framed there are no rules. You can ease yourself out of jobs, relationships or places. However if you are doing time frames set realistic achievable goals have a plan and be prepared to change or adapt it. Sometimes the Universe needs a little time to put things into place to make dreams happen.

Every journey has a series of steps. Have you written yours down? Grab a piece of paper and start writing!

It may seem silly but having a visual reminder of the how and what keeps us on track and heading in the right direction

Take for instance someone who wants to lose weight. Their journey may begin with acknowledging who they are. I am a person who likes to snack who likes food but dislikes exercise. The next step is knowing what they want. In this case to be healthy and play with their children. So now they have to figure out what will work for them. Because family is important they may decide going on outings as a family and getting exercise this way is a step. Because food is important they may decide a healthy eating cooking class would be a better step than prepared weight loss food. The more you know yourself the easier it is to find the steps which will take you where you want to be.

Want to start a business but you aren’t someone who is good with figures. Step one might be finding an accountant. Want to start a business but you are someone who gives up easily at the first obstacle. Step two might be writing out all the things you think might go wrong and finding solutions before they actually happen. This prevents you from being overwhelmed.

Be honest. If you don’t like children then don’t put down a step which involves being around them. If you don’t like getting dirty don’t put down a step which involves landscaping. You can probably suck it up for a while but you will soon lose your passion and drive. Tailor your plans around who you are and what you want.

Breathe…..just breathe

You have a series of steps to get you where you want to be. What now? Now you actually have to walk your talk.

We are all going to have to do it one day. Guess what this is your one day! Begin!

A little scared? That’s okay change can be scary going after your dreams can be scary stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary. But what’s more scary is staying where we do not want to be. You can do this God (whoever/whatever you perceive this to be) has your back.

Take a baby step a little step towards the dream. This is how it goes “a little step” then a “big pat on the back” a “little step” then a “pat on the back” and so on. Confidence is built on little steps. The more confidence you gain the greater your stride will become.

Will there be days when you take one step forward and two steps back absolutely life offers no guarantees. But on these days remind yourself just because you don’t see the seed doesn’t mean it isn’t growing. Just because you took a step back doesn’t mean the journey has ended it is only delayed due to stormy weather. Just because things didn’t pan out doesn’t mean there is not another river leading to the same ocean.

After we took the first breath then came the first step our journey began with these two things. And while we may have stumbled or fallen with those first steps, we never gave up because we didn’t know we were meant to. No one said it can’t be done, no one said give up sit down, no one said you don’t have the means to do it, no one said I don’t believe in you. Those were words which came later which we internalized and used to prevent ourselves taking the first step again.

Now here you are preparing to take that first step and God is saying You can do this, I have your back, if you fall it’s okay you will make it eventually, I gave you all you will ever need, connect to the life force energy of the breath take the step it will always be okay no matter what.

We talked about making choices now you are faced with one.

Do you take the first step or do you stay where you are?

I cannot decide for you.

Take a step

Breathe…..and as you breathe listen to your soul voice then trust believe and take the first step.

Yes it’s scary. Stepping into our greatness often is but you can do it! Will there be obstacles, roadblocks, moments where you want to drop to the ground and crawl back into your comfort blanket of familiarity absolutely.

So what obstacles are you likely to face? Fear would be one. The fear monster feeds on dreams and sucks the life out of unprepared warriors. There are lots of different fears. Some people fear failure while others are scared of what will happen if they actually do succeed! Both walk around with clouds of ‘what if’s’ above their head.

What if I get the job and have to move?

What if I don’t get the job and everyone sees what a failure I am?

What is she says yes to a date then I screw it up by ordering the wrong thing?

What if she says yes to the date and then expects me to move in with her?

Stepping into a future which isn’t even created yet is a rookie mistake!

Now if you had been listening to your soul voice you might have heard the whisper “It will be okay if you are worried about moving plan it out before it happens.” Or “It’s okay if you don’t get the job because you can ask the question why and learn and be better prepared next time.”

We fear what we don’t know its human instinct to do so. Doesn’t make you any less of a human being.

Having fears isn’t the end of the world. And if you think all those self-help guru’s out there don’t have the odd moment of being afraid you are mistaken. So stop worrying about being the perfect enlightened being it will be okay.

There are a few things you can do to tame the fear monsters. Firstly if you don’t know find out. We fear the unknown so this makes perfect sense. If you are the queen of worst case scenarios have some fun pretend you are a General in charge of an army going to battle. Think ahead go for it. This might, could, may happen. Write it all down all the gory details. Link arms with the fear monster go head first into the doubts.

When it’s all done shove the fear monster to one side and bring in your spirit warrior.

If I don’t get the job they will laugh at me.” With one swish of their sword the spirit warrior will cut this down to “If they are those kind of people they will soon find someone else to pick on I don’t need their approval I know I will succeed.”

If I get the job I will have to move. Swish. “Jobs can be stepping stones not final destinations. And the new place might turn out to be awesome.”

Use your fears to your advantage. Use them to create a plan a foundation which will withstand the obstacles you may face moving forward. Gather the knowledge this is the step before the step.

If you ‘know’ you might run out of money then figure out how to have a stash put away in case it does happen. If you ‘know’ your car is likely to die and prevent you from getting to your new workplace then start looking at bus schedules, car pools a bike.

Rather than say “I cannot do this” ask yourself “how can I do this?”

Write it all down in a journal paper is an inexpensive way to start a dream. It cost very little in terms of money, time and energy and you lose nothing if it doesn’t pan out.

Write down your stepping stones then your obstacles then your solutions. A few unexpected things may pop up but with a full toolbox there will be nothing you can’t tackle.

Fears should not be discounted. There are reasons for them. And like smoking or losing weight giving up fear can be a very challenging task. Society has a ‘just do it’ mentality in which people are expected to conquer their fears rise to the occasion and succeed. Those who can’t shake it off so easily are judged harshly. There are a thousand self helps books waiting to tell people to suck it up get over it I can do it so can you.

Don’t allow yourself to buy into another fear. The fear of being judged.

When people tell me how brave I was to sell up everything I owned and fly to another country to live I responded with no actually I wasn’t. What I was…..was willing. Willing to take the next step despite my fears. You conquer fear by being willing.

Are you willing to take a risk? Are you willing to take the chance your dreams may come true? Are you willing to step forward not knowing where your feet may land?

And my next question: “Are you worth it?” Do you believe you deserve an abundant life of joy? Because if you truly believed then you would be willing to take the next step.

Breathe….listen trust believe step

Often fears are tied up with self-talk. I mean if you weren’t telling yourself ‘stuff’ you probably wouldn’t be afraid would you? The fear monster is not the one telling the stories he is created by the stories we tell ourselves. This step requires a bit of ownership.

You can’t blame anyone else for the words in your head. Yes your parents may have sucked at giving encouragement however are they standing next to you now? Yes your teacher may have picked on your lack of skills however are they standing next to you now? Who you keep in your head is up to you. It’s time to open the door and boot the other voices out. Now’s the time to become your own BFF. And if you wouldn’t say it to your BFF don’t say it to yourself!

“You can’t do it don’t bother trying” Really you would say this to your BFF?

Become aware of the stories you tell yourself. Question them answer back to them. Replace them if necessary. “What if this goes wrong” becomes “what if it all goes right?’ What if the sky falls down” becomes “what if the rainbows come out?”

The stories you tell yourself determine which fears will grow in your mind. Remember when we talked about choices. You can choose a story in which you are the heroine/hero or you can choose a story in which you are the misfit never catching a break.

Changing the stories won’t change the challenges or obstacles you will face. That is magic bean thinking.

What it will change is how you cope with those challenges. Changing the stories will also help increase your willingness to take the next step. “I can do it I have done it before” is a bigger nudge forward than “I know all hell is going to break lose best to cut my losses and run.”

While you don’t want to be telling yourself horror stories you don’t want to be writing fairy tales either.

If you fear being old and alone telling yourself a story where Mr. Right rides in on his white horse and rescues you probably won’t create a life where you don’t feel alone. Even if Mr. Right does comes riding in fear will always have you wondering if he will have an affair or leave you.

Breathe…..listen trust believe step

Try listening to the stories your soul voice whispers. “You are a divine child of the universe the power is within you.”“Open your eyes to the endless possibilities which surround you. Creator wants you to have a life of abundance let go and allow things to flow.”

When fear creeps in as it will have a story ready. “I am really scared about moving to another town and not knowing anyone.” This is not an unrealistic fear. But you don’t want to go with the “I am never go to meet anyone and even if I do they won’t like me” story. Pull the “I am sure there will be groups I can join and places to meet people who have the same interests as me.”

Ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? It’s where you create what you don’t want to happen by your own thought processes. For example you move to a new town already convinced you will not meet anyone and even if you do they will not like you. So you don’t join any groups you don’t leave the house, you don’t engage people in conversation, your body language screams don’t get close to me and what happens? Surprise you do not make friends, people find you stand offish, abrupt, not someone they want to get close too. You have created the very thing you were afraid would happen.

Had you gone with the second more positive story you would have given people the opportunity to get to know you, your body language would have said I am friendly and open. You may have met people with similar interests which would have increased the likelihood of friendships developing.

What are you creating in your life? What stories are turning into reality? More importantly what fears are you feeding?

Stories feed fears give them the fuel they need to control your life.

Listen to your self-talk become aware of the stories you tell yourself. Sack the fear monster as your co-writer bring in your spirit warrior self instead. Don’t lose hope if it takes a while to get into the swing of rewriting stories it can be tough to break old habits.

The three P’s Practice, perseverance and patience are the qualities you will need in order to become the author of your own story.

But for now breathe….listen trust believe get ready for the next step.

The one fear which has the power to paralysis us is the fear of being not good enough the fear of being judged. Who hasn’t at some stage wanted the approval of someone? It might have been your parents, teacher, sibling, spouse, friend or boss. We seek validation through the approval of others. And when we don’t get it our self-belief is thrown out the window. We all crave the “I am proud of you” from a parent or the “well done you” from a teacher or boss or the “you’re the best” from a friend or a ‘congratulations, hug from a sibling. If you do not believe in yourself you will always be looking for someone else to believe in you.

Fearing not being good enough comes from a loss of hearing. Because if you could hear your soul voice it would whisper “the Creator made each part of the puzzle different but of equal importance. And you are very much part of the bigger picture.”

You don’t have to measure up or be good enough. You simply have to be you. The ‘you’ which took the first life energy breath and came into the world a perfect child of the Universe. Your purpose in life is to be happy.

The irony is the fear of not being good enough or not measuring up isn’t about anybody else. Other people may thrust their expectations upon you, society may have a list of things you need to be in order to be one of the beautiful people but once again it’s the stories you tell yourself which bring the fear monster out to play.

If you spend all of your life trying to be ‘something’ as determined by someone else in order to get approval and validation you might as well hop off the happy wagon and onto the misery train right now. Because the fear of not measuring up will eat you up and spit you out.

There are going to be people who don’t like you who don’t think you are good at what you do. There are going to be people who will pull your dreams apart and stomp on them. There are going to be people who will throw negative words at you hoping they will stick because this shifts the power to them. In these people’s eyes you are never going to measure up or be good enough. Your fear has come true.

Thank God-ness it doesn’t matter what they think.

Thank God-ness the only person who has to live your life is you.

Thank God-ness your happiness isn’t determined by what people say but by what you think and do.

Thank God-ness!

Breathe…..listen trust believe let go.

I am not making light of your fears. Not saying you are a ‘bad’ person or ‘broken’ in any way. However fear cannot remain in the driver’s seat there are dreams to accomplish, plans to be fulfilled so much more to be to do!

Change the stories and the fears will fade away gradually on their own. Start listening to your soul voice. Understand this life journey isn’t about anyone else. It’s about you.

If you are happy sleeping in a cave eating berries it doesn’t matter if your mother in law thinks you are crazy. If you are happy being the local garbage man it doesn’t matter if your brother thinks your job choice sucks. If you are happy wearing pink hats and purple shoes it doesn’t matter if your neighbour peers out the window at you. If you are happy where you are, doing what you do, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.

And if they do have an opinion don’t let it be the paint you use to create your life canvas.

Wanting to be the person you were born to be is completely different to wanting to be the person you believe everyone else wants you to be. The first one doesn’t fear judgment because they know who they are, where they are going and why they are heading there. The other one believes if they measure up others might like them, promote them, marry them or befriend them. They fear judgment will come if they veer off the path or don’t look act behave in a certain way. They may know where they are heading however the ‘why’ may be not reflect the core truth. Fear denies us our birthright which is to live a joyous abundant loving giving life. It takes away our life breath.

We will all have moments when fear overcomes us simply because we are human. But it’s what we do in those moments which will make the difference.

Are we going to tell ourselves a story which will feed the fear?

Are we going to tell ourselves a story which will negate the fear?

Are we going to turn around and run away from our fears?

Are we going to be willing to take a step despite the fear?

Remember the threads we talked about? This is when you reach out to friends for support and help. This is where you find strength in your faith to take the next step. This is where you….

Breathe….and as you breathe listen trust believe step forward

So what now?

Let’s go back to the stories. Stories consist of words. We give the words power by believing in them. If we didn’t believe them they would have no power. And while we covered this earlier it is worth repeating.

If you look in the mirror and go “aren’t you awesome” but in your head a voice is saying “loser you will never amount to anything.” Which words do you think will have the most power? The ones you believe of course!

If someone compliments you on being awesome but in your head a voice is saying “she doesn’t mean it.” Which words do you think will have the most power? The ones you believe of course!

If I say “you deserve to be loved and respected.” But if you don’t believe it the words are meaningless. If I say “you deserve to be happy”. But if you don’t believe it the words are meaningless. If I say “you deserve to be successful”. But you don’t believe it the words are meaningless.

You can see how the threads of self and faith are woven together now.

When you say “I deserve to be happy” and you believe it you give the words power.

Take a breath….say it out loud “I deserve to be happy!” Do you truly believe it? Can you hear your soul voice whisper back “Yes you do”?

Think about the words in your world. Which ones are you giving power to? The ones which support the threads of your life or the ones which break them? Are there words which do not align with the person you were born to be and the purpose you have on this planet? Don’t just think about the words you tell yourself think about the words you throw at others. Do these words strengthen the threads of your relationships or weaken them?

Write your words down, become aware of them change them if necessary. Make sure what you believe, what you say and what you think match.

Then take a breath….pat yourself on the back….well done you….you have taken another step.

So what happens when it’s someone else throwing negative words at you which are sticking? Again words only have the power you give them so if you believe someone when they say “You will never amount to anything”. You will create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Will people say things which will hurt or wound you absolutely! Do you have to buy into ‘their’ stories no you don’t. That’s right you are not the only one going around telling stories to themselves.

Your partner who is screaming at you for being fat and lazy is telling themselves a story in which you have a starring role. The worst thing you can do is to keep the story going by adding “you can talk you pig”. Now there are two stories being told neither is strengthening the threads of the relationship.

You may discover you are the topic of office gossip the worst kind of stories. The words may be hurtful and untrue. But you don’t have to believe them or buy into them. If other people do then as we mentioned at the beginning these might be threads which need to be cut.

Breathe…..and as you breathe listen….

Listen to your soul voice the words it whispers “you are a divine miracle you were born to manifest a life of abundance.” I believe these words above all others. And so should you! Let the negative words of others drift away in the wind. They have no power they never did.

Don’t get dragged into the stories being told around you. God has a role for you and it isn’t playing a bit part in other people’s dramas.

Choose your own words wisely for you may be an important thread which strengthens someone else’s life.

In an age of technology where there is a Facebook status on every corner words are being carelessly thrown about with little care of where they may land or who they may hurt. You have to listen even more closely to the whispers of your soul voice. You have to believe the words coming back to you.

Not the words on someone lips which speak to their pain, hurt or lack of self. Not the words on a Facebook status which speak to someone else’s need to feel better about themselves by making someone else smaller. Not the words which are designed to make you feel powerless and feed into your fears.

Breathe….and as you breathe listen do you hear the whisper “You are a child of the universe unconditionally loved and supported”

Out of control

Fear also pops in when we feel like our world is out of control.

And there are plenty of things we cannot control such as what others do or say or our health or natural disasters. Often however this feeling of being out of control is completely within our control as odd as this sounds.

You can’t change what other people say but you can change how you react to what they say.

You can’t change what other people do but you can change what you do in response to their actions.

You can’t change Mothers natures mind but you can prepare yourself for the wrath.

You can’t change a medical diagnosis but you can gather the information you need to walk towards a better outcome.

If you go into battle with a fork chances are good you will feel like you have no control over the outcome but if you go into battle with a belief in your super powers all things are possible.

Breathe…..and as you breathe allow the stillness to come….all is well in your world

People will always push your buttons you can’t control this however what happens after they are pushed is entirely within your control. And again this is woven into the conversation we had earlier about choices.

In an argument you can choose to be reactive or proactive. One will throw another log on the fire helping to keep it burning the other will dowse the flames so it goes out. Which do you think will give you more of a sense of being in control?

When you get a medical diagnosis which isn’t in your favour you can google the symptoms and outcomes and spiral into all the worst case scenario’s or you can get second opinion, seek alternative treatments or ask the questions you need to ask, to get the knowledge you need to go into battle. Which do you think will give you more of a sense of being in control?

When people are behaving badly you can run in and fix rescue or save them or you can walk away without enabling and not get drawn into the drama. Which do you think will give you more of a sense of being in control?

There will be times when emotions and feelings overwhelm us and it will be hard to stop ourselves feeling powerless in situations which seem out of our control. However there are some super powers you possess which may be able to help you through these moments.

Breathe…..and as you breathe know all is well in your world

Superpower number one: You control what you say.

Don’t think this is much of a superpower think again. Words can be weapons of destruction or peace. They can uplift or bring down, fire up or calm down, excite or depress, push away people or pull them closer. They can help you or cause you to shoot yourself in the foot.

An argument can be brought under control with a few choice words. “Let’s take a break and come back when we are calmer”

A person can be calmed down with a few choice words. “I understand how you might feel that way and I am willing to listen to you”

A situation can be completely turned around with a few choice words. “You are a really awesome person and I know you will figure a way to make this work”

If you use this superpower wisely it will help you stay in control of many a situation.

Superpower number two: You control what you do.

Lives are changed by this superpower. An argument can be brought under control by walking away and calming down

A person can be calmed down by a light touch on the arm which says we are in this together.

A situation can be completely turned around by being the one who steps up and goes the extra mile.

What you do or say often dictates what the other person will do and say next. Think about it.

Superpower three: The ability to learn and grow and be prepared.

We fear what we do not know so it makes sense the more we know the more we will feel in control. We come across an accident but took a first aid course so know what to do there is no panic. We have gotten into an argument but the course on conflict resolution we took enables us to work towards a solution. We get a flat tire in the middle of a snow storm but will be okay because we knew this might happen and brought an emergency kit.

Breathe and as you breathe know all is well in your world.

We have talked about fears, feeling out of control and now it’s time to confront our doubting self. “Am I the person for this job?” “Can I do this?” “Am I really prepared for this?’ “Will it work out?” Everyone doubts themselves at some stage in their lives. Which is why having a strong thread of ‘self’ woven into your life is important.

It’s one thing to have in your head “I can do this” quite another to believe it in your heart.

Once again the stories we tell ourselves, the sense of self we have, our ability to believe in something bigger come into play. I always tell people if you could see what I see when I look at you then you would never doubt yourself again. And I mean it.

You can have a doubt or a fear but this doesn’t mean you have to buy into it. You don’t have to do the ‘beat myself up for not being good enough’ thing. You don’t have to do the what if’s. Maybe it won’t work out as planned maybe you won’t be able to do ‘it’. However you will never know until you try and if you try and it doesn’t work this doesn’t mean it will never work. Never let doubt or lack of belief be the reason you never tried.

You don’t build self-belief by doing nothing. You build self-belief by taking a step then patting yourself on the back with a well done you.

Breathe….and as you breathe listen can you hear the whisper of your soul voice saying “You’ve got this”.

You won’t be able to do everything and sometimes things will go wrong. Life is a learning curve which never ends you are not alone in this journey. Overcoming doubts requires a willingness to step forward, a trust in your inner voice, a belief in a God which has your back.

There is one thing you can know for certain you are here for a purpose it might take a few tries to figure it out, get on the right pathway and there might be a few mountains to climb, a bit of soul searching to do. But you’ve got this you can do it you were given the ability to do it with the first breath of life energy you took.

Keep Moving forward

What do I now?

Take a breath and a step keep moving forward. That’s all manifestation is one step after the other. You have to do the work. Yes that’s right.

Words have no meaning without action behind them. Just like you can’t build a house without picking up a hammer you can’t build a dream by simply planting magic beans. I know it would be nice to have an easy option which required nothing of you. News flash they don’t exist.

No one has ever gotten where they are by sitting on the couch and waiting for it to happen.

What do you now?

You take a breath and as you take the breath listen to the whispers of your soul voice.

You take a breath and as you take the breath listen then trust the voice you hear.

You take a breath and as you take the breath start remembering the person who you were born to be

You weave the threads of your life so strong they will support you during the toughest of times.

You tell yourself stories of hope and happiness.

You use your words carefully to uplift and inspire.

You walk through your fears and doubts towards the life of abundance you deserve.

You thank Creator for the breath you are about to take the life energy breath.

You begin to be grateful for the life you have been given.

You begin to understand your life’s purpose is to be the best you that you can be.

I cannot tell you what the next step is only that you need to take it. I cannot tell you what you are meant to do only that you need to start doing it.

Life is a series of breaths and one day just as there was a first energy breath there will be a last one.

On this day you will want to know each breath counted. You will want to know each moment was crammed full of as much happiness as you could find.

When your soul voice whispers for the final time “Welcome home” make sure you can say “I lived the life I was meant to live”.

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Robin Roberts is an Australian Psychic and Medium currently residing on Vancouver Island off the coast of British Columbia Canada. Over the last 30 yrs. she has sought to bring what she terms ‘simple wisdom’ into the lives of the people who come to her. She hopes through her writing to lead people to the corners of their souls so they may rediscover the people they were born to be. As a Psychic she offers a unique perspective on personal transformation and the challenges facing all of us.

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What do I do now

What do you now? You take a breath and as you take the breath listen to the whispers of your soul voice. You take a breath and as you take the breath listen then trust the voice you hear. You take a breath and as you take the breath start remembering the person who you were born to be You weave the threads of your life so strong they will support you during the toughest of times. You tell yourself stories of hope and happiness. You use your words carefully to uplift and inspire. You walk through your fears and doubts towards the life of abundance you deserve. You thank Creator for the breath you are about to take the life energy breath. You begin to be grateful for the life you have been given. You begin to understand your life’s purpose is to be the best you that you can be. I cannot tell you what the next step is only that you need to take it. I cannot tell you what you are meant to do only that you need to start doing it. Life is a series of breaths and one day just as there was a first energy breath there will be a last one. On this day you will want to know each breath counted. You will want to know each moment was crammed full of as much happiness as you could find. When your soul voice whispers for the final time “Welcome home” make sure you can say “I lived the life I was meant to live”.

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What do I do now What do I do now