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First Journal… 2018…

First Entry


Two days ago we passed a truck on the highway and found two people dead in the back. They both had bullet wounds in the head and looked to be in their twenties.  No doubt a murder we searched for a motive.  The only thing we could find was that the gas cap was still a little loose.  Neither of them had identification which might have been weird 8 weeks ago, but since then identification might just be useless.  We will follow the road for a while, maybe more clues will show themselves. Cable Black












Tree Line Trail


We found a freshly made trail about 5 miles away from the murdered couple. This trail we could see a little off the road turning into a meadow and meeting the trees on the other side.  We decided to drop off a few of us to have a look.  The rest of us continued on the road to see if we could find a road or another trail into the same area…
 Cable Black


Update: We could find a gated road that seemed to enter or at least go in the direction of the said area.  This road however, was about 15 miles away.  Five more of us including myself will walk around the gate and into that area.











We came upon a building in the dark. We were unable to make out any more detail but from what we could see it looked like a saw mill. We made an action plan and began positioning ourselves to surround the building at a few hundred meters away. At about 6 A.M. we could see some movement in the windows. As according to plan I waited another 30 minutes and walked my way to the door. I knocked five times and waited. I could hear the stumbling of someone on a set of stairs and then the door was swung open and I had a gun in my face. I showed them that I was not carrying anything and I told them that I have been wandering through the forest for about a week until I found this building. I asked if I could have something to eat or even a place to stay for a while. The man called to the other people in the building. I asked him, how many people are here? He told me that there was about 5 people here with a smile on his face and lowered his gun. He asked me what my name was and continued to make conversation with me while he showed me around and took me into the cafeteria where several were drinking coffee. While I was inside the plan was that the rest of us who were surrounding the building should be trickling closer and closer. I knew that if everything was going okay, I should be able to start the interrogation process.





















We will spend some time here to rest. The authorities here tell me that a few weeks ago a shift in the government created a split community. With conflicting views people soon began fighting everywhere. They tell me that a gun was fired and since then a small scale civil war was at hand. The hundred or so left are the only survivors, and most of them are not from here but from the surrounding areas. As no one here knows any further details beyond the shift in political power we are still at a loss. Once we are finished resting we will start heading east.


Note: I have absolutely no idea why this kind of shift could occur. I`ll have to think about it for awhile. Ever since 2015 conflicting views and tensions began getting worse and worse. Do those tensions have anything to do with what happened? Could we have been so mindless to destroy America and leave it like it is now?



Television Broadcasts, Media, and Communications dead.


A group of 7 men came here from the south east 2 days ago. These men claim that they left the city of Portland after fighting began. They also said something about watching news and at one point all broadcasts, even on other channels were lost. They do not seem to know anything more than that, because they left the city soon after. Other stories they tell us that I really do not believe is that they think the Russians or even Arabs are behind it. I really don`t think that they are experts in anything beyond what they said about the TV broadcasts. If all TV broadcasts did stop, it might have something to do with the shift in politics we heard about. Also if all broadcasting stopped does that mean that the entire country is enveloped in this? As for right now I would say that I do not believe that Russia, Terrorists, or even small countries like North Korea would be behind this… However, maybe I am talking too soon. I should keep my mind focused and not let it wander too much. The truth will come out eventually.


Update: The men said that they will attempt to walk to Canada. I did not ask them why and I really do not care. We will move out in the morning to the east but we will try to avoid the city. If what they said was true we do not want to be caught up in what is taking place there.


Note: I did not really pay attention to it, but now that I think about it, cell phones have stopped receiving signals. The Internet is also lost. How does this happen? Did all the providers and associated businesses decide to stop at the same time? Does it have anything to do with the shift in politics?











Sore Head and a Scar to Remember It


After leaving in the morning we began moving east. It was not long before we were headed off and blocked by two SUVs that appeared to have come out of the tree line. They got out of their vehicles, aimed their weapons at us and told us to leave our vehicles and show our hands. That is all I remember, and I woke up several hours later next to a fire with a couple of hot dogs on a paper plate in front of me. My head was throbbing and I could only imagine what happened to me. I was told that I was grazed by a bullet by the men who stopped us. They shot and killed two of our team and now there are only 5 of us surviving. We were shot at before we could get our hands up. The men must have thought that a preemptive strike was the best method, but considering that they are dead I can say that they did not get the outcome they were looking for. The foremost of our team took the initial shots including me. The 4 behind me were quick to respond getting to cover and shooting the men without them getting another chance to shoot.


Notes: This experience has taught us that we have to be much more careful. I do not want this type of thing to happen to anyone, not just me or our team members but anyone.


Thoughts: I was just thinking about the loss of television, media, and communication mediums. I am not sure about it but, you remember when Sony was hacked a couple years back? Well that was not the only event. There were attacks before and after that, by other entities. There were some by terrorists we even had some security problems with stolen information. Sometime after the large terrorist attack in Paris there was retaliation by a hacker group called anonymous. The hack of the DMC before the republicans won the white house. While none of the events I mentioned probably have any connection to what’ happening now, a cyber attack might have knocked out our communicative abilities. Just a thought.











This will be a brief entry because it is not exciting for me to describe. The streets are peppered with dead bodies. Not of just men or women but children also. We can even see some children’s hands holding weapons. This is a little unbelievable. What happened to America? Two years ago these children were playing games on their smart phones and now they are laying on the ground in the middle of a battlefield. This is what is found when we start to get close to what used to be bustling communities and social centers. I do not know the names of all the towns we have passed so far. We have found no survivors. We stop at each one to get supplies and get a stock of food ready for us and enough even for any people we might find on the way. Death is becoming a normal sight, and it seems that America has been returned to a state of nature or has been put into chaos. I really don`t like the word chaos, but for right now everything is confusing me so it is the best way I can describe it now.



Update: Along with supplies I have started grabbing a few magazines or newspapers to try to find out what might have caused the political shift, and the civil war. I feel really weird calling it a civil war. It is what it is but civil war just feels weird.





















We have found another group of survivors. These people say that they were chased out during a conflict in Clatskanie (near the Clatskanie River and on the Columbia River highway). They are a group of about 40 men, women and children. According to what they told me, the same political shifting happened there as well. The Clatskanie elementary, middle/high school and a private school were the first to be taken over. Students were told to go home and tell their parents to leave the city immediately. Shortly after uniformed men as well as some police with weapons were knocking on doors and forcing residents out of their homes. These survivors also tried numerous times to call the mayor’s office and the police department but all attempts were met with busy signals. Since cell phones and internet services were not working as they tell me, any attempt to contact outside help was also ended in vain. I can’t be too sure that what they told us is true, but considering the circumstances we will allow ourselves to believe them. Most vehicles were disabled by the uniformed men and most of these people walked out of town with nothing more than a few bags of luggage.


Update: After hearing their story we have decided to see what we can do. We will start planning tonight in order to take the city back. It being a small city shouldn't be too difficult... (I said shouldn't). *Crossing my fingers.


Notes: If by chance we are able to liberate the city. I think it will give us some good experience for future operations. Also I think we need to relieve some stress in the process. Maybe we can also learn about what we are dealing with in regards to the situation we have found ourselves in.


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