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Waving Through a Starry Night in Paradise

The first story of this collection, "It's Alive," features mad scientist Dr. Herman facing the repercussions of reincarnating a beast-like man named Arnold. When Arnold realizes he's living a second life in a new body, the warehouse lab could face the wrath of the reborn monster. "Waving Through a Window" tells the story of Tommy, a young and hopeful teenager, who discovers Jack, a whimsical elf, at his front door during the holiday season. What information could this elf reveal that could change everything for Tommy? "A Starry Night to Remember" proves that nothing is as it really seems for art museum security guard, Drake. When he attempts to steal New York's most coveted van Gogh painting, another guard thwarts his plans and sends Drake down a path of making unfortunate, yet comical choices. An unexpected, but familiar guest sends Mark and Kate into panic mode in "Another Day in Paradise." How much tension can their Los Angeles hotel room contain when it's revealed why Mark wants a divorce? Why is Kate so protective of her purse? Will this really turn out to be just another day in paradise?

  • ISBN: 9780463127872
  • Author: Colby Applegate
  • Published: 2018-05-14 06:05:08
  • Words: 2809
Waving Through a Starry Night in Paradise Waving Through a Starry Night in Paradise