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Water-Slide Fiasco!


Water-Slide Fiasco!



Phraewa Saengaroon

(Age 12) Grade 6

RIS (Ruamrudee International School)













Chapter 1


The Reminder


Dec. 3, 2015:


After the tired band camp, I’m finally going back home, Just then when I was trying to sleep, I was disturbed by Amy.


“OMG, my bag!”Amy shouted.


Her bag was overflowed with water!


“Where did that water came from?” I asked.


“It came from my water bottle!” she replied.


Amy was a 9th grader, she played violin just like me, but she’s pretty clumsy, though.


After we’ve cleaned up the mess, we found out that all of her stuff were wet. Her Math notebook, notepads and even her snacks! There were a couple of things that weren’t wet, like her phone and her computer, because she was playing with it until the water had spilled in her bag. Come and think of it, it reminds me of the prank that my friend did for my birthday!


Dec. 4, 2014


“Fay we can’t go to the Santorini water-slide Phraewa is too scared.”


Mickey moaned while rolling her eyes.


“Um…How about we go to the ZOO! in that way we can all enjoy water animals and land animals,” I said proudly presenting my ideas.


”That is the best idea Phraewa, let’s meet at the train station tomorrow exactly at 6:45 am ok!” Mickey answered.


“Why does it need to be so early?” Fay moaned.


“Well there was a couple of reasons that’s why we need to go early.


Let me begin:


First, tomorrow is Father’s day and the train station would be so crowded like a can of tuna.


Second, there will be a long line queuing to buy the tickets, do you get it, Fay?” Mickey asked.


“Okay fine,” Fay finally understood why we needed to go there early.


“Ooh, and also, bring your swimming suit too because, I heard that there is a shallow swimming pool over there.

























Chapter 2


The Prank Revealed


Dec. 5, 2014 (4:30 am)


*Yawn!* I didn’t realize that getting up this early would be so sleepy!


By the way, I’ve bought a new dress and swimming suit! They have matching colours. They have polka dots and it was so cute.


Dec.5, 2014 (6:40 am)

At the train station


I thought Mickey was the one who would get there first because she was the one bragging about being here at 6:45 am. Just as I thought, Fay made it here being the second person!


“ Good Morning Fay,” I say hi to her.


“Oh hi, I thought Mickey would be here first!” she said. Finding Mickey and it’s exactly 6:45 am when Mickey arrived.


“Hey Mickey we’ve been here before you,” Fay said with a little giggle.


“Well, I’ve told you guys, to be here at 6:45am, so I arrived perfectly in time,” said Mickey with a grin.


Anyway, in the train, we were squashed like a can of tuna! And we needed to stay in there for one hour!


After we got out of the train, Fay went to get our tickets. A while after she’d bought us our tickets, it was not zoo tickets! It was for Santorini waterpark tickets!


“Um… Mickey, you didn’t bring us to the wrong place right?” I nervously asked.


“Of course not, I’ve brought you here with

your request! Zoo, didn’t you know that water park is known as water zoo?” Mickey answered.

Silence approached us, no one talked… In my head, I was thinking that maybe I should give it a shot. So I walk towards the entrance.


“ What are you guys waiting for?” I said with a smile, Mickey and Fay both smiled into each other then quickly ran into the entrance.







Chapter 3


Who’s The Problem?


When we walked into the water park, all I heard was screaming.


After a while I started to panic, so I began to think, if I go to the big, long and dark water slide, it will be so embarrassing for me to scream. If I go to the kiddie water slide it would be a nice start for me, so I walked the opposite way of Fay and Mickey. When they noticed, I ran, but I could not get away from my predator friends. They got me, they dragged me to the biggest, tallest and darkest tunnel. When I wanted to go back, a long line of people were waiting to play in this gigantic water slide, I could not go back…


“Phraewa, it’s our turn!” Fay shouted.


I stared into the deep tunnel, I’m doomed.

As I slid down the water slide the speed was so fast that I had goosebumps!


The water slide was like 5 minutes. There I went, twist and turn down the deep tunnel. Just then I started to scream, I tried to hold it, the only thing that made me happy was some food and dessert to eat!

That worked as thinking of food let me calm down and have fun with my friends!


Soon the water slide will be over!


After a while, we tried a variety of water slides, like short ones, long skinny ones or even the deep and dark pool!


Soon it was lunch and we ordered some steak to eat.


Mickey volunteered to pay!


But… the worst thing that could ever happen had happened! Mickey had lost her wallet!


“Mickey, I could pay for you,” I said.


“Thank you Phraewa, and hurry up and eat we need to find our wallet!”


It was a bummer! We needed to play every water slide we’ve been. Soon we ended up playing the last two ones.


Mickey’s already giving up!

“You know what, let’s just call the police!” Mickey said with anger.


No one’s listening, not even me!


Soon after the police came, all the people were surprised that the police had come here.


The police walked towards us, also did the crowd.


“What happened?” one of the police asked.

“I’ve lost my wallet” anxiously said, Mickey.


“What color is it? What shape is it?” the policeman asked.


“Well it is, Aqua Blue. It’s rectangle and there’s a pink key chain,” Mickey answered.

“Well, you’ve heard that troops, you guys get searching!” the policeman shouted.


But a while after, one of the police started to play, also the others, they all reported that there was no sign of Mickey’s wallet, until the last police come to report, the wallet is stuck between the handles.


A sign of relief happened, soon we went back home. We thanked the policeman and packed up. We went back home late so we could eat our delicious meal, and you know what… it wasn’t bad after all.


Chapter 4


What Now?


Dec. 3, 2015


It had been a long sleep on the bus, but the bump of the road woke us up. Then I realized that I dreamed about it a while ago. Then there was a call, from Mickey.


“Oh hi, ready to go Wakeboarding on Friday?” Mickey asked.


And I just remembered, she’d asked me to go to Wakeboarding now, but I’m not scared, after all, we’ve done this a lot of times, what could happen? Like… One of us is drowning? Or we all get hurt from the sharp blades. Come to think of it, I’m quite scared, so I’ve decided to call Mickey again…


“Um… Mickey maybe we can go somewhere else, that is safer, like the zoo you know…” I said.


“You surely don’t want to make Fay angry don’t you? She can be like a beast! Remember last time?” Mickey answered.


“Yes I remember, just because she didn’t have enough doughnuts and it was too small, she went to the shop and yelled. Because of that, the shop closed! So I think that Fay is way scarier than Wakeboarding. Hence, I will go, bye!” I said.



It would be bad if Fay was angry, beware!!!


To be continued…

Water-Slide Fiasco!

  • Author: Phraewa
  • Published: 2016-03-19 06:50:07
  • Words: 1319
Water-Slide Fiasco! Water-Slide Fiasco!