"Warrant on my Life: Why Me? Personal Statement Asking For Public Assistance"




Larry Margulies

D.O.B. 12/17/1971

Boston, Massachusetts



Dear people who might have the capacity to help investigate and resolve.

This is my plea for your assistance in investigating and determining my case. I am a private person and would appreciate you assistance in my situation without unnecessary divulgence in my private and family life. My life is of importance and urgency as it is a threat on my life which is a risk to my right to live and raise a family. My troubles seemed to start when my father asked me to choose a place to settle and having a personal wish to settle I chose to settle in Canada where I thought my career drove me towards. My father withdrew his support for that property and we arrived at buying an income property in Vancouver, B.C.

However, having shared a sour relationship with my parents at an early age characterized by mistrust and abuse, my father thought I was working against his wish and that I had manipulated them and acquired the property in Canada. My father has a sinister history and a psychiatrist background and he believes in controlling every aspect of our lives. I had taken a mortgage from that property to follow through with starting a business in China which my family knew about so I prepared with a limited liability company of my own in Hong Kong but my father believed that I had exploited him. He convinced other members of the family to be against me and has gone to the extent of hiring people to follow me. I have experienced numerous attempts on my life and I believe my father has used his money and influence to prevent me from accessing any help. The other conclusion that I could make was that a Federal security man from the 2008 Olympics named Benny had left a message on my mother’s answering machine to visit him in Taiwan, and my parents bought me the air ticket and paid my hotel there, and I met his female friend who founded ‘Descendants of African People’ there for coffee, we only talked about the city and weather, nothing to kill me for. My attempts to get help from government agencies via email or telephone have been unsuccessful, and all I get in return are threats by people coming to me in person.

Public Assistance on Ongoing Crime

I am writing to you as an effort to get justice which I feel I have been denied for a long time. There have been several outrageous attempts on my life which I believe are being orchestrated by people working for my family which has made my situation difficult and I now feel I need your assistance to investigate and resolve the case to find out who hired these people, for unknown reason my family has not tried to defend themselves against my accusation but would rather say I am lying which I am not. My ordeals began after the 2008 Olympics when a Boston Passport Agency representative at the window said that there would be an investigation for my lost passport after which a state department officer said his name was Noel in Manila notified me of a warrant on my life (I had begged for his help when I was poisoned and had called the officer on duty). Since that time, there has been more than one attempt on my life one of which included the use of a bizarre chain of being injected through a distance with either a concoctor or a strange hallucinogen while standing in line for my exit clearance at the Philippine N.B.I. Following this poisoning I think to a ‘pen pistol’, I experienced a 120 beats per minute heart beat for several hours, along with meningitis like affects one time. Just afterward a violent break in to my apartment which I had stopped with a bookcase my father advised that I visit a hospital and he did not even mention to go to the police, which I thought very odd. Going later to a regular checkup for a new foreign work visa, and while I was waiting for the arrival of the doctor an hour later, the doctor and nurse were switched with another group. The first nurse instructed me to hit the red button attached to the running machine if I felt faint, and the second nurse came in with a mask on and told me specifically NOT to touch the red button buy to inform her instead. following under the intervention of the same men who came to my house during a repatriation loan; One of the men passing my by there was the same American man walking past my doorway from when I applied the repatriation loan at 26 C Imus Highway in Cebu City (I lived in small ethnic ghettos without any white men so it was easily noticeable). The new doctor was an impostor doctor who had tried to kill me twice, the first time at the soccer Hospital after I called an ambulance to come the Escario Hotel where four Immigration agents parked their identical race cars outside my room and something in the food I ordered made my heart increase like with an upper would have caused, and the second time in Bagiuo at the sacred heart Hospital atop Session Road. The doctor said he was busy with procedure when I asked why my heart rate was increasing to 190 just by standing on a running machine, I had a strong sense of chemical introduced to my system that moment and tore off the cream he applied and electrodes. He grabbed a nun that moment and made a cell phone call while I left the hospital already having paid. I attached a notary statement from my girlfriend outside, and the recent echocardiogram proving that my heart is in good condition, and an MRA proves my brain healthy enough not to have cause any problems.

I was facing charges from the state department for selling passports which I never did. Following these charges I paid a Sandi Pellikaan some 6,000 dollars to expunge my record in 2016 (A felony in Oregon on my record was without evidence, based only on hearsay, and I had no knowledge of anything to do with that crime. My emails have been compromised according to Google and Hotmail security, and I cannot get any helpful replies from the thousand emails and faxes sent to humanitarian organizations, civil rights advocates, and lawyers. I must confess that my family has not been a stable family and for the few times that we have lived together, we lived in separate rooms. My father had been the Director of Psychiatry for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections during my childhood days, and he runs my family like a business. He was acclaimed for being an excellent administrator and for putting things in greater order at the prison. He can hardly control his rage, and he believes in controlling every aspect of our lives. My family has suffered intensely from abuse, but we never got treated even after my school, the Park School requested for one; instead I was transferred to another school. The doctor was assigned to our family therapy by my father and he said that he was not required to report the abuse as long as our family was in therapy but we only went together a few times. I have suffered from sexual abuse since I was two years of age but seeking help and treatment has been hard as doing so would threaten my family’s reputation and the list of my father’s achievement. As a matter of fact, my mother had confessed to me that my other family members were jealous of me because I was very intelligent, good looking. Like a Male Cinderella, I was turned into a victim; suffering from numerous abuses as a child and never allowed to talk about it even in my therapy sessions that we went together.

The threats on my life started when I got a house from my father as a gift, but he thought that I had mortgaged the house and run away with the money. Although I wanted a home that I could call my own, I accepted my father’s income property in the city which and not my choice of a condo by the water because I thought it was better than not having a house at all. My father succeeded in convincing my other family members that I was manipulating them simply because he was suspicious of my intentions to mortgage the house afterwards.

At one instance my father beat me up in the head when sleeping because he thought I was pretending to be asleep. But instead of getting the right treatment for post traumatic stress, my father and I both took Lithium which was his only way of calming his psychotic rages. The reason for telling you my family story is not because I would wish to, but it is the only way to tell the story and let you understand the circumstances surrounding me and my family.

The Brookline Park School had initiated a test for my family and I for abuse in 1979, but the report for the test never surfaced until when my father and I took Lithium together by the assigned family therapist. My parents had lied a lot and I found that they knew about the report, but pretended to know nothing about it. My suspicions were confirmed by my mother’s psychiatrist, Dr. Silvio Onesti who told me that my mother had said that “everything was fine at home” even though she sent me a handwritten latter stating that ‘things were so bad at home as the reason”, after suffering horrible abuses from my father. According to the 1979 report, I had an incestuous relationship with my mother, and my mother trusted me so much. However, my father had succeeded in making her distrust me. My father exploited everyone’s thinking using his psychiatric background to convince her that shoe should not trust me, such as when I proposed to him that he forgive me mother, at which he turned to her and told her that was reason not to trust me because I was trying to intervene in their own relationship.. Richmond Holder, my father’s supervisor and neighbor had told me never to listen to my father who was notorious at his work for yelling at people, our family also infamous at his office for not getting along. Holder and I met at his house next door for several years; he helped to mold me into a fine gentleman and frequently invited me to the Ritz Carlton for Sunday brunches in Boston.

After his and my beloved grandfather’s passing on which happened in close timing, I left Boston and rented a two bedroom. Unfortunately, my housemate was caught in crime, leading to I being convicted of a felony which I did not know about. Since this was my first time, I was allowed to go to a drunk driving program which I unfortunately failed, and I was tagged a criminal. As a result, I paid lawyer Sandi Pellikaan to expunge my records.

My family was angry that it the report was uncovered and they told me not to complain about it. They told me my being molested was meant for a locker room type teasing, but I knew that this was impossible because my molestations lasted for more than a minute. Mike, my brother who had tried to come to my rescue only, called the molester a fag and a pervert; this had terrible impacts on me as I lost confidence and touch with myself and it was not a rescue at all because he left me there alone and no one talked to me about it. So when I had my parents say that they did not know about the report, I knew that they were lying because they did not want to hurt my Dad’s career or bring disgrace to my family. Instead, they sacrificed my innocence, intelligence, and identity; treating me like a punk and a victim. Being blamed for crimes I do not commit and made to sacrifice my friendships by my family. As a result, my family has consistently turned against me, transferring me from one school to the other, and when this affects my concentration in class because I am worried about going home, my father accuses me of seizures. My parents have turned the abusive attention on me, and my education has greatly been affected especially when transferred to the Heath public school in Brookline two years below my level. My father’s thinking of me had also come between me and my mother.

After taking a mortgage, I had people following me and my mother sent messages to me from her answering machine from strangers in Canada who sent details of my money transactions (she thought I had given someone her number but I had not). The fact that these people coincided with the investigations on my passport case scared me a lot. My father has denied hiring anyone to trail me, but I cannot trust him for he has lied to me before. On the other hand, the border security has denied my crossing the border to see my house probably because of the felony, and my brother and father have promised to transport my house items to California. But when I called my father about it, he stated that he would owe the money to the people upon the pickup to insinuate that I was stealing from him; later they abandoned my 20,000 worth of things which I had already spent thousands on storing.

In 2010, I was targeted for murder when I was leaving the Seattle passport agency to apply for my new passport after which I made a special appointment with my father and his best friend, a six foot four and three hundred eighty pound Irish Ex-Boston police detective. When I asked my father if he had hired anyone recently he said never. I had hired an armed bodyguard with secret service training who confirmed that someone attempted to kill me with a bottle to the head leaving Seattle’s Brooklyn Seafood’s restaurant, Paul Mcsweeney said that he owed my father his life. Paul, had in fact, met me years earlier in a parking lot and said that he was surveillance on me by my father and checking my bank accounts. I had asked my father about hiring people as strangers had sent their phone answering machine messages from Canada about my house on his machine. On the machine, there were also messages and numbers on their caller ID from Shenzhen and Hong Kong which I knew nothing about, but my mother intervened and said that my father “would not kill his own son”. I had also heard rumors from my brother that my father was with ‘Jewish mafia’ (I never asked anything about that). I to keep out of other people’s business instinctually, although after the attempt on my life in Seattle I took a financial paper from my father’s folder in the kitchen about some account in Cayman Islands (To this day I never more than glanced at it out of an instinct to give others privacy) . I feel that the attempt on my life is related to house purchase. My mother had also sent me my high school transcripts while in Cebu Philippines because I wanted to enroll in the criminology class, but as soon as I received the mail, I started meeting several Caucasian men who hinted at knowing me. One of them called me by my Hebrew name, and another asked if I had ever been to the Cayman Islands. That particular day, a fax paper that was almost identical to the financial record disappeared from my neat folder in my room. The men had also used the information from my email inbox (I wondered if there was any relationship to a conversation with my brother Mike when he claimed to have seen my hotmail address on a Russian hacking site).

Since the attempts on my life began, my mother has distanced herself from me literary. She also acted very strange, such that when I called her after being poisoned she did not inquire. My father stated to me when I called to tell him of the American men who came to my residence with two corrupt policemen at 26 Imus Highway, that “That’s what you get for writing that letter” ( he was referring to a letter that I wrote when applying for the repatriation loan, and I wrote to Citizen services that if I was to ask for taxes returned in order to pay for my air ticket that perhaps they should inquire where my money was, as I had argued with my parents over the fact they paid my taxes without my permission) during the attempts on my life my mother brought up the subject on the phone about the 1979 report while at Park school. She called me a liar and held up copies of my message about it in her hands she said. My parents accused me of manipulating them into buying me a house in Canada. My father has used his money and credentials to persuade others to believe him that I was making this story up, even though we had no close contact by which to judge me. In all the attempts on my life, my parents never speak about them neither have they tried to initiate any investigation. The house was worth a million dollars; this was precious to me, but so was my life.

Ever since taking the mortgage, all the money has been spent room service, taxis, and hotels to stay safe as possible. I have been denied access to the Embassy services such as when I asked to speak to a federal Law Enforcement officer in Manila twice in one day while I was severely poisoned. That particular day I called my mother to tell her that incase something happened to me that I made a will and testament to then presidential nominee and now president Donald J. Trump, also Steaven F. Seagal while witnessed at Manila’s White Knight Hotel, and my father has lied to the government officials that I am crazy when he learnt that I want to apply the repatriation loan in Cebu City (I knew he would as usual to dissuade others from listening to me so I asked the lady officer there at Manila from Arlington Massachusetts if my father had called me crazy and she said he had, she laughed). I was met with more threats by men coming to sit with me that I “was a criminal and would die”. I am a confident young man so I was cordial, some of the times I thought it might be a joke, as I am not the criminal type and very kind to others ( I would never ever hurt anyone including myself, and I hold a strong faith in g-d and goodness). Kindly help me resolve and investigate this situation because I love my country and would not do anything to harm it. I here make it clear that I wish no contact whatsoever by my family and to figure out if these people were really from the State Department or just pretending. I have never sold any passport.

For extra information, I note that there were three men who came to my residence in Mactan Philippines at Deca Five Apartments and downstairs from my room they greeted me and my pregnant girlfriend Lesyl Medalla from 26C Imus Highway; A man named Jun from Deca Three said aloud “I am not going to shoot him!’, the second man, also a Philippines man had a huge birthmark on his eye, and the third man was American. The owner of the Gecko bar inCebu City invited me in as a passed by one night, it was located behind my girlfriend’s home : Inside, with only him and his friend in the background who said “Just shoot him!”, the owner told me that someone intended to shoot me, that it was not a white man. (This reminded me that the duty officer Noel had said the warrant on my life was issued by ‘Whitey”, whatever that meant.

My girlfriend under all these pressures against us killed my baby girl a month before delivery, she squeezed her head in half, and the hospital staff in Tagbilaran, Bohol declared the baby deceased from unknown cause. I have since guessed that these people intended to kill me in the hospital to also fake the death certificate. The loan services company in Mactan, Loan First that I had taken a loan of a thousand dollars to care for the baby upon last minute, the same week the baby was killed, they told me I would not be getting a loan that last time because they found out that I had a trust account, that even I did not know about, a private trust. I had even called the Manila consulate begging that they arrange funds for the baby as we were then starving, but no funds arrived. I had never signed a privacy waiver for my family. Finally I ask, who sent the men to 26C Imus Highway in Cebu City during my repatriation loan, only the State department knew of my application’s address, and those men were part of the assassination ploy, and my baby would likely be alive too. Please let us figure this out. I am asking anyone to make the appropriate people say. Another note, there was an American man named jerry in Davao city, where he was famous for selling fake Cigarettes. He came to my room and pointed to my father’s photo that I should never cross him, and he stated that “They have people inside the F.B.I.” I believe he can also be asked who hired the assassins. I did make an N.B.I. report about the incidents and some other incidents such as my girlfriend and I both reported the same incident separately that a grey SUV came to her when I left our hotel alone, they spoke to her about a poison, that is also notarized with an Attorney Villas in Bohol. My lawyer who expunges my record in Oregon, Sandii Pellikaan has copies of the ultra sound and death certificate for the baby.

In Midst of the attempts on my life, my brother Mike called my Skype. He asked me to write an authorization to give his control over my trust account. My brother Martin I called just after leaving Philippines and arriving Macau, my ATM card was eaten by an ATM machine, he also knew that I had been threatened by being shot to which he said that I should ignore those threats. I did not want to give my address for fear of being tracked by those people, and he promised that if I gave my address he would pay my hotel while waiting my new card. I gave him my address and two men came immediately after. Martin and I held a conversation while the two men stared sat me and Martin ridiculed my appearance as the reason the hotel asked for a deposit, he did not keep his promise and I faced arrest or worse if I had not found a place willing to take me in. martin had also told me “Never to tell a murderer he is wrong”. I have no enemies nor can think of any reason s why it happened. February 27th 2017 in Mongolia upon my first morning there two armed men came to my hotel room at 7am and asked me to go in a car with them, but I yelled out the window for help and a family saved me from them; I believe I was followed into Mongolia and set up.

I swear on the bible that all I have said here is the truth.

Larry Margulies



"Warrant on my Life: Why Me? Personal Statement Asking For Public Assistance"

A very long ordeal has lead me to ask for anyone to investigate what i have written. I was raised a gentleman, though not perfect I am still a good person who may have been wrongly judged. The reason I say this is that there really has been several attempts on my life and I have no enemies that I know of.

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