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Escort In The City: 1, 2 & 3


Rachel Henry

Copyright 2016 Rachel Henry

Published by Rachel Henry at Shakespir

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Table of Contents

Escort In The City

Escort In The City: 2

Escort In The City: 3

Escort In The City


Rachel Henry

Chapter One

I feel like leaving this godforsaken place!”

Janet Burns was tired of working her tail off and still could not make ends meet. To her, the life she had was dull, uneventful and going nowhere. There was no room for promotion and she had expenses, which she could not ignore.

At twenty-three years old, she was a hard worker who sometimes took double shifts so she could help her mother. She was strikingly beautiful with golden blond curls which hung midway down her back. Her blue eyes, accentuated by long lashes, were deep and showed her emotions easily. Sensuous lips and a button nose with tiny freckles enhanced her features.

She stood at around five feet seven inches and was slender, with a small waist and curvy hips. She was often mistaken for a model and often times was approached by scouts looking for fresh faces. She always turned them down because it would mean travelling all the time and leaving her sick mother.

Her voice had risen louder than it should have and some of the patrons turned to look in her direction. Rod was sitting a few feet away and he stared at her in his usual creepy way. What’s with him, she thought, why does he always stare at me?

The guy was greasy looking in Janet’s mind. He had dark hair that hung loosely around his neck, almost touching his shoulder. It was slicked back with hair gel. His dark eyes seemed to bore holes into her whenever he looked at her. He’d asked her out a couple of times, but she refused. He just wasn’t her type, plus she was too preoccupied to even think about dating.

Janet was modest girl who was often surprised when people complimented her looks. She wanted more than what the average man often offered. She wanted to make something of herself, and if possible go back to school. However, working double shifts in Dineo’s Diner in Newark Valley would never pave the way to success.

She’d just cleared table three when she realized how frustrating her life was. She held on to that job because she lived in the Valley and there was nothing else to do. She was also at her wit’s end, trying to figure out a way to deal with her current situation.

“Where would you go?” asked Sara, her friend and co-worker. “What about your mother?”

Both questions were reasonable but to be honest, the only reason she stuck around was because of her mother. Barbara Burns, Janet’s mother has been in and out of the hospital for years, suffering from various ailments. Just when mother and daughter thought that things were turning around another bombshell hit.

They had gone for a routine checkup at the Newark Valley Memorial Hospital. Janet began to get an uneasy feeling when the doctor suggested her mother stay overnight. He told them they were running a few more tests that would require her to be monitored.

She had gone back to work at the diner when the call came in that she return to the hospital. So many thoughts ran through her mind. At one point, she thought that maybe her mother had died, but she quickly dispelled that and hurried to her mother’s room.

The doctor was there, standing by the bed looking quite sheepish. Janet stood in the doorway, a bit relieved to see her mother, but anxious as to why she was asked to come in.

“Miss Burns, glad you could return,” the doctor said. Janet greeted him and kissed her mother.

“Is everything okay? Are you sending her home now? Is that why you sent for me?”

“Honey,” Barbara’s voice sounded far away and she took her daughter’s hand.

Janet looked at her mother. Her greying brown hair splayed on the pillow like angel wings. She noticed that her mother had taken the time to make up her face, splashing on scarlet lipstick and blue eyeliner, the one that matched her electric blue eyes.

She didn’t need all that makeup, Janet thought. She was beautiful the way she was. Her lips curved at the corners as if she was smiling all the time and her skin was still soft and smooth, except for a few squint lines around the eyes.

“Yes mom,” she answered, stroking her mother’s hand.

“Come sit beside me,” her mother requested.

“What’s going on?” she inquired, looking pointedly at the doctor.

It wasn’t the physician who usually tended her mother. This one was much younger, in his mid-forties, thick-rimmed glasses with a balding head. His brown eyes flickered from Janet to her mother. Janet’s eyes traveled to his nametag on the left of his jacket, it said, “Dr. M. Fowler.” Fleetingly she wondered what the ‘M’ stood for.

The man cleared his throat and took on a serious expression. “Your mother, Mrs. Burns…we ran some tests and they came back positive,” he started.

“What tests?” She’d gotten white as the blood drained from her face. She feared the worst as the thought of cancer entered her mind.

“Your mother has been having symptoms consistent with a rare illness. The test shows that she has what is called Myelodysplastic syndrome,” he informed her.

As Dr. Fowler spoke, Janet felt her mother cling to her hand. She’d heard the news already, Janet could tell. She looked down at her mother and touched her forehead affectionately.

“What is that doctor? Is it some kind of cancer?”

He sighed as if he’d been holding his breath for a while, “It’s a very rare blood disorder where some blood cells are not produced efficiently. This can lead to more serious problems. We need to run more tests to see what stage she’s at. We feel she needs to stay in the hospital for an extended period.”

  • * * *

That was two months ago. The results were not good. It was confirmed that her mother was in an advanced stage of the disease. There were no one-hundred percent cures and without effective treatment she would die within a year.

Janet was determined not to let that happen. Her mother was all she had. Her father walked out on them when she was only four years old. There was no way she could let her mother just wither away and die, she had to do something.

After the diagnosis she had a talk with the doctor about treatment options, “I’m afraid there’s no high percentage cure at the moment. We can make her as comfortable as possible,” he told her.

She left the hospital determined to find a way to save her mother. The library was the first place she stopped, where she researched what Myelodysplastic syndrome was. What she found was not good at all. According to the doctor, her mother was in an advanced stage of the disease and that meant she was showing signs of Leukemia, which would only get worse if untreated.

The following day she returned to the hospital to visit her mother and decided to have a talk with the head nurse. She told her the same thing, there were no realistic cures. Desperately she went to see Dr. Fowler.

“What do you mean there’s no cure. How can you say that? You’re a doctor!” her voice had raised a pitch.

“Miss Burns…,” his gentle tone seemed to pity her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell, not at you anyway.” She said.

“I understand,” he hesitated. Janet noticed it was a trait of his whenever he had bad news. “There is a treatment. It has not been approved yet which means it’s still in development stages. You do understand that this is an experimental treatment.”

“Where is this place?” she’d asked, hopefully.

“In Canada,” replied Dr. Fowler.

He gave her the name and address of the facility and a doctor she could contact in Toronto. Janet took the information with the hope that they could help her mother. Though the treatment was only experimental, she was confident that her mother would recover.

  • * * *

Frustrated at her helplessness, Janet began clearing the other tables. By the time the tables were cleared so was the diner, except for Rod. He was engrossed in something on a tablet he held in his hand. The breakfast crowd had left the place in a mess, so she and Sara were making the place spotless.

“Have you called the clinic in Canada?” Sara asked.

“Yes, that’s what so hard. It’s expensive,” she told her friend. “It’s fifty-thousand. Where am I going to get that much money?” Janet’s said her voice rising in pitch.

Suddenly, upon hearing their conversation, Rod’s head shot up. His interest was piqued. “Hey J, I can help you out,” he was sitting at a table near the window.

“Go away Rod, I don’t need your help,” Janet replied, turning her back and ignoring him.

Sara rolled her eyes and asked, “What about insurance.”

“They said it doesn’t cover experimental treatments. Argh! I feel like hitting somebody. Why does this have to be so hard?” She said.

Rod got up from his seat and strolled over to where the girls were working. His six feet frame towering over them.

“Hey baby, I can take care of you if you just give me a chance.” He told them.

“Hey, beat it; she doesn’t need your kind of help!” Sara said as she stepped between Rod and Janet.

Sara was around the same height as Janet, but she was afraid of nothing. Rod held up his hands in surrender, winked at Janet and walked out of the diner.

“Ugh, I feel like I want to hurl,” Janet said in mock nauseousness.

Sara was her best friend. They practically grew up together in the valley. She was the rock, the voice of reason at times when Janet wanted to give up. They both worked in the diner and mostly the same shifts, so it was easy to talk to her while they worked. They were very close and Sara always acted as her protector. There was nothing the girls wouldn’t do for each other and often covered for each other when they got in trouble.

A wisp of dark hair fell loosely along Sara’s temple. Her brown eyes studied her friend and saw the frustration etched in her face and eyes. She could always tell when something was wrong, because Janet’s eyes would change color to a dark purplish hue.

Sara was a very attractive girl with a bit more curves. She also got her fair share of attention. Her hazel eyes were very captivating, but what stood out was her aggressive type of personality. This scared men away and she was content with that.

Sara felt sorry for Janet because she knew the situation and how hard her friend worked to take care of her mother. They lived in a small house in the valley and it was Janet who paid all the expenses since her mother could no longer work. Sara lived a few blocks away in a tiny apartment.

“Maybe you could ask “D” for a raise,” Sara supplied.

The owner of the diner was Dineo Batelli, but everyone called him “D”. He wasn’t a mean man, but he could sometimes be quite harsh if you got on his nerves. Asking for a raise seemed very risky, so no one ever had the courage to ask.

It was rumored that his grandfather use to be part of the mafia. No one knew for sure if the rumors were true, but word on the streets that his father was killed on an ‘assignment’ for the boss, Dineo’s grandfather. Indeed, the man was scary looking and had a very bad disposition. No one messed with him and his employees felt safe; because if anyone messed with his workers, they would have to deal with him.

“No way!” Janet said.

“It’s worth a try,” Sara encouraged.

“’D’ would never agree,” Janet wasn’t about to risk agitating Dineo. His voice rolled like thunder when he was mad. His wife insisted he stay out of the dining area and manage things from his office at the back of the diner. He wasn’t even allowed in the kitchen anymore.

When Dineo opened the Diner almost twenty years ago, it was just he and his wife. He was the cook back then and his wife, Bella, served. It was hard work and when she got pregnant, they hired their first employee. There were no shifts. The diner would open for breakfast and closed to prepare for lunch and then it would close after lunch to prepare for dinner.

Twenty years later, it was a twenty-four hour establishment with over a dozen people on staff. Bella now worked at the cashier station; there were two cooks, dishwashers and the servers.

Sara and Janet finished clearing the tables and started counting their tips.

“Think about it. It may not be much, but it’s a start. What other options do you have?” Sara said.

Janet counted thirty dollars in all. By the time she went off her day shift she may end up with one hundred and fifty.

Janet hated when Sara made sense, but that’s why they were so close, she could always rely on her friend to be the voice of reason and she badly needed that.

“I’ll think about it.” Janet responded.

Her idea was to find a better paying job, but that meant moving to the city. That was out of the question as long as her mother was home. If she could only come up with the money needed to send her mother to Canada, she would be able to work in New York.

It was beginning to stress Janet out that she was unable to do anything, but she did not give up. She decided that, as soon as she left work, she would continue her search for alternative treatments and a better paying job.

At one point she even thought of taking the insurance company to court but that would take years before a resolution might be met, and time was against them. If she didn’t come up with the money in the next few months, her mother would die.

It was at these times that Janet resented her father for walking out. If he had been around things may have been easier on the family. In her mind, he was a coward for leaving them and running off with God knows who. She hoped he was suffering as much as they were.

After a short break from the morning crowd, the diner started filling up again with early lunchers. By eleven, there was hardly space to seat anyone. The food was excellent and the last couple of years, after Dineo suffered a mild heart attack, they began serving a healthy menu.

The menu consisted of the usual greasy fries, onion rings and burgers. There was the chicken potpie, which was one of the crowd favorites, but what surprised everyone was the egg white omelet, which was on the healthy menu and fast becoming the bestselling breakfast. During the summer, there were salads and sorbet added to the menu while winter service were stews and soups. The BLT was the lunch favorite, especially for the female patrons.

The diner was busy that day and Janet put talking to her boss completely out of her mind. There was no way he would give her a raise and it didn’t make sense asking for extra shifts. So by the end of the day she had no real solution to her problems.

She headed straight to the hospital after work. She was informed that the insurance wouldn’t last much longer so they had to figure out something before it ran out. This made Janet really upset.

At such a young age, she didn’t have time to do what normal girls her age did, such as dating, hanging with friends and just having fun. Her mother felt guilty about not providing the life she wanted for her daughter and was thinking of going back to New Jersey, where her family home was, to die.

There was no one there. Barbara’s parents were dead and her only sibling, Robert, lived in California. They had no idea how he was doing financially, in addition, he wanted nothing to do with the old house in which he grew up. She wasn’t sure if it was still standing or if it needed repairs, but that didn’t matter, she would die in a few months anyway.

When Janet arrived at the hospital Barbara wanted so much to tell her that she shouldn’t worry, but she got scared. All they had were each other, and she didn’t know how her daughter would react to her taking off, especially in her condition. She didn’t want her daughter thinking she didn’t need her, so she kept quiet while Janet told her about the diner.

“Sara thinks I should ask ‘D’ for a raise, but I don’t think so,” Janet said. She knew it was small talk, but she knew it kept her mother alert. It also made her feel involved in her life as well, which made her feel needed. “I’m going to try getting a loan Mom,” she added.

“Do you think that’s a good idea? I won’t be able to help with payments,” Barbara said.

“Don’t worry about it mom. I’ll put up the house. I may be able to get a third of the money. The house must be worth at least fifty thousand. I should be able to use it as collateral for a small loan.”

Barbara fell silent. She knew her illness was causing her daughter a lot of stress and she wished there was something she could do to ease the pressure. Each day she got weaker and nauseous. The insurance was about to run out and what little savings she had was already used up for medication.

What made it worse was that lately she was in constant pain. She decided that Janet was going through enough and she made the doctor promise not to say anything. It was something she felt she needed to deal with because her daughter already had enough on her plate without having to worry about her in pain.

Janet was also considering selling the tiny house they occupied, just in case they didn’t get the loan. It was just a little bigger than a trailer, but they could maybe get the entire fifty thousand for it. While her mom was in Canada, she would stay with Sara and save up for a small apartment for when her mother got home. She didn’t mention selling the house to her mother because she didn’t want to upset her.

It reached the point where Barbara could hardly get out of bed. She was looking frail and her baby-like skin started to wrinkle. She wasn’t producing enough red blood cells and appeared quite pale and somewhat ashen. She was in pain most of the time and when she wasn’t, she was drowsy from the pain medication.

There were times when nothing stayed down or she was too weak to eat. Janet struggled to come to terms with what may turn out to be inevitable. Somehow she refused to accept defeat and determined to save her mother’s life, even if it meant taking a job she abhorred.

Someone told her that there was a place she could earn huge tips but she wasn’t much of a dancer and the job entailed taking her clothes off in front of a bunch of horny men. She thought that maybe she would check it out and see for herself.

Before they finished their conversation, her mother fell asleep. She stayed a while, just lying beside her mom, trying to give her strength. She left the hospital that night with a heavy weight on her shoulders.

Chapter Two

It was Saturday and she had the day off. Her plan was to clean the entire house before visiting her mother. Janet was going crazy. She’s researched every possible way to get the money for treatment and came up empty. The job in the strip club was looking more and more enticing, but she held off, hoping to find a different way.

No matter how many shifts she worked or how many tables she waited, it would still not be enough for the treatment. Her meeting earlier that week with the bank didn’t go so well. The house was basically falling apart and they refused her a loan. The realtor said it would be near impossible get the house sold, not in that neighborhood anyway. In addition, the house needed extensive repairs before she could even consider selling it.

While cleaning, she made notes of things she could do to make the house look better. Replacing the shingles would make the roof look new; changing the light fixtures and splashing some paint on would add character to the place. It would cost her some money to do it, but it was doable.

She was clearing her desk drawer and thinking about the repairs when he eyes caught something. She’d totally forgotten it was there. Janet picked up the white and gold plastic business card and ran her fingers over the words, which were embossed. The letters felt good under the fingers and she ran them over the words again.

It was a business card she had gotten from a patron at the diner. The woman had come in and sat quietly, looking around the place as if she’d lost something. Sara was busy with another table and even though it was her break time, she’d taken the order.

“Hello, may I take your order?” She had said.

The woman looked at her for a long time before replying. “You are such a beautiful young woman.”

“Thank you,” she beamed. “Would you like to order now?” Janet asked, again.

“Will you bring me coffee and a slice of you best pie?” she replied without looking at the menu.

When the woman left, Janet found a big tip beside the bill. She was back the next day and left another hundred-dollar tip. Janet was curious about her and inquired of her what she did. The woman smiled and handed her a card.

“I run a ‘modeling’ agency,” she replied with a wink.

Janet surmised that this wasn’t an ordinary modeling agency but rather an exclusive club of some sort.

“If you ever need to make some real cash, call me,” the woman had said when she handed her a card.

It was made of plastic with red and gold embossed letters. On the card were the words “Intrigue” at the top and “Modeling Agency” at the subtitle position. Her name and address were in the lower right-hand corner.

Janet registered the name Lilith Hamilton and noted that the address was in the metropolitan area of New York City. She had pocketed the card out of politeness but had no intention of using it.

For one reason, she could not leave her mother and the next reason was that escorting was akin to prostitution, just that it was more discreet. She had no desire to trade herself like that so when she got home that night she dumped the card in the desk drawer and forgot about it.

She ran her fingers over the card absently once more, remembering the last time Lilith was at the diner. Janet believed she had been scouting for new ‘models’ at the time. The last tip was well over three hundred dollars and Sara almost went bonkers.

“Who tipped you this time?” she had asked.

Jane motioned her head towards the woman sitting at table two. She wore a white skirt suit, brown hair brushed back into a bun and expertly applied make-up. Sara nudged her and they giggled, “What did you serve her?”

Staring at the woman, Jane could not help noticing the way her hips swayed as she left the table. The woman headed towards the restroom and their eyes followed her. Her clothes looked really expensive, Jane thought.

“She’s so—so—,” Sara stuttered.

“Sophisticated?” Jane offered.

“Yes!” Sara agreed.

Lilith was indeed beautiful. Her soft brown eyes smiled at Jane as she passed the counter where the girls were. It was her lips which betrayed a hardness that contrasted with her flawless face. Before she left Lilith gave one more plea for Janet to consider coming to join her ‘agency’ in New York.

“Just think about it,” she said before disappearing through the diner door.

Janet was one of the diner’s best servers, but it was rare that anyone left such a great tip. It was three months since Lilith came into the diner and Janet wondered if she would remember her. For a fleeting moment she thought of calling the number but instead, dropped the card in a drawer. She didn’t know why she saved it but being an escort was not how she intended to support her mother.

After her cleaning, she went to pick up some groceries and fruits for her mother. Barbara was on a strict diet so she had to be careful what she bought. She was opening the front door, groceries in both hands when the phone started ringing.

Hurrying to get the bags inside, she tripped and almost fell, “God damn it!” She’d stubbed her toe on the side of the sofa.

It was the house phone and nobody called that except for the hospital. She hopped towards the phone on one leg, nursing her other big toe. Her heart started beating wildly in her chest and she had to take a few deep breaths to calm herself. Inhaling deeply she held her breath for the count of three then expelled it before picking up the phone.


“Miss Burns?”

“Yes,” she replied. Her voice sounded shallow to her.

“It’s about your mother. She asked that you come to the hospital, it’s urgent.”

“Is she okay?” She asked the nurse.

“I’m not able to answer that. I think you should come quickly.” The nurse politely hung up, leaving Janet feeling weak in the knees.

Leaving the grocery bags on the counter, she made a mad dash for the door. There were many thoughts gathering in her head. Had her mother taken a turn for the worse? Or more than that, is she… Janet could not finish the thought. She refused to let her mind get that far.

Stubbed toe forgotten, she was out the door and about to get in the beat up old Corolla her mother used to drive when Sara showed up. She took one look at Janet’s face and knew something was wrong.

“What’s going?’ she inquired.

Janet sighed, “The hospital called. I’ve got to go.”

“Let me drive. I don’t think you should be driving around in that state.”

“I’m okay,” she insisted but Sara was not convinced. Sara took the keys from her hand and she reluctantly got into the passenger seat.

All the way to the hospital she kept wringing her hands. Sara stole an occasional glance at her but said nothing. Janet did not tell her what the hospital said and she never asked. She thought it best she waited until she got there to hear what was going on.

Janet got out at the hospital entrance and ran all the way up the stairs to the floor her mother was on. She didn’t stop until she was in her mother’s room where the woman was propped up on the bed, half asleep.

As soon as she entered the room her mother opened her eyes. For a moment, she hesitated before breathing a sigh of relief. “Mom!”

“Come baby,” Barbara beckoned. “We need to talk.”

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

There was a soft knock at the door and both mother and daughter turned to see Sara’s head popping around the door.

“Sara, come,” Barbara called.

The young woman walked over to the bed and kissed the older woman on her cheek, “Hi Mrs. Burns, sorry I haven’t come before.”

“Don’t worry about that, you’re here now. Sit,” Barbara replied, motioning to the chair beside the bed.

There was silence in the room for a few minutes and then Barbara took hold of Janet’s hand. She could feel a slight tremor in her mother’s hand and she held it tightly. Her heart started beating heavily as she anticipated what her mother was trying to say. She knew it wasn’t good news from the seriousness in her eyes.

“Jan,” Barbara started. “There’s nothing more they can do for me here.”

“You can’t give up hope mom,” she sought to reassure her mother.

“Listen to me. The insurance ran out.”

“I’ll work and pay for the meds, mom. I’ll talk to the—-,” Barbara interrupted her.

“You will do no such thing. Do you know how expensive it would be to keep me here?”

“But mom—-.”

“I want to go home, to New Jersey,” the older woman announced.

Confusion etched on Janet’s face. “What are you talking about mom? I don’t understand.”

“I don’t want to die here. I want to die in the house I grew up in,” Barbara told her daughter.

A large part of her felt selfish for telling her daughter such things, knowing how hard Janet was working to make things better, but she didn’t want to burden her any longer. She had worked it all out. Her friend Mary was willing to come with her. That would give Janet her freedom. She just had enough money left to live on for another couple of months. At the rate the disease was progressing she doubted she had that long.

“Mom, who will take care of you? You can’t go there alone. I’ll come with you then.”

“No, you stay here.”


“Mary is coming with me. She offered to come with me and stay with me.”

Janet was getting upset. How could her mother do this? “Mom, I don’t want you to go. I want to take care of you,” she pleaded. They were still holding each other’s hands and tears formed in the corner of her eyes. “You’re not going mom, either that or I come with you,” the last statement was made firmly.

Janet stood to her feet and wiped the tears that had trickled down her cheek. All the while Sara sat listening, not saying anything. She walked to the window of the tiny hospital room. It was the first time she was noticing how small the space actually was.

It couldn’t be more than eight feet squared, maybe less. There was only space for the hospital bed, a small nightstand pushed into a corner and the chair, which Sara now occupied. There was hardly any space between the night table and the window. The closet was a tiny hole in the wall where her mother’s belongings were kept.

It was still light out and she could see over the hospital courtyard. There was an ambulance pulling in while several people were milling around. When she turned around her mother was looking at her expectantly.

“Don’t do anything just yet. Give me a couple days to sort something out. If I don’t come up with anything in a few days, then I’ll come with you to California.”

“What will you do?” Barbara asked her daughter.

“Don’t worry about it, mom. I have a few ideas.”

Sara also was wondering what Janet had on her mind. Was there something she wasn’t saying? Did she get the loan?

Sara noticed a difference in Janet as they walked out of the hospital and into the parking lot. Her shoulders were rigid and her jaw clenched tightly. Her eyes had a weird glow to them and her lips were set in a very tight line.

“Jan, what are you going to do?” Sara finally asked her.

“I don’t know yet. I have something in mind, but I have to check it out first, okay.”

Sara knew she wasn’t going to get anything else out of her so she let the subject drop. She was still worried that Janet might do something drastic to save her mother’s life. It crossed her mind that maybe she found her father and contacted him for help, but she knew Janet would have told her. Or would she? She began to wonder if there was something Janet was hiding that she could not tell her.

Janet dropped Sara off and headed home. She packed away the groceries, hoping the meat and milk hadn’t gone bad. The fruits she’d bought for her mother was still there. In her haste, she’d failed to take them from the grocery bag so she put them in the fridge. Maybe she would take them the next day.

She was exhausted and had little appetite. Though her stomach churned she doubted she could eat a morsel. She poured herself some orange juice and turned on the television, but quickly turned it off as the noise irritated her.

Downing the juice in one gulp she poured another, placed the glass in the kitchen sink and headed for the bedroom. The house had one bathroom sitting between two tiny bedrooms. A large room served as living and dining, with a small open kitchen separated by a counter.

The house was like a two bedroom apartment, no bigger. The furniture was worn and fading, but the house was kept neat and clean. She remembered her mother always saying that even though they were poor they were not slobs and cleanliness brought good luck.

At that very moment, Janet wished that luck would come her way. She knew that what she was about to do was risky but it was the only way. The only problem was making the first move. She would toughen up and take whatever she had to do. It wouldn’t be forever, just until she could make enough to pay for her mother’s treatment.

Slowly she pulled the drawer open and picked up the business card. Taking a deep breath, she picked up the telephone receiver and listened to the dial tone. “No!” she cried into the empty house and replaced the black receiver into its cradle.

She walked back to the fridge and poured a glass of cold water. She sipped the liquid and allowed it to cool her. The summer was upon them and it was more than ninety degrees out. There was no air-conditioning in the house so inside was a bit humid.


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Want the best Girl in Ahmedabad and enjoyment the time with Fun Ahmedabad Escort Want the best Girl in Ahmedabad and enjoyment the time with Fun Ahmedabad Escort