W.C. Democracy

W.C. Democracy

Published by Wesley Cragg at Shakespir

Copyright 2017 Wesley Cragg

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Table of Contents

1) Political Regulation



-Regulatory Agency

2) Auditor General Reorganization

-Municipal Auditor General

-Regulatory Framework

-Chain of Command

3) Freedom of Information/Transparency

-Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Office

-Chain of Command

-New Government Server

-Authorization Verification

4) Parliamentary Reform

-Regulatory framework

-Crossing the Floor

-Free Votes/Block Voting/Voting Structure

-Bills and Legislation

-Voting Violations/Penalties

5) Senate Reform (Intentionally Left Blank)

6) Electoral reform

-Financing Political Parties


-Election Fraud

-Regulatory Framework/Chief Electoral Officer

-Strategic Voting


7) Court Reform

-Appointed Judges and Various Layers of Court

-Court Access

-Application Fees

-Implementation of Ruling/Time Frame

-Broader Range of Judicial Discretion

-Blind Sentencing

8) Federal Inspection and Compliance Agency

-Building and Construction Inspections

-Natural Resource and Environmental Compliance and Inspection

9) Freedom of the Press

-Journalistic Credentials


10) Scientific Reports

-Science Council

11) Governor General/Federal Non-Partisan Affairs

-Federal Police Agencies (RCMP/FBI/MI5/Politsiya)

-Attorney General


12) Flow Charts


Humanity has slowly become enlightened to the fact that we are not in control of our own destinies with documentaries on Netflix and short quips on You Tube that essentially all pertain to the same thing…A thing I like to call, “Here is the Problem”.

A few of my favourite ones and ones you should absolutely, definitely, essentially and wholeheartedly (just in case the subtlety was lost on you-they are a MUST view) watch before reading this book is:

An Inside Job with Matt Damon, Fahrenheit 9/11 with Michael Moore (actually many Michael Moore movies could/should be on the list), America is not the greatest country anymore with Jeff Daniels, Forget Shorter Showers with JORE aka Jordan Brown, Time to Un-Slave Humanity with Woody Harrelson and my absolute must-watch and essential to this book, favourite in the list, an investigating news story readily available on You Tube, that exposed ALEC organization’s influence on politicians—that one truly takes the cake!!!

Although I thoroughly enjoyed watching the above videos, as did most of you judging by how many likes, shares, posts, tweets, views and box-office dollars they made, I found their conclusions to be underdeveloped and lacking proper depth of vision (forest for the trees kind of thing).

They all do an incredible job of telling you the problem and how things got to be as bad as to create the problem (whatever problem they are highlighting) but they offer no credible or viable solutions to help mankind prevent or eliminate these problems in the foreseeable future.

Imagine if you will, the house across the street is on fire. Michael Moore comes along with a video of how they shut down the wiring plant in Flint, Michigan and laid off all those good American workers only to outsource everything to China, and the poor grade electrical wiring, manufactured by sub-standard conditions in China is the cause of the fire and they are to blame.

Matt Damon comes out with his video on how the city knows about the Chinese sub-standard wire but makes tons of money on building permits from house fire reconstruction and they are to blame.

Good ol’ RV driving Jeff Daniels reminisces about how it used to be back in the good old days with good ‘ol American wiring and how America isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore—but it damn well used to be, I tell ya what!

Then Jordan Brown comes out with his own You Tube Video and informs us that if we just all just buy houses without wiring in them, that would make a real difference by economically shutting down the corporations that import the cheap low-grade wiring to begin with.

Finally, the local news exposes how ALEC has lobbied all along to get the poorly manufactured wiring into the country that begun all of this…and just when your head is spinning like a merry go-round trying to pinpoint the blame and cause of this great house fire across the street, Woody Harrelson comes along with a conspiracy theory that the Bilderberg’s and Khazarian Mafia lit the fire to cover all of the above up. Yowza!!!!

Yet no one…and I literally mean not one single person in all of Earth’s 7.5 Billion populous has actually come out and invented a fire department to put the damn fire out!!!

This is where I come in…

The house on fire is not some silly bit for a joke (well, it is silly and it was turned into a joke but…just go with me here…).

The house is Democracy. It’s the place where ½ of the population of the world lives and it’s the place where the other half of the world’s population wants to live.

It’s a place of comfort and joy. Shelter from the storm, protection from the elements and although we don’t always get along, it’s our house and we love living there.

The reason why our house is on fire is not because of sub-standard wiring from China or invasion from Russia or terrorists from the Middle East. The reason why the house is on fire is as simple as the chapters in this book. We allowed powerful people to play with matches and they burnt our house down.

Still confused? Yeah, I don’t blame you, it was a horrible analogy.

What I’m trying to say, in plain English is, there is no such thing as Democracy on planet Earth. It doesn’t exist. It’s NEVER existed. There has NEVER, EVER been a time on planet Earth when true democracy has ever existed.

Jeff Daniels waxes poetic about the good ol’ days—but no, even in his good ol’ days of way back, democracy has never existed. This is why I wanted you to watch the news crew bust the ALEC organization—that’s all the proof you need (at least right now) that “We the People” do not control our politicians.

Hell, it’s a bitter and difficult pill to swallow, I know…but that’s why the house is really on fire…and that’s why in all the Michael Moore, Matt Damon, Woody Harrelson, Jordan Brown, Al Gore, Jeff Daniels documentaries or You Tube videos in the world aren’t going to do a damn thing to stop house fires from happening. We need a fire department, not more videos on who’s to fucking blame!

The fact and the crux of this book, is we do not live in a democracy. We live in an “Oligarchy”

An “Oligarchy” is defined as, “A small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.”

You’ve all seen the popular movie, V for Vendetta, right? Remember, remember the 5th of November? He was fighting an Oligarchy state.

Yes, but that’s just the movies, right? Right? Way Wrong! It’s not the movies—its real life and it’s ALWAYS been that way. Way back in the times of Alexander The Great, The Times of Cesar, The Egyptian Pharaoh’s, The American Revolution that was supposed to bring true democracy-at no time in Earth’s history have the people ruled over the elite. Ever wonder why we even have a Senate?

Going a bit farther up from Caesar…when the British Monarchy transitioned into a democracy, they knew they couldn’t just allow the peasants to rule in Parliament—so they made a Senate of elite, educated individuals, loyal to the crown to either approve or deny the peasants bills. If the Monarchy didn’t like something the peasants thought of in Parliament, they would just have the Senate deny or refuse the bill.

Even Rome had a Senate. They didn’t represent the people against the tyrannical Emperor as displayed in movies. They ruled over their territories like modern-day Sheik’s or Lord’s ruling over the Serfs or Mafia ruling over their turf. There was no democracy there either.

Thus, “Oligarchy” was born…but at least we didn’t have Kings or Queens or Czar’s or any other forms of Monarchy ruling over us like we were slaves, idn’t that right, eh Govn’r?

We still use and live in an Oligarchy state today; however the Crown has been replaced by wealthy corporations and financial elitist entities.

They have become the ruling elite, influencing the entire world with their will, desires and wishes of the future (yes, Woody said the same thing in his video). This is why the ALEC video I asked you to watch is vitally important to this book. I know that many of you don’t want to believe that we don’t have a democracy. You hold on to that word because you’ve sent so many of your children and spouse’s to war to defend that word and you get to vote in elections every four or five years where so many other’s don’t—so you must have democracy!

Most of this very short book has been formulated over a decade ago and in some cases more than 20 years ago. I have tried to make it as much of a blueprint as possible while still maintaining my personality and thoughts for readability. It’s not “Roberts Rules of Order” but it should reach the masses. .

Fair warning though: The second you turn the first page, the world that you thought you knew, will never be the same again. This book is not for the timid or the lighthearted.


Wesley William Cragg

Chapter One – Political Regulation


Q: How do you know when a politician is lying?

A: Their mouths are open!

Q: What is the Latin root for politics?

A: The word “politics” is derived from the word “poly” meaning “Many” and the word “ticks” meaning “blood sucking parasites”.

Funny Quote: Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly…and for the same reason!

This wasn’t meant to bring a bit of humour into this book (especially after I said I wouldn’t be humorous in my introduction). These jokes may be funny off the cuff but like any joke, they have a deeper, truer meaning, a meaning that is not funny at all.

Politicians are professional liars. Everyone knows it. They take bribes, they cheat, they swindle, they make “deals” they are unethical, immoral—I could go on and on until I write a novel as wordy as War and Peace….and not a word of this is news to any of you reading this!

At this point of our socio-political evolution, it is consensually agreed and expected that our elected officials will promise us the world before an election and take it away as soon as they get voted in. We know they act in this manner and we now choose the ones whom we believe will ass-fuck us less than the other party’s representative.

In fact, my favourite British Rock-Band wrote a delightful angsty song about this very same thing entitled, “Won’t Get Fooled, Again”. This practice of politicians lying and fake promising has been an active part of politics since…well forever and I mean to end it, immediately.


The very first step towards democracy is licensing. In no parts of this world do politicians have to obtain a license to hold or maintain political office.

Think about it for a second…Grab your purse or your wallet and take out your driver’s license. That driver’s license you hold gives you permission to operate a motor vehicle on a public road. That means at some point in time, you had to read a learners book full of motor vehicle instructions, take a written test and pass it, before learning to drive with a qualified instructor and then a final test to demonstrate you have adequately learned all the requirements as set out in the governing acts wherever you are from. Once that is done, the government has formally declared that you are fit to drive on public roadways.

Doctors have licenses. They had to read a many science textbooks on medicine in College or University, they had to take several tests and then they had to learn from a qualified medical instructor before they get certified with a medical license stating they have passed the fundamental requirements and can now practice medicine on public citizens.

Lawyers, Insurance Brokers, Financial Advisors, Life Agents, Accountants—all of whom have a license that prove they have adequately passed all of the professional requirements of their profession and can practice in the public realm.

So…why not politicians? Why are politicians excluded from this basic fitness requirement? They handle billions of our tax dollars. They oversee our military, health care, social assistance, education, etc…So why the hell aren’t they licensed?

We all know there are politicians who lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, take bribes, dole out contracts to benefit themselves, do drugs while in office, and much much worse. Of course not every politician is a crook (I hope) but far too high of a concentration of political scandal after scandal highlights the fact that one of the main reasons why politicians lie, cheat and steal is the plain and simple fact that there is currently nothing in place to stop them!

It is true that there are agencies like the privacy commissioner, the ethic’s commissioner and the auditor general, but ask yourself, if these agencies had any real power or authority to act, then why are there still rampant stories of corruption, financial mismanagement, cover-ups and more. All one has to do is open your local newspaper and there it will be, some story about some political corruption, scandal, cost overrun…etc. If the agencies that are currently in existence are there to protect us, they are doing a terrible job at it. It’s almost like watching The Harlem Globetrotters play The Washington Generals…

All these agencies can do is write a report or submit a complaint to the police or attorney general’s office. Then, the lawyers take over…and the politicians stays in power until things cool off and they can run for re-election.

A good case in point (other than the Sponsorship Scandal—which really is google worthy) is Toronto’s former Mayor, Rob Ford. Mr. Ford was an admitted crack addict who regularly bought and used drugs while in office and had a more antagonistic relationship with his councilors than any mayor in the recent history of Canada…and not one damn thing could be done about it because there was and still is no adequate system in place to prevent it or to penalize it after its discovered.

I am going to establish licensing regulations for all levels of politicians, much like any other profession: Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Accountants, Insurance Brokers, etc… For a politician to run and maintain office, their licenses must be currently held in good standing.

If they happen to be called before the disciplinary committee and their license is suspended or terminated, they will no longer be legally allowed to practice politics and will be forced to resign or be removed from their position until their license is deemed reactivated and if necessary, a by-election will be called to replace them.

I have an example of the license infractions and code of conduct below but suffice to say that lying, manipulation, backstabbing, double dealing, bribe taking, corporate influence (like the ALEC Lobby), voting against the will of the people, drug or alcohol abuse, criminal convictions embezzlement, mafia or other criminal organizational influence, doling out “contracts” to family or friends or business associates and whatever other lying crooked bullshit I can think of all of the above will constitute a license infraction.

This will ensure that all the lying, crooked politicians will be washed out and replaced by honest and ethical politicians…and even if the remaining politicians are not honest and ethical by nature, they will witness what happens to the guilty ones and the fear of losing their license to practice politics will keep them in-line.


No one, I literally mean no one likes to talk about insurance (because anytime the word insurance is mentioned, everyone automatically thinks someone is trying to sell them a policy, then they groan, give an eye roll and tune everything out) but I need your deeper thinking brains here. I’m not trying to sell you insurance!!!

Insurance or Bonding is not a complicated concept. Doctors have a license to practice medicine and they have to carry insurance as part of their license. Accountants have a CGA designation, which is a licensing designation and they carry E+O Insurance. There is no professional organization that does not currently license and not require insurance to practice whatever it is they are licensed for.

If a doctor operates on a patient and screws up, that patient sues and the doctor’s insurance company pays up. Imagine if the doctor had no insurance? What are you gonna sue for, hers or his lifetime student loan debt??? No! They have medical malpractice insurance that pays the bill.

If an accountant messes up your taxes and you get an audit that freezes your bank accounts…What do you do? You sue him or her for damages and legal fees. It’s not the accountant who pays; he or she has an Errors and Omissions Insurance policy that foots the bill.

Every single professional has some type of insurance policy in place to pay for their mistakes. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp.

As part of the overall political license application, all politicians will be required to have an insurance bond very similar in scope to: Directors and Officers Legal Liability.

Politicians, in the scope of their work, authorize financial obligations from everyday things like building a community pool to purchasing a new fleet of car ferries to the establishment of a brand new, multi-million (or more) dollar computer system that turns out to be a useless piece of crap!

More often than not, these programs fall incredibly short of expectations or become massively over-budget or go well past the timeline for completion. One of two things invariably happens when politicians get in over their head and make severe financial errors or outright blunders.

1) They pass the shortfall onto the taxpayer in the form of increased taxes

2) They borrow their way out of it and create further debt for the future taxpayers (our children) to worry about.

They sure as shit don’t have to pay for their mistakes themselves! Why should they? And why should they care? It’s not like it was their money they just flushed down the toilet! They have taxpayers to take care of all that oopsie stuff, after all.

Why else do you think the USA Debt is hovering at $20 Trillion dollars??? Or the Canadian debt is currently at $1.3 Trillion and rising. It’s because politicians don’t care if they play fast and loose with YOUR money! Up until this point, there’s been absolutely no financial consequence to them!

At this point, there is going to be some politician or political professor who is pissed or jealous an uneducated simpleton like myself came up with this Nobel prize winning stuff, who thinks they are smart or an academic who comes out of the woodwork to challenge me on this point by stating if that happens, our insurance premiums will skyrocket across the board, much like after 9/11 and the reinsurance market drying up…Rest assured, I have already thought of that and have a simple solution to that issue should it arise.

The formula is as follows (and I know they won’t mean anything to the regular folks, but insurance people will know what it is):

1) Municipal/County/School Board

-Aggregate Limit: 1 Million

-Per Occurrence: 100 000

-Co-Insurance 5 Percent

-Tail: 20 years

2) Provincial/State/Federal

-Aggregate Limit: 5 Million

-Per Occurrence: 250 000

-Co-Insurance: 10 Percent

-Tail: 15 Years

Basically what will happen is, when politicians either by neglect or by incompetence or by corruption or ignorance cause a project or undertaking to exceed the proposed budget or scope of work or cause a shortfall that usually would have been passed onto the taxpayer in increased taxes or increased government debt, instead of the taxpayer footing all of the bill, the insurance companies who hold the policies will foot the bill and the politicians themselves could lose their bond.

If they lose their bond, they cannot practice politics and will have to immediately resign or be removed from their position and a new by-election called to replace them.

This system will always ensure that the most competent politicians continue in the field while the lesser, more corrupt or feeble minded politicians get washed out of political life, where they will no longer pose a financial threat to the people.

Insurance companies are not run by stupid people. From Lloyd’s of London to The Dominion of Canada to All-State in the USA, there is a very specific reason why they are always in the top 5 earners across the Globe. Insurance companies don’t like to lose money. They spread their risk and rate accordingly to the highest risk.

Just like how bad drivers with accidents or tickets pay more for car insurance, politicians who cause cost overages or project delays will pay a higher premium than politicians who deliver projects on time and under budget. It’s a very simple claims rated scale system.

Regulatory Agency

Doctors have “The Board”. Lawyers have “The Bar”. Insurance Brokers have “The Insurance Council”. Every licensed professional has some form of regulatory and/or disciplinary body to oversee and administer their license.

Politicians will also have such an organization to regulate their industry and it will be called…”The Public Trust” or “The Trust” for short. So when a lying, cheating, unethical, douchebag politician gets called to, “The Trust” for a meeting…well its ALL types of bad for them!

A few of the adaptations I am working on are as follows:

1) License Qualifications

Politicians will require differing degrees of license requirements, education requirements and different standards of codes of conduct based on their chosen level of title.

Level 1: School Trustee/ Counsellor (and/or) Alderman

Level 2: MLA/MP/Representative/Congressman

Level 3: Mayor/Chairman of the School Board (City (and/or) Municipal Leadership Level)

Level 4: Ministry Title/Committee Level (Financial Decision Making Programs and Projects and/or Leader of Specific Department or Government

Level 5: Government Leaders (Elected Leaders/Opposition Party Leaders/House Leaders)

Education Requirements

Without going into specifics, each level will have a basic regulations adherence, accounting, budgeting, planning, insurance and bonding, security and ethics and privacy component to the course outlines. Robert’s Rules of order will weigh heavily on the municipal and school board levels while Parliamentary procedures will be a major component in the higher levels.

We are going to train these politicians to properly conduct themselves to make decent financial and planning decisions that affect our lives. If they do not comply with their educational requirements, they will not be able to qualify for a bond or insurance to meet their E+O obligations to hold office.

It’s a very simple system that will ensure the taxpayer never again gets stuck with phrases like, “We didn’t anticipate….” or, “As a result, we have a cost overrun of….” or, “The project took longer than expected…” or, my personal favourite these days, “Were working on the technical fixes…”.

I cannot even fathom how many Trillions of dollars I just saved the collective economies across the globe. Money that could have been used to feed the starving, house the homeless, provide justice to the poor, give jobs to the needy! It all just boils down to a simple change in bureaucracy. The innocent taxpayers will no longer have to pay for the blunders of the moronic politicians with no financial sense.

Chapter 2 – Auditor General Reorganization


I’m going to create a budgetary watchdog on every single layer of government to make sure the politicians aren’t cooking the books, mismanaging the economy, adhering to federal/provincial/state regulations, staying on track in its budget, going over budget on projects and any other area which involves finance. There is only one taxpayer and 4 levels of government all wanting money out of that one taxpayers pocket. It’s time to make sure someone is guarding that one pocket from legalized theft.

Municipal Auditor General

Each municipality and/or county should be furnished with a Municipal Auditor General who holds a relevant accounting degree (CGA/CMA) for the job and has actual experience in corporate auditing. They will work independent of the Municipal government and will report to The Federal Auditor General Only.

Regulatory Framework

Retool the office of the Auditor General by expanding their role to include forensic accounting and auditing, a “Fraud Squad” the kind of specialties the upper level FBI and RCMP have at their disposal. Also include a computer hacker squad and provide the auditor general all the tools and equipment they need to conduct deep level reviews of government books and records.

Most importantly though is the Auditor general will no longer be “appointed” by the ruling government, which is a major league conflict of interest. It makes no sense to have the auditor be indebted to the people they are auditing. No longer will the Auditor General be a government appointed position. The department will be strictly “Non-Partisan” from this point on, in the USA and Canada, France, Great Britain—everywhere. .

Chain of Command

Make all 4 levels of government under the umbrella of the Federal Auditor General. Chain of command is as follows:

-Auditor General (Federal).

-Lieutenant Auditor General (Provincial/State).

-Municipal Auditor General (Municipal/State/School Board).

Finally, since they fall under the umbrella of the Federal Auditor General, there will be no more independent agencies operating on weak budgets, untrained and unskilled personnel or toothless regulations.

Chapter 3 – Freedom of Information/Transparency


Ever notice when the media tries to get a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, most of the pages come back with black lines deleting most of everything? That’s because the government and corrupt politicians own all of the information that rightly belongs to the people. They choose what the people should or should not know.

I see no point in asking the people who hold the information to voluntarily provide said information without blackened out portions at their own discretion, which is not freedom of information at all. It is “controlled information” and that is NOT democracy! It’s part of the old Oligarchy mentality and it needs to be destroyed! There will no longer be any “secret meetings, agendas, emails, notes or anything else” that concerns the public trust. Our governments will be open and viewable to the public, without censorship or manipulation!

Federal Freedom of Information And Privacy Protection Office

I have created a new and improved Federal “Non-Partisan” Department of Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Office. All of my new departments are crucial to ethical and honest government but this one hold a special purpose. It was specifically designed to fight the most Machiavellian greedy and corrupt political practices.

Any Freedom of Information requests made will go through the FOIPPO office and will no longer go through the current government channels.

Under the new FOIPPO office, it will be contrary to regulation to receive a verbal order or direction from any decision-making member of the government to another member or unelected aide or crown employee in any capacity. All orders must be made in writing at all times and via e-mail for proper record keeping. There will always be a proper record of exactly where the buck stops and who is exactly is responsible should there ever be any question or formal enquiry.

Chain of Command

All levels of government will fall under the umbrella of the FOIPPO office and the same server will be used by all politicians in every jurisdiction.

The FOIPPO will be completely “Non-Partisan” as is every other branch in this book, which means they will NOT be appointed by any members of the government, period.

New Government Server

I’m going to create a new government server controlled by a new non-partisan department to control and disseminate all government information (except classified military information) to the media, academics, watchdog organizations, political organizations, environmental organizations and regular ordinary citizens. There will be no more black lines. All information, without exception must be communicated via this new government server so as to comply with the new regulations. Outside servers will be automatically be a violation of the licensing, requiring a visit to “The Public Trust” as well as an automatic criminal charge.

Under the new database, every single government e-mail will automatically have a carbon copy (CC) sent to the Non-Partisan FOIPPO office. All government e-mails will be made under one server with a government log on in an encrypted database.

This way, ALL government business will be open and accessible to members of the public, members of the media, special interest groups, members of the opposition government, to everyone with a legitimate interest. If there is an order to negotiate the sale of a government property or railway, it will be located here. If there is no written order, then the process is illegal (since there will be no such thing as verbal direction anymore) and will be prosecuted to the extremities of the law. Public trust MUST be upheld!

Authorization Verification

The FOIPPO Commissioner will compile a list of who is authorized to conduct business on behalf of the minister/representative/congressman/government agency they work for.

Most high-level politicians have aides. Hillary Clinton had Huma Abedin. In Canada they are Ministerial Aides. There have been instances where aides have gone beyond the scope of their authorization as in the BC Rail case in British Columbia where the RCMP had to investigate and seize boxes and boxes of records from the BC Legislature.

The best way to think about it is if you form a company, you have to submit a list of anyone who has signing authority on behalf of the company. The President, Comptroller, Chief Counsel, Vice-President, General Manager, etc…this is to ensure the secretary doesn’t sign contracts or documents because they have no authority to do so. Same deal with Authorization Verification.

All aides, managers, board directors of crown corporations, etc…will have a very clearly defined authorization as to what they are and are not allowed to do in the scope of their duties and who exactly gives them the required authorization to perform their job. These duties will be updated every 3 months to keep them current.

This way, anyone looking to conduct business with a specific ministry or government agency can easily verify if the person they are about to hold a business meeting with has the required authorization to discuss the matter at hand. If they do not have express, written authority to discuss or conduct government business (see BC Rail Scandal) then all parties will be in breach of privacy act legislation and subject to criminal charges.

No more investigations and incriminations, plausible deniability, he said/she said scenarios, pointing the finger, passing the buck or “implied capacity to act”. From this point on, we will know who exactly is authorized to do what and in what capacity. Anyone acting beyond the clearly defined scope of their authorization will be subject to criminal charges.

I really wanted to break down the Benghazi weapons deal here but a far better example is The RCMP Raids on The Provincial Legislature buildings. There simply isn’t a better example of why British Columbia, Canada, The United States and the rest of the civilized world needs this department.

Chapter 4 – Parliamentary Reform


In V for Vendetta, you were introduced to Guy Fawkes, with the poem, “Remember, Remember, The 5th of November…” This poem and the subsequent movie was based on the real events of a plot on November 5th, 1605 to destroy the House of Lords (aka: The British Senate) with gunpowder because the people lived in brutal and repressive conditions under an Oligarchy disguised as a democracy.

The Webster’s dictionary defines Democracy as:

a) Government by the people; especially: rule of the majority.

b) A government is which the Supreme Power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held, free elections.

c) Control of an organization or group by the majority of its members.

The Webster’s dictionary defines Oligarchy as:

a) Government by the few.

b) A government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes.

Now that I have given you both of these definitions I want you to Google the following political terms:

a) Free Vote/Conscience Vote

b) Block Voting/Party-Line Vote

The Oxford Dictionary and Google define Free Vote as:

a) A parliamentary division in which members vote according to their own belief rather than following a party policy.

b) A conscience vote or free vote is a type of vote in a legislative body where legislators are allowed to vote according to their own personal conscience rather than according to an official line set down by their political party.

Now I want you to read these definitions carefully. Legislators are “allowed” to vote according to their own personal…..“Allowed” being the key word in the sentence. What do you suppose they mean by “allowed”? If they are “allowed” to vote in a free vote, does that mean they are not “allowed” to vote the way they want in other situations?

Let me ask you this. In a democracy, shouldn’t EVERY vote be a FREE vote? If it’s not a FREE vote, it’s a CONTROLLED vote—and that by the Webster’s dictionary definition above is an Oligarchy.

Oh, the Parliamentarians spin it that this is actually a benefit to Canadians, giving us balance to two opposing principals. A system we can rely on, time and time again….If my name was Ray Kroc and I had a McDonald’s franchise to steal, sure….but I’m a Canadian and this explanation is complete and total bullshit.

The whack-job theory behind this Oligarchy is if we elect say, a Conservative MP, we must have Conservative values and therefore, naturally our elected Conservative MP’s will vote and reflect our Conservative morals and judgement and were all good “sheeple”.

Here’s the problem with that hypothesis: “They” and by “They”, I literally mean our elite, ruling class, “they” never gave us the option of proving it correct or not!

If the Oligarchy hypothesis is true, then there should be no problem in making every vote a free vote simply because the conservative MP, accountable to the conservative electorate who voted him in will automatically support a conservative vote, without the party threatening him or bribing him.

But that’s not how it’s done. Instead, the leaders of political parties’ force their MP’s to vote the way “they” want in what’s called “block voting” or “the party line”.

Incentives and Punishments are quite common in connection to party discipline. Like a trained dog, if they do well, they get a treat usually consisting of a Ministry title or Committee functions.

If they don’t sit, beg and roll over like a good doggy, they get “reshuffled” to the backbenches and risk losing the party endorsement in the next election. (I’ll explain why this is important later).

In the United States, they don’t need the leader of the government to turn them into obedient dogs. Apparently, ALEC does it for them, as a group, in a hotel conference ballroom. They just give them all blank forms to sign their souls away. (If you watched the video’s I asked you to watch earlier in this book, you will understand this reference—If not, watch it now—as in right now, this book will wait for you-it’s that damn important.)

Think about something else for a sec. In the last USA election, there were 3 independent or minor candidates all running for the Presidency. Can any American name who they were?

Independent’s simply do not get elected. Parties have designed a system to prevent independents from getting elected because independent candidates are like loose cannons. They represent a real risk to all parties.

So when an elected official pisses off the constituents, they take their chances in an election. When they piss off their party, their party revokes their official party status and they lose any hope of ever getting elected again because they have to run as an independent. So who do you think they are more afraid of pissing off, you or their party leaders? Now that you have that answer, by logical conclusion ask yourself, “Who is their boss? You or them?”

You=Democracy Them=Oligarchy

Regulatory Framework

The Privy Council will be responsible for maintaining the regulatory framework for Parliamentary Reform.

Voting procedures need to go back to the people. A vote will no longer be at the discretion of the politician. Different countries all have different voting procedures so I can’t explain a one size fits all style of voting. Instead, I will give you a simplified synopsis of what needs to be done to destroy Oligarchy.

The new procedures for a vote are as follows:

a) Proposal on the Floor/Seconded

b) Followed by debate with pro’s and con’s

c) Followed by an automatic 40 day window where the proposal and the MP’s or MLA’s recommendations on the proposal go back to the constituency office for public input. Once a bill is proposed and debated and sent to the constituent’s office for public input there will be no amendments or riders or endorsements allowed to be made. Should there be a request for any altercation, or a rider, it would be deemed as a separate and unique proposal after the fact and not during the original proposal whether it gets ascended or it dies on the floor.

d) Once public input has been tallied the Congressman, MP or MLA or whatever you call your elected representatives where you live, goes back to the House or Parliament for an official vote to vote the Will of the People and not the Will of the Party.

I hope what I just wrote has caused shock to all the leaders of every political party across the world. By putting the motion back to the people, I just destroyed oligarchy. You no longer have complete and total control. Now the people control all of the politicians across the world…In 4 little proposals! The whole concept of “Free Vote” has been taken away from you. Now ALL votes are “Free Votes”.

Crossing the Floor

Any MP/MLA/Senator/Congressman who crosses the floor, that is, who switches allegiances from the political party they ran for to the political party they are wishing to defect to (Like a Republican switching to a Democrat) must sit as an independent and re-run in a by-election.

An argument can be made that people vote the candidate not the party but as weak of an argument as that is, if that were true then the candidate will have no problem winning a by-election under his or her new party.

If the argument is untrue, then the candidate who just crossed floors will soon be out of a job entirely in a by-election.

Free Votes/Block Voting/Voting Structure

1) As stated in my opening: Free Voting is when the leader of a political party allows their MP’s or MLA’s to vote with their conscious or the will of the people. Block voting is the exact opposite where the leader of a political forces all of their MP’s and MLA’s to vote as a unified vote the way they want or face the consequences of their disobedience, which will include disciplinary measures like a cabinet shuffle (demotion) or more serious measures like excommunication or the removal of a party endorsement come the next election.

Both Free Voting and Block Voting are the fundamental enemies of democracy and the will of the people. These are the primary tenants of why democracy does not exist anywhere in the so called, “free” world today.

This system you have been told is “democracy” is actually an “Oligarchy” and like it or not, you are ruled over by the elite and the corporations and you are not free people, not a single last one of you.

Free Voting and Block Voting will no longer be an option for political parties to undertake.

One of the biggest changes to Parliamentary procedure will finally bring democracy, true and real democracy to the people, by the people and for the people! When a Bill or proposal has progressed to the voting stage, there will be a 40 day window where the constituents will be given their full opportunity to advise their elected official how they want their elected official to vote on their behalf.

This will be done via “e ballots”, with a secured server with the Chief Electoral officer database. The log in will be the constituents SIN Card and Personal verification questions. The elected member will have a 10 percent sway vote authority in every tally, which he/she can use to swing a close vote to their party choice.

I’m going to provide 2 scenarios in which the reformed voting procedures will be highlighted:

a) Voting Population is 50 000 constituents. 40 Day window vote generates 20 000 “YES” responses/votes and 18 000 “NO” responses/votes. The “NO” side is 2001 votes shy of a victory but the elected official has a 10 percent sway and their 10 percent equals 5000 votes. In this scenario, the sway vote will be used to sway the vote in the favour of the party, which in this case is a “NO” vote.

b) Voting Population is 50 000 constituents. 40 Day window vote generates 30 000 “YES” responses/votes and 18 000 “NO” responses/votes. The elected official uses their 10 percent sway of 5000 votes in a “NO” vote to tally a 23 000 total “NO” votes. The vote is lost and the MP will have no choice but to vote “YES” as the will of the people.

Currently political organizations own politicians like slaves. They MUST adhere to dictatorship rule because if they don’t they don’t get party endorsement to run in the next election. Without a party endorsement, they will absolutely lose the election. Party endorsement comes with party funding, party advertising, party donations and party connections. Pretty sweet enticement for someone wanting to be a politician!

You see, politicians are not “For the People, By the People” as Kennedy would have you believe. They don’t represent you, they don’t answer to you and they don’t care about you. They answer only to the political, corporate directors who run the corporate political party they work for because that’s who gives them the opportunity to receive a government paycheque!

Bills and Legislation

Bills and Legislation are devised and debated on the basic idea of a politician. They are filtered with first, second and third readings and filtered through the Senate and legalized by the government’s legal teams. There are a few things wrong with this whole set-up.

1) The rules for Parliament Readings stem from over a hundred years ago when paper was scarce and they didn’t have mass production like today. We desperately need to modernize the way bills are made and introduced for debate.

2) The whole Government Bills and Private Members Bills nonsense is desperate for a complete overhaul. I don’t want to get into all the convoluted rules but it’s very challenging for a Private member to get their Bill onto the floor (has to be done during House Business and is selected at random, two weeks must elapse between readings…blah blah blah. They are like second-class citizens within the House and their Bills usually fail because they don’t belong to “the inner circle”.

3) There needs to be a write-up called, “The Spirit” attached to each Bill. What I mean by that is complicated but bear with me. Currently all Bills enacted go through a legalese process to fit a proper legal contract. This process waters down the Bill to its most stringent form and the true essence of the Bill gets lost in translation.

An example of this is: Section 7 of The Canadian charter of rights and Freedoms (The US has a very similar provision as well). It states: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.”

Now this seems pretty straightforward to me…yet there are countless cases of this Section going to The Supreme Court for “Clarification and Interpretation” by lawyers eager to argue a point of view.

E.g.: For The USA, The Americans had no real rights to vote in British Elections to determine what happened to them (since they were all British citizens at that time, they were deemed to be under the control of The Crown). Therefore, the British could seize their property, collect taxes, administer in their own fashion. So there are specific sections in the US Constitution that deal directly with the anger, resentment and bitterness of the treatment they received and they made a Bill to prevent that from ever happening again. It is the spirit of, “No taxation without representation…”

It would be beneficial if under a Bill, there was a plain language text used to describe why this Bill was made in the first place. Why was it deemed necessary, what they hoped would be achieved by creating it and how they hoped it would be applied in the future. In a sense, this is “The Spirit” of a whole new set of legislation designed to end “Oligarchy” and bring true democracy to all the peoples of every nation of the world, peacefully and without war or bloodshed.

Voting Violations/Penalties

Should an elected representative violate the vote or the will of the people e.g.: the people instruct the constituent to vote NAY by a 70 percent margin but the constituent votes YEA—they will be subject to a Public Trust license compliance hearing and a by-election could be held if an adequate explanation is not provided.

Chapter 5 – Senate Reform

Intentionally Left Blank

You may be wondering why I left this section blank when I seem to have all the answers for everything else plaguing our democracy. Well, my friends…I obviously do have an answer for this pressing but simplistic issue.

Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada. The world seems to love this guy. He was recently on the cover of Time magazine asking if he could be The President of The United States. They didn’t poll too many Canadians on him though or else they would get a far less rosy picture of this man.

Before he was elected, Justin Trudeau promised all Canadians decisive action using his brilliant and enlightened ideas on the Senate, on reforming Elections, on Transparency, on Free Votes and on and on and on and on….Everyone was so against Stephen Harper that Justin Trudeau seemed like the new Canadian Messiah, the politician Canadians would be proud to call their own.

As far as his unique ideas on The Senate: He took away the memberships of all the Liberal Senators and then valiantly stated, “There were no Liberal Senators in the Canadian Senate”. Funny thing is, the Liberal Senators were not dismissed or fired, they are still there…working on policy and voting Liberal as always. They just don’t have Liberal membership cards anymore….But they were a Liberal, they vote Liberal and attend Liberal conventions—looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck—it’s a fucking duck!!! And he just appointed some new “Non-Liberal”, Liberals to the Senate!

How stupid of an idea is it to come up with a technical play on words and try to sell it as a Senate Reform to the Canadian people? In my world, it’s a lie, a cheap spin doctor gimmick for politicians. I call bullshit all the way around!

So, the reason why this section is omitted is because I have a challenge for Justin Trudeau.

My challenge is this:

I created my Senate reform in roughly 35 minutes. I am going to give Justin Trudeau 35 days from the first publishing/revealing of this book to figure out what I have done with our Senate, the American Senate, The British Senate, etc… It really shouldn’t be too hard after all; he has an unlimited amount of financial resources, think tanks, University Professors, lawyers, spin doctors, and creative politicians at his disposal.

After the 35 days, if Justin Trudeau has not come up with a plan that exceeds mine or if he takes a guess at what I came up with and he guess’s wrong or if his people tell him to not respond and to ignore this, I will print my lost Senate chapter and it will prove to Canadians and serve a wakeup call to the rest of the world what type of politician Justin Trudeau really is.

So Challenge is thrown down. You got 35 days as of Sunday, August 20, 2017 to do what I did in 35 minutes…Best get started… Clocks ticking fast!

Chapter 6 – Electoral Reform


Throughout the recent USA Election and the more recent BC Election, the words “dirty money” was made a common phrase. Trump was echoing this phrase from the mountaintops, in reference to what he referred to as illegal campaign contributions towards Hillary Clinton.

Closer to home, the N.Y Times called British Columbia, “The Wild West of Canadian Politics” due to its lax regulations on political donations and scrutiny.

In the Federal government, Prime Minister Trudeau has been under fire for “Cash for Access” schemes.

What essentially it all boils down to is “dirty money”.

The ability for the rich and powerful to buy politicians at will with “political donations”.

I’m also going to address election fraud issues, election imbalance issues, tax-deductible donations, ways to run a proper campaign, voting methods, military and ex-patriot voting, and different voting styles that would address the lack of democracy we have.

I suppose the best summary is; I am going to make the unfair, fair and the unequal, equal.

Financing Political Parties

We’ve all heard of political parties enormous “War Chests” going into a campaign. A “war chest” is the amount of money a political party has at its disposal to spend on things like; attack ad’s, commercials, newspaper spots, conventions, fancy tour buses, campaign headquarters, staff, spin doctors, psychological experts, political majors, volunteers, special advisors, lawyers, etc…..

Some reports say it costs Hillary Clinton over a Billion dollars just to run for president in the last election…A billion dollars!!! Just think about that for 1 second… That Billion didn’t come out of her pocket. The bulk of it was donated money.

Money, not given at a whim but money donated on the expectation that the winning candidate will return the favour one day. It reeks of corruption. No matter how you slice and dice it. The worst part of all, every political party in the world does it! And more so, they offer people a tax receipt for their wonderful “gift”.

Corporations exist to make money. There is only a finite amount of money so, the more money they get the less their competition gets and the more powerful they become, the weaker the competition becomes. Weaker corporations cannot handle the ever-changing marketplace. They become insolvent, they get bought out or they merge with another corporation to get stronger—it’s the most basic rule of, Business 101.

Political Corporations run the same way. They are based on ideology and branding (Coca-Cola vs Pepsi Cola or Chevrolet vs Ford) the same way other corporations are based. They exist to gain a larger market share than their competitors and they work under the same premise of, the more money you have the more you will succeed.

So where does that leave smaller, less well-heeled (less wealthy) political parties, like The Green party for example. Most countries have a Green Party, even the USA has one. What happens to these parties where you live?

I can tell you what happens to them where I live. They don’t get invited to the big debates. They don’t get allocated the same screen time, the same newspaper time, the same anything. Dirty money has made an unfair playing field and the democratic process suffers tremendously because the lesser voices simply do not get heard.

So, to end the “dirty money” plaguing the roots of democracy, here is what I propose:

All parties currently in the running will have equal share in the following manner:

a) ONE and only ONE TV AD on every station each week, running exactly 4 times throughout the day in equal and allotted increments-without bias shown (e.g.: Democrats get News Hour slot while Greens get Midnight slot) –this will be provided FREE as a democratic right to every eligible party an every network. The “Prime Times” will be rotated throughout the campaign.

b) ONE and only ONE Advertisement per issue in all levels of Newspaper media (On-line as well) National Media gets ONE/Provincial or State Media Gets ONE/Local or Municipal Media gets ONE – often there are several newsprint media –each one gets one of the same Print Space and again—without bias – e.g.: Republicans get Page 3 while The Greens (yes, I know—I just love picking on the Green Party) get the obscure Home and Garden section (which funny enough they would probably prefer!) All FREE as a democratic right to equality of representation. The “Prime Pages” will be rotated throughout the campaign.

c) NO MORE “Attack Ads” period. If there is an ad in any form, which attacks the other candidate, the consequences will be the loss of all media privileges, everywhere for the remainder of the election. Each party may state what its beliefs stand for. They may state their platform. They may not, under any circumstances disparage the other candidate in the media.

d) ALL Organized debates, whether at the town hall level or the national/federal level or state/provincial level—ALL debates, will include ALL current and eligible candidates. Far too often, the biased media gets the privilege of selecting our candidates for us. They run only their candidates stories, they invite only their candidates to debate—they eliminate our choice for an all-around debate because it’s their party and they will invite only their guests—Well, this also stops now. The fact is, it’s not “their” party—it’s “your” party and they are just the paid catering firm! ALL Candidates will be invited, without exclusion and all candidates will be furnished questions of an equal nature.

e) NO political party or Candidate can “Buy more time” than the allotted time given above.

f) All election websites must be authorized by the chief electoral officer. There will be no more 3rd party websites or ANYTHING like “Robocalls” promoting candidates or disparaging others, via a 3rd party server bullshit. We all know that just because you are listing yourself as a 3rd party server or an unofficial friend of the “whatever party” you are damn well either hired by the party you are “unofficially” a friend of or you are an “unofficial” member of said party and all of your “unofficial 3rd party content” was absolutely designed and approved “unofficially” by the candidate leader. Despite what you slimy politicians think, we are not stupid and we see through your bullshit “unofficial” games! Any and all 3rd party websites caught in violation will be subject to criminal charges. Some may say this violates the right to free speech but it doesn’t. You will be allowed to put up your websites as an individual, you just need to register it and get approval from the chief electoral officer.

g) Election signs: What can I say, other than me and everyone else on the civilized world HATES them!!! They clutter the lawns, the roadways, the alleyways, the side streets, they are visual trauma! They block stop signs, lines of sight, they are loud and obnoxious and the theory is the more signs a candidate has, the greater the chance they will win—it’s all about “branding”.

The more money they have from “donations”—which we already discussed—the more signs they can buy. So, the most “well-heeled” politician buys the most signs and out brands the rest of the candidates.

There will be a designated number of signs placed in and around every town and city. The signs will be made from the Chief Electoral Officer and will have ALL of the candidate’s picture and website/contact information on it to inform voters where they can look to find more information on the candidate of their choice.

h) Last but definitely NOT least (my favourite actually), There will be no more tax deductions for political donations!

Currently corrupt corporations and wealthy individuals get tax relief from political donations, so they pay less taxes rightfully owed to the government (your money) then really the end result is they pay less tax so you pay more in your taxes—you are paying for their donation, whether you like it or not!!!

You still have the right to donate your money to whichever political entity you wish, but to be clear, from now on, its’ all your money! There will be no more reimbursement from the government aka: The Taxpayer. The taxpayer is no longer in the business of reimbursing you money they didn’t donate in the first place.

I think that’s it for now. I took most of the “War Chest” out of the equation. They still can buy huge tour buses and airplanes since there is no way I can stop that. The advertising is now equal. The debates are now equal. The media is now equal. The civility and class has been restored.


I’m going to pose a serious question to all of you to really think about and ponder; For it is the basis of this entire chapter and it’s the very same question I asked myself a very, very long time ago when I started working on this W.C Democracy.

At what point do people stop becoming constituents and start becoming clients?

Political money isn’t magical, it isn’t monopoly money and despite what my 2 year old thinks, it does not in fact, grow on trees! It comes from clients, because the minute a constituent signs their name on that cheque to donate money to a politician, they become a client!

A client is a funny thing. They aren’t just people. They are customers who pay you for a service and in return for that service; they get something tangible out of it.

Here’s the rub though—politicians and political parties want their image to be that a person is donating to their political party for a righteous cause! They want you to truly believe that your donation will be used to, “fight the good fight”. (Good fight—in politics??? Are you kidding me???).

They don’t want you to believe that you are a client…but you are.

Right now, stop reading this and go to any political party, wherever you live—right now—anyone, anywhere. Go to “Memberships”. You will notice that they have tiers of memberships tied to donations you can buy. They may be labelled “Bronze, Silver Gold, Platinum” or something to that effect.

Let me put it another way…Let’s say you need to have a meeting with your elected representative to discuss a certain issue that you need “help” with. Perhaps you have a company that needs less environmental red-tape, like a mining company for example…or perhaps you are a foreign investor who would like to establish a new trade without as much regulation, say in the Liquefied Natural Gas industry, for example. If you didn’t donate any money to the candidate’s “War Chest”, how well do you think your chances would be to hold a meeting to discuss your issues?

What about if you were a “Bronze” or the lowest level of member? How successful do you think you’d be in getting a meeting? I bet you’d get face-time with a secretary or if you come in on a good day, you may even get face to face access with an aide! Wouldn’t that be cool to talk with the person who talks to the person you really need to talk to!

What if you were a platinum member who donated $50 000 or more? Not only would you get a meeting with the Boss, you’d get your issue approved, the red-tape cut and an invitation to a fancy $500 plate meet and greet dinner!

There is another issue with memberships that I need to address. Whenever there is a race between two or more political candidates vying for a vacant seat, the political party does a membership drive to see who can bring the most new members to the table—that is to say, who can generate the most money for the “War Chest” while at the same time, proving they have the votes behind them to win the seat.

There have been cases where candidates would sign up people without their knowledge or consent. They would forge signatures. They would target those with language issues who didn’t know what they were signing. They would pay for the memberships out of their own pocket—it’s all just garbage after garbage after garbage.

So, here is what I propose to eliminate all the crooked, sleazy, and unethical policies surrounding political memberships.

1) Eliminate any and all forms of tier memberships. You are either a member of a political party or you are not. There will be no more, “You are an ok member or a good member or a great member or a phenomenal member”. There should be one fee for one membership. (You can still donate as much as you want but membership should be equal to all.)

2) Have all membership drives formalized by the Chief Electoral Officer. The Chief Electoral Officer will verify ID and have the constituent sign a waiver acknowledging they are fully aware and understand what they are signing up for.

I haven’t eliminated memberships or the ability for people to join or be part of a political party—I just took the “client” aspect out of it and made it all above board and free of corruption or manipulation.

Election Fraud

Where do I even begin on this subject?

I suppose I should begin at the moment I created one of my four pillars of W.C. Democracy. I remember watching Al Gore and George Dubya. Bush Jr. squaring off on election night and there was some weird going-on’s in Florida. I didn’t understand the American Electoral system as I do now and it made little to no sense to me what the fuss was about, now though I understand Florida and California basically determine the President of The United States of America.

Turns out there were shenanigans surrounding punch cards that were designed in such a way as to give voters confusion and allowed for the possibility of voting for the wrong candidate. The minute I knew what the issue was, it took me less than 10 minutes to come up with a solution that would forever solve the issue of Election Fraud, anywhere and everywhere on planet Earth.

What happens if after an election, you want to check to see if your ballot got counted properly? Which ballot is yours? You cast your vote and now you must assume everything went according to plan—but there is no real way to check, is there? They say Hillary had 3 million more votes. They say millions of people voted illegally. They say the military vote was never properly counted. They say they say they say….

So here’s how I fix it, forevermore. I’m going to give everyone…A Simple Receipt.

1) All voters will be assigned a name/number combination. They will register with their name and be assigned a numbered ballot. The ballot will be in carbon copy paper. The top copy of the ballot will go in the box and the carbon paper will be retained by the voter. The ballot will not have any identifying markers on it (name or address) other than its numeric code, much like the code on a validation ticket or a raffle ticket.

After the election is done and the votes are tallied, a list will appear in the local paper of each constituency. Most constituencies have less than 100 000 voters in them and where the classified section is, will be a special election area that will list everyone’s code and who they voted for. At which time, everyone can look up their unique code and see if the person they voted for matches the person listed in the newspaper column.

E.g.: Wesley Cragg – 06061973

My column comes out:

06061970 – Republican Party -Dave Johnson

06061971 – Green Party – Mary McCartney

06061972 – Democrat Party – Betty Chan

06061973 – Republican Party – Dave Johnson

06061974 – Republican Party – Dave Johnson

06061975 – Democrat Party – Betty Chan

Did I vote for Dave Johnson and The Republican Party or didn’t I? If I did, all is well. If I didn’t then I request my specific vote get pulled to examine that ballot with my original ballot for accuracy.

What if I have a controlling spouse who will demand to see my ticket after I voted? Well…yeah. The first thing I’d suggest is, “Get a fucking divorce and seek a shelter as fast as you can!!!”

Anyone who is that twisted and controlling to demand who their spouse voted for is a complete fuckhead abuser and you need to get the hell out of there!

The second thing I’d suggest is to shred your slip in the shredder that will be inside every polling booth before you come out.

If more than 3 percent are incorrectly tallied, then a “shenanigans vote” is declared (yes, I just coined that phrase) and a judicial inquiry needs to take place.

Now that there is a verified way of checking, they (as in the corrupt, the cheaters, the fraudsters are in each election) simply cannot take the chance of rigging an election because the chances of them getting busted are now so great as to put them in serious risk of criminal charges and prosecution.

I believe elections are manipulated. I believe certain candidates get in that certain people desperately need to get in and I believe through human meddling or computer fraud or hacking—(again, no more evident than in the last USA election) elections are manipulated and rigged.

Regulatory Framework/Chief Electoral Officer

Obviously the regulatory framework will have to be completely revamped and re-written to accommodate the changes I have described for the ethical and honest process of elections. A few key points of change would be:

1) Different rules for all levels of government.

It constantly amazes me why there are so many different layers of government and different rules for each layer, when there is only 1 voter! All 4 levels of government claim to speak on behalf of 1 voter. All 4 levels of government take money out of only 1 pocket…so why on Earth does the 1 voter with their 1 pocket have 4 different voices speaking for them? It’s truly an asinine system…

Granted I haven’t fully explored the idea, and I’m not going to at this time but aside from me just spit balling here, perhaps some honest politicians in the future could explore the validity of this idea to save taxpayer money and reduce the multitude of voices that speak for 1 taxpayer.

In the USA, each state has its own rules and procedures for voting, counting votes, submitting votes, deciding who can vote and how early and by what methods and disputing vote results (as Jill Stein found out). It’s no wonder why Americans literally always have issues of voter fraud and why your military vote is in such a damned mess.

We all (as in the entire world) needs to streamline, like much of my other umbrella policies—all levels of government under one rule of elections, governed and overseen by the chief electoral officer and his subordinates.

I simply don’t care if your constitution was designed as a patchwork of individual agreements or if each Province made its own accord to join Confederation. That was then, this is now—get over it and stop living in the past! Progress moves forward toward the future. It is well past time we start evolving to the next level.

In Canada, Steven Harper limited the ability of ex-patriots to vote, which I believe is fundamentally wrong in every sense of democratic values. The USA’s various State rules have a major flaw in the electoral system and it involves the military serving overseas and ex-patriots living overseas. I assume that across the world, this is a universal problem in the democratic process.

In the last USA election, I read stories of bags of mailed votes being burned because it was too late to send them. I read stories of ballots not being sent. I read stories and excuses as to why electronic voting would be hacked by Russians.

I read that the soldiers could have voted in the early draw (but we all know that elections are won and lost inside the last 2 weeks of the campaign! What if you voted early for a candidate and something crazy like evidence they sold weapons to your enemies came out?

I read that each soldier has to vote in their state they reside in using their state’s unique and individual election rules (yes, we already discussed that –ONE voter ONE rule—Umbrella policy). I read bullshit after bullshit after incompetence after bullshit after incompetence after bullshit. I was confused as to why military intelligence couldn’t solve what I consider to be a very simplistic problem.

Inside 15 minutes or so, I had a solution to this whole issue and here it is:

Military Vote

Solution A:

Overseas military will be its own independent state for the purposes of elections. The Chief Electoral Officer will be the highest ranking person in charge for each branch of the military e.g.: Admiral for Navy and General for Army. They will be in charge and under the direct authority of the Chief Electoral Officer of the Federal Government.

This way, no votes will have to be sent electronically to each individual state, which costs an incredible amount of time and rotating schedules and opens up sorts of nasty security risks. All votes will be tallied and counted by the highest ranking officer and their subordinate ranking officers (Kernels’ for Army or Captains for Navy) and reported as a final tally back home under a one single, secured channel.

Solution B:

The overseas military personnel will still vote as a member of their home state, in their home riding but with the same procedures as outlined above, with the highest ranking officers being designated a Chief Electoral Officer (and thus ineligible to vote themselves but that’s small potatoes). The votes for the men and women under their command will be tallied state by state and riding by riding (it’s a more tedious process—but more accurate) and reported, again in one report under a secured channel back home to the Chief Electoral Officer who will then allocate the votes as reported to them by the military.

In both of these solutions, all votes are tallied, carried and reported securely and all I had to do was name the highest ranking officer as an electoral officer. (Really, it couldn’t have been any easier).

Even in the military, all votes will be anonymous with a name/number combination. No one would know who you voted for except the Chief Electoral officer and if you are concerned about them knowing, these officers are West Point Graduates!

They may not know how to think outside of the box but honour, trust and respect is ingrained in the DNA. If you don’t trust them with the security of your vote then please get out of the military now! If it’s still an issue with you, fill out an early ballot in your home state or simply abstain from voting.

Ex-Patriot Vote

Ex-Patriots will be dealt with pretty much the same deal as with the military vote, except the consuls around the world will act as the Chief Electoral Officer instead of Generals and Admirals.

All consul offices around the world will have a consul general administering them. They will be elevated to Chief Electoral Officer for the country/area you are residing in. They too will issue you a name/number code ballot and you will vote. They will report that vote to the Chief Electoral Officer back home and you will be able to read your vote in your local newspaper online or via text or webmail—however a friend may wish to send it to you.

In short—for the above 2 scenarios of people who do not or did not get the right to vote—I am sorry. This was my last addition to W.C Democracy and I didn’t realize this was a problem until now. I hope this will never happen again, if your country adopts W.C Democracy, it won’t.

Strategic Voting

Okay, tough chapter. We discuss First past The Post vs Proportional Representation.

If you google different voting methods across the globe, you will see about a hundred different, confusing methods of these two concepts. Some have hybrid methods, some has straight methods of First Past the Post, some have varying methods of Proportional Representation—there are more forms of these two methods than there are versions of poker! It’s truly mind-numbing with all these whack-job voting methods to address the single, worldwide issue of a global lack of democracy.

In small European countries, it’s really bad but necessary because without the whack-a-doo methods of voting and Parliamentary divisions, they would go crazy in an endless civil war until one side is completely dead.

I wish that my solution could be applied to fix them but they are so separated by religion, commerce, class, ideologies, and just a plain hatred for one another that nothing I could come up with here will address their fractured souls. So sadly, this one chapter cannot be applied to the rest of the world. This one chapter will be mostly for North American, Russian and Commonwealth Countries around the world. If your country has weird versions of proportional representation to keep the peace, then you should keep them as its better than war.

Both, “First Past the Post” and “Proportional Representation” are horrible voting systems. Justin Trudeau promised Canadians a Proportional representation model because his party was ticketed to come in with either a minority government or official opposition status. Once he got himself a majority government, proportional representation was then off the table as just another one of his famous failed election promises. (He’s sure good at taking selfies and marketing his image on magazines and in the news media though. He is a P.R. genius-gotta give him that).

Here is my problem with proportional representation as it pertains to Canada. In Canada we have selected zones or territories where our politicians run.

Take Coquitlam, BC for example—its split into 3 Federal territories. In each territory, we elect a single candidate from a slate of candidates in a first past the post system. Therefore, if I wish to speak to my elected representative, I go to their office in Coquitlam and have a conversation (If I’m a platinum donor that is—a regular citizen has zero chance of walking in and talking to their representative.)”

In a Proportional System, they combine all of Metro Vancouver with Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, New Westminster, Richmond, Delta and North Vancouver into one giant, mega-territory and you place your proportional representational votes and “the mathematicians” spread your votes out how they see fit inside their mathematical equation.

So let’s say I voted for a Green Party rep in Coquitlam in a First Past the Post system. My candidate got elected. I have some concerns about the Oil Pipeline proposed through my neighborhood and I go to their office in Coquitlam and have a chat (If I was a gold or platinum donor, of course).

In a Proportional Representational system, I voted Green but my vote went to elect a Green Candidate all the way in North Vancouver! Someone else’s vote got used in Coquitlam to elect a Liberal Candidate!

So now, when this oil pipeline goes through my backyard in Coquitlam, where I live—I go and talk to the Liberal MP in my riding and he laughs at me, while lighting a hundred dollar bill to smoke his Fidel Castro hand-rolled Cuban cigar supplied to him by lobbyists from Big Oil.

To have a chat with “my” Green candidate—I gotta drive and hour in rush hour traffic all the way to North Vancouver because that’s where they sent my vote! There, my candidate is sitting in their beautiful, North Vancouver office, watching sea lions dance around the ocean swells and although she shares my concerns about Coquitlam, (where I actually live) she doesn’t give a rat’s ass because her office isn’t in Coquitlam! So she instead offers to light some incense and do some Yoga to cleanse my soul of the negative feelings I have about big oil in my backyard…which of course isn’t her backyard because my vote went all the way to North Vancouver and not in Coquitlam where I needed it to go! What is that horseshit all about???? No seriously, that’s a completely fucked system of voting! (However in some parts of the world, it saves lives from civil war and that’s good). I want my vote to count in my neighborhood, where I live and voted!

The single and ONLY reason why Canadians have given proportional representation a hard look is because they damn well know that First Past the Post is a wasted vote! In Canada we have a 3 party system. 1! Conservatives 2) Liberals 3) Labour (NDP). We have other parties but the 3 main ones that always split the vote are these ones.

Let’s say I really want to vote Green but I know full well that the Green Party has zero chance of doing anything except come in fourth place and my vote will be wasted. (Now the Green party still needs you to vote Green because they get Federal funding for the wasted vote but since I already corrected that imbalance, there is no need to waste a precious vote!)

So instead of voting Green, I vote NDP/Labour because I think the Liberal leader is a con-artist and The Conservatives make my skin crawl so I am forced to vote NDP/Labour just to have a shot at having some type of government that I don’t detest.

Now, the big 3 parties know this. They built their platforms around this fact and they have calculated how many “spin-off” votes will come their way due to strategic voting. It’s a real mathematical formula they got going. Sometimes, a monkey wrench gets thrown in and strategic voting goes awry if the strategic votes favour an unexpected party and the worst case scenario happens like a Liberal majority government….

So, “We the People” have scrambled for something, anything!!! To help restore the balance of power to the people and when your house is on fire, any escape, even one as asinine as proportional representation looks damn good.

We are going to initiate “Playoff Voting”. This system is not new, perhaps the way I am going to apply it may be different but the two party playoff votes has been around for some time now.

Here is how it will work:

In the first round, the constituents will go to the polls (all of the candidates and parties will have all followed the election rules as stated above) and they get to vote with their heart in the first round.

If they want to vote Green or Libertarian or Marijuana – they can. It’s not a wasted vote any longer! That’s what the first round is designed to do. It will gauge the true and honest will of the people to see where the hearts and minds truly belong.

The results may be surprising after the first round…You may see Green or Libertarian or Marijuana Party gaining top 2 status in more than a few ridings. It could really blow the socks off the “old boys club” of Democrat vs Republic or Conservative vs Liberal vs NDP.

The nationwide or (Statewide or Provincial) votes will be tallied and then the REAL election will begin with the top 2 candidates in each district or territory to face off for the next 40 days to decide the fate of the election.

That is when it will be up to the constituents in each riding to vote with their minds—strategically and with purpose to determine who will form the government and who will form the opposition based on the first round results across the country.

This is how strategic voting should work! It GUARANTEES a 51 percent voting majority or better, since there are only 2 final candidates in each territory. It allows for proper strategic voting, its easy, fair and Canadian hockey playoff inspired.

Plain and simple—it works for Canada. It will work for the United States, Russia, Great Britain and the rest of the Commonwealth countries across the globe. It will work almost everywhere, except in places when you have 10 different ethnicities all hating each other’s guts—you keep your weird versions of proportional representation because it keeps children from getting killed.


I pretty much detailed any special penalties during the chapter, such as a silent election for breaking civility rules. However, suffice to say; when I am unspecific, it’s always going to be a council violation that could take away a license to practice politics.

Chapter 7 – Court Reform


As much as I’d really like to display my extreme displeasure at the lax punishment for murderers, rapists, thieves, drug dealers etc…I just read a story of a girl who coaxed, cajoled and cyber bullied her boyfriend into committing suicide getting a mere 15 month sentences in the USA! There was another story of a man in British Columbia who randomly went and choked a 5 year old boy into near death and escaped to try the same on a little girl and a 2 year old toddler! He was given a mere 40 month conditional sentence! Out in parole in 1 year!

So as much as I want to fix it, the best I can do is nudge it in the right direction. The judiciary is guided by legislation and thus, one of the focuses must be made on the connection between the legislators and the judiciary. Also, we need to streamline the courts around the world; the USA has a billion different court systems all competing with each other for jurisdiction, alone!

Appointed Judges and Various Layers of Court

The first thing I would strongly like to reform is the practice of how judges are appointed to the bench.

Courts and Government should never mix!!!

As stated above, the government has a strong influence on the direction of sentencing of offenders. A Democrat or Liberal government may strongly favour rehabilitation and reconciliation over punishment, whereas a Republican or Conservative government may wish to impose stronger sentences and longer incarceration terms.

These governments make legislation and appoint judges who enact their mandate, which is why lax sentences exist.

In some jurisdictions judges are appointed by the leader of the government and ratified by the senate and in other’s they are elected by the people and run expensive political-style campaigns to get elected in a general election.

Both of these systems are wholly unworthy of the bench. Despite public opinion, I see little difference between judges getting appointed vs judges getting elected.

Appointed judges by Presidents and Prime Ministers are usually partisan to the appointer’s political stripe. A Republican President usually will not appoint a Democrat Judge who opposes Republican views…same deal in Canada with Liberals and Conservatives appointing their own judges to match their political stripe.

We all know the story of the Olympic-bound University swimmer whose family had political influence, who got off on rape due to a sympathetic judge…. Thankfully, this isn’t the normal but the sheer fact that the possibility exists, highlights a complete flaw in the entire system.

Elected judges operate on the same basic principal.

They run a campaign based on their own political and judicial ideologies and get elected based on the electorate’s political stripe. A Conservative, “Hanging Judge” would never get elected in ultra-liberal California and a Liberal, “Reform and Re-Educate Judge” would never get elected in Texas.

The premise that elected judges are beholden to the people and not to the elite is a nice, utopian ideology to be sure. It’s true that they don’t have the same, wealthy and connected “influence peddlers” gnawing on their decision-making ability but they absolutely run long and expensive election campaigns to make those stupid election signs and take out ads in newspapers and on the TV and they rely on political donations in the bronze, silver, gold and platinum categories, just like the crooked politicians I have written extensively about.

What would happen if a friend of a friend of a platinum donator ended up before that very judge?

Any real illusion that those judges are any less influenced than appointed judges should be washed away like a sand-castle at high tide.

Now, I know I have cast the judicial system in a negative light and I am sorry about that. I have great faith in our judiciary and the Supreme Court. They truly are the last bastion of hope that, “We, the People…” have for justice against a tyrannical government.

My answer is unique and controversial but I’m going to stand by it.

Judges and the Court System have attained their position, not by political favours or fancy campaigns but by a shrewd knowledge of the law and how its application should be applied equally and without discrimination to regular society. Lawyers are good at arguing a one-sided approach but judges have a broader range of scope and a deeper understanding of humanity and the repercussion both, moral and financial of the weight of their decisions.

I would like to align member states (Countries) of the United Nations with the International Court of Justice aka: the World Court under an umbrella that would filter down to the Federal/Supreme, State/Provincial and Municipal/District level.

The Judiciary itself is well equipped to determine who gets called to their own bench. They are also well equipped to determine who gets called to the Supreme Court. A panel within the World Court should be convened, much like how a group of top military brass get together to determine whom to promote to which position. The World Court, backed by The United Nations will discuss the appointments of judges to the Supreme Court in every member country.

The Supreme Court members will, in turn select a committee of their own to determine State/Provincial Supreme Court Judges and they in turn will form a committee to determine who gets called up to Civic Court.

The levels of the judiciary are the most experienced (15-30 years on the bench); most educated, highest profile cases get promoted to the Supreme Court. The Mid-level (5 to 20 years on the bench) gets promoted to State/Provincial Supreme court. The entry level judges who get called to the bench for the first time get to practice their craft at the Civic/Municipal level.

The Bench is fully capable of policing itself without political interference. They have the advanced degree of education, they have the wisdom and experience and they are the highest non-religious moral authority on this planet.

They can promote from within their ranks to the greatest good of the bench and not the greatest good of powerful, corrupt politicians or political donors. They can weed out their own and they can self-regulate and the best part of all is, when it comes to government or highly connected cases, there will be no influence possible because the government or rich, political donors have no control over who gets in and who doesn’t.

There will be those who will challenge this point of view but to them I offer this explanation first. In WW2, Alan Turing invented a machine to code break secret German communications. Many feel he saved The British Empire from ruin and saved countless lives in the process. How was he rewarded? They chemically castrated him because he was gay.

Nowadays, we don’t really care who is gay and who isn’t. The sheer fact that we used to chemically castrate gay men, most civilized people would find repugnant….But at the time, the political stripe of the day said it was not only ok but in accordance with the common good of the people (even people who just saved the free world from a Nazi invasion).

My point being, what politicians and spin doctors and those who make propaganda and policy based isn’t always legally, morally or ethically right. Just because something is popular…doesn’t make it right and a proper judiciary would have stopped that insane and barbaric practice!

You may say, “Sure, that was a long time ago and we’ve evolved since then.” But the fact is, we have not.

In Australia right now, today in the Year 2017—if you are an “Anti-Vaxxer” and you lose your job and apply for Welfare, you will be denied. That’s correct. You and your family will be living in poverty on the street because the government has decreed you and your kids to be dangerous to their society. The person may have worked for the past 30 years until his job was outsourced to China, may never have broken a single law or gotten a speeding ticket. He may have always paid his taxes on time, every time but when he needs government help, suddenly his medical records are under scrutiny. I suppose by making them live on the streets, the “state” can then legally snap those children up and declare them a ward of the state and vaccinate them.

This may not be chemical castration but it is economical castration and it is morally, ethically and legally wrong. I’m sure in 50 years, someone like me will write a paper and will refer to this and say, “Today, we recognize this as an abhorrent behaviour by a sick and twisted government…but back then, it was in-line with how…”

A court system unified under a United Nations umbrella would be able to stop atrocities like these from happening because fear mongering, propaganda and spin doctoring have no influence on the higher educate.

No one should be denied the same government service as another person gets based on their class, race, creed, religion, colour, gender, ethnicity or medical belief systems…We ALL need to be treated as equals, WITHOUT discrimination. A proper court would see it that way and corrupt governments would finally be kept in check, all over the world.

Court Access

Court Access to Supreme Court needs to be adjusted to allow a broader spectrum of applicants to seek a judicial and speedier remedy. In the case of constitutional matters, time is of the essence to minimize the potential impact, both financial and moral to the country. What’s the point of 5 to 15 year delay’s to change a piece of legislation that is unconstitutional??? When the court finally rectifies the situation—the damage is well past done!

There can be no better example of this in the world today than the Canadian Residential School scandal. It is estimated that upwards of 4000 or more children died in Canadian residential schools. Between 1870 to as late as the 1970’s, Canada had a practice of basically abducting native/aboriginal children off the reserves, away from their families and shipping them off to church-run schools, where many of the little children, whose only crime was being born native, got raped or tortured or murdered.

This was one of the grossest, most indecent, most inhumane acts in Canadian history. If we only had proper and expedient access to a proper Supreme Court that was aligned with the values of the United Nations and the World Court, those kids would have been protected from the worst political decisions known to Canada.

These politicians actually voted and implemented this system—sure they could feign ignorance of the abuse and torture and murder of the innocent children but the fact is, the very thought that this could happen in these schools obviously never crossed their narrow mindset. Children suffered things no children should ever have to suffer.

It could have been stopped if the financially poor and powerless native parents living on “The Rez” had better access to The Supreme Court.

Application Fees

No more expensive application fees, in fact no more fees period! Instead of consulting a lawyer to determine the validity of your case (lawyers will almost always accept a client as long as they can pay their retainer), a pre-trial judge will determine the validity of your case and either give it a green light to proceed or a yellow light to gather more evidence or a red light to deny the right to an audience with a Supreme Court judge. No more fees!

Implementation of Ruling/Time Frame

We need to readjust the time frame for implementing decisions. If the Supreme Court states a policy or piece of legislation violates the constitution, then a 3 month window needs to open up to get it changed. If no change permeates inside a 3 month window, then the government must be dissolved and a general election must be called.

Three months is a long period of time and it shouldn’t take educated folks to re-write legislation in 3 month period! If it does, then they need to be out of a job anyway because they are incompetent!

Personally speaking, I can usually re-write the basics of legislation in a week if I had an entire week off (for this book, I had one window of 6 hours every Monday morning and sometimes a few hours between 11pm to 1pm in the wee hours of the morning when my family was asleep). So people who get paid to do this for a living should easily be able to rewrite legislation inside 3 months!

Broader Range of Judicial Discretion

We need to make new legislation that will give lower courts a broader range of judicial powers and discretion to go outside of the narrow box that limits justice.

There was a case that went through a lower court to get a fraudster to face justice. They went through a payment hearing and presented evidence against a person who conscientiously and with purpose used fraud and other means to obtain money from various people.

In the end, the judiciary didn’t have the scope to deviate from the structure of the court proceedings. The judge advised that even with all the evidence, they were in a payment hearing and thus, that was the only crux of the case they were willing to hear.

This person who committed these acts belongs in jail for fraud but the scope of the case did not allow the judge to broaden their horizons. The point being, you never know what tangled spider webs can come out of the simplest of cases which will highlight a key flaw in the system that can and should be addressed.

The sheer variety of cases that come before the courts can and should be addressed with multiple levels of viewpoints, including constitutional viewpoints.

My suggestion is to allow for lower courts to expand their courts at the judge’s discretion if a motion is called to explore the validity of certain cases to other court venues like criminal court or Supreme Court or Tax Court—if they deem it within the public’s best interest. It’s a very simple solution that could reap huge benefits down the road!

Blind Sentencing

My final thought on the judicial system is the hypocrisy of the premise of, “Justice is Blind”. Anyone who can read a newspaper knows full well that justice is not blind at all.

Women never have the same sentencing as males for the exact same crime. In Canada, Karla Homolka case is a prime example. This was a woman who with her boyfriend raped and murdered two young girls as well as the drugging and raping of her very own little sister.

Her boyfriend, Paul Bernardo will never see the light of day again but Karla Homolka was “a victim” and as such she got off with a light sentence and is now a free woman with a new identity, a new husband and a new set of kids.

She played the police and the Crown Counsel (Prosecution) as “a victim”, cut a deal to testify and got off. After her deal was inked, video evidence was used that showed her not as a victim at all but as a willing and active participant in the rape, torture and murder of girls.

In the USA the Olympic hopeful Brock Turner got a 6 month sentence for raping a co-ed….enough said!

I could go on and on and supply actual cases but you don’t need that. All of you know that there is a sentencing discrepancy in the judicial system that has its roots in sexism, racism and elitism.

We all want justice to be blind across the globe. That way we know that a white person will get the same sentence as a black person. A woman will get the same sentence as a man. An aboriginal will get the same sentence as a non-aboriginal. A rich person will get the same justice as a poor person.

Justice needs to fair and equal to all, without any forms of influence or discrimination.

My solution is to create a “blind sentence” whereby once a verdict is reached that finds a person guilty of a crime, by a sitting judge or jury, the case is then forwarded to a 3 party panel of sentencing judges not connected to the case, on the other side of the country to deliberate on an appropriate sentence.

All forms of identity will be scrubbed from the file. Only the pertinent facts about the crime will be used and available to evaluate the sentence.

The judges will not be able to factor in age, gender, race, religious persuasion, etc…in determining the sentence.

What this means is that, the female schoolteacher who “inappropriately” sleeps with “impressionable” male students will get the exact same sentence as the male teacher who “rapes” his “victims”. (See how I put that double standard there? One makes an inappropriate decision while the other is a rapist—well, now they are BOTH rapists with victims and they will BOTH be going to jail and have to register in the sex offender databases).

Now rich white kids will face the same consequences for dealing drugs as poor black kids.

For justice to work, it MUST be blind end applied equally to all. That is why every single courthouse in the world, has the blind woman with the scales in her hand.

This system of “blind sentencing” will work wonders in restoring the faith of the people towards justice in the world.

Chapter 8 – Federal Inspection and Compliance Agency


In this book, I have written about “dirty money” in respect to people or companies (which I called, “Clients”) donating money to a political party. I stated quite plainly the “dirty money” relationship between a client and a politician where businessmen and corporations reap the wealth of their initial political investment.

Those “bought and paid for” politicians can wield a tremendous amount of political weight to get certain pet projects completed with minimal oversight on existing regulations, planning, inspections and permit applications. They do this because the folks who work in government will have downwards pressure put on them by senior management. No one wants to get fired or terminated or let-go or reshuffled or permanently laid off. They have mortgages to pay, mouths to feed, kids to put to college or trade school. So if they are smart, they know how to “go along” to “get along”… No one likes trouble makers to gum up the works or go blabbing to the press.

The main problem with bad housing across the nation, leaky condo’s, commercial development disasters, environmental disasters and natural resource lax safety regulations is the all too cozy business relationship between the developers and those in power.

Building and Construction Inspections

I used to say there in no more corrupt government than at your local city hall. This is no more true than in City Hall in league with unscrupulous property developers (smaller cities are always scrambling for money and developers bring in ALOT of it in DCC’s Development Cost Charges and other fees, not to mention political donations for those stupid election signs…) putting pressure on municipal planners, inspectors and by-law officers.

Some of the more unscrupulous developers and renovation companies incorporate construction companies, do a shit job, declare bankruptcy and just re-incorporate and repeat the process, taking the life savings of their victims along the ride. Most decent construction people would agree it’s well past time for this type of regulation (I’m thinking of one man in particular who has his own Canadian TV show-he was a great influence on this chapter).

Much like the Auditor General having an umbrella over the Lieutenant Auditor General and the Municipal Auditor General, the Federal Inspection and Compliance Agency will also operate in a similar fashion.

The purpose of having an umbrella organization is for deeper funding and a farther reach. Smaller agencies simply do not have the resources or man-power to cover the vast small towns and communities that exist in the more remote locations. In these instances, cracks and loopholes appear, especially in smaller communities who are desperate for money and are willing to bend or break rules to get it.

They figure that short-term gain is more concrete than long term speculation that something may or may not go wrong…and it if does, by the time the shit hits the fan, they will be far removed from municipal politics anyway to affect them.

This is a common mentality in politics and this is the specific reason why we need to take these decisions out of their hands.

The Federal Inspection and Compliance Agency will ensure that all construction and renovation companies will have properly licensed and insured/bonded directors and officers and senior management in control of the project at all times.

They will have a designated inspector in every jurisdiction in Canada and will not be under the influence of any politician, whether it’s Federal, Provincial (State), Municipal (County) or Village.

In short, no more people will lose their life savings on their dream home turned into a nightmare.

Natural Resources and Environmental Compliance and Inspection

As stated in my intro paragraph, this program is not designed to mimic or take away the working departments of any federal, provincial or state department or agency. For example, the USA has EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency) which is a very good department with a great deal of law-enforcement capabilities.

However as good as various ministries or departments are within the government, they are still subject to the direction of the ruling political party. For example, a certain administration may be more inclined to give credence on the environment vs corporate profits but a different administration may be less inclined to give weight on the environment in favour of less red-tape for maximum profitability and business interests.

These things are all based on current government policy and can change year after year or election after election. Policy on business and the environment should always be up to the ruling government of the day. The people elect them for a reason and they should be allowed to fulfil their elected mandate to push in a direction they campaigned on.

What I am proposing however, is to take the inspection and compliance out of their hands. The inspectors and compliance officers are there to enforce the current safety or building codes and given that they must remain impartial at all times to be effective, they should not and must not be under the realm of those who wish to manipulate those code requirements for profit or gain…whether they are directly pressured by developers or by politicians or senior management. No shortcuts, no looking the other way, no corner cutting, no political name dropping, no corruption, just projects that conform to and adhere to current safety regulations.

The whole premise of the rich and powerful donating money to politicians to get their pet projects approved without a hassle and as cheaply as possible (without expensive regulations getting in the way) has effectively been destroyed with this department.

If I didn’t do enough to destroy “dirty money” with election regulations before, this combined with that outta do it. I just took away the incentive for the rich and powerful to donate large sums of money to political groups or politicians. At this point, there simply is no future money in it for them anymore.

The environment would be clean and people would be alive today if this system was currently in place. There really shouldn’t need to be any more to say, on this matter.

Chapter 9 – Freedom of the Press


Journalism dares to tell the stories that the corrupt try to keep secret. Journalism rises to the challenge of freedom, freedom of the press, freedom from oppression, freedom from persecution. Journalism is the last bastion of truth and freedom in the world.

So what in the hell happened to it?

We all know that corporate media is controlled media, spoon feeding us the information they want us to know. Ethical and free journalism was replaced by publishers and media conglomerates.

In Canada, we have the CRTC to regulate the media, radio and television. In the USA, they have the FCC.

Obviously like all the other programs in this book, I want to expand the roles of these organizations and put them under the auspice of the Non-Partisan branch of the government.

Journalist Credentials

Journalists are not officially licensed or regulated because the right to report the news does not require and form of license or regulation. One just has to witness said event and speak or write on it to be a journalist. Oftentimes you will hear the phrase, “Credentials” when applied to journalists. Contrary to popular belief a credential is not a diploma from a recognized University degree or other journalistic training program. A credential is an identification card, usually issued by a police agency or other government agency which allows a specific person, usually a beat reporter to be in the area, asking questions and taking pictures without getting arrested. In layman’s terms, it’s a Hall Pass from the Principal.

This is unacceptable.

Journalists have to eat and pay rent or mortgage just like the rest of us. If the publisher directs the editor to quash a story because it hurts the publisher’s corporate interests, then the story usually gets quashed or hidden.

There was a story awhile back when a Toronto editor got fired for not quashing a story that hurt the Publisher in some fashion and there was some heat in every paper for a few weeks about the rights of journalism vs corporate media and “free-press” but like everything, it blew over and life went on…Lessons were learned. Don’t cross the Boss.

If it were up to me, I would like corporate media ownership to only be allowed to own 1 major newspaper in each Province/State/Territory, 1 major news station and 5 minor news stations in each Province/State/Territory and 1 local newspaper in each Province/State/Territory.

At the very least, it would start to eliminate giant media monopolies and allow smaller players into the market with hopefully free voice and free pens.

But, it’s not up to me…The corporate media bought everything up, the politicians allowed it and only the politicians can undo it. What I can do however is almost as good!


Editors, managers, program directors, hosts, journalists, newscasters, sportscasters, etc…will all have to be licensed with the governing body of journalism to practice their craft.

Some reporters and journalists like to peddle a product known as “Sensationalist Journalism”. Where facts are not as important as the emotional reaction they generate for readers and/or viewers. The more emotional the investment, the more viewership or readership they get which ultimately means more advertisement revenue $$$$$. It’s all big business!

Journalists will now have a licensing board to certify a new version of “Credentials”. Their “Credentials” will no longer be a permission slip or a hall pass. It will be a set of standards, training, ethics and morality, fact checking, source verifying, with a degree in journalism from a recognized institution.

The corporate media juggernauts will have a new broad form of media license (like how Radio Stations have to have a frequency designation). Media control or manipulation will be met with financial penalties, followed by license offences and in repeat offender instances, their broadcast or publishing licenses will be revoked.

My goal here was to turn the media juggernauts into large brokerages and their employees as agents of that brokerage, so that they are both dual-licensed and properly regulated. I may not be able to fully do away with media control or manipulation but at the very least an editor, journalist, reporter will have to weigh their financial career aspirations against their journalism licenses.

I just want to get us back to the days of honest and impartial media, not afraid to write the stories and tell the truth. We need balanced reporting and panels of discussion with equal representation for all sides, no more angels, no more government propaganda or bias. No more “fake news”.

Chapter 10 – Scientific Reports


One of the tricks that unethical companies and their bought and paid for politicians do is contract private sector scientists to do a 3rd party review of their pet projects for an approval process. This way, they can satisfy the governmental requirements without using the government staff that is accountable to Parliament. Basically, they are buying a rubber stamped approval with scientific credentials attached to it.

The private sector scientific community, just like everyone else has gone to university, obtained various degrees of esteem in their fields and can absolutely give an expert report. The difference is, they work for the companies or corrupt governments. They need to eat, they need to pay the mortgage, and they need to pay off their car loans…All these things take money. If they are contracted by “Big Oil” to give a report on the negative effects on the watershed supply from the oilsands industry and they provide a report that is contradictory or negative to the “Big Oil” position, how likely is it that “Big Oil” will ever contract that particular scientist for another report in the future? Never would be the only answer!

Furthermore, how likely is it that “Big Oil” will release that scientists name into the corporate community as an unfriendly scientist, in a method of blackballing the scientist from ever getting a contracted report from anywhere, ever again? The correct answer is, extremely likely!

Scientists have been divided on this issue for quite some time and for good reason.

Science Council

The scientific community needs to start policing itself but aside from getting David Suzuki to take the bull by the horns, what I will recommend is for the scientific community to adopt the regulation of the medical community and regulate itself in a similar fashion with the issuance of scientific licenses and associations.

A similar practice to medical doctors would ensure that scientists who are hacks will get their scientific licenses revoked, in much the same fashion that doctors who are hacks get their licenses revoked.

The scientific community should have voting members and non-voting members. Members in good standing are voting members and members who have been wrong in their theories, falsified data or commissioned rubber stamped reports for money become non-voting members or get their credentials removed.

When policy issues come up and are debated on the council level, for the advancement of learning (a rough example would be if Pluto is a planet or not) the voting members would always have the only say on official scientific policy (much the same way a majority government works).

The scientists who are frequently wrong, have unsubstantiated theories, falsify data, or have ethical or moral dilemmas will be cast to the non-voting and thus will be a non-entity in the field of science.

In order for companies to obtain a scientific report in the future, they would contract a scientist in good standing with the regulatory board to write a report. That report would then go to a 9 member scientific council for analysis and approval based on the weighing of the proper scientific formula. Once the council approves the report, it may then be used to satisfy government requirements on a project.

This is the only ethical way I can see the scientific community proceeding in the future when working in conjunction with corporations and the private sector.

Chapter 11 – Governor General/Federal Non-Partisan Affairs


In Canada and pretty much anywhere else that has The Queen on your currency, we have a uniquely special position of a Governor General. The Governor General acts as The Queens official Representative. Although the title is practically ceremonial (we have debated endlessly as to whether Canada even needs a monarchy) but in my view the Governor General is essential to Canada and other Commonwealth countries and still holds a vitally important role in Parliament, the Senate and The Military.

The Governor General summons, prorogues (gives a recess or lengthy time-out) or dissolves Parliament. They receive and send ambassadors to other countries, they commission Royal Officers and they give the final, Royal Ascent to all bills made in Parliament and approved by the Senate.

I have all these programs and all these new departments conceptualized in each chapter, whose only goal is to keep politicians honest, professional, accountable and ethical…but who’s going to run them?

The ONLY way to keep all of these programs independent, unbiased and accountable only to the people and to no one else is to make them Non-Partisan.

It’s a funny word Non-Partisan. But what it means is that there are no strings attached. No political affiliation, no economic affiliation, no corporate affiliation, no participation in the government, no voting privileges, no nothing, complete and total autonomy.

This is where the Governor General comes in…and for those living in Republics like the USA, Ireland, Russia (yes, I know you have a different ideology but walks like a duck, talks like a duck—You don’t answer to the Romanoff Family in a Czarist government—therefore you live in a Republic) and other Republic’s around the world—this Governor General position will be translated to: Federal Governor of Non-Partisan Affairs or Chief Federal Ass-Kicker (flip a coin-both ways work for me).

With the sole exception of the Court Judiciary, ALL programs designated above will be designated as non-Partisan and will fall under the direct control of the Governor General, who will also be officially required to be Non-Partisan.

The funding for all of these programs will come from the office of the Governor General and in addition to the above programs falling under the direct jurisdiction of the Governor General; the following will also be the direct responsibility of the office of the Governor General:

Federal Police Agencies (RCMP/FBI/MI5/Politsiya /Etc…)

The reasoning for this is extremely simple. Federal police agencies across the globe investigate politicians. These politicians wield an incredible amount of power and authority to derail an investigation, sweep it under the rug, curtail or otherwise impede a proper investigation of crooked, lying, dishonourable, immoral, sleazy, unethical and corrupt politicians.

A proper police force should only be accountable to the people—only to the people. Their job will not change. Who pays them will not change. The only thing that will change is the amount of interference they get, which should make all of their jobs easier and less complicated. Anyone who says cops don’t get influenced by politicians is either obtuse or a liar. Police forces across the world absolutely get influenced and anyone who watched the recent American Elections with the 3 ring circus surrounding FBI Director Comey, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ought to know this is true.

Regular Provincial/State and Municipal/County police forces will still fall under political control as will any State Defence forces, Militia units or Minutemen. As will the Nation’s Military and Spy Agencies (CSIS/CIA/KGB/MI6).

Attorney General

Again, as above—powerful people and corrupt politicians have major sway over the offices of the Attorney General. They can persuade them to drop charges, not prosecute or provide a lesser plea. That’s why the need to appoint “Special Prosecutors” when dealing with high level investigations involving powerful people.

That whole department will now fall under the Non-Partisan control of the Governor General or Federal Governor of Non-Partisan Affairs. The reason why they cannot be under the umbrella of the judiciary is simply due to the conflict of interest between prosecutors and defense attorney’s. The judiciary must remain completely autonomous for it to function blindly and equally, therefore it must fall under the auspice of the Governor General or Federal Non-Partisan Branch of the government.


The Governor General or Federal Governor of Non-Partisan Affairs is one of the most important positions in the entire world and the sheer upper-class knowledge and expertise required to do the job effectively is beyond that of ordinary citizen.

They not only have to manage themselves and their departments but they have to acknowledge that their decisions will have lasting repercussions in their countries and on the world as a whole. They will be ambassadors for peace and are the only ones that possibly prevent WW3 from happening, due to their position of being able to police crooked politicians.

For Republics, only the judiciary has the knowledge and expertise to filter out the best of the best. The Supreme Court will hold a vote and decide on merit before appointing the Federal Governor of Non-Partisan Affairs.

For Monarchies, the Crown itself (for Governor General) should pick the appropriate candidate based on a short-straw list of candidates chosen by the Judiciary.

The funding will come out of a special income tax in everyone’s tax forms. This may cause a great deal of moaning and groaning for everyone reading this but to you I say with upmost sincerity, “The price of Democracy should not be made in blood. No sons and daughters should be sent to die on battlefields when true Democracy is in itself, easily attainable without the price of death.”

Chapter 12 – Flow Chart’s

I haven’t figured out a way to make an Excel Spreadsheet and upload it to the publishing app. What can I say; I’m not great with some technology. So the flowchart will come at a later date.


This book has been a 20 odd year making. In the early years, I would develop various programs in my head, like a health care program to minimize wait times and a voter receipt system to eliminate fraud and a method to keep people safe on unmarked intersections and crosswalks.

I never really expected to write a book like this, I always just had a brain that would tinker with problems and make solutions in a very quick time frame.

Over the years, more scandals came out, more problems to solve more loopholes to close and each year I kept thinking, “I should write a book this year ” until yet another unforeseen scandal made me add onto the program and the book idea got shelved because I had to add more to it.

I really wanted to break this out before the last Canadian election and I pushed it and pushed it but it just didn’t happen due to work and home life and more work and home life…

Then Donald vs Hillary came out and I was going to dust it off and publish it for the Americans but work and home life once again derailed me.

This all turned into a blessing because after the USA election, I learned of the irregularities of voting in the military and overseas and I kept thing that in all my brilliance, I didn’t anticipate nor account for this major flaw in democracy…because as much as I tout myself for a Nobel prize, I’m not actually as smart as I think I am! In fact, quite often I’m wrong about many things. But that’s where progress and evolution is made. People who are right all the time are boring and arrogant.

So, I will concede that this book may not be the “end all, be all” champion of democracy but I will tell you what, it’s a hell of a lot better than anything ever created thus far. People will add to it. More conspiracies will add to it. It will grow and grow into something bigger and brighter decade after decade until…well until there are no more lying politicians.

I have done something here just shy of being an actual religious miracle…I have made politicians honest!

No money is required. I don’t need to set up a foundation. I don’t need to start a cult. I don’t need money or “gifts”. Nothing! Nadda! Diddley Squat!

I don’t need your time, or energy or involvement of any kind. You don’t even have to get out of your armchair or bed or sofa of cancel the kids hockey lessons—no time is required at all.

I did it without going to war, without having a revolution, without riot or insurrection, without guns, tanks bombs, knives, rocks or arrows being launched. No violence whatsoever is required. You think about that last one for a second…Let it really sink in. No one has to die…

I’m talking about the blueprint for World Peace.

Ethical and honest politicians don’t want to blow each other up with nuclear bombs or biological weapons. Ethical politicians won’t sit idly by and allow children to starve from famine or die from disease. Ethical politicians won’t put money, greed and oil ahead of human lives in fake wars.

That’s a feat never seen before on Planet Earth! It may not be worthy of a Sainthood from The Catholic Church but in a world population of 7.5 Billion people, only 1 person, just one little person in the whole wide world,came up with the blueprint for world peace. That’s at the very least, Nobel Prize worthy. Stockholm? Hello???

My program is the future. We must evolve or we will be destroyed. In this I truly believe.

You can help this evolve and I challenge you to examine any political shenanigans in your area, it shouldn’t be too hard, just look in the newspaper…Figure out something, anything that pisses you off, disappoints you, breaks your heart, upsets you or insults your morals and ethics and apply my system to fix it.

Most everything can be fixed with my system but if there is anything I may have missed or omitted or not thought of, send it to me and I will revise W.C. Democracy and give you full credit for pointing out a gap or flaw in my system.

I don’t anticipate any flaw or gaps but then again, I didn’t anticipate the military vote scandal, either.

I picked on a few celebrities in the opening but perhaps they will read this and help me create You Tube videos to better and in more depth explain the concepts contained within using actual real world examples. Of course they may be busy with acting and making movies etc…but this book was never dependent on them. It’s not dependent on me either; my main work is done here. This book and the future of the planet are now solely dependent on you and you alone.

However, it’s not all sunshine and lollipops. There is a very dangerous dark side to this book that you need to be made aware of. The Oligarchy exist to have power and wealth and more power and wealth and this book is a weapon that strives to take it all away from them and give it to you—the people. To them, this book is a weapon of mass destruction and they will have to act accordingly. The fact that you now have read it or even downloaded it puts you under the radar and that’s not exactly a nice, safe place to be. All of those Hollywood movies about “Big Brother” watching you are not far off from reality.

It’s more than a heavy burden to carry…but here’s how you can protect yourself from scrutiny.

1: Read this book.

2: Share this book with everyone, everywhere! Make copies of it. Download it onto your computer hard drives. Send links on Facebook and twitter. Shout it from the rooftops if you have to but disseminate like you just announced your first baby! The more people there are who are aware of it lessen the chances of a small group of people under scrutiny. There is greater power in numbers!

3: Find a political candidate running in an election—ANY election! It can be for a school trustee or alderman for a village, start small-start anywhere. It just has to start. Find the candidate who will endorse W.C. Democracy in its entirety, unedited and unaltered. Find that politician and vote for them in record numbers. The higher the numbers the bigger the example you will set to other people. That’s what starts trends.

4: Record your vote. Take a picture of your vote because until W.C. Democracy is enabled, all elections will be subject to fraud. The bad guys want to hold onto their power and this is a direct threat to them. They WILL try to do anything to stop it.

5: Once a W.C. Democracy candidate is elected, make them fulfil their promises. Make sure they don’t get corrupted. Make sure they don’t edit W.C. Democracy because even the slightest change could open up corruption loopholes but still have the illusion of transparency—and you people have had more than your fair share of faux democracy.

6: Repeat steps 1 through 5 as necessary.

It’s a simple plan that requires nothing but time. This is the future. It has time to grow. It doesn’t need to be installed immediately. Just keep at it and it will circle the globe in its due time like Beatlemania did, without any violence required. The wind will make it sail away and the next generation and the next generation after that will make it grow.

This book has just declared war on the elite, ruling societies who have a great deal of power based on greed and corruption. The make substantial amounts of money off war, disease, famine, etc…

When you have a weapon of this magnitude that exists on Earth, the other side cannot simply sit back and hope it doesn’t catch on. They have to take the position that this book will destroy them and they have to act accordingly.

I have calculated the steps they would probably take to destroy this weapon and they are as follows:

1: They will start by probably calling a council to discuss giving me a heart attack or a suicide note or a bad car crash. It seems to be their modus operandi in these matters.

2: They may gather as many political scientists, university professors, public relations firms, politicians like Trudeau, union leaders, clergy, basically anyone and everyone to discredit me to the very best you can discredit anyone.

3; They may trump up some phony accusations to vilify me in the media they control-anything vile would be fair game really; just to get the people to hate me so much they would turn away and distance themselves from anything I wrote—(that’s the one I would choose-eliminate the martyr aspect).

4: If all of the above didn’t work (although number 3 should work like a charm) then be prepared for a terrorism event or small scale, very public war to focus people’s attention elsewhere while they make this go away (It’s a good stall technique—probably involving North Korea).

5: They may shut down the internet to cleanse all copies and perform mass censorship.

6: If ALL else fails, be prepared for WW3. It’s better for them to take drastic human losses to save their position rather than have their positions destroyed by a simple book.

I have developed a counter-measure to this approach for humanity to win.

1: Don’t believe I died from a heart attack, stroke, suicide or car crash. Killing me does nothing to serve their cause. It’s not me who is the champion of W.C. Democracy. My work is done. I wrote the book, developed the concepts and now the rest is up to you. I don’t live in Afghanistan or Cuba or Boston or St. Petersburg or Auckland or Melbourne or anywhere else in the world. Only you live where you live and only you can affect the change needed wherever you are. So killing me really doesn’t do much for them except make them feel a certain satisfaction at seeing the adversary perish, I suppose. (Although, there is one really, really good reason I should be kept alive but that’s a private matter between the Royal Family and I).

2: Don’t believe the hype. P.R. is bought and paid for. I’m not into child porn, I don’t sell crystal meth to old ladies and I don’t smuggle humans or trade organs on the black market. I am a tad arrogant, self-righteous and vengeful but my less than charming negative personality traits aren’t the basis for this book. And that is the key—this is a book. It is black words written on white paper. If you take the emotion and personality out of it and forget who wrote it, pretend like you just found it on a deserted island—treat it like that. Focus solely on the material inside and remember, it is a written blueprint for world peace. If you focus on the book and the book alone, forget about the author completely and you will prove beyond any doubt that the pen truly is mightier than the sword.

3: 9/11 and other terrorism, whether you believe is an inside job or not will end at the hands of this book too. The people who are the leaders of terrorist cells have such a control over their own peasants that they brainwash and force into believing a terrorist ideology. They too, are run by an Oligarchy system and they too will have their eyes opened to their own enslavement and when that day happens, “Poof” the end of terrorism will begin. This is what makes a truly Holy War—on the inside, not the outside. Violence begets more violence. All everyone has to do is be patient. It may be a tough thing to bear but patience is the key. An oak tree doesn’t grow overnight but it still grows while you are sleeping! Be patient and terrorism and dictatorships like North Korea will end with this book.

4: If they shut down the internet, you know you are at war with the Oligarchy. Send in an army of teenage hackers and create a new internet, free from censorship and interference, a free internet that they don’t control. (But really, messing with the internet is the dumbest move they could try, so I’m not anticipating a move there-they would rain hell upon themselves by trying that dumb a move).

5: If they start a war—don’t fight. That’s it, simple and easy. Be like the peace movement of the 1960’s. Just don’t fight. Refuse to kill. Don’t play their games. You don’t need to be a pacifist forever, some things are worth fighting over—all you have to do is be patient and wait until more W.C. Democracy politicians get elected than Oligarchy politicians exist and soon, the balance of power will shift. The good will outnumber the bad and the fake wars that were created will dissipate. The nukes will be dismantled; the biological weapons will be neutralized.

No one in the right minds wants these weapons on Earth. Only the vilest of human beings created these weapons not fit for humanity! W.C. Democracy will see these Satanic things get dismantled. We will not have to live in fear of mass destruction any longer.

Just don’t fight in war. That’s all. Just say no. The race may be on but time is definitely on your side.

My final thoughts on this book fill me with trepidation. Perhaps that’s why it took so long to come out…Like Woody Harrelson said, the Oligarchy are the ones who rule over us by using corrupt politicians as their primary weapon of choice. They will fight back against this book and they fight dirty. It will make no difference if you are apathetic to this book, disinterested, ignorant to the world, not involved in politics or if you disagree with me or anything I wrote. When the Oligarchy fights back, no one will be left untouched or unaffected. Everything and everyone will face collateral damage. They will not go quietly into the night. As I told you in the very beginning, like it or not, this world is no longer the same world it was before you turned page 1 of this book. And for that, I am truly sorry.


Wesley Wiliam Cragg

W.C. Democracy

  • ISBN: 9781370288090
  • Author: Wesley Cragg
  • Published: 2017-08-20 23:37:23
  • Words: 22446
W.C. Democracy W.C. Democracy