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Voices In My Head Present: Kennie Kayoz vs MLZ

Voices In My Head Present: Kennie Kayoz vs MLZ

by Kennie Kayoz

Copyright 2016 Coyotes Publishing

Shakespir Edition

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Hello Everyone;

welcome to my story… Let me start by introducing myself as Kennie…. About ten years ago I created a writing name now known as Mr. Love Zone, had a backstory for him and everything because at the time of creating him I looked around and there really wasn’t one writer who was tackling a vast variety of subjects so I created him to write romantic/erotic poetry and short stories at first it started off as just something that would do random bits of writing and nothing that much then after a few I had him walk away from everything because I figured that side of me is/was done however it got me thinking “I could write stuff like this” so there he was coming back into my life..

The voice that I thought I had managed to ignore for so long and have managed to bury him under various other things, however that didn’t seem to work so then what came out was known as the moist series, which at first I started to write as me looking at things and saying “yeah I can do this” however it quickly became an obsession that every day or two I had to write something for that series, which also made me think about that sort of thing more and more..

So in the third book I gave the biggest curve ball and made the lady in the story basically freak out because he wasn’t no dreamy guy since everyone of those types of stories the guy in it is always some sort of dreamy looking guy that it further draw the women into reading it.

Then I did one more book which turned out to be the final book.

During my experience writing it I hated doing so but the voice in my head kept pushing me to do it so I listened to the voice in my head. As the words continued to flow I noticed that I was constantly getting more and more reads for that type of book, deep down I knew I would but it was nothing that I really wanted to do and for the longest of time I hated the character known as Mr. Love Zone, as I said earlier in this I wrote as him because of a few ideas I had and I didn’t know if I wanted shit like what I was going to writing to be linked to my original writing name since it wasn’t something that I cared to do.

After the final book of the “moist series” got released I started to feel more and more depressed so I found myself a doctor and got myself put on anti-depressants for more than just that one reason. At first it was a very light dose as it was called a “baby dose” but the dose has been going up the last few months since I have found nothing working but at times I do have moments of clarity and during some of them I have made a few notes like I no longer want to write as MLZ anymore so this will be the final thing that you see his name attached to.

So on that note here are the two final bits of writing that I have done as him

Left Behind

You ever feel like you’ve been left behind ?.
I know I have.
Over and over as time goes on.
People like certain things you write, you feel on top of the world.
But all goes silent almost like the world throws a black cloak over you.

Trying to find your way out.
Trying to see what you missed.
Wondering why the conversation ended.

It’s a tough thing to figure out.
Then it happens all over again.
The fall is even quicker now
It’s almost like you relapsed.

You soon realize that nobody cares about you in general.
People just care about what they read.
You’ve become victim of the table of contents.

Your now second nature.
Your writing has become the topic of discussion.
Your the after thought.


Sex No More

No more sex writing from me.
Not sure why I began writing it.
Never had any woman in my life.
But yet I wrote like I knew what I was talking about.

People drooled over the words
Couldn’t get enough
Women didn’t find me attractive
Got me no where.

I’m a wreck when it comes to women.
Not sure how to act around them
Not sure what guy they want.
The real me, or the guy who writes.

My mind is constantly confused
I’m unsure of what to say.
It’s always a guessing game.
Guess wrong they walk.

I always seem to guess wrong.


Voices In My Head Present: Kennie Kayoz vs MLZ

  • ISBN: 9781370196746
  • Author: Coyotes Publishing
  • Published: 2016-11-04 01:20:08
  • Words: 806
Voices In My Head Present: Kennie Kayoz vs MLZ Voices In My Head Present: Kennie Kayoz vs MLZ