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Visions in America

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Table of Contents

Title Page


Chapter 1:Visions

About the Author


Visions swirl about as weaves of biblical threads, lifetime tribulations, gleanings of experiences mostly unhappy. The dim reminiscences of the womb, of happier times, of the source of life before conception, of the omnipresence of divine potential subsuming the world of space and time. God is on Zion, on Tara, Sion, Malvern Hill, Ben Nevis, Kilimanjaro, Fuji, all his to rain and thunder upon, to swirl in snow, bathe with sunshine, moonshine, star shine.

The man of faith is never double minded, lest he lose his faith in doubt. The sage is forever double minded, lest he lose his sagacity in delusion and presumption. For who is omniscient but God, that he should be sure of anything but the most fundamental of axioms. And these axioms are lost in the broken webs of thought. Though he know of a certainty that 9 and 7 are 16, by poor penmanship, electrical misfiring, or psychic interference from devils or personal troubles, from fatigue or excitement, it comes out 15 or 17 or some endless chain of error.

The prophet and the sage, the righteous and the wise, the aspirant of either or both, and the wonderings and speculations on what is truth subsume our life.

So some visions came to me, and the thought that they shed some light, definite or speculative on the human travail, and I said that writers write about this and that. Write, writer, write for gain or loss, praise or condemnation. But God says to neither seek the one nor the other. Stand back in the congregation of men. Lest God call thee to the forefront, men are pariahs to truth, to honesty, and prophecy more curse than blessing by that miscreant nature. So bah, bah away while fading over the hill little lamb. And keep your fangs sharp and deadly with poisonous truth should the wolf accost you. For you will not suffer a bruised heel as when the constrictor bites what he cannot strangle the breath of life from, enemy of God, man and truth, but poison will stop your lying, ravenous heart and your brains chill in the cold void of space behind the fresh wind of life. The horsemen of famine, death, war, and plague will fall to earth, the horse wiser than the rider. As Balaam’s ass was wiser than the seer, and evil Israel died on the borders of Israel, you do not know your snakes, Mordecai, nor the righteousness of God. Impure miscreant, beware the day of wrath, the day called Impurim Day. The play on words is nothing to God who sees further than Balaam. For you have polluted his word, impure people, and lest he wash you off from his glory, take heed. Back to Table of Content



Chapter 1: Visions

(I see Adam seated upon the sun scorched rock eastward from Eden, waiting for the Persian night sky of future days. He sulks and muses over his dilemma.)

ADAM: And this is my happiness turned to misery, treason, witchcraft, poisoned well. And is it true that sin in ignorance is sin nonetheless? I must make atonement for what I know not of? The ignorant bitch I could forgive; but knowing the truth, and then poisoning me for the company of misery! Is it not better to live alone than with a traitor lying beside you at night, ready to conspire with the demon wolves, the satanic lion, prowling about? Or joining with corrupt flesh, remaining corrupt, becoming sin though innocent? Well, I am guilty of ignorance, if guilt that be. And I cannot reach the tree of life that might heal me, nor thought of that before God drove us from hence.

Now, one command said: do not; two commands said: to be fruitful and subdue the earth. This land is bitter, cursed and harsh. How well it is that I should subdue it. And more hands to the task is prudent. And if I suffer for disobedience through ignorance of one negative command, what will I expect by disobedience to two positive edicts with deliberate intent? Better into the breach, to die in the attack. And the adulteress is waiting for her lover behind the snake facade, a son of God, ready to commit adultery, to populate the earth with the children of perdition, though they be mighty, yet doomed to destruction, as their father, great liar and corrupt impersonator.

I weep for my children as I weep for myself. Let many days of torment turn to eternal joy for those who seek righteousness and wisdom is my consolation. How long, Lord, are the days of my grief?

End of Vision 1


(The land of Edom, once called but no more, the great Marshal of God, between Ishmael and Jacob, forced to fight iniquity with his own hand, the red land of the West Gate where God extracted red earth and breathed the breath of life into Adam. This, the oracle of God, the ark of life, the land that walks, here is vision looking north.)

RED MAN: What is this that I see in the north, beyond the Salt Sea, upon the high mountains rising over Galilee? My God, my God, do I at last have a true son, a helper?

CHORUS: (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob) My God, my God, at last a true son. The eagle soars over Sion, the serpent raises to strike the horsemen. Will Israel lament its lost plunder at cost of peace? Did Abraham soak up the wealth of Sodom and Gomorrah, or reject it lest his patrimony be polluted with the iniquity of perdition’s children? Let my own labor enrich me. Let my progeny live upon that. And when God gave them the wealth of iniquity, they lusted after slaves and women that turned their heads to whoredom of the soul, their gods mingling with the house of God. They might as well have remained slaves in Egypt than corrupt themselves and my name. Balaam died for such. These wretches live on in disgrace though much reduced in numbers through the ages, unrepentant, claiming God dispersed them for the sake of the gentiles rather than their own sins. Look, though God favor any nation, they are all corrupt, glorying in their patrimony rather than in the glory of God who made them in his image and likeness. The nations are as Babel; They learned nothing. Would to God these people were not my flesh, for they are not my spirit. But now Dan rises up. Let him judge Israel. Let Delilah’s veil of lies be swept from his eyes that wisdom may shine upon his face as the face of Moses shone in the face of Israel. May his strength exceed the strength of Samson, exceed the 30 of David in but just one of his hands. Let the well covering slide away with a glance of his eye. Let the rock in the desert gush forth water into the Jordan with but a tap of his finger, never doubting, confident in the beneficence of our God.

RED MAN: What is this grumbling in Jerusalem? Do you suppose that I have come to Jerusalem to be born, or Bethlehem? Or that my beast, the Behemoth that God has given me to do his work crouches toward Bethlehem to be born as some lying senator in the isles portends? Ask not at whom the beast rages, Ireland; it rages at thee. For you drove out holy men in favor of your Roman lovers, his covens to fill with insensate witches in black and white, black of vainglorious conceit called humility, white of devious lechery called chaste, harlots leaving mankind to marry Satan. How dare you call yourselves bride of Christ, little naughty girls? Are you the church, the bride of Christ? Or do you twist a parable to justify your satanic fraud? For every parable, metaphor extended to a false logic becomes a lie. The yeast of the Pharisee engenders evil, yet a little yeast leavens the bread of life that is God’s kingdom on earth. Love your neighbor yet hate your mother. How can you love your carnal nature at the price of your spiritual nature? If you love justice but hate not injustice, life is but hate, not the sin of death, joy but hate not the misery of vice; what love is this? It is the love of lechery, sham, greed veiled by pious platitudes. Jude, brother of Jesus, ‘the Lord rebuke thee’ only? What is more severe than to be called the children of perdition? Are we not called to emulation? Who even said Satan fought over Moses? You did, to be sure, but on what evidence? You scribble, yet when Jesus walked with you, you did not believe in him, as the Gospel clearly points out, neither you nor your brothers, not even James.

Though Christ spoke softly in the street, zeal for God’s house drove him to fury. Your faithlessness, you and the apostles, incited him to anger. And is the hatchet man not required to be more severe than the prince? And if he be gentle, can he exceed the gentility of the prince without dissembling? No, scribbler of epistles. The Lord rebuke you for falling for rabbinical fables, I think. At any rate, severe reprimands are suitable for severe infractions of grace and mercy.

And if God bids us pray not to be led into temptation by him in prayer as Jesus directed, who is it that says that God tempts no one? He who forced Pharaoh to disobey his edict! And if Jesus was innocent of the charges of the Pharisees, did not God and Christ aide and abet injustice by not exposing this calumny, by not terminating this illegal band of legislators? But why would he do such a thing and not uphold his righteousness? What do you know, jackass? Balaam’s ass might as well ask the question. The letter killeth but the spirit giveth life. If the driver must exceed the speed limit to save his life, is he guilty or innocent by the standard of the spirit giving life? Is the law meant to save or to destroy with petty recriminations? God made the Sabbath for man, not man for the Sabbath. Man works on the Sabbath as required by God and prudence. God never rests. Man’s heart beats through all days of rest and holy days. Jude and James, though you scribble with your epistles, only those things confirming the word of God hold merit. What, are they not prophets? What, was not Judas an apostle, Balaam a prophet? Was not the prophet who lied to the prophet on the road to turn aside, causing that prophet to be killed by a lion, a prophet? You say, no? The Bible says that you lie.

Is Saul of Tarsus, Barnabas, Apollos, Peter, Mark or any of the others the final word? Are they the Word? If they are so perfect, why did Saul rebuke Barnabas, Barnabas rebuke Saul, Saul condemn Mark and Peter? Did not Peter tell you that the words of Paul were confusing and so misleading? But you tell false heresies to each other and claim Saul as your source, when you do not know what you are talking about.

End of Vision 2


(The Consort of God spoke to me of the Revelation of John, Chapter 13 concerning beasts and their meaning.)

Now the beast that came out of the sea is the beastly evil of Israel, the ten tribes that were at the founding of Rome at the time of the destruction of Israel by Assyria. And it is the beast of the Israelites of Rome, who came for trade and money. Later, Judeans also came. These are the Judaizers of the Word of God, seeing Israel destroyed and Jerusalem by Rome, fearing retribution, hid among the Christians, both sincere Jew and gentile Christians, and took it over for their own purposes as a veil of protection. These are the people who called their leaders rabbi and fathers of the spirit that Jesus condemned. For men have one spiritual father and one spiritual teacher, who is God and the Spirit of God that inspires men to wisdom.

Now the beast of the earth is the pagan people of the land of Rome, both of gentile and Israelite origin. Pagan Rome took on the false church of the Jews, becoming the state religion of Rome. Jerusalem and the Temple destroyed, Israel scattered, their priesthood of Melchizedek superseding the priesthood of Aaron and the Levites, under the guise of Christ, elements of Judaism were brought back. The beast of Israel was resurrected, and became an image not of flesh, the flesh of the people of Israel, but the Roman Church as supported by Rome, and later by plots and conspiracies and false teachings of that church. That church, as with all lustful institutions, quarreled among those of its assembly, fought with the Emperor in Constantinople, undermined secular power in France, Byzantium and throughout Europe, instigated the detestable Crusades to kill and rob the nobility of Europe, consolidating its power. Its priests and spy nannies corrupted the blood, raised bastards, placed changelings instead of true children, blackmailed and turned wives to witchcraft, for the sake of the lust for sexual perversion, money, blood lust and political power of that godless institution. It conspired with Islam to corrupt the Church of God, that was proclaimed and instituted by Jesus Christ, corrupted it for the advantage of the Father of Lies. Every advance of Islam worked to strengthen the Church of Rome, one way or another.

Now as for the number of the beast, 666, who does it refer to, which beast? Note that it is the image of the beast that is worshiped. Now, we worship God, so this image is the great impostor to be worshiped. But why say, image? Truly, when a man is possessed by Satan, he is merely clay, the spirit of the man displaced. The man is a zombie, a mere image brought back to life by fraud and demonic possession. So it is the image that the number refers to. As for the Pontiff, he is the representation of the false prophet, whose power was from Rome, as energized by the church of Jewish origin but adopted by pagan Rome. So the papacy is the false prophet, not the beast image of the false church itself. You know that the body of Christ is the Church in mystical union. You know that the impostor will pass himself off as Christ. So this man, through dissembling, will take on the false church as his own person as you must suppose, to make the fraud convincing.

What does the number signify? It is the number of tribute. Why so? You know that Satan will control men through the marketplace, according to scripture. You must have a mark of the beast to buy and sell. Where is the source of 666? It is the number of tribute due to Solomon in Israel. Satan was a wise prince who fell from grace to corrupt other angels and men. Solomon was an exalted human, wise by human standards above all men. Satan foreshadowed Solomon; Solomon foreshadows the final sham of Satan on earth. We see that both Satan (and Solomon also) were musicians of note by Biblical and extra-biblical sources, and this is confirmed. Solomon corrupted Israel according to his lust and brought it to ruin. He turned from God’s path despite his wisdom. No matter how wise man may be, he must not turn his ear from God, or he will suffer the fate of fools and all that cleave to him as well will suffer. Now 6,666 is a perfect number, since it encompasses the four points and beasts of God’s throne. (The Holy of Holies is 6 sided cubic space.) It is the Trinity and Divine Wisdom in perfect unison. It adds to 24 as four digits summed, twice 12 months and 12 apostles, and 12 tribes. The 24 elders sing about the throne of God. The 24 sections of the Temple worship, sing in their turn of duty. Multiplying 24 by 12 gives 288 (double 144) and this is sacred according to the appointments laid out in scripture to a pattern laid out in heaven.

But 666 is imperfect, lacking wisdom; though Solomon and Satan were clever, their ignorance overwhelmed them on account of their lust for things not pertinent to their calling. They presumed to overturn God’s word in favor of their vile lusts for the creations of God, his universe, women’s flesh, the appearance of glory, rather than the true glory of a humble heart illuminated in the celestial light of God and his throne.

Now what does this tell us? That man of sin must be of the house of Israel to be Messiah. He will come from Israel and have evidence of stemming from the House of Judah, via the Sephardi or some such claim to these as the Ashkenazim come more from Israel of the ten tribes, though the Sephardi mingled with them through Spain, Portugal, Netherlands and into London and elsewhere. Now, this beast of Israel is after the beast of the water, coming down from heaven. He is the great dragon of the heavens, that is known by the fiery stars, sun and moon. He is the beast of fire, and will seize the image of the church in Europe and the West, as this is the stronghold of those who cleave to Christ.

Now these are the three beasts. But we must have four beasts. You see in Revelation, Chapter 17 the Whore of Babylon who rides upon a beast. What is this beast? It is the beast of the air. Why so? It is air that brought Great Babylon to riches. The Phoenicians, Romans, Cretans, Greeks, Arabs, tended to rely on galleys with oars, lacking good sails. Now the Portuguese and Europeans needed to cross great oceans of great tempest in even the summer months. They invented sails that could sail against the wind. They invented and borrowed cannon that gave their ships power. But why not a beast of water, ships bringing in wealth? Because it was wind power and the hot air of their guns that gave these powers their wealth and hegemony. (Steam engines and diesel and gas turbines also power through hot gases.) The great wealth accrued by these forces turned to London and Britannia, whose banks controlled commerce backed up by guns. They used their wealth to control America, even after the war that split them apart. They dragged America into wars in Europe and later the Levant that wasted the wealth of her great people to support empire and foreign banks, using the excuse of fighting for freedom and self-determination for peoples, a blatant lie. The whole scheme is to bring about the new Whore Babylon and maintain it as it has been around for some time. Traitors in America aided in this. So the fourth beast is the beast of the air. You have Whore Babylon: London, The False Prophet: Rome, Apostate Israel: The Anti-Christ. These are the axis of evil attempting to destroy America.

Now, America is the only universal country, and the country most loyal to Christ, though imperfectly. The nations have exchanged the glory of God for the shameful history of their earthly ancestry. They pollute the churches with corpses, the church grounds with cemeteries, and claim it is consecrated ground. In fact, it is desecrated ground. Better to kill yourself and be buried in a pauper’s grave on a barren hill than allow your corpse to desecrate the house of God. They claim God ordained the nations. But Satan inspired Babel and its people through its priests to ignore the edicts of God. He told them to spread across the earth and subdue it. He told them a man leaves his mother and father to become one flesh with his wife. But they would create a mystical satanic union to replace their true spiritual father, Almighty God. Now countries must be based on fulfilling the mission of God. Neighbors come together to do the work of producing wealth, subduing wilderness for the purposes ordained by God to make men happy, hail and virtuous.

But these traitors claim the earth is their mother, their father. They claim nobility of blood. These ignoble men claim integrity and virtue are inherited by flesh, by blood. But such things are immaterial and come from obedience to your heavenly father. What did the nations do? Egypt built its vile pyramids in place of the vile Tower of Babel. The same was true in Mexico, and other places. Babylon continued worshiping and building worthless temples and statues to demons and rock and earth. They worshiped and gave obeisance to stars and planets over and before God.

Now, a man who would rather be neighbors with evil men in his own country rather than with virtuous neighbors in a foreign country is a fool at best, and knave besides at worst. As for motherland, fatherland, “Who is my mother, my father? Those who do God’s work are my mother, father, sister and brother.”

You see they are all fools, children of perdition. God alone is fit to be sovereign over men. He is the only true king, for men can never grow away from the spiritual power and wisdom of God, only fall into error and become children of perdition. But they refuse to obey him, give glory to him. And they shame themselves in this. What is the shoddy, evil and corrupt history of Scotland to the eternal image and likeness of God? A Viking here, a Celt there, a Saxon, an Angle, the old people before the Celts all fighting, betraying, conniving, stealing, murdering? They march off and sail off to steal and murder in Asia, Africa and America. Or what of England, Israel, anywhere? Detestable fools, lustful miscreants!

End of Vision 3


(She continued to explain the meaning of the three unclean beasts emanating from the mouths of the three beasts, like frogs, mentioned in Revelation, Chapter 16.)

One from the dragon, one from the beast [ed. note: of the image we suppose] and one from the false prophet. The invention of the printing press and greater travel exposed the vileness of the Church of Rome. They went about defusing opposition by setting up false churches cleaving to false doctrines, dividing Christians into denominations. This is the so-called Protestant Reformation. In the first place, the Body of Christ needs no reform, the pretended reformers were not fit to reform it, and their own presumption is blasphemous and heretical. They should reform their own evil behavior as individuals. In the second place, if the Church of Rome is Whore Babylon or any other corrupt appellation known in scripture, it is not the true church. So any reform of it is reforming the church of Satan, not of Christ. And that is in fact the case.

The three great heresies are: justification by faith alone, double predestination (or fate), and denial of inherited grace (rejection of childhood baptism.)

Jesus makes perfectly clear that works are necessary in his doctrines and parables. The denial of a drink of water to the thirsty is worthy of hell fire The parable of the talents where the lazy man is condemned for not properly utilizing his wealth is indicative of works. People who do not keep watch and are caught off guard are not worthy of salvation. Keeping watch is work. Even faith itself is a work, for men must apply psychic effort to believe. The Epistle of James clearly states that faith without works is dead, and so no faith. And James was not in error, his assertion clearly in conformance with the teachings of the Gospels. Enough of Epistles of Straw on this point!

The teaching of Paul about being saved by faith without works is either misinterpreted (as Peter would indicate) or a heresy on the part of Paul. In either case, the Christian cannot accept the slant given by Martin Luther and John Calvin. Surely you must believe. Many Romans performed great acts of charity (sic) for vainglory and political advantage. These included gladiatorial games (evil) and riotous feasting and orgies (evil.) But they also built waterworks, bathing facilities, and public services, more commendable. So you need both faith and works. Moreover, Christ bid us to do our works of charity in secret. This dissuades us from the moral corruption of vainglory and lack of charity for noble purposes: improving life on earth and gaining true reward in heaven.

So the Church of Rome is correct on this point. The problem was that indulgences were used to support church corruption, not worthy of grace, and an assumption of repentance before the fact, giving license to sin, an abomination. The Church of Rome was antichrist, its pretensions to purity, piety, etc. a pack of lies. This does not absolve the duty of Christians to act on their faith.

The rubbish that faith leads to good works as a consequence of faith is rubbish. If the consequence is not forthcoming, the faith is not there and void. If you have no works, you have no faith as clearly stated by James. It is all very well to say that faith leads to works but works must be performed to achieve salvation. Greedy men, disgusted with doing good works, use this excuse to perform no charity, as they deem it a drain on their capital. Coupled with fate, the poor deserve nothing. But the rich deserve nothing, but take it anyway and brag about it as a sign of piety. Now, God allows men to sin for his reasons. A man can become well off by honest industry to some extent, or by windfall. Wealth is passed down through family inheritance. Working for your own self-interest is no sin. Why should you not? Should others look after you, when you can help yourself? Certainly not. But accumulation of wealth is no sign of virtue or of faith in any case. It is a sign of prudence in a very narrow sense. You may be a clever thief, conman, forger, wisdom of a sort.

Note that virtually all Protestant reformers were Papist priests, employees of Rome.

The pagans of the Greco-Roman world held to the doctrine of fate. Their gods were subject to fate and the people and nations. This doctrine is vile. In the first place, existence is eternal at its core. The notion that existence comes from nothing is so absurd that the vilest liars can only suggest it. What is eternal cannot be subject to fate, that is determination. That which is eternal is not determined. It simply is. If the details of history are eternally ordained, this ordination is not determined, as this is absurd. It must be God of his free will that would do this. It cannot be argued that this is contradictory by reason of eternal knowledge or deed. Since God is himself eternal, how can anything determine his behavior? More eternal atheist lying? But we do not understand how this can be? Well, God is omniscient and you are not. Your stupidity proves nothing, idiot atheist. And your atheism is simply idolatry on top of that. You are pantheists who deny what you are. You believe your creed and deny that you believe, therefore conceding superstition is your faith. Superstition is irrational faith. Faith is not based on reason but must not be in discord with reason. Ignorance of men is not proof of discord between faith and reason.

The chief perpertrator of this vile doctrine was Augustine of Hippo, a backsliding heretic and pagan. He accepted such nonsense in his pagan youth, then converted to true doctrine, then relapsed into heresy. The dog returns to his vomit. Doubtless, troubled by a guilty conscience, he felt assurance in salvation without virtue. Lacking assurance in the covering grace of Jesus Christ, frustrated by corruption in the antichrist Church of Rome, he fell into error, that was condemned (rightly) by the very church he served.

Now if God is free, as must be so, men are free to that degree. For if God ordains: do this by my power; you end up doing it. If God ordains: do what you think expedient; that is the case. How do you know which is the case? You do not, so act on your own cognizance, and we know all men do this though determinists delude themselves on this point. Moreover, the power of God to do is not the conviction of men. You might act in a way that you would not do of your own accord. Freedom of conscience is not freedom of action, the one being absolute, the other entirely tentative.

As for scripture, we know that God spoke to Cain, the first murderer. He told him that his happiness depended upon his own behavior. Was God mocking Cain, as Calvinists must presume? Certainly not, how could God be just? If temptation comes your way, Paul says you have sufficient strength to repulse it. What proofs cannot refute this? Only the excuses of men that forever remain unproven. If God forced Pharaoh to behave against God’s edict and in Pharaoh’s own self-interest, this is not temptation but force. If Pharaoh is a sinner anyway, as all men are, he will die and his army. If God determines how he dies and his army, what of it? Now, if foreign kings invade Egypt and Pharaoh cannot prevent it, what of it? And if Pharaoh is killed in battle besides his best effort, what of it? What if God ordained it or left the matter to the combatants? In either case, Pharaoh dies in battle or old age, according to the appointments of God or hurried by his own folly and vices. Are you wise enough to question God’s wisdom? If it is your own life, then complain to God in hopes of an answer. Perhaps, God is testing your integrity to stand up for what you think is right.

Now, suppose Jesus speaks in parables to the blind that they may not hear and be saved. Is this Calvinist? Do you suppose so and can prove it? Can you recall the parable of the sower? Some seed fell on bare ground and died, some on shallow soil and died, some among weeds and died, and some prospered. Jesus explained the parable to us. Now suppose these blind men were of a shallow nature. The word may come to them, but Jesus knew they would fall away and be damned. Suppose he knew that if some of them suffered more turmoil in life, that turmoil would incline them to salvation at a later date. His apostles who wondered why he spoke in parables might at that time preach the word to them and save them. You see, Jesus would think of their ultimate salvation, something the Gospel reader is ignorant of.

Let’s suppose Jesus wanted to encourage the apostles to save men. Jesus would save some directly; he encourages his disciples to save many more using their own resources. If it bothered the apostles, who stopped them from speaking plainly to the Jews? No one. Moreover, despite the liar, Calvin, men have free will in the matter of salvation. If Jesus knows who is obstinate, why bother preaching to them? Their condemnation is all the greater. He shows them an offhanded mercy of sorts.

What about the Epistle of Hebrews that said that the word is preached to all men that some may be saved? Moreover, innate justice clearly knows that a loving God, loving father, does all that is sufficient to manifest his love.

You might say that all that I maintain here is mere speculation. You know nothing of the mind of Christ, he not explaining himself. I throw your critique back in your own face. What do you know to impute God’s mercy towards men? Nothing. So shut up.

Finally, who is upholding the righteousness of God? Me or you? It is me. We all know that fate and free will are incompatible. We all know that blaming someone for a decision that is not his own as a matter of justice is an outrage. We kill the mosquito in anger but never really blame it. It does what it is programmed to do. But we know in the back of our heads, that the sins of others make the world a bad place, and resent paying for the incompetence and evil of others. Why doesn’t the city spray more effectively? If Eve were a good girl, I would be happy. I am not such a bad guy; why does God bring misfortune upon my head? What is misfortune? Do you think life is a crap game? The fatalist does and the same fatalist maintains the game is rigged. The fatalist insults God, inspires men to irrational pessimism, and is a damned fool, for his assertion is unproven, not in his or anyone else’s interest, yet he plays the sceptic obstinately. Who can save such a fool?

You know perfectly well that I uphold the glory and justice of God. The Poop of Geneva (Pope of Geneva), the hypocrite Papist priest and fraud does not uphold the glory and righteousness of God. He is abhorrent, antichrist, and throw in Martin Luther with the lying Frog, John Calvin. I have made my case. By the way, divine wisdom knows the answer to all these things. Yet, wise men are double minded on all things but the simplest of axioms. She instills virtue in me and you by leaving us to dwell on the word of God and all things worthy in pursuing wisdom.

We come to the last frog of heresy, the Baptist heresy. This started big time with Jan Hus. He and his followers successfully fought Rome to a standoff before the Reformation of Martin Luther. The Apostle Paul clearly stated, and rightly so, that the children of believers are sanctified by their parents’ faith. Christians must accept the grace of Jesus, but if the grace were not offered, they would have no way of obtaining it. Moreover, the saving grace of Christ was freely given, or not grace, but it was grace according to all scripture. The Jews were chosen by God for his purpose, even if some idiot rabbis suppose otherwise. If men are sinners by original sin, why object to salvation by the grace of Christ? There is no reason. We are all of the flesh of Adam in sin. We are all flesh of Christ in grace through the mystical body and marriage of the Church with Christ. If our body is grace, the fruit of the body is grace. If children grow to turn away from the faith, this changes nothing. Children brought up by Godly parents are more likely to adhere to Christ. This is well known, though not guaranteed.

We see that the Gospels mention no baptisms of babies by John the Baptist or apostles. The apostles speak little of baptism. The baptism of John was in the wilderness, a hard place to bring babies. Most people would appear to be men, the women staying home to tend to household affairs and babies. But we have but little details in the Gospels. We have reports from so-called church fathers that the early church did not baptize babies. In the first place, virtually all so-called church fathers were heretics and ignoramuses, from Tertullian, to Origen, to Augustine of Hippo, to Arius and so on. The fact that they are called church fathers is an abomination. In the second place, all indications are that babies were baptized from earliest times, except for some comments by a few church commentators.

Moreover, it is certain that Christians baptized the dead to aid them in salvation without any obvious consent from the dead. Paul mentioned this and did not specifically condemn the deed. So we are to believe that early Christians baptized the dead without consent but not their own living flesh, the innocent babes. Ha!

And what is more, the point of Paul was that he considered baptism a minor affair compared to the instruction of the word of life. You know perfectly well that it is a simple thing to pour water on the head of a child or adult and say a few words. On the other hand, the complexities of the Bible are difficult. And the apostles did not want to deal with basic accounting for similar reasons. So Paul in no way condemned Baptism as a sacrament, but deemed his office as focused more on the word and doctrines in their complexity, to be his station.

It is impossible and absurd to speak of salvation and faith without repentance. The mission of John the Baptist was important. Jesus was baptized himself to fulfill all righteousness. No repentance, no salvation. No one rejects sin without rejecting past sins and current propensity to sin.

The idea that the instruction of the apostles and disciples to baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost referred to the baptism of the Holy Spirit is ridiculous. Jesus never directly baptized anyone by the Holy Spirit on earth. He left earth and this was done to the disciples by the Holy Spirit. The apostles preached the word, but speaking in tongues and baptism by fire was in the hands of the Holy Spirit. It is baptism by water that is in the hands of men. So Paul can speak and the Holy Spirit come. That is the size of it. Might not some apostle do this by the powers granted by Christ? Perhaps so. Why not? Show the example, and I will show you a misinterpreted passage of scripture. The Holy Spirit anoints with fire. He anointed Jesus after his water baptism as a first fruit, you might say, a foreshadowed Pentecost.

In sum, the purpose of this heresy is to deprive men of the grace of God. It shifts all effort to the freedom of the individuals to repent and accept salvation, while rejecting the grace of God that allows this freedom to exist, a freedom by the grace of God and through the grace of God. Inherited grace is as certain and vital as Original sin in Christian doctrine. While we reject the fatalism of John Calvin, we must reject all who deny the grace of God in salvation. The babies are under the grace of God through the grace of the parents through Jesus Christ.

As for witnesses at baptisms, this is perfectly acceptable. As for Godfathers and Godmothers, this is an abomination and antichrist. On this point, the Baptist, Jehovah’s Witnesses and all others are absolutely in accord with biblical teachings, and this teaching is orthodox and necessary.

So these are the three unclean frogs of the Protestant heresy. God grant that the vile patriarchal religions and the unclean frogs of heresy destroy each other that the purity of the doctrine of the faith pass on through the ages.

End of Vision 4


(She conjoins me to warn about deception respecting the return of Christ and supposed proofs as manifested in the prophecies of Ezekiel, Daniel, etc.)

In Matthew 24 Christ warns all to beware of the lies of Satan. We are informed in scripture that Satan is an angel of light in pretense. Lucifer is an appellation, meaning “shining one”, “bringer of dawn” or something to that effect. It is Venus, the morning and evening star. You know that Christ is called the morning star as well and will come with lightning, thunder and clouds at the dawn of a new age. The revelation of that man of sin is a precursor of Christ. Mercury is also the morning and evening star, the messenger of the gods. The bright sun is also a morning star, as we now know that it is a true star, unlike the wandering planets.

We know that Satan was the serpent in the tree in Eden. We know that Jesus compared himself to the serpent on the pole in the wanderings of the Jews. One would be a constrictor, for a fiery serpent can do more than bruise your heel with his bite. He can kill. The constrictor kills by slow suffocation. Its likely victims are children, careless women and the weak of flesh. Even large constrictors are likely to break their back trying to suffocate a barrel chested man. And men are more violent in temperament, more likely to maintain cool in combat, save their breath for deadly strikes, walk about armed, knowledgeable in self-defense. Jesus will strike suddenly like the fiery serpent, bringing death to those who reject him, life to those who accept his atoning death on the cross or tree or pole. Those who die will die because they persecute the righteous and subvert the righteousness of God.

For hundreds of years men keep claiming to know the time that Jesus said they would not know. At such and such o’clock on such and such a day. People continue to fall for this. Then we have the so-called proofs evident in the signs of the times as discerned by the prophets, Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah, Paul and elsewhere.

Now be warned, if Satan will mimic Christ’s return, will he not endeavor to mimic the signs of his return, to make the prophecies of Ezekiel appear to come to fruition? Yes, certainly. So not only beware of the man but of the signs, for they may also be fraudulent.

Moreover, it is more complex than that. Do you want a good result without much unnecessary suffering, good Christians? If not, are you good in any sense, Christians in any sense? We must suppose, no. God stated emphatically that he would destroy the obstreperous Jews in the wandering and raise the seed of Moses to replace them. Moses interceded and God relented though he made no prior conditional statements. Nineveh was told to await destruction in forty days. They repented and God relented, though no conditions were given to ward off destruction. Unless, God states that he will not relent on a matter, the question of mercy is open.

Does God change his mind? How so? He knows in advance and must speak rhetorically to achieve an effect. And how do we know what the result of such a rhetorical statement might be? We do not know but must do what we are instructed to do to bring about peace, harmony and prosperity and life to this planet.

Beware of any prophecies that appear to be fulfilling now. It could be a ruse. How can I tell? Use your common sense; study scripture in detail; be mindful of Satan’s wiles and propensities for fraud. Also be mindful that if God snaps his finger, Gog Prince of Magog could turn right back around, should God take pity on him. If the king of Assyria repented without foreknowledge in Jonah, though Jonah tells us he knew it, we must not be certain of what is not certain. Are you Gog? Who knows the mind of man, but God. Though Satan and his demons be mind readers, you are not completely certain of your own motivations. How often have you relented and repented your thoughts, questioned your own motives? Why do you make resolutions that are not kept, if you are master of your own psyche? Satan does not know his own life. He is double deceived by his vain and ignorant lust. He is both evil and stupid, even if wily in an animal sense, however superior to wolves and hyenas.

What does Zionism have to do with God? What does Judaism have to do with Christ? You suppose God is working through their base motives? OK, and if Satan is working through their base motives to deceive you? What if God is using the base motives of Satan. OK, what if God is allowing Satan to deceive the world to see who truly listens to Jesus? If you ignore Jesus, is your heart in the right place?

I have found we can see two temptations and events in two different senses, one evil and one holy. Suppose you have a weakness for a certain type of woman. Her demeanor strikes your fancy. Her background seems to fit some archetypal desire in your psyche. She is tempting you to vain infatuation. Is it love or lust? Is the devil saying to you that this is what you really want, what it is all about? Go for it; damn the consequences. Who cares if you see danger! Ignore the warnings of trouble. He who hesitates is lost. Coward! Jump her. Is she enticing you to then cry rape to ruin you? Will she play with you like a cat plays with a mouse? Will she take your money and dump you? Will she entice you only to reject you in humiliation to prove her own worth to herself? Men crave me but I’m too good for most of them. I will practice on schmucks until my sugar daddy, moneybags, alpha male comes around.

What if God has led you to this woman? He is showing you; look, look, look, at the enemy. Look at your weaknesses of character. See how you can be manipulated. Study your emotions and motives lest you be destroyed, hurt, toyed with. Be wise; pay attention; this woman is the devil in a red dress or any colored dress. The exact opposite is what you should want. Seek what is good for you, and derive pleasure from that. Do not seek immediate pleasure only to suffer from bad consequences. The junkie likes the thrill of his fix until it destroys him. The idiot with his ecstasy pill will suffer brain damage, die before his time, his senses marred by unnatural exhilaration. His brain is distorted by excessive pleasurable stimulation to its ruin.

So, student of scripture, consider the woman as the appearance of prophecies come true. You crave to see paradise on earth. Of course, why shouldn’t you? It is only natural. Satan is the harbinger, but be careful. Do you not know he would trick you into exposing a false antichrist only to trick you into thinking that he, who exposed him, is the real Christ, though he is Satan himself?

End of Vision 5


(The two great commandments: New and Old)

Love your neighbor and love God, the great commandments that fulfill and encompass the totality of commandments. How hard this is, it seems, though this would be our best guarantee for peace and prosperity. Why is it so hard? You do not obey the two great commandments of the Old Testament: be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth. How so?

We are not enjoined to destroy the world, turn it into a wasteland through greed. Nor are we enjoined to call the earth that we stand upon our mother, father, motherland, fatherland. As the image and likeness of God, spirit must rule over things created. The greedy industrialist is every bit as much an idolater and malicious enemy of man as the witchdoctor and nature worshiper. What are we doing? We are killing babies, turning sex into lechery rather than bonding together man and wife and for procreation. Now, euthanasia (malthanasia in truth) will kill off the old, giving way to depression and despair, nihilism and evil of every sort. We hear that there is not enough to go around. Bunk! People are idle through greed and sloth. Rulers have no decency, honor or integrity. Environmentalism (crypto-idolatry and nature worship) is rearing its evil head throughout the earth. Unless man do God’s work, obey his edicts to subdue the weather, oceans, wild animals, seismic activity, we are our own worst enemy. How can we expect to be happy when the elements afflict us? Put all hands to work. The population will level off of its own accord when people are all prosperous. Do not let a despairing atheist trick you into murder. Tell him to kill himself, if he has a mind to it, but not with our approval. If he says he cannot, that is tough. He should have thought of that when he was able. Aiding a suicide is murder. Let God judge the fate of the successful suicide. We must not be turned into murderers out of false pity.

You will never become strong unless you heal your infirmities. All talk of survival of the fittest is demonic, whether as Darwinism, free market competition or any other evil form. We grow strong through wisdom and good works, not biological drivel and pseudo-science.

Do you say cooperate? In what? Bank robberies, murders, treason? Screw cooperation; do your duty. Do you say compete? In what? Doing evil deeds more efficiently? Screw competition; do your duty. You must not cooperate with evil. You must not compete in doing evil. Duty comes from honor and personal integrity working for the commonwealth, that commonwealth including yourself.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity? Screw liberty, justice! Screw equality, justice! Screw fraternity, justice. Measure for measure, justice, justice, justice! What are we saying? If justice demands restrictions, then restrict. If justice demands loosening, let it loose. If justice demands treating people with different standards according to different circumstances, do it. Has their ever been a brotherhood of anything that has not turned into a criminal conspiracy against the human race? If we are brothers, then we have one Father in heaven. That is the only binding thing that matters. All relations between each other hinge on that. It is vertical. Between brother and brother is the Lord, or it will all fall to pieces. Up to the heavens and down to your brother, or we have plots and cliques and all manner of evil conspiracies.

End of Vision 6


(Wisdom tells you: do not go chasing dragons.)

Siegfried asked for fear to save his life from recklessness. He should have asked for wisdom. Did he chase dragons? The whole saga (ring cycle) is dragon’s breath. The dragon is all about you. Your quest is vanity. Looking for the Holy Grail? It is in your cupboard or nowhere to be found. Where is the promised land? Beneath your feet if you are a man that keeps his promises. If not, you will never find it.

America has been led astray with detestable crusades. Right to self-determination in league with empires? Ha. War to end all wars fighting in dynastic, imperialist wars? Ha. Crusades? The villains we are fighting are on evil crusades, and condemn their enemies for being what they are. Do what you are told, America. You came here for a better life? Obey the great commandments of the Old Testament and the commands of the New will follow, if follow they can. If evil comes at us, fight with steel and sword of truth. You cannot hunt out the evil spirits of hell. Leave that to God. Be helpful mostly by making the world more prosperous, wiser and orderly in your own part. Lead by example, not by command or even by persuasion. Good example is the best persuasion. Detest detestable crusades. Destroy those who would come to crusade against you. Be helpful to other countries. Do not hide your head in the sand and call that safety and peace. Have fixed objectives to attack, not dragons of the vapors of evil that will slip from you. Make no more covenants with death, with evil dictators, nor meddle in affairs that only make others hate you. This is prudence. Is prudence an old maid? Better an old maid than vile beautiful whore in her gaudy array.

End of Vision 7


(She who detests the atheist fool, speaks.)

Is there no such thing as collective intellectual activity, as some stupid, atheist scribbler maintained? What rubbish! Two heads are often better than one. But God’s integrity is not yours. If you have integrity, your child may not. It is integrity not genius that cannot be shared, cooperated upon in the darkness of ignorance. No man is an island, but your integrity stands alone. How can it be otherwise, so see to it. You will gain nothing by malicious lying to others, less so to yourself.

End of Vision 8


(The meaning of the ten horns of the beast in Daniel 7.)

Ten horns that are ten kings are upon the great beast that came about through Rome and its empire. An eleventh horn rose up to displace three horns. And the eleventh horn had eyes and persecuted the saints. This is explained in Daniel by visions to Daniel. This is in part, and all that Daniel might know was not revealed to him as Daniel informed us.

These ten horns are also ten tribes, for the tribes of the kingdom fallen to Assyria was at the founding of Rome. And the Northern tribes later were in the forefront of the diaspora within and about the empire of Rome. The three horns that were displaced are the three Joseph tribes: Ephraim, Manasseh and Benjamin. The fourth horn came out of the Joseph tribes and was of the Joseph tribes. The younger son held sway over the sons of the elder son, Joseph.

Now this Benjamin, son of the right hand and son of the south land is esteemed as virtuous above all the brothers by certain teachers. We note how Canaan was condemned by Noah without cause and became the progenitor of the wicked people of Canaan. We are to suppose that the children took on the wickedness of the patriarch. This is the Benjamin who received five portions over his other brothers at the feast of Joseph in Egypt. Benjamin and Joseph were the children of Rachel, the wife favored by Jacob and fervently desired. So is virtue by descent of blood?

The children of Benjamin committed a great travesty of licentiousness in Israel. A gang raped and brutally murdered a woman as a consequence. Israel called for their punishment. But the wicked Benjaminites refused to deliver justice, protected their degenerates, and so were all culpable of the crime. Whoever aids and abets evil is guilty of the deed though not directly involved. Israel, irate, rose up and all but slaughtered the tribe of Benjamin, this righteous progeny of the son of the right hand. Regretting that an entire tribe of Israel would be extinguished, they arranged kidnapping of women for the Benjaminites to take as wives, another crime.

Now Benjamin is the tribe of King Saul, who refused to relinquish his crown back to God, though his only claim to that crown came from God. And we know that God was king, but the Jews were not satisfied with that and demanded a king like the other nations. So what of virtue through blood? It is excluded.

We move on to Saul of Tarsus. He disputed with and condemned the saints. He attacked Peter for a fault that he was guilty of himself by his own words in his epistles, if fault that be. He attacked the Jews for insisting upon circumcision but circumcised Timothy for just that reason, to placate the Jews. He condemned long hair, though the sanctified of God were instructed not to apply razor or shears to their persons. Leave it long or short as you please. Who is this insolent Benjaminite? He craved beatings and martyrdom and was granted his request by all. Like five portion Benjamin, he wanted more epistles, more beatings, more churches founded in his vain and foolish name. Did he not call his bragging, folly, in his own words? Well, if the prophet speaks truth, listen to him. If not, why listen to him? He acted as if he were the father of the churches of Asia, Europe, the places he passed through, though God and Christ were the source of what power he possessed. He sent the slave back to his master, yet did not encourage the master to free the bondsman, the bondsman for whom Jesus died to set free. The master was in Christ and would not give a man liberty who might have freely worked for him in Christian fellowship should the matter be costly to the master. He all but bragged of his pharisaic roots, though Christ roundly condemned these lost souls.

Is it our intent to praise Judaizers here? No, rather to condemn the hypocrisy of Paul of Tarsus. He who said women can not speak the word of God openly is rightly condemned by she who speaks the word of God through whomever she pleases. Was Sarah really all that righteous and faithful? Was it faith that caused her to laugh in the face of God’s angels upon the promise of a child? Was it faith that goaded her to give Hagar to Abraham? It was not faith but faithlessness, and the promise was through Abraham not Sarah, she merely the means. Abraham was a fairly just and upright man, but any king of the land would have sacrificed his son to please his god, in sycophancy. But it was obedience to God rather than demons, so his failing was overlooked. For a righteous man never would have done such a deed. How so? He would have noted that justice forbade a just God to such a deed, and rejected the order as delusion. Or he would have surmised that God was testing his righteousness. He would better have put his own life on the line than murder his innocent son. Morality is innate or does not exist. No Bible is needed to know right from wrong. No fruit gives you such information. Liars claim otherwise and deceive the foolish unto death. For we die both from sins and folly. But God forebeared and Isaac lived, as he had no intention to see him killed but rather to test the father. God deprives no man of wisdom or righteousness. Indeed righteousness is in the very nature of man. But lust pulls a man from his nature, and angels alike. The so-called tree of knowledge was the tree of ignorance hiding behind deception. So what of it? He enjoins us to practice wisdom. If she thought God could not be trusted to tell the truth, then who can be trusted? Was it faith, or wisdom or lust that plucked the fruit from the tree? Yes, it was lust and there we see fruit of lust ripening unto death. Is it a hard thing to know the truth? What of all the suffering? Is it so great? Do you know better than God what is necessary? You, see your ignorance before you. Are you morally outraged? Make your case before the seat of judgment. All will be given a hearing. If you speak honestly, then honestly you will be answered. Otherwise, and/or in the meantime, do what you have been told. Better to listen to him than to your own judgment. You have all that you need to divine that he is right in telling you what is needful to sustain you.

This Saul is the horn that persecutes to this day through his errors that brought about heresy and apostasy. Though made an apostle, as was Judas Iscariot, he did not cleave to righteousness but abused his authority. Judas was more righteous than Saul, who repented but foolishly executed judgment rather than leaving it to God. This name, Saul, is an anagram for Esau in this language. Now what is the difference between King Saul and Esau? I will tell. Esau might have a crown given by God, let us suppose. God says that the crown must be returned. Esau takes it from his head in relief and tosses it heavenwards, saying, “Here, take it. I did not ask for it. I did not ask to be born. The land that I walk on came from God. If it returns to God, what of it.” Would that Saul were a man like Esau. For Esau was a better man than Jacob. Now Ishmael and Jacob plot against God. Hear, O Israel, Jesus Christ is Israel and you are not God’s people except through him. He is king because he is God, not that he is of the house of David. Who is David but his subject. And you are in error, Israel.

End of Vision 9




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