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Words descend upon me

Like the golden dew from the sky on a floral tree

Flower of the mind immerse as moments sway

Converts it into nectar before withering away

I fill the pen with nectar, write night and day

You can convert the nectar into honey like a bee


WE 8

O Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 9

Last Sunday I saw her 10

The Secretes of Life 11

Gypsy 12

Gold, Ashes and Rust 13

Fear of Resurrection 13

Behold! 14

The Lost Key 15

An Aghast Star 16

O’ Alice! 17


I Am 18

The Last Prophet (PBUH) 18

The Arabic Language 19

ABRAHAM (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) 20

Dedicated to the children who were killed in drone attacks 22

Souls that Glitter with Dreams 23


Eternal Glee 26

Let’s Feel 27

Poem dedicated to Life of Pi 28

He was Muhammad (PBUH) 31

O’ Woman 32

Nature 32

My Lord 33

She I 34

He has No Motherland 35

There is No Solomon 35

Red Tulip 36

She II 38

The Man with Broken Heart 39

Farmer 40

Let the Snow Bury it All 41

She lll 42

Renaissance 43

I wander there for a voice 44

  • 44

Life is not a game 45

Allah 46

Books 46

She IV 47

Soften our hearts and sow the Seeds of faith 48

Unsaid Words are Waiting to Come into Existence 50

The Soil of Moon 51

Heart Wounds and Soul Scars 51

Only They Know 51

Johnny and John 52

Oh No No! 53

That’s Freedom, I know 54

Call of Humanity 54

March 1993 55

A Walk to Remember 55

I want to be just like this plant 56

An Evening on the Beach 57

Eternal Sleep 57

I Want to Paint 58

Let’s Add Some Green 58

Dust 58

The Shadow of the Moon 59

Where is the Rainbow 60

The Blue Ocean 60

She V 62

Smoke 62

Story of a Writer 62

Desires Piercing Strings 64

Artificial Society 65

5 July 2014 65

  • 65

Behold! 66

Leave 66

  • 67

I Wanna Ink it down 67

The Magic of Winter 68

He-The Artist 69

The Yellow Rose 69

Blushing Petals 70

Why God Created Them! 71

Yesterday! 71

Writing and Colors! 72

O’ Lord Grant Me 72

7 December 2013 73

  • 73

We Mourn 74

Baba! 74

  • 75

  • 75

  • 75





Nobody can lighten our load

Loneliness is reality, it is aeonial

Everyone is lonely in this crowd

Lonely, we have to face every trial

Lonely, we have to experience death

Lonely, we have to travel each mile



Life is the case of triality

Though we are lost in the haze

But we have strong liaisons

With the world where souls raise

With the world where we breathe

With the world where we‘ll go after these frays


God has given us eternal knowledge

But we are unaware of God’s presence

We spent years gaining knowledge

But unable to capture life’s essence

We live in the world of illusions

And we die in ocean of nescience



O Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


If there is light in my dark life

If I do not stumble in this world

If I am not lost in labyrinth of desire

If my faith never twirled

It is only by virtue of your name

Illuminating in my heart as a flame



In the name of Allah and for you

I wish I could sacrifice my each desire

My life, my dreams, my ambitions

My smile, my thoughts, my whole empire

It is only by virtue of your name

Illuminating in my heart as a flame



My life would be miserable

If my heart was devoid of faith

I am blessed, I am contented

No devil can instigate me, no wraith

It is only by virtue of your name

Illuminating in my heart as a flame



My first and last wish

I could drink from Al kauther

I know I am demanding beyond merit

But I am imploring it louder

It is only by virtue of your name

Illuminating in my heart as flame


Last Sunday I saw her


Last Sunday I saw her

Lying on an old rocking chair

Her silver hair were flickering

Touching her sagging wrinkled skin

Glimmer of memories was shining in her eyes

Laughter of a lost friend

Knocking at her heart

She was smiling with wet eyes

Murmuring softly

With her flaccid mouth

Life is a ruthless sea

And I am waiting for a time wave

Which will throw me out

And make me free


The Secretes of Life


I was mesmerized, when

I stepped into a perfume shop

Red, Pink, Blue, Green bottles

On shelves with crown knops



Fragrance of Joy, Miss Dior

Eternity, Ivoire, Kenneth Cole

Were swirling around me

Scented depths of my soul


Crystal chandelier light was

Enlightening the atmosphere

All faces were glowing

With smiles and cheer


There are hidden secrets of life

In fragrance, color and light

These things help us to understand

Harmony, Beauty, Love and Eternity bright




A gypsy was walking through mist

Asking himself why I exist

Rose was shedding its petals

His soul was wounded by unseen nettles

Birds were chanting tale of his life

Breeze was writing it on silver ice

Hope was sinking in darkness of his mind

He was wandering in kingdom of blind

Faint star was peeping through spooky branch

Like a man who never take chance

Advising don’t allow grief wash away your hope

There is nothing in this world you can’t cope

Gold, Ashes and Rust


Sun rises and sets

Time flows with regrets

Faces may change every year

But cries are same, we hear

Places remain the same

All hearts burn in one flame

Some turn to gold from dust

Some turn to ashes, some to rust


Fear of Resurrection


I am hearing faint call of marching bells

I am fighting with evil in my mind dwells

I am trying to run faster

To get rid of this disaster

Alas! My feet are sinking in sand

I have spent centuries in unknown land

Wandering thirsty and alone

There was nothing, I called my own

Now my only hope is moving away

The sound of bells, the light ray

Calling me to the holy path

I wish I could flee from God’s wrath



Behold, how a raindrop lost in ocean

Things find identity in their own medium

Man separated himself from heaven

So he breathe on earth in different rhythm


Pure heart is just like an inverted prism

Shiny and bright entwined in amber soul

Seven colors of metaphorical love enter

White light of real love stroll


Light of love give insight into divinity

Little things start guiding

Songs of nature, fragrances and colors

Expose life which was hiding


He gets introduce to Almighty God

On dusky paths, he hears hymn of larks

Sorrow mornings become mellow with dew of mirth

In temulence of nature, emblem of God sparks

The Lost Key


Standing at the sea shore

I am looking for cure

Seeking the lost KEY

To open my heart’s door


Going to break all idols

I had worshipped before

Idols of ego, fear and desire

Standing behind my heart’s door


Allah, I ignored you for others

This confession is my cure

Give me courage to confess

Let me open my heart’s door


An Aghast Star


An aghast star is burning

In the lap of desolate moon

Heat is rising up from the road

Turning the star into prune


Smoke is dancing with speedy cars

On the rhythm of his cries

In the flood of yellow lights

He is steadfast with dazzled eyes


Yearning face, shabby clothes

Carrying toys with lost hope

His life’s wheel spins only when

Wheels of luxury cars stop


His lean body moves fast

When face of signal turns red

He knocks on car’s windows

With empty stomach & taste of bread

O’ Alice!


O’ Alice! Come out of wonderland

Come out from mirage of sand


Daylight is fading outside

Sun is drowning after long vied


Why are you wandering in a dark dream?

That will vanish with last beam


In deepest wounds seek His Glory

Surely He will change your life’s story


Bind your wounds, step back to reality

Be fearless, feel the life’s vitality


He will show you the path of contentment

Surely He will provide pure ointment




Sitting under a lush green tree

Moving to and fro in high glee

I am waiting for winter

Which is already inside me


I Am



I am the lightest shade in this divine picture

The faintest sound in this universe

My body is hopping on the path of annihilation

My soul is wandering in search of God


The Last Prophet (PBUH)



Trillion years ago in complete silence

In dense darkness and universe’s absence

When clouds used to float among air and water

When there was no pen and tablet cadence


Then He created Pen, Tablet and throne

Sky, earth and everything else all alone

He created Adam A.S and his progeny

And Eve A.S from Adam’s rib bone


Allah wrote their fate and made them abide

Each soul prostrated him and testified

That He is their Lord the one and only

Then they descent to earth, but they belied


Some faces among them were adding glitz

They were Allah’s Messengers and Prophets

They sent to their allotted regions, to guide

Souls who had made covenant and forgot this


Then Allah sent last prophet for whole humanity

To get them out from the intense tranquility

The religion has been perfected and completed

He provided complete code of life in reality


He was a person with extraordinary beauty

Tender hearted, morally best in world’s history

He was best leader, fighter, father, friend and brother

He was sent not but as a mercy to humanity


Allah and His angels send blessings on him

Echoes of his name overflow earth’s brim

Only he has power to intercede for his ummah

His name is mentioned in Torah Bible and Vedic hymns



The Arabic Language


A chaste freshwater spring

Deep, sweet, fluent, and melodious

Where the language of paradise rings—

Its history and future miraculous.


Arabic, the divine language, in which

Adam greeted angels, with God’s will,

The language precious and rich—

Arabic, scented with this fresh dill.


The Quran is the last and final holy writ,

The most wonderful book in the history of literature.

God selected a royal language for it,

Powerful and eloquent in nature.


Your wounds can’t be healed until

You strive to hear His word.

Learn the language of holy tablet and quill,

And strengthen your soul to lead the herd.






ABRAHAM (May Allah Be Pleased With Him)



They light up the giant bonfire

Even miles away nobody could respire

They threw him into the flames

But He was true lover not a coward crier



He had to left his infant son and

His wife in empty empire of sand

Barren rocks were burning with heat

But he followed God’s command



“Could you sacrifice your son for Me”

God asked him and he bowed the knee

He put knife on the neck of his son

He couldn’t go against God’s decree



For him, God turn the fire into sleet

And water sprang beneath his son’s feet

His son recolonize ancient city and

When he moved knife, there was lamb’s bleat


The essence of true love is sacrifice

For him, Beloved is always suffice

God was testing Abraham’s love for Him

And he attained highest rank in skies



Dedicated to the children who were killed in drone attacks


O’ migratory bird

Do you remember?

Many years ago

It was a sunny winter day

While running

Along the shore

When their eyes clapped on you

Their little feet stopped instantly

Those eyes were shining like pearls

When they were trying to touch your feathers

Ah! Those innocent giggles

Look now everything is changed here

It is too dark

Silence is clinging to rocks

Sighs are everywhere

Those innocent eyes

Little hands

Who were used to give you

Warm welcome are buried

Ah! They are buried in black smoke and fire

Somebody has killed them


In ruin of skulls

I am roaming

To collect

Glitter of their innocent eyes

Smiles of their rosy lips

Sound of their footsteps

O’ migratory bird

Where are you

You are witness of their innocence

You are only one

Who can console me

But where are you



Souls that Glitter with Dreams


Golden dust of dreams glitter

In utter darkness and gloom

Fragrance diffuses through air

When little tender buds bloom


Souls that glitter with dreams

Never shed tears with sorrow

Though, They can see deep wounds

They never cower, never borrow



Souls that glitter with dreams

Know how to darn the open wound

With threads of love and sincerity

Their zealous hands never confound


Dreams are blessings for man’s soul

Dreams are the great gifts from God

They give you courage to breath

They help you to open life’s code




It is one of the God’s battalions

It blows merrily in all directions


It has varying colors and moods

When it turns brown, it behaves rude


It can destroy forests in one second

When it blows as red hot whirl wind


You can feel the unseen scented tent

When it becomes colorless and content


In pleasant mood it blows flittingly

To make ships sail on the blue sea


It brings dense clouds and rain

It gives life to wheat and sugar cane


It is God’s powerful manifestation

It praises Him, only soul can listen

Eternal Glee



While walking along drenched roadside

Cold evening was descending on her heart

Dark branches were peering through fog

Dense fog that breaking lights apart


Silence was twinkling above desolate bench

Darkness was spreading its silky wet fur

What is secrete to everlasting happiness

She turned her face towards sky and murmur


Someone was hearing her gloomy question

There was little black bird in the thyme

O’ poor girl why you made room for grief

Grief can make you old before time


The bird came out and spoke with wisdom

But I am helpless, she replied with wan smile

Longing for this mortal world bring grief

With grief you meet death in every aisle


Everything that has a beginning has an end

Whether it is power, fame, talent or beauty

Only relationship with Lord is inviolable

Feel Him to find eternal glee


The bird showed her path of happiness

And disappeared in glimmering white haze

She turned her face towards the sky again

Against dark night there was moon ablaze


Let’s Feel


Let’s Feel

The coldness

Coldness of world’s disloyalty

Frozen dew drops

Are looking like gems

That were thrown in negligence

Tangled in air

Chill wind blows

As if it takes away

All the fragrances from mud

Silence is every where

Seeking life

And Life is hidden in cozy holes

But he is forbidden

Many feet high above the ground

He is cementing red brick wall

With his frost hands

While working

He does not look down

Because he was not born with crown

In his life

There is no space for fear

In his eyes

There is no space for tear

He is cementing the wall

With burden on his heart

Burden of his child’s hunger

Who is waiting for him

With empty plate in his hands

He has to carry this burden

With burden of bricks

Because he does not know any tricks

To win the battle of Verdun

Poem dedicated to Life of Pi


He used to stare things aimlessly

He often wandered on earth anxiously

His eyes were tired

His legs were swollen

He was seeking Him

With address-stolen

Then he confronted love-unrequited

One day By Him he was invited

On the way to Him

He was winnowed by wind

Cruel fate

Took his companions away

All of a sudden

A monster of sorrow

Engulfed his every thing

He looked up

He was seeking Him

But there was no one

Now it was matter of his existence

He looked into the eyes of the monster

And said

“I know Only fittest can survive

And I deserve more than you

He turned heel on it

And crushed it out

He fell down

He was so lonely

He was feeling like a trash thrown in garbage

The only voice was

The faint roar of the monster

He was dying with it

He caught its hands

And started chatting with it

When he had lost

All hope

His friend-unseen

Feed his weak body

Quenched his thirst

And descent upon him

The holy contentment

He happily dozed off whole day

Ate fresh food without moving his hand

He feed that monster too

He protected it in dark and blue

He decided to live there

With it forever

But One day he saw a thundering sign

He was shocked to see

He was sinking in death gradually

With that monster of sorrow

He screamed louder

And strived again

He started sailing towards life

On the way

He found Him

His struggle came to end

When life hugged him

He cried loudly

He felt deep grief

Because that monster left him

Without last glance

Who was his only companion

In deadly loneliness

Who was sent to keep him alive

Who invoked him to fight for life

He was dead otherwise

He learned

Life is until the fight is

If you don’t fight

You have to become

The guest of death knight



He was Muhammad (PBUH)


The glinting face, pious brow

More beautiful than rose moon

Fragrant, graceful personality

More fresh than scented forenoon



A brave valor courageous warrior

Fought a series of tough battles

Crushed the evil of polytheism

Removed all painful nettles


He traveled across seven skies

Split the moon in two pieces

Tyrant devil was scared of him

All wolves ran out from fleeces


But He mended his shoes himself

He slept on mat, spent each night

Praying with tears in his eyes

He guided the world towards light


He was the man most powerful

Most merciful, the last Messenger

He was Muhammad, man of dignity

Diviner, Soothsayer, foreseer, Augur



O’ Woman


You are born with high self esteem

Lord has made you from what? Do you know?

From him, Lord’s beloved creation

Before whom angel bowed down to brow







You are my mirror

When I wish to look into myself

I look into you

I see my reflection in air waves

Leaves rustles with my laugher

Rivers sing my poems in unknown lands

To unknown people

Mountains echo with my heartaches

My soul wanders in moonlit nights

My soul….is the only thing

That does not belong to you

One day when sun will rise

I will not be there to see its holy light

My soul will fly towards skies

I will become your part

I will feel its warmth through you


A day will also come

When I will rise again from you

You and I

Who are we?

Who created us?

Who loves us?

It is Him

Our Lord Almighty

One day we will all return to Him

The day for which

All of us are waiting unconsciously

And trying to forget consciously

A day

When all of us will testify

Today, what we deny



My Lord


I often wish my love for you was just like a sun flower

It breathes in sun’s direction, love flows in its veins

I would wander to seek Your Light for the sake of life

I would disperse myself for You in mud grains



Sometimes I wish I was a bird whom You hold in air

At least it knows what have You kept in its intuition

It sings and praise You when leave the nest for food

Earth turns green with fragrant songs of nature’s musician



From centuries I am wandering to know who I am

Now I feel contentment as a starving man feel before death penalty

O’ Lord Let me know where is Your Pure Holy Light

Let me hear intuition song flowing in me



She I



Crescent’s reflection in glass of water

Trembling with symphony of rustling tree

Shimmering fireflies were flying around mangrove

As if nature sprinkled glitter in glee

Around flickering yellow lantern flame

A moth was wandering with mercy plea

Shades of stars were twinkling in her hair beads

And she was lost in “Thing Of Beauty”

Glimmering fragrant scene was reflecting

Through her mystic eyes which were black and crazy


He has No Motherland


He was sitting in red velvet sun gleam

Lost in labyrinths of scary dream

Sun was crawling down to the sea

What if after sunset whole water turns into steam?

He stood up and rushed towards his camp

Coward, insane…but he ignored his heart’s scream



His Mind was floating in sea of colorful illusions

Soul was entangled in threads of confusions

At night when sky was brightened with by shooting stars

He was worried of their collisions

What if the shooting star fall on my camp

He was shivering with imagination of explosions


Burning streets, screaming people, dead siblings

Shake harshly soul of that breathing dead body

Fear, pain, illusions and confusions pierce his heart

When he thinks about his country, his lost identity

His heart is burning with fire of revenge

The heart of a helpless, oppressed, poor refugee


There is No Solomon


Mellow spring is descending on the ruby red petals

Flickering with joy without any nettles



Full bloom among the bright emerald leaves

Garnet bud’s compliments, proudly it receives



Embellished with the golden yellow pollen

Chanting verses, long ago which were stolen



Sky is stealing its alluring mellow hues

In mirth as if somebody has broken all taboos



But outside this lawn, melancholy is same

Melancholy of crimes, lies, excuses hollow and lame



Birds are astonished to see across the brick wall

They are singing in gloom songs of the fall



But there is no Solomon inside who can understand

Their laments and woes over the ruined land


Red Tulip



With the sunset

All mirages disappeared

Now she is standing

Far away from herself

Under the shade of million stars

In the desert which is infinite

And full of cactus

Sand grains are twinkling in moonlight

At her restless feet

Full Moon is glimmering at knoll tip

And she is looking for red tulip


She II


Often she observes a shimmering ball

Burning in yellow, orange and red hues

When she looks at objects

She tries to notice each and every shade

When she dips her paint brush in brown

To paint desert

Her expressions turn dim

As if she is wandering in sand

When she disperse blue on canvas

To paint sea shore

Her expressions turn bright

As if water waves are touching her feet

At that time

She starts listening musical notes of water waves

When she paints a flower

Her finger tips feel its politeness

Fragrance starts swirling around her

When she paints dew drops on leaves

You can see its reflections in her eyes

She is an Artist

She respects beauty

Beauty of old carpenter’s rough hands

Beauty of housemaid’s torn feet

Beauty of scholar’s wrinkled face

She does not fascinate with the beauty of cuckoo voice only

She also admires birds who can’t sing

Through her art she always bring out glory of human nature

Though she can look cunning smiles

Plans in clever eyes

Greed, pride and envies

But she does not paint dark

She always dip her paint brush in white first

She believes one corner of human heart remains always white

And this is enough for her

All seven colors emerge from white

Always make her painting colorful and bright


The Man with Broken Heart


Desolate moon is gazing

At creeping car rows


Street lights become blur

When gloomy, Silky wind blows


Why it’s rhythm break

Why this heart bows


It cries for this mortal world

A restless life it chose


Suffering from hallucination

All doors it tries to close


Why life becomes difficult

Empty hands in air he rose


He does not know the secret

Which a virtuous saint knows

Contentment grows only

Among the prostrated brows


Thoughts become divine

When a Broken heart glows


To decaying self esteem

Path to the cure it shows




Far away

Before sun rise

He sows seeds

Then ploughs fields

He Cut crops at fifty degrees

So that the homes glow with

Aroma of soft smooth breads

And delicious vegetables

His weak body keeps alive

Restaurants in cities

Where folks go to throw parties

To enjoy

To celebrate

To get rid of depression

To remove loneliness and aggression

They sing, they dance

They never miss any chance

To live their lives to the fullest

While enjoying tasty bread at home

Relishing in Pizza-hut and Sub-Way

Delighting in TGI Friday

They forget him so often

Under a thatched roof

Who is trying to engulf

Pieces of musty, stale bread

With a thought of debt

Which is filling him with deep dark dread


Let the Snow Bury it All


What befall upon them

Let the snow bury it all


Our lips are sewed

Hands are fasten

We, the heirs of emptiness

To whom we could call

Against whom we could make allegation

So let it snow

And bury it all



We had been suffering with longing

To see red blossom since ages


We saw red blossom

Alas! Those were not roses

Those were stains

Stains of the innocent blood


Poor oppressed souls are crying

Demanding the ransom

But what could we do

How can we confront the wrong?

When we know that the devil is so strong

Let’s forget it

Let it snow

And bury it all


She lll


Sometimes she feels

As if she is

A fictitious character on earth

Her dialogues

Attributes of Her personality

Talent and beauty

Style of her smile and walk have been written

By the culture and society

Decisions of her life have been taken before her birth

Reach to religion

Limits of her freedom

To the boundary of four walls

Has been fixed by the community

Like a puppet

She has to play her role

Then society would give its analysis

Whether she played her role

Good or indifferent




Bowing his head down, he was lost

Under the shade of cloudy night sky

The moon-less sky, without stars

Was appearing empty, barren and dry

It’s sadness or madness

He asked himself with deep sigh

Lord has showered His every blessing upon me

But my heart is aching in doubts, why

I am wandering for contentment with torn feet

Though folks think my life is as easy as pie

There is nobody here, who will care

If I got mad or suddenly I die

O’ Devine Lord where are You

My heart seeks You, daily I cry

Suddenly moon appeared from clouds

Stars were pink as they were feeling shy

He saw sparkling light circumambulating

Around the tree branches, it was glowing fire fly

Then In his vision, image of a pigeon appear

Whose wings were broken and was about to die

Its opened beak due to thirst made him restless

Bird was taking last breaths, saying good bye

He ran anxiously but there was no water nearby

Suddenly it began raining with cloud thunders

Water started dripping from leaves where pigeon lie

His eyes were wet while seeing water in its beak

Lord was telling him, everyone is special in His eye


I wander there for a voice


Fresh velvet green grass

Spread beneath my feet

Ruby Red cherries are hanging

Over my head to greet

The divine scent of sandal

The multicolored flower sheet

Can’t lessen growing sadness in me

They couldn’t beat


Sun rises daily in blue sky, but

My heart is devoid of its warmth as if doesn’t rise

Far away there are black mountains

The only image remains in my eyes

I wander there for a voice, but

The echoes pass through me are mere cries

The light reflection on car window expands

When there strikes the beggar sighs

Life is not a game


Life is not a game

We win or lose from others

Where to win

We push our brothers

Where we become restless

When we see someone else with the ball

Where we win happily

When on ground other man fall

Life is something else

Something very strange and precious

Life is concealed in love

It peers through emotions

It nourishes with fellowship and compassion

Where the light enters

In our hearts

When we forgive others faults

Where we sacrifice for others

Where we raise them above

We treat them with affection and love

Life is something

So complex and beautiful

Where we can win only

When everyone wins

Everyone grins







In folk noise

In the sky

In the air

In sea waves

As if a child woke up from night mare

As if a soul wandering in ancient gloomy caves


Jugular vein vibrates

Light starts flowing with blood in veins

Under the command

With the peaceful sounds

Allah Allah Allah



When darkness prevails

I lit up a candle

And make stars with ink on my horizon

Books start shining on shelf

Like several moons on the Saturn sky

Oh! How can I explain

What I feel

When I open a book

Light starts emitting from words

Enter in my heart

Fragrance of pages spread in the room

While reading

Seasons pass through me

Sometimes I feel happy

Heart beats fast

Sometimes sorrow enters in my heart

And eyes become wet

Sometimes world become so beautiful

I feel so blessed

Sometimes it becomes dull and horrible

Sometimes I think hours and hours

About the message of the writer

Books taught me

How to live

How to behave

How to love each character in this world

How to care about them



She IV


Her laughter were more musical than sea waves

I can compare her beauty with little red riding hood


Suddenly spring colors, sun warmth disappeared

She did not know behind her death angel stood



Cold wind was blowing in dim yellow evening

The Last leaf was falling down in the wood


The sun was drowning with the hope, but

It would never rise again, it never could



She rose up in the sky towards the Divine Lord

She left world’s everything bad or good


Now she does not hear friends’ voices

Mom, dad advices she never would





Soften our hearts and sow the Seeds of faith


History is muddled,
Theories and ideologies are trembling,
New technologies are being introduced,
And the rate of development is lightning fast!
Man is trying to pierce the skies,
Yet the future is still insecure.
Who will lead humanity?
Who will tell us what’s right—
what’s wrong?
Who will guide us towards
The true, straight path,

The path without U-turns—

The path leading to success?

It is the divine book.

Our beloved Lord has written it for us
And saved it in a holy tablet.
Graceful angels keep it in their pious hands;
Each word is protected by them.
Each word opens rusted doors in minds and souls.
Each word is like a pleasant breeze
That blows stone hearts tender.
It is free from painful doubts.
Those of us who are astray use the holy book as an adornment.

We keep it in a velvet cover on our bookshelves
And feel proud when others regard it with admiring eyes.
We move rosary beads in front of it.
We show how respectful and pious we are.
We recite it daily.

But our voices lift in vain
If we are unaware of its teachings.
This holy book encloses a sea of knowledge,
From insects moving in the soil to birds flying in the sky,
From how to live to how to die.
Its knowledge is for everyone
And it shows the path
Straight to righteousness.

If we want to understand what has been written in it
We must soften our hearts and sow the seeds of faith.



Unsaid Words are Waiting to Come into Existence


Black smoke is rising from the burning wooden stove

Fragrance of winter is swirling in dim morning light


The writer is outside the room may be making coffee

Her writing table and chair are shining bright


There are lots of unarranged books on that table and

A capless pen while highlighting she forgot at night


She has a habit to collect roses between the book pages

While reading her fingers become fragrant slight


Some unsaid words are waiting to come into existence

Echo of her thoughts are stirring the quiet


Table lamp is gazing at her incomplete story

Last Sunday she started to write


The Soil of Moon


The soil of moon is in love with sun

It knows without sun it has no entity


Heart Wounds and Soul Scars


Soul is melting gradually

As ice on dim yellow flame

Water is life, Time is a wave

Beneath water is flowing every name

Meaning of life became clearer

When message of death came

Shadow of night spread before the evening

And nobody could bear the blame

Sun is rising and drowning since centuries

But heart-wounds, soul-scars are the same


Only They Know


Pious souls

Devine thoughts

Moving with their little feet

Our inheritors

Our future

Little scientists

And sociologist

Innocent rebellions

Their Shining faces are

As if thousand moons on earth

Their touch is as soft as snow flakes

Glitter in their eyes is more pure and bright

Than the pearl in deep ocean

Red hue in flowers is the reflection

Of their rosy cheeks

Stars twinkle when they giggle

They chatter as sparrows chirp in the morning

Pure hearts full of love

As peaceful as dove

Only they know what humanity is

Only they know what sincerity is


Johnny and John


Johnny can’t walk without support

And without stick John’s walk is unstable

Both of them make grimaces

If they find wheat-cereal on lunch table


Both of them play all the day

Johnny with toys and John with memories

Johnny is happy with little things he has

And john’s smile is just like gloomy breeze


Johnny’s cheeks are as red as blooming rose

John’s cheeks are like falling petals

Everyone enjoys john’s chattering for hours

John’s words for them always prove nettles


For Johnny everyone is right in his own way

But for john everyone is absolutely wrong

When Johnny laughs without teeth, air fills with rhymes

John murmurs with his flaccid mouth only dark song


Johnny’s eyes turn bright when he listen about Angels

John’s heart beats fast when he listen about them

Johnny’s innocence explores the world

John is moving back to innocence, a forgotten realm


Oh No No!


Loneliness does not dare to come here

From ceiling

These energy savors continuously stare

And sound of air-conditioner stops rare

This laptop and mobile

Piles of books, pen and notepad

Paint brushes and canvas sheets

This green plant which can die without my care

The pigeons which come daily to share

Their life-stories, their fears

Are my companions

Memories jingle here and there

Light, colors, fragrances and wind

Come daily to greet me

I know, they come from where

For me He is always there

My Beloved Lord

Who listens each noise-wave of heart

And always answers my prayers


That’s Freedom, I know


Something is drowning far inside

Hopes, Wishes, Fears

What I don’t know

Something is rising over the life horizon

That’s freedom, I know


Call of Humanity


O’ Bright Star where art thou

Darkness is eating The Moon Bow

Eating earth, air water, grass

And myself in a row


March 1993


This land is barren

Is your heart too?

There are vultures everywhere

Some are waiting when will I die

And they tear my body apart

And Some are capturing

My starving, feverish body through lenses

To touch the hearts and sky

Some are those

Who cannot recognize me as human being

For them I provide funds, aid and sympathy

Which make their lives comfortable

For me the humanity is barren




A Walk to Remember


I went with her for a walk

In cold evening of December

When roses were frost

On the road there was a high camber

In dark melancholic silence, there were

Dripping music-notes of September

Her smile was as colorful as October

But eyes were dull like November

She resembled to dark dense fog

But her cloak color was bright amber

Like sacred soft grey ashes

Inside the burning chamber


I want to be just like this plant


Cold green



Without wish for happiness

Without sorrows

Quiet and fearless

Without expectations

Without illusions and imaginations

Day and night it sings

In rain and sun-light it sings

It sings Holy Hymns

I want to be like this plant

Perhaps I would be

Perhaps I can’t


An Evening on the Beach


Blue heaven gleam was descending upon rusty leaves

Staring damaged dark lamp, peeking through green sleeves

A kitten stood there under the shade of its gloomy thoughts

Far away boats in sea were appearing as white dots

Kids were digging soil with their little polite hands

And I was thinking about history of nature, about ancient lost lands

Smiles and words were dissolving in air with tea-smoke

How much the nature’s gloomy rhythm matched tick-tock of society’s clock




Eternal Sleep


Voice of silence was piercing the thick darkness

Ripples were forming in the pool of mind

I called thee

I called thee again yet again

O’ sun of dreams

But you didn’t rise

You didn’t come

Perhaps you were there

Perhaps I was blind


I Want to Paint


I want to paint water

Cold and deep blue

Dip my feet in it and

Sing with birds in queue

Splash water in air

With my hands too


Let’s Add Some Green


Deep blue water pond

Golden soil and little red tractor

Let’s ride

Let’s add some green

In this beautiful scene




Dust is in my hand

Dust is in my fate line

Dust is in rose sent

Dust is in music notes

Dust is in each color

Dust is in the sight

Dust is every where

O’ Lord where is Your light

Dust is rising high

With every human sigh

High towards the sky

Dust asks daily

Why am I suffering?

Why are they ruining me?

Who am I?


The Shadow of the Moon


The shadow of the moon was thicker

Than its somber, thin light beam

In deep darkness and faint moon gleam

The bird of dream was lost in its nest

In dark silence

Shrill voice of cricket was loud and bright

Few blinking stars

Some wandering fireflies

The soft fragrance of basil leaves

Cold wind and me

We’re passing through the sleeping valley

The dark valley of ashes

No One knows

Sparkling green treasure

Was hidden beneath those ashes

There were many folks in that valley

But without any voice

Sitting side by side

Even they did not know each other

Every man was a stranger to his fellow men

It was the dark sleeping valley of ashes

To which I belong

I also walked through that valley as a stranger

Where shadow of moon was thicker than its light

Where folks did not learn how to speak

Where voice of cricket was loud and bright

Where night was blinking its wet eye- lashes

Where the green sparkling treasure

Was hidden beneath ashes


Where is the Rainbow


Pleasant summer evening bowing its knees

Deep red twilight glowing orange trees

Fluttering yellow butterflies, birds and honey-bees

Fragrance of green-pond, singing Chickadees

A little boy is playing with blue-ball and home-keys

An old-lady in indigo cloak is planting violet water-lilies

And she is searching for a rainbow with sad eyes, unaware of all these


The Blue Ocean


The blue ocean

Roars often

This blue color is not mine

It is just Your reflection


This Palm tree

At the shore, see

Once dared to add

Green hue in me


Algae, corals and oysters

I don’t owe their colors

I am color-less divine wine

I am not just “Salty-Waters”

Sailing without Oars


We are sailing without oars

In sea, without shores


Sailors are in deep sleep

Winds are echoing with their snores


Where should we knock?

Skies are without doors


We have lost the Guide Book

So we are chanting folklores


There are saws and wood logs but

We are worried about food stores


She V



Everything was black and white around her

So the minds and hearts

She dipped her hands in rainbow

And painted her world




Sky is turning into smoke

Breathing has become mundane

Magnificent buildings are fusing in each other

Palm trees are appearing as green stain

An abnormal child is playing outside the shop

Folks are gazing at him, with eyes curious and insane

Minds, hearts and lips are thirsty and dry

Earth is becoming barren even after the rain

His children are begging sugar on the streets

Who works day and night in the fields of sugarcane


Story of a Writer


An old writer was lamenting

Sitting under an oak tree

Tears were flowing in between wrinkles

His head was on his right knee

His sighs were dissolving in air

Why this calamity befell upon me

I spent my whole life reading

And writing, if you could see

I was just like a bee who collected

Nectar from far off lands to make honey

And then I lost both beehive and the honey

Now I am wandering like an exile bee

I have no one not a single friends

I am alone and empty

Now I can’t write my own thoughts

I have lost my memory

Mountains were echoing with his sad voice

Not only this sun is dying but also me


A saint was passing by

Got irritated by his lamenting clink

O’ poor soul what have you lost was nothing

Not yours, don’t you think

It was the only thing I earned

It was my pride I lose in a blink

Can you explain what was it?

Who took you to the destructive brink?

I was a writer, I wrote and stored

My work in a chest under the cinq

And now when I turned 80, I thought

It’s the time to change the way people think

But I found stack of blank papers without words

Saint looked upon him as he was a fink

Alas! The saint said, nobody stole it

You have to swallow this poison drink

You were writing the whole time

On white paper with the white ink


Desires Piercing Strings


Fragile and venomous

Desires piercing strings

To which heart clings

Like an insect

When in whispers

Devil spider sings


Artificial Society


Artificial society

Aristocratic folks

Empty heads

Without hearts

They think, they were chosen ones

Roses in empty gardens

Unaware of their own shallowness

Their own emptiness


5 July 2014

Today everything outside is glowing in yellow color. While pecking pigeons are singing hymns of summer, the holy season of ripening dates. The color of sky and water is warm blue, pure and so clear. From last few days I doubt as if the earth is in contemplation may be it is because sacred fragrance of Ramadan is in air. The holy bliss



I am rust in peace

I am content in grief




Life glimpses in sky colors

Morning white albumin hue

Transforms into noon sparkling golden

After-noon’s scarlet red, evening’s deep blue

Then thick black night engulfs

All the colors that are due


Man born on earth as moon on sky

Fragile, thin, dim like waxing-crescent

He grows and have influence like full moon

Gradually he becomes thin, fragile, dim fluorescent

A day comes when nobody knows

Where is the burial of that waning luminescent




Leave one book of favorite writer, unread

Leave some paintings incomplete

Leave some poems unwritten

Some words unsaid

To the people who hurt you

For the sake of God

Leave something at least

For the old age to regret

To give a reason to breath

When with little squeezed eyes

Maybe you would try to read that book

With trembling hands

You would try to complete that painting

When with flaccid mouth you would murmur

Those unsaid words

To God

And would become proud and tranquil

That you have loved God more than anything else


There were colors and light

Rainbow was dripping through the night


I Wanna Ink it down


Stars are floating now

At night often they drown

I wanna fill them in my pen

I wanna ink it down

It is the story of metals

I wanna ink it down

The story of a beggar’s bowl

The story of a gold crown

It is the story of faith

I wanna ink it down

The story of a saint

The story of a clown

It is the story of a fate

I wanna ink it down

The story of a white and black

The story of brown

It is the story of disaster

I wanna ink it down

The story of a green village

The story of a smoky town


The Magic of Winter


I can feel the magic of winter

On my finger tips

Diffusing inside

Flowing through my veins

Reaching my heart

The heart is just like a guard room

Guarding my life

Covered with frost vines

Sparrows chirp

Sitting on branches tips

They chirp merrily

As folks do

With warm cups of coffee in their hands

Their laughter and gossips swirl around

With steamy breaths in TV lounge

A pet dog peeking over the roof

A cat is strolling here and there in the lawn with pride

Fog is everywhere

Icy fog





December 2014



He-The Artist


Desolate frozen moon and his flaming heart

As if somebody is eating ice cream with hot chocolate tart

Wandering penniless with hunger in piercing city lights

As if somebody is on the highway driving 19th century cart

To overcome hunger pain, to kill the sorrow

He is learning, practicing and creating a skillful art

The art of thievery, the art of revenge, the art of deceiving

Alas! Look how he grins when

He comes out of the crowd or the mart


The Yellow Rose

In this winter darkness

When the grass color appears blue

I breathe with difficulty

Often forget the dates, days

And the bills that are due


The bitter odor of damp walls

And old wooden furniture swirls around

There is a window too in this house

When wind passes through its broken glass

I love that sound


And that table in the corner of the room

That one! Near the broken window

Covered with an old cloth

I placed there a water cane

In hope of spring I bought some years ago


Beside that rusty cane somebody

I don’t know who, puts a fresh Yellow Rose daily

And disappears, don’t know where

The bitter gloom dissolves for a while

I know God sends this for me




Blushing Petals


Is this pink shadow of light?

Or earth is under a spell

And light is transforming

Into blushing petals


Why God Created Them!


In bright shades of mellow mornings

Or when the evening spreads its grey wings

Blur memories of childhood knocks, and

Faint laughter of cousins, friends and siblings

While walking towards the school

We used to listen sounds of rotating tool

Grinding wheat grains inside the floor mill, Often

We run to the road edge due to moving herd of wool

While walking along the old railway line

Or on the canal road shaded with trees divine

Running through the cauliflower fields

During long drives in heavy rain or sunshine

I never thought that all those roads, places and buildings

Restaurants, malls and Voices of cousins, friends and siblings

Will become the inseparable part of me

I carry them in me, whatever I do, in all things

Let me tell you why God has created them

So when you fall down, they pick you up with care like a gem

If you frown and push them away, they cool you down

They make you feel that you are the king of their realm





Yesterday Kuwait was looking like a painting in water colors

I felt for a moment if it rains

The whole scene will flow down into the sea

But Holy bliss it was windy

And the painting dried up till the evening

Then white moon appeared

It was like a thin white round tissue paper glued on the sky

Within few minutes it became bright

And shed its glitter on everything

At night the whole painting was glowing like a star


Writing and Colors!


Writing is a refuge

Colors are tranquillizer

If you get upset

Take both or either


O’ Lord Grant Me



Skies haunt me

Oceans flaunt me

Symbols appear

Then disappear

Don’t know where

O’ Lord grant me

The sweet memory of Your voice

The memory of the divine commitment

So then I can rejoice


7 December 2013


Since I’ve learned the spelling of Your name

Since I have learned alphabets of the language You speak

My life became beautiful








Whatever it is




Are the words of God

Written on earth

Beautifully written at the right place


We Mourn


We mourn for the victims we see

We mourn for them

When air fills with their cries

With our eyes wide open, full of tears

But What about those

Whose stories are untold


Don’t you feel?

Those stories are breathing in the air with us

Lamenting for justice

Consuming our oxygen

I feel suffocation sometimes

Don’t you feel?




Baba once I saw a dream

Sitting with you on mud in our old house

Surrounded by lots of lemon plants

It was dark and cold but very pleasant

I don’t know why

But I miss that dream often

I want to sit with you like that again




I want to dissolve myself into nothingness

Where there is infinity

Where there is no pain, no gain

Where there exist only reality

Maybe then I’ll be able to find my real history

My true axis




Like an ant, I am moving along the shore of knowledge; trying to collect some jewels. Experience I go through often is ecstatic.

Sometimes I watch parts of heaven floating in vast and

Deep Ocean of knowledge like the island




Keeping opinion without conscience is like a boat without oars,a star without an orbit, sky without doo

Some poems of this book are published on different websites with pen name Ummay Qasim.





  • Author: Komal Zeeshan
  • Published: 2017-01-19 17:35:15
  • Words: 8429
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