Van Halen's Self Promotion Secret Every Email Market Should Be Using


[+ Van Halen’s Self Promotion Secret Every Email- Marketer Should Be Using +]

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Before You Can Unleash Your Full Might Upon The Earth

Van Halen’s Self Promotion Secret Revealed

ome An Email Marketing Rockstar

Van Halen’s Self-Promotional Secret Applied To Email Marketing


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[Before You Can Unleash Your
Full Might Upon The Earth]

[“Self promotion” can be *]tricky[ waters.*]

Yup, when it comes to promoting yourself, your product or service, most email-marketers are…

…As confused As The Kardashians On Father’s Day!

Why is this?

That’s a great question, Chief.

Well, there’s several reasons, but one major reason for the confusion is this:

You see, when a person first starts marketing online (Greenhorn marketer), they’re all full of piss and vinegar, and they start dropping their promotional material on social-media-sites like there’s no tomorrow.

And as a result, their marketing comes across…

…As Intrusive As Kanye West at an awards night]]

]]and, their sales-pitches are about…

[[…As Subtle As a Miley Cyrus Music Video!

I should probably slow down on the “similes”, eh?

Gotta admit though, those first two were pretty strong, huh?


So, where was I?

Oh yeah, so the newbie marketer is spamming their little-heart-out all over social-media-sites until some “online guru” pulls them up and says:

[“Harken! – my little greenhorn marketer. One cannot simply spam thy links all over the interwebz like that!”

But alas…

…they don’t teach the greenhorn-marketer how they should go about promoting their wares online.

And if they do, their advice, in my prideful opinion, is pitiful.

So Kelvin, what is this sneaky “self-promotion secret” you speaketh of, huh?

Well, in the words of John the Baptist: “There is one greater than I that will show the way”.

Or something like that.

Yes, Pookie, that was a quote from the Bible.

Who is this one greater than I?

Enter Van Halen.

Oh yeah Baby!

Yes, Van Halen will show you the way it’s done.

Let me tell you a little story from Van Halen’s early days that will reveal this “self-promotion secret”.

Here’s the story:

Once upon a time……

Before Van Halen unleashed their full might upon the world, they were…

[[…Just Another Struggling LA Band
Desperate To Promote Their Music!

Yep, they were just one of the many bands in L.A. chasing the elusive record deal.

Van Halen knew in order to get their “big break” (a record deal), they had to play in the biggest venues in LA, because that’s where the record companies sent out their people to find new talent.

But here’s the thing…

….Those big venues would not just let any old band play at their venue.

No Sir.

You had to be an already-established-band that had a big following. That way, the venue owners were almost guaranteed a packed house.

This makes venue owners very happy campers.


…At the time, Van Halen didn’t have a huge following.

So, their only chance of playing in those big LA venues was this:

To play covers.

That’s right, playing other people’s songs. These LA venue owners would often let lesser established bands – like Van Halen at the time, play if they promised to play popular “cover songs” instead of their own original material. That way, if the band turned out to be sub-par, then at least the songs would be songs that the crowd would all know and like. Thus lowering the risk for the venue owners.

You follow?

So, essentially, Van Halen were forced to play as a “covers band”.

Did Van Halen[_ hate_] playing other people’s music?

[[Does Snoop Dog Smoke Weed?

Of course they did.

They wanted to play[_ their_] music!

Van Halen’s Self Promotion Secret Revealed

Van Halen knew they weren’t gonna “make it” playing other people’s music. To become a great band in their own right, they had to find a way to promote themselves by playing their[_ own_] songs.

And find a way they did!

Here’s how they did it:

Van Halen would sneak in some of their own songs into the song list.

But, they had to do it in a very clever and subtle way. Remember they weren’t supposed to play their own songs? So they couldn’t just introduce one of their songs and start playing. That would be too obvious, wouldn’t it?

Doing it in a blatant way like that would jeopardise their highly coveted residency at the LA venue.

So how did Van Halen play their own songs without getting the unwanted attention of the venue managers and owners?

Like this:

Halfway through a set, they would sneak in one of their own songs by segueing (remember that word) from a popular cover-song like: Smoke On The Water, for example, right into one of their own original songs.

In case you’re a musical ignoramus, a “segue” is going from one section of a song to the next section without a break or pause.


And by using a segue, they were able to disguise the fact they that they were breaking the venue’s rules by playing their own songs.

Clever huh?

I think so.

But did it work?

You betcha sweet bibby!

In fact, these “segues” worked so well for Van Halen, it wasn’t long before their entire song-list was full of their very own songs.

And as they say: the rest is history.

So, my little-marketing-crony, did you pick up on Van Halen’s promotional secret?

That’s right, it’s the sneaky “segue”.

And guess what?

Music is not the only place a “segue” can be used as a “promotional strategy”.

How You Can Righteously Steal It And Become An Email Marketing Rockstar

Do you know where I’m heading with this?

You do?

Ok, Hot Shot…

…If you were thinking of using the “segue” in your email marketing, you’d be correct.


If you’re currently promoting your product or service online, then you’re probably writing blog posts or sending out promotional emails….am I right?

Yup, just as I thought.

Now, if you aren’t using the good ol’ “segue” in your emails, then maybe you’re not such a “Hot shot” after all.

Now harken unto me:

If you aren’t “hip” to using these Van Halen segues in your email-marketing, then I can safely predict that you’re making these two common self-promotion blunders:

(Blunder #1) You’re coming across as spammy to
your prospects and subscribers

(Blunder #2) You’re not promoting your product or service enough.

Now, let me…

Sorry, what did you say?

You just wanna know HOW to use these “segues” in YOUR “email marketing”?

Geez, you’re a pushy one, eh?

Okay eager beaver, I’ll tell you.

Well, the way you do it is… you do it exactly the same way Van Halen did it.

Let me explain:

Take a closer look at what Van Halen did. They started with a well-known cover song everybody would know, then, without stopping, they flowed smoothly into one of their own songs.

The segue disguised the fact that they were playing their own songs.

With a seamless transition from a well-known cover song to one of their own original songs, the crowd were far more receptive to hearing a song they didn’t know, and the venue owners were oblivious to what was really going on, which was:

Van Halen self-promoting their own music.

And that’s exactly what you can do with YOUR emails.

You too, can have your subscribers more willing to accept (even enjoy) your sales-pitch when you smoothly segue from a topic of high interest or intrigue, such as pop-culture, a little story or an interesting fact, right into the pitching of your product or service.

If you’re really smooth, your subscribers might even be like the venue owners – completely unaware of the self-promotion deal going down.

So, the way to use the “Van Halen segue” in your promotional emails is like so:


…before I show you, know this:

In applying Van Halen’s promotional strategy (the segue) to your emails, the ONLY difference is the medium.

That is, instead of communicating in song form, you’ll be communicating in the written word.

The rest is the same.


[Van Halen’s
Self-Promotional Secret
Applied To Email Marketing]

Ok, here’s how it’s done:

Instead of starting with a well-known song, as in Van Halen’s case, you instead, take a well-known topic or an interesting fact. The topic could be a popular TV show, a book, a news story or anything in Pop culture you think your target market would be “hip to”.

Then, what you do is, you start talking (writing) about that popular topic or interesting fact to get their attention and interest.

Now that you’ve captured their attention and interest, you then…..

[‘Segue’ Into What You ]*Really Want to talk about!*

And, of course, that is:

Whatever product or service it is you’re promoting.


Nah….you’re still not getting this, are you?

Tell you what…

…Howzabout I give you a laminated all-access backstage-pass to this process by giving you a few examples, eh?


Example # 1

Let’s say you’re selling a book on “persuasion”.

Now, what we do is, we look for an interesting topic to gain the reader’s attention and build their interest…and… where you can segue smoothly into your main sales message.

Hmm. Let’s see. Hey, let’s go with a popular movie. How about a movie like: The Wolf Of Wall Street? Yeah, that would work.

Okay, we now have a product to sell (the book on “persuasion”) and we have ourselves a topic of interest (a movie) to start off with…and…will allow us to use our sneaky little “Van Halen Segue” and smoothly transition into our main selling message.

You got all that?


Stick with me.

So, that sales message could go something like this:

Dear [subscriber],

The other day I was watching the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

Have you seen it?

In case you haven’t, it’s a biographical movie about a New York stock broker named Jordan Belfort, who made a fortune by defrauding wealthy investors. Jordan built an empire of excess and lived a hedonistic lifestyle that would make even Hugh Hefner blush, until finally getting busted by the FBI.

Yes, you could call this guy a scumbag for what he did, but one thing is for sure….

[[Jordan Belfort mastered the art
of persuasion.]]

But, shying away from the art of persuasion because of such a story could be a very foolish thing to do.

You see, for every Jordan Belfort, there’s a Mother Teresa.

Did you know, it’s estimated that before 1980, Mother Teresa had already raised over 100 million dollars?

Yes, it’s true. While Mother Teresa opted for a life of poverty for herself, she still managed to raise millions of dollars for the poor by befriending the rich and powerful and….“persuading” them to give her large donations.

Only someone who has great powers of persuasion can do such a thing.

But it’s hard to put-your-finger-on what makes someone more persuasive than others?

Or is it?

Well, according to (insert authors name) the author of (insert name of the book), there a several qualities that all highly persuasive people have in common.

In this book, (Author’s name) reveals what those characteristics are, and how anyone can easily develop……. yadda, yadda, yadda.

See how that works?

And did you pick up on the “segue”? (Hint: I underlined it)

I really want to drill this into your cranium, so I’m gonna give you two more examples.

The next two example will start off with a little story – stories are also great way to get someone’s attention and suck them into your email.

Ok, before I give you another two examples of the “Van Halen Segue”, let me recap:

You always start your sales message (promotional email) with an interesting fact or a popular topic such as a movie, TV show, book, a current news event, or a story (my personal favourite).

Why do we do this?


Oh c’mon Pookie!

We do it to get their attention, remember?

You do?


I see how it is.

Don’t strain yourself Pookie.

You just sit there in ya comfy chair, and I’ll do ALL the work.


Now, once we get their attention, we keep it by talking about something interesting such as pop culture and stories.

Once you have them engaged into your interesting content, you smoothly segue into your main sales-message (your product or service).

Most marketers do it all backasswards.

They start off their email talking about their product or service.

Do you know what will happen if you start your email talking about your product or service?

Well, let me tell you what will happen:

Your sales message will be…

More Ignored Than a Mother-In-Law’s Phone Call!


…it’s a[_ dumb_] way to sell.

You’re kneecapping your sales doing email-marketing that way.

You see, ain’t nobody got time to read about your product or service, but….people WILL take time to read something interesting.

Ok, I’m going to sound very redundant here, but I don’t care. You need to get this, or you’ll forever struggle getting prospects to read your sales pitches.

Now listen:

In case you haven’t realised Pookie, people really hate marketers. They hate ads. They hate sales pitches and they’ll do almost anything to avoid them.

And for good reason.

Most advertising is…

Annoying As a Celine Dion Song Stuck On Repeat!


Maybe that’s a little over exaggerated.

Let’s just say most advertising is a pain-in-the-culo.

Know this:

Nobody goes online to find good ads to read (unless they’re some weird marketing geek like myself). And that’s why it’s crucial to disguise your sales-pitches the way I’m showing you here.

Alrighty, here are two more “email marketing” examples using the…

Van Halen Self-Promotional-Secret!

Yes…the almighty “segue”.

Here goes…

Example #2

In this one, let’s sell a service.

How about a Pizzeria?

That’ll do.

You know, it really doesn’t matter what the product or service is, or what topic you pick to get their attention and interest.


Cuz the “Van Halen Segue” is like…

[[A Stray Cat In a Korean Neighbourhood…
It’s Very Useful!]]

And very adaptable.

Let’s mush on.

Ok, so we have a service to sell (Pizzeria), what’s our interesting topic going to be?

Hmm, I know, we could use a little story to grab their attention and increase their interest.

Remember to look out for the segue, ok?


Here’s how this one could look:



Tony here,

Hey, I was chattin’ to Johnny (one of my pizza chefs) the other day, and Johnny said something quite brilliant.

Here’s what he said to me:

[_ "Ya know boss, next time you email all your customers, why don't you give them a little quiz or a riddle, and whoever knows that answer to the riddle just has to give the answer next time they come into the restaurant… and they can receive 25% off their next meal" _]

“Hmm, that’s a great idea”, I says to myself.

And guess what?

That’s exactly what I’ve done.

Below is a riddle that…yadda, yadda, yadda.

Are the lights coming on for you yet?

You know, come to think of it, that one pretty much had the sales-pitch right inside the story, didn’t it?

See how effective stories are?

Ok, let’s rock on.

Example #3

In this one, we’re selling a “Copywriting Course” on:  

How To Write Attention Getting Headlines.

And just like the previous one, we’re gonna segue from a story, smoothly into our main sales pitch – The Copywriting Course.

Remember to look out for the sneaky “Van Halen Segue”.


Dear Subscriber,

Has this ever happened to you?

I was having lunch with my wife yesterday, and, during our lunch together, I almost felt invisible.


Here’s why:

Every 30 seconds or so, she would glance down at her phone. That’s right, her phone was more interesting to her than me!

Can you believe that?

I sat there wondering what it would take to get her attention.

So I came up with a little trick.

Here’s what I did:

I pretended I was having a heart attack.

Dirty trick?


But, it sure did get her attention.

Her undivided attention.

So, what does this have to do with copywriting you ask?

It has plenty.

You see, if you don’t know how to get your prospect’s attention, you’ll feel like I did while having lunch with my wife – INVISIBLE!


…what if you had an easy “3-step-formula” for writing headlines that would almost guarantee people stop and read it.

A formula that only the world’s foremost expert copywriters are savvy to, and deploy in all their super successful marketing-campaigns.

Well, that’s exactly what (name of the copywriting course) reveals….yadda, yadda, yadda.

So there you have it.

The “Van Halen Self Promotion Secret” directly applied to email-marketing.

If you don’t go on to use the “Van Halen Segue” in your email-marketing, I think you’re nuts!

But alas…

[[You Can Lead an Email-Marketer to ‘The Way’,
But You Can’t Make Them Take It!]]


…this gig’s over.

Chat soon.

Kelvin Dorsey ~ Email Marketing Maverick


You want more email marketing secrets that will fill your coffers?

Alrighty, then rock-on over to my corner of the web.

I’ll be there waiting.

It’s here: http://kelvindorsey.com/

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Van Halen's Self Promotion Secret Every Email Market Should Be Using Van Halen's Self Promotion Secret Every Email Market Should Be Using