Vaccination Fascination


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The Button Family is squishy and round

Soft round layers from their head to the ground.


They’re a toy family who belongs to a child

They feel her love whenever she smiles.


To this toy family she likes to read

She cuddles them close on her small knee.

On the next few pages you can follow along

She reads the story loud and strong.


Understanding vaccines is important to know

Now turn the page and here we go.


Germs are something we cannot see

But if we could we would let them be.



Virus or fungus to name a few

Let’s not forget bacteria too.



If contact is made with these germs unseen

Inside us they go acting strong and mean.


Infections can be something to dread

They don’t sit still they begin to spread.



Our body’s defense is ready to fight

Any invader that doesn’t seem right.


A slew of fighters are specially made

For the germs that come to stay and invade.



If this is a germ’s very first visit

There are no fighters to tell them quit it.



The fighters may take a while to make

So the germs may cause your body to ache.



Each germ is different this is true

So all the fighters are different too.



One type of fighter fights one type of germ

One fighter per germ just to confirm.




The fighters attach to the germs with ease

The fighters and germs fit like locks and keys.


When fighters and germs stick to each other

The germs are destroyed and can’t hurt another.



The fighters find all the germs lying ‘round

They work real hard until all are found.


To help the body fight the germs

Fighters are needed that is for sure.



But making fighters can cause delays

Premade fighters are all the craze.


If the body has some fighters premade

Germs are destroyed no infections invade.



Vaccines can contain germs weakened or dead

These look-a-like germs are nothing to dread.



With look-a-like germs no sickness will come

No need to worry or become glum.



These look-a-like germs cause your body to make

Fighters to fight these germs that are fake.


So when the real germs inside you they go

Fighters are ready and germs cannot grow.



Once fighters are made for a certain germ

Inside you they stay for the long term.

To make enough fighters for the germs they fight

Several vaccines get the numbers just right.



Vaccines help your body prepare to fight

From invading germs that can cause a fright.



Vaccines will help stop disease from spreading

Smallpox is one no one is dreading.


Other diseases have also been stopped

Vaccines can help sickness to drop.


This vaccine story is at the end

Please share this story and help a friend.


The story is over the reading is done

The Button Family and child had fun.


Reading and learning are important to do

Open a book and learn something new.



Note to Parents

The illustrations in this book are very simplistic and not intended to give medical advice or a diagnosis. The exact mechanism for fighting infections is very complicated. This book gives a general idea of what is happening when someone gets a vaccine. This rhyming story is a way to help explain a very complex procedure.


Healthcare professional may use the words vaccines, vaccinations, immunizations or shots.

For more precise and in depth understanding of the immune system and vaccines consult your health care professional or check out resources online or at your local library.



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Vaccination Fascination

  • ISBN: 9781370365074
  • Author: Karen Lackey
  • Published: 2017-07-31 01:20:08
  • Words: 696
Vaccination Fascination Vaccination Fascination