Urban Kingdoms

In a post-apocalyptic world, a female soldier in New York seeks a more peaceful life after eliminating the warring gangs in the five boroughs, but is brought back to a life of violence and a new destiny after the death of her father. Written & illustrated by award-winning director, writer and producer David M. Wallace, this is an introduction into the unique world of the Urban Kingdoms franchise. The year is 2067, the world has been devastated by a nuclear apocalypse, only scattered elements of society and technology remain. The sad reality is that some societies may never be able to rebuild. Our story takes place in what used to be New York. Gangs rose up in each of the five boroughs; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, they started fighting wars over resources.

  • ISBN: 9780463505373
  • Author: David M. Wallace
  • Published: 2018-10-13 17:35:10
  • Words: 32
Urban Kingdoms Urban Kingdoms