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Unsettling Fear: Painting of the Crypt

Painting from the Crypt

Torch Hard

Published by Torch Hard at Shakespir

Copyright 2017 Torch Hard

Published by Mark Coker at Shakespir

Copyright 2013 Mark Coker

By Mark Coker

Copyright 2013 Mark Coker

Shakespir Edition

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Stephanie was turning the lights out to go to sleep one stormy dreary night, she was pretty tired. And wanted to sleep as soon as possible, she decided to go and take a drink of milk. Then run up the stairs into her bed, she went into her kitchen fridge and grabbed a half drained jug of milk and poured a cup, then she glugged it down thirstily and threw her cup into her kitchen sink. She then put back the jug of milk and headed upstairs and walked into her bedroom and closing her bedroom door behind her she crawled into her cozy bed and went under her thick covers. She lay in her bed for a while trying to fall asleep then she slowly nodded off, as she slept which was for a good few hours the doorbell rang. Sleepily pulling off the covers and getting out of bed. Stephanie walked out of her bedroom and down the stairs sleepily. She opened the door and to her surprise, found a wrapped package which seemed to be old and torn up and almost falling apart sitting on her front steps. She hurried to take it inside and flipped on a light in her living room. She unwrapped it to reveal a painting. Stephanie was shocked for on that painting there was a portrait of her Grandmother! Stephanie thought to herself: Grandmother??? But she has been dead and had not inhabited this house I am living in for years! How can her portrait be on my doorstep? She gently dusted all the dirt from painting and took it in her room and hung it on her wall with a pin. Then she thought she heard thumping noises coming from downstairs and raced back downstairs to her living room but all there was were a clock ticking. Shrugging to herself she climbed back upstairs-half way up the stairs the clock stopped and she heard no more ticking she went back to the clock and it stopped at: 12:00PM midnight. Now that was getting to crazy for Stephanie. She now was on alert. She clattered up the stairs one more time and went back to her room and shut the lights off and sleep. She just turned off the lights when she heard a scream! The most hideous scream she ever heard. She quickly flashed back the lights and looked at the portrait. Her Grandmother’s eyes in the portrait gleaming at her. Just then a phone call rang and she ran down to pick it up. Hello? She asked a bit stammering from the fear she was going through. No answer came but a moan, Just then suddenly Stephanie heard a window crash and her spine started to freeze as she hurried and found herself back in her room window shattered. Scared and alone she turned her light on in her room and just then suddenly the room went dark the power was out. In the dark Stephanie heard voices of her Grandmother whispering to her: come....to my Coffin Stephanie!!! I am still here Stephanie!

Stephanie almost fainted in fright in the darkness and then the lights came back on and the painting was gone!

Stephanie looked around the houses and it was gone.

She wondered around the house looking for it when she went up in the attic.

The attic was dusty and never did anybody set foot up in the attic since Stephanie’s grandmother died.

Stephanie then saw a bookshelf and moved it when she saw a passage way that was narrow hall with a door that was at the end of it. The passageway as dimly lit

Walking down the passageway she groped her way to it with a dim light guiding her way. When she reached the end of the passageway she slowly opened the door.

She gone in but left the door open for some light. She peered inside and saw a Coffin in the middle of the room she was so scared she could barely move. She slowly walked to the coffin and lifted the coffins lid and-

The coffin was empty!

Stephanie was so shaking from fright that she tried to run from the crypt but the door closed she was locked in!

She slowly stepped trying to find her way to open the door when the door opened by itself!

Stephanie tried to rush out when….she heard a voice that was well recognized:

What is the rush? Came her grandmother’s voice from behind. She turned around to look and there stood her deceased Grandmother.

Stephanie let out a scream and try to race out. The door locked once again and she was in darkness

Stephanie could not open it this time.

Now you shall rest with me in this Crypt forever! And you will go in the grave that you put me in!

Just let me go!!! Begged Stephanie I have done no wrong!

You have done no wrong right? You have lived in this house from my luxery I lived in my life time and you let me rest in this grave…..

No! I never did! Cried Stephanie

Just then a light came on in the crypt as Stephanie’s Grandmother turned on the light that never was turned on after many years.

When was the last time you switched on the light? Said Grandmother in anger.

Please! Shouted Stephanie in fear and terror.

Well well…. it looks as though you have placed me in the grave so will you be cast in the grave!!! She took an old rusted axe from the corner and began approaching Stephanie.

No!!! No!!!!! Please! Stephanie begged…. as her Grandmother cornered her into a corner of the crypt and her grandmother took the axe and strted striking Stephanie with the axe as Stephanie’s blood began to pour out Then she was allowed back out of the Crypt and Stephanie was allowed out by her Grandmother. Terror lives in Stephanie’s house today. Stephanie is already a ghost and she is still not let free from her Grandmother’s evil spirit that haunts her in her house that Stephanie wonders. And her Grandmother tortures Stephanie’s soul to inflict her with immortal pain to her soul and made her spirit never rest till this day. Now beware for on an unweary night a painting will arrive at your door and you will find a passage way that was hidden in your house and your deceased soul of your loved one will turn evil toward you and axe you to pain until you die and become a ghost in you house and will torment your spirit evermore to never let your spirit rest ever more! For on an unweary night it will happen and woe to the unbeliever who do not heed these warning words.

Unsettling Fear: Painting of the Crypt

  • Author: Torch Hard
  • Published: 2017-04-21 09:05:10
  • Words: 1222
Unsettling Fear: Painting of the Crypt Unsettling Fear: Painting of the Crypt