Unseen Mystery

Jeff Damulira Unseen Mystery

Unseen Mystery BY LuLu Press

Chapter 1: Conspiracy & Plotting

3 am, in the middle of the night, in a streets of Washington D.C. FBI HQ at location 1633 Memorial road. A black helicopter is flying around the top building. All 5 men, dressed in all black clothing and black mask. One of them threw a rope towards the building. Each men decided to slide through the building. Andrew Assange was able to use a taser to cut an square size hole of the transparent glass. Then, everyone decided to enter smoothly to the building. Barry was able to activate the security code of one of the doors. Andrew seems to know the security code and gave him the secret to the security code. Barry entered the security code wrong. Access denied. Tried again. Access activated. However. they all seemed to intercept the security code of several doors of the building; without a slight detection. Once, they entered the main entrance of the office. They all pulled AR-15 with suppressor attached to the guns. Besieged and pointed the guns towards the agents of the building. While, the director of the FBI was investigated, scrutinized and evaluated by the executive directors of secret service committee in a different building. The entire office was evacuated, raided. Then, they all grabbed the top secret and classified documents and vanished silently from the building. All the agents were distraught and bewildered. Meanwhile, at 9 am in the morning, all the agents were terrified of the outcome and reaction from the director of FBI. He stormed into the building and extremely angry about the incident. “ This is surreal. How can a bunch of thugs enter this building and intercept all the security code of the building. Then, steal a highly confidential documents, that could lead to my resignation. The executive directors of secret service committee were just analysing the current activities and planning of this organization, while this nonsense kicked off”. Said John Bale. However. he was interrupted, as the deputy director of central intelligence agency, was furious and belligerent towards the director of FBI. “ This situation needs to be resolved as soon as possible. John, if you and your entire team don’t track down the suspects and collect the important documents. This could jeopardise your position, then you might get demoted or resign as soon as possible” said James Hoover. “ We will have to act with an sense of urgency, to track down the potential suspects and we need those documents. We might even bribe them with $2,000,000 million dollars for exchange of those classified documents.Meanwhile, during the meeting. The discussion was about one of the former agents of the organization was former KGB agent.” Said John Bale. “ What!, you had a former KGB agent, that slides into this organization. A double agent. implementing a supreme levels of espionage strategies, that agents in World War 2 has never reached those levels of treason and counter espionage.” said James Hoover. John Bale’s phone is ringing. James Rothchild is calling. At the other end of the phone. He is feeling exasperated. “ Keep a tab on Barry! this organization depends on my financing.Once Barry reveals about the additional information about organized gang stalking and electronic harassment. Your entire career can go down the drain. Eventually, the whole conspiracy will be flushed down the flipping toilet. Come on guys. £1.4 billion cannot be wasted on chasing this highly intelligent individual” said James Rothchild. The following day, Barry Thompson, Andrew Assange and the 3 men visited Hawaii. They all seemed jubilant and supremely elated. Andrew Assange had $100,000 of savings as a highly paid and former KGB agent. Therefore. He gave $10,000 to each men for doing a great job for seizing the confidential documents at FBI’S HQ. They all went to celebrate at a salsa bar in Hawaii. Meanwhile, Andrew Assange had a brief conversation with Barry Thompson. “ We have a flight to travel to Moscow. We’ll remain in contact, the following year. No mobile communication for one year! “ said Andrew Assange. The three men remained silent, while Andrew Assange pulled a hammer and smashed his cellphone, watch and broke his credit cards into half. All 4 of those men, left the salsa bar, as they walked past James Rothchild with dark shades and Hawaii shirt — entering the salsa bar. FBI agents in the helicopters were bewildered, they have lost surveillance of 4 targets around Barry Thompson. Meanwhile, James Rothchild is ordering mojito at the salsa bar and calls John Bale. “ Barry Thompson has been adopted since birth. He has grown to be an incredibly intelligent guy, who has manoeuvred your own secret service intelligence unit. Today, he has lost a little bit of rational and has become extremely drunk at this bar. Perfect moment to track him down. He looks conspicuously with Hawaii shirt, shades and brown panama hat”. Said James Rothchild. While, Barry Thompson told everyone at the queue, waiting to order drinks, that he will pay for all their drinks. “ For all the 20 to 30 people at the queue, don’t worry, I will pay for your drinks, if you want mojito, cocktails and rum. Order anything you want!. Ladies, you can join me at the VIP lounge with 10 bottles of champagne” said Barry Thompson. Meanwhile, the 5 black helicopters were surrounding the salsa bar. Federal agents and Hawaii police forces were prepared to enter the building with guns. Jacqueline, ex girlfriend of Barry Thompson, decided to call Barry Thompson. Barry Thompson picked up the phone. “ Hello, what’s up? “ said Barry Thompson. “ Your own daughter has read all 500 books of your own library of collection. I am impressed. Plus, she is always talking about 48 Laws of Power ." said Jacqueline. Next moment, the federal agents and Hawaii police force stormed the salsa bar. All the federal agents and Hawaii police force surrounded around Barry Thompson. “ You are under arrest for property damage of FBI’S Headquarter, theft and conspiracy of attempt assassination against the director of FBI” said Police Chief Harry Kubojo. “Conspiracy of what? “said Barry Thompson. Hawaii police officers put handcuffs around Barry Thompson and escorted him to the police van. Everybody seemed stunned and shocked at the salsa bar. While, the arrest took place, the DJ continue to play salsa music. The crowd continue to dance to Oscar D'Leon- Lloraras.The following week, there was court trial. Reaching to the final decision.The judge removes his spectacles. “Members of the jury, have you reached a verdict?” said the judge with an authoritative voice. “Yes, your Honor, we have”The jury spokesman stood and said. “Members of the Jury, on the Case of conspiracy of attempt assassination, property damage and theft?”

Judge asked. “Your Honor, the members of this Jury find the defendant GUILTY of attempt assassination, property damage and theft” the Jury Spokesman cleared his throat before pronouncing.

Loud conversation burst out within the room. The judge had to bang his gavel several times before there was peace again. “Order, order in my courtroom.” He said in a stern voice. “I will now pass sentence of the verdict. I agree with the jury on the verdict of guilt, and hereby sentence Barry Thompson to 10 years in prison, without parole.” said the Judge. Then, the sheriff put handcuffs on Barry Thompson and took him away.

The following day, Barry Thompson was taken to high security prison called Sing Sing. Meanwhile, a prisoner had asked an interesting question to Barry Thompson.

“have you read the book called NWO by Harry Clifton “ said the prisoner. Barry Thompson reacted with a sense of contempt. “ No, I don’t give a flying fuck about other conspiracy theorist nutcases’ said Barry Thompson. “What! is there any problem ? “said the prisoner. However, Barry Thompson appeared stoical and aggressive, then decided to headlock his fellow prison cellmate. In the ground floor of the prison, the prison guards were completely unaware of the hostile atmosphere in the 2nd floor of the building. Junior and senior staff were having an discourse. “ Would you be kind enough to accompany me to observe the prisoners in the 2nd floor” said the senior staff. A new junior staff nodded in agreement. The prison guards went to the 2nd floor of the building to ensure peace and safety in the environment. Senior staff thought, an intelligent and rational guy is succumbing to the brute with aggressive force. This has never occurred before in this prison. “ how uncanny,” said Junior staff. The prison guards were able to separate Barry Thompson and his prison cellmate. Barry had to spend his whole week in a solitary confinement. During his first time spending a day in a solitary confinement. He screamed from the top of his lungs. “ People in this building have no idea to the reality of their own predicament, have we been trained as robots with no rational and logical thought process to think outside the box” said Barry Thompson. Another prisoner in a different cell was feeling exasperated.” shut up, Mr Professor of Sing Sing, we don’t want to hear no more lectures on philosophy and stop thinking your some next Friedrich Nietzsche of this world”. 10 years later, a call has been arranged for Barry Thompson. So he picked up the phone at the telephone system of Sing Sing. “ I found out that your own sister tried to discover your original biological parents 20 years ago. However. Also, we have discovered an shocking revelation such as your history of your great ancestors, tracing back to 1920. Whom we have discovered that your ancestor has written a book about escaping out of Prison in Budapest. Thereby. This discovery had to be analysed with the brain power of Andrew Park. This guy is a brilliant savant. He was able to retrieve details and information of particular book, tracing back to 18th century.” said Rodger Edger. Barry Thompson looked bewildered. “ Madness, tell me more, the next day” said Barry. The following day. Barry continued to discuss in more details with Rodger Edger. Prison guards were able to arrange another telephone call. Phone call booked for Barry Thompson. The senior staff had an eavesdropping device to observe every conversation over the phone. Shocking revelation is that the senior staff has an previous secret track record of working for drug cartels in Mexico. However. A senior staff thought, this guy cannot be serious about using methods and tricks from 20th century to escape out of this building. The phone call continued between Barry and Rodger. “ Let’s continue with the revelation and discovery of your ancestor. Your particular ancestor has written about escaping out of a small prison in Budapest. He even revealed his criminal history. He went on trip to Congo and stole precious diamonds, which were worth $2,000,000. Then, he travelled to

Hungary and arranged meeting with the most powerful criminal syndicate from

Russia. He sold those diamonds to Simeon Moga, who was a crime boss of

Russian criminal syndicate. However. His ego was so swollen. He even travelled to Venice and stole expensive artefacts and dazzling painting works from an national museum”. “ My parents never told me about this information” said Barry

Thompson.” Do you know Andrew Assange found out about your life history, when he used to work for the FBI, too many people and so called relatives have bombarded you with so much lies since your birth. Do you know that your great and great grandfather is half Senegalese and half Cuban. “ said Rodger Edger.

2nd Chapter: 1920-1935

There was a tribal wars escalating in the villages of Congo. In the midst of brute forces. There was sculptures and human skulls in the collection of a tribal King. The tribal King is indulged in the dark tradition of Juju. All types of men and women chanting in strange noises and hymns. The tourists visiting this village are bewildered with a different atmosphere —beyond their usual unconventional setting. However. Several kids were engaged in mining in the village. They were excited to discover diamonds in the midst of gold, timber, ivory and cobalt. Jerry and his wife were on a trip in Congo. Both were exploring and interacting with the people in the village. That night, there was an Congolese banquet in the village. So both decided to attend the banquet. The tribal king was amused to see new visitors. Nevertheless. The couple was able to discover numerous diamonds hiding in a black bag in the sideways of tribal king’s hut. “ We have to welcome our new visitors— Jerry and Elizabeth, to partake in our Congolese dishes. We will feed them proper. Make them so full. They will sleep nicely in our huts” said the tribal king. Jerry thought, imagine if we can steal these diamonds, which we have discovered and sell them for a fortune to Simeon. “ Jerry, there is dazzling, radiant and luxurious worth of diamonds in the sideways of the tribal king’s hut. If we can steal those diamonds, while everybody is a sleep. Then, in a morning, take a flight to Budapest.” said Elizabeth. “ Seems like an brilliant idea” said Jerry. After the banquet and while everyone is sleeping. Both couple stole the diamonds. Then in the morning. Both were walking towards the coach with Senegalese kaftan and an attached black veil — concealing their faces. The coach drove to the airport station. Booked a flight successfully and travelled to Budapest. The Tribal king was disgruntled and exasperated that the visitors managed to steal the diamonds. Therefore, he were angry with the kids in the village on being irresponsible of mishandling the diamonds. The following day, the meeting were organised between the couple and Simeon Moga. Luxurious and opulent hotel in the city of Budapest. Italian renaissance interior design of the building. Jerry and Elizabeth were walking towards the hotel room 555. Each doors had decorative and elegant Italian art displays— in between each hotel room doors. Both of the couple met the most infamous gangster of Russia with military trained security guards around him. “Pleasure to meet you Simeon. Is it necessary to have security guards all around you. I would let my mistress accompany your security guards with titillation entertainment in the upstairs room 666. Meanwhile, we shall conduct this meeting in secrecy” said Jerry. Despite the gangster’s influential crime dynasty and massive wealth, he was not intimidated—oozing with supreme confidence of Christopher Columbus. Simeon decided to fill two glass of Chabernet Sauvignon wine— the finest wine from Bordeaux. Meanwhile, lighting up the Nicaraguan cigar with power pose over the large brown table. “ I would let your mistress entertain my security

guards. Nevertheless. I would reward you with 10 bottles of Chabernet Sauvignon for free, which is immensely succulent” said Simeon. Elizabeth escorted the guards to the room 666. Then, she decided to undress her glamorous and dazzling red dress in front of the guards. The guards seem extremely excited and reinvigorated by the voluptuousness and sex appeal of Elizabeth. A beautiful lady wearing an exotic lingerie without the presence of her husband. She decided to prepare one of the finest and tastiest wine from Spain. Opening the bottle of Tempranillo and filled up the 3 glasses for the guards. While the guards were seating at the table of the room. In advance, Elizabeth already mixed the bottle of Tempranillo with radioactive polonium. Meanwhile, she was wearing an earpiece, that is corresponding to the bug monitoring device and audio surveillance device implanted in the walls of room 555. “ The government of Congo has urged, that diamond mining companies had to act with an sense of urgency of collecting the diamonds and carry out the business transaction abroad. Because, tribal wars has become extremely dangerous in Congo. However. Years ago, I was appointed as business executive and chairman of Titanium Diamonds LTD. And I am willing to sell you these diamonds for $5,000,000. Here’s the paperwork and invoice. Are you willing to sign this paper” said Jerry Thompson. Meanwhile, demonstrating a high power pose with his leg crossed and smoking a Cuban cigar. The Crime boss of a criminal syndicate was amused with the supreme confidence and radiance of the diamonds on the table. Then, he decided to take a sip of glass of Chabernet Sauvignon. And, silently agreed and sign the paperwork. Thereby, handed the briefcase of loads of money in transaction for the diamonds. However. Elizabeth thought, Perfect timing, because these guards are about to be put to sleep forever. Lo and behold. The guards drank their glass of Tempranillo with chemicals, and silently dropped dead. The following week. Jerry and Elizabeth travelled to Venice with $5,000,000 in the briefcase. Then, booked a hotel room at Palazzo—one of the most luxurious hotels in Italy. In the midst of Baroque, Byzantine and Renaissance architecture— Venice has been known as the romance capital of the world. Meanwhile, Jerry decided to relax at the balcony and looking at the glittering sea and waterways. Sitting on a crystal chair and looking at the collection of South American cigars at the transparent table— Dominican, Nicaraguan and Cuban cigars were his favourite cigars. Then, he decided to choose the Nicaraguan cigar, while remaining in a meditative state of mind. Fulfilment and solitude was interrelated, during his peaceful moment. While, he was reading a British newspaper, which was ordered in advance. His facial expression shows excitement and enthusiasm about the headline of the newspaper. The famous art dealer such as J Duveen for buying and selling high quality art works to wealthy men such as Henry Clay Frick, John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Mellon. His main leverage in being couple steps ahead from other art dealers—is bribing and spying through third parties to maintain trust and bond with multimillionaires. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was in the bathroom, arranging the skull sculptures and candles lighten up, while dedicating her prayers to the dieties of Orisha and Osha— Santeria. “ I hope that I and Jerry can become billionaires, real soon, please Orisha and Osha bless us with wealth, success and fame” said Elizabeth. Apparitions were able to be conjured in the presence. “ Elizabeth, you need to convince Jerry to steal one of the most expensive arts at the National Museum in Venice, then you can think about the next plan to become billionaires in the near future” said the apparition. Elizabeth was shocked to hear some strange voices from the apparition. Then, she stormed out of the bathroom and spoke to Jerry, about the sudden epiphany. While, Jerry was paying so much attention to the news on the television about Castellammarese War between Italian Mafia in New York. “ Jerry, I got some good news,” said Elizabeth. “ Please, be quiet Elizabeth, I am loving the news about the La Cosa Nostra dispute in New York” said Jerry. Then, Jerry switches off the television. “ I was convinced by some spirit to steal those artefacts and art works at the National Museum” said Elizabeth. “ I have been plotting for weeks on how to navigate around that building, without being caught. I have created an diagram of logistic. I was able to bribe a former security guard from the national museum, to collect information on the high security level of the museum. Apparently, there is highly advanced laser system in the building. The laser field. There is two lines of lasers, which moves horizontally and diagonally. Are you flexible Elizabeth?” said Jerry. “ Of course. I have 10 years experience in gymnastic, since my teen years. I have an award for teen championship for gymnastic” said Elizabeth. The following night.Jerry and Elizabeth were dressed in black like ninjas. Both managed to bribe an helicopter rider to fly around the top building of National Museum. Sliding through the top building of transparent glass. Jerry was able to detect 4 surveillance cameras in each 4 corners of the building.Thereby, he slowly drilled through the transparent glass. Pulled several tools and unscrewed the screws from each cameras. The cameras dropped to the ground, without the laser field detecting any suspicious activity. Jerry pulled a taser and silently cutted a hole through the transparent glass. Elizabeth slides inside the building with a rope, slowly and gently. As the two lines of laser field moving horizontally and diagonally, Elizabeth managed to maneuver with proficient gymnastic skills being implemented in the process of gathering the expensive art works and artefacts. Then, the helicopter rider managed to pull Jerry inside the helicopter. Then, Jerry threw an a thick and indissoluble rope of pulling Elizabeth from the ground floor of the building and through the holes of transparent glass. The following day, Jerry and Elizabeth booked a flight to New York. Meanwhile, there was a undercover agent writing reports at the airport station. He called his director

of the secret service. “ I have noticed suspicious pattern of two couple dressed extremely flamboyant, in comparison to other people at the airport station. The day before, there was two people dressed in black, with superior access to inside information and possibly wealth. To enter inside the National Museum without detection is strange.” said Vincent Thompson. Jerry and Elizabeth managed to travel to New York without being caught by the Italian police. They decided to visit an a Italian restaurant. Lo and behold. The African American mobster, Bumpy Johnson gave them leaflets for invitation to the boss of all bosses banquet in Bronx.” Lucky Luciano, the guy who got beaten up by group of men. He has a droppy eye, but he has risen to another level in gangster shit.He will be amongst the congregation of 5 bosses of 5 crime families “ Said Bumpy Johnson. “ wooh, Charles Lucky Luciano will be there. Isn’t he responsible for the murder of Joe Masseria” said Jerry. “ I can’t comment on that one.” said Bumpy Johnson. “ I will be there on Friday night at 9pm. My wife wouldn’t enjoy it as much as me. Congregation of hardcore gangster. Anyways, I will have to bombard her with entertainment and exotic cuisine at the hotel, while I’m at this anticipated banquet” said Jerry. “ I would like 5 romantic movies ordered in advance, box of chocolate, bottle of champagne and Indonesian cuisine” said Elizabeth. “ Okay” said Jerry.” I will repay you back on Monday, with a gift of German wristwatch” said Elizabeth. Friday night at 9pm. Salvatore Maranzano was the main speaker at the event. 100 guest were dressed in black and white tailored suits and tuxedos. In a building of renaissance interior designs, table of white candles being lighten up, several bottle of wine and several mobsters smoking cuban cigars. Salvatore Maranzano was sitting in the central table of 4 mafia dons. “ In a words of Julius Ceaser. I came, I saw, I conquered. However, I present you all today. The new bosses of the la cosa nostra.Tommy Gagliano, Vincent Mangano, Joe Profaci and Mr Charlie Luciano. We will oversee all the operation. Later on, we will serve you all with italian style dishes and champagnes, all paid in behalf of new bosses. I hope everyone will leave this banquet with belly full and satisfied” Said Salvatore Maranzano. Jerry sat next to Bumpy Johnson at a table. He thought, I need to get me some succulent spaghetti and sauce, plus a glass of champagne. “ These gangsters may be crazy, but they are very generous in paying for everyone’s meal and drinks at this banquet” said Bumpy Johnson. “ I can’t believe it, just a little while ago, I was relaxing in a grand hotel in Venice, reading the newspaper about these guys. This dudes ended up paying for everyone’s meal including mine. I am greatly delighted” said Jerry.

Chapter 3: The secret

Rodger Edger and Barry Thompson continued with the conversation at the telephone system in Prison. “ It’s amazing to discover about the history of my ancestors. But, how comes my biological parents never told me about this story” said Barry Thompson. “ Your so called parents are your foster parents, not your real parents. When your biological parents were alive and your biological mother gave birth to you at the senegalese hospital, there was chaos and turmoil in the city.The rebel groups ended up killing your biological parents. Thereby, the adoption association of senegalese, decided to arrange for all the babies, who have lost their parents, to get replaced with foster parents “ said Rodger Edger. “ The birth certificate reveals the name of the so called parents, which is strange” Said Barry Thompson. “ It’s not hard to replace your biological parents name with your foster’s parent’s name on a birth certificate. And, if you ask for more details from the staff at the senegalese hospital, they may give you some vague information. First and foremost, birth certificate just reveals names, that’s it!. Anyone can create a fake birth certificate and make up some random names. Likewise, you can even create a new identity and new name, if you consult with solicitors and fill in some paperworks.Then you got a new name, all registered legally. You have to investigate deeper about your ancestry. Your own biological sister took some sample of her saliva and discovered that both of your biological parents have two nationalities. Your foster parents claim

your 100% senegalese. Your sister find out that your real parents are half Senegalese and half Cuban. Your sister even hired a private detective and hundreds of scientist, working in a laboratory, analyzing your own blood DNA, which is combined with your sister. Your DNA was analyzed across thousands of genetic markers. " said Rodger Edger.The following day, Barry Thompson is released from prison at 11pm. Very dark outside. Helicopter fly's around the area. It's Andrew Assange and a helicopter pilot. Barry Thompson decided to enter inside the helicopter and Andrew gave him a brand new blue Panama hat and shades. " You deserve the gift, because you helped me in getting the confidential documents that can bring millions of dollars for exchange." Said Andrew Assange. " Thanks," said Barry Thompson. He decided to call Jacqueline, while flying towards an private area to jump on a private jet to Moscow. " Hello, how is my beautiful daughter doing? " said Barry Thompson. Meanwhile, Jacqueline and her daughter were at the store buying some pint of milk in Medellin. " She is fine" said Jacqueline. However, there was vigilante member who was melancholy and had no money to buy Desperado. The daughter sacrificed her pocket money and gave 60 peso to the guy. As they left the store, the vigilante member felt suicidal. " I am sick of tired of the Sinlosa Cartels, they killed my entire family. I am ready to resign from my lieutenant position. Jacqueline speak to el jefe the next day about replacing my position " said Vigilante member. He rushed to his black SUV and drank his desperado. Turns on the radio. [_ Playing Hector Lavoe- Todo Tiene Su Final. ] Meanwhile, across the street, 4 Sinlosa Sicarios with black ski mask were sitting at the Lexus at the petrol station. Calling their leader about trying to kidnap Jacqueline. However. Barry was still having conversation with Jacqueline. “ Your one mysterious girl, who is the guy in the background, he sounds really desperate for kamikaze. I hope my daughter is safe” said Barry. “Yes, she’s safe” said Jacqueline. “ We need to kidnap Jacqueline. Tonight, no hesitation. she is a threat” said the Lieutenant of Sinlosa Sicarios.Next moment, the vigilante member was driving at 90mph across the street. Furiously and aggressively. And crashes the Lexus with 4 cartel members ended up dead. Both Jacqueline and her daughter just witness the incident. Jacqueline smiled, hanged up the phone on Barry and cracks her phone in half. “ It’s to increase our power. Show no mercy, is the way forward” said Jacqueline. “ Why did you hang up on daddy” said the daughter. “ His not allowed to know my involvement in tracking the drug cartel bastards. After I am done with business, I will buy a new phone and contact him, when it’s necessary” said Jacqueline. In the other end. Barry and Andrew Assange seemed stunned, while flying to the nearest private area to jump on a private jet. While flying, there was another black helicopter flying past. The secret service agents were in the helicopter. They lost surveillance of Andrew and Barry. Andrew had no tracking device, no GPS phone, no mobile phone, no credit cards and threw Barry’s phone away to the oceans.” You have to realize that your phone needed to be dashed away. Because, the FBI and CIA is utilizing their technology to track you down with your phone, which makes you an easier target. I have experience of working for Russia’s secret intelligence agency, we know that United States are trying to compete with Russia and Britain with covert and counter espionage technology. But, KGB, FSB, MI5 and MI6 is the masters in espionage, double cross and surveillance since world war 2. The United States cannot compete. “ said Andrew. “ Double cross, sounds like your quoting from _Art of War by Sun Tzu. “ said Barry.” I was able to slide inside the FBI. The director didn’t know my real background history. I changed my name legally, prior from travelling from Russia to Mexico to United States. Thereby, there must have been some incompetent agents in the FBI, who was deceived easily by my ability to blend inside the organization. I was able to change my name from Andrew Assange with Russian passport to Tony Montana with Mexican passport.” Said Andrew. “ All warfare is based on deception, by Sun Tzu” said Barry.” Absolutely correct. Once we arrive in Moscow, we need to change your name legally and create your new identity. No need to worry about the CIA implanting bug detection devices in the building. We will drill and remove them, once we discover any devices with our advanced Radio Frequency detection device and counter espionage technological devices” said Andrew. Once, they arrived at the private location with Legacy Executive private jet. Then, Barry and Andrew jumped on the private jet. Flew to Moscow. Walking past the security and identification check. Andrew seems to get away with his Mexican passport. At 3pm, Barry and Andrew went to see the lawyers at Moscow Solicitors Consultant, that could help to change the name of Barry to Jeffrey Dama. Meanwhile, one lawyer flicked on the six o’clock news. USA

ABC.Newsreporter reported on the suspicion of stolen confidential documents from FBI. How the Director of FBI was extremely depressed and drank a bottle of cognac with 10 pills at his office desk.


Unseen Mystery

Barry Thompson has worked tirelessly to escape from indictment and imprisonment. However, his connection with former KGB agent has developed a mastermind scheme. Embroiled in a million dollar conspiracy against the federal government—discovering a sinister agenda within the FBI's Confidential documents

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Unseen Mystery Unseen Mystery